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sVo Ultimate Victory 2010

Night defends the sVo Championship in a steel cage against the winner of the Victory Cup – JVD!

Ultimate Victory 2010
8th August 2010
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas Nevada
PPV #013
SHOWDOWN!As the camera pans around the sold out arena, Pretender by the Foo Fighters begins to blast out over the sound system as the sVo Ultimate Victory II opening video rolls on the giant V-Tron! The crowd goes wild for the video, featuring action from top sVo stars such as Night, James Von Drake, Roscoe Shame and Bobby Dean!Keep you in the dark
You know they all pretend
Keep you in the dark
And so it all began

Send in your skeletons
Sing as their bones go marching in… again
The need you buried deep
The secrets that you keep are at the ready
Are you ready?

I’m finished making sense
Done pleading ignorance
That whole defense
Spinning infinity, but
The wheel is spinning me
It’s never ending, never ending
Same old story

What if I say I’m not like the others?
What if I say I’m not just another one.
You’re the pretender
What if I say that I’ll never surrender?

What if I say I’m not like the others?
What if I say I’m not just another one.
You’re the pretender
What if I say that I’ll never surrender?

As the video begins to come to an end, the cameras begin to pan around the crowd as the fans jump up and down trying to get seen on TV! The announcer’s welcome the fans watching on TV to the latest PPV as the camera pick out various signs in the crowd! As the official sVo Ultimate Victory II theme music begins to fade out, the attention of the fans turns towards the V-Tron on the top of the entrance stage as highlights of last weeks show play on the giant screen before tonight’s episode gets underway!

Putting The Company On NoticeThe lights die down so that the only light in the arena is the peppering of camera flashes throughout the arena. Why take a picture of a dark arena? I don’t know but that’s not what this is about. The tron flickers to life as we are shown a mock representation of The Oval Office, complete with oak desk in the middle of the room. Slowly a giant shadow starts to cover the room and shrinks as “The Coolness” Pat Fullam takes his place behind the desk. He’s wearing a suit, but a suit done up “Coolness” Style. Black silk shirt and pants, light blue tie, but the sleeves of the shirt and jacket are torn off. The crowd cheers even though Pat tells them all to shut it and listen to him.

“Later tonight I have a match against the ‘Infamous’ Weapon X. While I plan on pulverizing that chicken shit at that point in time, and I’d love nothing more than to use my magical command of the English language to describe exactly how I’m going to do that, I have other matters to attend to.

Last week I was told by Matt Anderson that my focuses should be concentrated on the title picture. Getting myself a nice shiny belt to add to my collection, proving to everyone in the company, on the roster, in the stands, and the millions watching at home that I am the best at what I do. The catch is that I already KNOW that I’m the best at what I do. I’m the biggest guy on the roster and very few people can do what I do. Not only that but the title belts that sVo offers are tacky at best and as of right now, hold no interest to me.

However, what DOES interest me is giving Matt Anderson a hard time. If they had a title belt for that, it’d be the belt I’d be after. So Matt Anderson wants me in the title picture? I’ll insert myself into it tonight. I warned you before Anderson that you don’t want to mess with me. I told you that you would be opening a can of worms that you want nothing to do with. But you didn’t listen and now there’s nothing for me left to do but make you regret your decision. I enjoy tossing wrenches in plans Anderson and I’m going to thoroughly enjoy tossing wrenches in EVERY plan that you have here tonight. I know that there are title matches tonight that you won’t want wrenches tossed into. Well. Meet your wrench.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the pay-per-view. I know I will.”

Pat winks at the screen before the tron goes black and the lighting returns to normal.

Ace Diamond vs. Johnny StylezPyro lights up the stage, bright gold in colour. Dancers of both genders saunter out onto the stage, performing a routine with a breakneck pace that’d make B-Boys holla all across the world. During the routine, more pyro explodes, showering the people in flares and sizzly bits as the ceiling opens up, revealing a blinding white light. A platform begins to lower and the silhouette of Johnny Stylez is seen. He stands on the platform, posed, hands on hips and surveying the crowd. The platform lowers to the bottom of the stage, and all at once the dancers drop to their knees and bow to the Stylez.

Johnny Stylez then walks down to the ring, ignoring fans and generally being a smarmy duck. He is about to jump onto the apron when he turns and snaps his fingers. Two burly men trot out from behind the security wall and drop to their knees, forming a staircase. It is a staircase that Stylez uses to ascend to the apron, to which he rubs his feet on the man’s t-shirt, and steps into the ring. He walks over to his corner, where another of his minions places a stool for Johnny Stylez to sit, awaiting his opponent.

The Grouch & Eligh “All In” hits the sound system and the fans cheer as the Las Vegas hometown hero Ace Diamond makes his way out down the entrance ramp for his sVo debut! Diamond looks in confident mood as he signals to his hometown crowd, before rolling into the ring across the ring from Stylez and waiting for the match to get started! The referee stands in the middle of the ring and calls for the bell to be rung, and the opening match of sVo Ultimate Victory II is finally underway!

Stylez runs at Ace Diamond and quickly lays into the sVo newcomer with some stiff rights and lefts before grabbing him by the arm. Stylez tries to send Ace Diamond into the ring ropes, however Diamond counters the move and shoots Stylez into the ropes. However as Diamond looks for a back body drop in the middle of the ring, Stylez counters with a spinning neckbreaker on the sVo newcomer. The fans boo the move from the unpopular Johnny Stylez, as the 6’3” Ace Diamond makes his way up to his feet. Stylez lays into Diamond with some stiff chops across his chest which echo around the arena, before taking him down to the mat with an arm drag takedown. With Diamond on the mat, Stylez tries to lock in a reverse arm bar, but Diamond fights his way out of the hold and rises to his feet.

Stylez throws a right hand at Diamond, but Diamond ducks out of the way of the fist of Stylez and counters with a head butt of the face of his opponent. Stylez staggers backwards allowing Diamond the chance to scoop slam Stylez down to the mat. With Stylez down on the mat, Diamond follows up with some stiff punches to the face of his opponent, which go down well with the Las Vegas crowd who are seeing their last piece of sVo action for nearly two months whilst the sVo goes on its yearly world tour.

Diamond brings Stylez up to his feet and shoots him hard into the corner of the ring. Diamond then runs at his opponent looking to nail him with a big splash in the corner, however Stylez manages to duck out of the way at the last second, causing Diamond to run foll force into the turnbuckle! Stylez quickly tries to take advantage by rolling up his opponent from behind,



A kickout from Ace Diamond gets a cheer from his hometown fans, who do not want to see Johnny Stylez walking out with the opening win of the PPV tonight!

Stylez rises up to his feet and flips off the fans, before taking Ace Diamond down to the mat with a spear as he tries to get to his feet! Ace Diamond is down on the mat and looks to be in pain, as the unpopular Johnny Stylez makes his way to the top rope in an attempt to get this match over and done with! Despite Stylez pulling out the high flying moves, the crowd boo him as he reaches the top rope and looks down at Ace Diamond below. Stylez leaps from the top looking for a shooting star press on his opponent, however the move back fires as Diamond rolls out of the way and Stylez hits the canvas hard! With Stylez down and hurting, Ace Diamond rolls across his opponent for the cover.




A kickout from Stylez in the nick of time and this one continues! Ace Diamond rises to his feet and recieves cheers from the crowd as he stomps away on the body of Johnny Stylez, before pulling him up to a standing position. Diamond then proceeds to hit a number of jabs and upper cuts to Stylez, before showing off his power with a stalling suplex onto his opponent! The fans like what they see from the sVo newcomer, as Stylez stumbles back to his feet in pain only to be grabbed once more by Diamond! Diamond loads Stylez up onto his shoulders, before tossing him down to the mat with a death valley driver! Diamond looks to go for the win as he quickly grabs hold of his opponent, and locks him into cobra clutch!

Stylez struggles desperately to get out of the submission hold, but Diamond seems to have it locked in tight! The referee asks Stylez if he would like to submit, however he says no as he continues to try and free himself from the grip of the impressive Ace Diamond! Much to the disappointment of the fans, Stylez manages to reach the ropes and cause a rope break, however instead of simply releasing the hold, Diamond pulls Stylez up into the air and drills him with a cobra clutch suplex!

The fans pop for the move as Ace Diamond rises to his feet and taunts the fans, as Johnny Stylez looks like he is struggling! Stylez slowly manages to rise to his feet, but Ace Diamond quickly pounces onto him to send him down to the mat face first with the ‘Ace of Diamonds’! The fans pop for the move, As Diamond makes the cover on his opponent.




This one is all over, and its Ace Diamond who picks up his first win in an sVo ring at the expensive of Johnny Stylez! The fans cheer the popular newcomer as he has his hand raised in the air in victory by the referee! With Diamond picking up an impressive win with a good performance in his first sVo match, just what does the future hold for the sVo newcomer? As Ace Diamond continues to celebrate in the ring, the action heads backstage.

RESULT: Ace Diamond def. Johnny Stylez via pinfall

Home{A u-hual is being backed up inside of the Good Fellas Casino Arena parking lot. It backs all the way up to the entry to backstage. The backstage door opens and it’s Colt Cooper. He’s still dressed in his attire from earlier. The driver and passenger door opens. Two workers by the names of Eric, and Jason open up the back of the u-hual showing home accessories. There’s a couch, a bed, and a refrigerator. Eric and Jason begin to take the accessories out of the u-hual.}

Colt:: Be careful now. You don’t want to ruin my things.

Jason:: Don’t worry. We got this.

{Jason gives a wink. They get the bed rails and Colt guides them to his locker room. He enters backstage and is met by Candi Cross. Her usual camera crew following her. Cameras already rolling.}

Candi:: Colt, what are you doing?

Colt:: I’m moving in.

{Candi face becomes uncertain.}

Candi:: What? You’re moving in?

Colt::Right here fellas.

{Colt opens up the door to his locker room. It’s empty. The only thing in it is a TV. Colt needs a way to see his competition, as he thinks he can dazzle beyond where he is now.}

Colt:: You can put the bed up right there in the center.

Eric:: You got it.

{They begin to put the rails up, and Colt now focuses his attention on Candi.}

Colt:: Yeah, Candi…I’m moving in. I’ve been here for about a month now…it’s time I move in. It’s becoming quite comfortable, and it’s basically becoming my home. I’m not going anywhere. I’m here in SvO…and i’m here for the stay…and since i’m going to be here…when I’m done Crippling people…I need a place to relax. Besides. It’s home.

{Eric and Jason can be seen in the back of the camera bringing in the base board and the box spring.}

Candi:: I’m wondering…how you feel about your first pay-per view as a member of the SvO?

Colt:: It’s wonderful. It’s a sweet feeling. The thing I like about them though is that these pay-per views can bring bigger status. Now, I know I may still be looked at as a new comer or whatever, but the statistics are not showing that, but you know what they say when you win three in a row…you want win four, and that could be true, look what happened to JVD. He had three wins no losses, but then he lost. I’m going to try my hardest and not pull one of those. I have to continue the streak.

{Eric walks up to Colt and Candi.}

Eric:: So where you want that couch?

Colt:: Put it right by the door. On the left wall. The fridge…just put it by a socket.

{Eric nods his head. Checking Candi out before leaving.}

Candi:: I’m wondering. Can I visit your home.

Colt:: You’re already intruding it, but luckily you’re a girl. You can visit anytime. You always have an invite.

{Colt gives Candi his Hollywood smile before leaving to assist Eric and Jason.}

American SurpriseThe scene starts with Asesino standing by with Katie Smith.

Smith: Asesino after having the worst start in SVO history you have bounced back with victories over Brock and Canadian Crippler, the question is can you continue the streak and beat El Locon who is extremely angry at you?

Asesino: Well Katie, I like the fact that El Locon is angry because that will be his downfall. He will make mistake after mistake and I will be ready for each and every one of them. Locon, you have been on a roll as well but tonight that will be stopped because I have a surprise for you… in America. We will see if you’re truly good enough to put The Assassin out and get revenge for what I did to your tag team partner. By the way, how are those headaches, Angel?

Asesino laughs as the scene fades out.

El Locon vs. AsesinoEl Locon rolls inside the ring and charges for Asesino who jumps over the top rope to the outside running away from the big man. El Locon goes through the ropes and starts chasing The Assassin around the ring. Asesino rolls back to the ring and as El Locon goes to enter as well he gets stomp to death by Asesino who takes advantage of El Locon’s fury. Asesino throws El Locon against the ropes but El Locon reverses the Irish whip and goes for a clothesline which The Assassin ducks. El Locon now throws a back elbow at the bouncing Xtreme Fusion member who ducks the elbow as well. On the third try it is Asesino who tries to catch El Locon by surprise and comes back from the ropes with a crossbody that El Locon easily catches Asesino. El Locon takes a few steps forward and delivers a fallaway slam that makes Asesino roll all the way to the outside.

El Locon who has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time after Asesino took out El Locon’s tag team partner Angel The Malignant waits impatiently in the ring. Asesino knows he has gotten in El Locon’s head and decides to make the big man wait. After some stalling Asesino decides to step into the ring and he locks up with El Locon. Asesino gets the edge with a side headlock on his much bigger opponent. El Locon pushes The Assassin into the ropes and Asesino comes back with a shoulder block but The Xtreme Fusion member goes flying from the impact with the American Hero.

El Locon goes after Asesino but Asesino grabs El Locon by his wrestling tights and pulls him toward the turnbuckle making El Locon hit his face against the second turnbuckle. Asesino quickly bounces off the ropes and nails a running neckbreaker on El Locon. Asesino goes for the first pinfall of the match.


El Locon easily throws Asesino halfway around the ring. Asesino quickly gets up and starts to stomp some more on El Locon. El Locon tries to sit up but Asesino delivers a beautiful shinning wizard that keeps the big man down. Asesino charges at the ropes jumping on the second rope and delivering a lionsault on El Locon. Asesino stays on top looking for the upset win.



El Locon gets a shoulder up. Asesino gives a menacing look to the referee. Asesino goes to the top turnbuckle as El Locon staggers to his feet and delivers a missile dropkick on El Locon. Asesino hooks the leg looking for the win once again.



El Locon kicks out just in the nick of time. Asesino is clearly frustrated and starts signaling to the fans that the end is near. El Locon makes it to his feet with his back to Asesino who grabs El Locon’s arms and goes for the Asesino Unprettier but El Locon counters it with a back suplex. Both men stay down for a count of 8 as Asesino who got up first bounced off the ropes only to receive a big boot from El Locon. El Locon now fully recovered starts shaking the ropes in anger and picks up Asesino and nails him with right hand after right hand to The Assassin. El Locon now throws Asesino against the ropes and delivers a back body drop. El Locon measures Asesino as he gets up and kicks him in the midsection and delivers a thunderous powerbomb to Asesino. El Locon pins Asesino.



No…Asesino luckily had his boot on the bottom rope. El Locon now picks up The Assassin and throws him against the ropes and connects grabs Asesino for a spinebuster but instead of dropping forward he drops backward clotheslining Asesino’s throat against the ropes. As he does we hear “The American Anthem” playing as believe it or not Uncle Sam comes out applauding El Locon. El Locon looks confused as Asesino takes advantage of the distraction and rolls up El Locon holding his tights.



El Locon kicked out just before the three count. Asesino grabs the referee with anger and while the referee’s attention is on Asesino, Uncle Sam enters the ring and turns El Locon around and delivers a diamond cutter on El Locon. Uncle Sam takes off his hat and beard and it is revealed as DVD. DVD rolls out of the ring as Asesino pins El Locon.



El Locon somehow got a shoulder up. Asesino has a disbelief look on his face. He waits for El Locon to get up in the corner. He does and Asesino charges at him with a Stinger Splash but misses badly. He turns around in pain and gets an outstanding Loco From Hell. El Locon pins The Assassin.




Ding Ding Ding

El Locon picks up a win over Asesino, to stop the recent run of Asesino victories! El Locon celebrates in the ring as Asesino lays on the mat looking up at the lights.

RESULT: El Locon def. Asesino via pinfall

sVo Presents ‘The Immortals’
Coming Soon

Ready and looking for Vegas GoldThe scene fades to the interview area where we see Candi Cross standing by with Limp.

Cross: Limp, tonight at Ultimate Victory 2010 you have probably your biggest one on one match in SVO to date as you face former Las Vegas Champion, Rey Rosario, your thoughts.

Limp: You’re saying that this is my biggest match to date when my opponent has the biggest losing streak going here in SVO?

Cross: Maybe so but he has faced the best wrestlers out there in SVO in that losing streak. He has faced wrestlers of the caliber of Beautiful Bobby Dean, Canadian Perfect Chris Wrestling and Night and he came very close to beating them.

Limp: What about Colt Cooper? What excuse do you have for him there?

Cross: …

Limp: Just like I thought, Rey Rosario everyone talks so highly of you and even thought that you were good competition for me but when you lost to Colt Cooper I knew right there and then that you were a one hit wonder. You were Las Vegas Champion for a long time but only a great champion comes back from defeat and thus far you haven’t proven that. But, Rey guess what? Your depression will continue tonight at Ultimate Victory when I use you to get what I want and what I want is what you had for 36 days.

Cross The Las Vegas Championship?

Limp: Hey, you are smarter than what you look. Yes, right now you’re the only obstacle keeping me away from challenging for that title. Last week I beat Juliana Torres who was a former champ and tonight I go through you and next week if Beautiful Bobby Dean has the guts to fight a real challenge I will be waiting for him.

Cross: Bobby Dean has a lot of issues right now as Tag Team Champion and challenging for the International Championship…

Limp: Let me cut you off, right there. If I’m not mistaken the Las Vegas Championship should be defended every week and I don’t remember when was the last time he defended it so to me he’s a paper champion and he’s just holding the title from the rightful owner, me. Bobby, the ball is in your court, prove to the world that you’re worthy of being champion.

The scene fades out.

Limp vs. Rey RosarioHeadstrong by Trapt begins. On the screen we see highlights of Limp doing his favorite moves. Then Limp comes out pumping out the crowd and then stands on top of the ramp raising both arms in the air. He walks with a demented look on his face toward the ring. Last Resort sounds and Rey comes out completely ignoring the crowd. He enters underneath the bottom rope and sits down on the corner awaiting the match to start.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings as both men lock up and it is Limp who gets a side headlock on the former Las Vegas Champion. Rosario pushes Limp against the ropes but Limp comes back with a shoulder block taking The Canadian Connection member down to the mat. Limp goes to the nearby ropes and bounces off from them as Rey turns on his stomach as Limp jumps over him. Limp bounces off the other side and Rosario jumps over him as he passes. Limp bounces again and gets hip tossed by Rey Rosario. Limp gets up and charges at Rosario who simply arm drags him and locks in an arm bar on the former Tag Team Champion.

Limp gets up from the mat and delivers forearms to the face of Rey to escape the arm bar. Limp bounces off the ropes and gets a spin kick to the face from Rosario. Rosario looks for the quick win.



Limp kicks out easily and rolls to a corner. Rosario goes over to Limp but Limp pokes Rey’s eyes to take control of the match. Limp now grabs Rey Rosario and drops him to the mat with a snap suplex. Limp wastes no time in bouncing off the ropes and delivering a knee drop to the former Las Vegas Champion. Limp makes a pin attempt.



Just a two count as Rey Rosario rolls his shoulder off the mat. Limp picks up Rey Rosario and delivers an underhook suplex. The Xtreme Fusion member now goes to the apron and starts climbing the ropes as Rey Rosario starts to get to his feet. He gets to his feet and turns right into a top rope clothesline from Limp. Limp hooks the leg and looks to get out of Ultimate Victory with his own Ultimate Victory.



The referee stops in mid count to notice Rey Rosario boot on the bottom rope. Limp celebrates the victory he thought he had as the referee explains to him what happened. Limp gets enfuriated and goes toward the corner Rey has gotten up in. He starts unloading punch after punch and goes to throw Rosario to the other corner but Rey reverses and throws Limp to the corner and charges at him with a clothesline followed up by a bulldog headlock on the Xtreme Fusion member. Both men lay on the mat for a few seconds as both men start to recover almost at the same time. Rey pumps himself to his feet as Limp looks a bit out of gas. Rey unloads punch after punch to Limp and throws him against the ropes and delivers a clothesline to Limp. Limp gets up quickly only to receive another. Rosario picks up Limp and throws him against the ropes and delivers a back body drop to the Xtreme Fusion superstar. Rosario measures Limp as he gets up and delivers a boot to the midsection followed up by a piledriver. Rosario goes for a pin as DVD rushes out from the curtain.



No! DVD placed Limp’s foot on the ropes just in the nick of time. Rey gets up and sees DVD at ringside and starts to complain to the referee about it. Out from the locker room comes El Locon who attacks DVD from behind and they start brawling all the way back to the locker room. Meanwhile, from the other side Asesino has jump the barricade and has slid a chair into the ring to Limp. Limp grabs the chair and nails Rey Rosario from behind. Limp throws the evidence away as he now pins the man destined to continue his losing streak.



Rey Rosario gets a shoulder up just in time once again. Limp now gets up and distracts the referee as Asesino gets in the ring and delivers The Asesino Unprettier to Rey. He rolls out of the ring as Limp pins Rey Rosario once again but the referee sees Asesino rolling out and throws out of ringside. Asesino starts protesting as now out from the back comes Canadian Crippler with his signature Singapore Cane and nails Limp in the back of the head breaking the pinfall. He now exits the ring and starts chasing Asesino with his cane as the referee focuses his attention back to the ring. Both men get up groggy as Limp goes for a scoop slam on Rosario who slides behind Limp. He turns Limp around and nails Rey’s DDT. Rey Rosario hooks both legs as the fans count along with the referee.




Ding Ding Ding

This one is all over, and despite being on a bad run since losing the sVo Las Vegas Championship belt to Bobby Dean, its Rey Rosario who picks up the win tonight with a little help from his tag team partner!

RESULT: Rey Rosario def. Limp via pinfall

PaybackThe scene starts in the backstage area where Candi Cross is trying to get to DVD.

Cross: DVD, I need to talk to you.

DVD: What do you want?

Cross: Why the attack on El Locon and why did you impersonate Uncle Sam?

DVD: I’m sick and tired of seeing El Locon seek revenge for his worthless partner Angel The Malignant and most of all I’m tired of this guy impersonating to be an American and saying that he worships Uncle Sam. Locon, you wanted Uncle Sam, well I gave you Uncle Sam…

We see El Locon come through the curtain and as soon as he sees DVD he charges at him and a brawl ensues between both men as staff and officials come out to separate both men.

Crippler vs. Colt Cooper





After waiting a few seconds, Colt Cooper appears on the ramp with his normal cocky smile. He positions both of his arms out, tapping his chest taunting the crowd. A spectrum of black and blue strobe lights fill up the arena followed by a down pour of confetti. Colt struts his way to the ring extending his hands to some of his fans, and gives the middle finger to the fans of SVO who don’t like him. Colt steps in the ring and is handed a mic from a stage hand.

Colt:: I….

The crowd gives off a huge boo before Colt can say anything. Just a little cheers heard in the charade.

Colt:: I’m out here right now because it seems the Canadian Crippler feels that I’m not worthy. I can’t do anything possible to defeat his silly ass. I’ve given it big thought, and while I was thinking through that thought, I thought…who in the hell is Canadian Crippler? He’s not capable to do any of the things I can do. His work ethic…slow…his ring abilities…crap…his mic skills…drowsy…not to mention how that bullshit is nothing but a boring drag. I swear while watching his little promo or whatever he thinks it is…It kinda felt like watching a boring ass movie that goes nowhere.

The cameras scan around the arena showing some Canadian Crippler posters.

Colt:: The thing about him is that he’s not destined to do this. Wrestling is not a thing I just pick up. It’s been in my blood line for a long time now. When watching Canadian Crippler wrestle…it’s like watching one of those wrestling matches from the sixty’s. I’m more innovative, more creative, and not mention way better than the Canadian Crippler. It’s not hard to see that. All you have to do is just really pay attention. If you can’t hear me while I’m saying this, it’s because you got wax in your ears. Hello!!! I’m the greatest thing to happen to SvO.

The crowd gives off another boo. Colt smirks and paces himself around the ring before something rolls off of his tongue.

Colt:: I hear that Canadian Crippler feels he’s going to be the number one contender to Bobby Dean’s Las Vegas Title. I’m telling you this now also…don’t beileive the hype. Let’s think on this too…if I’m the so called rookie…then what belt should I strive for the most. Well, the World Title is what you fight for, but you have to accomplish something before you get there. That Las Vegas title is what I need. It’s basically labeled as a belt that the rooks fight for to make a name for themselves. I know Canadian Crippler has had over ten matches. A name for himself should have already been made, if he is so good in the ring, but that’s why he’s not. I bet that by then end of August I’ll have more money earned from winning than Canadian Crippler has made in the month. You can bet on that.

Colt:: Crippler….Are you ready to become crippled?

Colt drops the mic and Canadian Crippler’s theme begins to play throughout the PA system. Last Resort plays as Canadian Crippler comes out completely focused on the ring. He enters the ring and awaits the bell.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings as both men circle each other. All of the sudden Cooper stops and looks at Shay and throws a kiss at her as Canadian Crippler charges in to attack but the referee prevents Crippler from attacking Colt who is on the ropes trying to protect himself. The referee finally restores order and both men look to restart this match. They both get face to face as Cooper slaps Crippler in the face. Canadian Crippler can’t hold his anger any further and starts to deliver forearm shots to Colt Cooper. Crippler throws Cooper against the ropes and clotheslines him to the mat. Cooper quickly rolls out of the ring as Canadian Crippler rolls out as well chasing the undefeated new superstar in SVO. Cooper stops and grabs Shay and puts her in the middle of Crippler and himself. Crippler stops and Cooper pushes her into her brother and quickly attacks Crippler on the outside. Colt Cooper now posts Crippler and throws him back to the ring.

Crippler gets up staggered a bit and receives a standing enziguri from Colt Cooper. Crippler stays groggy on his feet and Cooper wastes no time in delivering Star’s Calling on the Canadian superstar. Colt Cooper goes for the pin looking to add to his winning streak.



The Canadian Crippler kicks out as Colt Cooper slams the mat in anger. Cooper goes to pick up Canadian Crippler but Crippler responds with big time punches to Colt. Crippler charges at the ropes bouncing off from them and going for a clothesline but Cooper ducks it and delivers an atomic drop to Canadian Crippler. Crippler still feeling the effects turns right into a super kick from Cooper. Who now smiles and then winks at Shay telling her that her brother is about to go down. Colt Cooper picks up Canadian Crippler and delivers a nicely executed Goldmine. Cooper hooks the leg knowing that this match is in the books.



Canadian Crippler rolls a shoulder from the mat as Colt Cooper gets up and pushes the referee in pure frustration. Cooper now knowing that won’t do him any good waits for Crippler to make a move. He sees Crippler getting up to a knee and Cooper wastes no time in jumping to the top rope and going for the Starship but Crippler sidesteps the move as Cooper lands on his feet but looks to have injured his ankle as he landed on top of it. Crippler quickly grabs Colt and delivers a german suplex to Colt Cooper. Crippler starts to get up slowly and looks at his sister and roars in anger as he finally gets to his feet. Cooper gets up limping a bit as Crippler grabs him and delivers an overhead belly to belly suplex. Crippler picks up Cooper and drops him head first with a brainbuster. Canadian Crippler hooks the leg and pins Colt Cooper.



Colt Cooper kicks out in time. Crippler gets up and taunts Colt to get up as well. He does but then Crippler notices that Cooper is limping and he dropkicks the leg out of Colt Cooper. Crippler drops his straps and goes for the Canadian Lock but quickly Colt embraces the ropes in fear of the submission move and rolls out of the ring. From the outside Shay grabs Cooper and throws him back to the ring. Cooper turns at her insulting her as Canadian Crippler takes advantage and school boy’s Colt Cooper.



3…No, Colt kicked out barely. Both men get up quickly and Cooper goes for a big right hand but Crippler grabs the arm taking him down and locking in a Crippler Crossface on Colt. Cooper who does not like to be put in submissions looks desperate to escape but can’t find a way. He sees that the ropes are too far away and has no choice but to…

Grab the referee and pull him right into Canadian Crippler making their skulls collide and making Crippler release the hold. Colt rolls around in pain as he was in the submission hold for a while. Crippler gets up staggered a bit and goes after Cooper. He goes to pick him up but Cooper takes Crippler by surprise nailing the Colt of Conduct. Cooper gets on top of Crippler looking for the win.




Colt Cooper gets up celebrating only to see that it wasn’t the referee who made the count it was Shay who laughs at Cooper. Cooper grabs Shay by her hair but she low kicks Cooper making him release his grip on her. He takes a few steps back and gets caught in the Canadian Slam from Canadian Crippler who was waiting for Colt. Canadian Crippler pins Colt Cooper as Shay wakes the referee up and he sees the pin attempt.



The referee waves it off as Cooper got a shoulder up just before the three count. Crippler can’t believe his move wasn’t enough to put the rookie out. He goes right after his ankle again and goes for The Canadian Lock but Cooper rolls and make Crippler collide with Shay who was on the apron thinking that the match was over. Crippler sees what happen and loses track of Colt Cooper who jumps on the second rope as Crippler turns and delivers The Big Dipper on him. Colt Cooper pins Canadian Crippler.




This one is all over, and its Colt Cooper who continues on his streak with his first win on a sVo PPV! Colt Cooper celebrates the win in the middle of the ring, as Crippler makes his way back up the entrance ramp staring back down at his opponent.

RESULT: Colt Cooper def. Crippler via pinfall

The Ride Of Their LivesAmy Rider, Ethan Rider’s elder sister is walking backstage, her face showing that she is a woman on a mission. Just behind her is an extremely well built man, dressed in military uniform. Her long, flowing, blonde hair is loose and dangling just below her neck, and she wears just a hint of make-up, complimented by a short, loose rose dress. Her marine companion has a crew cut and a thick scar running down the side of his face, with cruel, cold green eyes and an AK47 slumped over his shoulder.

She walks up to an office door, her heels clicking on the ground before she raps three times on it.




Matt Anderson: Yeah?

Amy swings the door open, coming face to face with Matt Anderson dressed in his regular suit and trademark shades. Amy marches up to the desk he sits behind, her friend still flanking her, causing a look of confusion and concern to cross Anderson’s face as he sees the two, but he manages to keep his cool.

Matt Anderson: Who the f*ck are you two?

Amy smiles.

Amy Rider: Tut, Tut, Matt. Don’t swear on live TV, especially when there’s a lady in your presence.

Matt looks her up and down, recongizing that she’s hot, but having to catch himself before making a snide remark.

Amy: So, you have the video footage of Ethan kicking that guy’s ass?

Matt smiles and nods.

Matt: Sure thing, Miss…?

Amy: Rider.

Matt: Miss Rider, yeah we do.

Amy cocks her head to the side, and Matt gives her marine friend a worried look, eyeing the AK.

Amy: How the fuck did you get it?

Matt raises her eyebrows at Amy swearing when she told him not too, but makes nothing of it. He taps his nose, but then his eyes widen as he sees her friend pat his gun.

Matt: Steady on, Rider. It’s only some video of your brother beating some guy up, it helped him get this job. Besides, at least the police don’t have it.

Amy: Thats’ what I don’t like. You could have Ethan under your thumb with that footage, you could blackmail him with sending it to the fuzz.

A siles crosses Matt’s lips, as he realizes that would be a good idea, but the marine pats his gun again and Matt stops, jerking his thumb toward the burly Corporal Winters.

Matt: Is this guy really neccassery?

Amy: I think so, you don’t strike me as the kind of guy who would co-operate without some… incentive.

Matt stands up, occasionaly glancing up at Corporal Winters, and he walks over to a filing cabinet, where he pulls out a video tape, marked ‘Rider.’ He hands it to Amy.

Matt: Why didn’t Ethan come here today, you his lackey or something?

Amy glances at Winters, then back at Matt.

Amy: No, he’s still moving into Vegas. Probably at some martial arts thing right now.

Matt nods to the door, signalling that they should leave. Amy goes to leave and Winters leaves, but Amy stops and turns back, producing a few sheets of paper from her handbag, sliding them onto Matt’s desk.

Amy: Ethan’s contract.

Matt scrutinizes the contracts, then nods smiling.

Matt: Guess we finally signed Mr Rider… I’ll book him when he’s ready, when will that be?

Amy turns to leave again, speaking with her back to Matt, his eyes wandering to her ass.

Amy: He’ll be ready to go for the second Showdown after tonight.

Amy smiles, but something Matt says holds her back.

Matt: If he’s anything like you, Miss Rider, I think he’ll make a lot of friends in this business. But I thik he’ll make even more enemies.

Amy turns around, one hand on the door.

Amy: And if you’re superstars are anything like you, Anderson, I think the sVo is in for the ride of their lives.

Weapon X vs. Pat FullamThe arena goes black and the tron flickers on. In icy blue writing the words,

Lo as I walk through the valley of shadow and death
I fear no evil…
For I am the biggest and baddest guy around.

“Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)” by Digable Planets starts to play over the sound system. The writing on the tron fades away as blue sparks flare out on the stage. As the sparks die down the one and only “The Coolness” Pat Fullam comes out on stage. The tron flickers to life once again with clips of all of the 7’2″ giant’s time in the ring throughout the various federations he’s been in.

He tosses up the metal head salute as he begins to walk down to the ring to the beat of “Rebirth of Slick.” Making it to the ring he reaches up and grabs the top rope, pulling himself up onto the apron and stepping over the top rope. He swaggers to the center of the ring and tosses his hair back before giving one final metal head salute as the music fades.

Bells ring out around the arena as the lights dim down and the fans rise to their feet in anticipation of witnessing the sight of Weapon X! The guitar chords of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica begins to kick in as Weapon X walks slowly down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Weapon X stares straight ahead of him, the eyes behind the mask focused in on his target. Weapon X slowly reaches the ring, before climbing in and preparing to go to war!

The ref calls for the bell and this highly anticipated match up is now underway! Fullam just begs for Weapon X to come after him, which the masked Company Crusader does only too happily…

Only to be knocked down with a huge clothesline from Fullam! Wasting little time Pat puts his gigantic foot on Weapon X’s neck and stands as tall as he can, chocking the life right out of Weapon X! However, it’s short lived as the ref refuses to let this go on and starts the five count…





Pat takes his foot off the neck of Weapon X. Almost as if he’s bored already Pat picks Weapon X up and just tosses him halfheartedly across the ring. Weapon X lands…HARD on his back, furthering his breathing problems. The giant roars, “WHY DON’T YOU JUST TAKE THE MASK OFF?!?! IT WILL MAKE YOUR BREATHING EASIER!”

The crowd pops at this but Fullam isn’t listening as Weapon X pulls himself up in the corner. Pat gets a running start and goes for a hard clothesline! However, at the last second Weapon X manages to collapse to the side and Pat collides with the turnbuckle! Weapon X takes the opportunity to give Fullam a massive chop block! The giant lands hard and Weapon X starts to stomp away at Fullam’s legs!

Weapon X looks like he has things in control. That is until however, he tries to return the favor of choking Pat out by standing on his neck. The giant isn’t one to be messed with and this time is no exception as Pat grabs Weapon X by the leg and twists as hard as he can! Weapon X goes down hard, his leg twisted out from underneath him as Pat climbs unsteadily to his feet. He shakes his leg, trying to get blood flowing to his beaten leg. He doesn’t have much time to heal though as Weapon X is back up and charging at Fullam!

The giant is ready however, and bends down, lifting Weapon X up and over with a back body drop! Fullam just so happens to be close enough to the ropes that Weapon X flies right over the top rope and lands flat on the floor outside! The crowd pops as Fullam follows his opponent out of the ring. As the ref begins the count Pat picks Weapon X up sets him up against the ring. He shushes the crowd with a sausage like finger and then slaps Weapon X’s chest! Weather you have a shirt on or not, that HAS to sting!

Weapon X prances away in pain as Pat rolls back into the ring and then back out, restarting the ref’s count.




Pat follows Weapon X to the barrier and lifts him high above his head, dropping The Company Hitman onto the barrier! Once again Pat moves back into the ring and just chills, leaning against the top rope taunting the hitman.

Slowly, Weapon X stands up and roles into the ring. Pat moves over to him but Weapon X is ready with the lead pipe and hits Fullam right in the knee with it! Fullam goes down to a knee as the ref calls for the bell. However, once the bell rings Matt Anderson walks out on stage with a mic in hand. Weapon X hovers over Fullam, ready to attack again but waits for his boss’s words.

“This match isn’t over! I’m officially making this a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!”

The crowd pops and the ref recalls for the bell, restarting this match. If Weapon X’s mouth could be seen, everyone would be able to see the smile form on his face. He moves into position right in front of Fullam. He raises the lead pipe and prepares to end Fullam’s night. However, before he can crack the giant in the head Fullam’s giant hand swings up and grabs Weapon X by the throat! Anderson doesn’t look too happy as Fullam lifts Weapon X high into the air and hits The Crippling Cool!

“The Coolness” limps around the ring debating on what to do. Slowly he begins to walk normally as he sees the lead pipe laying next to Weapon X’s prone body. He picks it up, and is about to lay waste to Weapon X before Matt Anderson’s paniced voice rings out over the intercom.

“NO! Just NO! This match is No DQ for Weapon X ONLY! You use that lead pipe Fullam and YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!”

Fullam looks enraged but a smile slowly grows over the giant’s face. The smile is twisted and demonic, not good natured at all. “The Coolness” Pat Fullam salutes Matt Anderson, winks at his boss, and shrugs his shoulders to the ref with an innocent expression on his face.

With more quickness than a giant should possess The Coolness raises the pipe high above his head and brings it down, hard, over Weapon X’s head! The ref calls for the bell but Pat doesn’t care as he goes to town on Weapon X with the lead pipe, hitting anything that he can connect with, head, arms, legs, torso, anything and everything that was Weapon X. Pat loses himself in the moment and tosses the lead pipe out of the ring roaring along with the crowd. He points in the direction of Matt Anderson, who is still on the stage, the mic hanging limply at his side and a look of mortification on his face, as Pat picks up the lifeless body of Weapon X, points at Anderson and runs his thumb under his neck, making his intentions known. With insane strength Fullam lifts Weapon X up high in an inverted DDT position, and brings X down in an inverted implant DDT, a move Pat has deemed The Coolness Factor! The crowd cheers as Pat bends down, picking up Weapon X and starting to peel back the mask.

However, Matt Anderson’s words start to register in Pat’s head. The words “GO, GO, GO!” echo throughout the arena as the other Company members swarm down to the ring. Pat exits the ring as Bobby Dean, Roscoe Shame, Issac White, and Nightmare protect the fallen Weapon X.

“Rebirth of Slick” echoes throughout the arena as Pat mocks all The Company members as he exits through the crowd. It doesn’t look like this is over at all between Pat Fullam and The Company!

RESULT: Weapon X def. Pat Fullam via DQ

Company Recruit?The action heads backstage where James Von Drake is watching the action between the Company and Pat Fullam on a backstage monitor. With rumours of JVD joining up with the Company circulating for the past few weeks since he was offered a spot by Matt Anderson, will we see JVD alongside the likes of Weapon X, Roscoe Shame, Isaac White and Bobby Dean soon?

Von Drake continues to watch the action of the Company members at ringside, whilst later tonight he must face sVo Champion Night in a steel cage match! Will the main event of Ultimate Victory II be the announcement of JVD joining the Company with them helping him to the win? Or will the steel cage ruin Matt Anderson’s plans and allow Night to continue his reign as the longest ever sVo Champion? Stay tuned for the main event later tonight!

The Teacher vs. Isaac WhiteSTAMP!






The audience stomp their feet and clap their hands in rhythm with the introduction of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash. The melancholic chords of an acoustic guitar reverberate throughout the arena, soon joined by the baritone vocals of Cash.

You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

The entrance curtains slowly part as the hunched figure of Isaac White emerges. Although he may be far from a traditional ‘fan favourite’, the spectators instantly begin to cheer for him in recognition of his lengthy career. Despite the energy of the crowd, still stamping and clapping enthusiastically, Isaac retains a distinctively passive demeanour. Though it should have quite the opposite effect, the sight of this miserable and pessimistic man only further fuels the crowd’s excitement as they continue to join in with the downbeat rhythm of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”.

Go tell that long tongue liar
Go and tell that midnight rider
Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down
Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down

White marches forth towards the ring, hat pulled down low and cane in hand. He ignores the two-faced liars and rats in the crowd, his nose crinkling at the stench of hypocrisy. He taps his cane on the steel steps three times before slowly ascending them. He then walks onto the ring apron, wiping his feet as he does so, before climbing in through the ropes.

Once in the ring, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” begins to fade. White removes his hat and places it on top of the turnbuckle post. He then stoops over and leans through the ropes to prop his cane against the stairs. Resuming his stance in the corner, he reaches inside his left knee pad, withdrawing his trademark black gloves. He proceeds to pull them onto each hand slowly, milking the crowd’s excitement for all they’re worth. White leans back against the ropes, maintaining an apathetic approach to things.

‘Stand Up’ – Trapt begins to play over the sound system and the lights in the arena cut out. A spotlight searches around the crowd until it picks out The Teacher slowly making his way through the fans towards the ring. The Teacher leaps over the barrier and slides into the ring, ready to bring another wrong-doer to justice.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The like-minded superstars both take a step forwards from their corners. The Teacher licks his lips and watches his opponent like a hawk, studying his movements and mannerisms. The wily veteran White pulls his gloves tight and brushes his hair out of his face. They each take another step forwards, now barely out of arm’s reach from one another.

The masked Teacher is the first man to make a move, as he cautiously extends his arm to his side – not breaking his eagle-eyed stare at his opponent. White seems to like his odds in entering a chain grapple with Teacher and also extends his own arm. Just as their fingertips meet, however, the cunning White attempts to catch Teacher off-guard with a low kick. Luckily, Teacher has White scouted and jumps away unscathed.

White smirks confidently as Teacher paces around the ring briskly, adjusting his mask in the process. Isaac again displays his guile as he feints cutting Teacher off, but catches him out as he goes to backpedal. White quickly side-steps Teacher and darts around him. The Enemy of Everyone immediately places his hands around the head of Teacher and attempts to remove his mask!

Teacher instantly shoves White away and retreats to the ropes, leaving White in the centre of the ring. Isaac slowly runs a hand through his greying beard as he surveys his younger, nimbler opposition; both men are the same size, wrestle a similar style and even share a handful of common moves – how will that factor into this match?

As White and Teacher circle each other like schoolchildren fighting in the playground, a well-spoken fan voices his fascinating analysis on both men’s approach to what should be a fine technical match…


Unable to believe what he’s hearing, the grizzled veteran White whips his head round to look the belligerent fan in the eye. Unfortunately, the fan continues to hurl abuse in his drunken state.

Drunken Fan: I paid my ticket price, man – *hic* – Fuckin’ slam ‘em or somethin’! *hic*

Corners of his mouth twitching in both disgust and outrage, Isaac snorts heavily, gathering up a mouthful of phlegm. Leaning over the ropes, White unleashes a glob of blue-green spit at the fan! The phlegm cocktail splatters across the fan’s face, and before being able to retaliate he is lead away by arena security!

Seeing all of this unfold before him, the righteous Teacher snarls at White’s actions. He sets a beeline for Isaac and sprints across the ring! The Preacher of Pessimism sees Teacher coming from the corner of his eye, however, and quickly side-steps him once again – grabbing hold of his head and throwing him over the top rope! Teacher is able to catch himself, though, and lands on the ring apron feet-first. White lashes out with a vicious back elbow, but Teacher ducks it and leans through the middle rope to nail White with a shoulder to the gut! As White doubles over and clutches his ribs in pain, Teacher vaults from the apron and over the top rope for a sunset flip! Once again, White counters and dodges out of the way! Teacher is able to gracefully roll onto the mat at the last second and quickly rises to his feet, only to be taken down with a stiff clothesline!

The hate-filled misanthrope quickly grabs hold of Teacher’s leg and drags his opponent closer. Keeping him down with a couple of hard boots to the sternum, White again sets his sights on Teacher’s mask! He tries to grab a fistful of it, but his sweating hands keep slipping off its shiny surface. Before he is able to remove it, Teacher slugs him in the temple with a lucky right hand! White staggers into the ropes as the Teacher scrambles to his feet. The Moral Crusader hurries over to White and slices his chest with a knife-edge chop!


White quickly fires back with one of his own, rocking Teacher.


Teacher with a second chop!


Chests are already turning pink!


The Masked Vigilante nearly collapses one of White’s lungs with a third chop!


Showcasing his deviance yet again, Isaac pretends to throw another chop at Teacher, but stops and quickly stomps on his toes! Before White is able to capitalise, Teacher quickly recovers and punishes White with a sharp kick to the knee! Isaac immediately begins hopping on the spot as he nurses his crumbling knee, held together only by his heavy steel brace! Teacher continues the assault with a final chop.


As Isaac recoils and winces in pain, Teacher grabs him by the arm and hurls him into the ropes. White manages to hold on and counters the whip, instead sending Teacher across the ring. Teacher bounces off the ropes and runs straight into a hip toss – but sandbags it! Still holding onto White’s limb, The Masked Disciplinarian steps in front of him and lifts his adversary into the air with his own hip toss!

Isaac lands back-first on the canvas with a dull thud, but the relentless Teacher immediately kneels behind him and traps him in a chinlock! The primitive hold proves to be ineffective as White, an expert in mat wrestling and chain grappling, quickly slithers onto his side. White locks his hands around Teacher’s arm and emerges behind him, pinning his limb against his upper back in a hammerlock. Teacher wriggles loose and performs a quick front flip onto his feet, then immediately pulls White right into an arm drag! Isaac slams onto the unforgiving canvas but is able to peel himself from the ground – only to be met with a textbook dropkick from the Teacher! White rolls out under the bottom rope and buys some valuable time to re-assess his strategy as the crowd applaud both men for the sequence they just performed.

Teacher gets back to his feet, red-faced from exerting so much energy, and heads over to White. As Teacher draws near, Isaac pulls himself up to his feet and quickly leans over the top rope to grab hold of him! White digs his fingernails into the black mask of Teacher, attempting to reveal his identity to the world! The Masked Vigilante locks his own hands around Isaac’s struggling to break free of his arthritic hold. After a brief moment of resistance, Teacher manages to wrestle his way loose! Before he is able to mount any return offense, though, White quickly shoots a sneaky gut punch through the middle rope! Teacher doubles over and Isaac once again grabs him by the head – only to jump from the apron and hang him up to dry throat-first across the ropes!

Teacher bounces back from the impact and takes a stiff bump as his body jolts into the hard canvas! As he lies on the mat, clutching his throat and wheezing, White slides in under the bottom rope and hooks the leg.




Teacher still has some fight left in him!

The Moral Crusader sits up from the mat, but Isaac pulls him back down and begins to choke the life out of him! The referee quickly intervenes and attempts to prise White’s fingers from around the windpipe of Teacher, but the World’s Most Miserable Man simply won’t budge! The referee ceases his fruitless attempts and instead resorts to the five-count rule.


White squeezes even harder as Teacher begins to turn blue under his mask.


Teacher opens his mouth for breath, revealing a purple-tipped tongue.


He thrashes his legs as he tries to free himself.


Isaac groans in frustration as he fails to subdue Teacher completely…


IW: ALRIGHT! I know!

White breaks the illegal chokehold and gets to his feet awkwardly as the referee wags a finger in his face. Promising the referee that he’ll be a good boy from now on, White immediately proceeds to kick the downed Teacher right in the temple! Again ridding himself of the overbearing referee, White takes a moment to catch his breath.

After a quick respite, White bends over and grabs hold of Teacher by the wrist. He yanks him up to his feet and locks him in a front face lock. The battered Teacher is able to do little to resist as Isaac turns him on the spot so his back is to him. The Hater of Humanity then shoves the groggy Teacher chest-first into the ropes. As Teacher stumbles back, White uses the added momentum to scoop Teacher up onto his shoulders! It looks like he’s going for the Hate Crime!


Teacher quickly lashes out with a sharp elbow to White, who manages to keep his grip tight! Teacher gives him another elbow for his troubles and wriggles loose, dropping to the mat with perfect balance! He shoves the blindsided White front-on into the ropes and catches him with a roll-up pin as he staggers backwards!




White powers out of the pinning predicament!

The crowd groan in dismay as Teacher scolds White under his breath, believing he just had the match won; undeterred, Teacher struggles back to his feet and peels Isaac off the mat. He pulls Isaac’s arm around the back of his neck and grabs hold of his steel knee brace, looking to hit the fisherman suplex! Before he can execute it, White slaps his hand away from his knee and forces his way out of the move – spinning the both of them around on the spot. As their sights set on one another again, White throws an uncoordinated clothesline, which Teacher easily ducks underneath. White spins round once more, only to be met with a stinging kick to the gut. Teacher follows up with a nasty chop.


He further subdues White with a low kick to the knee brace, evoking a howl of pain from the misanthrope! With White firmly under control, Teacher whips him into the corner. White collides chest-first with the turnbuckle – no, wait – he grabs hold of the ropes and manages to catch himself in time! Teacher is already racing in for a follow-up attack, and catches a stiff back elbow to the jaw! The crowd wince in sympathy as what could either be a ball of spit, gum or a tooth flies out from Teacher’s mouth!

Teacher stumbles out from the corner and turns his back on White – big mistake! White targets his prey like a hyena and moves in for the kill! He threads his own arms around those of Teacher, locking him into the Drop ‘Em Dead! He turns him around, ready to drop him face-first onto the ring!

Teacher kicks him in the back of the knee!

White’s hold is immediately broken as he falls to his knees and yells in agony! Teacher allows him no room to breathe – just as Isaac had done to him – and mercilessly pulls him back up to his feet. Isaac, still with his back to Teacher, is cut down to size with a picture-perfect Reverse DDT! The crowd pop and cheer on Teacher as he points to the skies above! It looks like he’s about to finish this thing! Sure enough, Teacher climbs out through the ropes and begins to ascend the turnbuckle. On the canvas, White grabs a fistful of the referee’s shirt and pulls him in close. What’s he doing? The referee at first attempts to get free, but soon stops and begins to listen to White, who may be seen mouthing something into his ear.

Teacher looks on in confusion as the referee throws up an ‘X’ signal with his arms – could White be injured?! Not wishing to take advantage of an injured opponent, Teacher carefully jumps down from the turnbuckle and walks over to White, who writhes in agony as he sets about removing his knee brace. Despite his uncompromising attitude, Teacher kneels down in concern. All the while, somebody races down the aisle to the ring.

Who is that?


As the referee still has his back turned, Roscoe Shame enters the ring like a ninja and takes aim with his International Championship belt! Teacher turns around…


Shame misses with the belt and turns around to face Teacher, looking as though he’s about to shit a brick! Teacher nails him with a dropkick! Shame hits the canvas and exits the ring as the referee turns around to see what all the commotion is about.








Ding! Ding! Ding!

The fans rise to their feet and explode as Teacher rises to his feet, victorious! Predictably, the weasel White seems to make a full recovery as he snatches his knee brace from the canvas and hurries out of the ring. Shame, waiting at the ready, hands him his hat and cane and both men scarper as Teacher celebrates in the ring!

RESULT: The Teacher def. Isaac White via pinfall

sVo Showdown #51
The World Tour 2010 kicks off in Madrid, Spain!
15th August 2010

Best Made PlansAs sVo Ultimate Victory II returns from a commercial break, we head to the upper echelons of the arena to the ‘Company’s’ executive box, where once again cigar smoke fills the air. There seems to be four or five members of the Company with their backs to the camera sitting and watching the action, whilst two suited figure that look like they are ex-military stand and guard the elevator door. The only man in the room that has a visable face amongst the cigar smoke is Matt Anderson, who has his trademark shades on and is looking over the action.

Matt Anderson – “Well that’s Pat Fullam taken care of. I am sure he won’t be stupid enough to continue his little vendetta against us. Surely he will know that we are far too strong for him.”

There is murmurs from the other men in the room, who seem to be unsure.

Unknown – “What about Shame and Dean. I am uncomfortable with the situation….”

Anderson strokes his beard slowly trying to think up a good answer to the question.

Matt Anderson – “It’s not ideal, but maybe it’s time Dean, Shame and White got the bad blood out of their system and got their minds focused again. At the end of the day the International title stays in the Company no matter the winner.”

There are more murmurs from the Company members.

Unknown – “And the World title?”

An evil grin spreads over the face of Matt Anderson as he looks down from the sky box at the ring below.

Matt Anderson – “James Von Drake knows what side his bread is buttered on, I am confident he will beat Night and come over to the Company. Besides, I have a special little plan in store for Night tonight. Once James Von Drake beats him and becomes the new Champion, it sets up a perfect World title match between him and the number one contender, our very own Roscoe Shame….”

There is laughter around the ring which is peppered with coughs from the cigar smoke, until a lone voice answers Anderson.

Unknown – “Good, because I want everything perfect for our return to London at the Battle of Britain PPV next month…..”

Fade out.

Roscoe Shame (c) vs. Bobby Dean”Drop Tha World” by Lil Wayne hits and the sVo International and Tag Team Champion Roscoe Shame appears at the top of the ramp pretending to play the guitar with his two title belts. The fans stand and cheer at the mockery he is making of himself. He makes his way to the ring while pyros shoot out from the ramp. He climbs into the ring stretches and awaits his opponent.

“You’re the Best” begins to play as the lights go down and a baby blue spotlight is shown at the top of the entrance ramp. BBD comes out to a chorus of boos in his baby blue Ric Flair-esque robe that is covered in sparkling diamonds, with a Las Vegas and Tag Team Title belt over each shoulder. He struts his way down the entrance ramp refusing to touch the out stretched hands of fans at ringside. Walking up the steel steps, he wipes his feet off before stepping into the ring. Walking over to his corner he proceeds to remove his robe and warm up for the upcoming match.

Bobby Dean and Roscoe Shame stare across at each other from opposite corners of the ring, with each men giving each other frosty looks as the referee holds Roscoe Shame’s International Title belt into the air to signal that it will be on the line in tonight’s match! The referee passes the belt to the outside of the ring before calling for the bell to be rung, and this one is underway! Bobby Dean and Shame make their way to the corner of the ring, and both Company men tie up in the center of the ring, with Roscoe Shame using his strength to easily push Dean back into the ropes in the corner of the ring. The referee calls for a rope break, but as soon as Shame releases the hold, Bobby Dean nails him with a sneaky kick to the midsection before grabbing his arm and twisting it into a wrist lock.

The fans boo Bobby Dean as Roscoe Shame tries his best to catch Bobby Dean with his free arm, however Bobby Dean counters by progressing the wrist lock into a side headlock, before taking down Roscoe Shame with a head lock takedown. With Roscoe Shame down on the mat, Dean takes the International Champion in an arm bar takedown and tries his best to try and make his fellow Tag Team partner submit! Roscoe Shame manages to struggle out of the hold before the pain becomes to great for him, and the two men quickly roll back to a standing position. Roscoe Shame lunges forward to try and grab his fellow Company member, however Bobby Dean is able to evade the hands of Shame with a knee to the midsection of his opponent.

Bobby Dean is showing his technical domiance over his tag team partner early in this match up as he goes behind on Roscoe Shame with a waist lock, before taking him down to the mat with a big German suplex! The crowd boo the move from Bobby Dean as Roscoe Shame staggers back to his feet holding the back of his head in pain. Bobby Dean advances on Roscoe Shame once again, but as as Bobby Dean grabs Roscoe Shame in another waist lock, this time Shame counters with a huge back elbow to the side of Dean’s head which sends the Las Vegas Champion stumbling away from Shame. Dean then turns and runs at Roscoe Shame, but his tag team partner catches him with a big boot to the face! Despite Roscoe Shame not really being a fans favourite in the sVo anymore, the fans boo the big boot to the face of Bobby Dean, who staggers back to his feet checking his face to make sure it is still Beautiful!

Roscoe Shame grabs hold of Bobby Dean and tosses him hard into the ropes. Bobby Dean bounces back into the middle of the ring, only for Roscoe Shame to powerslam him down to the mat to show off his physical dominance over his tag team partner. With Bobby Dean down on the mat, Roscoe Shame bounces backwards into the ropes before landing a leg drop across the upper body of the Las Vegas Champion! With Bobby Dean down on the mat, Roscoe Shame hooks his leg and makes the cover!




Bobby Dean gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted.

Roscoe Shame shakes his head in disappointment at his inability to pick up the three count right there, before yanking Bobby Dean shapely up to his feet. Roscoe Shame sends Bobby Dean in the corner of the ring, and Dean’s back hits the turnbuckle hard. Shame then follows up with a clothesline in the corner of the ring onto his challenger. Bobby Dean stumbles out of the corner with a dazed look on his face, allowing Roscoe Shame the chance to nail him with a big backdrop to take him down to the mat.

The fans cheer the move from Roscoe Shame, who takes the chance to hit some mounted punches onto the face of Bobby Dean! Bobby Dean rolls away out of the grasp of Roscoe Shame, but the International Champion is right back onto his opponent, grabbing him around the throat! However before Roscoe Shame can take advantage of his dominant position, Bobby Dean counters with a low blow onto his tag team partner! The fans boo the blatant low blow from Bobby Dean, who quickly catches Roscoe Shame with a snap suplex to send him down to the mat! With Roscoe Shame down, Bobby Dean makes his move to become the sVo International Champion by grabbing the legs of Shame and locking him into the Texas Cloverleaf submission move!

The fans in the arena boo as Roscoe Shame desperately tries to make it to the ropes in order to avoid having to tap out to the pain of the submission move! BBD has a huge smile on his face as he pulls back harder on the hold, and the referee drops down to ask Roscoe Shame if he would like to tap out and surrender his International Championship belt! However the #1 contender for the sVo World Champion shakes his head and grabs hold of Bobby Dean’s leg in desperation! Roscoe Shame is eventually able to force BBD to break the hold as he tries to pull him over using his leg!

Roscoe Shame gets to his feet, but received a big boot to the midsection from BBD, who then takes him down to the mat with a piledriver! With Roscoe Shame down on the mat after being dropped on his head, BBD makes the cover on his opponent!




Everyone thought we had a new International Champion right there, but Roscoe Shame somehow managed to kick out after the piledriver! Bobby Dean rises up to his feet and grabs hold of the referee to protest about what he considered to be a slow count. There is yet more boos for one of the most unpopular stars on the sVo roster, as behind his back Roscoe Shame slowly rises to his feet! BBD finally finishes protesting, but as he turns around he walks straight into a right hand from Roscoe Shame! The fans once again cheer the 6’6” Shame as he tosses BBD down to the mat with authority with a stiff spinebuster! BBD staggers to his feet holding his back in pain, but he is soon scooped high above Shame’s head, before being dropped down to the mat with authority via a military press slam from the International Champion!

Roscoe Shame can feel the momentum of the match in his favour as he walks around the ring waiting for Bobby Dean to raise up to his feet whilst signalling he is ready to end the match right here! Bobby Dean slowly rises to his feet, but before he even knows what is happening he is grabbed by Roscoe Shame, and drilled to the mat with the ‘Shame Time’ by his Tag Team partner! After that move, this one must be finally over as Shame makes the cover on Bobby Dean.




Suddenly the referee is yanked clean out of the ring before his hand can hit the mat for the three count! Everyone turns to see just what has happened, to see the giant Pat Fullam standing on the outside of the ring with the referee at his feet! Pat Fullam climbs up into the ring over the top rope, and the fans rise to their feet to see just what will happen! After Pat Fullam cost Chris Bond and Nightmare the World Championship belt on his sVo debut at the last PPV, is he about to cost someone a title belt here tonight after putting the whole of the Company on notice earlier in the night?

Roscoe Shame rises to his feet and quickly aims some right hands at Pat Fullam, but they seem to bounce off the monster, who grabs hold of the 6’6” Roscoe Shame, before manhandling him like a ragdoll and slamming him down with the ‘Crippling Cool’! The fans boo the huge move from Pat Fullam, who then turns his attention towards the Las Vegas Champion Bobby Dean! Pat Fullam pulls Bobby Dean into the air, before almost breaking him in half with ‘The Coolness Factor’! With the devastation done to the Company’s Tag Team Champions, Pat Fullam raises his hands in the air to once again put the rest of the Company on notice, before climbing out of the ring and making his way backstage!

In the ring both Shame and Dean seem to be down and out, and the referee is slowly staggering up to his feet on the outside of the ring after being pulled clean out by Pat Fullam. Shame and Dean both slowly rise to their feet in stero in the ring, and they begin to trade tired looking right hands. Shame looked as if he had the match won before the interference, but out of no where Bobby Dean is caught with a right hand from Shame, only to drop down and nail his opponent with a blatant low blow! The referee doesn’t seem to see it as he is climbing back into the ring, leaving Bobby Dean the chance to nail Roscoe Shame with the ‘Starstruck’! Boos ring out around the arena as Bobby Dean makes the cover on his tag team partner.




This one is all over, and it’s Bobby Dean who picks up the victory to become the sVo International Champion! The fans boo, but it doesn’t seem to effect the happiness of Bobby Dean, as he rises to his feet and snatches the International Championship belt from the referee! BBD holds his gold in the air in victory, becoming the first man to hold three title belts at one time in the sVo, whilst the number one contender Roscoe Shame lays face down on the mat! BBD has picked up the International Championship belt here tonight, but has he destroyed his friendship with his fellow Tag Team Champion Roscoe Shame for good in the process?

RESULT: Bobby Dean def. Roscoe Shame via pinfall

The Time Is NowWith only moments to go until the World Championship match, the scene heads to the backstage area where future World Champion James Von Drake is standing backstage with SVO interviewer Katie Smith, alongside his wife Lucy Von Drake. JVD is all changed and ready for battle against Night in the steel cage, the match that will see him complete his rise to the top by becoming World Champion.

Candi Cross: “James Von Drake, there has been rumours all night that you have signed a deal with the Company, and that they will tonight screw Night over so you will become the New World Champion….”

The microphone is snatched out of the hand of Candi Cross by Lucy Von Drake, who pushes Candi Cross away.

Lucy Von Drake: “We have had to put up with your bullshit questions for weeks Candi, until the SVO hires someone who knows that they are doing, all interviews with the Victory Cup winner have to go through me!”

Candi Cross looks stunned as JVD smiles cockily at her before pointing to her to leave the scene. A dejected looking Candi Cross slowly walks out of shot.

Lucy Von Drake: “JVD, you are moments away from walking out to that ring and becoming the new World Champion. Just how are you planning on celebrating your victory later tonight?”

The fans at ringside boo at the loaded question from Lucy Von Drake.

James Von Drake: “Well it’s true I am just about to become the New World Champion, but as far as I am concerned the hard work will begin tomorrow morning. The SVO is in a state of despair right now, and it needs to be cleansed from the inside out. For far too long we have had Night the paper champion. Well starting from tonight the SVO will have a World Champion it can be proud of. A Champion who defends their belt every week against all comers. The SVO has been put on notice, the Von Drake era started when I won the Victory Cup a few weeks ago, well tonight it is completed and this place will never be the same again!”

James Von Drake stares intensely at the camera as the show goes back to ringside.

sVo Presents Battle of Britain 2010
19th September 2010
02 Arena, London, England
The sVo World Tour 2010

Night (c) vs. James Von DrakeThe lights in the arena dim as the steel cage that has been hanging from the top of the arena all night slowly begins to drop down around the ring. The fans rise to their feet in anticipation for tonight’s main event as the ring crew fasten the cage around the sides of the ring, with the only way to win the match tonight will be if Night or James Von Drake escape from the steel structure!

There are boos in the arena as ‘JVD’ flashes up on the giant screen and the arena is basked in a pink glow. “All My Life” by Foo Fighters blares out as James Von Drake walks out, with his wife Lucy Von Drake as always by his side. JVD signals to the crowd before walking down to the ring and looking up at the steel cage in front of him, knowing that if he escapes from it tonight that he will become the new sVo World Champion! James Von Drake slowly steps through the door of the steel cage and walks around the ring looking up at the steel which surrounds him.

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately through the door of the steel cage and into the ring with the challenger. Night holds the sVo World Championship belt in the air before handing it to the referee outside of the ring, who promptly closes the door behind Night and JVD before locking it with a huge padlock!

The fans are on their feet as James Von Drake quickly jumps into the back of Night with a double axe handle smash to get a cheap shot in on the sVo World Champion! Night stumbles forward, and JVD spins him around before nailing him with some big right hands. The crowd boo the start from JVD, as he grabs Night by the arm and tosses him into the ropes. JVD ducks his head ready to hit a back drop on Night, however the World Champion counters with a spinning neck breaker onto the challenger! The fans cheer the big counter from Night, as JVD quickly gets back to his feet. Night nails some stiff chops onto JVD, but after several stiff chops, Night is nailed with a knee to the midsection from his opponent who then drops him down with a stiff jawbreaker.

Night rises up to his feet, and JVD quickly nails him with some right hands, before sending him into the corner of the ring. Night hits the turnbuckle hard, and then James Von Drake follows up with a clothesline in the corner of the ring! The fans boo the move from JVD, who struts into the middle of the ring and taunts to the fans. The cocky challenger pulls Night into the middle of the ring and slaps him across the face in a show of disrespect, before sending him down to the mat with a pavement slam in the middle of the ring. JVD looks to be in control of this match early on as he climbs to his feet and looks down on the World Champion. JVD lays into Night with some stiff kicks before making his way over to the corner of the ring and beginning to climb the cage! The fans immediately begin to boo knowing that if JVD manages to escape the cage then the Victory Cup winner would become the new sVo World Champion, but before he can get half way up the cage his foot is grabbed by Night!

JVD tries to kick himself free of Night’s grip, but the fans cheer as the sVo World Champion pulls JVD down off of the side of the cage and to the mat! Night bounces into the ring ropes as JVD rises up to his feet, and sends him straight back down with a stiff clothesline as he bounces back. With JVD down on the mat, Night drops a leg across the challenger, before rolling over his opponent and laying into him with some stiff right hands! The fans begin to chant Night’s name, as the longest reigning World Champion in sVo history rises up to his feet and waits for JVD to rise up.

JVD begins to get to his feet, and Night runs at him before taking down his opponent with an impressive rolling double underhook DDT! There are more cheers from the fans for the trademark move from the World Champion, who wastes little time in getting back up to his feet! On the outside of the ring Lucy Von Drake tries to drum up some support for the challenger, but back in the ring it is Night who is now looking dominant! Night pulls James Von Drake to his feet and hits him with some knife edge chops across the chest. James Von Drake stumbles back under the force of the chops, but Night is straight onto his opponent with a snap suplex to take JVD down to the mat! With JVD down and hurting, Night wastes no time in turning his attention to the corner of the ring, and beginning to climb the turnbuckle!

The fans in the arena rise to their feet as Night reaches the top rope, and points down at James Von Drake! Night then suddenly leaps from the top rope, and lands the ‘KIMURA Fistdrop’ down onto the face of JVD! There are pops around the arena as Night pulls himself up to his feet, whilst James Von Drake lays on the mat in pain! With James Von Drake down, Night begins to make his way over to the cage door in order to escape! The fans are on their feet knowing that if Night walks out of the cage door then he will retain the sVo World Champion right here, but as the referee unlocks the padlock on the cage door and Night leans through the door, Lucy Von Drake grabs the cage door and swings it into the face of Night! The fans boo as Night falls back into the ring holding his face in pain, as the referee begins to tell off Lucy Von Drake! Lucy Von Drake plays innocent with the referee, as back in the ring James Von Drake slowly begins to rise up to his feet!

Von Drake grabs Night and pulls the World Champion up to his feet. Night looks groggy on his feet, but JVD shows no mercy on his opponent and as he drills him down to the mat with a DDT! The fans quickly begin to boo Von Drake as he Night with some stomps as the Champion tries to get to his feet. Night rises up and tries to fight his way back into the match with some big rights, however JVD grabs an arm of Night and sends him into the ropes. Night hits the ropes and bounces back, and as he does JVD grabs him around the legs and flapjacks him into the side of the cage! The fans boo the innovative move from James Von Drake, as Night lays on the mat in pain holding his face! James Von Drake struts across to Night and nails him with a big elbow drop, before grabbing the World Champion by the face!

JVD pulls Night up, before slamming him face first into the side of the cage! JVD then begins to rub the unmasked and exposed area of Night’s face along the mesh of the cage! Night shouts out in pain until the grinning JVD finally stops he brutal attack on the sVo World Champion! With Night down on the mat, JVD signals to the crowd that it is time to end the match, as he calls for the Dollar Drop! This is met with more boos from the fans who know that if James Von Drake is able to land his finishing move on Night, then we will have a new sVo World Champion here tonight! JVD grabs hold of Night as he staggers to his feet and positions him for the cradle piledriver, however out of no where Night counters with a back drop on JVD!

The fans cheer as JVD pops up to his feet with a look of shock on his face. Night wastes no time as he ducks under an attempted clothesline from the challenger, only to turn and land a Sandman DDT onto JVD! There are cheers around the crowd from the impressive move from Night, as for a few seconds both men lay on the canvas in pain! The fans in the arena chant for Night, and he s the first man up to his feet, shortly followed up by JVD! JVD runs at Night, but Night side steps the challenger and throws him face first into the steel cage! The fans cheer as JVD bounces off of the cage face first, and Night turns his attention to the opposite side and begins to climb! It looks as if the match is going to be over right here as Night begins to escape the cage, with JVD not looking like he is going to be able to get up! Meanwhile on the outside of the ring, Lucy Von Drake pulls back the ring apron and pulls out a small black bag, which she then tosses over the top of the cage and into the ring! The fans boo not knowing what the wife of JVD is up to, as JVD slowly begins to get to his feet!

Night reaches half way up the top of the steel cage, as JVD spots him, and begins to climb alongside the Champion! It’s a straight up race to the top of the cage which Night seems to be winning, until he reaches the top and finds his legs grabbed by JVD! The fans boo as Night tries to shake himself free of JVD, only for the Victory Cup winner to climb underneath the Champion, before throwing himself backwards and in the process landing an electric chair drop on Night from the top of the cage! The fans rise to their feet for the hgih flying move off of the side of the cage, as both men crash down onto the canvas in pain! A chant of ‘Holy Shit’ begins to go around the Goodfellas Casino Arena as once again both JVD and Night lay on the mat in pain! Unsurprisingly it is JVD who is the first man to slowly make his way to his feet, and as he does the fans boo as he makes his way over to the black bag which Lucy Von Drake has thrown into the ring!

Jmaes Von Drake holds the bag in the air to show it off to all the fans, before pulling out…..a set of handcuffs! Loud boos go up around the arena as James Von Drake handcuffs the semi concious Night to the side of the steel cage! James Von Drake could surely now just escape from the steel cage, and with Night handcuffed to the side, there is nothing that he will be able to do about it! James Von Drake stands in the middle of the ring with a huge cocky smile on his face, as more boos come from the crowd as at the top of the entrance ramp step the hugely unpopular figure of Matt Anderson and Weapon X! The two Company members seem to be out to get a front row seat of JVD winning the World Championship from their hated rival Night, before inviting the Victory Cup winner to officially join their organisation! James Von Drake begins to make his way towards the door of the cage, with a helpless Night unable to do anything about it, but before James Von Drake can escape, he suddenly turns and looks back at Night! Anderson looks confused on the entrance ramp as James Von Drake opens the cage door, only to shout something to his wife! With the door open for JVD to escape and become new World Champion, the crowd boo as Lucy Von Drake returns with a steel chair in her hand, which she passes to JVD!

JVD holds the steel chair high in the air before stepping back towards Night with it! A huge grin spreads across the face of Matt Anderson as he realises just what JVD is going to do…. He is going to beat the helpless Night into a bloody pulp with the steel chair before winning the World Championship belt! The fans boo JVD even more as the Victory Cup winner passes up the chance to simply walk out of the cage and become the New World Champion, as he turns and smashes the handcuffed Night over the head repeatability with the steel chair! Night looks to be a broken man as James Von Drake continues his vile attack with the steel chair to the head and upper body, with Night laying out cold, with only his arm hanging up in the air where it is handcuffed to the mesh of the steel cage! It looks as if James Von Drake is trying to end the career of Night right here, and with the Company at the top of the ramp and watching on there, is nothing anyone can do to stop the vile attack!

There is a brief cheer as Akria Kimura runs down the entrance ramp towards the ring, but at the order of Matt Anderson he is quickly restrained by Weapon X at the top of the entrance ramp! Meanwhile back in the ring James Von Drake pulls he chair up into the air, before slamming it down onto the face of Night one last time, before tossing it across the ring in a cocky fashion! His wife claps from ringside as he cockily struts towards the cage door. We will surely have a new World Champion right here as James Von Drake begins to slowly climb through the cage door and to the outside of the ring, but suddenly out of nowhere a masked figure vaults over the security barrier with something in his hands! The figure sprints to the cage door and slams it into the face of James Von Drake, causing the challenger to stumble backwards into the cage! With Von Drake laying in the ring in shock, the red and blue masked figure wastes no time in running around to the side of the cage where Night is handcuffed to the mesh, and using the bolt cutters in his hands to cut around the mesh! There is a huge cheer from around the crowd as the masked figure frees the bloodied Night from the side of the cage, but as he does Matt Anderson and Weapon X quickly run down the entrance ramp towards him!

The masked figure begins to try and get away from the Company, and quickly jumps back into the crowd from where he came! The Company members chase the masked figure into the crowd, as back in the ring James Von Drake is slowly staggering up to his feet wondering just what the hell happened and why he is currently not standing on the outside of the ring with the title belt in his hands! Von Drake then turns his head and looks at the bloodied and battered body of Night and begins to laugh. JVD makes his way over to the World Champion and pulls him up to his feet, before cockily slapping him across the face. JVD laughs as the fans boo his actions before he repeats them, but suddenly out of nowhere Night explodes forward with a right hand onto JVD! JVD looks shocked that there is any fight left in Night, and he tries to shut him down with a big clothesline, but Night ducks under the arm of JVD before turning and superkicking JVD in the face!

JVD hits the mat wondering what the hell has happened, before stumbling back to his feet. Out of nowhere the sVo World Champion is onto JVD with ‘The Dreaming’! The fans pop as James Von Drake’s head is drilled down to the mat via the finishing move from Night, who soon staggers back up to his feet. Every fan in the arena is now on their feet, as against all odds Night staggers to the nearest side of the cage and begins to climb! JVD shows no sign of life after the Dreaming, as Night reaches the top of the cage, before swinging his legs over and dropping down to the floor! The referee quickly calls for the bell to be over, and against all odds with a little help from a masked stranger to even up the scores, Night has retained his sVo World Championship belt against the Victory Cup winner Von Drake and the Company!

The fans pop as Night is helped to his feet by his mentor Kimura who passes Night his sVo World Championship belt, which he holds into the air to celebrate with the fans with his last piece of energy. The Ultimate Victory II PPV heads off the air as a bloodied Night is basically carried up the entrance ramp by Kimura, still clutching his World Championship belt in the air, ready for whatever challenges might come his way on the sVo International tour which kicks off next week!

RESULT: Night def. James Von Drake via escape

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