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sVo Seasons Beatings 2007

The sVo Championship is on the line in a ladder match as Mike Best and Johnny All Star battle in the main event.

sVo Seasons Beatings 2007
23rd December 2007
Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
PPV #003


‘When Worlds Collide’ by Powerman 5000 hits the sound system in the Goodfellas Arena in Las Vegas Nevada as the video package for Seasons Beatings 2008 begins to roll on the giant ‘Violence-Tron’! Highlights included in the video package include the feuding of Johnny All Star and Mike Best who will tonight battle over the sVo World Championship, as well as the battle for the hearts and minds of the sVo between Jimmy Moretti and Sonny Carter. Build-up to the impending battle between Psyko Stevo and Nicholas Etch is also highlighted as well as the rivalry between Howie Banks and Captain D! What is it really
That’s going on here
You’ve got your system for total control
So is there really anybody out there
Now watch us suffer cause we can’t go
What is it really that is in your head
What little life that you had just died
I’m gonna be the one that’s takin over
Now this is what it’s like when worlds collide

 Are you ready to go
Cause I’m ready to go
What you gonna do baby baby
Are you going with me
Cause I’m going with you
It’s the end of all time

 What is it really that motivates you
The need to fly or this fear to stop
I’ll go along for the ride but surprise
When we get there I say 9 of 10 drop
Now who’s the light and who is the devil
You can’t decide so I’ll be your guide
And one by one they will be hand chosen
Now this is what it’s like when worlds collide

 Are you ready to go
Cause I’m ready to go
What you gonna do baby baby
Are you going with me
Cause I’m going with you
It’s the end of all time

What is it really when they’re fallin over
Everything that you thought is denied
I’m gonna be the one that’s takin over
Now this is what it’s like when worlds collide!!

As the video package comes to an end, the camera begins to pan around the sell out crowd that is packed into the Goodfellas Arena, many wearing sVo branded shirts and holding up signs for their favourite wrestlers. With the last sVo PPV of 2007 almost underway, just how will the events of tonight effect the future of the federation, and will the sVo ever be the same again?


*Immediately we cut backstage where sVo interviewer extrdionare, Katie Smith is standing by with a mic in her hand.*

Katie: Well wrestling fans, I’ve received word that Psyko Stevo himself is going to be arriving here at the Goodfellas casino any second from now.

*Almost as if on queue, a large black stretch limo pulls into view and the back door flies open as Chazz McPhearson, Psyko Stevo’s agent comes storming out.*

Chazz: What the! I told them no cameras! Get out of here!

*Psyko Stevo’s butler, Jeeves, and son, Jamal, come out of the limo and Katie Smith tries to sneak past Chazz McPhearson, who is having no part of it.*

Katie: Come on, let me through! The people need to know why Psyko Stevo turned his back on the sVo and allied with Hostility wrestling last week!

*Chazz continues to block Katie’s path to the limo, but finally the Psyko One himself emerges.*

Katie: Stevo! Over here Stevo!

*Stevo sees Katie and he shrugs his shoulders.*

Chazz: Stay away from this one, she’s no good!

Stevo: Wow, Katie Smith! What’s happenin? What an honor!

*Katie starts to blush*

Stevo: I’m amazed you could find time to interview me, I mean… Shouldn’t you be on a date with Tristian Wal…

*Katie shoots Stevo a glare.*

Stevo: Oh right… we all get dumped at some point. I’m sure you’ll be strong. Any who, what’s up?

Katie: You know what’s up! Why did you do it last week, Stevo? Why did you turn your back on the sVo and ally yourself with Julian Fiasco?

*Stevo once again shrugs his shoulders as we can almost hear a pop coming all the way from inside the arena.*

Stevo: Ah not you too, Katie! I thought you of all people would understand the motivations for my actions last week.

Katie: Well, I didn’t and neither did a lot of fans… please, do explain for us.

Stevo: The fans? First off Katie, you should know that I don’t care about “The” fans… I care about “MY” fans. MY fans completely understand what was going on last week.

Katie: I don’t think that’s true.

*Stevo smiles a half smile before raising his hand in the air.*

Stevo: Look Kate, I’ve been hearing it all week. “Stevo is a traitor.”, “Stevo is Bennedict Arnold in disguise.”, it’s been said all over town to be my random strangers and honestly… I don’t care.

Katie: You don’t care!? So you are a traitor?

Stevo: No.

Katie: Then why? Why ally yourself with Julian Fiasco?

Stevo: Where does everyone get the sense that some great alliance has taken place? Look, I squared off against and beat Fiasco in a very competitive EWZine match a couple weeks back. Since then, him and I have developed a loose friendship based on respect, that’s all.

Katie: Why did you help him jump Mike Best in the main even t last week though?

Stevo: Do you really need me to answer that question? Katie, it’s not a secret, and it takes far less then a rocket scientist to figure it out… I don’t like Best. Hell, I hate Best and everything that Best stands for. If you want to know why I Psykloned Mike Best to hell last week and then watched as Julian super kicked him… it’s because I wanted to send a message to, “Paper Champ” Best or WHOMEVER else is holding that World Title by the time the powers that be finally give me the shot I’ve EARNED.

Katie: A message?

Stevo: Yea, a message. That message being… I’ll go to the ends of the damn Earth to win that title. It doesn’t matter what it takes and it doesn’t matter how far away I am from being the number one contender in the eyes of management. Psyko Stevo is lurking behind every corner, under every ring, behind every fat guy in the audience… just waiting to jump out from the darkness, put you in the hospital and take back that World Title that rightfully belongs to ME!

Katie: I see… so there will never be an alliance between yourself and Julian Fiasco?

*Stevo smirks at Katie before answering.*

Stevo: I don’t know yet… my people haven’t talked to his people about that yet. This is the sVo though, Katie. Anything is possible here, you should know that… seeing as how you were basically put up for auction a couple weeks ago at a pay per view.

*Katie starts to blush.*

Stevo: Say, has Clifton Blaze tried to call you?

Katie: No…

*Katie leans in, waiting for the Psyko One to ask her out. Stevo pauses before smiling.*

Stevo: Ah, his phone must have been shut off… things like that will happen if you don’t pay off your bills.

*Katie shoots Stevo a look.*

Stevo: What was that for? What, should I be interested in you because you have breasts, carry a mic, and have flaming red hair that scares the hell out of my son?

Katie: What? My hair scares… No, I…

Stevo: Sorry toots, your just not my type.

Katie: I never said I…

Stevo: Oh look, there is my protogee! If you want the record cleared on that one… yes, Banks and I do have an alliance.

*The cameras pan down the hallway and we see Howie Banks yelling at a small child, who cowers in fear.*

Stevo: Dammit, Banks! Look, I gotta go take care of this. You stay classy, Katie Smith.

*Stevo leaves the scene as Katie Smith looks on at the enigmatic marketing machine that is, Psyko Stevo.*


The action returns to the ring, this time to find the ring elaborately decorated with a Christmas tree, two big comfy armchairs with a coffee table between them, and a fake fireplace with Christmas stockings hung from them. The fans are all cheering and looking around in wonder as artificial snow falls from the rafters.

Tamara Boyd is sitting in one of the armchairs in a barely there red and green elf outfit. She stands and walks to the middle of the ring.

Boyd – Good evening Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the sVo Arena and I wish you all Seasons Beatings.

The fans erupt with the opening of the PPV.

Boyd – We have quite the evening for you tonight. We have a slew of debuts tonight, and the Hardcore, International, and World Championships up for grabs. Speaking of the World Championship, please welcome my guest for tonight, the World Championship number one contender, Johnny All-Star.

On cue Pretty Vegas floods the sVo Arena and the fans are on their feet as Johnny All-Star hits the entrance ramp in his wrestling gear with the addition of a Santa Clause hat, and a huge red sack thrown over his back. All-Star is beaming at the reception from the fans in attendance. Holding the sack over his back with his left hand he throws his right hand up into the air.

As he makes his way down the entrance ramp All-Star makes many stops along the way digging into the red sack throwing out an assortment of sVo related merchandise, foam whiple bats with the Seasons Beatings logo on them, Johnny All-Star shirts, and much more.

All-Star pulls himself up onto the ring apron tossing the red sack into the middle of the ring before stepping through the ropes.

Johnny All Star – Thank you everyone it’s great to be here.

Tamara Boyd motions for All-Star to take a seat in the second armchair as she takes a sip out of a steaming cup.

Boyd – Pleasure to have you here this evening Johnny. Some eggnog coffee?

All-Star cocks an eyebrow, mockingly pushing the offered coffee away.

Johnny All Star – That’s all right Tamara no coffee for me. Certainly is a big night.

Boyd – So what’s in the bag?

Johnny pulls the bag closer and starts digging inside looking at Tamara.

Johnny All Star – Just a few things for the loyal sVo fans, but don’t worry there’s something in here for you.

Johnny pulls out a Seasons Beatings embroidered Santa Clause hat and passes it to Tamara who puts it on.

Boyd – Why thank-you Mr. All-Star. But onto tonight’s main event how are you feeling about it?

Johnny All Star – Well, Tamara that’s a good question. How do I feel about tonight’s main event? I’m pretty confidant. I’m going into a match with a man that’s very talented. I’m hoping for a nice clean match but Mr. Best is so good at what he does that he has a huge target painted on his back, which could culminate in many ways. There could be interference coming from within sVo from the likes of Spring Heeled Jack or the Psyko one, or there could be interference coming from outside like the Hostility crew. I’m ready for either, I will not let this match go down to Best retaining the title through outside interference.

Boyd – You’ve really thought this out haven’t you?

Johnny All Star – That I have Tamara …..

At that moment “Woke Up This Morning” by A3 floods the arena as sVo co-owner Jimmy Moretti swaggers out onto the entrance ramp with his trademark cigar hanging from his lips and an emblazoned Seasons Beatings baseball bat hanging from his free hand. All-Star raises an eyebrow as he pushes himself out of the armchair. He makes his way to the rope facing the entrance ramp and leans out over it.

The sVo co-owner tosses the cigar onto the entrance ramp stepping on it as he begins to speak.

Moretti – What in the hell is going on here, I didn’t approve of any of this.

Johnny All Star – Well someone definitely approved of this Jimmy. Maybe it was Bob Cratchet.

Johnny sweeps his arms towards Moretti.

Johnny All Star – Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Ebanezer Moretti.

The arena goes up with laughter at Moretti’s expense.

Moretti – So you think you’re a funny guy do you All-Star. Let me tell you I know what you’re up to with all the sneaking around you’re doing. It ends. It ends tonight just like your chance at the sVo World Championship. I may hate Mike Best, but there’s not a chance in hell I’m going to let you get your hands on the Championship.

Johnny All Star – Not a chance eh. Well Jimmy why don’t you and your bat come down here and we’ll see about that. You must carry a big bat like that cause you got a small dick.

Jimmy Moretti begins to fume as he starts tapping the bat in his hand.

Johnny All Star – Well Tiny Jim why don’t you come down here and do something about it.

As the fans fill the arena with laughter again Moretti dashes down the entrance ramp sliding into the ring as All-Star takes a step back and Tamara Boyd bails from the ring. Moretti enraged takes a swing at the sVo number one contender, which All-Star easily avoids. Johnny eyes Moretti up delivering a discus punch followed by a stunner laying Moretti out cold, All-Stars Santa hat goes flying. The arena goes up in a chorus of cheers as All-Star stands over Moretti. All-Star looks around at the crowd as he soaks in the applause. He sneers down at Moretti as he grabs him by the back of his jacket and launches him into the Christmas tree toppling it over.

Johnny All Star – Seasons beatings Jimmy.

All-Star picks up his Santa hat off the mat throwing it back on and makes his way to the ropes. He tosses the big red sack to the outside of the ring. He looks back at Moretti before he steps through the ropes and looks back to the fans.

Johnny All Star – My Christmas gift to all of you. Seasons beatings everybody.

All-Star steps out of the ring and throws the sack over his shoulder as he makes his way up the entrance ramp once again pausing to throw gifts to the audience.

sVo Hardcore Championship Match
Orlando Fox (c) vs. Santos Rockwell

Any motherfucker touch me, I’ll murder dem
I’ll murder dem
You don’t believe me wait and see, I’ll murder dem
You see I told you I’d murder dem

Man Down by 50 Cent hits the sound system and boos ring out around the arena as the cocky Santos Rockwell makes his way down the entrance ramp. Rockwell stares out at members of the crowd as he slowly struts down towards the ring before slowly climbing in. Rockwell makes his way over to the corner of the ring and climbs to the second rope, before raising his arms up in the air to taunt the crowd one last time.“Cuz tha boyz in tha hood are always hard
Ya come talkin’ that trash we’ll pull ya cord
Knowin’ nuthin’ in life but tah be legit
Don’t quote me boy ‘cuz I ain’t said shit”

Boyz-N-Tha-Hood by Eazy E hits the sound system and the fans boo as Orlando Fox slowly makes his way down the entrance ramp. Fox raises his sVo Hardcore Championship belt in the air as he walks down towards the ring whilst staring out members of the audience at ringside. Fox soon rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and steps onto the bottom rope before performing his signature taunt to the crowd, which brings out even more boos for Fox!

The bell sounds.

Orlando Fox is the new sVo Hardcore Champion and he defends it tonight at Season’s Beatings in front of the whole sVo crowd against a man who is no stranger to the Sanctioned Violence Organisation, Santos Rockwell. It will be his first defense as he defeated former Hardcore Champion, Spring Heeled Jack who was the first Hardcore Champion in sVo history. Both Orlando and Santos lock up in a tie up. Rockwell takes the match up in his favor to begin with as he wraps his big huge arms around the head of one, Orlando Fox.

He squeezes tight as he is pushed off to the ropes. Santos returns back with a shoulder block take down on Fox. Orlando is down on the mat as Santos runs to the ropes, comes back and Orlando ducks under neath of him as he Santos continues to run the ropes. He finally comes back and ducks a clothesline, goes to the ropes once again and then hit’s a flying clothesline that knocks the champion down and to the outside of the floor.

Rockwell doesn’t wait for anything though as a smart man would do he continues after the champion. He goes to the outside floor with Orlando Fox and begins to follow him as he crawls around the ring. Santos picks him up and bashes his face off the steel guard rail as well as the steel ring post. Rockwell then begins to stomp down on the champion with boots to his mid section area and his face and head.

The challenger now lifts up the champion and puts him against the turnbuckle post. He takes a step back and then goes for a clothesline but Fox ducks it. That causes Rockwell to hit flesh with steel as his arm definitely has to be sore after that. The current reigning champion begins to get away from him as he takes a breather for a little bit. He eventually comes back and grabs Santos Rockwell and pushes him back first into the ring apron. Afterwards he grabs Santos and tosses him back into the ring.

Before getting back into the ring though, Orlando Fox digs underneath the ring apron to find some sort of weapons. He digs out trash can lids, bases and a few steel chairs. He continues to dig and finds even more such as fire extinguishers, cookie sheets and the whole damn kitchen sink! The fans are watching on and getting excited as everyone watching knows that some sort of violence is just waiting to happen here soon.

Fox finally grabs a wooden guitar and tosses that into the ring as well as the trash can lids, bases, cookie sheets and two steel chairs. Fox then puts the ring apron back down and he rolls in under the bottom rope and back into the ring. He begins to stand up but Santos Rockwell catches him with a knee to his face. Fox goes down as Santos now grabs a hold of the cookie sheet and is about ready to use it.

Orlando Fox rises up and turns around and is greeted right over the head with a cookie sheet. He is dazed as Rockwell continues to smash it over his head until it is so dented he cannot use it no more. Fox is ready to fall over so Santos just runs to the ropes, comes back and clotheslines him down. Instead of going for any pin cover though, he continues the assault on the champion, maybe it was a smart move, maybe not?

Either way Santos Rockwell grabs two trash can lids and puts one in each hand. He waits for his opponent, Orlando Fox to turn around and he finally does. He goes to smoke him with both but Fox ducks it and Rockwell hit’s his hands with them both. He immediately drops the trash can lids and Orlando Fox rolls him up from behind with a pin attempt.



Nothing more then a two count though as Santos Rockwell gets his shoulder up before a three count.

Santos Rockwell rolls away as Orlando Fox grabs the big trash can and walks towards Santos Rockwell with it. He raises the can up over his head and looks to hit Rockwell with it but instead Santos punches him in the gut which causes Fox the current reigning sVo Hardcore Champion to drop the trash can to his side. Santos takes the advantage and stands up.

He boots Orlando in the mid section and then goes for a ddt on the trash can but instead Fox pushes him to the ropes. Rockwell returns back and is booted in the gut. Orlando Fox then lifts him up and over his shoulders for a power bomb like maneuver as he extends his body even higher and then drops him down, The Remedy! It’s gotta be over.




This one is all over and only a week after winning the sVo Hardecore Champion on Showdown against Spring Heeled Jack, Orlando Fox manages to retain the belt! Fox slowly rises up to his feet holding the Championship belt and raises it into the air. Fox gets a mixed reaction from the crowd who seem mildly impressed with his performance tonight, however as he looks down at the body of Santos Rockwell, Orlando Fox suddenly begins to stomp away on the body of his downed opponent! The referee tries to step in, but Orlando Fox pushes the referee away before delivering one last stomp to Santos Rockwell before making his way away from the ring drawing huge heat from the crowd!

RESULT: Orlando Fox def. Santos Rockwell via pinfall


The camera heads backstage where two potential superstars are in the office of Paige Johnson, the sVo general manager. CJ Newfield and Peter Gilmour both sit infront of the desk of Paige, who looks across at the two superstars with a smile on her face.

Paige – “Guys, I have been speaking to your representatives for months now trying to get you two over here in the sVo. The sVo is all about competition and earning your way to the top against some of the best in the world, I am sure you two will do great here!” Despite not actually knowing each other Gilmour and Newfield shoot each other an uneasy glance before nodding back to Paige.

Paige – “Now all you guys have got to do is sign your names on the dotted lines and you are official sVo superstars!”

CJ Newfield and Peter Gilmour are both handed their contracts and a pen by Paige Johnson who relaxes back in her leather chair as she watches the two new signings put pen to paper on their sVo contracts.

Paige – “What a place to sign up as well. You guys have got to stick around and watch your new roster mates tonight, Seasons Beatings should be quite the show, and who knows, if you guys stick around and put in the hard work you could be in the main event of Seasons Beatings 2008 just like Mike Best and Johnny All Star are tonight!”

CJ Newfield laughs as he hands his contract back to Paige, and Peter Gilmour soon does the same. Paige shakes hands with both wrestlers as they leave her office. Paige looks pleased with herself as she files back the new contracts away in her desk as the door shuts to her office, but she would no doubt be less pleased if she was to see who was lurking just behind her door.

As Newfield and Gilmour exit they come face to face with the man that has promised to bring down Jimmy Moretti and his sVo empire and drive them out of Las Vegas, Sonny Carter!

Sonny Carter – “Well, well. Paige actually managed to do something for a change around here and sign you two to contracts….. I’m impressed!”

CJ Newfield and Peter Gilmour look at Carter in a confused manor as he stands their smiling from beneath his large shades.

CJ Newfield – “And you are?”

Carter extends his hand and shakes hands with both Newfield and Gilmour.

Sonny Carter – “My name is Sonny Carter and I have a certain philosophy about this place. I’m looking to sponser a couple of potencial huge superstars around here and you guys might fit the bill. If you want to get to the top here in the sVo then I’m your man. I already have Johnny All Star on my books and look where he is tonight, in the main event fighting for the sVo World Championship belt. You two want to make an impression here in the sVo? I’m your man! Lets walk and talk…..”

Sonny Carter leads Newfield and Gilmour off down the corridor away from the office of sVo manager Paige, who is completely oblivious to the conversation that has just happened under her nose.

Single Match
Jay Wildman vs. Chris Bond

I been taking all the silver
I been saving all the gold
I’m gonna stuff it down the throat
Of a week old corpse
Save that doggone soul
I been saving up my pain
I’m gonna give it back in spades
I been strangling the cries
From the murder of love
Save your soul tonight

Bodies by Danzig hits the sound system and boos begin to ring out around the arena for sVo’s Norwegian superstar Jay Wildman. Wildman raises his hands up into the air as he stands at the top of the entrance ramp and pyros shoot up alongside the entrance ramp. Wildman then begins to slowly walk down the entrance ramp before rolling into the ring. Wildman climbs up onto the second rope to signal to the fans again, before pyros once again shoot up around the ringside arena to announce Wildman’s entrance to the ring!A way to be
You’re looking down again
Just let it be
And I’d only do for you what you’d do for me
And I only would do for you what you’d do for me
Touche by Godsmack hits around the arena and a mixed reaction as heard from the fans as the cocky Chris Bond makes his way down the entrance ramp. Bond keeps his eyes focused on the ring as he slowly makes his way towards the arena of battle, before climbing up into the ring. Bond looks focused as he warms up in the corner of the ring as he is announced to the crowd by the sVo ring announcer.

The bell sounds.

Both Chris Bond and Jay Wildman tie up in the center of the ring. Chris Bond muscles his way to having Jay Wildman in the corner. The referee asks for the two men to break it up so he backs off a few steps. Jay Wildman comes out from the corner at Chris Bond who trips him down with the drop toe hold to the canvas. Bond now gets on top of him and goes for a fast pin count.


He only receives a one however he continues to work on Jay Wildman as he picks him up and slams him down to the mat with a body slam. He grabs the leg of Jay Wildman and goes for a single leg crab but Wildman quickly crawls to the ropes and grabs them to have Chris Bond break the hold. The referee begins to make a count as he doesn’t let go.





As he is about to reach the 5 count Chris Bond let’s go of him.

Jay Wildman rolls outside of the ring now as Chris Bond follows him. Jay turns around and clocks Chris with a big right hand. He then follows it up with open hand chops across his chest area. Wildman then grabs Bond and tosses him in under the bottom rope and back into the ring. Jay follows him in as he rolls in under the bottom rope as well.

As he gets back into the ring, Chris Bond is right there once again with the attack. He stomps the back side of his opponent and then drops a few elbows to his back. Bond now grabs the leg of Jay Wildman and goes for that single leg crab. This time he executes it. He holds it on as the fans watch on and wonder what is going to happen next.

Jay is struggling and trying to break the submission maneuver as he begins to slowly but surely get over to the rope. Chris Bond looks behind him and takes notice of this as he just gets off of him and then goes right back to the assault. He picks Jay Wildman up and whips him to the corner. He follows him in and is back elbowed to the face.

Bond takes a few steps back now as Wildman comes running out of the corner with a clothesline. He knocks the bigger man in Chris Bond down. The fans are getting into this match now. Jay Wildman continues to build momentum as he runs to the ropes and hit’s Bond down with a second clothesline followed by a third one and then a dropkick.

Here’s the cover.



No! Just a two count as Chris Bond kicks out from that. Jay Wildman picks Chris Bond up and whips him to the ropes. Jay Wildman bends down and Chris Bond boots him to the jaw. Wildman raises up his head as Bond runs at Wildman and grabs him by his hand on his way there. He whips him up the ropes as Jay comes back and Chris Bond goes for the Reality Check, his Super kick.

Jay Wildman ducks it though and goes to the ropes himself. He comes back and out of nowhere spears Chris Bond down to the ring mat! That’s his set up move. Jay now goes to the corner and stands there as the groggy opponent in Chris Bond starts to get up and turn around. He does and Wildman comes out from the corner and BAM!

There’s Jay Wildman’s finishing Super kick instead!

He hooks the leg of Chris Bond for the pin.




This one is all over and in the battle of the sVo newcomers, its Jay Wildman who picks up the win! Wildman slowly rises to his feet and has his hand raised in victory by the referee. After such an in impressive performance, will Jay Wildman having his hands raised in victory be a familiar sight for sVo fans in the months to come?

RESULT: Jay Wildman def. Chris Bond via pinfall


With the match over Jay Wildman rips the microphone out of the hands of the ring announcer that was announcing him as the winner of the match, and demands that his music is cut immediately. After a few seconds the music does stop and as the fans boo, Jay Wildman looks around at all the fans in the arena with disgust.

Jay Wildman – “Last week at Showdown I sat through garbage match after garbage match. I should have really expected a garbage opponent when I showed up tonight, but Chris Bond really takes the biscuit!”

The crowd boo, but Wildman carries on regardless.

Jay Wildman – “Bond, you might as well not have shown up tonight because that’s how easy my victory was tonight. There isn’t a man in this federation that can beat me, and there isn’t a man in this federation that deserves to hold some sVo gold more than me!”

The fans boo the cocky newcomer for thinking that he should be champion already.

Jay Wildman – “Boo all you want, there isn’t a man in the history of the sVo that has the talent I have, and there isn’t a man in the sVo that can defeat me and stop me in my quest to become the sVo World Champi…..”

Jay Wildman is suddenly cut off as ‘Gimme AD’ by Parkway Drive hits the sound system and the fans jump to their feet!You could never take my envy!
You could never take my jealousy!!!
You could never take my envy!!
You could never take my jealousy!!!!!!!
A world without you is a world I could only wish for.
A world with out is a world I’d fucking die for.
You’ve taken everything…

Down the entrance ramp runs the Victory Cup 2007 runner up Joey Peyton! The fans are on their feet for Peyton who hasn’t been seen in the sVo for months as he runs down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring! Wildman quickly exits the ring and backs up the entrance ramp as Peyton stares him down! Peyton, who was seconds from becoming the first ever World Champion at Ultimate Victory, looks down at Wildman as he backs up the entrance ramp, before Peyton turns and celebrates his dramatic return to the sVo with the fans!


We head to the parking lot where sVo owner Jimmy Moretti is on his mobile phone and talking rather animatedly to whoever is on the other end of the line. Moretti is wearing a sharp Italian made suit as always and puffing on a doubly large cigar after being embarrassed by Johnny All Star earlier in the evening.

Jimmy Moretti – “Enough is enough, the time to strike is tonight. I’m not sure exactly what Sonny Carter is planning, but I know its going to go down tonight. Get yourself here and make sure everything goes to plan….”

Moretti hangs up the call and begins to make his way towards the door, but as he does the screech of tires causes him to glance to his right. A car comes screaming into the parking lot and Moretti appears to be caught in the gaze of the headlights of the limo. The limo heads straight for Jimmy Moretti, before screeching once again, this time to a halt, only inches away from the sVo owner. Moretti looks slightly shaken as he takes a few steps back from the bumper to read the licence plate.


The limo door opens and out steps the sVo World Champion Mike Best, proudly carrying the Championship belt over his shoulder.

Mike Best – “What’s the matter Moretti? You look like you have just had a near death experience or something!”

Jimmy Moretti takes a few steps towards Best, and the World Champion shows off his trademark smirk.

Jimmy Moretti – “Nice going Best, you run me over and you might have destroyed your only hope of keeping hold of that sVo World Championship belt tonight…..”

Mike Best almost bursts out laughing as he looks into the face of Moretti.

Mike Best – “You? …. Help Me? …. Keep my title? Whats in that cigar your smoking Moretti? I don’t need anyone’s help to beat Johnny All Star tonight, especially not from a snake like you!”

Moretti shakes his head as blows smoke into the face of the cocky champion.

Jimmy Moretti – “Incase you haven’t noticed Mike, Sonny Carter has been attempting to build a little army around here and take the sVo away from me. Now obviously we can’t let this happen… I am offering you a chance Best. A chance to wipe your slate clean with me. You join me in fighting Carter and driving him away from here then I will forget all of our past history and you will have made a very powerful man a friend and not an enemy. What do you say……”

Moretti looks to be struggling to finish his sentence as he grimaces.

Jimmy Moretti – “……. Champ…..”

Best seems to take great enjoyment at being called ‘Champ’ by Moretti as he ponders the offer.

Mike Best – “And what’s in it for me Moretti? It seems like you are gaining the most out of this little deal. You know that Jon Page is in a coma and you know that no one here in the sVo cares about you or your position in this company as long as they are still getting paid. You need me more than I need you.”

Moretti winces at the blow from Best as the Champion smiles in the face of the Owner, knowing he is right. Moretti quickly scans his brain for anything he might have over Best, until finally it clicks. Something that he hadn’t wanted to do or be involved in. Cursing Jon Page under his breath for setting up the original match Moretti is forced into giving Best what he has been wanting for months.

Jimmy Moretti – “I’ve got a secret weapon coming in tonight Mike,. He is flying in especially to help this battle against Carter. He might be putting together a team but we can put together an army! Mike, I know you have been over to South of Heaven and invaded some Hostility shows for the last few months, and I know that Julian Fiasco took you OUT on Showdown last week. Rumour has it that a few of the Hostility guys are here tonight to sort you out for what you have been saying about their company. Normally I would let them tear you apart, but if you back me up against Sonny Carter then I am willing to back you up in setting up a rematch between you and Julian Fiasco….”

Mike Best stares out Jimmy Moretti. He knows that Moretti was always against wrestlers under contract to him risking injury in matches that he was only taking half the profits from, but could he really trust his greatest rival in the sVo by joining in some kind of alliance with him.

Mike Best – “I’ll think about it…”

Mike Best brushes past Jimmy Moretti on his way to his locker room, leaving Jimmy Moretti in the parking lot to smoke his cigar.

Single Match
Howie Banks vs. Captain D

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

When You Wish Upon A Star hits the sound system and the fans cheer as Captain D makes his way down the entrance ramp! Captain D slaps the hands of the fans walking to the ring before rolling into the squared circle and lifting his hands high in the air!Got 30 down at the bottom, 30 more at the top
all invisible set, in little ice cube blocks
If I could call it a drink, call it a smile on the rocks
If I could call out a price, let’s say I call out a lot
I got like platinum and white gold, traditional gold
I’m changin’ grillz everyday, like Jay change clothes

“Grillz” By Nelly hit’s the sound system system. Howie Banks comes out wearing his normal ring gear with a robe around him that’s a golden yellow colour. It also has white jewels on it. He makes his way down to the ring as the fans try to touch him but he walks a straight line down as he gets to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and onto the ring apron as he then gets into the ring as the fans have a mixed reaction.

Howie Banks and Captain D get the battle underway as they both make their way to the centre of the ring. Captain D gets in the first offence of the match as he knocks Howie Banks with a serious of right hands as the feuding superstars finally go at it on PPV! Captain D takes Banks into the corner of the ring before nailing him with knees to the gut, before whipping him into the ropes and catching him with a clothesline as he bounces back. Banks hits the mat and Captain D lays into the sVo star with some big stomps to the head. Howie Banks slowly makes his way up to his feet, but Captain D is there waiting for him with a kick to the midsection. Howie Banks doubles over and Captain D hits a DDT on his opponent before making the cover!



No! A few people in the crowd thought that the three had been counted, but Howie Banks gets a shoulder up in time and the match continues! Captain D pulls Howie Banks up and sends him hard into the corner of the ring. With Banks backed into the corner, Captain D lays into him with some stiff punches to the face, before positioning Howie Banks for a suplex. However instead of throwing Banks to the mat, Captain D pulls Banks up into the air and places him on the top rope of the turnbuckle!

With Howie Banks sitting on the top rope, Captain D follows up with a superplex from the top rope! The fans cheer for the awesome move from Captain D as he once again makes the cover on Howie Banks!



No! Captain D rises to his feet and looks down at Howie Banks wondering just what he has to do to win this match! Captain D grabs Howie Banks by the arm as he rises up to his feet and locks him in a wrist lock. Captain D looks to nail Howie Banks with a German suplex, however Howie Banks counters with a back kick low blow on Captain D! Captain D holds his groin in pain as Howie Banks twists around and nails him with a neckbreaker. Captain D looks in distress on the mat as Howie Banks begins to put the boot to the opponent he believes has been stealing his spotlight here in the sVo.

Captain D struggles up to a standing position but Howie Banks is already there waiting for him with a facebuster that sends Captain D’s face down to the mat hard. D struggles to a standing position as Howie Banks staggers around the ring trying to get some support from the fans! On the outside of the ring the action is watched on by Howie Banks’s bodyguard Jeeves, as Howie runs at Captain D and drops him to the floor with a clothesline. With Captain D down and out, Howie Banks goes for the cover.



No! Captain D isn’t about to give up that easily when he has the chance to kick start his sVo career tonight! Captain D rises up to his feet and begins to bravely fight off Howie Banks with some stiff right hands. Captain D knocks Howie Banks backwards, but Banks nails Captain D with a kick to the midsection! Captain D doubles over, and Banks nails him with a ‘Hollywood Neckbreaker’! Captain D hits the mat hard as Banks rises up to his feet. Banks looks down on Captain D, but Banks looks like he wants to inflict some more punishment and expand his reputation here in the sVo before ending this one! Howie Banks turns to the corner of the ring and begins to climb the turnbuckle! The crowd give a mixed reaction to Banks, as he leaps from the top rope and nails Captain D with the ‘Hollywood Splash’! With Captain D down on the mat, Banks rolls over and makes the cover!




This one is all over and Howie Banks picks up the win! Howie Banks slowly staggers up to a standing position and raises his hands in the air! Banks picks up another sVo win, and it looks like 2008 could be the year that Banks progresses and finally wins the big one here in the sVo!

RESULT: Howie Banks def. Captain D via pinfall


‘Cause I’m back! Yes, I’m back!
Well, I’m back! Yes, I’m back!
Well, I’m baaack, baaack…
Well, I’m back in black,
Yes, I’m back in black!
Boos from the sVo fans in the arena ring out as the word ‘Hostility’ flashes over the ‘Violence-Tron’ and ‘Back in Black’ hits the sound system! After a few seconds the boos increase even further in volume as HWF owner Mad Max steps out onto the top of the sVo entrance stage flanked by HWF superstars Julian Fiasco and Vincent Valentino! All three men seem to be wearing custom made shirts with the slogan ‘sVo Sucks’ splashed across the front! The three Hostility stars continue down the entrance ramp before stepping into the sVo ring and grabbing hold of a sVo branded microphone as the music fades out.

Mad Max – “Us three have been in the back watching the action ever since this PPV started, and we can’t take it anymore!”

The crowd once again breaks into boos.

Julian Fiasco – “We didn’t even pay our money for this PPV, but we still can’t watch anymore!”

Mad Max – “All those people that paid there $14.95 for this ‘show’ don’t deserve their money back, they deserve to be shot! They should have known before parting with their cash that the sVo sucks!”

Boos continue to rebound around the arena directed towards the HWF stars, until finally someone in the back has had enough as five sVo security guards make their way down the entrance ramp! The security guards get the biggest pop in the history of professional wrestling as they climb into the ring and ask the HWF stars to leave. Mad Max looks around at Fiasco and Valentino, before the two HWF wrestlers jump into action! Fiasco and Valentino between them make short work of the five security guards as they toss them out of the ring, which draws even more boos from the crowd!

Mad Max – “You see what we mean about the sVo! Even the security guards around here suck!”

There are more boos from the crowd until finally there is some activity on the entrance stage.

You woke up this morning
Got yourself a gun,
Mama always said you’d be
The Chosen One.

She said: You’re one in a million
You’ve got to burn to shine,
But you were born under a bad sign,
With a blue moon in your eyes.
You woke up this morning
All the love has gone,
Your Papa never told you
About right and wrong.

‘Woke up this Morning’ by A3 hits the sound system and there is a cheer from the crowd as the sVo Owner Jimmy Moretti makes his way onto the top of the entrance ramp. Moretti has a trademark cigar in his mouth as he holds a microphone in one hand. Moretti looks enraged as he locks eyes with the owner of the Hostility Wrestling Federation.

Jimmy Moretti – “You guys have got a lot of balls, I’ll give you that…. But you have no business being here on a sVo PPV!”

The fans cheer, for once agreeing with a statement made by Jimmy Moretti!

Mad Max – “Just as your Champion Mike Best has no business showing up on Hostility ‘South of Heaven’ broadcasts, it seems Moretti that we are even!”

Jimmy Moretti looks down at the three Hostility stars that are staring back at him as Mad Max restrains Fiasco and Valentino from making their way up the entrance ramp to take out Moretti already.

Jimmy Moretti – “Now just what do you want here then Max? Surely you can’t be out here just to tell all these fans how much the sVo….. sucks?”

Mad Max – “I don’t need to tell the fans, they know already, they have been watching all night just as we have!”

More boos from the crowd….

Jimmy Moretti – “Its almost as if you think that the HWF is better than the sVo….. its almost as if you are out here to make some kind of challenge……”

A smile crosses the face of Mad Max.

Mad Max – “Go on Moretti, I’m listening.”

Jimmy Moretti – “Enough of this pretty arguing and enough of these interruptions to our shows…. Its bad for business.”

Mad Max gives a nod of his head.

Jimmy Moretti – “Now this whole sVo vs. Hostility war started from one match, and that was Mike Best vs. Julian Fiasco……”

The camera pans around to a smug looking Julian Fiasco who is standing next to Mad Max.

Julian Fiasco – “A match that was won by Julian Fiasco might I add.”

Jimmy Moretti – “That’s right Fiasco, you got the match won…… on a HWF show…..”

Mad Max – “What are you trying to say Moretti?”

Jimmy Moretti – “I’m trying to say how about this for a money spinner….. the sVo’s Mike Best vs. HWF’s Julian Fiasco live on PPV on neutral ground! The battle where the bragging rights can finally be won and lost once and for all!”

The HWF stars seem pleased by the idea, but Mad Max seems to have other ideas.

Mad Max – “That sounds like a typical half assed sVo way of doings things. If we are going to do this then we do it properly!”

The crowd boo the statement from the HWF owner, but Moretti listens intently!

Mad Max – “27th of January 2008 and we go all out. Five matches, the sVo vs. the HWF. We truly find out once and for all which federation is the stronger.”

The sVo fans actually pop for something Mad Max has said for the first time tonight.

Jimmy Moretti – “That sounds like…… money.”

The dollar signs can almost be seen in the eyes of Jimmy Moretti.

Jimmy Moretti – “Mike Best vs. Julian Fiasco sounds like a hell of a main event.”

Mad Max – “We have four other matches though Moretti, how about it…. Me…. You… In that ring?”

The fans wait in anticipation as it seems all eyes are on Jimmy Moretti.

Jimmy Moretti – “Max….. your ON!”

With that the crowd rise to their feet and cheer with the historic PPV pencilled in for January the 27th 2008 – the sVo vs. Hostility! Jimmy Moretti stares down at Mad Max, Vincent Valentino and Julian Fiasco with a smile on his face as he gives a quick signal to the back. On his command around 30 security guards march past him and surround the ring.

Mad Max – “What this Jimmy? You scared to come and kick us out the ring yourself?”

Jimmy Moretti – “I would save it if I was you Max, your going to need everything you got for next month.”

Mad Max smiles back at his rival.

Mad Max – “Don’t worry Moretti, were out of here….. we got what we came for….”


Once again Seasons Beatings heads backstage as in the interview area, Santos Rockwell is standing by with Candi Cross. Rockwell looks disappointed with his loss to Orlando Fox earlier in the night in the Hardcore Championship showdown as Candi Cross presses the microphone into his face.

Candi Cross – “Santos Rockwell. Tonight you were defeated by Orlando Fox in a match that many people thought you would be able to win and get your sVo career back on track. Just what went wrong?”

Santos Rockwell – “What went wrong is that Jimmy Moretti and that idiot Paige keep booking me in these nothing matches against people like Orlando Fox. Do they even watch their own shows? Everyone knows that I have the talent to be fighting people like Mike Best and Johnny All Star every week, and instead they have me opening the show? Well enough!”

Candi Cross – “Well Santos what are you going to do about the situation. Maybe challenge the management to a match?”

Santos Rockwell – “I don’t have to challenge the management to anything, someone has already done that, all I am going to do is join the fight, the good fight. No longer will Santos Rockwell be treated by everyone around here like something they just scraped off of their shoe, from now on the dream team of Santos Rockwell and SONNY CARTER are going to make sVo history!”

Santos Rockwell pushes the microphone away from his face and storms away from the interview area leaving a shocked looking Candi Cross to stare back at the camera.

sVo International Championship Match
Nicholas Etch (c) vs. Psyko Stevo

“No one knows what it’s like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes
And no one knows
What it’s like to be hated
To be fated to telling only lies”
Behind Blue Eyes by Limp Bizkit blares out over the sound system and there is a loud reaction from the Las Vegas crowd for their very own Nicholas Etch. Etch raises his massive arms into the air to signal to the crowd for their loud reaction, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp. Etch looks straight ahead to the ring, as if mesmerised by the battleground in which he will soon fight. Etch still remains focused as he climbs up onto the ring apron and raises an arm to signal to the crowd, before climbing through the ropes and preparing to do battle.“Sensation washes over me
I can’t describe it
Pain I felt so long ago
I don’t remember
Tear a hole so I can see
My devastation
Feelings from so long ago
I don’t remember”

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyros welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.

The bell sounds.

Nicholas Etch hands over his sVo International Championship to the referee who folds it up and shows it to the fans and to the challenger in this match, Psyko Stevo. The referee then puts the title belt on the corner edge of the ring as the ring announcer grabs it and takes it away. Both Nicholas Etch and Psyko Stevo stand in corners across from one another when they look out to the crowd and then back to one another.

Finally the two men came face to face in the center of the ring. Nicholas Etch has been busy as of late with other things aside from wrestling with promoting the Sanctioned Violence Organisation and on other news, his challenger Psyko Stevo is undefeated and even had a victory over the World Champion, Mike Best has been focusing on this very match here tonight at Season’s Beating’s.

There it is, they tie up. Etch rushes Stevo back into the corner as he has his hands up high and over the body of the challenger. The referee asks for both men to break it up. Etch backs off as Stevo comes out of the corner right at the champion, grabbing a hold of his head and putting on a headlock. He brings him down to the mat with a take down and holds the headlock on tight. Nicholas Etch tries to break free right away and gets up quite fast as he shoves Stevo off and to the ropes.

The Psyko One comes back and bumps into the champion, Etch who falls down from that shoulder block. Stevo runs to the ropes, comes back and leaps over the back side of Nicholas Etch who got down on the ring mat. Stevo runs to the ropes again and comes back, almost being tossed over with a hip toss, Stevo reversed it and instead tossed the sVo International Champion over the top ropes with one instead.

The fans are going crazy as Stevo continues to go after the champ, following him to the outside floor. Etch gets up as Stevo walks towards him. He punches Stevo in the mid section and then as he gets up he hit’s a European Uppercut followed by a knee to the gut. Nicholas now runs and drives Stevo back first into the ring apron.

Etch then grabs a hold of the challenger and whips him arm first into the turnbuckle post. He doesn’t seem to be done just yet as Etch grabs Stevo and whips him shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Shortly after that, the fans boo him and Etch picks up Stevo and puts him back into the ring.

He quickly goes under the bottom rope and into the ring as he crawls over to Psyko Stevo who began to roll away as he hooks his leg for the pin.



Only a two count though as Psyko Stevo got his hand up after that pin attempt.

Nicholas Etch doesn’t stop there as he goes after the challenger some more. This time he goes for a head lock on him but Stevo just stands up and drives elbows into his mid section. Etch let’s go of the hold while Stevo runs to the ropes, comes back and is put into an abdominal stretch by the proven sVo International Champion, Nicholas Etch. Stevo is in a tough predicament now but seems to always have one up on every piece of offense that Nicholas Etch comes up with.

He uses all his strength to get out of this one as he hip tosses Nicholas Etch up and over and down across the ring mat. After that Stevo runs to the ropes and goes for an elbow but Etch moves out of the way. Stevo begins to hold his elbow as Etch rolls away. Nicholas goes to the top ropes now as Stevo sees him. He gets up and catches him on the top turnbuckle. Stevo then brings him down and drops him right in the middle of the ring with a super plex.

He goes for the pin after a few seconds of crawling over and making the cover.



Somehow, someway Nicholas Etch kicked out of that cover made by Psyko Stevo.

Stevo stands up and grabs his opponent, Nicholas Etch as well. He lifts him up on his shoulders and then charges into the turnbuckle putting his back against the turnbuckle real fast. He then begins to stomp away at his mid section. Stevo now picks up Nicholas Etch and whips him to the ropes.

Etch comes back and Stevo runs at him from the ropes he backed up on as well. He leaps over the body of Etch who is confused. He turns around and off the top ropes from Psyko Stevo who leaped up there real fast comes Stevo from a 180 degree angle and hit’s him right in the face with a vicious kick that knocks him down. That’s the Psyklone!

He hooks his leg and goes for the pin as he hit that from out of nowhere!




RESULT: Psyko Stevo def. Nicholas Etch via pinfall


Nicholas Etch is making his way back up the sVo entrance ramp after losing the International Championship belt to Psyko Stevo, a belt that he only won a month ago at the Redemption PPV. The former International Champion looks dejected at losing his title and the expansion of his losing streak here in the sVo, however things are about to get a whole lot worse for Etch as Peter Gilmour steps out from the backstage area with a steel chair in his hand! Sonny Carter is right at the side of Gilmour as he slams the steel chair into the head of the former Champion which sends him down to the floor!

The fans boo the beat down of Etch by Gilmour as Sonny Carter watches with a smile on his face as his new recruit goes to work! Gilmour continues to slam the chair into the side of Etch’s head repeatedly! Sonny Carter appears to be directing proceedings as he orders Gilmour to his feet. Gilmour obliges and pulls up Nicholas Etch, before tossing him off of the side of the entrance stage and onto the electrical equipment below!

Smoke begins to rise from the equipment as sVo ring side staff scramble to the scene as Gilmour and Carter look down on the former International Champion with smiles across their faces.

sVo World Championship Ladder Match
Mike Best (c) vs. Johnny All Star

The crowd is on their feet, eagerly awaiting the start of this very high profile match and still buzzing from the results of the show thusfar. All of a sudden the lights dim slowly in the area as the ViolenceTron flares to life.“Work it
Make it
Do it
Makes us


An image of two dice roling towards the front of the screen. They come rolling to a stop on snake eyes, before the dots fade into the word “Mike” on one die and “Best” on the other. The dice explode into a highlight video as “Stronger” by Kanye West blares over the speakers, the bass shaking the arena Gold pyro explodes in the entranceway and the fans begin to boo and jeer, screaming insults as the confident face of the sVo World Heavyweight champion, ‘The Mike Effect’ Michael Best appears from behind the curtain. He slaps the World Title strapped around his shoulder twice before raising two fingers to his lips, blowing a kiss out into the crowd as they hurl obscenities back in his direction. Mike stops for a moment on the stage, slapping his chest and pointing out at the crowd, raising his eyebrows and throwing out a wink. He makes his way down the ramp, rolling gingerly into the ring and stretching out as he awaits the start of the match.Fallin’ asleep at the wheel again baby,
You’re driftin’ over the line (the line) Yeah.
Your hands are tight but you’re losin’ grip quickly
Fix me, can you read the signs?Thumbin’ your way to Vegas, dirty
And Dreamin’ of the other side…
Save your tears and laughter because
It doesn’t matter what you find
‘Pretty Vegas’ hits the sound system and there is a suprisingly favorable reaction from the crowd as the number one contender to the World Heavyweight title himself, Johnny All Star, steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp! All Star holds his arms high in the air, before slowly making his way down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ropes. All Star once again raises his arms high into the air as he leans forward against the ropes, causing a burst of pyros to shoot up behind him.

Best and All Star meet at the center of the ring and as the official starts to explain the basic rules to the competitors neither man blinks an eye. All Star leans in closer to Best as the official removes the belt from Best’s shoulder and hoists it into the air, signifying that the title is on the line. The crowd pops as the official turns his back on both men and securely fastens the title onto a piece of wire, which is then risen into the sky by sVo management. Before the bell even sounds though and as the officials back is turned, the fans let out a pop as Mike Best slaps Johnny All Star in the face without any provocation. All Star responds to this by lowering his shoulder and hitting a close ranged spear before reigning down rights and lefts onto the face of Best as the bell finally sounds, signifying the start of the match.

Best rolls around, avoiding most of the shots to his face before the official breaks the two men up and returns each to his respective corner. Mike Best smiles a cocky smile as Johnny All Star paces around with a look on contempt towards his opponent plastered all over his face. Both men quickly sneak a peek to the outside of the ring, where the steel ladder sits. After seeing the ladder, we can catch both men looking up at the ceiling, where Mike Best’s title rests. The official signals for the action to resume and both men charge at each other and lock up in the center of the ring as the fans in attendance start to cheer wildly, mostly for whom many consider the underdog, Johnny All Star. The test of strength sees the slightly stockier Mike Best power the challenger into the far turnbuckle as the fans cheer on. Best finally gets to work, nailing the challenger with a knife edged chop, which prompts the fans to respond with a loud, “WOOOOO!”. Best cocks back for another knife edged chop, but Johnny All Star counters this with a left handed jab to the face of the champion followed up with a strong right that sends Best staggering backwards.

Johnny All Star follows up the punch by running towards Best with a full head of steam. Best sees it coming in advance though and drops to the mat, executing a picture perfect drop toe hold in the process. Best floats over his opponent and immediately grabs the ankle of Johnny All Star, going for an ankle lock submission. All Star shows off his technical prowess by spinning to his stomach and kicking the champion off of him, sending Best into the turnbuckle in the process.

Both men are back to their feet now and this time it is Best who raises his hand high in the air, challenging Johnny All Star to another test of strength. All Star acknowledges this by raising his own left hand in the air, but without any delay it is Mike Best who straightens up and kicks the hunched over Johnny All Star in the stomach. Best follows this up with a short armed clothesline and the fans boo as the champ connects with a boot to the face while saying some less then flattering words to the challenger who lies on the mat.

After the stomping is finished, Best walks over to All Star and violently grabs the back of his neck, “helping” him up to his feet. Before Best can get any momentum going though, it is Johnny All Star who connects with a shoulder to the midsection of Mike Best. All Star follows this up with a right hand to the face, and then a left, and then a right which sends Best staggering. Johnny All Star backs up to the ropes and bounces off them, gathering steam in the process. All Star then charges forward, nailing Mike Best with a flying overhead clothesline, which sends Mike Best into a 180 flip and causes the champ to land on his back in the center of the ring. The fans pop for this acrobatic maneuver as Johnny All Star responds by quickly jumping back up to his feet and bouncing off the ropes once again. All Star once again comes charging forward but this time connects with an elbow drop right to the sternum of the champ.

Rather then going for a pinfall which would accomplish nothing, Johnny All Star ignores the incapicated opponent on the ground and instead marches over to the turnbuckle before exiting the ring. All Star grabs the steel ladder and the fans pop as he does so. After grabbing the ladder, All Star sets it up on the apron of the ring. All Star goes to climb back into the ring, but before he can really accomplish this, the ladder is sent back into his face as Mike Best connects on a baseball slide and the fans respond with a chorus of boos with a loud pop mixed in for good measure.

Mike Best bends down to pick the ladder up, but as he does so he stops. Instead of raising the ladder up, Best just slides it to the center of the ring before stepping back a few steps.

Just as the action is picking up, the loyal sVo stand to their feet and let their appreciation of Sonny Carter the sVo tumor, known as the entire arena is filled with 10,000 jeering boos as he makes his way down the entrance ramp with his new found friends, CJ Newfield and Santos Rockwell. The cold stare in Newfield’s eyes is directed towards Mike Best, sVo’s World Champion. It’s obvious Newfield and Rockwell are on-edge and ready to make an attempt to bring Best’s title reign to an end and crown Las Vegas’s own Johnny All Star as the new king of the sVo.

Best surveys the outside of the ring where he sees Johnny All Star rising to his feet. Best barely even thinks before he bounces off the far turnbuckle, jumps over the ladder in the center of the ring and attempts a suicide dive to the outside. Johnny All Star sees this coming at the last minute and gets his hands up a bit, but it’s not enough to stop Best’s full weight from falling on top of him, what it is able to do though, is give the opportunity for Johnny All Star to drag Mike Best’s throat into the steel barricade which separates the fans from the action, which Johnny All Star does. Both men lie on the ground, unconscious as the fans fill the arena with cheers and the official exits the ring to check up on the status of both competitors.

The official checks on Best first and Best starts to reach for his throat, but signals that he is okay by rolling to his side. The official next checks on Johnny All Star, who appears to have had the wind knocked out of him. All Star too rolls to his side and both men lie a few feet from each other and their eyes meet, giving each a renewed sense of purpose and causing both to reach for the steel guardrail next to them for support on getting back to their feet.

It’s Best who gets to his feet a half a second faster then All Star, and it is Best who throws the first right hand shot… which is blocked! Johnny All Star blocks the punch attempt and grabs the back of Best’s head with his alternate hand before shoving the champions face right into the steel guardrail as the fans pop. Newfield, Carter and Rockwell looks pleased watching on from the entrance ramp as All Star continues to punish the Champion.

Johnny All Star now makes his way back over to the ring very gingerly as Mike Best struggles with everything he has to get back up to his feet. As Best starts to rise to his feet we see that Johnny All Star is already at the center of the ring, setting the ladder up for what he hopes with be his first, and final, ascent up to becoming a sVo World Champion. All Star sets the ring up right in the center of the ring and starts to slowly climb it as Best is finally at ringside, willing himself back into the ring.

Johnny All Star is at the third rung… then the fourth rung, before Mike Best finally rolls into the ring. Johnny All Star is at the fifth… and now the final rung! All Star reaches up for the title but… BEST PUSHED THE LADDER OVER! Best just pushed the ladder over and Johnny All Star just fell to the corner of the ring and landed hard on his shoulder. The fans fill the arena with boos as Mike Best blows a few kisses towards his opponent and the fans before picking the steel ladder up himself this time. Best sets the ladder up directly under the title before looking over at Johnny All Star, who begins to stir. Rather then climbing the ladder, Best walks over to All Star and helps his opponent to his feet before slapping him in the face, booting him in the midsection and setting him up for a suplex. Best connects with the suplex and the fans continue boo’ing as Mike waits in the corner for his dazed opponent to rise to his feet.

It looks like Mike Best is poised to successfully defend his sVo World Championship for the second PPV running as Johnny All Star struggles to get up to his feet. Best begins to make his way over to the ladder, but with the World Champion’s back turned, Carter finally gives the order and sends Rockwell and Newfield into the ring! The pair dive into the ring like rabid wolves and take down Best from behind! Rockwell lays into Best with big mounted punches as Newfield stomps away on the Champion. The fans don’t know who to boo more as Rockwell pulls Best up to his feet before Newfield nails him with his trademark Indie Cutter! Newfield and Rockwell continue to make use their numbers to their advantage as they brutally beat down Mike Best, finally busting the champions face wide open! As the blood of the Champion spills at Seasons Beatings, Sonny Carter licks his lips at the prospect of placing his own sponsored superstar Johnny All Star onto the World Championship crown in Jimmy Moretti’s own federation!

Rockwell looks up at the crowd and starts to taunt them as their World Champ is having his head rung off the ladder now propped up by the turnbuckle.

…the fun lasts so long as the baseline of “Lying from You” by Linkin Park absolutely punishes the PA. The entire arena, including those in the ring become on-lookers as this mysterious combatant is hopefully making their way to the ring.

Just as the song picks up, a 6’5 foot 265 .lbs behemoth known as “the Juggernaut” Brock Alyas makes his was to the ring. The fans can literally see the daggers being shot out of his eyes and into those of Santos Rockwell! It looks as if Moretti’s mysterious back-up has found his way to the ring and is here to make an impact.

Alyas begins a swift jog towards Rockwell who is in the ring with his hands on his knees awaiting the new combatant. The Juggernaut slides underneath the ropes and without thinking twice runs at Rockwell who does the same. Rockwell ducks underneath a huge Clothesline attempt and flies into the opposing ropes to come back and catch a huge boot to the jaw. The sVo loyal are loving it!

Alyas quickly turns his attention to CJ Newfield and the pair run at each other before meeting in the centre of the ring and beginning to trade thunderous right hands! The fans are on their feet for the actions as it seems the main event of Seasons Beatings has turned to absolute chaos! As Newfield and Alyas continue to go at it, it gives Johnny All Star and Mike Best a few seconds to catch a breath before the two men fighting for the sVo World Championship belt hanging from the top of the arena rise to their feet!

The Main Event action picks back up as Best finds an opening as All Star tries defending his ally CJ Newfield. The Mike Effect sends his opponent over the ropes with a clothesline from behind and there is two brawls going on at once.

On the outside of the ring, Sonny Carter is going insane!

Mike Best grabs hold of Johnny All Star on the outside of the ring and slams the contenders head into the security barrier. All Star drops down to the floor as Best wipes the blood from his face before laying into the hometown boy with big stomps! Johnny All Star struggles to get back to his feet, and as he does Best is there waiting for him! Best tries to whip Johnny All Star into the steel ring steps, however as he does All Star finds energy from somewhere and is able to reverse the move and send the Champion crashing into the ring steps!

Meanwhile, back in the ring Newfield and Alyas are going blow for blow each solid punch seemingly getting harder and harder. The two lock up and Alyas is blindsided with a swift knee in the gut and Newfield takes advantage quickly stunning the Juggernaut with a DDT.

Newfield makes way back to his feet first and begins delivering kicks to the head of Alyas. Newfield grabs Alyas up and sends him flying into the opposing ropes to come back to a


….stiff spinning backfist that sends the Juggernaut to his back with a stiff thud. Alyas however is quick to his feet with vengeance in his eyes and gets in a grapple with Newfield, getting the better half and whipping his opponent into the ropes, as Newfield comes back Alyas has a disgusting Clothesline from Hell sized up and delivered, sending Newfield to the mat.


…at this time the sVo fans in attendance are all on their feet in appreciation of what the Main Event they paid good money for, has turned into. Alyas forces Newfield to his feet and the two go tumbling through the ropes to the floor outside.

Mike Best struggles up from his position across the steel ring steps, but receives only a clothesline from Johnny All Star for his troubles! Johnny All Star senses victory as he pulls up Mike Best and positions him for a piledriver on the outside of the ring! The fans are on their feet for the dual action going on, but as Johnny All Star prepares to hit the piledriver, Mike Best counters out of no where with a back drop on All Star! Best drops down onto the challenger and throws some sloppy right hands to the face of All Star, it seems the intense battle is taking its toll on both main eventers!

All Star struggles to get Best off of him before beginning to climb to his feet using the security barrier as a support. Best takes advantage of All Stars position by grabbing him in a backdrop like move, before dropping him across the top of the security barrier!

As Alyas and Newfield are battling it out, outside the ring, Sonny Carter has found himself a friend in a metal chair and has it clenched waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike Alyas in the back of the head. Fans are on their feet trying to make Alyas aware that Carter is sneaking around the corner but it looks like they’re too late…


…the impact of high-trajectory swung metal chair connecting with cranium skull leaves a sickening sound and visual in the ears and eyes of the sVo fans.

The chair meant to be swung at Alyas connects square between the eyes of CJ Newfield as if Barry Bonds just hit a 600 foot homerun and it’s a miracle Alyas managed to escape from the strike! Alyas then turns to face Sonny Carter who looks as if he just wet his pants. Seeing Santos Rockwell coming in from the corner of his eye, Alyas grabs the chair from Sonny Carter before smashing it into the face of Rockwell! While this is going on outside Mike Best has thrown Johnny All Star under the bottom rope and back into the ring. Best slides into the ring himself before glancing up at his World Championship belt which is still dangling from the air. Mike Best takes a few steps towards the ladder and grabs hold of it, but just as he is about to set it up he sees All Star slowly making his way to his feet out of the corner of his eye!

Mike Best runs at Johnny All Star holding the ladder above his head, but Johnny All Star ducks out of the way of danger before nailing Best with a punch to the kidneys which forces him to drop the ladder! With the ladder on the mat, Johnny All Star scoops Mike Best up into the air before slamming him back down onto the ladder with the ‘Touchdown’! Best looks in pain as he and All Star lay out on the mat!

All Star and Best looks as if neither man is in any condition to climb down and grab the World Championship belt right now, and that’s right about when, outside the ring Sonny Carter is mangled with a huge haymaker delivered by the Juggernaut. Alyas is there to clean-up and looks up at the 10,000 in attendance screaming…


A sickening looks comes across the face of the Juggernaut and he points at the announcing table in front of him and the arena just goes nuts.

Alyas gets himself along with Sonny Carter propped up on the announcing table and lifts him into the air as if he were setting up a suplex. After letting all blood in Carter’s body rush to his head, Alyas swings the suplex into a stunner!


The delivery and sound of the wooden table come crashing to the ground is catastrophic…

“sVo! sVo! sVo!” the fans are going absolutely insane for the organizations biggest enemy being put through a wooden table in the form of the Career Ender!

Johnny All Star is the first to stir inside the ring and he pulls the blood soaked Mike Best up to his feet. All Star sends him to the corner of the ring and runs at him, connecting with a spear in the corner. Mike Best staggers out of the corner, but as Johnny All Star attempts a bulldog on Best, the World Champion cuts him short with a spinebuster that takes both men down to the mat!

After about forty-five seconds, Johnny All Star finally rises to his feet and Mike Best rushes him. Best attempts a right hand to the face, but Johnny All Star blocks it! All Star connects with a right of his own, then another right, and goes for a third… Best ducks it though! Best ducks the sloppy right hand from the worn out challenger and it’s Best connecting with a boot to the midsection and… THE MIKE EFFECT! Best nails the Mike Effect and now it’s just a matter of time!

Best limps over to the ladder, holding his still injured throat as he looks off at the fans, a smirk on his face. Best makes it to the second, then third, then fourth, then fifth run of the ladder. Johnny All Star starts to come around as Mike Best blows some kisses to the fans who boo him. Best now at the final rung… Best reaches up… Mike Best has successfully defended his sVo World Heavyweight Title!

Mike Best sits atop the ladder holding the sVo World Championship in the air! The blood drips from the face of the Champion as Best witnesses the carnage that is the aftermath of the chaotic main event, knowing that the sVo has moved into a new era and will never be the same again!

RESULT: Mike Best def. Johnny All Star

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