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P:V Uprising #002

The P:V Championship Tournament continues whilst J-Money & Sawed Off make their debuts!

Project:Violence Uprising
Wednesday 13th December 2006
HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York


The scene cuts backstage where Cara and J-Money are sitting on a black couch in J-Money’s locker room.

Cara: J, tonight is your first match here in Project Violence. What is going through your mind?

J-Money: Total domination! Winning my match tonight is what is on my mind. Making Sawed-Off look like a little baby doll is what is on my mind. Showing this roster that I am a force to be reckoned with is what is on my mind. Putting a show on for the fans is on my mind!

Cara: Well I must say you are a man on a mission. Where does your focus coming from?

J-Money: My desire to want to win and to show everyone that I am for real. I don’t like to disappoint, especially the fans, and I won’t disappoint.

Cara: Very well. Are you taking your opponent lightly?

J-Money: Oh no! Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking anyone lightly, but it is my goal to prove that I am a superstar and I won’t stop at anything short of doing so!

Cara: Well J-Money it has been a pleasure talking to you and good luck on your first match tonight.

J-Money: Thank you!

Cara gets up from the couch and flashes J-Money a smile before she leaves his locker room.

Single Match
J-Money vs. Sawed Off

Whistle by Drive-By blares over the sound system, but the fans in the arena boo as Sawed Off makes his way down the entrance ramp for his first ever P:V appearance. Crossroads hits the sound system, and the fans in the arena cheer as J Money makes his way down the entrance ramp and climbs into the ring, ready to make his debut P:V match! J Money gets nailed with a charging axhandle bodyblock from Sawed Off. Sawed Off gets nailed with a charging axhandle bodyblock from J Money.

Sawed Off nails J Money with a belly-to-back suplex. Sawed Off gets up. J Money is back on his feet. J Money gouges Sawed Off’s eyes out. Sawed Off is brought to the ring with a diving shoulder tackle from J Money. J Money executes a corkscrew legdrop on Sawed Off. J Money stands up. J Money gets snap suplexed by Sawed Off. J Money knife-edge chops Sawed Off. Sawed Off gives J Money a reverse neck breaker. J Money moves back to his feet. Sawed Off hits him with a back fist.

J Money grabs Sawed Off from behind and puts on an abdominal stretch. The referee is checking the situation. … Sawed Off trys to escape. … J Money tightens the hold. … Sawed Off is fighting the hold. … (AHHHH!) Sawed Off escapes. Sawed Off climbs to his feet. Sawed Off bites J Money’s arm out of desperation. Sawed Off holds his head after receiving an ear ringer from J Money. Sawed Off hip tosses J Money.

J Money tries for a power slam but Sawed Off avoids it. J Money delivers a kick to the head of Sawed Off. Sawed Off’s arm is just being TWISTED by an arm grapevine by J Money. Sawed Off is up again. J Money spinning mule kicks Sawed Off. Sawed Off hits J Money with the Asai moonsault bodyblock. Sawed Off is up again. Sawed Off grabs J Money by the arm and breaks it over his shoulder. J Money attempts to kick Sawed Off, but Sawed Off catches his leg.

J Money flips around and kicks Sawed Off. J Money moves back to his feet. Sawed Off hits a kneeling headbutt to J Money’s groin. Sawed Off jumps off the turnbuckle with the flying bodypress on J Money. Now Sawed Off standing. Sawed Off executes a corkscrew legdrop on J Money. Sawed Off hits J Money with a double underhook piledrive right into the ring. Sawed Off puts J Money in the cobra clutch. Sawed Off breaks the hold. J Money is up again. J Money runs and tackles Sawed Off. J Money punches him in the head. J Money measures Sawed Off up and drops a closed fist. J Money gets back to his feet.

Sawed Off stands up. J Money does a cartwheel and kicks Sawed Off in the face. Sawed Off gets back to his feet. J Money pulls off a back heel kick to Sawed Off’s face. J Money kicks Sawed Off on the ring. J Money jumps and elbow smashes the lying Sawed Off. J Money hits Sawed Off with an elbow drop from the second turnbuckle. J Money climbs to his feet. Sawed Off is up again. Sawed Off locks J Money in a full nelson and slams him to the ring.

Sawed Off sucks chants start in the crowd. Sawed Off jumps off of the turnbuckle nailing J Money with an Asai Moonsault. Sawed Off is back on his feet. J Money suplexes Sawed Off. OH!!! The Solution by J Money hits its mark on Sawed Off! J Money quickly goes for the cover, and this one could be over!




WINNER: Winner J Money via pinfall

Don’t Lose

The echo of the crowd in Buffalo echoes thunderously over the arena as Curtis Knight walks towards the entrance.

off behind him down the hall stands a very imposing Brock who stops in stride when spotting Curtis


Brock lifts the baseball bat he’s brandishing pointing to Curtis.


Brock fast walks to Curtis very threateningly,.. bat at his side he gets inches from Knight

“today’s your lucky day boy”

Knight starts to say something but is immediately cut off

“NONONONONO,…… you listen today,…I’ve heard a lot of things about you,.. ’bout you and your old man and how you stood up to him,.. and how you took that loss like a man… im here with a message,… “

Brock leans in…”I’m watching…. WE’RE watching….and maybe,……JUST maybe,….you pull this match off,…..there may be a home from you in The Legends Club”

he lifts the bat in between the two of them and taps it on Knights chest to emphasize each word “DONT LOSE”

with that Brock slowly backs away and disappears down the hall leaving the camera on a stunned and contemplative Curtis

P:V Xtreme Championship Match
Curtis Knight vs. Eddie Flash

Kryptonite by Three Doors Down hits the sound system and the fans in the arena cheer as the massive Curtis Knight makes his way down the entrance ramp and towards the ring for his X-Treme Championship match tonight! Curtis Knight looks to have some brand new chain mail on, but will he wear gold by the end of the match???

Boom by POD hits the sound system and the fans in the arena boo as the Latin American Eddie Flash makes his way down towards the ring. Eddie Flash looks pumped as he signals to the crowd before rolling into the ring.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and Eddie Flash gets nailed with a charging axhandle body block from Curtis Knight, using the chain mail on his wrists to good effect early on. Eddie Flash is knocked down to the ground by a strong clothesline over the top rope by Curtis Knight. Curtis Knight then hits Eddie Flash with an elbow drop to the face, but Eddie Flash quickly gets to his feet and grabs Knight. Eddie Flash climbs the turnbuckle and nails Curtis Knight with a flying bulldog, to try and get back into the match and get his hands on the Championship belt.

Eddie Flash quickly slides out of the ring, and with Curtis Knight down on the mat, Eddie Flash pulls a ladder out from under the ring and throws it into the ring. Flash swings the ladder and hits Curtis Knight around the face. Curtis Knight soon begins to bleed as a result, probably not the last time blood will be seen in a P:V match! Eddie Flash executes a neck-breaker on Curtis Knight in an attempt to finish off his opponent. However seeing that Knight is still conscious, Eddie Flash chokes Curtis Knight with his boot.

Eddie Flash soon brings Curtis Knight up to his feet and throws him between the second and third ropes to the outside of the ring. Eddie Flash taunts the fans, before climbing out of the ring himself. However with Eddie Flash taking too long to taunt the fans, Curtis Knight is up and waiting for him! Curtis Knight slams Eddie Flash on to the announcers Table and the fans in the arena rise up to there feet in anticipation! Eddie Flash looks to be in trouble as Curtis Knight walks to the ring apron, before leaping off and onto Eddie Flash!

The crowd cheer the sight of the huge man flying through the air, and the table snaps under the weight of Curtis Knight and Eddie Flash! Both men are layed out in the wreckage of the table, BUT WITH Curtis Knight landing on Eddie Flash, the referee begins to make the count!




This one is over, but the new Champion doesn’t even know he has won it as he lays out cold in front of his fans, with his new title belt only metres away from him on the announcers table!

WINNER: Winner and Xtreme Champion, Curtis Knight via pinfall


The scene opens up in the office of Paige, where Cara Slapalot is standing by to ask the P:V manager a few questions.

Cara: “Well Paige, how are you finding your first few weeks in the job?”

Paige: “Things are going well I think you would agree, but I am sure things will get even better when on Christmas Eve, Christmas will come early for every wrestling fan in the country when we hold our first PPV show, Vindication!”

Cara: “Wow, that’s huge news! What have you got planned for that show!”

Paige: “Well it would be stupid for me to give away all my plans right now, but at Vindication we will see the crowning of the first ever P:V Champion, with two of the four guys in action tonight competing in the final of the P:V Championship tournament!”

Cara: “Well back to ringside to see who will be in that very match!”

P:V Prime Championship Match
Brock vs. Kid X

The Wait is Over by Disciple hits the sound system, and the fans in the arena boo as the member of the Legends Club makes his way down towards the ring in the form of Brock! Brock raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans as he walks to the ring, before climbing in and signalling to the booing fans once again.

Click Click Boon hits the sound system and the fans give a mixed reaction as Kid X walks out from the backstage area, and raises his hands in the air. Kid X stands with his hands in an X shape, before sprinting down to the ring and sliding under the bottom rope. Kid X struts around the ring as Brock stands watching his opponent.

The referee raises the P:V Prime Championship belt in the air to signal that it will be on the air in this contest, before calling for the bell to be rung. The bell ring and the first ever P:V Prime Championship matches gets underway with Brock running at Kid X and knocking him down with a shoulder barge. Kid X QUICKLY GETS BACK UP TO HIS FEET, BUT Brock grabs hold of him and nails him with some swift kicks before taking him back down to the mat with a suplex. The suplex hits Kid X hard, but Brock is relentless as he nails Kid X with some big kicks whilst he is down.

Brock glances over at the Prime Championship belt that is sitting at ringside as he pulls Kid X up to his feet and sends him into the corner. Brock runs at Kid X looking for a clothesline in the corner, but Kid X jumps out of the way and Brock hits hard into the corner! Kid X quickly jumps and nails Brock with a big back kick before staggering away from Brock.

Brock quickly gets up to his feet and runs at Kid X, but Kid X takes him down with an arm drag takedown. Brock leaps back up to his feet from this move, but Kid X nails him with a kick to the midsection, before nailing him with a DDT! Brock’s head hits hard into the mat, and Kid X quickly goes for the cover!



No! Brock kicks out and shows just why he is in the Legends Club! Kid X can’t believe it as he brings Brock back up to his feet. However Brock grabs hold of the arm of Kid X and nails him with a head butt before whipping him into the ropes. Kid X bounces back and Brock hits him with a big boot. Kid X stumbles backwards from the big boot, and Brock follows up with a spear takedown on Kid X! The Prime Championship belt looks to be heading to the Legends Club as Brock lays into Kid X with some stiff punches before pulling him back up to his feet.

Brock slaps Kid X across the face in disrespect before throwing him hard into the ropes! Kid X bounces back and Brock looks for a clothesline, but Kid X ducks under the arm of Brock! Brock spins around only for Kid X to nail him with a kick to the midsection before taking him down to the mat with the ‘Alignment’! Brock hits the mat hard and Kid X goes for the cover!




Kid X rises up to his feet in victory, P:V has a Prime Champion and Kid X is the first man to hold the belt! The referee hands the belt over to Kid X and the new Champion holds up his belt for the first time, but as he does Mike Best slides into the ring behind him! Best knocks down the Prime Champion as he celebrates with his belt! Brock then joins Best and the Legends Club proceeds to beat down the new Prime Champion! Kid X may have won the Prime Championship, but it seems everyone has a bull’s-eye on there back if they go up against the Legends Club!

WINNER: Winner and new Prime Champion, Kid X via pinfall

P:V Championship Tournament Match
Brutal Steve vs. Alex Creed

‘Through Glass’ by Stone Sour hits the sound system, and a big cheer goes up amongst the P:V crowd as the Canadian Alex Creed makes his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring! The man who will be looking to proceed to the final of the P:V Championship tournament tonight rolls into the ring and climbs a turnbuckle as he signals to the fans.

‘Plug In Baby’ by Muse hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction amongst the fans in the arena as the massive Brutal Steve walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp and signals to all of his fans in the arena. Brutal Steve proceeds to walks down the entrance ramp and climbs into the ring as his music continues to play in the background.

The chiming of the bell signals the beginning of the match, and Alex Creed looks to get an early advantage in the match as he runs towards Brutal Steve and nails him with a quick clothesline. However the clothesline from Creed does not even knock Brutal Steve off of his feet as he simply staggers backwards. Alex Creed tries in vain to knock Brutal Steve off of his feet, however he can only send Brutal Steve back into the corner of the ring with some big right handed punches. Alex Creed continues to pound Brutal Steve with some big punches in the corner, before Brutal Steve grabs Alex Creed and throws him into the corner.

Brutal Steve returns the favour with some big punches of his own on Alex Creed, before pulling him away from the corner and slamming him down into the mat with a big belly to belly suplex in the middle of the ring. The move seems to drive the air out of Alex Creed as he rises up to his feet gasping for air. The crowd seem to have enjoyed the big move from Brutal Steve as he stands stalking Alex Creed who is struggling to get back up to his feet. Alex Creed is met with a kick to the face from Brutal Steve, who then nails him with a big German suplex, which sends his neck crashing hard into the mat.

Alex Creed shows how much he wants to win the P:V Championship however by pulling himself up to a standing position. Alex Creed tries to knock Brutal Steve away from him with some right hands, however with Alex Creed staggering on his feet, Brutal Steve is able to take him down with a shoulder tackle. Brutal Steve begins to live up to his name by brutally laying into Alex Creed with some sick mounted punches. Alex Creed looks to be in deep trouble as Brutal Steve pulls himself away from his opponent, revealing blood all over Creed’s face.

Brutal Steve stands in the corner smilling as Alex Creed staggers back and forth around the ring, trying to wipe the blood away from his face. In a last ditch attempt to swing the match back in his favour, Alex Creed lunges as Brutal Steve looking for a big punch or clothesline, but Brutal Steve grabs Alex Creed around the throat! Brutal Steve pulls Alex Creed up into the air before slamming him down to the mat and pressing a hand down on his chest for the cover.




This one is all over, and Brutal Steve is into the final of the P:V Championship tournament! Brutal Steve showed that he could live up to his name tonight, and no matter who wins out of Best and Harris, it may be Brutal Steve that becomes the first ever P:V Champion if he can turn in another performance like this in the final!

WINNER: Winner Brutal Steve via pinfall

P:V Championship Tournament Match
Mike Best vs. ‘The Main Event’ Paul Harris

‘King Of My World’ by Saliva hits the sound system and the fans in the arena boo as Paul Harris makes his way down to the ring! After his successful win last week on Uprising, Harris looks in confident mood as he prepares to do battle with Mike Best in order to try and win a shot at the P:V Championship belt!

Animal I Have Become – Three Days Grace plays over the sound system, and the boos ring out around the arena as the leader of the Legends Club, Mike Best slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp. Mike Best taunts the fans before rolling into the ring, and getting ready for battle.

The referee calls for the bell to ring and the match gets underway with Harris and Best slowly making there way towards each other and tying up in the centre of the ring. Best tries to push Harris back, but Harris uses his strength to push Best into the corner of the ring. With Best in the ring, Harris nails him with some kicks to the midsection before Irish whipping him across the ring into the opposite corner. Harris then follows up with a clothesline in the corner on Best!

Harris backs away from his opponent, taunting the fans in the arena, however his celebrations are short lived as Best rises up to his feet and grabs hold of Harris from behind. Best nails Harris with a quick jab to the ribs before dropping him down to the mat with a reverse DDT. The crowd boo the move from Best, however the member of the Legends Club doesn’t seem to pay any attention as he rises up to his feet and lays into Harris with some stiff kicks to the face.

Harris manages to find himself up in a standing position, however Best is there and waiting with some stiff knife-edge chops to the chest of Harris, which cause him to slowly stumble back. Best quickly grabs hold of the arm of Harris and tries to Irish whip him into the ropes, however Harris reverses the Irish whip into a back elbow shot on Best, which sends him stumbling back. Harris quickly grabs hold of Best before he can recover and takes him down with a double underhook takedown, before bouncing into the ropes and dropping across Best with an elbow drop.

With Best down on the mat, Harris wastes no time in going for the cover on his opponent, however Best manages to get his shoulders off of the mat after a count of two to break the pin fall attempt. Harris doesn’t look to pleases that his opponent managed to kick out, and he tells the referee this as he yanks Best up to a standing position. Harris nails Best with a kick to the stomach, before going behind on Best and looking him in an abdominal stretch! It seems that if Harris cannot pin Best down for the three, then he will just make him tap out instead!

Harris tightens the hold and Best looks on in pain as the referee asks him if he would like to submit to the pain! However Best shakes his head showing his determination to go on and win the P:V Championship belt, whilst Harris tries harder to make the hold even more painful for his opponent! Best tries his best to escape from the hold, but it seems as if Harris isn’t about to let Best out of it that easily! Fearing that he will have to submit to the pain soon, Best desperately lands a low blow on Harris by kicking his foot back into the groin of Harris!

Harris drops to the mat, with the referee not seeing a thing because he was asking Best if he wanted to kick out! As Harris screams in pain, Best pulls Harris up before nailing him with the ‘Mike Effect’! The crowd boo the awesome move from Best, as he quickly hooks the leg of Harris.




This one is over, and Mike Best is in the final of the P:V Title Tournament! Mike Best quickly rises up to his feet and raises his hands in the air! Are the P:V fans looking at the man that will become the first ever P:V Champion as Uprising #2 goes off of the air?

WINNER: Winner Mike Best via pinfall



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