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sVo Countdown to Violence 2022 PPV

William Vorheez challenges Johnny ‘All Star’ Moretti for the sVo Championship.

sVo Countdown to Violence 2022 PPV
Goodfellas Casino Arena
Sunday 27th February 2022

‘It’s All Real’ by Pitch Black hits and the opening video package for the ‘Countdown to Violence 2022’ PPV begins to play, featuring all of the build up for tonight’s matches, including Johnny ‘All Star’ Moretti defending his belt against William Vorheez, Blood Money turning on the Von Drake’s, Jacob Izaz getting another shot at the Las Vegas Championship and the TapOut Championship being on the line for the first time in eleven years! As the package begins to come to an end, the live camera pans around the packed-out Goodfellas Casino Arena in the heart of Las Vegas, with the fans ready to see some exciting live action!

sVo TapOut Championship Submission Match
Alissia Young vs. Athena

The Hard Way

The crowd boo loudly as the referee grabs the sVo TapOut Championship belt from the ringside area, before climbing back into the ring and presenting it to the new champion and first holder for eleven years, Alissia Young! Young lifts the belt high above her head in celebration, before making her way to the corner of the ring and climbing to the second rope of the turnbuckle. The boos continue to reign down on the new sVo TapOut Champion as Young holds the belt high above her head!

Eventually Young hops down from the turnbuckle, but as she turns around she comes face to face with Athena in the middle of the ring! The fans rise to their feet as Athena and Young stand face to face in the middle of the ring, both ladies having scored victories over each other in the past two weeks. The crowd expect both ladies to come to blows, but cheer as Athena slowly and someone reluctantly out stretches a hand in congratulations to the new champion!

Young looks at Athena for a few seconds, before looking down at her hand. It looks like Young is about to shake the hand of her opponent, but suddenly slaps it away and laughs in Athena’s face!

The crowd boo loudly as Young positions the belt on her shoulder, before barging into the angry looking Athena on her way out of the ring! However the crowd pop as Athena spins around and grabs Young by her hair before she can exit the ring, and drags her back into the centre! The cheers continue as Athena drops the new Champion with an ‘A-Bomb’ in the middle of the ring!

Athena picks the TapOut Championship up and takes a long look at it, before draping it over Alissia Young’s broken body before exiting the ring to the cheers from the fans!

Just Testing You

The sVo Roulette Champion “Big Aug” August Lazar is towering in the interview area with Katie Smith. The Romanian-born champion looks ready to fight as Katie smiles.

Katie Smith: “”Big Aug” August Lazar! Just twenty-four hours ago, this match was made for the sVo Roulette Championship when your old rival, Absolute Zero, won the first-ever Ultimate Elimination match to become the #1 Contender for your title. Are you at all scared of perhaps losing this title on such short notice? Especially right now not knowing the stipulations?”

The 7’4” monsters looks at his title and smiles.

Big Aug: “To be nice, Katie… No. Big Aug not afraid of anybody. And besides… Absolute Zero is Absolute DEEK!”

The crowd laughs at his bad joke.

Big Aug: “Part of being first champion is making history. I already make history by winning title in first place, but Big Aug not here to sit here and just lumber around like big dummy. Big Aug make Big Moments and Big Trouble for and Big Dumbass that think the can take title. Dallas Jordan recently disrespect me cause of my heritage. I Romanian-born, but I’m American citizen just like you, deep-sheet!”

He continues.

Big Aug: “Katie, Absolute Zero earned right to face me for Roulette Title, but he also earned chance to get ass beat by me again! Whatever stipulation comes up on wheel, I ready. I will wrestle on whatever table. Beat someone around in whatever cage. I put someone through electrocuted caged and shock balls with car battery. Is that stipulation on wheel?”

Katie Smith: “Er… not that I recall seeing…”

Big Aug: “I don’t care if it Hook Testicles To Car Battery Match… though I hope that not thing cause that sound stupid as f**k. But Big Aug will be ready. Absolute Zero outlasted seven other people to win chance to face me again, but I beat a tournament with seven other people… HIM INCLUDED… to win title. I ready!”

He starts to walk off.

Katie Smith: “Hey, August? Jon Page’s office is that way…”

Big Aug walks back into view.

Big Aug: “I know! I just test you. You pass. Good job!”

August Lazar stomps off in the opposite direction to head to Jon Page’s office as the show moves on.

The sVo Presents Uprising #012
6th March 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

sVo Tag Team Championship Match
The Black Brothers (c) vs. Canadian Connection

Going it Alone

There are boos from the fans watching on the giant screen in the arena, as the cameras cut backstage to the locker room of Blood Money, with all four members in action tonight on PPV! All four members look focused on their matches tonight, with Money Malone warming up for his match against ‘The Dark Horse’ Curtis Knight which is next!

Money Malone: “Can you believe what Knight said yesterday on Uprising? Does he actually think that I am going to be taking him on without you guys having my back tonight?”

Malone chuckles as he looks around at his Blood Money teammates, but doesn’t get any reassuring looks back from All Star, Moretti or Barone.

Money Malone: “So… Er… You guys gonna stand in my corner tonight or just come down and get involved if needed?”

The rest of Blood Money look around at each other to see who is going to reply, before Anthony Moretti finally takes the lead.

Anthony Moretti: “Look, we all have our hands full tonight!”

Moretti points around at the rest of Blood Money.

Anthony Moretti: “But we got confidence in you. I already beat Knight last PPV…. You got this!”

Malone looks shocked as he silently rises up to his feet before staring around at his Blood Money colleagues. Moretti, All Star and Barone all look down and don’t make eye contact with Malone, as he shakes his head and exits the locker room with his match next!

Single Match
Curtis Knight vs. Money Malone


The cameras cut to the backstage area, where JVD and Lucy Von Drake are standing alongside Katie Smith in the interview area! The fans give a mixed reaction towards the former Blood Money members, as Katie Smith lifts her microphone to introduce the team.

Katie Smith: “James, Katie. Thanks for joining me tonight. Now you have a big challenge tonight against your former team mates. Just how shocked were you with what went down a few weeks ago?”

Both of the Von Drake’s look angry, as Lucy Von Drake steps forward to answer the question.

Lucy Von Drake: “Katie we made Blood Money! Johnny All Star, Anthony Moretti…. They wouldn’t be where they were now if it wasn’t for us stepping up and fighting off Horizon when that challenge came. Now he thinks he can just toss us to one side? Well Moretti is going to see who the real force in Blood Money was tonight!”

JVD: “Anthony Moretti doesn’t care about anyone who’s last name isn’t Moretti…. I think Money Malone just found that out tonight!”

Katie Smith: “Well Moretti & Barone are former sVo Tag Team Champions, how do you rate your chances in your match tonight?”

JVD: “They might be former Tag Team Champions, but they only held that gold when we had their backs! I am a former Victory Cup Winner, a former Las Vegas Champion! Tonight Moretti is going to regret what he did to us on Showdown when we kick his ass all over the arena tonight!”

The Von Drake’s look focused as the scene fades out, with the match set for later tonight!

sVo Roulette Championship No Holds Barred Match
‘Big Aug’ August Lazar (c) vs. Absolute Zero

The sVo Presents Showdown #122
13th March 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

Tag Team Match
Blood Money vs. The Von Drakes

Blood vs. Black

With Anthony Moretti and Joe Barone picking up the victory for Blood Money against their former team mates the Von Drake’s, the fans boo loudly as Anthony Moretti calls for a microphone from the ringside area, whilst Barone kicks JVD and Lucy von Drake out of the ring.

Anthony Moretti: “You see that? You all see that?”

The fans boo loudly as Moretti walks around the ring proudly whilst screaming into the microphone.

Anthony Moretti: “That is why Blood Money runs the sVo right now! No more weakness in our group letting us down anymore!”

Moretti points down at the Von Drake’s who are down around the ringside, as Barone stands behind him with his arms folded.

Anthony Moretti: “Later tonight Johnny is going to retain the sVo Championship belt….. and just for what you said last night Vorheez, me and the big man here are going to be gunning to take those Tag Team Championship belts off of your boys!”

The fans boo loudly, with Moretti seemingly laying down the challenge to the reigning sVo Tag Team Champions and proteges of William Vorheez, the Black Brothers! Moretti tosses the microphone down and raises his arms in the air as the scene fades out.


sVo Las Vegas Championship Match
Kenneth D Williams (c) vs. Jacob Izaz

Big in Romania

The cameras cut to the office of sVo Owner Jon Page, where the boss is watching the celebrations of Kenneth D Williams after a successful title defense against Jacob Izaz in the previous match. Suddenly the office door is nearly pulled off of the hinges, as into the office storms the big man ‘Big Aug’. August Lazar doesn’t look too happy as he walks straight up to the desk of Page and leans forward to speak to the boss.

Big Aug: “Mister Page….. Big Aug wants a re-match against Absolute DEEK straight away!”

Lazar motions with his hands around his waist for a title belt, clearly signaling that he wants a rematch for the Roulette Championship which he lost earlier in the evening in somewhat of an upset.

Page quickly rises up to his feet and grabs his laptop off of the desk before walking around to the other side of the desk and putting a shoulder on Lazar’s shoulder.

Jon Page: “August, we could do that. We could do…. But check this out….”

Page points out a graph on the screen of the laptop, but gets a blank look from the big man.

Jon Page: “Do you know what that is? This is our ratings in Romania right now!”

Lazar looks a little proud as he shrugs his shoulders.

Big Aug: “What can I say Mister Page….. Big Aug big deal in Romania!”

Page nods his head enthusiastically.

Jon Page: “Not just Romania, it’s the same all the way across Eastern Europe! So what I am saying is we could give you a rematch at the Roulette Championship, but maybe we should be looking at something a little bigger for someone that is such a big deal! Something that already has a proud tradition of creating some of the biggest legends in the sVo’s history…. Something maybe like the Las Vegas Championship…..”

Lazar’s eyes light up as he nods a long with what Page is saying as the scene fades out.

SHOOT Project Presents Revolution
February 28, 2022
Las Vegas, Nevada

Single Match
Gunner Lang vs. Bronson Johnson w/JD James

No Matter What

The cameras head backstage to the locker room of William Vorheez, who is only moments away from challenging for the sVo Championship and potentially going down in history as the first man to ever hold the belt three times! As Vorheez goes through his last minute preparations, his proteges and current sVo Tag Team Champions, Igor and Boris, the Black Brothers.

Igor Black: “You really think that All Star is going to keep his word?”

Vorheez stares back at Igor, before slowly nodding his head.

William Vorheez: “All Star is driven by ego… I have no doubt that he planned another screw job, but when I called him out last night he knows that he can’t do it again without looking weak! Tonight I reclaim that belt, the belt that I have never lost in a fair one on one match!”

Vorheez fist bumps with Igor and Boris as he prepares to make his way out of the locker room.

Boris Black: “Well whatever happens out there, we got your back.”

Vorheez stops mid step and angrily spins around.

William Vorheez: “NO! Whatever happens out there tonight, you boys stay back here and don’t get involved! I need to prove I can do this on my own.”

Boris and Igor look at each other, as Vorheez heads out of the locker room for his sVo Championship title shot in the main event, which is next!

The sVo Presents Roll the Dice 2022 PPV
1st May 2022
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas NV

sVo Championship Match
Johnny ‘All Star’ Moretti vs. William Vorheez

Evolution of a Champion

William Vorheez hoists the sVo Championship belt in the air as a shocked Johnny Moretti bails out of the ring after a dominating display from the challenger but now Champion! The fans cheer loudly as Moretti limps back up the entrance ramp whilst Vorheez continues to celebrate the big title win in the middle of the ring with the belt, becoming the first man to ever become a three time sVo Champion!

The sVo copyright logo appears on the bottom of the screen as Countdown to Violence prepares to go off the air as Moretti stares down at the new champion celebrating in the ring from the top of the entrance ramp.

However suddenly the arena lights dim as the V-Tron goes dark and several different colored gases start swirling in the middle. As the gases swirl faster the arena is rocked with an explosion from the V-Tron and pyro exploding from the ramp. The swirling gases are replaced by a spinning earth and ‘Evolution’ by Clawfinger fills the arena!

The fans pop as Darwin Jones steps through the curtain and onto the top of the entrance ramp! Jones comes face to face with Moretti, his former Horizon team mate, for a few seconds as the pair lock eyes! Jones however quickly turns his attention away from All Star, as he marches down the entrance ramp towards the new Champion in the ring, the man that put him on the injured list back in October 2021!

Jones climbs into the ring and Vorheez runs at him to try and hit him with the belt, but Jones ducks under the arm of his opponent before blasting him with a big boot! There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as Darwin Jones scoops the sVo Champion up off of the mat, before blasting him with the ‘Big Bang Theory’ in the middle of the ring!

Jones picks up the sVo Championship belt with a smirk on his face as Moretti continues to watch from the top of the entrance ramp. Countdown to Violence 2022 heads off the air with the returning Darwin Jones standing over William Vorheez!

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