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LdCE Revolución 4

Bi-weekly wrestling from some of the best luchadors in Mexico!

LdCE Revolución 4
Aztec Star Arena & Casino, Mexico City, Mexico
5th June 2024

[The camera pans over the packed Aztec Star Arena & Casino in Mexico City, capturing the excited and energetic fans waving banners and cheering loudly. The atmosphere is electric as the opening pyro goes off, signaling the start of another thrilling episode of “Revolución.”]

Carlos Ramirez: ¡Buenas noches, amigos y amigas! Welcome to “Revolución 4,” live from the heart of Mexico City at the Aztec Star Arena & Casino! I’m Carlos Ramirez, and with me is the ever-insightful Javier Morales. Javier, tonight is going to be a night to remember!

Javier Morales: Absolutely, Carlos! The tension is high, and the excitement is palpable as we kick off “Revolución 4.” Last week, we witnessed the shocking conclusion of our main event where Espectro was crowned the first-ever Estrella Suprema Champion. The fans were left in disbelief, and tonight, Espectro faces his first challenge as champion.

Carlos Ramirez: That’s right, Javier. Tonight’s main event will see Espectro, the man everyone loves to hate, defend his newly won title against Relampago, a fan favorite and true hero in the world of lucha libre. Relampago’s high-flying, electrifying style is sure to give Espectro a run for his money.

Javier Morales: The stakes couldn’t be higher, Carlos. Relampago has the opportunity to dethrone Espectro and bring the championship back to the fans. But Espectro has proven time and time again that he will stop at nothing to maintain his dominance in the ring.

Carlos Ramirez: The rivalry between these two is already intense, and with the championship on the line, tonight’s match promises to be an explosive showdown. The fans are ready, we’re ready, and I know the luchadores are ready to give it their all.

Javier Morales: But that’s not all we have in store tonight. We’ll also see the fallout from last week’s controversial events and what they mean for the future of “Lucha de Cinco Estrellas.” It’s going to be an action-packed night, Carlos.

Carlos Ramirez: So sit back, relax, and get ready for an unforgettable evening of high-flying maneuvers, intense drama, and the best lucha libre action you can find. This is “Revolución 4,” and the road to glory continues right now!

[The camera cuts to the ring as the first match of the night is about to begin, the crowd’s excitement setting the stage for another epic night of wrestling action.]

Single Match
El Froggo vs. El Enigma

Last Warning

[The crowd erupts in cheers as El Froggo triumphantly stands over El Enigma, having just secured a hard-fought victory. El Froggo’s vibrant mask and energetic persona have the fans on their feet, applauding his performance. As the referee raises his hand in victory, El Froggo gestures for a microphone, signaling that he has something important to say.]

Carlos Ramirez: What a win for El Froggo! But it looks like he has something on his mind. Let’s hear what he has to say.

Javier Morales: El Froggo has been through a lot recently with Aguilar, the Lucha Assassin, trying to steal masks. This should be interesting.

[El Froggo paces the ring, catching his breath, before raising the microphone to his lips. The arena falls silent, eager to hear his message.]

El Froggo: ¡Gracias, gracias! Tonight was a tough battle, but there’s something more important that I need to address. Aguilar, ‘The Lucha Assassin,’ you’ve been running around here, trying to steal masks and disrespecting the very heart of lucha libre.

[The crowd boos loudly at the mention of Aguilar’s name, their disdain evident.]

El Froggo: We wear these masks not just as a symbol of our identity, but as a representation of our heritage and the honor of lucha libre. To take that away is to dishonor everything we stand for.

[The crowd cheers in support, rallying behind El Froggo’s passionate words.]

El Froggo: Aguilar, listen up! If you think you can continue to terrorize and disrespect us by stealing our masks, think again. If you try to take another mask, you will have to face me! I will not stand by and let you tarnish the sacred traditions of lucha libre. I will take you out, and I will do it with the full support of every single fan here tonight!

[The crowd erupts into a deafening roar of approval, their support for El Froggo overwhelming.]

Carlos Ramirez: Powerful words from El Froggo! He’s drawing a line in the sand and standing up for the honor of lucha libre.

Javier Morales: Aguilar better watch out. El Froggo is not someone to be taken lightly, especially when it comes to something as important as the masks that symbolize the very essence of lucha libre.

El Froggo: So, Aguilar, if you have any honor left in you, step into this ring and face me like a true luchador. Because I promise you, if you try to steal another mask, I will make sure you regret it!

[With that, El Froggo drops the microphone, his message loud and clear. The crowd continues to cheer, chanting his name as he exits the ring, determined to uphold the honor and tradition of lucha libre.]

Carlos Ramirez: What a statement from El Froggo! The challenge has been laid down. Aguilar, the Lucha Assassin, has been warned.

Javier Morales: This is far from over, Carlos. The battle for the honor of lucha libre is heating up, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

[The camera pans over the energised crowd before cutting to a commercial break, leaving the fans buzzing with anticipation for the next chapter in this heated rivalry.]

Single Match
Fuego Azteca vs. Sol Dorado

Bringing the Light

[Backstage at the Aztec Star Arena, Rosa Martinez stands with the legendary Sol Dorado, who is still catching his breath after an exhilarating victory over Fuego Azteca. The camera zooms in on the two as Rosa begins the interview.]

Rosa Martinez: Buenas noches, lucha fans! I’m here with the one and only Sol Dorado, fresh off an incredible victory over Fuego Azteca. Sol Dorado, congratulations on your win tonight. How are you feeling after such a high-flying and intense match?

Sol Dorado: Gracias, Rosa. Tonight was a tough battle, and Fuego Azteca pushed me to my limits. He’s a great competitor, and it was an honor to share the ring with him. But I’m feeling good, and I’m ready for what’s next.

Rosa Martinez: You certainly gave the fans an unforgettable performance. But I know your main focus is on something bigger—the Estrella Suprema Championship. After Espectro’s shocking victory to become the first champion, what are your thoughts, and how do you plan to fight your way back into the main event to challenge for the title?

Sol Dorado: Espectro may have won the title, but his reign will be anything but honorable. My goal has always been to represent lucha libre with pride and respect. Losing to Espectro was a setback, but it has only fueled my determination. I will fight my way back to the top, no matter how many obstacles I have to overcome.

Rosa Martinez: The fans are undoubtedly behind you, Sol Dorado. They were heartbroken to see Espectro win the championship, but your resilience has given them hope. What message do you have for Espectro and the fans watching tonight?

Sol Dorado: To Espectro, I say this: your reign may have started with darkness, but I will bring the light. You can hide behind your tactics and your mask, but I will expose you for what you are—a dishonor to lucha libre. And to the fans, thank you for your unwavering support. You are the reason I fight, and together, we will reclaim the Estrella Suprema Championship.

Rosa Martinez: Your determination is inspiring, Sol Dorado. As you continue your journey back to the top, what can the fans expect from you in the coming weeks?

Sol Dorado: The fans can expect me to give my all, every single night. I will face any challenge, take on any opponent, and do whatever it takes to earn another shot at the title. This is just the beginning of my journey back to the main event, and I promise to make every moment count.

Rosa Martinez: We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, Sol Dorado. Thank you for your time, and best of luck as you continue your quest to reclaim the Estrella Suprema Championship. Back to you at ringside!

[Sol Dorado nods confidently and walks away, determination etched on his face. Rosa Martinez watches him go with admiration before the camera fades back to the arena, where the next match is about to begin.]

Single Match
Sombrio vs. Ramiro Morales

Bringing the Darkness

[Backstage at the Aztec Star Arena, Rosa Martinez stands with a microphone, ready to interview the new Estrella Suprema Champion, Espectro. The camera focuses on the eerie, masked figure of Espectro, who stands silently, the championship belt gleaming on his shoulder.]

Rosa Martinez: Buenas noches, lucha fans. I’m here with the newly crowned Estrella Suprema Champion, Espectro. Espectro, tonight you face Relampago in your first title defense. The fans are eager to hear your thoughts on this match. How do you plan to retain your championship against such a popular and skilled opponent?

[Espectro remains silent, his eyes hidden behind his dark mask. The tension is palpable as the champion does not respond.]

Rosa Martinez: Espectro, your victory last week shocked the entire lucha libre world. What message do you have for the fans who were disappointed by your win, and for those who believe Relampago has what it takes to dethrone you tonight?

[Still silent, Espectro slowly raises the Estrella Suprema Championship belt, holding it up to the TV screen. The camera zooms in on the belt, capturing every detail of its intricate design. Espectro’s eerie presence sends chills down the spines of those watching.]

Rosa Martinez: Espectro, your silence speaks volumes. Is there anything you want to say to Relampago or the rest of the Lucha de Cinco Estrellas roster as you prepare for your match tonight?

[Without a word, Espectro lowers the belt, gives Rosa a cold, piercing stare, and then turns and walks away, leaving Rosa standing alone, the tension thick in the air.]

Rosa Martinez: Well, there you have it, lucha fans. Espectro, the enigmatic Estrella Suprema Champion, refusing to answer our questions. The mystery and intimidation surrounding him only grow stronger. Back to you at ringside.

[The camera fades back to the arena, where the anticipation for the upcoming match between Espectro and Relampago reaches a fever pitch.]

Single Match
Espectro vs. Relampago

The Shadow & The Titan

[The Aztec Star Arena is buzzing with energy as the main event concludes, and the controversial champion, Espectro, stands triumphant in the center of the ring, his newly won Estrella Suprema Championship held high above his head. The crowd’s boos reverberate throughout the arena, a stark contrast to the eerie silence that accompanies Espectro’s presence.]

Carlos Ramirez: Espectro once again emerges victorious, but the reaction from the fans speaks volumes. They are not pleased with this champion.

Javier Morales: Indeed, Carlos. Espectro’s methods may have secured him the title, but he has not won over the hearts of the fans. They are looking for a true hero to represent them.

[As Espectro revels in the disdain of the crowd, a sudden hush falls over the arena. The attention of everyone in the building shifts towards the entrance ramp, where a figure emerges from the shadows. It’s none other than “The Aztec Titan” Alejandro Ramirez, his presence commanding respect and attention.]

Carlos Ramirez: Wait a minute! It’s Alejandro Ramirez, the Aztec Titan! What’s he doing out here?

Javier Morales: It looks like Alejandro Ramirez has something to say to Espectro. Could this be the beginning of a new rivalry?

[Alejandro Ramirez strides purposefully down the entrance ramp, his gaze fixed firmly on Espectro in the ring. The intensity of the moment is palpable as Alejandro steps through the ropes and stands face to face with the champion. The crowd erupts into a mixture of cheers and anticipation, eager to see what will transpire.]

Carlos Ramirez: This is a standoff for the ages, folks! Alejandro Ramirez, a true lucha libre legend, staring down the dark and mysterious Espectro.

Javier Morales: There’s a tension in the air, Carlos. Alejandro Ramirez is not one to back down from a challenge, and Espectro is not used to being challenged in this way.

[Alejandro and Espectro lock eyes, each refusing to back down from the other. The arena is filled with anticipation as the two titans of lucha libre stand toe to toe, the championship belt glinting ominously between them.]

Carlos Ramirez: What will happen next, Javier? Will Alejandro Ramirez be the one to finally dethrone Espectro and bring honor back to the championship?

Javier Morales: Only time will tell, Carlos. But one thing’s for sure—this rivalry is far from over.

[The tension between Alejandro Ramirez and Espectro reaches its peak as the camera fades to black, leaving fans on the edge of their seats and eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this unfolding saga.]

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