Retribution 2008
25th May 2008
The O2 Arena, London, England
PPV #008


The official music for sVo Retribution 2008 – ‘Living On A Thin Line’ by The Kinks plays in the background as the entrance video for the PPV hits the giant V-Tron in the sold out 02 Arena in South London. The video shows action from the likes of sVo Champion Mike Best, Psyko Stevo, Isaac White, Night, Chris Bond, Travis Williams and Gunner Lang! The video finally comes to a close with the numbers ‘220’, an obvious reference to the mystery man in tonight’s Organised Chaos match.

The camera pans around the sold out screaming London crowd as they clamber to try and get their signs seen on TV. The camera picks out the best signs from the crowd including ‘Blair for sVo President’, ‘I am the Mystery Man’, ‘Paige Please do Page Three’, and ‘Jon Page is hiding in my basement’!

The camera finally pans up to the top of the arena where the demonic Organised chaos structure is hanging ominously. The cameras zoom in on the weapons that are attached to the side of the cage that tonight’s participants will be able to capture and use against each other.


Turning his head slightly, he opened the door to the men’s room and shuffled in quickly. No one had seen him. Good. He preferred to keep a low profile for the time being. The other wrestlers would find out soon enough what he was up to.

They hadn’t arrived to the building yet, most of them anyway. He caught a glimpse of the ring on his way in. Some of the guys were practicing their moves in the ring on their partners. Paige Johnson was roaming around the arena, talking on a cell phone, yelling at someone. Johnny All-Star had already arrived, and walked with an air of cool confidence.

“None of that matters,” he growled as he tossed the bag down and looked at himself in the mirror. His new tights were on, and fit nice and snugly. The tailor did a good job. Too bad it wasn’t good enough. A slight flaw on the T on his left leg was enough for him to deny the tailor his bonus. He smiled as he flexed his muscles in the mirror. It wasn’t anything personal. It was just how the world worked. The tailor would hopefully learn a lesson from this, and would never make such a mistake again.

He frowned. “I am… incomplete.” His face wasn’t painted. He pulled the white, green, and black paint that he picked up from the hardware store and squirted it onto the sink next to him. He picked up his brush and the rest was just like relearning how to ride a bike. He never forgot, as each stroke of the brush transformed him from the man he was into the man he knew he could become.

Before ten minutes had passed he had finished. “Much better,” he said as he swiveled his head around, inspecting every detail of his painted face. Leaving the paint for a janitor to clean, he packed up the rest of his supplies into his duffle bag and left the men’s room quickly, walking stick banging softly against the floor with each step. He had to find Ross before his match. “My journey has begun…” he said, “It won’t be tonight… but next week, it is my time. I can promise them that.”


Similar to last week’s Showdown where Mad Max stood waiting practically the entire evening outside the Parc des Princes arena in Paris, France, we now have the lovely Paige Johnson standing outside the O2 Arena here in wonderful London, England! She’s dressed in her finest, like always, but as she stands there tapping her foot impatiently on the sidewalk next to the “Authorized Personnel Only” doors her beautiful smile slowly turns into a menacing scowl.

Numerous wrestlers make their way past her on their way into the arena but still Paige is left outside. After tapping her foot for minutes she turns to pacing back and forth in front of the doors. All of a sudden she stops pacing and mumbles, “Finally!” under her breath. She turns and stands there with her hands on her hips, her leg off to the side once again tapping that foot of hers.

“Did you forget you’ve got a match tonight?” Paige says with a sneer on her face as Mad Max walks up pushing a shopping cart full of garbage.

Max simply smiles at her as he walks right up to her and asks her innocently, “This is just eating you alive inside isn’t it?”

Paige takes her hands off her hips and crosses them across her chest as if trying to look unbothered, but this only causes Max to chuckle.

“Listen to me you little prick!” Paige begins. “If it weren’t for Travis Williams, you’d still be standing outside the Parc des Princes arena in Paris, France! Let’s face the facts, you’re a washed up bum of a wrestler! Even in your prime you sucked. Why Travis wants you on the team is beyond me, in fact I’m starting to wonder if it’s the same Travis Williams!”

Max interrupts her with a big laugh at that comment then asks her, “What you think there’s a Travis Williams Doppelganger that pulled a fast one over you?” He then continues to laugh at the thought.

Paige obviously frustrated steps up to Max, chest to chest they stand, well more breast to stomach as Max is quite a few inches taller than the woman. “You listen to me you piece of shit! I got so much riding on this match that you can not possibly comprehend! You screw me over in any way tonight your stay here in sVo will be short and more painful than anything you can imagine!”

With the threat laid bare Max smirks at her but in the next instant he bends down and with both hands on each side of her head he quickly plants a wet one right on Paige’s lips! The two immediately step back away from each other spitting and coughing as if it were the most vile thing ever! Paige is screeching at the top of her lungs, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Max in between dry heaving explains, “I thought there was something there… I mean the mood… I just thought…”

Paige immediately turns around and storms off through the double doors and into the arena leaving Max alone outside as he reaches over and pulls out his half empty, half full bottle of Jack Daniels which he immediately begins to drain.


“JD … JD … Wait up.”

JD James stops mid stride to see the sVo official sprinting down the hallway waving an envelope in his hands.

JD James: “Hey Tom … What’ up?”

Out of breath Tom finally catches up to JD catching his breath before proceeding.

Tom: “You … you’re a hard man to find Mr. James. Some guy showed up earlier today with this for you.”

Tom holds up a manila envelope which JD eyes. JD reaches for the offered envelope.

JD James: “Thanks Tom.”

Tom: “Yeah he said it was pretty important. Sorry I’m late.”

JD James: “No problem Tom.”

JD turns the envelope over in his hands to see who it’s from to no avail. Perplexed JD looks to Tom.

JD James: “Did the guy leave a name.”

Tom shakes his head as JD opens to the envelope.

JD James: “Strange.”

JD proceeds to read the enclosed letter. JD’s eyes go wide as if in shock.

JD James: “Tom … Are you sure the person that dropped this off didn’t leave a name.”

Tom: “No … What is it exactly?”

JD starts shoving the letter back into the envelope ignoring the question.

JD James: “You didn’t read this did you Tom?”

Tom: “No … no sir I didn’t”

JD James: “Good.”

Not another word spoken JD turns and hurriedly makes his way down the hallway leaving Tom standing there with a puzzled look on his face.

Freedom Fighter vs. Radical HattoRey vs. Hio Boby vs. Sonny Daze vs. Jason Powers vs. Slahter

The lights start flashing White and makes a Strobe light effect (flashes so fast that it looks almost like a movie). As he walks down the ramp, blue and red smoke comes from underneath it. He cheers with the crowd and all of that, giving people high fives and what have you.

The arena goes dark and Only For The Weak – In Flames, begins to play, with the lights flickering on and off and flashing a dark shade of red to the beats of the music, at first HattoRey is no where to be seen until then multiple pyrotechnics go off to reveal HattoRey standing in the smoke. HattoRey holds up his hand showing off his symbol, he then rolls across the ground before running down and jumping into the ring, before awaiting for the opponent to come out.

The arena goes dark with two deep red spotlights circling the arena and the ring. Smoke rises from the entrance and a few moments later the stage lights up in blood red revealing Hio Boby standing with his back to the ring. He turns his head to regard the crowd over one shoulder, boasting a sinister looking smile before jumping in the air, setting off sparkler pyros to both sides, Hio lands facing the ring but down on one knee with face to the floor. After a moment he throws his hair back to reveal the same sinister smile as he walks down the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and takes a seat on a turnbuckle.

Sonny Daze slinks to the ring when the audience’s attention is on something or somebody else.

Jason Powers walks out to a booing crowd as he walks down the ramp and taunts the fans he rolls in and awaits the match to begin.

Slahter makes his way down to the sVo ring for the first time with no music.

The bell sounds.

The battle royal begins as six newcomers to the sVo try and make a name for themselves. Freedom Fighter and Slahter fight in the corner as does Jason Powers and Sonny Daze not to forget also Hio Boby and Radical HattoRey. All six men are duking it out, who will win this thing? Freedom Fighter has Slahter up on the ropes as he looks to eliminate him. That is until Sonny Daze breaks it up by hammering on the back of FF.

Jason Powers walks over to the already beaten up Slahter and he runs at him looking for a clothesline or something but instead he is eliminated over the top ropes and down to the floor. There is elimination number one as he is gone. Five other men remain in this match as Jason Powers is being helped to the back by referee officials so that he doesn’t try to get back into this thing.

Jason Powers has been eliminated!

The battle royal continues. It’s two on one on Freedom Fighter as Slahter and Sonny Daze look to get rid of him as they know his past history with the company. Radical HattoRey and Hio Boby are trading chops and punches back and forth as Radical has the advantage. He has Hio Boby leaning on the ropes as he takes a few steps back and runs at him and grabs his head with his legs and goes for a hurricanrana over the top ropes but both men land to the outside floor.

Radical HattoRey has been eliminated!

Hio Boby has been eliminated!

This leaves it down to three men in this match. Freedom Fighter, Sonny Daze and Slahter. Who is going to win this thing and win their debut match in the sVo? Freedom Fighter looks in a lot of trouble but he gets out of it as he boots Slahter and Sonny Daze both in the head with his foot. They back off away from the corner as Freedom Fighter comes out clotheslining both men down.

As they both rise up FF now grabs their heads and smacks them together. They both go in different directions as FF runs to Slahter and hit’s a drop kick that sends him up and over the top ropes and down to the outside floor. There’s another elimination as it is now down to two men left being Freedom Fighter and Sonny Daze. The fans are loving this match as it is an exciting fast paced opening bout.

Slahter has been eliminated!

Freedom Fighter now walks over to Sonny Daze and whips him into the ropes. Sonny Daze grabs the ropes and stays put as FF runs at him. Daze now back body drops him up and over the top ropes but FF holds onto the ropes and is now on the ring apron. Sonny Daze turns around and takes notice as he goes to punch FF who ducks and hits his head into his gut through the middle rope.

FF now leaps over and back into the ring over his back side. FF turns around and runs at Sonny who has also turned around. FF now boots him in the mid section, has him in a suplex position, turns his body around and suplexes him up and over the top ropes! Sonny Daze is down, this match is all over with! We have a winner and it’s Freedom Fighter!

Sonny Daze has been eliminated!

RESULT: Freedom Fighter wins via elimination


The crowd was heard cheering from the ring entrance back stage. Hooligan stood leaning up against the the wall in the hallway. Nobody knew what he was hanging around for. Finally, one of his old friends Rodimus made his way to the entrance waiting for his music to play to enter the arena.

Just as he walked by Hooligan, he was stopped as Hooligan put his hand out in front of him.

Hooligan-“Who says you can walk off before an old friend can wish you good luck in the Pay Per View?”

Rodimus turned around and clapped him on the shoulder.

Rodimus-“Thanks man, I appreciate it.”

Hooligan began to crack a smile, “No problem, just do your best. Who knows, maybe I can talk Brock into letting you join up with us in the HoV. You could deffinately pull off the whole red and black look atleast.”

Rodimus chuckled, “Sorry, red’s not quite my color, not as good as green anyway.”

Hooligan shrugged, “Well, Jay Rayez never wore the red and black either.”

Rodimus’s music began to play as he cut out from the conversation. Just as Rodimus got out of view, Hooligan commented to himself, “Kick some ass Rodimus, we’ll be watching…”

Rodimus vs. Chris Chromes

The Lights go off as strobes and smoke blanket the front of the entrance as This Moment by Disturbed plays. Then a Green Spotlight from the center of the entrance lights up shining down the ramp. Rodimus walks out in the spotlight with his features obscured in the light. Reaching the Ring he walks up the stairs and steps through the ropes and makes a circuit leaning against each side of the ropes.

Lights dim, as a massive bright spotlight strikes on the center of the ramp. Cigaro by Systems of a Down starts to blast all over the arena.

My Cock Is Much Bigger Than Yours
My Cock Can Walk Right Through The Door
With A Feeling So Pure
It’s Got You Screaming Back For More

Cocky One appears on the screen, as a view of a chrome rim being polished on a Porche 911 is shown. The towel is thrown, as Chris Chromes walks out. The crowd reigns in with boos, it almost drowns out the music. Chewing on some gum, fixing his hair, as he walks to the ring like he is the greatest thing ever. As he reaches the ring, he spits out his gum at some fan in the front row, and slides under the bottom rope. He stands to his feet and jumps in the air with his hands in the air. He removes his shades, and vest and hands the off.

The bell sounds.

Rodimus and Chris Chromes begin the match with a traditional tie up. Chromes being the taller one of the two pushes Rodimus back into a corner. Chris is told to break it up from the referee and he does. He takes a step back and then a step forward as he knees Rodimus in the mid section. The fans boo Chris Chromes who ignores them as he grabs the arm of Rodimus and flips him over for a snap mare take down.

Following the snap mare take down we see Chris Chromes run out from the corner and towards Rodimus his opponent as he flips over his body but grabs his head while going over and he snaps it back as Rodimus holds his neck in some obvious pain. Chromes quickly rushes over to his opponent and gets on top of him for the very first pin fall of this contest. The referee also gets down to the ring mat right away to make the count.



Chris Chromes gets nothing more then a two count as the fans boo him some more.

Chromes lifts Rodimus up and whips him to the ropes. As Rodimus comes back Chris is bent down but Rodimus stops and kicks him in the chin. Chromes lifts his head up and holds his chin as Rodimus runs at him with a clothesline that sends him down. Chris Chromes stands right back up after that move and then takes a body slam by Rodimus. The fans are getting into the newcomer who wears all green as they cheer for him.

Rodimus now gets on top of Chris Chromes for a pin fall as the ref makes the count.



Rodimus can only get a two count fall on his opponent as well. Chris Chromes got his shoulder up before a three count could happen. Rodimus now lifts up his opponent from behind and locks his arms around his waist. It seems he is going for a German suplex but Chris Chromes grabs the ropes and prevents it. He then elbows Rodimus in the back of the head as he let’s go of him now.

Chromes now turns around and runs to Rodimus and wraps his leg behind his opponent’s and takes his arms and grabs the rest of his body and slams him down to the ring mat with an amazing fast running STO. Chris Chromes wastes no time in getting on top of his opponent Rodimus as he hooks his leg for the pin fall while the referee gets down on the ring mat one more time to make a count.



No! Before a three could happen Rodimus got his shoulder up in time.

The fans are cheering for Rodimus, trying to build momentum as Chris Chromes goes to the very top ropes and looks to finish this match up off. He looks to the fans and gives them a dirty look as he is about to hit his finisher the Chrome Polish a shooting star leg drop. But what’s this? Before he can even leap off the top turnbuckle we see his opponent Rodimus up and on the turnbuckle with him. Rodimus now grabs him under his back side and lifts up and down off the top rope with a huge Lantern’s Light fireman’s carry take over!

Rodimus gets on top of him and hooks his leg as the ref makes the count.




RESULT: Rodimus def. Chris Chromes via pinfall


We are LIVE at the O2 Arena in London, England. The fans are in a frenzy as the superstars of the sVo are giving them a great show so far. Cutting to the back, we see Candi Cross standing by in a nice dress which has the British flag on it. The fans cheer loudly for this. Candi waits for her cue, gives the fans a sexy wink of her eye and begins to speak.

Candi: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time, he is the Xtreme Icon Peter Gilmour!

Rose Smith comes into the scene wearing a black dress with black boots on her feet. She has some black paint over her eyes. Rose looks a little different from a few weeks ago.

Candi: Uhh, hi Rose. Where is Peter?

Rose snatches the microphone away from Candi and tells her to leave, which she does rather unwillingly. She then gives an evil smirk to the camera and brings the microphone to her lips.

Rose: Ladies and gentlemen and to the great fans here in London, England. Please welcome THE EXECUTIONER PETER GILMOUR!

In a stunning surprise to everyone, Peter Gilmour comes into the shot, wearing his traditional BLACK cloak with hood over his face. His hands are crossed in an “X” as he stands next to his lovely girlfriend Rose as she holds the microphone up for Peter to speak.

Peter: Where you expecting someone else?

Peter chuckles as he lifts up his head but the hood is hiding his face.

Peter: Some of you may be asking me, “why are you wearing your old wrestling gear?” “Why the change back to the EXECUTIONER?” Well, its real simple. I am tired of being disrespected and not given my fair share here in the sVo. Why should I have to fight two nobodies in Xak White and TJS when I should be going for the Hardcore or any of the other titles? I mean I am the most decorated champion in the wrestling business and this is what I get for all my hard work? Yes, I did hold the Hardcore Title, but for a measly fuckin month! And who did I lose it too? A piece of shit who thinks that having a MATRIX gimmick is going to get the fans behind him. Joseph Equinox, YOU ARE A JOKE! You are not worthy to hold that belt around your waist. You see, I am a hardcore LEGEND and I have been hardcore champion on many occasions. I am going to say this one time Joseph. If you somehow survive Organized Chaos, at the next Pay Per View, I want that title back and I will go through HELL to get it back. And that goes for the other “CHAMPIONS” too. Don’t think I’m some pushover because I’m not. I can beat you like that *snaps fingers* with my arsenal of finishing moves. So like a wise man always says, IF YOU WANT SOME! COME GET SOME! Tonight, in front of my great friends here in England (cheap pop), I will beat the bloody HELL out of Xak White and TJS and put them in the hospital. Don’t believe me TJS and Xak? Just watch and see what I will do to both your asses in that ring tonight. You are going to BLEED and be BROKEN courtesy of your JUDGE, JURY and by GOD.. YOUR EXECUTIONER!! TJS, XAK, get ready to be taken……..


Rose laughs wickedly as Peter removes his hood and we see a dark black line coming down his right eye. Peter laughs as we fade to black.


“This Moment” by Disturbed plays over the PA system. The crowd looks around not knowing what was going on. The next match had not been announced yet.

Rodimus walks out of the entrance with a microphone.

Rodimus: “Ladies, Gentleman, it pleases me to make an announcement that I’m sure many have guessed was coming. It seems that a wrestler from my past at GLCW has rejoined the active roster here at sVo.” Rodimus pauses for a short while; he succeeds in getting every member of the crowd to hang on his every word.

Rodimus: “So I think he should help me make the announcement…”

“Ex’s and Oh’s” by Atreyu plays over the PA system as Freedom Fighter walks out of the entrance with a mic and stands next to Rodimus.

Freedom Fighter: “Hey Rodimus, you remember those times in GLCW, right? When we were known as a power house tag-team called The Goondock Saints? When we held Hardcore, Prime, and Tag Team championships? Those were the times.”

Rodimus: “Those sure were the times. We were a force to be reckoned with. Why should that just be a thing of the past?”

Freedom Fighter: “It shouldn’t. As a matter of fact, it should be reminded of.”

Rodimus: “Then let us remind everyone.”

“I Wish I had an Angel” By Nightwish plays, the Theme song of the Goondock Saints.

Rodimus: “The Goondock Saints… are back.”

The crowd goes wild as Rodimus and Freedom Fighter salute the crowd and turn to exit.

IT’S A….

The sVo cameras head backstage to find Gunner Lang and Chris Bond lounging and joking in their locker room.

Chris Bond: “So where’s everyone’s favourite white boy?”

Gunner chuckles a little.

Gunner Lang: “I think he had to go pick up the mystery partner or something.”

Bond holds up his hands wiggling his fingers.

Chris Bond: “Ohhhhhh … the mystery partner that no ones seen and is going to guarantee our win.”

Gunner Lang: “Yeah … ha ha. »

Bond smirks as he gets serious for a moment.

Chris Bond: “I think Banks is on drugs mang.”

Gunner Lang: “No .. no … Howie isn’t on drugs.”

Chris Bond: “Gunn … for real. Last week he goes off on some poor kid, and this seek he’s freaking hugging Jeeves. C’mon man. Either that or the guys having severe mood swings.”

Before Gunner gets a chance to respond JD enters the room, white as a ghost with a manila envelope in his hand. He begins to talk in a low tone.

JD James: “Gunner … we gotta talk.”

Gunner peers over his shoulder.

Gunner Lang: “Why so glum chum … get over here. Me and Bondy are …”

Chris Bond: “Going over some important strategy for tonight.”

Gunner Lang: “Yeah … that’s it.”

JD slowly makes his way over and plops down in the sofa next to Bond across from Gunner, he turns the envelope over in his hands.

JD James: “This is serious Gunn. We gotta talk …”

JD glances over towards Bond.

JD James: “ … In private.”

Chris Bond: “Well … that’s my cue.”

Bond begins to push himself up out of the sofa.

Gunner Lang: “That’s nonsense dude. Sit down.”

Bond falls back into the sofa.

Gunner looks from Bond to JD.

Gunner Lang: “Whatever you have to say to me you can say in front of Chris … we have no secretes here.”

JD sighs and rolls his eyes.

JD James: “All right then … if you’re sure.”

JD reaches across passing Gunner the envelope. Gunner looks at it puzzled.

Gunner Lang: “What’s this?”

JD points at the envelope.

JD James: “That … that there arrived earlier today. What it states Gunner is that some unknown woman has come forward claiming that you are the father of her child.”

Bonds jaw drops as Gunner rips into the flipping through the letter.

Gunner Lang: “What kind of joke is this, that’s impossible. I don’t have any kids. I’d know …”

JD James: “It gets better Gunn … he or she … he or she is an employee of sVo.”

Gunner drops the envelope in front of him.

Gunner Lang: “No … no this can’t be right.”

Bond looks from JD to Gunner as he leans over placing a hand on Gunner’s shoulder.

Chris Bond: “I’m on the case Gunn … we’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Peter Gilmour vs. Xak White vs. TJS

There are rumblings that can be heard from the crowd as the ring technicians prepare the ring for the hardcore match that is about to ensure. It might not be a main event, but a lot is at stake in this match. Peter Gilmour arguably has the most to gain or lose as he is the established veteran talent in this match. A win here could really give him a push towards the X-Treme title that he so desperately craves. Xak White and TJS are also looking to put on a great show after the display that they treated the fans too the week before. TJS picked up the pinfall win in that match, but Xak White has been chomping at the bit to get back in the ring and settle the score.

Suddenly and without warning, the sVo tron lights up and over the PA system we hear…

All I’ve ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled
It is in my hands, I must not fail, I must not fail

Even through the darkest days
This fire burns always
This fire burns always

This is the broken ground
Misery begins to rise
Turn away from yesterday
Tomorrow’s in my eyes

Nevermore to be held down
By the wings against me
Nevermore to be cast aside
This day is mine

“This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage plays and the fans stand up and give a decent sized pop as TJS makes his way out from the backstage area. He walks onto the stage with a smirk on his face he stops and looks on each side of the arena and crosses his arms on his chest looks down closes his eyes and quickly spread out his arm doing rock on taunt and pyrotechnic explodes. The fans go crazy and TJS get ready to run down ramp and he goes full blast down ramp. TJS slides into the ring and stands up runs to the turnbuckle climbs up and looks at the members of the crowd and lift his arm doing Rock on taunt. TJS leans forward and jumps before doing a back flip off the turnbuckle. TJS walks to the ropes takes off his shirt and throws it into the crowd and they fight for it. TJS walks to the center of the ring and waits for his scheduled opponents.

After a few seconds, lights begin flashing and the first chord is struck from the guitar. Pyros burst three times with the first three hard hits of the drums as the first lyrics are sung,

“1, 2, 3, GO!”

Xak comes down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans along the way to the ring and rolls underneath the bottom rope. In the ring he steps up on the far ropes and raises one hand in the air. After a moment he does back flip from the middle rope towards the center of the ring. The music begins to fade and Xak and TJS stand in opposite corners of the ring, focused on each other.

Before anything can happen between the two competitors in the ring though, “Walk with me in HELL” can be heard. The lights go out in the arena and the beginning chords of Lamb of God’s “WALK WITH ME IN HELL” begin to play. The lights then turn red and Rose begins to make her way out to the ramp. She looks over the crowd and begins to laugh. Soon after, a series of taunting boo’s can be heard as Mr. Xtreme himself, Peter Gilmour comes out from the shadows. He wears a dark red cloak with no hood and the words “Xtreme” on the back. Peter meets Rose and both of them throw up an “X” as fire emits in the same fashion behind them. The duo goes to the ring, ignoring the fans comments towards them. Rose gets into the ring first and Peter follows behind her. Peter goes into the middle of the ring stretches out his arms and rolls his eyes in back of his head ala the Undertaker, as the lights come back on. Rose takes off Peter’s cloak and Peter looks at opponents, who are each ready to fight.

The bell sounds and the match is underway!

TJS and Xak immediately sprint forward and start trading rights and lefts in the center of the ring. Neither man really seems to be getting an advantage as Peter Gilmour is content to just watch from the turnbuckle with a smirk on his face. Back and forth they go and it’s finally Xak White who gets the upper hand as he ducks under a sloppy right hand and connects with a reverse neckbreaker. White goes for the pinfall… one… two… Gilmour with the save, via a vicious boot to the small of Xak White’s back. Gilmour goes to work now as TJS shakes out the cobwebs. Gilmour with a forearm chop to Xak’s chest, and another, White backed up against the turnbuckle now, Gilmour connects with a well placed elebow to the face which might have just temporarly knocked Xak White out. White is dazed now on the turnbuckle and Gilmour signals that it’s time for something big… what’s this? TJS from behind! TJS just spun Peter Gilmour around… TJS ducks a predictable left hand from Gilmour, boot to the midsection, DDT! TJS goes for the cover… one… two… Gilmour kicks out!

TJS back to his feet now and he goes to work on the midsection of Peter Gilmour as Rose screams for her man to get up at ringside. TJS with a big boot, and another, now he’s pointing towards the top rope, TJS is going to go airborn, he’s looking to end this right now. TJS gracefully leaps up to the top rope and lifts his arms in the air, taunting the fans a bit… before he can take off though, it’s Xak White who throws his body into the ropes, sending TJS crashing to the outside! Xak White now, falls down on top of Gilmour for a pinfall attempt… one… easy kickout for Peter Gilmour and the fans are on their feet and cheering on this highly paced action.

It’s Gilmour and Xak White now, toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Gilmour connects with a clubbing right hand which sends White back into the ropes, Gilmour sprints forward… clothesline! Gilmour with a vicious clothesline that just sent Xak White over the top rope and to the outside of the ring, where he just joined TJS! Gilmour now, Gilmour is not about to let anyone steal this match from him, he’s going outside and it looks like things are about to get taken to the X-Treme!

On the outside now, TJS has slowly made his way back to his feet, but what’s this? Rose just jumped on TJS’ back! Rose now, raking the eyes of TJS! TJS is down to one knee… oh my god! Vicious snapmare takedown and Rose just folded up like an accordion! Gilmour now, Gilmour drops Xak White throat first on the metal barricade at ringside and the fans give a pop. What’s this? Gilmour turns around and sees Rose is hurt… Gilmour now, Gilmour just snapped! Look at the intensity in Peter Gilmour’s eyes as he makes his way towards TJS. TJS throws a couple ineffective right and left shots to the body of Peter Gilmour, but the enraged man just absorbs them. Gilmour now, Gilmour with a football style tackle which sends TJS right into the steel steps and forces another loud pop from the crowd. Peter Gilmour is a man posessed now! What’s he doing? Gilmour is looking underneath the ring… he just picked up a god damn fire extinguisher! Gilmour now, Gilmour just emptied the contents of the fire extenguisher all over TJS! TJS is covered in white foam and the fans are beside themself, that might have been an sVo first!

Gilmour now, turns his attention back towards Rose as both of his opponents are incapicated for the moment. He walks over to his ‘manager’ and she starts to come too, but is still very dazed… uh ho, look out Peter… Xak White with a clothesline! White with a clothesline and Peter Gilmour’s neck just snapped back. White goes for the cover… one… two… TJS breaks it up! What a match!

TJS now and White, both going at it on the outside of the ring. TJS gets the upper hand, he goes to slam White’s head into the metal guardrail… NO! Counterd by White who gets his hand out… White now, White with a surge of adreneline… TJS’ head bounces off that metal guardrail and he goes down like a sack of bricks… White with yet another pinfall attempt… one… two… NO! Kickout! Both men back to their feet now… they lock up… LOOK OUT! Fire extinguisher to the side of TJS’ head! Peter Gilmour just knocked TJS out with that vicious shot. Xak White now, White with a shot to the back of Peter Gilmour’s head, White follows it up with a forearm shot to the small of Gilmour’s back. White now, White measuring it up, he’s going to send Gilmour flying into that unforgiving steel ringpost. White gets it set up… REVERSAL! Peter Gilmour reverses it at the last minute and it’s Xak White who goes flying face first into the steel ringpost, he’s busted wide open and the fans are screaming from the rafters now as… what’s this? Rose is back on her feet, she tosses Peter the fire extinguisher. Peter just nailed an unconcious TJS with that fire extinguisher, TJS is bleeding now… Gilmour goes for the pinfall attempt… one… two… this one is over!

RESULT: Peter Gilmour def. Xak White & TJS


The cameras once again catch up to one of sVo’s newest addition to the roster, Mad Max as he comes walking out of the men’s room. Just as he walks out of the bathroom he looks up and spots a familiar face heading his way with their heads down oblivious to everything around them.

“Well if it isn’t my old buddy Steve…” Max says with a snarl.

Psyko Stevo looks up and spots Max standing there blocking the bathroom door with that jack ass smirk of his. Stevo walks up to Max shaking his head side to side as he says, “I’d ask how Hostility’s doing but the mere fact that you’re here tells me what I already know… Hell, I was telling Jon and company that you boys would go under even before Hostile Violence hit the airwaves!”

Max steps forward to stand chest to chest with the Number One contender. Stevo simply smiles at Max as Max says, “You got lucky last time and you know it.”

Stevo bursts out laughing, mocking Max before saying, “You’ve got to be kidding me. Lucky? Luck had nothing to do with kicking your ass at Hostile Violence, in fact I don’t even recall breaking a sweat!”

“Well how about we break a sweat right now…” Max says but then stops looking off to the camera with a regretful look in his eye as if he should have re-worded that last bit.

Stevo simply shakes his head as if in disapproval before pushing past Max as he walks into the bathroom. Max remains outside whispering to himself, “How about we break a sweat right now? Seriously?” Max storms off down the hall leaving Stevo in the restroom behind him.


As Katie Smith stands in the middle of the ring ‘Pretty Vegas’ by Inxs hits the sound system and the fans cheer as Presidential candidate Johnny All Star makes his way down the entrance ramp to the ring! All Star has a microphone in his hand and looks to be in a good mood as he climbs into the ring and walks around taunting the fans.

‘Tainted Love’ by PCD hits the sound system and the fans go wild as the sexy Paige steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with Scott Love! Paige poses for a few seconds for the fans before slowly walking down the entrance ramp, occasionally winking at the camera, before stepping up into the ring and as the referee, timekeeper and announcers all fall over them selves trying to be the one to hold the ring ropes down for her.

‘Woke Up This Morning’ by A3 hits the sound system and the fans boo as the gold lights flash around the arena. After a few seconds, Anthony Moretti steps onto the entrance ramp with his hands in the air. Moretti slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, ignoring the boos of the fans. Anthony Moretti cockily steps up onto the ring apron, before climbing through the ropes and into the ring. Acting like the superstar he thinks he is, Anthony Moretti raises both hands in the air, however receives nothing but boos from the fans.

Katie Smith – “Well we have all three candidates here tonight, and now it is time to announced the results of the sVo Presidential election of 2008!”

The excitement grows in the crowd as all three candidates look on nervously as Katie Smith opens the envelope and prepares to read the winner of the election.

Katie Smith – “The winner of the sVo Presidential election of 2008 by an overwhelming majority…… ANTHONY MORETTI!”

There is a few seconds of stunned silence from the crowd until they burst into boos. How could someone as universal unpopular as Anthony Moretti ever win this election? Anthony Moretti steps forward cockily and snatches the microphone out of Katie Smith’s hand.

Anthony Moretti – “Thank you all very much!”

There is a chorus of boos from the fans as Anthony Moretti cockily waves to them as Johnny All Star and Paige look stunned.

Anthony Moretti – “I would just like to say as my first piece of official business as sVo President that……”

Anthony Moretti doesn’t have a chance to finish his sentence as “Touche’” by Godsmack hits the sound system and a mixed reaction from the crowd greets the arrival of ‘009’ Chris Bond at ringside! Bond makes his way down to the ring, before climbing up and looking across smiling at Anthony Moretti.

Anthony Moretti – “What are you doing out here? If your going to suck up by being the first to congratulate me, I just want you to know that….it might work!”

The crowd boo Moretti’s poor attitude, however Chris Bond has other ideas.

Chris Bond – “I’m afraid not Anthony. As you may know, both Paige and Johnny All Star have hired my over the last few weeks to dig some dirt on the other during this presidential campaign.”

Paige and Johnny All Star both look at each other, slightly embarrassed by the revelation.

Anthony Moretti – “Yeah, fat lot of good that did. They BOTH LOST!”

Chris Bond – “Did they?”

Anthony Moretti – “What are you stupid?”

Chris Bond – “I’m not stupid, and neither is the rest of the world Anthony. Did you really think we wouldn’t find out?”

Anthony Moretti – “Find out what?”

Moretti seems to be getting increasingly agitated with Bond.

Chris Bond – “Well lets just have a little look at what my spy cameras picked up earlier…. Roll the footage!”

The footage rolls on the V-Tron, and earlier tonight Anthony Moretti is seen sneaking into the vote counting room!

Anthony Moretti shakes his head, looking increasingly red faced.

Anthony Moretti – “There must be some kind of mistake. You photoshopped that or something!”

Chris Bond – “It’s there for the world to see Anthony. You rigged the god damn election! How the hell else would someone as unpopular as you win?”

The crowd boo Anthony Moretti as Paige steps forward to take control of the microphone.

Paige – “I think we have seen enough. Take him the hell out of here!”

Scott Love steps forward and grabs hold of Anthony Moretti who snarls at Paige.

Anthony Moretti – “You think your clever don’t you? Just wait. You will ALL be sorry!”

Anthony Moretti is escorted down the entrance ramp by the giant security guard Scott Love to the cheers from the crowd.

Johnny All Star – “Well I guess this means a recount next week on Showdown?”

The crowd boo, wanting the first ever sVo President to be announced tonight!

Paige – “Unless….

Paige looks at Johnny All Star with a smile in her eye.

Johnny All Star – “Lets hear it then.”

Paige – “We are both already competing tonight against each other as my team takes on your team in the Organised Chaos match.”

The fans cheer at the mention of tonight’s Organised Chaos match which is still to come.

Paige – “How about we put everything on the match. Which ever team wins then me or you win the presidency.”

All Star takes a few seconds to think about the offer by extending his hand to Paige.

Johnny All Star – “Your on.”


Backstage at the O2 arena, the masked figure of Night bounces nervously in a quiet corridor. Not normally a nervous character, Night seems agitated – but fighting two of the biggest matches in your career in one night would be enough to make even the calmest of us jittery.

Spotting something though, a serious look comes to Night’s face and his bouncing ceases immediately.

‘The Hope’ Isaac White. Night’s rival of the past two months strides confidently up to the masked man, the International Championship strapped proudly across his chest like a bandolier. White smiles knowingly at Night.

WHITE: Nervous, mate?

NIGHT: No more than usual.

WHITE: Finally wised up then?

Night glowers at White.

NIGHT: How do you mean?

WHITE: Finally realized what you were asking for, boy? Suddenly hit by the revelation that I tried to walk away ’cause I didn’t want to hurt you anymore than I already have?

Moving in close, White again grins broadly, this time only inches from Night’s masked face.

WHITE: Too bloody late, mate. You’ve asked for this – nothing you can do now but hope I leave you in good enough nick to get through Organized Chaos.

NIGHT: We’ll see.

WHITE: Ah, the words of a winner in the making. So, what is it that you hope to get from this then?

NIGHT: This little rivalry between us… it ends here. I will take your title from you, the trophy commemorating my victory in our war.

WHITE: I don’t think you’ve got it in you.

NIGHT: We’ll see.

With that, Night brushes past White and storms down a corridor and out of sight.


The London crowd screams for move sVo action, however they are denied as the lights dim. The intro guitar of “Zero” by the Smashing Pumpkins hits the PAs, and fog begins to fill up the ramp. A chorus of boos greet the man who walks out, a foreign title around his waist. He smirks and walks down to the ring.

The crowd are having non of it, and they throw garbage at this invader. He rolls under the bottom rope and stands in the centre of the ring, until he is handed a mic by the timekeeper. He looks at it for a moment.

Zero: Shhhh… Shhhh…

He gestures for the crowd to quiet down.

Zero: That’s better. Now, some of you who actually watch REAL wrestling may have seen me compete before as The Nightmare. However, to provide you people with some real entertainment, I have lowered my standards and travelled out here to London, to officially announce that I am a working member of the sVo.

The crowd boos this announcement; Zero grins, and continues on.

Zero: You know why you boo me? Because, dear Londoners, I pose a htreat to this sVo you love so much. A degree of talent has finally arrived! You can rest easy. More guys will follow me.

Zero pauses for a mmoment, and then raises the mic to his mouth again.

Zero: To steal a quote from a rival company… Now that Zero is here, business is picking up!

Zero throws down the mic, and “Zero” resumes playing over the speakers. He exits the ring as the crowd voices their displeasure.

Chris Bond vs. Kelly Flawless

“A way to be…
You’re looking down again…
Just let it be…
And I’d only do for you what you’d do for me…
And I only would do for you what you’d do for me…”

“Touche’” by Godsmack begins to play around the arena and a mixed reaction is heard from the fans as the cocky Chris Bond makes his way down the entrance ramp. Bond keeps his eyes focused on the ring as he slowly makes his way towards the arena for battle, managing to slap a few lucky fan’s hands, before climbing up into the ring. Bond looks focused as he warms up in the corner of the ring as the sVo ring announcer announces him to the crowd.

Aerosmith’s ‘Dream On’ catalyzed a chorus of jeers that resonated throughout the arena like a gunshot. The SVO faithful had rose to their feet in unison to express their amalgamated detest. It seemed as though it was something that broke the bounds of kayfabe; they had a genuine hatred for Kelly Flawless. And the only thing that superseded the intense reaction he received, and the profound dislike that the fans shared towards him, was the disturbing smirk he wore as he parted the entranceway curtain. The Blonde Bomber actually enjoyed their reaction.

He marched down the steel ramp, cackling to himself – feeding off their resentment. He had taken multiple shots at them, but he didn’t care; in his mind, he was second only to God. And even that line was a little blurred at some times.

He rolled under the bottom rope, his hair sparkling like the death of a thousand stars. His mouth was a like an out of control automatic weapon – unloading at anything that came near. He was in the ring for one sole purpose: to back up the rounds that his lips were firing.

As Flawless and Bond stared at each other across the ring, the referee made his final preparations before calling for the bell to be rung. A cheer from the crowd follows as Flawless and Bond slowly move forward before exploding into a flurry of right hands. Both men trade blows as Flawless quickly comes out on top, backing Bond into the ring ropes. Bond throws an attempted clothesline as Flawless looking to take him down, however Flawless ducks under the right hand and quickly takes Bond with a German suplex before going to a cover early on in the match.

Bond quickly kicks out of the pin attempt and gets back to his feet as the crowd watch on anxiously at the climax of this two-month feud. Bond makes his way towards Flawless, but Flawless knocks him away with another punch before laying into his opponent with some chops across the chest. Bond stumbles backwards a few steps before Flawless nails him with a kick to the gut. Bond doubles over before being taken down to the mat by Flawless with a snap suplex. Flawless rises to his feet looking very pleased with himself for gaining the upper hand in the match, but receives only boos from the sold out London crowd.

Flawless laughs off the reaction from the crowd before grabbing Bond by the arm and sending him hard into the corner of the ring. Bond hits the turnbuckle and bounces out a few steps, as Flawless runs at him looking for a splash. Flawless connects with a splash in the corner causing Bond to become compressed between Flawless and the turnbuckle. Bond stumbles away from the corner, and Flawless takes him down with a snap neckbreaker. With Bond on the mat, Flawless cockily taunts him before eventually going for the cover. P> 1..


No! Flawless’s cockiness may have cost him there by not going for the cover earlier. Flawless doesn’t look happy as he rises to his feet and stares at the referee. The referee tells Flawless that it was only two as he turns to pull Bond up to his feet by his hair. Flawless sends Bond into the ropes and looks for a back body drop on his opponent, however Bond sees the move coming and counters with a kick to the face on Kelly Flawless as he bounces back! Flawless staggers backwards from the blow, allowing Bond to take him down with a spear before laying into him with mounted punches!

The fans cheer Bond on as he allows Flawless to get to his feet. Flawless looks for a punch on Bond to gain control of the match again, but Bond blocks the right hand before laying into Flawless with a flurry of punches of his own. Bond backs Flawless down before knocking him down to the mat with a huge right hand to drop him to the mat. Flawless quickly gets back to his feet, however he walks straight into a belly to back suplex from Bond who then looks for the cover!



No! The momentum was with Chris Bond, but somehow Kelly Flawless manages to get a shoulder up off of the mat just before the three can be counted! Bond looks disappointed as he stands waiting for Kelly Flawless to get back up to his feet. Kelly Flawless begins to get to his feet, but instead of standing to face his opponent, he slides out of the ring to the outside! The fans boo the actions of Kelly Flawless as he walks around the ring trying to slow the momentum of his opponent! The referee asks Kelly Flawless to get back into the ring, however Flawless seems to ignore the official! After a few seconds Chris Bond has finally seen enough as he snaps and rolls under the bottom rope himself!

Bond runs up to Flawless, and grabs him by the back of the head before slamming him into the steel ring steps! Flawless hits the steps hard and falls to the floor where Chris Bond lays into him with a series of stomps and kicks. The fans cheer Bond, not usually a fan favourite, as he continues to beat down Flawless before finally pulling him to his feet. With Flawless up, Chris Bond drops him down onto the unforgiving floor with a spinning back suplex! With Flawless down, Bond quickly grabs the legs of Flawless and locks him into the sharpshooter!

The fans pop for the submission hold as Bond applies the pressure to Flawless, and his opponent begins to tap! However as Bond looks around to the referee, he refuses to ring the bell and acknowledge the submission, because it is on the outside of the ring! Bond keeps the pressure on Flawless for a few more seconds, before finally releasing the hold! Flawless lays on the floor in pain for a few seconds, before Bond pulls him up and throws him back into the ring under the bottom rope.

Bond makes his way across the ring towards Flawless, but as Flawless rises to his feet he cuts Bond off with some right hands to the midsection! Bond doubles over, and Flawless takes him down to the mat with a DDT! The fans boo the DDT from Flawless, as he crawls over the body of Chris Bond to make the cover!



No! Bond gets a shoulder up off of the mat just when it looked as if Kelly Flawless had pulled the win out of nothing! Kelly Flawless slowly rises up to his feet, and stands waiting for his opponent to rise to his feet. Bond does, slowly, and Flawless moves quickly to grab hold of him. Flawless begins to set Bond up for the ‘Simply Flawless’ however before the Blonde bombshell can execute the move, Chris Bond spins and drops Flawless to the mat with a ‘Attitude Adjustment’!

Chris Bond hit that counter out of nowhere!

With Flawless down on the mat, Chris Bond slowly looks down at his opponent, seemingly disgusted. Deciding that he wants to inflict the maximum punishment to Flawless before the end of the match, Bond drags him up to his feet, before going behind on Flawless and locking him into the ‘Rude Awakening’!

Bond has Flawless locked into the hold and there is no escape for Mike Best’s running partner! Flawless shakes and spins and tries to free himself from the hold, but there is no where to go as Chris Bond tightens the hold even tighter! Flawless makes one last failed attempt to free himself from the hold, before finding out there is no escape and being forced to tap!

The referee calls for the bell to be rung as Chris Bond keeps the hold locked on for a few more seconds for maximum effect before finally releasing it, and allowing Kelly Flawless to sink down to the mat! The referee raises Bond’s arm in the air as 009 stares down at his defeated opponent.

RESULT: Chris Bond def. Kelly Flawless via pinfall


*As the cameras cut backstage the fans pop as we see Joseph Equinox stretching in preparation for Organized Chaos, a match that very well could rock the sVo to it’s core. Suddenly and without warning, we hear a voice from off camera.*

Voice: Hey there Joseph.

*Equinox gets up from his seated position, ready to fight. Instead of throwing a punch though, he flashes a smile as the number one contender to the sVo World Heavyweight championship himself, Psyko Stevo stands before him.*

Equinox: Stevo, hey what’s up?

Stevo: Getting ready for Organized Chaos, I see.

Equinox: Yea, it’s gonna be epic.

*Stevo walks to the side of Equinox as the Hardcore Champion resumes some light calestetics as he bounces from side to side a bit, loosening up for the match.*

Stevo: Make sure you get nice and stretched out… Organized Chaos is no joke.

*Equinox stops what he is doing and looks directly at Stevo.*

Equinox: What do you mean? How would you know?

Stevo: Well I figured you knew… I’m the last man on this planet who won an Organized Chaos match.

Equinox: Really?

Stevo: Yea, back in Dynasty Wrestling I won Organized Chaos 2 to become the World Champ.

Equinox: Ya know, I honestly didn’t know that… so tell me about the match.

*Equinox flashes a bit of a smile as he expects Stevo to boast of his glory. Instead, a vacant look comes over the face of the Psyko One as he looks down the hallway at nothing in particular.*

Equinox: Stevo? You there?

*Stevo snaps out of it as he manages a smile before looking at Equinox, placing a hand on the emerging superstars shoulder.*

Stevo: Oh, sorry… look, Organized Chaos is not just any ordinary match. Sure, some men’s careers will propel to unparalleled heights with a great showing, like mine did. Others though… aren’t so lucky.

Equinox: What do you mean?

Stevo: Legendary careers have been ended at the hands of Organized Chaos… superstars that were so sure of their abilities took to that structure and… they just didn’t make it.

Equinox: What happened to them?

Stevo: Not really that important.. look, when you’re in there, you really need to keep your head on a swivel. Just because you’re on the same team as the guy next to you, it doesn’t mean that you’re safe.

Equinox: Gotcha, anything else?

Stevo: Don’t try to be a hero… guys on your team are going to be eliminated and there is nothing you can do about it. Self preservation is the key to making it out of Organized Chaos.

*Equinox continues to smile.*

Equinox: You mean, making it out the winner, right?

*There is a brief pause as Stevo finally fakes a smile.*

Stevo: Just worry about knocking out one guy on that opposing team at a time. You can’t win when there’s four or five or six guys remaining on that other team. Make it down to that final eight, then that final six, then the final four… just stay focused.

*Equinox looks like he wants to say something else, but we see a member of sVo security approach the duo.*

Security guy: Mr. Equinox… Katie Smith wanted to see you regarding a last minute interview for Organized Chaos.

*Equinox looks at Stevo for direction.*

Stevo: Go ahead, this is your time to shine, you’ve earned it.

Equinox: Oh, okay.

*Equinox disappears down the hallway with the member of security and Stevo looks on with concern.*

Stevo: I hope you know what you’ve gotten yourself into kid… good luck.

Isaac White (c) vs. Night

A whisper…

“I’m dreaming…”

The distant chords of Deftones’ “Knife Party” cut through the PA as the arena lights cut completely. The Tron sparks to life as the words “I’m dreaming…” float onto it. As the song errupts the words are replaced by one.

A name.

” N I G H T “

An explosion of purple light as a man in a black mask appears. At least, the mask appears black at first, but on closer inspection it appears to be made of the night sky. The mask does not entirely cover the man’s head and a head of black dreadlocks stream out, tracing the man’s jaw.

The man stands at the top of the entrance ramp – motionless for a moment, his stance elegant and mysterious, giving away nothing of his motives. As usual, a loud mixed pop rises from the crowd – however tonight, and particularly in this matchup, his reaction is less positive as a loud chorus of boos can be heard for the man who will tonight face sVo’s own Englishman, Isaac White. Night pays this little attention though and looks straight at the ring with a look of pure focus and determination. As the music swirls away, the man only known as Night begins his walk to the ring – only, he doesn’t walk, it appears more of a graceful glide. Although he moves seemlessly, he moves deceptively quickly to the ring, sliding deliberately and headfirst into the ring. Once there he moves to one of the far turnbuckles where he leans back on the top rope, using it to stretch out his back.

Blackness. A piercing light falls upon the stage as ‘Requiem’ can be heard distantly in the background, gradually becoming louder and louder.

A purple mist slowly begins to unravel down the aisle, creeping across the floor in a hypnotic display of twisting, serpentine tendrils.

By this point, ‘Requiem’ is playing in full force, and “The Hope” Isaac White steps out into the spotlight, leaning on his cane with one hand and pulling his hat down low with the other, International Championship gleaming across his chest.

He is stunned as his hometown crowd make him feel extremely welcome with a huge cheer. A few boos can be heard from the sections of Night supporters scattered throughout the O2, but the crowd is definitely behind the Englishman. White basks in the warm glow of the spotlight momentarily before flicking the brim of his hat up and walking down to the ring, twirling his cane in one hand. He taps his cane on the steel steps and ascends them one step at a time. He wipes his feet on the apron and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, lowering his head and allowing his hat to roll down his arm before catching it in his hand and holding it up, with his cane in the opposite hand.

After this display, White jumps from the turnbuckle into the ring and begins to shed his entrance clothing, preparing for the task at hand and seeming to avoid any and all eye contact with Night. Across the ring the masked man stands unmoving, glaring stoically at White. The referee holds up the sVo International Title for all to see, signifying that it is on the line. Night remains motionless as White continues to play mind-games with the masked man and still refuses to even acknowledge him.

The timekeeper rings the bell and this match is underway. Uncharacteristically of Night he charges straight at Isaac who turns his back and converses with several fans in the front row. Night stops short of White a few steps, staring at him in disbelief. He angrily grabs White’s shoulder and spins him so they are face to face. White seems to admonish Night’s poor manners and returns to his conversation. The crowd buzz excitedly as the tension in the ring builds as Night clearly appears agitated. Again he turns White to face him, and again White shrugs off his aggression and returns to his conversation. Finally at breaking point, Night again turns White to face him and unleashes a very loud slap across White’s face, causing Isaac’s head to snap to the side. White angrily turns to Night and finally seems ready to fight.

White can be seen mouthing the words, “You sure you know what you’re asking for, boy?” to which Night defiantly answers in the affirmative. White repeats his question as he advances forwards, Night backing slowly into the ring but still daring White to come at him. Isaac draws back his right hand and as Night braces for the strike and focuses on White’s right hand, he is stunned as White lunges forwards and catches the masked man off-guard with a vicious headbutt which elicits a collective “ooh” from the crowd. Night stumbles backwards, dazed and White wastes no time in chasing right after him and connecting with a hard right forearm smash followed by two hard knee lifts to the chest, each of which hits the challenger so hard his feet leave the mat.

Not letting up an inch, White presses his advantage, forcing Night backwards with two hard forearms to the face. The masked man leans back on the ropes and White promptly whips him across the ring. Night bounces off the far ropes and on his return has his face introduced to the mat via a White drop-toe-hold. Isaac immediately stands and hits a knee drop across the back of Night’s ribs. White stands and shakes out his right leg. Clearing the pain somewhat, Isaac proceeds to drive a stomping boot down on Night, followed by a second, and third. Night recoils on the mat and struggles to a crawl and starts to try to make his way to his feet, his process hindered the whole way by White’s relentless attack. The masked man finds his footing and spins around slowly, trying to find his bearings, however as he turns White quickly grabs Night in a front facelock and twists, sending Night crashing to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker! He crawls on top and hooks the leg.



Night kicks out at two and White pulls him straight into a reverse chinlock. The man from Kyoto struggles to a knee but White keeps the pressure on. ‘The Hope’ shifts his grip so that he holds Night under the jaw before pummeling a hard right hand into Night’s chest, before pulling him to his feet only to drive him face first back into the mat with a reverse Russian leg-sweep, much to the delight of the majority of the crowd. Night does not stay down long however and running on adrenaline, springs right back to his feet, only to be caught in a front facelock by White, who proceeds to hook Night’s right leg with his left arm and lifting him for a Fisherman buster – only for Night to twist in midair and crash down across White’s chest, hooking his leg for the pin.




Caught by surprise, White barely manages a late kickout and returns to his feet before Night, enraged. Night stands and staggers towards White, who unleashes a VICIOUS European uppercut which snaps the challenger’s head back and sends a small ball of spittle flying. Night stumbles backwards and manages to regain his footing just as White closes in and drills Night with another huge European uppercut sending him stumbling backwards onto the ropes, which he bounces off groggily and unsteadily moves diagonally away from.

As he gains his bearings and turns to face White once more, he is met by a vicious headbutt which again sends him several steps backwards. Wasting no advantage, White charges across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and leaping at Night with a flying forearm… which Night barely ducks – sending Isaac through the ropes and to the arena floor! The crowd buzz as White lands hard and seems to be favoring his knee again somewhat. In the ring, Night leans his entire weight on the top rope, surveying the damage outside the ring. A true fighter to the end, Isaac has already begun to use the crowd barrier outside the ring to pull himself to his feet. Several fans in the front row pat him on the back encouragingly and White somehow manages to move off the barrier and towards the ring.

Spotting a dazed opponent outside the ring, Night seems to have found somewhat of a second wind as he pulls back on the top rope, leaping onto the top rope and twisting to face away from White, before flipping backwards and twisting in midair, crashing onto White with a springboard corkscrew moonsault! The crowd, despite being solidly behind White, let out a loud pop as a sea of flashbulbs capture Night’s flight. Both men lay dazed on the arena floor in the aftermath of Night’s high risk move. White starts to turn over, but loses momentum and remains on his back, trying to regain his senses. Seeing no other alternative, the referee slowly begins to count both men out, the count enticing a loud collective booing from the crowd.






Outside the ring Night manages to roll off his back and into a crawl position.


Hearing the number ‘six’ and the crowd booing, Night roughly grabs hold of White’s hair and begins to move towards the ring, forcing White to crawl after him.



Night and White approach the ring slowly, White slowly crawling along the ground on his stomach, Night half crawling, half walking – White’s hair gripped tightly in his right hand.


Finally Night slides in and right back out of the ring, breaking the count as the crowd cheer at the match continuing.

Drawing breaths deeply Night regains his composure somewhat before crossing to White, who springs up at Night, grabbing a handful of tights and falling backwards, driving Night face first into the crowd barrier! Night collapses to the ground clutching at his face as White proceeds to roll in and straight back out of the ring. Night rolls onto all fours and White smirks as he winds up and boots him hard in the midsection, driving Night into the barrier. White kicks him a second and third time before roughly grabbing Night by the hair and hoisting him to his feet. Lifting Night off his feet as if for a body slam, White proceeds to lift and drop Night face first across the ring barrier once more, causing Night to grasp at his masked face in pain. White again grabs Night by the hair and this time tosses him roughly into the ring before turning to the crowd and steadily raising a hand. The crowd cheer loudly and White seems to be enjoying being quite a solid fan favorite for once before turning back to the ring.

His distraction, however brief, has given the resilient Night enough time to regain his footing and, holding the top rope, proceeds to swing his feet through the bottom and middle ropes and connecting solidly with Isaac’s face. Isaac collapses, clutching his face in pain as Night again stands, doubled over as he draws deep breaths. Despite looking rather worse-for-wear, the sight of Isaac White laying prone outside the ring appears to be too much temptation for Night, who, digging down deep, pulls back on the top rope before launching over and crashing down onto White with a slingshot legdrop to the arena floor!! The crowd pop loudly as both men again lie on the arena floor – White has flopped onto his stomach after being drilled with Night’s huge legdrop, Night not faring much better as he lies curled up on his side clutching at his lower back.

Spotting both men down again, the referee begins another ten count…



Somewhat of a slow ten count. Hurt but not dazed, Night hears the count and immediately begins to work his way to the ring.


Night slides in and straight back out of the ring, moving straight to White and pulling him to his feet by his hair and walking him to ringside, where he proceeds to lift White’s entire upper body, before driving White’s face into the ring apron. He repeats this process four more times, before mercifully rolling a reeling Isaac back into the ring. Once inside, White instinctively crawls towards one of the corners and slumps himself against the bottom turnbuckle, only for Night to drive both of his feet into White’s face with a twisting dropkick. White looks dazed and collapses to the mat. Night wastes no time in pulling White away from the corner into the middle of the ring where he hits a stunning standing shooting star press and hooks White’s leg for the pin!




White kicks out assertively, causing Night to slap the mat in frustration. He backs up a step before flipping forward and driving his back onto White with a somersault senton, again hooking White’s leg for a pin.




White barely kicks out this time and Night leaps over White, mounting him and unleashing a flurry of lefts and rights to Isaac’s face – who covers up as best he can but still seems to be hurting from Night’s assault. Night connects with a solid right and White’s head bounces back off the mat. Finally relenting, Night stands, pulling White to his feet with him, before stunning White with a huge spinning backfist which sends the Englishman stumbling backwards. Night takes a run up and passes Isaac, heading straight for the turnbuckles. Night leaps off the middle turnbuckle, bouncing up to and off the top turnbuckle before turning in midair and catching White in a flying headscissors – flipping him over with a double jump hurricanrana which sends White crashing into the middle of the ring.

Running on his momentum, Night springs to his feet and immediately crosses to White, pulling him to his feet and dropping him straight back to the mat with a rolling double-underhook DDT – Sandman DDT! The crowd pop for one of Night’s signature move and the cheers elevate as Night stands and points to the top turnbuckle.

With no further hesitation, Night runs straight at the top turnbuckle, before springing to the top turnbuckle with assistance from the top rope, where he twists to face the downed White. A sea of flashbulbs erupt around the arena as Night stands, before launching off the top turnbuckle and gaining huge elevation, before dropping down hard across the chest of White! SSP! He hooks White’s leg for the pin.




And the referee holds up… two fingers! Night can’t believe White kicked out of the SSP and covers his face in his hands as he rolls back on the mat. White convulses on the mat from the impact of that last move as Night stands, frustration thinly glowing through his otherwise calm exterior. Across the ring, Night spots White on all fours, starting to stumble to his feet. Night swiftly crosses the ring behind White and again leaps to the top turnbuckle, where he turns to face White and waits, perched on the top turnbuckle.

As White turns to face Night, Night stands, leaping off the top turnbuckle at White with a high cross body – only for White to sidestep it and drive his knee upwards…

… connecting directly with Night’s face with a modified Go 2 Sleep type move! The crowd erupt for this incredible counter as Night’s head snaps back in midair and he crashes hard onto the mat.

The move however seems to have taken some toll on Isaac who collapses back to the mat once again clutching at his knee, however he is in no way in as bad a condition as Night who lies in a heap on the mat nearby.

The referee, surveying the carnage in the ring rushes to check on both competitors. White assures the referee his is fine and the official moves to Night who seems to be non-responsive. Seeing his rival out for the count, White painfully manages to crawl his way to the downed Night and drapes an arm over him.




Again the referee holds up two fingers! Unbelievably Night has somehow managed to kick out of that huge counter and White can barely believe it now. Groggy and still dazed from Night’s SSP, White crawls to the ropes and uses them to begin to climb to his feet. Finally standing, he leans on the top rope for support as he watches Night… waiting.

Night meanwhile shakes his head, clearly trying to clear the cobwebs and is clearly very disoriented. He manages to sit up but sways heavily to one side, barely catching himself with his right arm. Using his arm for support, Night plants a foot on the mat and unsteadily pushes himself back into a standing position. He turns towards Isaac, giving ‘The Hope’ a tiny but vital opening. Isaac, the grizzled veteran wastes no time in baseball sliding between Night’s legs, before springing up to his feet and dropping Night with The Cure!!

This one is over! He hooks Night’s leg.




However, the bell doesn’t ring and once again, the referee holds up… TWO FINGERS! White is beside himself as he questions the referee. The referee indicates Night’s shoulder which rests a mere inch from the mat, White stands and boots the bottom rope in frustration. The battered and exhausted White brushes the hair from his face and, smelling victory moves to Night, pulling him to his feet and setting him up for another Cure! As White turns over Night though, Night somehow manages to tuck both legs up and flips himself over and back onto his feet, now behind White. Night bends and scoops Isaac onto his shoulders, face up.

White struggles and thrashes against a weary Night, who stands with a mixed look of pain, focus and determination. Night grits his teeth as he charges forwards a few steps, driving White’s head to the side and sending him face first into the mat – INVERTED DREAMING!!!

Isaac bounces from the impact and lands face down several feet away. Night lies stunned on the mat, the damage sustained throughout the match and the effort of that last move clearly showing. Spotting White lying motionless nearby seems to snap Night back to his senses however and he crawls towards Isaac, weakly managing to roll him over and draping an arm over his chest!




And finally the referee calls for the bell and this match is over! Night remains motionless, sprawled on the mat with an arm draped over White’s chest. The timekeeper hands the sVo International Championship to the referee who crosses to the two downed figures and raising the hand of Night. Despite being solidly behind White the entire match, the crowd stand as they applaud the ferocious efforts of both competitors. As Night is handed the title it seems to dawn on him what just happens and, re-envigorated, staggers to his feet where the referee again hoists his arm up by the wrist, Night proudly holding the International Title above his head in the other.

At the top of the entranceway, Paige appears with two referees and a concerned look on her face. She stands near the entrance as the referees rush down to the ring and signal to Night, who immediately follows them out of the ring. Once there the two referees hurriedly assist Night back up the entrance ramp towards Paige. Understandably, Night is the least eager of the group and shakes hands with fans along the way. As he is lead backstage, he again triumphantly lifts the title belt in the air.

Meanwhile in the ring, Isaac White starts to come to his senses as the referee helps him to a seated position. The two exchange words and the referee says something that appears to be of an urgent nature to the timekeeper. Within moments two medics rush down the aisle and side into the ring. They speak to Isaac who indicates his knees. One of the medics starts to say something into his walkie-talkie, but White says something to him and the man stops. White indicates the crowd and the man puts his radio away, instead putting one of White’s arms around his neck, the other medic following suit on the other side. Together they stand, pulling White up with them. As they do, the crowd erupt with a huge cheer for arguably the greatest International Champion in sVo history… to date anyway. White seems genuinely moved by this and waves awkwardly before being helped out of the ring.

RESULT: Night def. Isaac White via pinfall


The cameras once again catch up to Mad Max as he walks through the back halls of the O2 Arena in London, England. As Max walks along the halls he continues to take swig after swig of Jack Daniels and continues to push his shopping cart of garbage. Soon after navigating the twists and turns throughout the arena he stumbles upon a door marked “Team Paige” and without knocking he opens the door and steps forward.

Upon entering the room Max immediately feels the tension in the room as he spots Alex Ross in the center of the room all eyes on him. The rest of the guys are seated in a circle surrounding Ross. Noir is sitting in a chair next to an open locker with his gear all laid out ready for him to change, next to him is Blaze and Shredder who seem to whispering to each other. Next in line is the masked superstar Night whose in the process of taking a deep drink from his bottled water. There is an empty spot between Night and Kaden Alonzo where Alex Ross was seated before Max arrived. That leaves Travis Williams in the only other vacant seat looking up at Alex Ross with a look of intrigue on his face.

Ross looks around at his seven teammates for tonight’s event and eventually breaks the awkward silence. “Well now that we’re all here, I’d like to address the group, so if we could all pay attention for a moment, that would be great. I don’t like any of you. You guys probably don’t like me. I’m okay with that, really. The fact of the matter is, I could take the double-you in this contest myself if it weren’t for my neck injury… But since I am clearly an broken man, I am going to have to do something I would never normally do. I’m willing to cut you guys a deal… You’re with me or you’re against me tonight, you got it? Anyone of you fucking pee-ons pull anything funny against ‘The Pefect Ten’, and you might find yourself in a bad place and none of these other guys are going to want to help you. We’re all going out there tonight for one thing, the win, and I know that if anyone turns their back on any other teammates, that it becomes every man for himself. We are not friends. When we win this match, do not think that it makes us friends. Clear? As a reward for the win, however, I will offer autographs at the after party for those who make it to the end along side me, if it helps any. Alright, I’m out. I’ll leave you ladies to plot against me behind my back.”

Alex Ross laughs to himself and with that said, Alex Ross turns and walks out pushing past Mad Max as he leaves the room. Everyone remaining inside looks to each other with a mixture of confusion and a bit of anger and resentment on their faces. Travis Williams, whose sitting near an open locker with his Las Vegas title comfortably in his lap, looks up and says with sarcasm, “What a pep talk…”

A few of the guys have a chuckle at that but when everything dies down once more, there is a very uneasy feeling in the air. Everybody feels it but no one can put their finger on it. As Max walks over to take a seat between Kaden Alonzo and Night he gives a head nod to each.

“I don’t know about you guys,” Noir says which causes everyone to turn their heads to look his way. “If we’ve got any chance of winning we’ve got to get on the same page…”

There are quite a few nods of agreement from everyone in the room. Noir nods his head in response and continues to say, “I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want to walk out there tonight only to lose to the likes of “Hollywood” Howie Banks, or his partner Gunner Lang!”

Blaze jumps up out of his chair and says, “Hell no! I’m not losing to those two, not again! It took the two of them AND their buddy JD to knock me out of that tag title match. I got them covered this time around. Double Dragons have this match won, but if we have the rest of you then we might as well all do this together. We got a good team in this room, Nighty, Noir, Kaden, Max. If Rossy keeps his confidence up and really does take down a few guys himself, well, that just leaves less for us to do, and we can beat Team All-Star with even seven men. If he doesn’t wanna be apart of this team, then he’s expendable, more so than Willy over here.” BlaZe stares Travis Williams down.

Shredder nods his head in agreement as he too steps up out of his chair and says, “I wouldn’t worry about those two, we’ve got a little something up our sleeves for the two of them!”

Travis slides the belt off his lap, and slowly stands, avoiding to draw attention to himself. He shoves Shredder out of his seat, and instantly grabs BlaZe by the throat. Shredder jumps up, but pauses as he watches helpless. “What did I tell you, you snot nose punk bitch?” Travis whispers in a heavy tone. “Last week, I decided to let you walk away on your own, minus some blood. You keep disrespecting me, and you’ll never return to Canada after tonight.” Travis somewhat screams as he drops BlaZe.

He slowly walks over and grabs the Las Vegas title, letting it dangle near the ground. He looks over at Noir, Night, Max, and Kaden, “I do not know about any of you, but I’ve got a match to win. You can either join in, or be reduced to losers like those two.” Travis eyes Shedder and BlaZer. “Unlike them, yall have golden futures, they barely have curtain jerking futures. Respect is a key feature boys, learn to give it, or learn the punishment for not! Either way, team or not, you two were not the names I gave Paige, I don’t need either of you crowding me!”

Travis walks out the locker room, leaving the door open on his exit. As Travis walks out Max walks to the center of the room shaking his head in dissaproval.

“First we get Alex’s wonderful pep talk…” Max begins as everyone turns their heads and eye his way. “Then the train gets a rolling with Noir and BlaZe only to be derailed by our fine Las Vegas champ! If we’ve got any chance of winning we’re going to have to band together and do it as a team! I don’t know any of you guys and I don’t care to… I just want to win and if putting difference aside for one night will get me that win then that’s what’s got to be done.”

With that said Max looks around the room and sees heads nodding once again in accord. From the corner of the room, a distant voice rings out from one of the men seated there, who up until this point had remained silent.

“You’re right, Max,” chimes in Night, “We know these guys on Team All-Star and what they’re capable of. But lets not forget who we have sitting here in this locker room and… err… the two who stormed out. If we can put aside any egos just for this one match, we can pull through this match.” The masked man pauses, looking around the room at those nodding along with him. “We have no reason or excuse for losing this, other than letting egos and personal glory outshine the task at hand.”

With that said the floor is left open. Noir walks to the center of the room, Max follows, followed by Night, Blaze, Shredder and Kaden who shrugs his shoulders before joining the team. Together, huddled in a circle they all put their hands in.

“Team Paige on three…” Noir explains. “One… Two… Three!”

“TEAM PAIGE!” Everyone barks raising their hands in victory. With that said the scene begins to fade leaving these individuals to get ready for the upcoming battle.

IT’S TIMEThe camera fades in backstage on Team All-Star, standing around the locker room, ready for the Organised Chaos match… The locker room door opens, and Johnny All-Star and JD James walk in.

All-Star: I see you’re all ready for tonight then… Remember guys, this is the biggest match the sVo has ever seen. I’m counting on you all.

Team All-Star murmur amongst themselves, however Gunner Lang steps forward.

Gunner: Where the hell is the mystery member of our team?

All-Star and JD look and each other and exchange a glance.

All-Star: He isn’t here… He is at another location. He’ll show up. And when he does, believe me, victory is guaranteed.

Bond: We sure are risking a lot on this guy… Who is he, anyway?

All-Star: I can’t tell you… That was one of the conditions of getting him on the team. He didn’t want anyone to know who it was.

Equinox: That seems a little… weird.

All-Star: He isn’t like normal people, you could say.

Gunner: And why did you stick us with the rookie?

All-Star: Who?

Howie: Nathan Paradine.

Paradine, who is sitting on a low wooden bench, looks up and glares at Howie.

All-Star: I made a deal with Nathan. We discussed this.

Bond: But why?

Paradine stands up, and looks at his teammates. He takes a deep breath.

Paradine: Listen, guys, I know that I’m the rookie here… I know that if it was up to any of you, I’d probably be on the undercard, wrestling a dark match. Or fighting Peter Gilmour, it’s the same thing… Anyway, I just want to tell you…

Paradine pauses for a moment and thinks over his next words carefully.

Paradine: It is a great honour to be fighting with you tonight. I mean, look… I’m going to be competing with the Hollywood Gunnz, the sVo Tag Team Champions!

He points and Gunner and Howie as he says this.

Paradine: I’ll be fighting alongside Joseph Equinox, the Hardcore Champion!

He points at Equinox, who is casually leaning against a locker.

Paradine: And I can’t forget the HoV, Brock and Hooligan!

He then gestures at the two men sitting on the bench next to him.

Paradine: And finally, Chris Bond himself. I guess what I’m trying to say guys is… I’m a bum. I shouln’t be here in this locker room with you all tonight. I’m nothing compared to all of you. But I swear that tonight, we will win. If we have to go to hell and back, if we have to crack a few skulls to do it, by God, we WILL stand victorius afterwards! And then maybe, after we have won, and the celebrations have ended… I hope I have your respect.

Gunner nods, and extends a hand forwards. Paradine accepts, and they shake.

Gunner: You were always a part of the team, boy. Now c’mon. Let’s go kick some ass.

All-Star: It’s time!

The scene fades out, just as the cheers of the crowd reaches the locker room… Organised Chaos is near.

sVo Presents ‘Countdown to Violence’ 2008
29th June 2008
Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada
Live On PPV


Backstage at the O2 Arena, newly crowned sVo International Champion Night sits triumphantly on a bench, leaning his head wearily against a locker.

He looks battered and beaten, but the glow emanating from his face beams as brightly as the light reflecting off the shiny golden belt resting proudly over it’s new owner’s waist. To Night’s right a door swings open and through it steps the blonde-haired sVo General Manager, Presidential Hopeful and Organized Chaos Captain – Paige Johnson. Paige moves straight into the room and surveys Night with a mixed look of pride and concern.

PAIGE: Congratulations, champ! An impressive win you had out there just before.

NIGHT: Thank you.

Night beams proudly as Paige’s expression turns more serious.

PAIGE: You’ve still got your work cut out for you – you’re going to war out there, I hope you realize that.

NIGHT: I’m aware of what’s ahead.

PAIGE: How are you feeling?

Night looks down at the golden belt sitting in his lap and back up at Paige.

NIGHT: Never better.

Paige smiles, relieved.

PAIGE: Glad to hear it. I’ll leave you to prepare – good luck.

With that, Paige turns and leaves the locker room as Night straightens a kneepad still askew from the prior match.

Team ALL STAR – Gunner Lang, Howie Banks, Chris Bond, Brock, Hooligan, Nathan Paradine, Joseph Equinox + Mystery Opponent
Team PAIGE – Noir, Travis Williams, Alex Ross, Kaden Alonzo, Night, Blaze, Shredder and Mad Max

The fans cheer as the ominous structure hanging from the top of the 02 Arena slowly begins to descend down towards the ring. As the lights dim there are spotlights flashing around the cage as it slowly reaches the ground.

The time is here, its finally time for the Organised Chaos match.

As the cage stands around the ring, the familiar riff of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck fills the arena. As the pyro goes off on the entranceway, current sVo Tag Team Champion Gunner Lang explodes onto the entrance ramp shooting off his own pyro from a gun while the sVo Tron shows Gunner and a band playing his entrance music. The fans are on their feet cheering and shout ‘Gunner’ along with the song. Gunner drops the pyro gun and runs down towards the cage and takes a long look up at the structure. After a few seconds, the referee opens the cage door for Gunner Lang and allows him to enter the Organised Chaos structure. Lang takes a look around the structure for a few seconds before climbing up into the ring and taunting to the fans.

“More Human than Human” is heard coming from the speakers, and in that same moment there is a total blackout of the arena followed by a wolf howl. A small light enlightens the ramp way entrance, showing a man covered in a red mantel standing there , looking at the ground . Noir starts his walk towards the ring without caring much about the fan reaction. Noir looks unmoved as he looks around at the Organised Chaos structure as the referee unchains the door and allows him to enter. Gunner Lang watches his opponent intensely from the ring as Noir steps through the cage door before looking up around the cage.

Noir seems to notice the weapons that are pinned to the side of the cage, however he doesn’t get much of a chance to retrieve them as Gunner Lang quickly slides out of the ring under the bottom rope as the referee locks the cage door behind the first two participants for Team All Star and Team Paige. The fans pop as Gunner Lang makes towards Noir and quickly hits him with a huge selection of right hands. Noir stumbles backwards against the side of the cage and Gunner Lang continues with the punches. The five-minute countdown to the arrival of the next competitors begins in the V-Tron as Noir manages to block a right hand from Gunner Lang. Noir grabs the Tag Team Champion by the arm and quickly throws him into the side of the cage. Gunner Lang bounces off of the steel cage and holds his head in pain, before Noir grabs him and rolls him into the ring under the bottom rope.

With Gunner Lang in the ring, Noir steps up onto the entrance ramp and looks across at his opponent. Gunner Lang is laying on the mat holding his face in pain, as Noir amazes the crowd with a springboard guillotine leg drop into the ring onto his opponent! Noir wastes no time in going for the pin and attempting to eliminate the first opponent, however Gunner Lang kicks out after a count of two! Noir pulls Gunner Lang up to his feet by his hair and throws him hard into the ropes. Gunner Lang bounces back and runs straight through Noir with a clothesline, much to the delight of all the Gunner Lang fans in the arena.

Noir slowly gets back up to his feet, however Gunner Lang quickly hammers him with some big right hands before throwing him into the corner. Noir hits the corner of the ring hard and Gunner Lang quickly follows up with a spear in the corner. Noir looks in pain as Gunner Lang continues the offence with some shoulder barges into the midsection of Noir, before stepping back and allowing Noir to fall down to the mat. With Noir laying face down, Gunner Lang hits Noir with a leg drop across the back of his neck before turning him over and making the cover.



No! Noir gets a shoulder up off of the mat and stops himself getting eliminated for his team. Gunner Lang shakes his head in dissapointment as he drags Noir back up to his feet. Gunner Lang holds Noir by the shoulders, however Noir begins to fire back on the Tag Team Champion with several punches to the midsection before taking him down to the mat with a tiger suplex! Gunner Lang looks in pain from the move however as he struggles to get to his feet, the countdown on the V-Tron reaches zero and “Joker and the Thief” by Wolfmother hits the sound system! There are cheers from the fans as Nathan Paradine runs down the entrance ramp and walks through the Organised chaos cage door! Paradine, representing team ALL STAR quickly gets into the action as he slides into the ring under the bottom rope and receives a series of stomps from Noir who is already waiting for him.

Noir is not outnumbered for long however as the sound of “Reptilia” by The Strokes is greeted with cheers from the sVo fans as Blaze makes his entrance for TEAM PAIGE! The member of the Double Dragons quickly makes his way down the entrance ramp and looks up at the intimindating structure of the Organised Chaos cage. Blaze steps through the doors to the cage, and they are quickly locked behind him by the referees on the outside. Blaze jumps up into the ring and quickly helps out his teammate Noir by cutting Gunner Lang off with some right hands. Blaze backs Lang into the corner of the ring with a series of punches, as Nathan Paradine reverses a suplex attempt of Noir and sends the ‘Wandering Wolf’ crashing to the mat.

Nathan Paradine grabs hold of Noir as he struggles back up to his feet and quickly slams him face first into the turnbuckle. Noir stumbles backwards, right into a back suplex from Paradine. On the opposite corner of the ring Blaze hammers away with right hands on Gunner Lang before clotheslining him over the top rope to the outside of the ring! Blaze quickly rolls under the bottom rope himself to the outside and stomps away on the downed body of Gunner Lang. Blaze slowly allows Gunner Lang to his feet before grabbing him by the back of the head and trying to slam him face first into the side of the cage. However Lang grabs the cage with his hands to block off the attempt from Blaze, before back elbowing Blaze in the throat! Blaze stumbles away holding his throat, as Gunner Lang runs at Blaze and nails him with a neckbreaker on the outside of the ring!

Blaze hits the unforgiving floor hard, however Gunner Lang is far from finished with him! With Blaze on the mat, Gunner Lang grabs his opponent by the legs before falling back and catapulting Blaze head first into the side of the metal cage! The crowd cheer as Blaze rolls around in agony on the outside. Back in the ring Paradine drops a big elbow across the chest of Noir as he tries to rise to his feet. Nathan Paradine pulls Noir back up to his feet and looks to hit his opponent with a big back elbow, however Noir is able to duck the arm of Paradine and send his opponent into the ropes. Paradine bounces back looking for a clothesline on Noir, however Noir once again ducks his arm. Paradine bounces off of the opposite ropes before Noir grabs him on the run and slams him down with a tilt-a-whirl slam!

On the outside of the ring Gunner Lang pulls away the ring apron and reaches under the sVo ring. The crowd cheer as Gunner Lang emerges from under the ring with a ladder, which he quickly charges at Blaze with as he begins to get to his feet. The fans cheer at the sick bump as the ladder impacts with Blaze’s forehead to send him back down to the mat. Gunner Lang looks down at his downed opponent before setting the ladder up against the side of the cage under one of the many weapons that are pinned all around the cage. Eyeing a barbed wire baseball bat, Gunner Lang begins to climb up the ladder in order to try and reach the weapon.

Gunner Lang slowly reaches the top of the ladder and reaches up for the weapon, however as he unhooks the weapon Blaze is up to his feet and he sends Gunner Lang tumbling as he dropkicks the side of the ladder! The ladder slowly tilts over, causing Gunner Lang to fall to the unforgiving floor on top of the barbed wire baseball bat! The fans rise to their feet to see the derverstation as Blaze slowly rises up to his feet looking at Gunner Lang with a shocked look in his eyes. Back in the ring Noir pounds away on Nathan Paradine with right hands as he begins to get to his feet, and he is soon joined by Blaze. Blaze and Noir take it in turns with big punches to the face of Paradine, before both men take down Paradine with a big double suplex. Noir wastes little time in making the cover on Paradine as Blaze watches on.




Many fans thought that we were about to see the first elimination right there, however Paradine gets a shoulder up off of the mat before the three can be counted by the referee. Blaze and Noir pull Nathan Paradine up off of the mat, however as they do the countdown once again reaches zero and two new entrants prepare to make their way into the organised chaos!

“Open Your Eyes” By Guano Apes hits the sound system and there are cheers around the arena as the Hardcore Champion Joseph Equinox dashes down the entrance ramp towards the ring! Equinox darts in the door to the organised chaos structure and quickly dives into the ring to help his partner Nathan Paradine by spearing down Noir. Equinox hammers Noir with mounted punches, as Blaze stomps away on Paradine, but there is only a few seconds until “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash hits the sound system and the mysterious Kaden Alonzo makes his way to the ring for TEAM PAIGE! Kaden slowly walks down the entrance ramp, making no attempt to get to the match quickly and help his team before walking through the cage door, which is promptly locked behind him.

We are now up to six men in the cage, three for Team Paige and three for Team All Star! Kaden Alonzo looks at the destruction around him as Equinox allows Noir up to his feet before throwing him hard into the ropes. Noir bounces back and Equinox drops him to the mat with a kick to the midsection followed by a DDT. Blaze continues to beat down Nathan Paradine as he drops him to the mat with a side suplex, before locking in a sleeper hold on Paradine! Alonzo makes his way around the outside of the ring as Gunner Lang begins to slowly comes to his feet. Lang is bleeding heavily after falling on the barbed wire bat he pulled down off of the side of the cage, however it doesn’t get much better for Gunner Lang as Kaden Alonzo picks up the barbed wire bat from the ground, before slashing it across the face of the Tag Team Champion.

Kaden Alonzo nails Gunner Lang a few more times with the bat before rolling into the ring with the weapon. Kaden Alonzo runs at Equiniox and slams the weapon into the side of his head! Equinox drops to the mat in pain, however as Kaden Alonzo stands over the Hardcore Champion, he doesn’t even notice as Gunner Lang slides into the ring under the bottom rope! The fans cheer as Gunner Lang runs at Kaden Alonzo and spins him around. Alonzo tries to hit Lang with the barbed wire bat again, but Gunner Lang ducks under the attempted connection before nailing Kaden Alonzo with a knee to the midsection to cause him to drop the weapon. Gunner Lang then pulls Kaden Alonzo into the air and drops him onto the barbed wire covered weapon with a body slam!

Alonzo screams in pain as the barbed wire pierces his back, but Gunner Lang can’t continue the offence for much longer as he is nailed with a headbutt from behind by Blaze to send him down to the mat. Blaze stomps away on Gunner Lang as Equinox slowly begins to rise to his feet. Equinox makes his way over to Noir and pulls him to his feet, however Noir cuts Equinox off with punches to the midsection before going for the cover with an inside cradle!



No! We nearly had our first elimination right there! Equinox struggles back up to his feet and is on the receiving end from some big right hands as Noir backs him into the corner of the ring. Kaden Alonzo slowly begins to make his way up to his feet, and he quickly looks for revenge on Gunner Lang as he takes the Tag Team Champion down with a spear. Gunner Lang makes his way up to his feet, but Alonzo soon takes him down again with a ‘Humanity’s Saviour’ in the middle of the ring before going for the cover!



Nathan Paradine jumps across to make the save for Team ALL STAR! Paradine grabs Kaden Alonzo up to his feet and throws him hard into the ropes, before taking him down with a drop toe hold.






The crowd shout out the countdown on the V-Tron as it once reaches zero! Rammstein – Bck Dich hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction as Hooligan makes his way out for TEAM ALL STAR! Hooligan quickly makes his way down to the cage and wastes no time in entering and getting in on the action against Kaden Alonzo, who last week partnered him in a six man tag team match before turning on him after the match. The four on three advantage for Team ALL STAR doesn’t last for long however as Operation Ground and Pound by DragonForce blares over the sound system signalling the arrival of martial arts expert Sensei Shredder! The fans cheer for Shredder as he quickly enters the cage and helps out his Tag Team partner Blaze by going after Nathan Paradine!

Shredder lays into Paradine with some big kicks to the midsection before knocking him down with a spinning heel kick. On the other side of the ring Kaden Alonzo is mauled with big mounted punches from Hooligan as Gunner Lang stumbles to his feet, and goes straight after Noir! Gunner Lang chops Noir across the chest before hitting his opponent with a full nelson slam to take him down to the mat! Blaze pulls up Equinox on the other side of the ring, however Equinox knocks away the arms of Blaze and throws him over the top rope to the outside!

The hardcore champion quickly follows Blaze to the outside and pulls his opponent up to his feet. Equinox nails Blaze with a knee to the midsection, before setting him up for a suplex. Equinox pulls Blaze into the air, however instead of slamming him down to complete the suplex, he throws him forward into the side of the cage! The fans cheer the move from Equinox as Blaze lays in pain! Shredder quickly makes his way out of the ring as Equinox hits the downed Blaze with kicks to his back. Shredder grabs Equinox and slams him face first into the steel cage, before hitting him with a belly to back suplex onto the ladder that was left laying on the mat from where Gunner Lang fell from the side of the cage! The Hardcore Champion looks in serious pain as back in the ring Nathan Paradine makes his way over to Noir and hits him with a knee to the kidneys as he hits Gunner Lang with punches in the corner.

Noir doubles over as Gunner Lang steps forward, and Lang and Paradine work together to slam Noir down to the mat with a double team powerbomb! The fans cheer for the huge powerbomb on Noir, as Kaden Alonzo knocks Hooligan away with some right hands. Hooligan runs at Alonzo, but Alonzo is able to adjust his footing quickly and take him down with a Pendulum Back Breaker! Alonzo stares blankly at Hooligan before pulling him up to his feet and sending him into the corner of the ring. Alonzo lays into Hooligan with kicks in the corner, before hooking both of his arms and tossing him across the ring with a double underhook suplex! With Hooligan on the mat Kaden Alonzo looks down at him before waiting for him to rise up! Hooligan does slowly rise to his feet, and Alonzo sprints forward to try and hit his ‘Hand of Destiny’ finishing move! However Hooligan sees the knockout punch coming and quickly ducks out of the way! Kaden Alonzo spins around, only to be hit with the ‘Hattrick’ from Hooligan! After hitting his finisher, Hooligan quickly makes the cover!




We have our first elimination from the Organised Chaos match and TEAM PAIGE is down one man with Kaden Alonzo eliminated from the match at the hand of Hooligan! Hooligan taunts Alonzo and gets revenge for last Sunday’s beat down of him and Brock after the match as the countdown for the new participants once again reaches zero!

Dive- By Disciple hits the sound system and the crowd cheer as TEAM ALL STAR’S Brock makes his way out towards the Organised Chaos cage! Brock looks confident as he steps through the cage door and dives straight into the action by helping out Gunner Lang and Nathan Paradine stomp down Noir! The five on three advantage lasts for a few seconds as Kaden Alonzo is helped out of the cage door by the referee before “Knife Party” by Deftones hits the sound system and the NEW International Champion Night makes his way down to the match!

Business is defiantly about to pick up!

The ring general takes a big look up at the cage structure before darting through the door and sliding straight into the ring. Team ALL STAR quickly sense that Night is in the match as Hooligan runs at the International Champion before being knocked down by a big clothesline from Night. Paradine quickly makes his way over towards Night, but Night ducks under his attempted punch and takes him down with a jaw breaker. Night hits mounted punches on Paradine as on the outside of the ring Equinox slowly begins to rise to his feet. Sensei Shredder helps his tag team partner Blaze up to his feet, however Equninox picks up the ladder he was thrown onto and quickly runs at Blaze and Shredder with it, knocking down both of the Double Dragons in one shot!

Equinox quickly pulls Shredder up to his feet and tosses him into the ring, as Night is attacked from behind by Gunner Lang. The Tag Team Champion knocks the International Champion down to the mat with a blow to the back of the head, before beginning to choke him out with his boot. The fans look on as Equinox pulls Shredder to his feet, only for Shredder to lay into him with some stiff martial arts kicks. Shredder attempts to kick Equniox’s head off, but the Hardcore Champion ducks out of the way of the kick and takes down Sensei Shredder with the ‘Digital Code’! Equinox wastes no time in making the cover!



Blaze dives into the ring!


Blaze can’t quite get their in time as things go from bad to worse for Team Paige with Shredder eliminated, giving TEAM ALL STAR a five on three advantage! Blaze lays into Equinox with a flurry of punches for eliminating his tag team partner as Hooligan and Brock grab hold of Noir. Brock and Hooligan take it in turns to hit right hands on Noir, before Brock takes him down to the mat with a sambo suplex. With Noir down on the mat, Hooligan bounces off of the ropes before landing a leg drop on the Evolution Cup winner! Night attempts to rise to his feet, however Nathan Paradine quickly moves across to help out his partner Gunner Lang by spearing Night down to the mat. Paradine hits Night with right hands as Gunner Lang makes his way to the outside of the ring. Gunner Lang quickly grabs a larger ladder from under the ring before propping it up on the outside against the side of the cage!

The fans wonder what Gunner Lang is doing as he slowly begins to climb the ladder! Blaze pulls Equinox up to his feet before hitting his finishing move on him! Blaze executes the ‘Blaze Bomb’ on Equinox to take him down, and quickly makes the cover to try and make up the disadvantage of his team having two men eliminated already!



No! The cover is broken up by Brock who pulls Blaze up to his feet. Brock Irish whips Blaze towards Hooligan, and Hooligan takes down Blaze with a spinebuster.






The countdown once again reaches zero and “Touche’” by Godsmack accompanies 009 Chris Bond to the ring as he makes his entrance to the match on behalf of Team All Star! Chris Bond jumps straight into the match and goes for Noir with some right hands, as Team Paige wait for some much needed reinforcements.


“Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest blares over the sound system and boos are heard all around the arena as ‘the one man team’ Alex Ross makes his way to the ring on behalf of Team Paige! Alex Ross quickly enters the cage door, which is just as quickly shut behind him. Ross looks around at the situation. The team he represents is heavily outnumbered with himself, Night, Blaze and Noir having to face Gunner Lang, Chris Bond, Brock, Hooligan, Nathan Paradine and Equinox!

Chris Bond clotheslines Noir over the top rope to the floor below and quickly makes his way after him as Brock and Hooligan double team Blaze with several stomps and kicks in the corner of the ring. The attention of the fans turns to Gunner Lang as he reaches the top of the ladder he has been slowly climbing and looks down at the action below from neat the top of the cage! Gunner Lang looks down at Blaze, and Brock and Hooligan quickly move out of the way as Gunner Lang to risk taker leaps from the top of the ladder and lands a fifteen foot splash onto Blaze in the middle of the ring! The fans can’t believe it as Gunner Lang manages to hook the leg and go for the cover!



No! Alex Ross quickly dives in to stop the three from being counted! Hooligan and Brock angrily make their way towards Alex Ross, but Ross ducks out of the way of the attempted double clothesline before taking down Hooligan with ‘the Jackpot!’ Hooligan hits the mat hard, but Brock quickly attacks Ross with some punches across his back. Brock sends Alex Ross across the ring into the ropes, but Ross bounces back and lands a kick to the midsection on Brock, before dropping him down to the mat with his finishing move! The one man team wastes no time in making the cover on Brock as Gunner Lang slowly makes his way to his feet after his huge leap from the top on Blaze!




Alex Ross has done his part in reducing the deficit; Brock has been eliminated for Team All Star! On the outside of the ring Chris Bond slams Noir head first into the cage to knock one of the first men in the match down to the floor. Bond stomps away on Noir before rolling back into the ring. Chris Bond quickly grabs Alex Ross who is celebrating eliminating Brock, and takes him down to the mat with a German suplex. Chris Bond stand waiting as Alex Ross quickly gets back to his feet, however as Ross attemptes a clothesline on Bond, 009 ducks out of the way and hits a gut wrench suplex onto ‘The Perfect Ten’!

Nathan Paradine pulls Night up off of the canvas and slams him head first into the turnbuckle. Night stumbles backwards and Paradine spins him around before backing him into the corner with punches to the face. With Night leaning in the corner, Paradine climbs up onto the second rope and begins to pound Night with punch after punch! However as the fans count along with Paradine’s punches, Night grabs Paradine around the legs and takes him down to the mat with a sitout powerbomb! The fans cheer the move from the International Champion, who is already looking battered and bruised from his earlier showdown with Isaac White.

Hooligan slowly rolls to the outside of the ring and spots Noir rising to his feet. Hooligan runs at Noir and knocks him down with a big dropkick on the outside of the ring. With Noir down on the floor and hurting, Hooligan reaches under the ring and pulls out a large wooden table! The fans cheer as Hooligan sets the table up between the ring and the cage before pulling Noir to his feet. Hooligan hits some punches to Noir’s face before placing him across the table! The fans see what Hooligan is trying to do as he climbs up into the ring and then begins to climb to the top rope! Noir lays beneath him on the table as Hooligan reaches the top rope, but before Hooligan can jump through Noir and the table, Noir jumps off of the table! Noir jumps up onto the ring apron, before DDT’ing Hooligan off of the top rope and to the outside of the ring!

Noir and Hooligan both lay in pain as inside the ring Night slowly pulls up Nathan Paradine. Night nails Paradine with some shots to the kidney before Gunner Lang comes to the aid of his partner. Gunner Lang hits a back suplex on Night to take him down to the mat, as Nathan Paradine bounces off of the ring ropes before leaping onto Night with a diving elbow drop.

Chris Bond pulls Alex Ross to his feet, however Ross counters the attempts of Bond to take him down with a rake to the eyes. Bond stumbles away from Ross before the former International Champion runs at Bond and knocks him down to the mat. Alex Ross hits some stiff right hands on Bond as he tries to get up, before taking him straight back down with a spinning suplex. Alex Ross raises his hands in the air to taunt to the fans, but gets nothing but boos from the fans! Bond slowly rises to his feet as Alex Ross grabs him and pulls him towards the side of the ring. Alex Ross places Bond in the powerbomb position, and it looks as if ‘The Perfect Ten’ is about to suplex Chris Bond out of the ring and through the table that Hooligan set up earlier! Alex Ross tries to lift Bond up, but Bond counters with a back body drop on Alex Ross that sends him out of the ring and crashing through the table!

Alex Ross lays motionless in the wreckage of the wooden table as Chris Bond looks down on his fallen opponent. Chris Bond doesn’t even notice as behind him, Noir slowly picks up the barbed wire baseball bat and looks against at Bond. Noir runs at Bond and slams the barbed wire bat into the back of Bond’s head, causing Bond to spin around in pain. Noir once again slams the bat into Bond’s head, this time in his face causing him to drop to the mat. Noir looks down at Bond who is now beginning to bleed before dropping the bat to the mat. Noir pulls up Chris Bond who is now a bloodied mess before pulling him closer to the corner of the ring. Noir quickly picks up the barbed wire bat and places it on the body of Chris Bond, before jumping to the top rope! The fans rise to their feet as Noir leaps from the top rope with the ‘First Human Disaster’ onto Bond! The move compresses the barbed wire bat between Bond and Noir!

Noir rolls around in pain before finally being able to reach across and make the cover on Chris Bond!




The teams have been evened up once again at the hands of Noir with Chris Bond being eliminated! Noir slowly rises to his feet and looks down at the canvas of the ring, which is now partially stained red with blood.






The countdown once again reaches zero, and this time it’s the Tag Team Champion Howie Banks who makes his way down to the ring for TEAM ALL STAR as “Grillz” By Nelly Ft. Paul Wall hits the sound system! Howie Banks quickly gets into the action as he slides into the ring and hammers away on Noir with some big right hands to take the Evolution Cup winner down to the mat.

Critical Acclaim by Avenged 7 Fold hits the sound system and there is a mixed reaction as Travis Williams makes his way towards the organised chaos structure! Travis Williams rolls into the ring and quickly grabs Howie Banks from behind, before slamming him down to the mat with a sleeper slam. Williams stomps away on Banks as the Hardcore Champion Equinox rolls into the ring. Equinox makes his way towards Williams and takes him down with a half nelson slam. Williams makes his way to his feet quickly and Equinox pounds away on him with right hands. Equinox backs Williams into the corner of the ring, but as he does Williams hits him with a knee to the midsection before taking him to the mat with a ‘Reality Clash’! Travis Williams quickly makes the cover on Equinox.




Howie Banks tries to dive across and save his partner, but Noir grabs him by the leg to stop him interfering and the Hardcore Champion Joseph Equinox has been eliminated from the match! Travis Williams and Noir double team Howie Banks in the corner of the ring as Nathan Paradine is tossed into the ring by Night from the outside. Night jumps up to the second rope and looks for a leg drop onto his opponent, however Paradine jumps out of the way at the very last second leaving Night to hit the mat hard! Night slowly rises up to his feet, however Paradine quickly takes him down with a double leg takedown before laying into him with right hands.

Paradine is soon cut off by Blaze who drops an elbow across the back of his opponent to knock him off of Night. Paradine is pulled to his feet by Blaze, however as Blaze attempts a suplex it is reversed into a brain buster by Nathan Paradine! Paradine rises to his feet looking very pleased with himself, however he soon finds himself down on the mat courtesy of ‘The Dreaming’ from Night! Night quickly spins Paradine over and the International Champion goes for the cover!




Paradine is eliminated, and now the numbers game is on the side of TEAM PAIGE! With Nathan Paradine eliminated TEAM PAIGE now have five competitors against the three of TEAM ALL STAR!

Things aren’t looking good for TEAM ALL STAR as the countdown once again reaches zero for the last of the competitors for each team to enter the match, however there is no entry for TEAM ALL STAR? Was their ever a mystery man? The crowd don’t know what to make of the situation as instead of TEAM ALL STAR’s competitor making his way down to the ring first as has happened all night, “TnT” by AC/DC hits the sound system and Mad Max makes his way down to the ring for TEAM PAIGE!

TEAM PAIGE now have a six on three advantage as Mad Max slides into the ring and goes straight for Gunner Lang, knocking him down with a head butt. Hooligan slides into the ring to help out his partner Howie Banks, however Travis Williams quickly cuts off Hooligan and knocks him down to the mat! Howie Banks grabs hold of Blaze and slams him face first into the corner of the ring before dropping him down to the mat with a twisting neckbreaker. With Blaze down on the mat, Banks leaps to the top rope before nailing the ‘Hollywood Splash’ on Blaze! The crowd cheer for the finishing move of Howie Banks as the Tag Team Champion goes for the cover on Blaze!



Night is there to stop the three being counted and the number difference is really starting to hurt TEAM ALL STAR! Just where is the mystery man that Johnny All Star promised?

Night pulls up Howie Banks before taking him down to the mat with a side Russian leg sweep. Mad Max hammers away with right hands on Gunner Lang in the corner of the ring, however Max is quickly nailed from behind by Noir as Alex Ross begins to stir on the outside of the ring.

Suddenly the lights slowly dim as the arena begins to fuss and complain. The action going on in the organised chaos structure comes to a halt due to the arena being completely pitch black. The blackout lights come on but it is not enough to see what is going on. On the screen at the top of the ramp it shows a graphic of a slot machine. The sound of a coin being dropped is heard and the slots on the image begin to spin. The first slot stops on the number 2 as the other two continue spinning. The second slot stops on the number 2 leaving one more slot to be decided. The last slot begins to slow down and finally lands on the number 0.2 2 0

At the sight of this a hush falls among the crowd as they wait anxiously for the entrance of the mystery opponent. The hype videos this week have been getting the sVo fans roused up and they are dying to find out who it is. The sounds of “Israel’s Son” by Silverchair blares on the arena’s sound system as gold lights wander around the arena. A strobe light flickers at the top of the entranceway while the entrance begins to fog up. A figure can be seen rising up from the top of the ramp by way of lift. He is wearing a black hooded shoulder cloak that is fastened by a gold chain.

Hate is what I feel for you
And I want you to know that I want you dead
You’re late for the execution
If you’re not here soon
I’ll kill your friend instead

He makes his way down the entrance ramp, repeatedly clenching his fists over and over. He slowly approaches the end of the ramp and he pauses, slowly glancing at the heinous structure that awaits him. He glances down and begins to pace in place. He heads for the door and enters the unforgiving structure that is Organised Chaos. Inside the structure he unclasps the chain and throws the cloak off and spits an explosion of water into the air. He raises his arms into the air and begins to pound his chest….


The 02 arena erupts as they finally find out who the mystery man is, the return of “The Reflection of Perfection” Cody Williams.

Blaze quickly runs at Cody Williams, looking to take him down and maintain the numbers advantage for his team, but Cody Williams side steps Blaze! Blaze bounces off of the opposite ropes before being pulled high into the air by Cody Williams before being dripped to the mat with the ‘Picture Perfect’ followed by a cover!




Cody Williams has made an instant impact for TEAM ALL STAR and after a long time in the match Blaze has been eliminated! Night and Howie Banks tumble over the top rope as they take their fight to the outside of the ring as Gunner Lang grabs Mad Max by the hair before taking him down with a double arm DDT. Hooligan throws Travis Williams into the corner of the ring and begins to work over his knee by placing it in the ropes before stomping away at it. Cody Williams looks down at Blaze who he has just eliminated before being nailed from behind by Noir! Noir knocks Cody Williams down to the mat before stomping a mudhole in him!

On the outside of the ring Night is sent flying into the side of the steel cage by Howie Banks! Banks then begins to climb up the side of the cage, before reaching up to pull down a kendo stick from the side! The Tag Team Champion lays into the International Champion with the kendo stick as the blows are heard all around the arena! Back in the ring Noir pulls Cody Williams to his feet and sends him hard into the ropes. Cody Williams bounces back, but as Noir looks for a backj body drop, Cody sees the move coming and stops short! Noir looks up and receives a right hand across the face from Cody Williams! Cody Williams quickly scoops up Noir before dropping him down to the mat with a Pure Perfection followed by a cover!




One of the orginal two members of the match has been eliminated and Johnny All Star’s mystery star of Cody Williams is really paying off for TEAM ALL STAR!

Cody Williams quickly makes his way across to Mad Max and pulls him off of Gunner Lang. Cody Williams throws Max into the ropes, however as Mad Max bounces back he spears down Cody Williams and lays into him with right hands! Mad Max is quickly pulled off of Cody Williams by Gunner Lang and Hooligan who hold Max’s arms back for Cody Williams to lay into him with some free shots. However as Cody Williams winds back for one huge punch, Mad Max ducks out of the way of Gunner Lang and Hooligan and throws both men into each other. Gunner Lang and Hooligan clash heads before Cody Williams accidentally knocks down Hooligan with a big right hand! Cody Williams staggers backwards, but is grabbed from behind by Travis Williams and Mad Max who take him down with a double team ‘Over Dose’! Mad Max leaps down onto Cody Williams and the referee drops to make the cover!




Despite the huge impact made by Cody Williams, he has been eliminated from the match at the double team hands of Mad Max and Travis Williams! The fans seem slightly surprised at how well Mad Max and Travis Williams have been able to work together, as they share a nod of apriciation. However as they do, the kendo stick wielding Howie Banks slides into the ring! The fans pop as the Tag Team Champion leaps forwards and strikes Travis Williams across the back of the head with a sickening shot to send him down to the mat! Mad Max quickly runs forward looking to disarm Banks with a clothesline, however Banks ducks out of Mad Max’s way before slamming the kendo stick into his legs! Mad Max sinks to his knees in pain, before Howie Banks nails Mad Max in the head with the kendo stick! Mad Max drops to the mat, and Howie Banks looks around with a smile on his face!

The fans cheer as Howie Banks quickly rolls out of the ring before grabbing hold of one of the ladders that have been used throughout the night. Banks tosses the ladder into the ring before setting it up in the centre of the ring. Banks kicks Mad Max a few times before slowly beginning to climb the ladder! The fans cheer as Howie Banks reaches the top of the ladder and looks down at the chaos in the cage! Gunner Lang is down, Alex Ross is still down, Hooligan is down, Night is down, Travis Williams is down and Mad Max is down! Howie Banks points down towards the body of Mad Max and the crowd goes wild. Flashlights go off all around the 02 Arena as the British fans try to capture Howie Banks leaping from the top of the ladder and landing the Hollywood Splash onto Mad Max!

The fans pop as Howie Banks rolls around the mat in pain for a few seconds, before finally rolling over the body of Mad Max!




Mad Max is gone thanks to the Hollywood splash from the top of the ladder! The match is now three on three as Howie Banks slowly rises up to his feet, obviously still in pain from the death defying stunt from the top of the ladder! Banks looks like he is struggling to make it up, but he is quickly grabbed by Travis Williams who looks angry from the earlier kendo stick shot! Travis Williams pulls Howie Banks into the air, before hitting the ‘Roll of the Dice’!

The fans boo the move from Travis Williams as he makes the cover on Banks!

1 …



Howie Banks is gone, and TEAM ALL STAR are down to just Hooligan and Gunner Lang who has been in the match since the start! Hooligan makes his way up and quickly over to Travis Williams who is standing over Howie Banks. Hooligan lays into Travis Williams with some big right hands. Hooligan backs Williams into the corner of the ring before knocking him down to the mat with a big right hook. Travis Williams struggles up to his feet, but Hooligan takes him straight back down with a sidewalk slam. With Travis Williams down right in front of his very eyes, Hooligan looks to the crowd, before signalling for the Hat Trick! Travis Williams slowly rises up to his feet and is hit with the finishing move from Hooligan who then makes the cover!




Alex Ross dives into the ring and cuts off Hooligan before the three can be counted by smashing a piece of broken table over his head! Ross pulls Hooligan up off of the mat before hitting him with his finishing move! The crowd boo as Alex Ross cockily drops down and hooks the leg of Hooligan!




The match is now three on one, and its not looking good for TEAM ALL STAR and Gunner Lang! Gunner Lang quickly rolls into the ring and takes down Alex Ross with a spear takedown! Gunner Lang knows he has to take the fight to all three men if he has any chance of winning this match and the crowd rise to their feet to support him!

Alex Ross fights up to his feet, however Gunner Lang is able to grab the foot of Ross as he tries to kick him in the midsection! Alex Ross hops on one foot for a few seconds before Gunner Lang steps forward and clotheslines him down! The crowd cheer on the Tag Team Champion as he takes a few steps back from Alex Ross as he begins to get to his feet, before he takes him down to the mat with the ‘GunnerStruck’! The fans cheer for the finishing move from Gunner Lang, but before he has the chance to make a cover on Alex Ross, he has a flurry of right hands from Travis Williams to deal with! Williams knocks down Gunner Lang, the man he defeated for the Las Vegas title just a few weeks ago! Travis Williams looks as if he is enjoying taking down Gunner Lang as he throws him into the ropes, before taking down the tired Tag Team Champion down with a mafia kick! Travis Williams quickly leaps forward and goes for the pinfall that will win TEAM PAIGE the match!




Everyone in the arena thought that there was a three right there, but Gunner Lang kicked out! Travis Williams can’t believe it as he rises to his feet. Travis Williams quickly grabs hold of the ladder that Howie Banks leaped off of earlier in the match and holds it up waiting for Gunner Lang! Gunner Lang slowly begins to get to his feet after suffering the mafia kick to the head whilst on the outside of the ring Night begins to get to his feet. Travis Williams runs at Gunner Lang with the ladder, but Gunner Lang leaps up and dropkicks the ladder back into the face of Travis Williams! The fans pop as Travis Williams falls backwards and the ladder falls onto him! Gunner Lang quickly grabs the kendo stick that was used by his tag team partner earlier and begins to nail the ladder with it, causing shockwaves down onto the body of Travis Williams!

The fans cheer Gunner Lang on as he pulls the ladder off of Travis Williams before throwing it down near the corner of the ring. Travis Williams slowly rises up to his feet, however Gunner Lang nails him with a kendo stick to the head to send him back down to the mat! The fans pop for Gunner Lang as he pulls Travis Williams up before hitting him with a scoop slam onto the ladder! Gunner Lang looks as if he is going to take out Travis Williams the only way he knows how, by taking an insane risk! The fans cheer as Gunner Lang the risk taker begins to climb to the top rope before looking down at Travis Williams who is laying on the ladder! Gunner Lang shows no hesitation as he leaps from the top rope and lands the ‘Boomerlang’ from the top onto Travis Williams! Gunner Lang rises to his feet in pain and makes the cover on Travis Williams after pulling him away from the ladder that has bent out of shape after the high impact move!




Night makes the save for Travis Williams as the numbers game begins to take effect for Gunner Lang! The tired Gunner Lang is pulled up to his feet by the equally tired Night as Travis Williams and Alex Ross lay in opposite corners of the ring. Gunner Lang is sent into the ropes by Night, however as he bounces back he grabs hold of Night and pulls him up into the air with a military press slam! The crowd cheer for Gunner Lang as the International Champion struggles up to his feet. Gunner Lang hits Night with a clothesline, before laying into Night with mounted punches. Gunner Lang looks for a quick cover on Night, but he kicks out after two!

Gunner Lang can’t believe it as he rises up to his feet and grabs Night for the Gunnerstruck! Gunner Lang runs with Night under his arm, but Night counters with a Sandman DDT to drop Gunner Lang to the mat! Night looks exhausted as the International Champion stumbles over to the corner of the ring, and begins to climb. Night reaches the top rope before looking down at Gunner Lang who is lying motionless in front of him. Night takes a few seconds to see the sight of the entire crowd rising to their feet around the arena before he leaps from the top and lands the High Elevation Shooting Star Press on Gunner Lang! Gunner Lang has managed to survive all the way through the brutal match as Night slowly reaches over and hooks the leg of Gunner Lang.




Its all over!

The crowd rise to their feet as Night is helped up to his feet by the referee in the middle of the blood soaked wrestling ring under the presence of the brutal organised chaos structure. Gunner Lang lays motionless on the mat after going through the most brutal match in sVo history as the survivors, Night, Alex Ross and Travis Williams try their best to stand and celebrate the victory for TEAM PAIGE. Travis Williams and Alex Ross hold themselves up by the ring ropes as “Knife Party” by Deftones blares over the sound system and Night celebrates his second victory of the night.

RESULT: TEAM PAIGE def. TEAM ALL STAR (Survivors – Night, Travis Williams & Alex Ross)


As some of the members of the organised chaos match begin to come to their senses at ringside their seems to be some friction between the wrestlers as Travis Williams celbrates the victory for TEAM PAIGE. The giant structure begins to rise to the top of the ceiling, however Travis Williams, Noir and Mad Max seem to be staring each other down as Howie Banks helps up his tag team partner Gunner Lang who was the last member of TEAM ALL STAR.

Travis Williams, Mad Max, and Noir all stand in the ring, ready to come to blows with one another. Through the television, you can hear mostly what they are saying, but live in London, it’s only lips moving. As the three men come in a little closer, and voice yells out, “Get in that ring and stop this now, please!”

Anthony Morretti walks out with a microphone in his hand, waving this to stop. “Save it you three, we still have a sVo title match to come tonight!” Howie Banks and Gunner Lang hop into the ring, and stand between the three men, who have hatred and anger written all over their faces.

Anthony walks down the isle and climbs up on the apron, using the ropes to help him stand to his feet. “I want all three of you out of this sVo ring now, and I better not need to have security escort you from the building. Got me?” All three men look at Anthony who is standing close to Travis. All three men nod their head, as Banks and Lang draw their attention to Anthony.

Anthony hopes down from the ring apron, and starts to head back up the isle, as Lang and Banks are now facing them. Anthony stops, and turns back to the guys in the ring. “Oh, by the way, those three will not exchange blows with each other, but they will with you two!” As soon as the Tag Team Champions hear those words, they instantly turn around, as Banks is greeted with a massive Mafia Kick to the jaw from Williams. Max catches a surprised Lang in the stomach with a boot, as Noir grabs him, and stuffs him between his legs. Travis starts to pick up Banks, who is dazed and confused at this moment. Noir lifts up Lang, piledriver position, as Max helps him spike Lang on his head. Travis tosses Banks to Noir, as he gets back to his feet. Banks is also met with the same spike doubt team piledriver as his partner. Anthony Moretti smiles, as Travis asks for a microphone from ringside.

Anthony walks back towards the ring, rolling under the bottom rope, proud of the carnage just caused by the three men. Travis has a microphone, and the crowd boos loudly, as he starts to talk. “You had a mystery partner, but we had the ace up our sleeves!” Anthony nods his head, as he starts to talk, “I want to be the first one to introduce you to my band of misfits, all coming together to serve a purpose of taking control of the dreaded wasteland. With Anthony Morretti playing Messiah, these three men will be at the top before you know it.”

He pauses and looks at all three standing over their two helpless victims. “This is the era of Bad Religion!” They share a chuckle, before Williams speaks again. “sVo, 2008, you’re in for a bad year, and you can thank Bad Religion!”

Both men drop their microphones, as they all start to exit from the ring, as Banks and Lang are slowly trying to pull themselves back up.

PUPPETBack in the office of Paige Johnson, the new sVo President pops a bottle of champagne with the head of security Scott Love to celebrate the Organised Chaos win for her team which has ensured that she become the first ever President of the sVo!

President Paige – “Scott, this is the greatest day in the history of the sVo! Finally I get my hands on this company. We can run it the way it should be run! Everything changes next Sunday on Showdown. We are going to start doing things properly around here.”

President Paige pours a glass of champagne for Scott Love as the pair continue the celebration, however the door to the office suddenly bursts open and in steps a manic looking Anthony Moretti.

President Paige – “What the hell do you want? Come to congratulate the new President?”

Scott Love takes a few steps towards Anthony Moretti but Paige waves him away.

Anthony Moretti – “Congratulate you? I put you in as President Paige. It was my men that won the match for you and it was me that put those match winners in your team. Who do you think told Noir to tell you to pick Travis Williams? Who do you think told Travis Williams to tell you to pick Max?”

Paige pauses as she stares at Anthony Moretti.

Anthony Moretti – “Paige your nothing more than a big chested bimbo. That’s all you ever have been and its all you ever will be. I played you like a puppet over these past few weeks. If you think that’s embarrassing, just wait to see what the future brings.”

Paige scowls as Anthony Moretti laughs at her.

Anthony Moretti – “Are you religious Paige?”

Paige doesn’t answer she just stares a whole through Anthony Moretti who continues to laugh as he leaves the office.

Mike Best (c) vs. Psyko Stevo

“We’re gonna win,
Don’t wanna be a loser,
Gonna win.
Cause winning really is the only thing,
You wanna fight? Just step inside the ring…”

The lights dim slowly in the arena as the Tron flares to life, an image of two dice roling towards the front of the screen. They come rolling to a stop on snake eyes, before the dots fade into the word “Mike” on one die and “Best” on the other. The dice explode into a highlight video as “We’re Gonna Win” by Bryan Adams blares over the speakers, the bass shaking the arena Gold pyro explodes in the entranceway and the fans begin to boo and jeer, screaming insults as the confident face of ‘The Mike Effect’ Michael Best appears from behind the curtain. He raises two fingers to his lips, blowing a kiss out into the crowd as they hurl obscenities back in his direction. Mike stops for a moment on the stage, slapping his chest twice and pointing out at the crowd, raising his eyebrows and throwing out a wink. He makes his way down the ramp, rolling gingerly into the ring and stretching out as he awaits the start of the match.

“Sensation washes over me
I can’t describe it
Pain I felt so long ago
I don’t remember
Tear a hole so I can see
My devastation
Feelings from so long ago
I don’t remember”

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the sound system and the anticipation in the arena grows as a flash of pyros welcomes the arrival of ‘the best around’ Psyko Stevo in the sVo entrance ramp! Stevo raises his hands in the air to taunt the fans before slowly making his way down the steel ramp towards the ring. Halfway down the ramp Stevo stops and poses once again for the fans, with another burst of golden pyros firing up into the air behind him as he does. ‘The Ironman’ then slides into the ring and bounces on the second rope to once again signal to the crowd, before retreating to the corner of the ring for some last minute warm ups before the match gets underway.

The anticipation in the sold out O2 Arena in London is at breaking point as the two most dominant competitors in sVo history stare each down from across the ring as the referee holds Mike Best’s sVo Championship belt high into the air to signal that it will be on the line in tonight’s match. The referee hands the belt to the outside of the ring, before finally calling for the bell to ring and the match to get underway. Stevo and Best slowly make their way towards each other as the fans rise to their feet and the arena bursts into cheers. The action is quickly underway as Mike Best gets a cheap shot in on the challenger during the staredown! The fans boo Best but he hammers Stevo with some right hands that knock him backward. Psyko Stevo quickly gets back into the match with some right hands of his own onto the sVo Champion, however Best is able to duck under a punch from Stevo and drop him to the mat with a German suplex.

Psyko Stevo rises up to his feet holding the back of his head, and Mike Best quickly makes his way towards the former Champion and kicks him in the midsection. Psyko Stevo doubles over, and Mike Best wastes no time in taking him to the mat with an implant DDT! The fans roundly boo the move from Mike Best, who rises up to his feet and flashes his trademark grin. Psyko Stevo gradually stumbles up to his feet, however the Champion gets right back on the challenger with some clubbing blows to the back of the neck of Psyko Stevo, before sending him hard into the corner of the ring. Mike Best quickly approaches Stevo in the corner and begins to pound away on him with some big punches and kicks. Psyko Stevo is powerless to defend himself from the punches and kicks before Best pulls him away from the corner and pulls him up into the air in a suplex position. Mike Best holds Psyko Stevo in the air for a few seconds in the suplex position to show off to the crowd, before finally throwing his opponent down to the mat. With Psyko Stevo down on the mat after the stalling suplex, Mike Best quickly goes for the first cover of the match.



No! A kickout from Psyko Stevo after the count of two keeps his sVo Championship dreams alive. The fans cheer the kickout from Psyko Stevo, but the cheers are short lived as Mike Best yanks Stevo back up to his feet and sends him hard into the ropes. Psyko Stevo bounces back, but as he does he is locked into an abdominal stretch from the sVo Champion. The fans boo the submission move from Best as he tries to pull Stevo apart, whilst laying into his stomach with punches from his free hand! Stevo looks in pain as Mike Best keeps the hold locked in, however he refuses to submit when asked by the referee! Stevo tries to edge closer to the ropes, but Best keeps the move locked in at the center of the ring and it is starting to look as if there is no escape for the challenger! The fans boo as Mike Best continues to pound away on Stevo’s stomach with punches from his free hand, however suddenly Psyko Stevo is able to take down Mike Best with one huge hip toss to break the hold!

The fans cheer the move from the challenger, however it is short lived as Psyko Stevo runs at Mike Best looking for a clothesline, only for Best to duck under the clothesline attempt from Psyko Stevo before dropping him to the mat with a spinebuster as he runs back at him. Mike Best hits Psyko Stevo with some mounted punches, before rising up to his feet and taunting the fans. The English fans respond with boos for the sVo Champion, who ignores them before making his way back over to his challenger. Mike Best helps Psyko Stevo up to his feet, before throwing him hard into the ropes. Psyko Stevo bounces back, but he manages to duck under the arm of Mike Best before knocking the champion back with a spinning heel kick! The fans cheer the surprise move from the challenger as Mike Best stumbles away holding his face. Psyko Stevo makes his way towards Best and blocks a right hand from the Champion. Stevo quickly grabs Best by both arms and tosses him across the ring with a double underhook suplex, which gets the crowd pumped up!

Psyko Stevo quickly makes his way over to Best and as the Champion begins to climb to his feet, he is quickly knocked back down to the mat with a clothesline. Psyko Stevo taunts Best to get to his feet, which he slowly does. Mike Best looks for a punch on Stevo, but Stevo ducks under the arm of Best before grabbing him by the back of the head and tossing him over the top rope! The fans cheer as Mike Best hits the floor hard on the outside while Psyko Stevo looks on! Mike Best slowly begins to get to his feet on the outside of the ring, however as he does Psyko Stevo grabs hold of the top rope before using it to springboard himself over the top rope and onto Mike Best in a high flying move!

Both Psyko Stevo and Mike Best lay on the floor in pain as the London crowd cheers as the replay of Stevo’s high flying move is shown on the V-Trons. Psyko Stevo is the first man to slowly rise up to his feet, and he quickly turns his attention back to Mike Best with some stiff kicks to the Champion. Psyko Stevo eventually drags Mike Best back to his feet as the referee asks both men to take it back into the ring, a request that is ignored. Psyko Stevo drags Mike Best around to the announcer’s table before slamming his head into the table. Best falls back onto the table, and he seems unable to move as he lays against the table trying to catch his breath. Stevo looks down on the Champion, before making his way over to the ring. Psyko Stevo climbs onto the ring apron, before beginning to climb the ropes as the fans rise to their feet knowing they are about to see something special from the challenger.

Psyko Stevo looks down at Mike Best on the table, before leaping off the top rope with his world famous ‘Psykotic Senton’! However much to the disappointment of all Psyko Stevo fans in the arena, Mike Best dives out of the way and Psyko Stevo goes crashing through the table! Stevo lays in the twisted wreckage of what was the announcers table as Mike Best lays across, flashing his trademark grin once again for the cameras. Mike Best slowly staggers up from the floor and makes his way towards Psyko Stevo who looks to be out cold. Mike Best gets in a few kicks on the challenger before grabbing him by the arm and dragging him towards the ring. Mike Best struggles to lift Psyko Stevo into the ring, and is eventually able to roll him in under the bottom rope.

The fans boo as Mike Best slowly makes his way into the ring himself before going for the cover on the challenger!



It’s all over….


Psyko Stevo somehow kicks out at the very last second just when the whole world had thought that Mike Best had retained his sVo Championship belt! Mike Best looks distressed as he holds his head in his hands. How the hell did Psyko Stevo kick out? Mike Best can’t believe it and quickly hooks the leg for another cover!



Same result, Stevo kicks out!

The fans pop for the kick out from Psyko Stevo as Mike Best jumps up to his feet and grabs the referee by the shirt. Best protests about the count to the defenseless referee. The fans boo Best’s bullying of the official, before he eventually shoves the referee down to the mat! Mike Best then makes his way out of the ring and towards the wreckage of the announcers table. Best quickly grabs hold of his Championship belt before making his way back into the ring. Best holds the belt in his hands and waits for Psyko Stevo to get to his feet. The referee pleads with Mike Best not to use the weapon in the match, but Best once again shoves the referee down! Psyko Stevo slowly rises up to his feet, and Best dives towards him with the belt, but Stevo ducks!

The fans pop as Psyko Stevo disarms Mike Best with a spinning heel kick to the face that causes him to drop the belt! Mike Best staggers backwards, before running at Stevo looking for a right hand. Stevo ducks, but Best goes behind on the challenger and nails him with a low blow! The fans boo the actions of the champion as Psyko Stevo sinks to his knees. However Mike Best is in no mood to care what the fans think as he quickly moves around on Stevo and sets him up for the ‘Mike Effect’! Mike Best attempts to hit the move on Stevo, but no! Stevo counters out of no where with a back body drop on the champion! A dazed Mike Best slowly rises up to his feet, and is able to just about duck out of the way of an attempted clothesline from the challenger. Psyko Stevo countines on his run and bounces off of the ring ropes, and as Mike Best turns around Stevo nails him with a Psyklone! The fans erupt into cheers as Mike Best drops to the mat, and Stevo falls down over the Champion to make the cover.




This one is all over, and we have a new sVo Champion! The crowd pop as Psyko Stevo rises to his feet with his hands in the air! The 2x sVo Champion looks up into the air as the crowd cheer all around him. The referee presents Psyko Stevo with the sVo Championship belt, and Psyko Stevo looks down at the body of Mike Best, before climbing the turnbuckle and lifting his sVo Championship belt high into the air! Psyko Stevo has won back his sVo Championship belt from Mike Best, and has he now finally proved himself to be the greatest ever to hold the sVo Championship?

Psyko Stevo holds the belt in the air and continues to celebrate with the fans as an action packed Retribution PPV heads off of the air!

RESULT: Psyko Stevo def. Mike Best via pinfall.

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