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DW Destruction 1

It all begins on the day before the world changes forever, as a battle royal kicks off the EWF era of what will eventually become Dynasty Wrestling

Monday Night Destruction
Los Angeles, California

10th September 2001

The scene opens up as the sun sets in Los Angeles. A figure walks into the screen, he seems unfamiliar but he stares into the camera, it is a tanned figure, with white face paint and black paint over it, in the style of little streams. He is wearing a black leather trench coat, a “Punisher” T-shirt and some black leather pants. He has shoulder-length black hair, he stares deeply into the camera and begins to talk.

Matt Anarchy: Well, look what the cat dragged in! The Xtreme Icon now has a new home…that is the sacred grounds of EWF. I am here to win, W-I-N. I know that nobody can beat me, I am far too superior to lose to any of these yokels. You have yet to feel the wrath of Matt Anarchy, The Xtreme Icon, I am here to stay, I will not be defeated. I am here to take the Heavyweight championship, I will be the champion and I will reign the longest, one, by one..each of you will fall to my finisher “Cure For The Itch”, no need to explain it now, but just remember that name because and every one of you will fall to it! I’m sure all of you would love to get a shot at me, and I realise that I have a battle royal on Monday, which I will in and take the Heavyweight Championship, then, none of you will get the belt back. It will stay over my shoulder until I decide to quit. None of you have anything on my skills, I am a better wrestler than any of you combined. This battle royal can’t be a normal one, it has to be a Hardcore Battle Royal, anything goes, know me as your savoir EWF, know me as The Xtreme Icon, know me as the EWF Heavyweight Champion! You are never going to overwhelm me, believe me…it isn’t possible. Your dreams have turned into nightmares…you nightmares are now a bitter reality…your pain is my pleasure! It is an inescapable destiny…what a horrible trap you have all fallen into…it will be the only trap…you won’t escape! See you just may be your last!

The Camera zooms in to show Vince Brady and Scott Murphy sitting at the commentator’s table.

Vince: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to EWF!! This is the first ever EWF Monday Night Destruction Show. Tonight it is not about feuds or rivalry’s because tonight it is about the titles! That’s right tonight there is a Hardcore rumble with a Wrestler entering every time someone is eliminated!

Scott: That’s right Vince and the winner of the rumble walks away with the EWF Heavyweight Title!

Vince: The runner up in the rumble will walk away with the EWF International Title!

Scott: The two wrestlers who are 3rd and 4th in the rumble will win the Tag Team Titles!

Vince: And the wrestler who is 5 th in the Rumble will win the EWF Hardcore Title!

Vince: Well you just heard from Matt Anarchy just moments ago and he is very confident that he can win the EWF Heavyweight Title here tonight.

The camera moves around to show the Ring Announcer standing in the ring. The Camera then zooms in on him

Ring Announcer – This is the Battle Royal Match. To eliminate your opponents you must throw them over the top rope! On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 225 pounds, from Cleveland,OH, the first participate in the battle royal…..Ricky Dogg!!!

Vince: Well it looks as if Ricky Dogg drew the short straw!

Rolling by Limp Bizkit plays as Ricky Dogg walks down the entrance ramp. There is some cheers from the crowd as he rolls in to the ring to face his opponent.

Ring Announcer – and the second entry in to the battle royal, weighing in at 160 pounds, from Red Hook Section of New York…. Slim Steve Bone!!!

Slim Steve Bone walks out to a mixed reaction from the crowd as Revelation By D12 plays.

He rolls in to the ring and stares down Ricky Dogg.

Vince: Well Slim Steve Bone has an equally hard job here as these two men have got to start things off.

The referee calls for the bell to get this match started. Slim Steve Bone and Ricky Dogg lock up and test each others strength. Ricky Dogg hits SSB with a knee to the mid section and trys for a suplex. However Slim Steve Bone counters the suplex and hits Rick Dogg with a huge DDT the drills Ricky Doggs head in to the matt

Vince: That was a huge DDT there by SSB but you cant win this by pinfall!

Scott: These guys will want to elimanate their opponent quickly because they have a long way to go if they want to win that title!

SSB drags Ricky Dogg to the ropes and tries to lift him over but Ricky Dogg manages to hold on.

Scott: That’s good strategy there from Ricky.

SSB gives up on trying to get Ricky Dogg over the top ropes and begins to lay into him with kicks to the midsection.

Vince: Ricky Dogg is taking quite a beating here at the hands of SSB!

Slim Steve Bone picks up Ricky Dogg and thrown’s him into the ropes but Ricky Dogg ducks the clothesline and bounces back off the ropes but he is caught with a reverse elbow from SSB.

Vince: He could have knocked out Ricky’s teeth then!

SSB then turns over Ricky Dogg and puts on the ankle lock!

Vince: Ankle Lock by SSB!

Scott: H’s guna snap that kids ankle!!

Ricky Dogg starts to tap out as SSB pulls back on the hold.

Vince: Ricky Dogg is taping but there are no submissions in this match!

SSB then breaks the hold and looks at Ricky Dogg who is lying on the floor. The Camera zooms into SSB’s face and shows him telling Rick Dogg to get up.

As Ricky Dogg gets to his feet SSB hits Ricky’s ankle with a chop block that takes him down to the matt once again.

Vince: I dont think that Ricky is guna last much longer on that ankle.

Scott: There’s some good strategy from SSB cos a one legged man aint guna win a ass kicking contest!

As SSB taunts the crowd they start to boo him. As his back is turned Ricky Dogg rolls out of the ring and limps over to the timekeeper’s table where he grabs a chair.

Vince: Ricky getting some weapons here at ringside but he went out under the bottom rope so he is still in.

As SSB turns round he gets hit in the head with a steel chair from Ricky Dogg! As the camera zooms in it shows that SSB is bleeding from his forehead. The fans start to cheer louder for Ricky Dogg.

Vince: Ricky Busted him wide open!

Ricky Dogg then clotheslines Slim Steve Bone.

Scott: SSB is still standing!

Ricky Dogg opens up the chair…Slim Steve Bone is thrown into the ropes…Drop Toe Hold onto the open chair!

Vince: Oh my god did you hear that impact? He could be knocked out cold!!

Ricky Dogg then pulls SSB to the ropes and trys to lift him over the top rope.

Vince: SSB could be eliminated here!

SSB suddenly comes back hitting Ricky Dogg with a rake to his eyes.

Vince: That’s an illegal move there!

Scott: There is no illegal moves in this match!

He the irish whips him into the opposite ropes and backbody drops him out of the ring!

Vince: Ricky has been eliminated!!

The clock starts to count down from 10 in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


Vince: Who will be next in?




Scott: I think it will be Danny Y2D!




Vince: Well we will have to wait and see


The Crowd start to countdown



The Buzzer sounds and JabroniDownUnder’s music starts to play and he walks to the ring as the crowd boo’s him.

Vince: Well its SSB’s friend! JabroniDownUnder!

Scott: I told you it would be him next!

Slim Steve Bone trys for a superplex but is unable to lift JabroniDownUnder. JabroniDownUnder then cuts off SSB with a elbow thrust in to his face. JabroniDownUnder then hits a flying karate chop right to Slim Steve Bone’s neck.

Vince: JabroniDownUnder is getting the upper hand against SSB and if this continues SSB hasn’t got long left in the ring.

Flying side kick by JabroniDownUnder takes Slim Steve Bone off his feet. As Slim Steve Bone moves back to his feet JabroniDownUnder hits SSB with a flying shoulder block. JabroniDownUnder then hits Slim Steve Bone with an elbowdrop.

Scott: SSB cant get any offence in here!

Slim Steve Bone gets hit with a diving elbow smash from JabroniDownUnder. And the fans start to chant for SSB. JabroniDownUnder tries to get his advantage back with a jumping neck snap on Slim Steve Bone.

Vince: Big move there by JabroniDownUnder

JabroniDownUnderthen picks up SSB and hits him with some right hands

Vince: SSB is still standing!

SSB then blocks the next punch and begins to knock down JabroniDownUnder with a huge right hand.

Vince: Mike Tyson would’ve been proud of that one!!

As SSB then delivers a overhead suplex to JabroniDownUnderthat sends him back down to the mat.

As SSB continues to stomp away at JabroniDownUnder Ricky Dogg comes back down to the ring.

Vince: Whats he doing back here? He’s been eliminated already!

Ricky Dogg then gets in the ring and he and JabroniDownUnderdouble team SSB.

Scott: It looks like JabroniDownUnder and Ricky are together!

JabroniDownUnder and Ricky Dogg then throw SSB out of the ring.

The counter then starts to countdown again


Vince: What the hell is going on here??


Scott: Ricky Dogg is still in the ring!










Suffer by Staind hits and Stryfe walks to the ring.

Ring Announcer – The Next participant, weighing in at 230 pounds, from Unknown, Stryfe!!!

The Crowd starts to boo as Stryfe gets in to the ring.

Vince Brady – Stryfe is not very popular with this crowd!

Stryfe neck snaps JabroniDownUnder. But Ricky Dogg attacks him from behind. Stryfe gets caught with an elbowsmash to the face by Ricky Dogg and JabroniDownUnder and Ricky Dogg double team Stryfe.

Vince: Well this is totally uncalled for!! I understand that JabroniDownUnder wants to be the EWF Champion but does he really need help from Ricky Dogg?

Scott: You can never have to much help!!

Stryfe clotheslines JabroniDownUnder.

Vince: Big clothesline by Stryfe and he is trying to get himself back in this match!!

Stryfe puts JabroniDownUnder on the top rope and executes a superplex.

Vince: A huge move there from Stryfe!!

Ricky Dogg then attacks Stryfe from behind and he chokes Stryfe by standing on his throat. JabroniDownUnder then moves back to his feet. Stryfe gets up off the ground but JabroniDownUnder hits him with a flying dropkick.

Vince: There is no one in this business that has a better dropkick than JabroniDownUnder!

JabroniDownUnder sucks chants start in the crowd.

Vince: Well it seems as if the crowd dis-like JabroniDownUnder as well.

JabroniDownUnder stands up and climes the turnbuckle. JabroniDownUnder jumps off the turnbuckle with the flying bodypress on Stryfe.

Vince: High Risk move from JabroniDownUnder and he caught Stryfe with full force then!

JabroniDownUnder hits a jumping elbow thrust on Stryfe then hits him with an elbowdrop. JabroniDownUnder is back on his feet. Stryfe moves back to his feet. Stryfe picks JabroniDownUnder up and side suplexes him to the mat.

Vince: Stryfe is trying to turn this match around here!! But don’t forget folks we still await the arrival of Matt Anarchy!

Stryfe punches JabroniDownUnder repeatedly. Stryfe puts JabroniDownUnder on the top rope and executes a superplex.

Scott: Stryfe returns the favour from earlier in the match!

Stryfe then moves JabronDownUnder over to the ropes and tries to force him over the top. Ricky Dogg then runs up behind and throws out Stryfe!

Scott: Stryfe has been eliminated by Ricky Dogg!

Vince: He isn’t even in this damn match! He got eliminated earlier!












Ring Announcer – The next percipient. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 310 pounds, from Minnasota, DannyY2D!!!

DannyY2D music plays around the arena as the fans cheer his arrival. Danny stands on the entrance way for about 10 seconds staring down JabroniDownUnder and Ricky Dogg who are still in the ring. Danny then walks around to the announcers table and grabs a steel chair cand slides into the ring.

Vince: Danny Y2D has got himself an equalizer here!

Danny Y2D runs towards Ricky Dogg and nails him with a steel chair in the head!

Vince: Danny just took out Ricky Dogg and it looks like Ricky has been eliminated again!

JabroniDownUnder then gets nailed with a charging axhandle bodyblock from DannyY2D. DannyY2D follows that up by executing a swinging bulldog on JabroniDownUnder driving driving his face into the mat.

Vince: Well the next person to get eliminated wins the EWF Hardcore Title! But you can be sure that both of these guys are going after the big one the EWF Heavyweight Title!

DannyY2D nails JabroniDownUnder with a belly-to-back suplex. DannyY2D on the top rope, but JabroniDownUnder catches him in a reverse headlock, then drops down into a DDT.

Vince: DDT from the top rope by JabronDownUnder there and that could have busted Danny wide open!

JabroniDownUnder then climbs to the top rope and nails DannyY2D with a reverse flying elbow drop. A JabroniDownUnder sucks chant start in the crowd.

Vince: The crowd is backing Danny in this match up!

JabroniDownUnder throws a chair at DannyY2D.

Vince: Danny Y2D got hit with that chair right in the head!

Scott: JabroniDownUnder will do anything to win this!

DannyY2D executes a headlock takedown.

Vince Brady – JabroniDownUnder takes a headlock takedown and it looks as if Danny is going to try and out wrestle JabroniDownUnder.

JabroniDownUnder kicks DannyY2D’s head out of desperation.

Vince: That was a desperation move then from JabroniDownUnder!

DannyY2D is driven further into the mat by JabroniDownUnder with a diving elbow smash. But Danny jumps right back up and knocks JabroniDownUnder down with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam!

Vince: Big move there from Danny!!

Scott: It looks as if JabroniDownUnder is getting a bit tired out there.

DannyY2D climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and executes the diving headbutt on JabroniDownUnder.

Vince: Diving headbutt by Danny and this one has got to be over!!

Scott: But he has got to get him over that top rope!

DannyY2D picks up JabroniDownUnder and spinebuster bombs him to the mat!

Vince: Another big move from Danny and Jabroni Down Under is taking an ass kicking out there!

Danny positions JabroniDownUnder at the ropes and takes a couple of steps backwards.

Vince: It looks as if Danny is going to clothesline JDU over the top rope!

Danny runs at JDU but JDU pulls down the top rope sending Danny catapulting over the top rope and to the floor.

Vince: Danny tastes concrete! JDU has eliminated him but Danny Y2D is the new Hardcore Champion!!

Scott: Well JDU is guaranteed at least a Tag Team Title belt!!












Ring Announcer – and the next entry, weighing in at 315 pounds, from Mobile, Alabama, Hardcore Harry!!!

Hardcore Harry walks to the ring as the fans let out a huge cheer! He then sprints down the ramp way and slides in to the ring.

A side kick by JabroniDownUnder knocks Hardcore Harry to the mat. JabroniDownUnder then hits a flying karate chop right to Hardcore Harry’s neck.

Vince: JabroniDownUnder is really taking it to Harry!

JabroniDownUnder jumps off the turnbuckle with the flying bodypress on Harcore Harry.

Scott: High risk there from JabroniDownUnder!

Vince: He hit hard into Hardcore Harry!

JabroniDownUnder climbs to his feet and climbs to the 2nd rope. JabroniDownUnder goes to hit Harry with an elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle but misses!

Vince: He missed it and now Harry has the advantage!

Harry sets up the chair…Hardcore Harry grabs JabroniDownUnder…Gut Wrench Suplex on the chair!!

Vince: Oh my God that could have burst his insides!

Scott: He must have internal injuries!

Harry stands JabroniDownUnder up and Hardcore Harry throws the chair at JabroniDownUnder but he catches it!…Hardcore Harry then spins around and kicks the chair in his face!!

Vince: That could have taken JDU’s head off!

Scott: JDU is busted open now look at all the blood running down his face!

The crowd begin to cheer as they see that JDU is bleeding

Scott: These people are sick!

Harry grabs onto JabroniDownUnder and a Belly to Belly Suplex sends JabroniDownUnder down onto the chair again!!

Vince: He slams into the chair again!!

Scott: That should be a DQ!

Vince: There is no DQ’s in the Hardcore Rumble!

Harry clotheslines JabroniDownUnder. And JDU goes over the top rope!

Scott: JDU has been eliminated by Hardcore Harry!!

Vince: But he is now one half of the Tag Team Champions!












Ring Announcer- The Next participant, weighing in at 225 pounds, from Los Angeles , “The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy!!!

Vince: Its Matt Anarchy!!

The crowd go mad as Marilyn Manson “The Beautiful People” plays and Matt Anarchy appears on the stage!

Vince: This guy is the favourite to go on and win this rumble!

Matt Anarchy walks slowly down to the ring.

Scott: The next person to be eliminated is a Tag Champion.

Matt Anarchy walks around the ring.

Harcore Harry opens up the chair…”The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy is thrown into the ropes…Drop Toe Hold onto the open chair!

Vince: Matt Anarchy’s head bounces off the steel chair!

Harcore Harry clotheslines “The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy.

Vince: Hardcore Harry could maybe pull off a huge upset here!

“The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy mule kicks Harry.

Scott: Or maybe not.

They lockup. The Xtreme Icon sends Harry to the corner of the ring. The Xtreme Icon executes a jawbreaker on Harry. “The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy grabs the chair and Matt Anarchy smashes Harry over the head with it!

Vince: It looks as if Hardcore Harry is hurt badly!!

“The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy punches Harcore Harry repeatedly. The Xtreme Icon executes a jawbreaker on Harry.

Vince Brady – Another jawbreaker there.

Chairshot to Harcore Harry’s knee by “The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy!!

Vince: Harry is wobbly! That could have snapped his leg in two!

The Xtreme Icon goes for a figure four.

Vince: Figure 4 Leg Lock by Matt and this is guna break his leg!!

… Harry trys to escape. But The Xtreme Icon tightens the hold. Harry escapes. “The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy then nails Harry with an inverted DDT as he tries to get up.

Vince: This has been all Matt Anarchy in this contest!

A Matt Anarchy chants start. As he clotheslines Hardcore Harry. “The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy applies a headlock… BOOM! DDT!

Vince: Huge DDT there and this one is nearly over!

Matt Anarchy then picks up Harry on his shoulders.. then lifts him over his head.

Vince: What’s he going to do here?

He then tosses Harry out of the ring and to the floor.

Scott: Harry is now a tag team Champion with JDU!!

Vince: I don’t think they will be happy about that!











Ring Announcer – The Last enter, weighing in at 250 pounds, from Calgary,alberta, Arron Bomb!!!

Let the bodies hit the Floor plays through the arena and the crowd cheer as Arron Bomb walks to the ring. Matt Anarchy and Bomb square up to each other and start talking trash.

Vince: The winner of this is the EWF Champion!

Scott: And the loser will be the EWF International Champion!

Arron Bomb executes a pumphandle suplex on Matt Anarchy. Matt Anarchy mule kicks Arron Bomb. They lockup. Matt Anarchy sends Arron Bomb to the corner of the ring. Arron Bomb short lariats The Xtreme Icon. The Xtreme Icon executes a jawbreaker on Arron Bomb. Arron Bomb grabs The Xtreme Icon’s head and DDT’s him on the mat. Arron Bomb then rolls onto The Xtreme Icon connecting with a knee.

Vince: Arron Bomb is really fired up for this match!

Scott: Will he wants to be Champ as well!

The Xtreme Icon moves back to his feet. “The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy executes a jawbreakeron Arron Bomb. Arron Bomb stands up. Arron Bomb legsweeps “The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy. Arron Bomb hits Matt Anarchy with a rolling elbow smash to the face. Matt Anarchy gets knocked on the ground and Arron Bomb flips onto him. Arron Bomb fist drops The Xtreme Icon on the mat.

Vince: Bomb is keeping up the offense on Anarchy!

Arron Bomb grabs “The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy and applies an arm wrench. But Matt Anarchy reverses it and DDT’s Arron Bomb’s head directly into the chair!!!

Vince: DDT on to the chair! He could be knocked out cold!

Matt Anarchy runs up to the top and a Moonsault body press on top of the chair and Arron Bomb!!

Vince: Oh my god!! He has gotta have internal injuries!!

Arron Bomb executes a neck scissors on The Xtreme Icon and a Arron Bomb chants start.

Vince: Both of these guys are fan favourites here in the EWF!

“The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy get nailed with a double axhandle chop from Arron Bomb. Matt Anarchy is up again. Matt Anarchy mule kicks Arron Bomb. “The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy gets picked up and dropped with the fireman’s carry by Arron Bomb. Arron Bomb kicks “The Xtreme Icon” on the mat. Arron Bomb puts Matt Anarchy on the turnbuckle and executes a belly-to-belly superplex.

Vince: Oh my god what a move!! If he could pin in this match then that would be a three count right there!

“The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy moves back to his feet. They lockup. Matt Anarchy sends Arron Bomb to the corner of the ring.

Chairshot to Arron Bomb’s knee by “The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy!! Matt Anarchy reverse DDT’s Arron Bomb’s head directly into the chair!!!

Vince: What a fight these guys are having!!

“The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy chants start. Matt Anarchy gets back to his feet. Matt Anarchy spinning Heel kicks Arron Bomb.

Vince Brady – Both of these guys deservers to be the champion!

Matt Anarchy pulls Arron Bomb over to the ropes and tries to push over the top.

Vince: Bomb is holding on there!

Arron Bomb blocks Matt Anarchy with a right hand and then tries to push him over the ropes!

Vince: Now Matt Anarchy is holding on!

Matt Anarchy then hits a low blow on to Bomb.

Scott: Well that wasn’t fair!

Matt Anarchy sets up two chairs and stands on them.

Vince: What the hell is he going to do?

Anarchy then flips up Bomb and powerbombs him out of the ring!!

Vince: Oh my god!! He has got to be broken in half! He just got power bombed to the concrete!!

Scott: We have got a new EWF Champion!

Ring Announcer: The winner of the EWF Hardcore Rumble and new EWF Champion…. “The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy!!!

The crowd cheers as Matt Anarchy is given the EWF Title belt and Marilyn Manson “The Beautiful People” starts to play.

Vince: Forget about the belt what about Arron Bomb!! We need medical attention for him!

The EMT’s then run down to the ring and put Bomb on a stretcher as the replays of him being power bombed are shown.

Vince: Well we have new Champions but what will they have to say about it?? Tune in next week to Monday Night Destruction!

The EWF logo flashes up on the screen and the show then ends.

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