sVo Seasons Beatings 2023
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
24th December 2023

The pulsating energy of anticipation electrifies the air as the sVo Seasons Beatings PPV descends upon the Goodfellas Casino Arena on this Christmas Eve. The arena is adorned with festive decorations, creating a unique holiday atmosphere for the sVo faithful.

Julian Fiasco: (Excitedly) Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a special edition of Seasons Beatings! It’s Christmas Eve, and the sVo is delivering the gift of top-notch professional wrestling action!

Jermiah Sloan: That’s right! The arena is buzzing with excitement. The fans are ready for an unforgettable night of sVo action, and we’ve got a stacked card ahead.

As the lights dim, a spectacular display of pyrotechnics lights up the arena, showering it in a cascade of sparkling lights. The crowd roars in response, their enthusiasm echoing through the rafters.

Julian Fiasco: (Enthusiastically) Pyro exploding, fans on their feet, and a card full of incredible matches—Seasons Beatings is about to kick off in grand fashion!

Jermiah Sloan: We’ve got Rick Reid challenging Night for the sVo Championship in the main event. Reid has been relentless in his pursuit of the title, and tonight he gets his shot at the gold.

Julian Fiasco: And let’s not forget the other marquee matchups tonight! Blood Money defending the Tag Team Championships against Johnny All Star and Nicky Columbo, and the Las Vegas Championship on the line as JVD faces Hugo Ryzing, as well as sVo legend taking on Trailer Trash Terry!

Jermiah Sloan: The stakes are high, the competition is fierce, and the sVo is ready to deliver a holiday extravaganza! Seasons Beatings, here we go!

With the echoes of the pyro still ringing in the air, the fans settle into their seats, eagerly anticipating the incredible action that is about to unfold at Seasons Beatings.

Back Up

The backstage area of the Goodfellas Casino Arena is abuzz with activity as the sVo Champion Night arrives for the monumental Seasons Beatings PPV. Night, adorned with the prestigious sVo Championship around his waist, makes his way through the corridors when he is intercepted by Hiroshi Fujimoto, the COO of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling.

Hiroshi Fujimoto: (Bowing respectfully) Night-san, it’s an honor to see you.

Night: (Nods) Hiroshi, good to see you too. What brings you here tonight?

Hiroshi Fujimoto: I wanted to wish you luck in your championship defense and let you know that the Rising Sun Pro Wrestling boys are in the building. If Amy Page or Rick Reid try any tricks, we’ve got your back.

Night: (Smirks) I appreciate the offer, Hiroshi, but you know me—I like to handle my business in the ring. No need for anyone else to get involved.

Hiroshi Fujimoto: (Understanding) I respect that, Night-san. Just wanted to make sure you know we’re here if you need us. Good luck tonight, and may your match be a classic.

Night: Thanks, Hiroshi. I’m sure it will be. See you around.

Hiroshi Fujimoto bows once more, and Night continues on his way, ready to face the challenges that await him at Seasons Beatings. As Night disappears down the corridor, Hiroshi Fujimoto watches with a nod of approval before heading off in the opposite direction, prepared to enjoy the evening’s festivities.


Katie Smith stands ready with a microphone in hand, ready to interview Victor Holland backstage.

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Victor Holland, who is set to face off against Danny Domino later tonight. Victor, what are your thoughts on this match?

Victor Holland: Well, Katie, I know Danny Domino has been running his mouth, saying I don’t belong here. Tonight, I plan to prove him wrong and show everyone that I can handle myself in the sVo.

As Victor Holland finishes his statement, the atmosphere shifts. Suddenly, Danny Domino emerges from the shadows, a sinister grin on his face. Without warning, he shoves Victor Holland to the ground.

Danny Domino: (Mocking) Oh, look who we have here! The guy who thinks he can hang with the big boys. Well, Victor, tonight, I’m going to make sure you realize just how out of your league you really are.

Danny Domino smirks down at the fallen Victor Holland as the backstage area becomes filled with tension. The stage is set for a clash between two competitors with something to prove.


The office of Amy Page is bustling with tension as the sVo owner, along with her enforcer Rick Reid, watches a monitor displaying the recent interaction between Night and Hiroshi Fujimoto. The atmosphere is charged with frustration and anger.

Amy Page: (Scowling) Did you see that, Rick? Night is cozying up to the Rising Sun Pro Wrestling boss now.

Rick Reid: (Nodding) Yeah, I saw it. Looks like they’re forming an alliance. But you know what, Amy? Night can have all the friends he wants. It won’t matter after tonight.

Amy Page: (Assertive) Tonight is crucial, Rick. If Night is looking to jump ship with our precious sVo Championship, we can’t let that happen. You have to win the main event. There’s no room for error.

Rick Reid: (Smirking) Amy, you know I don’t disappoint. Night might pretend he hasn’t got the Rising Sun guys watching his back, but in that ring, it’s just him and me.

Amy Page: (Narrowing her eyes) Good. I want that title around your waist, Rick. We can’t afford to lose our top spot to some upstart promotion.

As Amy Page and Rick Reid share a determined look, the tension in the office is palpable. The fate of the sVo Championship hangs in the balance, and the stage is set for a high-stakes main event at Seasons Beatings.

Single Match
Victor Holland vs. Danny Domino

Bigger Man

The bell rings after a hard-fought match between Victor Holland and Danny Domino. Victor Holland emerges victorious, his hand raised high as the crowd cheers in appreciation.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner… Victor Holland!

Holland takes a moment to catch his breath, clearly exhausted but elated by his hard-earned victory. As he stands tall in the center of the ring, he looks at the fallen Danny Domino, who slowly begins to rise.

Surprisingly, Victor Holland extends a hand towards Danny Domino, offering a gesture of sportsmanship. The crowd watches attentively, curious to see how Domino will respond. After a brief pause, Domino contemplates the handshake, leading the audience to believe he might accept.

However, just as it seems like a moment of reconciliation might occur, Danny Domino slaps away Victor Holland’s hand, a scowl on his face. The crowd boos Domino’s unsportsmanlike behavior as he stomps away, leaving Holland alone in the ring.

Victor Holland watches Domino walk away, shaking his head. He chose to be the bigger man, but it seems the rivalry is far from over.

The End?

Katie Smith stands backstage, ready to conduct an interview with JVD. The Las Vegas Championship hangs over one shoulder, glinting in the backstage lights. JVD enters the frame, a focused expression on his face.

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the Las Vegas Champion, JVD, who is set to defend his championship tonight against Hugo Ryzing in a high-stakes match. JVD, how are you feeling going into this contest?

JVD: Katie, I’ve been around the block in this business, and I’ve faced all sorts of challenges. Tonight is no different. Hugo Ryzing is a tough competitor, and I respect that. But this Las Vegas Championship means the world to me, and I won’t let it slip away easily.

Katie Smith: The stakes are exceptionally high tonight. The loser of this match will be forced to leave the sVo. Does that add extra pressure for you?

JVD: Pressure, Katie, is a part of this game. Every match, every title defense, it’s pressure. But tonight, it’s not just about me; it’s about this championship, it’s about proving who belongs. I don’t plan on leaving the sVo anytime soon, and I sure as hell won’t be parting ways with this title.

Katie Smith: And what are your thoughts on Hugo Ryzing? He seems determined to make an impact.

JVD: Hugo Ryzing is a hungry competitor, no doubt. But hunger alone doesn’t win championships. Tonight, he steps into the ring with the Las Vegas Champion, and I don’t plan on giving up this gold without a fight. Hugo, bring your best, because you’ll need it.

Katie Smith: Thank you, JVD. Good luck in your match tonight.

JVD nods, his focus unbroken as he heads towards the entrance ramp, ready to face the challenge presented by Hugo Ryzing.

Loaded Wheel

Amy Page sits behind her desk, a sly smile playing on her lips as Johnny Dorn enters her office. The Roulette wheel glimmers on her desk, waiting to determine Dorn’s fate.

Amy Page: Well, well, Johnny Dorn. Look who decided to grace us with his presence. Ready for another defense of that Roulette Championship?

Johnny Dorn: Always ready, Amy. Who’s the unlucky opponent this time?

Amy Page: laughs Oh, it’s going to be quite a challenge for you tonight, Johnny. Let’s see who fate has chosen.

Amy Page dramatically reaches over to the roulette wheel, giving it a firm spin. The wheel clicks and clatters as it slows down. The anticipation builds in the room as it comes to a stop, before Page gives it another slight push to make sure it lands on someone she is happy with having Dorn face.

Amy Page: August Lazar!

The sinister grin on Amy Page’s face widens as she locks eyes with Johnny Dorn, who registers a mix of surprise and concern.

Johnny Dorn: Amy…. Seriously?

Amy Page: Oh, quite seriously, Johnny. laughs You wanted the thrill of the Roulette Championship, and tonight, you’ll get it against Big Aug. Good luck, you’ll need it.

As Amy Page revels in the apparent disadvantage she’s imposed on Johnny Dorn, Dorn takes a deep breath, realizing the challenge ahead of him. The tension in the room hangs thick as Dorn prepares to face the formidable August Lazar later in the night.

sVo Las Vegas Championship Match
Loser Leaves Town
JVD vs. Hugo Ryzing


The bell rings, signaling the end of a hard-fought match between JVD and Hugo Ryzing. JVD, with his Las Vegas Championship in hand, rises to his feet, triumphant. The crowd roars with a mix of cheers and jeers, acknowledging the outcome of the high-stakes bout.

Natasha Ortiz: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and still Las Vegas Champion, JVD!

The camera captures JVD raising his championship high, soaking in the cheers from his supporters. On the opposite side, Hugo Ryzing slowly gets up, visibly frustrated by the loss.

The arena pulsates with energy as JVD makes his way to each corner, acknowledging the fans. Meanwhile, Hugo Ryzing, still in the ring, clenches his fists in frustration. The crowd watches intently, knowing that Ryzing must now leave the sVo.

As JVD continues his celebration, the camera captures the disappointed expression on Ryzing’s face. Ryzing exits the ring, glancing back at the squared circle with a mix of anger and regret. The crowd gives him a farewell ovation, recognizing the end of his journey in the sVo.

The camera stays focused on JVD, still celebrating with his Las Vegas Championship. The contrast between the jubilant champion and the departing Ryzing is stark, marking the end of one chapter and the continuation of another in the sVo.

Ready to Taste Steel

The backstage area is buzzing with anticipation as Bronson Martinez readies himself for the upcoming steel cage match against Carny Sinclair. In his locker room, Bronson is seen wrapping his hands, his focused expression reflecting the intensity of the impending battle.

CJ Dreamer: (enters the room) Hey, Bronson. Tonight’s the night, huh?

Bronson looks up, acknowledging CJ Dreamer’s presence with a nod. CJ, known for having Martinez’s back, leans against a locker, crossing his arms.

CJ Dreamer: This is it, man. Carny’s been a thorn in our side for too long. Tonight, you put an end to it. Inside that steel cage, there’s no escape for him.

Bronson takes a deep breath, his gaze unwavering as he finishes wrapping his hands. He stands up, his towering figure casting a shadow in the dimly lit room.

Bronson Martinez: CJ, you’ve been with me through thick and thin. Tonight, Carny Sinclair is stepping into a world of pain. The steel cage, no interference, no running. It’s time to settle this.

The tension in the room is palpable as the two men share a nod, their camaraderie evident. CJ Dreamer pats Bronson on the shoulder, offering a supportive grin.

CJ Dreamer: You got this, Bronson. Make him regret every moment he crossed us.

Bronson Martinez, fully geared up, cracks his knuckles, a determined fire burning in his eyes. The steel cage awaits, promising to be the battleground for the culmination of a bitter rivalry.

Ready for Revenge

The backstage area is abuzz with activity as various superstars prepare for their matches. In the locker room belonging to Generation Joint, tension is palpable. Kenneth D Williams, Jay Adder, Gunner Lang, and Jacob Izaz sit together, frustration etched on their faces after the attack they suffered last week. Their manager enters the room, sensing the tension in the air.

Bellitor Adder: Alright, boys, I know tensions are high after what went down last week. But I’ve got some news that might interest you.

The members of Generation Joint look up, intrigued by the prospect of information that might give them an edge.

Kenneth D Williams: Spit it out. We’re done waiting around.

Bellitor Adder: Word is, the Rising Sun Pro Wrestlers are in the building tonight.

The atmosphere in the room changes. The anger in the eyes of Generation Joint intensifies as they exchange glances.

Jay Adder: (clenching his fists) Good. Real good.

Gunner Lang: Finally, a chance to get some payback.

Jacob Izaz: Let’s not waste any time. We need to find them and make them pay for what they did.

Kenneth D Williams: (nodding) Agreed. We’ve got a score to settle.

The group rises in unison, a collective determination etched on their faces. They exit their locker room, ready to seek out the Rising Sun Pro Wrestlers and settle the score.

Steel Cage Match
Bronson Martinez vs. Carny Sinclair

No Escape

Inside the unforgiving steel cage, the atmosphere is charged with animosity as Carny Sinclair revels in the chaos he’s created. The crowd’s boos rain down as Sinclair, having already secured victory, continues his assault on the fallen Bronson Martinez.

Julian Fiasco: Ladies and gentlemen, Carny Sinclair has won the match, but he seems determined to inflict more punishment!

Carny Sinclair, a sinister grin on his face, pulls Bronson Martinez up by the hair, delivering a series of vicious strikes. Martinez, weakened but defiant, attempts to fight back, but Sinclair ruthlessly cuts him off.

Jermiah Sloan: This is just uncalled for! Sinclair got the win, why won’t he just leave?

Julian Fiasco: It looks like he’s trying to send a message, and it’s a brutal one at that.

Suddenly, the arena darkens for a moment, and CJ Dreamer’s music hits, prompting a mixture of cheers and anticipation from the crowd. Dreamer charges down to the ring, a steel chair in hand, ready to intervene.

Jermiah Sloan: CJ Dreamer has seen enough! He’s sprinting down to the ring to put an end to this beatdown!

As CJ Dreamer reaches the steel cage, he realizes the gravity of the situation. The cage prevents him from entering, leaving him frustrated and desperate to help his friend.

CJ Dreamer: Come on, open this damn thing!

Inside the cage, Carny Sinclair continues his relentless assault. He smirks at CJ Dreamer’s futile attempts to get inside. The fans intensify their boos, expressing their disdain for Sinclair’s actions.

Jermiah Sloan: This is sickening. Sinclair is reveling in this.

Finally satisfied with his brutality, Carny Sinclair delivers a final devastating blow, leaving Bronson Martinez sprawled out on the mat. He stands tall in the center of the ring, soaking in the negative reaction from the crowd.

Jermiah Sloan: Carny Sinclair may have won the match, but what he did afterward is beyond reprehensible.

CJ Dreamer, seething with frustration, continues to plead with the officials to open the cage, determined to get his hands on Carny Sinclair and put an end to the torment.

Main Course

Katie Smith stands backstage with Big Aug, the former sVo Champion and renowned Romanian Food Blogger. Aug, looking both determined and focused, addresses the questions about his recent challenges.

Katie Smith: Big Aug, you’ve had a few setbacks recently, and tonight you’re challenging for the Roulette Championship. How are you feeling heading into this match?

Big Aug: Katie, it’s true. I’ve had my ups and downs lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m out of the game. Every great meal has its secret ingredients, and tonight, I plan to cook up something special in that ring.

Katie nods, acknowledging his metaphor.

Katie Smith: You were the first-ever Roulette Champion back in 2021, winning the belt at the Seasons Beatings PPV that year. How would it feel to recapture that title tonight at this year’s Seasons Beatings?

Big Aug: Winning that Roulette Championship was a special moment for me. It was like discovering a new recipe that everyone loved. Tonight, I’m going to relive that moment, and I’m going to prove that Big Aug isn’t just about food; he’s about winning gold.

Aug pauses, looking more determined than ever.

Big Aug: Sometimes, you need to hit rock bottom to rise to the top. Tonight, I’m on the rise, and that Roulette Championship is my main course.

Katie Smith smiles as Big Aug prepares for his match, leaving the fans intrigued about whether this beloved Romanian competitor can reclaim championship gold tonight.

Family Pt.1

The backstage area is buzzing with activity as Nicky Columbo prepares for his upcoming Tag Team Championship match. As he adjusts his wrist tape, Junior Gambino strolls into view, catching Columbo’s attention.

Nicky Columbo: Junior, we need to talk. Why’d you walk out on our match last week?

Junior Gambino smirks, giving Columbo a nod.

Junior Gambino: It’s all about family, Nicky. You’ll understand one day.

Columbo raises an eyebrow, clearly confused by Gambino’s cryptic response.

Nicky Columbo: Family? What are you talking about?

Gambino just winks at Columbo before walking away, leaving Columbo standing there, perplexed.

Nicky Columbo: (muttering to himself) Family…?

Columbo shakes his head, refocusing on the task at hand. The mystery of Gambino’s actions lingers in the air as Columbo prepares to compete for the Tag Team Championships.

sVo Roulette Championship Match
Johnny Dorn vs. Big Aug

Breaking Point?

The arena is electric with the aftermath of an intense match. Johnny Dorn stands in the center of the ring, proudly holding the Roulette Championship high above his head as the crowd’s cheers resonate through the venue. Big Aug, recovering from the match, slowly rises to his feet behind Dorn.

Jermiah Sloan: (on commentary) Look at the sportsmanship from Big Aug. He may have lost, but it seems like he’s choosing not to resort to violence.

Aug’s expression is a mixture of frustration and anger as he eyes a steel chair at ringside. The fans buzz with anticipation, sensing a potential post-match attack. Aug grits his teeth, hand hovering over the chair, torn between his frustration and a decision to take the high road.

Julian Fiasco: Big Aug seems conflicted, Julian. Will he go through with it?

In a surprising turn, Aug suddenly tosses the steel chair aside. The crowd responds with a mix of cheers and surprise.

Jermiah Sloan: He decided against it! Big Aug showing a level of restraint here.

Aug exits the ring, frustration evident on his face, but instead of attacking Dorn, he leaves the arena. Dorn, unaware of the internal struggle Aug just faced, continues to celebrate his hard-fought victory.

Jermiah Sloan: Big Aug choosing not to escalate the situation here. Perhaps he’s realizing that sometimes there are other ways to settle differences & getting back to the top.

The scene closes with Dorn continuing his celebration as Aug disappears through the curtain, leaving fans speculating about the events that just transpired.

Ready for Revenge Pt2

The tension in the backstage area reaches a boiling point as Generation Joint, fueled by a desire for revenge, confronts the Rising Sun Pro Wrestling contingent. The Rising Sun wrestlers—Tanaka, Kobayashi, Hayashi, and Takagi—stand alongside COO Hiroshi Fujimoto, ready for whatever may come. The air is thick with animosity.

Kenneth D Williams: (pointing aggressively) You think you can just attack us and get away with it?

Hiroshi Fujimoto: (calmly) We didn’t come here for a fight. We’re here to build bridges, not burn them.

Jay Adder: (sarcastically) Bridges? More like you’re here to make a statement at our expense.

Night: (emerging from the shadows) Enough!

Night steps forward, placing himself between the two factions, his presence commanding attention.

Night: We’re all professionals here. This isn’t how we handle things. We settle our differences in the ring.

Kenneth D Williams: (scowling) You’re damn right we do.

Night: (addressing Rising Sun) And you? You want to prove yourselves? There’s no better place than in the sVo ring.

The Rising Sun Pro Wrestling team exchanges glances, contemplating Night’s words.

Hiroshi Fujimoto: (nodding) Fine. If that’s what it takes to show we mean business, we accept.

The tension starts to ease, but the animosity lingers.

Night: Good. Save it for the ring. We’ve got a show to run, and I won’t let it be derailed by backstage brawls.

The two factions reluctantly disperse, casting heated glares at each other. Night watches as they go their separate ways, determined to settle their differences where it matters most—in the squared circle.

sVo Tag Team Championship Match
Blood Money vs. Johnny All Star & Nicky Columbo

Family Pt.2

The bell rings, signaling the end of the match, but the chaos in the ring is far from over. Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone have secured a victory over Johnny All Star and Nicky Columbo, but Moretti, fueled by a twisted sense of authority, decides to deliver a brutal post-match assault.

Jermiah Sloan: Ladies and gentlemen, it seems like the match has officially ended, but Anthony Moretti doesn’t seem to be finished!

Moretti, wearing a sinister grin, relentlessly continues his assault on Nicky Columbo. Columbo, trapped in the ring, tries to fight back, but Moretti’s vicious onslaught proves too much. Joe Barone, on the outside, strategically prevents Johnny All Star from entering the ring to help his partner.

Anthony Moretti: (shouting) This is how you toughen up, Columbo! Learn some respect!

Columbo, battered and bruised, is left defenseless against Moretti’s onslaught. The fans in the arena voice their disapproval, booing loudly at the unsportsmanlike conduct. Johnny All Star, visibly frustrated, watches from the outside, unable to intervene.

Jerimiah Sloan: This is turning into a brutal beatdown! Where’s the respect for the competitors?

Eventually, Moretti signals for Barone to let All Star enter the ring. The frustrated All Star, realizing the situation is beyond his control, storms off to the back, leaving Columbo to endure the punishment.

Anthony Moretti: (smirking) Tough love, Columbo. You’ll thank me later for opening your eyes.

As Moretti continues the ruthless assault, the scene sets a tone of animosity and tension within the sVo, with alliances strained and conflicts escalating.

Ready for Revenge Pt3

The tension-filled atmosphere in the backstage area continues as Generation Joint, fired up and seeking retribution, storms into the office of Amy Page. The COO is in the middle of a conversation with Rick Reid, but the sudden intrusion halts their discussion.

Kenneth D Williams: (pointing at Amy Page) We want a match against those Rising Sun guys tonight!

Amy Page: (raising an eyebrow) Oh, do you now?

Jay Adder: We’re not asking, we’re telling. We want to teach those Rising Sun punks a lesson right now! Make it official!

As Amy Page contemplates the demand, Rick Reid smirks, enjoying the chaos unfolding.

Amy Page: (sighing) Fine, you want it, you’ve got it. But remember, if you lose, there will be consequences.

Gunner Lang: (smirking) We won’t lose.

Generation Joint exits the office, leaving Amy Page and Rick Reid alone.

Rick Reid: (grinning) More proof that Night is with Rising Sun, can you believe it?

Amy Page: (serious) You just need to make sure he doesn’t walk out of here with that gold still around his waist.

Rick Reid: (leaning in) Oh I will, but you think Generation Joint are up to the task?

Amy Page: (nodding) They better be. This Rising Sun Pro Wrestling nonsense needs to be dealt with.

As Generation Joint heads to the ring for their impromptu match, Amy Page and Rick Reid share a knowing look—a silent acknowledgment of the turmoil within the sVo and the challenges that lie ahead.

Winds Of Change

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here backstage with Trailer Trash Terry, who’s set to face the legendary William Vorheez later tonight. Terry, what are your thoughts heading into this match?

Terry, smirking, glances at Katie Smith with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Trailer Trash Terry: Katie, my thoughts are as clear as the moonshine I brewed last night. Tonight, I’m stepping into the ring with a relic from the past, William Vorheez. Old man Vorheez might have some fans nostalgic for the good ol’ days, but tonight, he’s gonna learn that this is Trailer Trash Terry’s time!

Katie raises an eyebrow, sensing the confidence and perhaps a touch of arrogance in Terry’s words.

Katie Smith: William Vorheez is a seasoned veteran, known for his resilience and experience in the ring. Do you think underestimating him might be a mistake?

Trailer Trash Terry: (laughs) Katie, Vorheez might have some tricks up his sleeve, but he’s living in the past. I’m here to remind him that the future belongs to those who adapt and evolve. Tonight, I’m gonna show Vorheez just how outdated he is.

Katie Smith nods, acknowledging Terry’s bold words.

Katie Smith: Strong words, Terry. Any final thoughts as you head into this matchup?

Trailer Trash Terry: Tonight, Vorheez becomes yesterday’s news. The sVo is evolving, and Trailer Trash Terry is leading the charge. Get ready for a Dumpster Fire, Vorheez!

Terry smirks once more before sauntering away, leaving Katie Smith to ponder the impending clash between the veteran Vorheez and the self-proclaimed harbinger of change, Trailer Trash Terry.

Lone Ranger

In the bustling backstage area, William Vorheez is seen preparing for his upcoming match against Trailer Trash Terry. The Black Brothers, Boris and Igor, approach Vorheez with a confident stride.

Boris: Vorheez, we’ve been watching your back for years, and we’ve got your back tonight.

Igor: Yeah, no one messes with the Black Brothers without facing the consequences.

Vorheez, acknowledging the offer, looks at them with a friendly yet determined expression.

William Vorheez: I appreciate the offer, boys. I really do. But tonight, I want to handle Terry on my own. This is a personal matter, and I’ve been in this business long enough to know how to deal with trouble.

The Black Brothers exchange glances, seeming a bit surprised by Vorheez’s decision.

Boris: You sure about this, Mr. Vorheez? Terry’s a tricky one.

William Vorheez: I’ve faced my fair share of tricky ones in my time, fellas. Tonight, I want to prove to myself and everyone watching that I can still handle business in that ring. I appreciate the support, but I need to face Terry one-on-one.

The Black Brothers nod in understanding, showing respect for Vorheez’s decision.

Igor: We’ll be right here if you need us, Mr. Vorheez. Just give us a shout.

William Vorheez: Thanks, boys. I’ll see you after the match.

As Vorheez continues his preparations, the Black Brothers nod once more and head off, leaving Vorheez to mentally gear up for his battle with Trailer Trash Terry later in the night.

Eight Man Tag Team Match
Generation: Joint vs. Rising Sun Pro Wrestling

BIG Trouble

Backstage, in the chaotic environment of the sVo, BIG Trouble, comprised of BIGBOSS Batts and BIG Kahuna Ali’i, approach their friend ‘Big Aug’ August Lazar. The tension in the air is palpable as they express concern for their comrade after whatever transpired earlier in the night.

BIG Kahuna Ali’i: Hey, Aug, you good after what went down out there?

Big Aug, usually boisterous and lively, remains uncharacteristically quiet. He looks at his friends, the weight of the situation apparent in his eyes. Without saying a word, he stands up, his demeanor reflecting a sense of conflict, and walks away without providing any answers.

BIGBOSS Batts: (Watching him leave) Aug… something’s definitely up. We gotta figure out what’s going on with him.

The duo exchange puzzled glances, contemplating the unexpected change in their friend’s behavior. With concern etched on their faces, BIG Trouble decides to follow Big Aug, determined to get to the bottom of the enigma that seems to have gripped their usually exuberant ally.

Family Pt.3

In the medical area backstage, Nicky Columbo sits on a treatment table, visibly frustrated and nursing the effects of the brutal attack by Anthony Moretti. The doctor checks Columbo’s condition, but the tension in the air is palpable. Johnny All Star cautiously approaches, concern etched on his face.

Johnny All Star: Nicky, man, are you okay?

Columbo shoots All Star a steely glare before shaking his head.

Nicky Columbo: Am I okay? Do I look okay? You were out there with me, and you did nothing to stop that lunatic!

All Star, taken aback by Columbo’s reaction, tries to explain himself.

Johnny All Star: Nicky, I tried to get in there, but Barone had me tied up. I couldn’t—

Nicky Columbo: (Interrupting) Tied up? Tied up? This is wrestling, Johnny! There are no ties, no excuses! You’re supposed to have my back, and you let Moretti beat me down like a dog!

Columbo winces in pain as the doctor continues his examination.

Doctor: Easy there, Nicky. I need to check you over.

Johnny All Star: Nicky, I—

Nicky Columbo: (Furious) Save it, Johnny. Get out!

All Star looks torn but ultimately complies, leaving Columbo to seethe in anger and frustration as he receives medical attention.


In the bustling catering area backstage, El Froggo, Jupiter James, and Noah Rogan sit at a table, their frustration palpable. They exchange disappointed glances, wondering why they haven’t been booked for the night. Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as Jon Page, the Owner of Sanctioned Violence, appears in the room.

Jon Page: (Smirking) El Froggo, mind if we have a little chat in private?

El Froggo nods, getting up from the table, leaving James and Rogan to exchange curious looks as they wonder what this private conversation might entail. The masked luchador follows Jon Page to a more secluded area, the curiosity of those left behind growing.

Jupiter James: (Whispering) What do you think that’s about?

Noah Rogan: (Shrugging) No idea, but it looks important. We’ll find out soon enough.

As El Froggo and Jon Page disappear into a private corner, the speculation continues among the frustrated wrestlers left in catering, eager to uncover the nature of the secretive conversation.

Single Match
Trailer Trash Terry vs. William Vorheez

Family Pt.4

The backstage area is a chaotic scene as medical personnel attend to Nicky Columbo, preparing to load him into an ambulance after the vicious attack by Anthony Moretti. Just as the ambulance doors are about to close, Moretti, Joe Barone, and Junior Gambino approach with smirks on their faces.

Anthony Moretti: (Smirking) Nicky, my man. What happened out there, nothing personal…. We just wanted you to open your eyes. You’re too good to be wasted on someone like All Star.

Columbo doesn’t say a word in response as the EMT’s push Blood Money away and load Columbo into the ambulance.

As the ambulance doors start closing, Johnny All Star, with a steel chair in hand, leaps out from the shadows, surprising Moretti, Barone, and Gambino.

Johnny All Star: (Yelling) You think you can mess with my friend and walk away, huh?

All Star swings the steel chair, catching Moretti on the back and sending him sprawling. Barone and Gambino quickly scatter, avoiding the chair shots.

Joe Barone: (Backing away) You’re crazy, All Star!

All Star glares at the retreating members of Blood Money, the intensity in his eyes evident. The ambulance doors finally close, and the vehicle speeds away, leaving a tense standoff between Johnny All Star and the remaining members of Blood Money.

The Question

Katie Smith stands ready with a microphone in hand as Night approaches for a backstage interview.

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the sVo Champion, Night. Night, there have been rumors circulating about your potential move to Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. Can you shed some light on that?

Night: (Sighs) Katie, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. My focus is on the sVo Championship and defending it with honor. As for those rumors, they’re just that – rumors. Tonight, my only concern is Rick Reid.

Katie Smith: Speaking of which, your match against Rick Reid is up next. Any thoughts on that?

Night: Reid is a tough opponent, no doubt about it. But I’m not one to back down from a challenge. Tonight, in that ring, it’s about proving why I am the sVo Champion and why I deserve to hold this title.

Katie Smith: Fair enough. Best of luck in your match, Night.

The sVo Champion nods in acknowledgment before heading towards the entrance, the rumors and questions seemingly not affecting his focus on the task at hand.


The locker room of Generation Joint is tense, the atmosphere heavy with disappointment after their loss against Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. The members sit quietly, contemplating the ramifications of the defeat. Suddenly, the door slams open, and Amy Page storms into the room, her frustration palpable.

Amy Page: (Fuming) What the hell was that out there? We can’t afford to lose to those Rising Sun guys! You’re better than that, Kenneth!

Kenneth D Williams: Amy, we—

Amy Page: (Cutting him off) No excuses! You better make it up to me, and you better do it soon. We’ve got a chance to salvage this mess. Kenneth, you’re facing John Sektor for the HOTv Championship soon. Win it, or we’re all in trouble.

The tension in the room thickens as Amy Page stares directly at Kenneth D Williams, the weight of her expectations evident. The rest of Generation Joint exchange glances, understanding the gravity of the situation.

Kenneth D Williams: I’ll handle it, Amy. You’ll see.

As Amy Page exits the room, the members of Generation Joint exchange concerned looks, realizing the pressure is on for their leader to deliver in the upcoming title match.

sVo Championship Match
Night vs. Rick Reid

A Choice

The air in the arena is electric as Night stands tall in the center of the ring, clutching onto the sVo Championship he just successfully defended against Rick Reid. The cheers of the fans reverberate through the arena, celebrating the triumph of the valiant champion.

But the joyous atmosphere takes an unexpected turn as the lights flicker, and a sudden hush falls over the crowd. Out of the shadows, Rick Reid, fueled by frustration and resentment, storms into the ring, attacking Night from behind. The unexpected assault catches Night off guard as he is ruthlessly beaten down by Reid.

The crowd erupts in a mix of shock and boos, but the chaos doesn’t end there. As Reid continues his assault, the arena plunges into darkness once more. When the lights return, a quartet of imposing figures—Tanaka, Kobayashi, Hayashi, and Takagi—stand at the edge of the ring.

Realization dawns on Rick Reid, and a plea for help escapes his lips. He turns to Night, the sVo Champion, who, after a moment of contemplation, shakes his head and chooses to step back. Night, with a stoic expression, abandons Reid to his fate.

The Rising Sun Pro Wrestling enforcers ascend into the ring, and as a pack, they unleash a relentless barrage of strikes and stomps upon the fallen Rick Reid. The crowd’s cheers turn into a symphony of jeers as the onslaught continues.

The image of Night, standing tall outside the ring, watching the chaos unfold, leaves an indelible mark on the minds of the sVo faithful. As the show concludes, the enigmatic alliances and rivalries within the sVo take center stage, setting the stage for an uncertain and tumultuous future.

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