P:V Deadly Habits PPV 2024
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
5th January 2024

[The thumping beats of adrenaline-fueled music fill the Goodfellas Casino Arena as the camera pans over the vibrant crowd, eagerly awaiting the spectacle that is P:V Deadly Habits 2024. The announcers, Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos, sit ringside, ready to guide the viewers through the thrilling night of action.]

Zac Brindle: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a night of mayhem, intensity, and unrivaled excitement! We’re here at the Goodfellas Casino Arena for P:V Deadly Habits 2024, and the atmosphere is absolutely electric!”

Johnny Kaos: “Absolutely, Zac! The stakes have never been higher, and tonight, we’ll witness battles that will go down in P:V history. From the opening bell to our colossal main event, this is an event you won’t want to miss!”

[Cut to a shot of the intense crowd, signs in hand, ready to cheer and jeer as the action unfolds in the ring.]

Zac Brindle: “Our main event, folks, promises to be a classic clash of titans. Curtis Knight, the cunning strategist, will defend his P:V Heavyweight Championship against the relentless Stevie Rigg. There’s a lot of bad blood between these two, and it all comes to a head tonight!”

Johnny Kaos: “And let’s not forget the surprises! Deadly Habits is known for delivering unexpected moments that leave us all on the edge of our seats. Who knows what twists and turns await us this evening?”

[Cut to footage of past P:V highlights, showcasing the journey leading up to this monumental night.]

Zac Brindle: “Indeed, Johnny! We’ve got Athena taking on Bjorn Asulf, Puck against Satake, the fallout from the recent roster shakeup, and so much more. It’s all about Deadly Habits tonight, and we’re here to bring you every moment, every slam, and every pin!”

Johnny Kaos: “So, P:V fans, get ready for an unforgettable evening of action-packed entertainment. We’re your guides through the chaos, and this is P:V Deadly Habits 2024!”

[The camera zooms in on Zac and Johnny as they exchange excited glances, ready to dive into the action as the show kicks off.]

On an Island

[The bustling atmosphere outside the arena is electric as fans eagerly await the start of the P:V Deadly Habits PPV. In the midst of the excitement, Elena Cruz catches up with Stevie Rigg, who is making his way toward the entrance.]

Elena Cruz: “Stevie, a moment of your time before the big main event tonight. You’re about to face Curtis Knight for the P:V Heavyweight Championship, and we’ve seen the Legends Club causing chaos lately. Any regrets about not having more allies by your side?”

[Stevie Rigg, focused and determined, glances at Elena Cruz with a steely gaze.]

Stevie Rigg: “Regrets? Elena, I’ve been doing this a long time, and I’ve made it to this moment by doing things my way. Curtis Knight might have his Legends Club, but I don’t need a gang to watch my back. Tonight, it’s about one thing – that P:V Heavyweight Championship.”

[The fans in the background cheer in support of Stevie Rigg’s bold words.]

Elena Cruz: “But, Stevie, the Legends Club has been a formidable force. Aren’t you concerned about the odds stacked against you?”

[Stevie Rigg smirks, exuding confidence as he adjusts his gear.]

Stevie Rigg: “Elena, I thrive on challenges. Curtis, the Legends Club, they’re in for a reality check tonight. I’ve beaten the odds before, and I’ll do it again. Regrets? Nah. I’ve got my eyes on that championship, and nothing, not even the Legends Club, will stand in my way.”

[With a nod of assurance, Stevie Rigg continues his march toward the arena entrance, leaving Elena Cruz with a sense of determination resonating in the air. The crowd’s anticipation builds as the P:V Deadly Habits PPV promises a night of intense action.]

The Final Attempt

[The scene cuts to the backstage hallway of the Goodfellas Casino Arena. Masafumi Satake, focused on his upcoming match, confidently walks towards his locker room to begin preparations. Before he enters he is interrupted by a barrage of Japanese from  Jakucho Akechi, the newest Project: Violence talent. English subtitles flash on the bottom of the screen.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Hey grandpa! Weren’t you going to say hello!?>

[Satake smirks, acknowledging that he intentionally walked past her. He answers back in English.]

Masafumi Satake: “To be honest, I didn’t even see you there. But, I have been meaning to speak with you…”

[Jakucho sarcastically darts closer towards the veteran. Masa’s large frame shadows over the smaller competitor.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Oh, please! Shower me with all of your knowledge!>

Masafumi Satake: “Enough of the bullshit, Jaks. I have been thinking about the conversation we had last week, and I just don’t understand your change of mentality. A few years ago we had a good thing going when we teamed up during that California tour. You pushed me to be a better warrior, and I thought I had reciprocated that with guidance and counsel.”

[Jakucho scoffs, and answers dismissively.]

Jakucho Akechi: <Don’t take it personal, grandpa Satake. It’s been years, people change, and I evolved.>

[Masafumi shakes his head in dismay, and shrugs.]

Masafumi Satake: “I guess there isn’t more that needs to be said. But, one last thing.. you have to be careful about how you speak to people around here. There are some dangerous professionals on this roster, and you’re going to get hurt running your mouth so freely.”

Jakucho Akechi: <I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money. And the Queen of Queer Style is more than capable of taking care of herself. Besides the more drama, the better my exclusive-to-ladies merch sells! More attention and more sales equals more money for Jakucho-sama.>

[Satake rolls his eyes at Jakucho’s disregard of his words of wisdom.]

Masafumi Satake: “What does that even have to do with professional wrestling?”

Jakucho Akechi: <It’s got everything to do with it, grandpa! Some people are happy to break their backs for years to the end result of a few randos online arguing over ‘work rate’ and shit like that. Money and the spotlight that comes with it? That’s what makes a real superstar these days. The more of both I get, the more I secure my spot on top of this world.>

[Satake looks at her coldly, and answers shortly.]

Masafumi Satake: “It appears we’re not seeing eye to eye at all anymore. Good luck with everything, and perhaps I’ll see you around…”

[The scene cuts away as Satake turns away and begins his final preparations for his match-up with Puck, while Jakucho smiles broadly.]

P:V Tag Team Championship Match
The Legends Club vs. Rebel Society


[The arena is pulsating with energy as The Legends Club stands tall in the ring, having successfully defended their Tag Team Championships against Rebel Society. The Legends Club, with sinister smiles, appears ready to unleash more punishment on their fallen opponents when suddenly…]

Zac Brindle: “Wait a minute, Johnny! What’s happening here? The Legends Club looks set to continue their assault on Rebel Society!”

Johnny Kaos: “This could be the end for Rebel Society, but hold on, Zac! Look at that entrance ramp!”

[A wave of anticipation sweeps through the crowd as the Starr Brothers, Darren and Simon, step onto the stage. The audience erupts into cheers, their excitement reaching a fever pitch.]

Zac Brindle: “It’s the Starr Brothers, Johnny! They’ve arrived in P:V, and it seems they have a bone to pick with The Legends Club!”

Johnny Kaos: “What a way to make an entrance! The Legends Club’s celebration might be short-lived!”

[The Legends Club turns their attention from Rebel Society to the unexpected newcomers, clearly surprised by the Starr Brothers’ arrival. Darren and Simon rush down the ramp, sliding into the ring with purpose.]

Zac Brindle: “The Starr Brothers wasting no time, and here we go! It looks like they are here to make a statement!”

[Rebel Society slowly rises, and the combined forces of the Starr Brothers and Rebel Society force The Legends Club to retreat. The Legends Club, for the first time, looks outnumbered and uncertain.]

Johnny Kaos: “The Legends Club is getting a taste of their own medicine tonight, Zac! The Starr Brothers and Rebel Society standing united against the tyrants!”

[The fans in the arena are on their feet, cheering for the unexpected alliance between the Starr Brothers and Rebel Society. The Legends Club retreats up the ramp, visibly frustrated by the turn of events.]

Zac Brindle: “What a moment, Johnny! The Starr Brothers making a huge impact in their P:V debut, and it seems like they are here to shake things up!”

Johnny Kaos: “Absolutely, Zac! This night just got a whole lot more interesting. The Legends Club will have to think twice before causing chaos with the Starr Brothers around!”

Ready for the Queen of Queer Style

[Backstage, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation as Elena Cruz stands by with Dash Diaz for an interview just moments before his match against the controversial newcomer, Jakucho Akechi.]

Elena Cruz: “Dash, tonight you’re stepping into the ring with Jakucho Akechi, a newcomer who’s been making waves with her outspoken and controversial approach. What are your thoughts heading into this match?”

[Dash Diaz, clad in his ring gear, adjusts his wrist tape before answering.]

Dash Diaz: “Elena, Jakucho Akechi has been running her mouth since she stepped into P:V. I’ve heard all the talk, all the controversy, but when it comes to the ring, actions speak louder than words. Tonight, I’m not here to engage in a war of words; I’m here to prove my worth where it matters the most.”

[Elena Cruz nods, acknowledging Dash’s focus on the upcoming contest.]

Elena Cruz: “Jakucho Akechi has claimed she’s here to revolutionize P:V. How do you plan on dealing with someone who’s not just a wrestler but seems to be on a mission to change the landscape of the company?”

[Dash Diaz smirks, exuding confidence.]

Dash Diaz: “Revolutionize P:V? I’ve been here, giving my all, week in and week out. If she thinks she’s going to change everything overnight, she’s in for a reality check. I’m not just here to be a part of P:V; I’m here to make my mark. If Jakucho wants a fight, she’s got one. But she’ll soon realize that P:V isn’t about talking; it’s about proving yourself in that ring.”

[The fans in the background can be heard cheering in agreement with Dash’s sentiments.]

Elena Cruz: “Strong words, Dash. Anything you’d like to say directly to Jakucho Akechi before the match?”

[Dash Diaz looks directly into the camera, sending a direct message to his opponent.]

Dash Diaz: “Jakucho, tonight is about more than words and agendas. It’s about who can back up what they say inside the squared circle. Bring everything you’ve got because I’m ready for a fight. And after tonight, the only thing people will be talking about is the beating you took at the hands of Dash Diaz.”

[With a determined nod, Dash Diaz walks away, leaving Elena Cruz with the anticipation of a heated confrontation between Dash Diaz and Jakucho Akechi.]

Single Match
Jakucho Akechi vs. Dash Diaz

How Far?

[Backstage, Lucy Von Drake stands in front of a monitor, watching the ongoing action in the arena. The camera zooms in on her as Jakucho Akechi celebrates a hard-fought victory over Dash Diaz.]

Lucy Von Drake: “Well, well, well. It seems like Jakucho Akechi is proving to be quite the force here in P:V. Impressive performance against Dash Diaz.”

[Lucy smirks, clearly pleased with what she’s witnessing.]

Lucy Von Drake: “Jakucho has been making waves since her arrival, and it looks like she’s not here to play nice. I appreciate that. We could use more competitors who shake things up, who refuse to conform to the norms.”

[As Jakucho continues to celebrate in the ring, Lucy turns her attention back to the camera.]

Lucy Von Drake: “In this business, you need more than just skill; you need attitude, charisma, and the ability to capture the audience’s attention. Jakucho seems to possess all those qualities. Let’s see how far she can take it.”

[Lucy smirks again before turning her gaze back to the monitor. The scene fades as Jakucho Akechi revels in her victory, leaving Lucy Von Drake with a contemplative expression, perhaps pondering future opportunities.]

The Last Stand

[Backstage, Elena Cruz stands by, ready to interview the P:V TV Champion, Bjorn Asulf, who is preparing for his upcoming match against Athena. The Viking warrior adjusts his championship belt, his eyes focused and determined.]

Elena Cruz: “Bjorn, tonight you face Athena, and if she wins, the Legends Club will hold all the gold in P:V. How do you plan on defending your TV Championship against such a formidable opponent?”

[Bjorn Asulf grins, his Viking spirit shining through as he looks directly into the camera.]

Bjorn Asulf: “Elena, my ancestors fought many battles, and I carry that spirit with me. Athena, she’s a tough warrior, no doubt, but I didn’t become the P:V TV Champion by backing down from a challenge. Tonight, I defend this championship with everything I have.”

[Elena nods, acknowledging Bjorn’s confidence.]

Elena Cruz: “Athena has made it clear she’s gunning for the TV Championship. Do you see her as a legitimate threat to your reign?”

[Bjorn Asulf smirks, displaying a mix of respect and confidence.]

Bjorn Asulf: “Every challenger is a threat, Elena. That’s what makes being a champion meaningful. Athena, she’s tough, but I’ve faced tough opponents before, and I’ve come out on top. Tonight won’t be any different.”

[Elena Cruz wraps up the interview as Bjorn Asulf gives a final nod, ready to face Athena and defend his championship, determined to stand tall against the impending threat of the Legends Club.]

P:V TV Championship Match
Bjorn Asulf vs. Athena

Know Gold, Know Power

[Backstage, the triumphant Athena, accompanied by the Tag Team Champions, Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall, heads towards the locker room area. The P:V TV Championship proudly rests on Athena’s shoulder, shimmering in the backstage lights. Curtis Knight, the P:V Heavyweight Champion, waits for them, a confident smile on his face.]

Curtis Knight: “Athena, Drew, Buzz, welcome back with the gold! The Legends Club just got a little more legendary, don’t you think?”

[Athena grins, acknowledging the Heavyweight Champion.]

Athena: “It feels incredible, Curtis. With the Tag Team Championships and the TV Championship, we’ve got control over every division. P:V is ours.”

[Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall share a nod of agreement. The camaraderie within the Legends Club is palpable.]

Curtis Knight: “Tonight, we made history. The Legends Club stands tall. Now, Athena, your victory is a testament to the dominance we’re bringing to P:V. Let’s keep this momentum going.”

[Athena raises the TV Championship, and Drew Hendrix and Buzz Marshall each show off their Tag Team Championships. The unified power of the group is a force to be reckoned with.]

Drew Hendrix: “Nobody can stop us. The gold is where it belongs.”

[Buzz Marshall adds with confidence.]

Buzz Marshall: “And it’s only the beginning. P:V belongs to the Legends Club.”

[Curtis Knight raises his Heavyweight Championship high, signifying their dominance over the promotion.]

Curtis Knight: “Legends, let’s revel in this moment. But remember, the journey has just started. We’re not done until every title in the world belongs to the Legends Club.”

[The Legends Club shares a triumphant cheer, their unity and shared ambition evident as they continue to assert their dominance over P:V.]

All on the Line

[Backstage, in the quiet corner of the bustling arena, James Mendoza stands alone, lacing up his boots, preparing for the most critical match of his P:V career. The atmosphere is tense, and the weight of the impending showdown against Brandon Snyder is palpable.]

James Mendoza: (muttering to himself) “This is it, Mendoza. No room for mistakes. Win or go home.”

[Mendoza takes a deep breath, his eyes focused and determined. He glances at a photo of his family taped inside his locker, a silent reminder of what’s at stake.]

James Mendoza: “Brandon, you might think you’ve got me cornered with that restraining order, but tonight, I’m fighting for more than just my career. I’m fighting for my family, for everyone who believed in me.”

[Mendoza clenches his fists, the fire of determination burning in his eyes.]

James Mendoza: “This isn’t just about winning or losing. It’s about survival. P:V has been my home, and I won’t let anyone take it away from me. I’ve faced countless challenges, but tonight is different. It’s personal.”

[As Mendoza finishes lacing up his boots, the locker room door swings open. Elena Cruz, the backstage interviewer, steps in, ready to get a few words from Mendoza before the match.]

Elena Cruz: “James, a few thoughts before your crucial match against Brandon Snyder?”

[Mendoza looks at Cruz, his expression unwavering.]

James Mendoza: “Elena, tonight, I’m not just stepping into the ring for a match. I’m stepping in to prove a point. Snyder, you might have tried to lock me out, but tonight, I’m breaking down every barrier you’ve put up.”

[He glances back at the photo of his family, a renewed sense of determination on his face.]

James Mendoza: “This isn’t just about winning; it’s about showing everyone that you can’t keep a good man down. I won’t be silenced, and I won’t back down. P:V is my home, and I’m here to stay.”

[Mendoza takes a final look at himself in the mirror, ready for the battle that awaits him. With a nod to Elena Cruz, he heads out of the locker room, his focus unwavering as he heads towards the ring.]

Single Match
Teddy Rush vs. Adam Garcia

The Save?

[The tension in the arena is palpable as Adam Garcia stands over the fallen Teddy Rush, contemplating further aggression. The fans await the aftermath of the hard-fought match, unsure of what’s to come. Suddenly, the eerie and captivating music of Midas resonates through the arena, capturing everyone’s attention.]

[The atmosphere shifts as the mysterious Egyptian powerhouse, Midas, emerges, flanked by his enigmatic manager Katya Roux. The audience erupts in a mix of cheers and gasps, their anticipation growing with every step Midas takes toward the ring.]

[Adam Garcia, initially poised for an attack on Teddy Rush, hesitates as the imposing figure of Midas enters the squared circle. The fans buzz with speculation about the unexpected turn of events.]

[Garcia cockily smirks as he backs away, however Midas suddenly turns and unleashes a brutal assault on Teddy Rush, shocking the audience. Katya Roux watches with an enigmatic smile as Midas decimates Rush with powerful strikes and displays of his immense strength.]

[Adam Garcia, seemingly content to let Midas have his way, retreats up the entrance ramp observing the chaos unfold in the ring. The fans are left in awe and confusion, trying to comprehend the motivations behind Midas’s sudden attack on Teddy Rush.]

Zac Brindle: “This is absolutely shocking! What does Midas want with Teddy Rush?”

Johnny Kaos: “I don’t have the answers, Zac, but it looks like we’re witnessing the emergence of a new force here in P:V.”

[As Midas continues his relentless assault on Teddy Rush, the arena is filled with a mix of emotions, ranging from surprise to curiosity. The aftermath of this unexpected turn of events leaves everyone in suspense, eager to learn more about the motives behind Midas’s actions in the weeks to come.]

A Canadian Connection

[The backstage area is buzzing with activity as various members of the P:V roster prepare for their upcoming matches. Inside his locker room, Puck is focused on his preparation, lacing up his boots and mentally gearing up for the challenge that lies ahead.]

Puck: “Tonight, Satake, it’s just you and me in that ring. No count-outs, no disqualifications, and certainly no time limits. It’s about proving who the better man is, and I’ve got something to settle with you.”

[Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door, and it opens to reveal the Canadian Connection—Alissia Young, Jake Hughes, and Scott Cole—Puck’s old friends and comrades from their days on the Canadian independent scene. Puck looks up, surprised and pleased by the unexpected visit from the sVo roster members.]

Alissia Young: “Hey, Puck! Long time no see, eh?”

Puck: “Alissia, Jake, Scott! What brings you guys here?”

Jake Hughes: “We heard you’re tearing it up here in P:V, and we wanted to wish you luck in your match tonight against Satake.”

Scott Cole: “Yeah, show ’em what the Canada is all about!”

[Puck smirks, appreciating the camaraderie and support from his fellow Canadians.]

Puck: “Thanks, guys. It means a lot. You know I’m always up for a fight, especially when it’s against someone like Satake. I’ll make sure to represent the Canadian Connection well.”

Alissia Young: “That’s the spirit! Knock ’em dead out there, Puck.”

[The Canadian Connection shares a quick round of fist bumps with Puck, boosting his spirits before the big match. As they exit the locker room, Puck takes a deep breath, ready to bring his A-game and make his old friends proud in the upcoming showdown with Masafumi Satake.]

Single Match
James Mendoza vs. Brandon Snyder

Free Man

[The arena erupts with cheers as James Mendoza stands victorious in the middle of the ring, having just secured a hard-fought victory over his longtime rival, Brandon Snyder. The weight of the restraining order that had kept him away from P:V has been lifted, and Mendoza basks in the adulation of the crowd.]

Zac Brindle: “What a moment, Johnny! James Mendoza has overcome the odds and is back where he belongs!”

Johnny Kaos: “Absolutely, Zac! This victory means more than just a win in a wrestling match. It’s a triumph over adversity, a statement that you can’t keep a good man down!”

[Mendoza, with a mixture of exhaustion and jubilation, raises his arms in triumph. The crowd’s cheers echo through the arena, acknowledging the significance of this moment.]

Zac Brindle: “The perseverance of James Mendoza has paid off, Johnny. He’s back in P:V, and the fans couldn’t be happier.”

Johnny Kaos: “It’s a testament to the never-give-up attitude we’ve seen from Mendoza throughout his career. Tonight, he not only reclaimed his place in P:V but also silenced Brandon Snyder.”

[As Mendoza soaks in the cheers, the crowd begins to chant his name, the resonance building to a crescendo.]

Crowd: “Men-do-za! Men-do-za! Men-do-za!”

[Mendoza, visibly emotional, takes a moment to address the fans, the gratitude evident in his eyes.]

James Mendoza: “Thank you, thank you all! This victory is not just mine; it’s for each one of you who stood by me during the toughest times. P:V is my home, and I promise you, I’m here to stay!”

[Mendoza nods appreciatively, sharing a genuine connection with the fans. The cheers continue to reverberate through the arena as Mendoza takes one last look around, savoring the sweet taste of redemption.]

Zac Brindle: “A triumphant return for James Mendoza!”

Johnny Kaos: “Absolutely, Zac. The road to redemption may have been rocky, but tonight, Mendoza stands tall, proving that nothing can keep him away from the P:V faithful!”

[The camera captures Mendoza’s triumphant moment as the arena continues to echo with cheers, marking a significant chapter in the career of James Mendoza.]


[Elena Cruz stands ready with a microphone backstage, awaiting the arrival of the brilliant strategist, Darwin Jones, for an exclusive interview. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as Jones walks into the frame, focused and determined.]

Elena Cruz: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Darwin Jones, who is about to face Boyd Jackson. Darwin, emotions are running high in this feud. How are you preparing for this match?”

Darwin Jones: “Elena, tonight is more than just a match. It’s a clash of principles, a battle for honor and respect. Boyd Jackson may have tried to take me out with his car, but he won’t break my spirit. I’ve prepared for this mentally and physically. I know what’s at stake, and I’m ready to prove that intelligence and skill triumph over deceit and brute force.”

Elena Cruz: “Boyd Jackson’s actions have been controversial, to say the least. How do you plan on dealing with someone who seems to be playing by a different set of rules?”

Darwin Jones: “Boyd may think he’s clever with his cheap shots and underhanded tactics, but I’ve always believed that in the end, true talent rises above all. Tonight, I plan on exposing the flaws in his game plan and showing everyone that respect and integrity will prevail.”

[As Jones speaks, the intensity in his eyes is palpable. He seems ready for the upcoming challenge and confident in his ability to outsmart Boyd Jackson.]

Elena Cruz: “The P:V Universe is eager to see how this rivalry unfolds. Any final words for your opponent?”

Darwin Jones: “Boyd, tonight, our paths cross once again. You can resort to all the tricks in the book, but remember, genius always finds a way. I’ve analyzed every move you’ve made, and tonight, it’s time for the chess master to checkmate. Prepare for the brilliance of Darwin Jones.”

[Jones nods with a determined expression, ready to step into the ring and settle the score with Boyd Jackson. The backstage area buzzes with anticipation as the camera fades out, leaving fans eager to witness the intellectual clash in the upcoming match.]

Single Match
Puck vs. Masafumi Satake

Deadly Secrets

[After a grueling contest between the two veterans, Masafumi Satake stands tall in front of the Las Vegas faithful. Puck slowly rolls out of the ring, dejected, and departs from ringside, while Satake soaks in the cheers, enjoying every moment of it. This is the reason why he laces up the boots. This feeling is the reason why he suffers through long nights on the road traveling from show to show.]

[This feeling is like catching lightning with your bare hands. He wouldn’t have it any other way, and he had found it in America with Project: Violence.]

[The crowd continues to roar, “MA-SA-FU-MI”]

[*clap* *clap* *clap, clap, clap*]

[Suddenly the venue goes pitch black and the cheers transform into perplexed groans, then  soaring calls of excitement.]

[Over the PA system, the sound of tires screeching followed by the sound of a fiery crash fills the venue. A video begins to play for all the fans in attendance. The screen flashes an image of a heinous car wreck, and an image of an ejected body, almost resembling a beast. A gorgeous female news anchor reporting on the wreckage.]

[The audio then slows down to a snail’s pace, distorting the anchor’s voice to an almost demonic tone. The video comes to an end, seemingly catching fire. Satake is in utter shock, and  the crowd quiets, unsure of what to think.]

[Suddenly, the venue goes pitch black, but only for a split second.]

[Masa’ is highly disoriented as a blinding light shoots through the arena. Satake, seemingly alone in the center of the ring, rubs his eyes desperately. The entire crowd is perplexed, including the commentator team.]

Zac Brindle: “What the hell is going on here!?”

[Draped over the ropes are a charred leather jacket and a bloodied yellow bandanna. Satake is horrified, unable to believe his eyes. A shiver runs down his spine. The commentator team of Zac Brindle and Johnny Kaos goes silent as mystery fills the air. The scene quickly transitions away as questions radiate from the arena .]

Single Match
Darwin Jones vs. Boyd Jackson

Closing the Chapter

[The arena erupts in cheers as Darwin Jones stands tall in the center of the ring, victorious over his fierce rival, Boyd Jackson. The referee raises Jones’s hand, signaling the end of the intense battle. The crowd roars its approval, recognizing the intelligence and skill on display.]

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, your winner—Darwin Jones!”

[Jones takes a moment to soak in the adulation, his confidence radiating throughout the arena. The camera catches a glimpse of Boyd Jackson on the outside, his expression a mixture of frustration and anger.]

Darwin Jones: “Tonight wasn’t just a victory for me; it was a triumph of intellect over deception. Boyd, you thought you could outsmart me, but the chessboard favors those who think ahead.”

[Jones looks directly at the camera, addressing both Boyd Jackson and the P:V Universe.]

Darwin Jones: “This chapter might be closed, but the book is far from finished. I’ll continue to outsmart every obstacle in my path on the way to the P:V Championship, proving that true genius prevails.”

[The crowd cheers louder, appreciating Jones’s confidence and determination. Boyd Jackson, seething with anger, paces at ringside, unable to shake off the sting of defeat.]

[Jones takes a final bow in the ring, acknowledging the cheers from the fans. The camera captures Boyd Jackson glaring at Jones from the outside, promising that this rivalry is far from over. As Jones exits the ring, the arena is filled with anticipation for what’s next in the story of these two formidable competitors.]

P:V Championship Match
Curtis Knight vs. Stevie Rigg


[The arena is filled with boos as Curtis Knight stands victorious in the ring, his hand raised in triumph. The referee, aware of the controversy surrounding the finish, tries to reason with Stevie Rigg, who’s vehemently protesting the decision.]

Stevie Rigg: “This is ridiculous! If it wasn’t for Athena I would have had that won!”

[Rigg argues with the referee, pointing towards Athena, who smirks on the outside. Suddenly, the Legends Club’s theme hits, and Drex Hendrix & Buzz Marshall join Curtis Knight & Athena in the ring. The atmosphere turns tense as the Legends Club surrounds Rigg, who now stands alone.]

Curtis Knight: “Enough of your whining, Rigg. This is our ring, our era. Get used to it.”

[Knight delivers a swift kick to Rigg’s midsection, doubling him over. Athena, Hendrix, and Marshall follow suit, delivering a relentless beatdown. The boos from the audience intensify as the Legends Club asserts their dominance.]

Curtis Knight: “This is what happens when you try to stand against us. Learn your place!”

[Athena hoists Rigg up, allowing Curtis Knight to hit his finishing move. The Legends Club stands tall in the middle of the ring, each member holding their championship belts high, reveling in the chorus of boos from the disheartened fans.]

[As the Legends Club celebrates their dominance, the camera zooms in on Curtis Knight’s smirking face, capturing the moment of their triumph. The copyright information appears on the screen of the fans watching from home, leaving the arena in chaos and uncertainty about what’s to come in the P:V landscape.]


[However just as it seems that the PPV was about to end with the Legends Club revelling in their dominance, the arena plunges into darkness. A single spotlight emerges at the top of the entrance ramp, capturing the attention of both the Legends Club in the ring and the bewildered audience. The fans begin to murmur in anticipation, unsure of what is about to unfold.]

[Out of the shadows steps none other than Elijah Drake, a former P:V legend, and accompanying him is the outcast P:V COO JD James! The arena erupts in cheers as the realization of their presence sinks in, with Drake not being seen in a P:V arena since 2007! Drake, feeding off the energy of the crowd, and James, with a determined expression and clutching a contract in his hand, stand side by side in the spotlight.]

[The Legends Club, stunned by the unexpected appearance of the P:V icon, exchange glances. Curtis Knight, Athena, Drex Hendrix, and Buzz Marshall, though confident moments ago, now wear expressions of uncertainty.]

[Drake steps forward on the entrance ramp, his eyes fixed on Curtis Knight, the P:V Heavyweight Champion. The atmosphere in the arena is electric, with fans on their feet, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in P:V’s story.]

[The spotlight remains on Elijah Drake and JD James, leaving the Legends Club to ponder their uncertain fate. As Deadly Habits concludes, the image of Drake and James standing tall becomes the lasting image etched in the minds of the P:V faithful.]

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