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DW Events

DW Unleashed 2002

Three titans compete in the main event as Shawn Storm, Chris Boswell and Rick Lacey do battle!

DW Unleashed
25th August 2002
Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California

The entrance video starts for Dynasty Wresting Unleashed 2002 as the DW logo fades onto the screen in black and white and the opening notes ‘Its Been a While’ by Stained begin to play.

— It’s not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of feeds could have done them better, —
“The Xtreme Icon” Matt Anarchy chants start. Matt Anarchy gets back to his feet. Matt Anarchy spinning Heel kicks Arron Bomb. Matt Anarchy pulls Arron Bomb over to the ropes and tries to push over the top. Arron Bomb blocks Matt Anarchy with a right hand and then tries to push him over the ropes! Matt Anarchy then hits a low blow on to Bomb. Matt Anarchy sets up two chairs and stands on them. Anarchy then flips up Bomb and powerbombs him out of the ring!! Matt Anarchy then is seen holding up the DW World Title belt as the black and white screen flickers.

— The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, —
Chooch then gets to his feet and pulls Dreamer up by the hair. The two men exchange punches until Dreamer ducks Chooch’s punch. Dreamer goes for the neckbreaker but that is reversed by Chooch who spins Dreamer round and his Inverted DDT finishing move! Chooch then drops down for the cover. 1..2..No! Havoc gets across just in time to break up the count. Havoc then scoops up Chooch and goes for his finishing move the ‘Final Impact’. However Chooch spins out of the move and goes for his Inverted DDT. But Havoc counters again and hits a northern lights suplex on Chooch. Havoc then waits as Chooch struggles to his feet before hitting Chooch with the ‘final impact’! Havoc drops down for the cover. 1..2..3! He got it!

Ring Announcer: The winner of the match! And new DW World Heavyweight Champion! Havoc!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The black and white pictures flicker again,

— Who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds, —
Havoc then positions Cage for a powerbomb off of the side or the scaffolding! The crowd boo as Havoc taunts Cage and then taunts the crowd. Havoc then goes to lift up Cage but he counters with a backdrop sending Havoc off of the scaffolding and 15 feet down crashing through the announcer’s table. The crowd cheer as Cage looks down at the limp body of Havoc and give him the middle finger. Cage then walks over to the ladder and begins to climb. The crowd cheer louder with every rung that Cage climbs and then Cage reaches higher and touches the World Title. Cage reaches higher and unhooks the World Title!

More interference on the screen.

— Who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who
spends himself in a worthy cause, —
Genocide then grabs Striker up and hits a powerbomb on him. Genocide then moves Striker nearer to the ropes and tries to push him over but Striker catches Genocide in a head scissors and both men are now over the top rope and on the ring apron. Both men battle it out with punches on the ring apron trying to eliminate each other. Genocide quickly gets back into the ring but Striker catches him up and lifts him up with a suplex. Genocide holds onto the ropes and forces his feet back to the mat. Genocide keeps the front face lock on Striker and lifts him up. Genocide then throws Striker forward with a front face suplex and to the floor! The crowd cheer as Genocide wins the match but some also boo as Adam Striker is eliminated.

Genocide is then presented with the World Title belt as confetti falls from the ceiling of the sold out area. Genocide holds up the World Title belt, which gets a pop from the crowd, and the camera zooms in on him as Destiny 2002 comes to an end, the screen flickers some more with more interference.

— Who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. —

A smile appears across Storms face as he moves Boswell’s limp body to finish off the ‘Switchblade’ move. The look turns to horror, as Boswell doesn’t land in the Diamond Cutter as usually and instead lands on his feet. Kick to the gut on Storm and then a ‘Ground Zero’ with 5 seconds on the clock Boswell gores for the cover.





The crowd erupt as the three goes down before counting down the last two seconds, as the two wrestlers lie motionless on the canvas.



Ding, Ding, Ding.

The fans tear the roof of the Sliver Dome as the bell rings to signal the end of the match.

Storm 4 – Boswell 5, at the 00:00 minutes to go mark.

Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match, and new DW World Champion, ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell!!

Black and white headshots of DW greats, Havoc, Chris Boswell, Shawn Storm, Clyro, Matt Anarchy, Blood Thirst, Genocide, until more interference fills the screen and the picture fades away into a full screen of interference as if the film has been broken. The music slowly fades out and the screen begins to darken until becoming black. Suddenly the screen explodes with colour as ‘Rock Star’ by Neptunes hits.

Narrator – The marked man, a champion with everything to lose. Vulnerable in the battlegrounds.

A video mirage of action from Chris Boswell’s matches is shown.

Narrator – The confident man, tasted power only to have it snatched away by a bitter rival.

A video mirage of action from ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm’s matches is shown.

Narrator – The undefeated man, too have never tasted the riches of the top gold.

A video mirage of action from Rick Lacey’s matches is shown.

Narrator – Tonight the ring is turned into a battleground. Three of the top guys in the business take it to each other, each with a common goal in sight. Too never come close to lifting the gold, maybe better than to have had it or come close only to have it snatched away. Tonight they show no mercy as they unleash the greatest of battles.

‘Lets Get Dirty’ by Redman feat. DJ Kool hits the sound system and a video mirage of Amy Page hits the DW Tron. The arena fills with boo’s. Then out from under the specially constructed DW Unleashed-Tron walks out Amy wearing white trainers, blue denim skirt and a tight white t-shirt. She stands under the DW-Tron posing for the crowd until she walks confidently to the ring and stepping up onto the ring apron and waiting until a security guard sits down on the ropes for her before entering. She calls for a microphone and is handed one by the ring announcer as the music cuts and the DW crowd falls silent.

Amy Page – “Well I hoped that you all liked my little surprise at the end of the house show last Thursday. Yeah that’s right, I hired back ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm. Sure he beat my brother into hospital, but this deal is strictly business. Well that and the fact that now anyone who crosses my path, I just have to click my fingers and have the ‘Superstar’ kick their ass!”

(The crowd boo)

Amy – “Oh shut your damn mouths! Who do you think you all are booing me! You should be cheering like crazy, don’t make me snap my fingers.”

“Back in Black” by AC/DC hits the audio system. The lights dim in the arena and white lights begin flashing around the stage. The fans look to the stage area in shock as Shawn Storm steps out onto the stage. Storm is wearing black boots, black jean shorts, a black “Superstar Logo” sleeveless shirt and a pair of silver sunglasses. Shakira accompanies Storm down the stage area. Storm stops at the bottom of the ramp and looks around at the crowd. The crowd pops, and begins to cheer for Storm as he poses at the bottom of the ramp. Storm walks over to the ring steps and waits for Shakira to climb them. She gets to the top and Storm follows her up onto the ring apron. Storm holds the ropes open as Shakira enters the ring. Storm quickly follows and climbs into the ring. Storm circles the ring and climbs to the middle turnbuckle…Storm poses for the crowd as flash bulbs go off. Storm climbs off that turnbuckle and repeats the poses on the three remaining turnbuckles. The music slowly fades off and the lights return. Shakira hands Storm a microphone as he circles the ring. Storm listens to the eruption of crowd. Storm looks around the crowd and begins to speak.

‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm – “Hey Amy. I am real grateful for you hiring me back, and your right it was a good business deal. But Shawn Storm does not jump to the snap of your fingers!”

Amy – “Shawn, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of my already. I know you don’t have a good history with the Page family but with me at your side you could be at the top of this federation by the end of tonight!”

(The crowd begin to chant for Shawn Storm)

‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm – “I will be at the top of this federation by the end of tonight, but it won’t be with you by my side. It will be with the World Title around my waist when I defeat Rick Lacey and Chris Boswell tonight.”

(With that Shawn holds open the ropes for Shakira to exit and Shawn then climbs out of the ring and the two make their way to the back.)

Amy – “Well that was a BAD decision! Actually Shawn this is only your second night back and you have already made two bad decisions, the first on Thursday when you attacked your friend ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade.”

(The crowd boo at the mention of Adam Blade’s name.)

Amy – “So tomorrow night at Destruction Adam Blade Vs. Shawn Storm! In a cage match!”

(The crowd cheer at hearing the match.)

Suddenly ‘Guilty Till Proven Innocent’ by Jay Z hits the sound system and the crowd cheer, pleased to be getting a break from the already unpopular Amy. In the ring Amy looks enraged as she stares at the DW-Tron. From under the DW-Tron walks out the woman that was seen last Thursday at the house show. The woman with black hair and seemingly is at least partly Spanish, stands under the DW-Tron looking out at the crowd basking in the red glow of the lights around the arena. She then walks down the entrance way and the security guard holds down the rope for her as she enters. She receives a microphone and stands across from Amy. The woman with black hair, slightly taller than Amy at about 5’11 and wearing trainers much like Amy’s, tight black jeans and a tight black sleeveless shirt.

Black Haired Woman: Well Hi Amy. Sorry I’m late, I ran into some problems getting here. (Amy smiles back at the woman) But the most important thing is that I’m here now. Now what’s all this about you make all these decisions? The last time I checked we were in this thing together.

Amy looks unimpressed.

Amy – Yeah sure whatever 50-50. You jus do the wrestling honey and leave the complicated stuff to me. Jon if your watching this, its not to late to change things, we can keep the business in the family, if you are watching this Jon just pick up the phone and transfer all the power to me, please Jon you know it makes sense. Now Kelly, I know that you an Jon are together, but let common sense prevail, just give me your 50% power and we can do things my way. I’ll still let you wrestle, I might even send a women’s title your way?

Kelly: Now come on Amy what’s with all the hostility? We’re doing this 50-50 and seen as you have already hired back the man that put my boyfriend in hospital and placed him back in the main event, I think I will make my first official act. In the semi final matches, there will be more than just a spot in the final up for grabs. In the Blade/Jet match, the International Title is on the line, and in the Gillesp/Cash match, the Internet Title is up for grabs.

(The crowd cheer)

Kelly: This might even be fun working together Amy, we should get to know each other better anyway, we might even be sisters in law one day.

The crowd cheer as Kelly, already popular exits the ring as Amy stands in the ring looking very unhappy.

Backstage ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade is standing with the International Title over his shoulder talking to fellow ex-New Breed member ‘Simply The Best’ Jason Cash.

Blade – Now Jason, we ran together in New Breed and we know each other pretty well. I have every confidence that you will get past Gillesp tonight in the tournament, and there is no way that I am going to be beaten by Jet! So when we meet in the final, just thought I’d let you know, all bets are off no matter what’s happened in the past.

Cash – You should know that I am not holding anything back either. Good luck.

Jason Cash walks off as Blade looks at him with evil intentions. Just as Blade is about to leave, Amy Page walks right up to him.

Amy – Well if it isn’t the famous Adam Blade, one of the former leading members of New Breed and current International Champion. Now I know that you didn’t see eye to eye with my brother. Well that’s an understatement you, took his ass out of the game and god knows when he will be back. Don’t let his pretty little girlfriend Kelly fool you either, I am the brains of this operation. I know that you have the potential to be the greatest DW main eventer of all time, and here tonight you get the opportunity to show what you can do. Lets not get any of that petty booking that Jon used to do, he was to wrestling orientated. I know that you can make me a load of money. So if I was you, I would go out there and win that tournament, who knows what opportunity might fall right into your lap.

Amy smiles at Blade and Blade smiles back as Amy walks away from the scene.

Tim Smith is waiting with Gillesp backstage in Gillesp’s locker room with Gillesp for an exclusive interview!

Gillesp – Hurry up Smith you ass grabber, I’ve got a match next!

Smith – Ok first off what are your thoughts on tonight?

Gillesp – Well I am doing it all tonight! First off is that HOMO, ‘Simply the Gayest’ Jason Cash. He will go down 1,,2,,3. That should not be a problem. After that G-Money moves on to either Blade or Jet in the final. Whoever it is I don’t know, both are quite good at losing matches so this one could go either way. Then after winning the Final and getting the World Title shot that I should have get at least 5 months ago, I am going to do what every man dreams about. Hell Jet even just wants to do it once with any old girl, but tonight Gillesp is going to score with Amy Page!

Smith – Are you sure that’s a good idea? She is Jon Page’s little sister!

Gillesp – Tim will you please stop your bitching. That homo? Who cares he is busy grabbing ass in the hospital. Amy Page will not be able to resist Gillesp. No woman can. Hell maybe after I am done with Amy I can hook up with that Kelly Styles as well!

The crowd gasp as Gillesp runs out of his locker room for his match.

Semi Final and DW Internet Title Match – ‘Simply The Best’ Jason Cash Vs. Gillesp (c)

“Frankenstein” by The Edgar Winter Group hits the sound system and the fans begin to boo as Gillesp steps out from the back with his Dynasty Wrestling Internet Title belt. Gillesp taunts the fans on the entrance ramp before running down to the ring and sliding in.

Ring Announcer: In the ring, from San Francisco, CA he is the Dynasty Wrestling Internet Champion and the first Semi Finalist in the DW Unleashed Tournament, GILLESP!

The lights go out, and “Never Gonna Stop Me” plays on the P.A. system. The crowd rises to there feet in anticipation, as Pyros explode from the top of the stage. The lights come back on, and Jason Cash is standing on the top of the entrance ramp. Jason flexes his muscles and than slowly walks down the ramp, and gets inside the ring.

Ring Announcer: His opponent, challenger and 2nd Semi finalist in the DW Unleashed Tournament, Jason Cash!

Gillesp tries to get a shot in on Cash with the DW Internet Title but Cash ducks and hits a chop block on Gillesp as the referee calls for the bell to ring and the match to start. Gillesp gets back to his feet and ties up with Jason Cash. Jason Cash uses his strength to push back Gillesp but Gillesp goes behind on Cash and goes for a German suplex. Cash blocks the German suplex and hits a side Russian leg sweep on Gillesp. Cash then takes the opportunity to climb up to the top rope. Cash flies off of the top rope with a cross body onto Gillesp, but Gillesp rolls through into the cover.



Kickout by Cash.

Gillesp and Cash both get to their feet but Gillesp knocks Cash back with a jumping calf kick. Gillesp keeps up the fast pace of the match with stomps to Cash’s head before hauling him up and shooting him into the ropes. In the meantime Gillesp dives into the ropes and hits a springboard dropkick on Cash as he runs towards him. Gillesp goes for another cover on Cash but he kicks out after two. Cash gets back up to his feet and ties up with Gillesp. Gillesp uses his quickness to go behind on Cash into a waist lock but Cash hits him with a back elbow and then locks him in a front face lock and hits a vertical suplex. Gillesp hits hard into the canvas but Cash pops right back up and bounces into the ropes before dropping a leg drop across Gillesp’s throat.

Cash taunts Gillesp to get up and he slowly does. Cash slaps Gillesp across the face before hitting him with a spinebuster. Cash goes for the cover but Gillesp kicks out on two. Cash then rolls to the outside of the ring and grabs the Dynasty Wrestling TV Championship belt. Cash rolls into the ring and goes to hit Gillesp in the head with it but the referee grabs it from behind his head. Cash turns around to protest to the referee but Gillesp jumps up and hits a German suplex on Cash.

Gillesp then climbs to the top rope and goes for a ‘Big Bang’ but Gillesp takes to long climbing the ropes and gives the chance for Cash to roll out of the way. As Gillesp crawls up to his knees, Cash rolls him up with an inside cradle.



Kickout on two again by Gillesp. Cash jerks Gillesp up to his feet and throws him into the corner. Cash big boots Gillesp in the corner and then places him up onto the top rope in a sitting position. Cash climbs up next to Gillesp going for a superplex, but Gillesp blocks it. In a flash of excellence Gillesp leaps forward and hits a sun set flip powerbomb on Cash off of the top which drives Cash’s neck into the mat below which gets a cheer from the sold out crowd. With both men down, the referee begins to use his ten count.




Gillesp crawls across and drapes an arm over Jason Cash’s chest.



Shoulder up by Jason Cash! Gillesp can’t believe it and neither can the fans in attendance. Gillesp struggles up to his feet and so does Jason Cash. Adam Blade and Jet are both seen on the DW-Tron watching the action from their locker rooms. Gillesp hits an arm drag takedown on Cash and locks on an arm bar. Cash easily gets to the ropes and Gillesp is forced to break the hold. Gillesp runs at Cash but Cash hits a double leg takedown and tries to lock on the sharpshooter. Gillesp tries as hard as he can to avoid being turned over and eventually gets to the ropes without the move actually being applied. Gillesp rolls out of the ring to catch his breth but Jason Cash has other ideas as he leaps over the top rope with a suicide plancha but Gillesp sidesteps and Cash crashes into the security barrier headfirst much to the delight of the fans in attendance.

Gillesp immediately gets Cash up and rolls him back into the ring. Cash lies motionless on the canvas but Gillesp pulls him up to his feet and puts his arm over his shoulder. Gillesp then hits Cash with Cash’s own finishing move, ‘The bankrupt slam’! Gillesp then leaps to the top rope and signals to the crowd who cheer for the hometown boy. Gillesp then nails the ‘Big Bang’ on Cash and hooks his leg.




Ring Announcer: The winner of the match, still the Dynasty Wrestling Internet Champion and finalist for the 2002 DW Unleashed Tournament, Gillesp!

Gillesp snatches his title belt away from the referee and demands that he raises his hand immediately. Gillesp’s hand is raised and Gillesp rolls out of the ring with his belt and makes his way back up the entrance ramp. Gillesp will be in action again against either Jet or Adam Blade in the final of the Dynasty Wrestling Unleashed 2002 Tournament with a PPV main event World Title shot on the line.

Backstage, DW Interviewer Tim Smith is waiting with the new women with 50% DW Power, Kelly.

Smith – Miss Styles, do you mind answering a few questions?

Kelly Styles – No not at all. I guess the fans have a lot of questions that need answering.

Smith – Well first off, what is the current situation of the ownership of Dynasty Wrestling?

K.Styles- Well Jon is still the Owner. However as you already know he was put in hospital about 3 weeks ago by New Breed who then climbed control of Dynasty Wrestling, which they had no business in doing. As it happens ironically them climbing power was the catalyst of them splitting up as a group as they just couldn’t get on with each one of them wanting more power. Well Shawn Storm due to personal reasons walked. Now with no one in charge this place would be left with the inmates running the asylum as Gillesp accurately said earlier this week. Now Jon wanted to return but he is in no condition to do so. So he split the power 50-50 between me and his little sister Amy. A wise move? That is yet to be seen but if we can keep a certain persons ego in check then it should all go well. .

Smith – Have you any idea when Jon will be back?

K.Styles- Why are you sick of me and Amy already? Seriously though I have absolutely no clue and neither does Jon.

Smith – What do you make of Amy hiring Shawn Storm back to Dynasty Wrestling?

K.Styles- How do you think I feel? He is the man that put my boyfriend in hospital. He is the man that just snatched DW away without a care in the world about anything else. Don’t get me wrong he is a great athlete and deserves to be in the main event but we will have to see what sort of guy Shawn Storm is.

Smith – Thanks for the interview Miss Styles, you were a lot more willing than Amy. Anyway back to the ring where up next, two bitter rivalrys go at it once again, Adam Blade Vs. Jet!

Highlights of Adam Blade and Jet’s feud are shown in a promotional video including action from there match last month at Global Takeover.

Semi Final and DW International Title Match – Jet Vs. ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade (c)

“Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson begins to blare through the arena as the lights dim to red. Pyro explodes off the stage as “Primetime” Adam Blade steps out into the arena wearing a ‘Primetime’ T-Shirt with the Dynasty Wrestling International Title belt around his waist. The lights start flashing as Blade walks down the stage area. Blade stops and pats himself on the back. The crowd begins to boo as Blade walks down to ringside. Blade stops and looks around the arena, then he leaps up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. The lights flash red and then light the arena back up. Blade looks around the arena as the music fades out.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first, from San Diego, California, the Dynasty Wrestling International Champion…. ‘PRIMETIME’ ADAM BLADE!!

The crowd gets silent as The DW-Tron shows MR Millennium as ‘Never Gonna Stop’ By Rob Zombie hits the sound system. Jet walks down the ramp talking to the fans and slapping some of their hands before as he goes by. When he is in the Middle of the Ramp he taunts the fans before running and sliding into the ring.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the Ring, from Oklahoma. The Master Of Leg Drops Jet!!!

The crowd begins to hot up as Blade takes off his International Title belt and hands it to the referee without taking his eyes off Jet. Jet just stares back from the corner of the ring and the referee then calls for the bell for the match to start. The bell rings and Blade moves forward to corner Jet. Jet runs at Blade with forearms to his head that knock him back. Blade cuts Blade off with a knee to the midsection before throwing Jet into the corner.

Blade stomps Jet down into the corner before stepping back and taunting to the fans that only boo him. Jet gets up from the corner and runs at Blade and knocks him down with a pinning heel kick to a great pop from the crowd. Blade gets up to his feet but Jet leaps up and hits a hurricanrana on Adam Blade to another big crowd pop. Blade rolls out of the ring while Jet shout form him to get back in. Blade stares back at Jet as the referee threatens to count Blade out. Blade jumps back up onto the ring apron and Jet runs at him to knock him off. Blade stops him with a shoulder into the midsection. Blade then leaps over the top rope hitting a sun set flip on Jet pinning his shoulders down.



Jet kicks out just before the three count. Jet gets back to his feet holding the back of his head. Blade goes straight back after Jet and kicks him in the gut. Blade goes behind on Jet and waist locks Jet before taking him down with a German suplex, right on the back of his head. Blade keeps his hands locked around Jet’s waist and gets back to his feet before slamming him down with another German suplex. Blade lets go of Jet and gets to his feet and looks down on Jet who is on the canvas holding the back of his head. Blade lays into Jet with a kick to the head and then begins to climb to the top rope.

Jet is still lying out on the canvas as Blade leaps off of the top rope and hits a Swanton bomb onto the helpless Jet. The crowd boo as Blade goes for the cover.



Jet gets a shoulder up to a crowd pop! The crowd cheers as Jet gets back to his feet. Blade runs at Jet and tries to connect with a clothesline but Jet ducks the move before back flipping backwards and squaring off against Blade. Blade steps forward and slaps Jet across the face but Jet replies with forearm shots to Blade that backs him into the corner. Jet then grabs Blade by the arm and sends him corner to corner. Jet runs across the ring and hits a shoulder block into Blade’s stomach before back flipping again. Blade falls forward right into a DDT from Jet who then makes the cover.



Kickout by Blade. Blade gets back to his feet but Jet grabs him in a side headlock. From the side headlock Jet goes behind into a waist lock and hits a waist lock takedown on Blade. Jet tries to lock on a camel clutch submission move but Adam Blade powers out of the move. Blade rises back to his feet and ducks a boom kick from Jet. Blade grabs Jet around the stomach and hits him with a spinebuster slam. Blade then points to the turnbuckle and begins to climb. Blade reaches the top of the turnbuckle, looks down on Jet and then delivers a Primetime Splash from the top rope! The crowd boo as Blade hooks Jets leg to make the cover.



Jet kicks out! Jet kicked out of the Primetime Splash! Blade can’t believe it and neither can the fans who are jumping up and down cheering. Jet rises to his feet and connects with a spinning heel kick to Blade! Jet walks over to pick up Blade but with the referee blindsided Blade gets in a low blow on Jet! The fans boo as Blade gets up off of his knees to kick Jet in the stomach causing him to lean forward. Blade then nails a cradle Piledriver on Jet! The International Champion then covers Jet and puts his feet on the ropes!




The crowd erupts into a chorus of boo’s for Blade as the three count is counted.

Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match and still International Champion, DW Unleashed finalist, ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade!

More boos from the crowd as Blade holds up the International Title belt before placing it over his shoulder and strutting to the back as the referee rush down to check on Jet.

6 Man Tag Team Match – SSB, Hardcore Harry and Ruben Essa Vs. Michael Extremer, Dark Destroyer and George Beanwell.

As ‘SouthPark Mexican’ Hits the Sound System, Rubem Da Rich Kid Essa Slowly appears at the Titantron as he walks straight towards the Ring without making eye contact with anybody. As soon as he gets to the ring, Fireworks blast out from the turnbuckles as Rich Kids Music Slowly cuts off.

Ring Announcer: In the ring first, from Orlando, Florida, weighing in at 378 pounds, Ruben ‘Da Rick Kid’ Essa!

The crowd boo for Ruben.

Eminem Starts To Rap on the sound system as ‘When The Music Stops’ By D12 hits. A Big Explosion then takes place on the top of the entrance stage and the lights go out. The Lights come back on, and SSB Is standing there taunting to the crowd as various shots of Eminem rapping and SSB’s matches play on the DW-Tron. SSB then makes his way down the ramp way, taunting the fans that boo him on either side of him. SSB then slides into the ring and waits to be introduced.

Ring Announcer: His partner, Slim Stevie Bone!

‘Man in a Box’ by Alice in Chains hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet to boo as out steps Hardcore Harry, the third member of the group. Harry confedaintly walks down to the ring and jumps up onto the ring apron before stepping over the top rope and taunting on the turnbuckles with Ruben and SSB.

Ring Announcer: Their 3rd partner, Hardcore Harry!

‘Intergalactic’ by the Beastie Boy’s plays and the lights go down. Red and blue strobes flash throughout the arena and George Beanwell, ‘ the abductee’ walks out with, looking all around him in fear as Dark Destroyer and Extremer flank him on either side. They walk down to the ring, Beanwell wary of all around him and roll in, before starring out SSB, Harry and Ruben before retreating to their corner to get the match started.

Ring Announcer: their opponents, the team of Michael Extremer, Dark Destroyer and George Beanwell!!

SSB gets the match started against Dark Destroyer. Destroyer runs at SSB but he side steps him and Dark Destroyer goes crashing face first into the corner. SSB grabs him by his back and lifts him up onto a reverse sitting position on the turnbuckle. SSB snaps his head back so he is hanging upside down before stomping viciously at his face and upper body. The referee counts to 4 before restraining SSB and helping Dark Destroyer down from the turnbuckle. Dark Destroyer gets down and back up to his feet before tagging in Extremer. Extremer rushes across but gets right handed by SSB and finds himself down on the floor. SSB helps him up and spins him around quickly connecting with a forearm shot that sends Extremer into the ropes. SSB then runs at Extremer and clotheslines him over the top rope.

SSB makes the tag out to Hardcore Harry as Extremer slides back into the ring. Harry steps right over the top rope and stares corner to corner from Extremer. Extremer runs at Harry but Harry grabs him and lifts him over his head before just dropping him in a military press drop. Harry then nails a leg drop on Extremer across his neck before pulling him up to his feet and throwing him into the SSB/Ruben/Harry corner and grabbing the referee to complain that Extremer grabbed his hair. As Harry distracts the referee SSB and Ruben choke and punch Extremer until the referee turns around and orders them both out of the ring. By then the damage is done as Harry pick up Extremer and nails him with his patented Hangman DDT finishing move! Harry makes the cover on Extremer.



Beanwell breaks the count with an axe handle to Harry’s back. As Beanwell breaks the cover, Ruben Essa dives into the ring and spears him down as SSB goes to the outside to grabs a steel chair. Harry and Ruben picks up Beanwell and shoot him into the ropes. Beanwell comes back looking for a double clothesline but Harry and Ruben duck and Beanwell runs straight into the referee. With the referee down, SSB slides into the ring smiling, holding a steel chair. SSB swings the steel and connects with the back of Beanwell’s head and he falls down straight away. Harry picks up Extremer and SSB swings the steel nailing Extremer right between the eyes and opening up a gash on his forehead. SSB, Ruben and Harry all stand shoulder to shoulder looking down on Extremer and Beanwell before all turning around together to see Dark Destroyer. Standing on his own on the ring apron. Ruben grabs Dark Destroyer and pulls him into the ring, Ruben knocks him down with a right hand and he pops back up, Harry knocks him down with a right hand and he pops up again, SSB then knocks him down before Harry and Ruben pick him up and bring him crashing back down to the canvas with a huge double team suplex. SSB then climbs to the top rope getting many boos from the fans as he flips them off.

SSB then leaps from the top with a ‘187 freefall’ splash! SSB then covers Dark Destroyer as Harry and Ruben pick up the referee.




The fans boo as Ruben, SSB and Harry, collectively known as TwO stand with their arms in the air surveying the damage around them.

Ring Announcer: The winners of the match, Ruben Essa, Hardcore Harry and SSB!

The scene cuts to backstage where Amy Page is watching the monitor with a disgusted look on her face. She turns around to walk away when see bumps straight into ‘The Enigma’ Chris Cage!

Amy – “Well this night just keeps getting better! What the hell do you want?”

Cage just stares back at Amy with a mean look on his face as Amy tries to make her self taller to look in to Chris’s eyes.

Amy – Oh I heard what you said about me the other day to Tim Smith. You called me a bitch! Well that is just not on is it? That’s why your match against Chooch, is now No DQ. Seeing you reminds me that I have to find another group of losers. Adam Brothers, Demolition Squad and Angelus. They’re all FIRED!

Page just walks by Cage as he starts to warm up for his match against Chooch tonight but Gillesp then walks into the picture!

Gillesp – Hey Cage, don’t even think about it buddy, I saw her first!!

Gillesp runs off in the direction that Amy Page went as Cage smiles to himself as he warms up for his match tonight against Chooch.

TV Title Submission Match – Darkhan (c) Vs. Tony Zatarok

The Lights go out totally and “When Worlds Collide” by Powerman 5000 plays as the music keeps on playing and a red light comes on right in front of the curtain and there stands Darkhan with his TV Title belt and he begins walking slowly down to the aisle with the red light on him still then he enters the ring by stepping over the top rope and stands right in the middle of the ring and raises his hands and the lights come on and drop them fire explodes out of the turnbuckles and from behind him.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first, the Dynasty Wrestling Television Champion, Darkhan.

“Come With Me” by Puff Daddy blasts over the sound system throughout the arena. The lights flicker on and off as three red fireworks go off at the entrance. As the smoke clears Zatarok makes his way to the ring. He does a leapfrog over the top rope and climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises the roof. He walks to the middle of the ring and gives two thumbs up.

Ring Announcer: His first opponent, from Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada, Tony Zatarok!

The crowd begins to hot up as both man stand face to face with each other as the referee calls for the bell to be rung. The bell sounds but both men stand trash talking each other. Zatarok gets the early advantage with a flurry of right hands to the TV Champion. Zatarok goes behind on Darkhan and takes him down with a shot to the back of the knee knocking the big man right off of his feet. Zatarok stomps away on the right leg of Darkhan before trying to lock on a Boston crab. Darkhan fights off the former ZWF Owner and tries to get back to his feet. Zatarok keeps Darkhan grounded with a shot to the head and then stomps while he is down. Zatarok continues to work over the legs of Darkhan as he drags them over to the ropes and places his right leg on the bottom rope. Zatarok then jumps up and elbow drops the leg.

Zatarok keeps the big man grounded with a diving elbow shot to the head. Zatarok then gets on top of Darkhan and starts nailing him with mounted punches. Darkhan then suddenly throws Zatarok off of him and rises up to his feet. Zatarok runs straight back at Darkhan but Darkhan nails down Zatarok back down with a huge big boot, which even gets a cheer from the crowd. Darkhan picks up the limp body of Zatarok and nails him with a power slam. Darkhan then bends down and goes to lock on his new finishing move the HorroShock. As Darkhan bends down to put it on, Zatarok suddenly hits a leg sweep on Darkhan and lock on a ankle lock. The fans come to their feet as Zatarok pulls up on the hold that has the TV Champion screaming out in pain. Darkhan crawls slowly towards the ropes but Zatarok pulls him back into the middle of the ring as the referee asks Darkhan if he wants to quit. Darkhan says no and with one sudden burst jumps up onto his other foot and nails Zatarok with a back mule kick knocking him backwards and breaking the hold.

Darkhan gets back to his feet but is limping. Zatarok tries to capitalise with a shoulder block on Darkhan but the TV Champion grabs Zatarok around the throat. Darkhan lifts Zatarok high in the air with his one hand before slamming him down with a chokeslam. However Darkhan does not go for the submission on Zatarok, instead he rolls to the outside and picks up a chair, legal in this match, and rolls into the ring. Darkhan holds the chair up as Zatarok gets up to his feet. “Take this you prick” shouts Darkhan as he runs and nails Zatarok square in the head with the steel chair. Zatarok falls backwards and Darkhan smiles to himself before throwing the chair down. Darkhan picks up the now bleeding Tony Zatarok and nail him with the Extermination! Unluckily for Darkhan, Zatarok rolls out of the ring and to the floor.

“Get his ass back in here”, Darkhan screams at the referee as he explains that he cannot count out Zatarok due to the rules of the match. Darkhan looks at the referee in the eye and slides out of the ring. Darkhan grabs Zatarok and goes to shoot him into the ring steps but Zatarok reverses and sends a stunned Darkhan back first into the steel steps. The crowd cheer as Zatarok grabs a lead pipe from under the ring and nails Darkhan in the head with it! Darkhan falls down and out on the floor as Zatarok struggles pick him up again. Zatarok finally gets Darkhan back up and he rams Darkhan back first into the side of the ring. Zatarok continues to lay into Darkhan with right hands, the only thing holding up Darkhan is Zatarok’s right hands throwing him against the side of the ring. Zatarok then throws Darkhan back in the ring.

Zatarok picks up Darkhan and throws him into the corner. Zatarok stomps down Darkhan and chokes him in the corner but Darkhan pushes Zatarok away. Darkhan tries to get back to his feet but Zatarok is right back on him splashing him in the corner and then kicking away his right knee so he falls back to the floor. Zatarok stomps down on Darkhan’s legs again before bringing him back into the middle of the ring. Zatarok locks on a leg lock on Darkhan. Darkhan screams out in pain as the referee asks him if he wants to give up. Darkhan shakes his head and the pain seems to be getting worse until suddenly Darkhan sits up.

Darkhan reaches across with his massive arms and begins pummelling Zatarok until he lets go of the leg lock to get away from Darkhan’s right hands. Zatarok runs at Darkhan with a clothesline but it does not knock Darkhan off of his feet. Tony Z tries again but Darkhan counters with a snap power bomb. Darkhan pulls up his knee pads that came loose during the submission and picks up Zatarok, Zatarok tries to fight back again but Darkhan takes down Zatarok in an arm bar takedown into a Canadian crossface submission hold! The move invented by Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and now used by Chris Benoit as well as Darkhan, Malcolm King and Christian Idol punishes the Canadian native Zatarok as the referee asks him if he wants to call it quits.

Zatarok waves an outstretched finger to say that he won’t quit but Darkhan applies more pressure. Zatarok moves closer and closer to the ropes until Darkhan lets go and pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Darkhan tries to lock on again but Zatarok fights for his life, punching elbowing and head butting Darkhan to get free. Zatarok staggers up to his feet and stands in the corner for support. Darkhan runs at Zatarok and Zatarok gets a boot up to knock Darkhan backwards. Zatarok runs at Darkhan but Darkhan spinebusters Zatarok down and locks on the ‘HorroShock’, his devastating submission finishing hold! Zatarok bravely holds out for a few seconds but if forced to tap pretty quickly as Darkhan applies even more pressure to the career ending submission hold.

Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match by submission and still Dynasty Wrestling Television Champion, Darkhan!!

Darkhan is given the title belt and his hand is raised in victory, as it is a bleeding Tony Zatarok gets to his feet. Zatarok shakes Darkhan’s hand before raising it in victory himself, which gets a nice pop from the crowd. Zatarok then walks up the entrance ramp as Darkhan climbs to the turnbuckle. Zatarok nods at Darkhan from the top of the entrance ramp as Darkhan nods back from his mounted position inside the ring on the turnbuckle.

Backstage DW Interviewer Stacy Wright is with Kelly Styles.

Wright – Miss Styles, I gather you asked me here to make an announcement?

K.Styles – Yes I did. After speaking to Darkhan and Jon about this, we have decided that the Dynasty Wrestling Television Title is no more.

Wright – So Darkhan’s victory there counted for nothing?

K.Styles – No not at all. I am pleased to announce that instead of being the DW TV Title, it is new the DW Tapout Title. All of the matches will be under the submission rules that were in place for that great Zatarok/Darkhan match.

Just as Kelly finishes talking Gillesp runs past and screams something back at Stacy and Kelly.



DW Unleashed Final Match – ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade Vs. Gillesp

Ring Announcer: The next match is the final of the Dynasty Wrestling Unleashed Tournament! The Winner will go on to ‘DW Next Generation’ next month and get a shot at the Dynasty Wrestling World Title! In this match, the Dynasty Wrestling International and Internet Title will also be unified!

The fans cheer at the shock statement!

“Frankenstein” by The Edgar Winter Group hits the sound system and the fans begin to boo as Gillesp steps out from the back with his Dynasty Wrestling Internet Title belt. Gillesp taunts the fans on the entrance ramp before running down to the ring and sliding in.

Ring Announcer: In the ring, from San Francisco, CA he is the Dynasty Wrestling Internet Champion, GILLESP!

“Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson begins to blare through the arena as the lights dim to red. Pyro explodes off the stage as “Primetime” Adam Blade steps out into the arena wearing a ‘Primetime’ T-Shirt with the Dynasty Wrestling International Title belt around his waist. The lights start flashing as Blade walks down the stage area. Blade stops and pats himself on the back. The crowd begins to boo as Blade walks down to ringside. Blade stops and looks around the arena, then he leaps up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. The lights flash red and then light the arena back up. Blade looks around the arena as the music fades out.

Ring Announcer: From San Diego, California, the Dynasty Wrestling International Champion…. ‘PRIMETIME’ ADAM BLADE!!

The bell rings for the match that could change both these men’s young life’s for the better to start. Blade gets the match started shooting Gillesp into the ropes. Blade lowers his head for a backdrop but Gillesp spots the move and hits sunset flip on Blade.



Blade kicks out just in time! Blade gets up and nails Gillesp with a right hand in retaliation for the near fall. Gillesp responds with a right hand of his own. Blade takes Gillesp in a headlock and runs towards the ropes with him. Blade leaps up and nails Gillesp with a springboard bulldog off of the ropes! Gillesp gets back up to his feet and goes for a jumping calf kick. Blade ducks and hits German suplex on Gillesp. Blade tries to keep his arms locked like he did against Jet but Gillesp was obviously watching the match as he counters with a reverse wrist lock. Gillesp then lets go of the wrist and grabs Blade around the waist and hits German suplex of his own!

Blade gets back up from the German suplex and sends Gillesp into the corner. Blade runs at Gillesp and jumps up and starts hitting him with punches as the fans count along.






Gillesp counters with a powerbomb out of the corner on Blade! Blade staggers back up to his feet and Gillesp goes for a snap powerbomb this time but Blade counters with a head scissors. Gillesp gets back to his feet but Blade takes him down with an arm drag into an arm bar. Gillesp forces his way out of the hold and hits single leg takedown on Blade. Gillesp tries to turn and twist the leg but Blade fights him off and rolls out of the ring. Gillesp gives Blade no time out of the ring, running at the ropes and diving over with a suicide plauncha right onto Blade which gets a huge pop from the crowd for the hometown boy how although is usually very unpopular, is being cheered by the fans. Gillesp throws Blade into the security wall before throwing him back into the ring.

With Blade out on the canvas Gillesp climbs to the top rope. As he does down runs Jet with a solid steel chair! Jet runs into the ring and knocks Gillesp off of the top rope with a steel chair shot. Jet then lays into Blade with the chair leaving both men lying in the ring until he is finally restrained by the referees. With both men down the referee begins to use his ten count.







Blade makes the cover on Gillesp.



Gillesp gets shoulder up to a crowd pop. Blade gets to his feet and does Gillesp. Blade grabs Gillesp in a front face lock and takes him down with a suplex. Gillesp bounces back up but Blade hits him with a belly to back suplex. Blade then covers Gillesp.



Kickout by Gillesp! Gillesp gets to his feet but Blade ties up with him again. Blade grabs Gillesp’s head and puts it between his legs for a powerbomb. Gillesp counters with a back body drop. Gillesp then runs to the ropes and hits a inverted springboard lionsault on Blade! This could be it,



Shoulder up just in time for Adam Blade. Blade gets to his feet and Gillesp does to. Gillesp grabs both arms of Blade and runs towards the turnbuckle. Gillesp leaps up to the top rope while holding Blade’s arms before jumping right over Blade’s head and pulling him down with an amazing top rope neckbreaker! The crowd mark for Gillesp as he then covers Blade.



Blade places his foot on the ropes which gets lots of heat from the crowd.

Gillesp brings Blade up to his feet and throws him into the ropes. Blade comes back but gets met with a double arm DDT from Gillesp! Gillesp taunts the crowd who cheer as he points to the turnbuckle. Gillesp slowly begins to climb the turnbuckle and he gets to the top rope. Blade gets up quickly from the floor and dives into the ropes causing Gillesp to lose his balance and fall down on the ropes. Blade reacts quickly climbing to the rope with Gillesp. Gillesp tries to push Blade away but Blade grabs Gillesp’s head before pulling up his legs and falling backwards hitting a cradle Piledriver from the top rope!! The fans cheer the huge move as Blade goes for the cover on Gillesp.




Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match and Tournament, Adam Blade!

Blade is handed the International Title belt as his hand is raised in victory! He will go on to face the World Champion at ‘DW Next Generation’ next month!

DW Next Generation
Pepsi Arena, Albany, New York
22nd September 2002
The DW camera’s are back in Gillesp’s locker room where the DW Internet Champion is throwing furniture about still upset at his loss to Blade. There is then a knock at the door.

Gillesp – Who the f**k is it??

The door then opens and in walks Amy Page.

Amy – I heard you have been looking for me?

Gillesp – Oh yeah I sure was. But just minutes ago I was screwed out of the World Title shot that I deserve! What the hell is going to be done about it?

Amy – Well I can’t change the outcome of the match and Adam Blade will go on to the PPV to face the World Champion, but who is to say you won’t be the World Champion by a months time? How about two weeks on Destruction and you can have a World Title shot against who ever wins tonight! And sure you lost that match, but you still could win tonight.

Amy winks at Gillesp before walking back out of the door as Gillesp cheers up very quickly.

DW International Title No1 Contenders No DQ Match – Chris Cage Vs. Chooch

A promotional vignette of the Cage/Chooch match is shown with clips of their growing rivalry with ‘Rock Star’ by Neptunes as the background music.

‘Bad Dreams’ by Swollen Members hits the sound system and everyone gets to their feet. The man who called Chris Cage’s World Title wins lucky – Chooch comes out and pose at the top of the stage as Pyro shoots up and the fans cheer as he walks to the ring. He then gets in the ring and relaxes in the corner waiting for the match to begin.

Ring Announcer: First to the ring from Chambersburg Pennsylvania, CHOOCH!

“It’s Going Down” by X-Ecutioners hits the P.A system to a huge pop from the crowd. The lights dim down as green spotlights light up the ramp. Pyros and fireworks shoots up the ramp and aisle way as Chris Cage steps onto the ramp. He is wearing his usual ring attire, black long tights with the word “ENIGMA” at the back. He has a determined look on his face as he walks down the aisle way. He slaps a few hands in the crowd before sliding into the ring. He slides into the ring, climbs on the turnbuckle and taunts the crowd to a huge pop.

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from Tampa Bay, Florida, one half of the DW Tag Team Champions, CHRIS CAGE!

cage and Chooch stand face to face. The bell rings. Chooch ties up with Cage. Cage and Chooch try to push each other backwards showing their strength. Chooch gets the advantage on Cage pushing him backwards and taking him in a side headlock. Cage pushes Chooch into the ropes. Chooch bounces into the ropes and comes back on Cage with a drop toehold. Chooch grabs the leg of Cage and stomps it down into the mat. Cage gets back to his feet and hits a front face suplex on Chooch. Chooch sweeps away Cage’s legs and lays into ‘The Enigma’ with mounted punches.

Cage rolls out of the punches and both men get back up to their feet. Chooch kicks Cage in the midsection causing him to double over. Chooch then nails a diving powerbomb on Cage to a great crowd reaction! Chooch hooks Cage’s leg and makes the cover but Cage kicks out after two. Chooch brings Cage back up to his feet before grabbing him in position for a belly-to-belly suplex. Cage blocks the move and cuts off Chooch with an elbow smash to his face. Chooch staggers backwards and Cage sweeps away his leg with a Russian leg sweep.

Cage stomps away on Chooch but Chooch grabs Cage’s leg and takes him down with a spinning leg takedown. Chooch locks on a side headlock on Cage to wear down the former Two Time World Champion and current Tag Team Champion. Cage counters with a front face lock on Chooch down on the mat but Chooch reverse into a wrist lock and then gets the side head lock back on with great chain wrestling from both Cage and Chooch.

Cage begins to fade under the iron like grip of Chooch’s side headlock. The referee asks Cage if he wants to quit but he refuses and begins to fight out of the hold. Chooch does everything he can to keep Cage down but he struggles up to his feet. Cage grabs Chooch’s arm away releasing him from the headlock and Cage spins around and catches Chooch with a spinning heel kick! The fans cheer as Chooch falls back into the ropes. Cage runs at Chooch but Chooch pulls down the ropes sending Cage over the top and to the floor below. Chooch slides out of the ring to meet Cage on the outside and he slams him into the security barrier.

Cage stumbles up to his feet using the ring steps to help himself up. Chooch runs at Cage but Cage hits a drop toehold sending Chooch face first into the steel ring steps! Chooch falls backwards and Cage climbs up to the top of the ring steps. Cage then leaps off and hits an elbow drop onto Chooch! Cage slides Chooch back into the ring before going in himself. Cage picks Chooch up to his feet and goes for the ‘Enigma-O-Matic’! However Chooch counters with a reverse elbow then a T-Bone suplex! Chooch goes for the cover on Cage.



Cage kicks out right at the last minute. Chooch brings Cage back up to his feet and rams his head into the turnbuckle in the corner. Cage stumbles out of the corner and Chooch goes on for a clothesline. Cage ducks the clothesline and Chooch runs into the ropes. Chooch bounces back straight into an ‘Enigma-O-Matic’! The fans pop for the move as Cage goes for the cover.



Chooch kicks out at the least possible second to a pop from the crowd. Up gets Chris Cage and he dares Chooch to get up to his feet. Chooch slowly gets up and Cage goes for a Superkick but Chooch dodges out of the way. Chooch spins around Cage and goes for ‘The Excellence’. Cage counters into a Northern lights suplex.



Kickout by Chooch. Chooch gets back up again. Cage knocks him backwards with right hands. Chooch finds himself in the corner as Cage lays into him with big right hands. Chooch grabs Cage and throws him into the corner and returns the favour with right hands of his own. Chooch brings Cage out of the corner and throws him into the ropes. Cage comes back with a spinebuster on Chooch!! The fans know what’s coming next! Cage grabs Chooch’s legs, steps through then crosses them over and turns over locking in the sharpshooter!! Chooch screams out under the pressure of the sharpshooter as both fatigued men battle each other in the hold. Chooch nears closer to the ropes but Cage pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Chooch reaches back and grabs the leg of Cage and sweeps it away breaking the hold. Cage and Chooch stumble back up to their feet and Cage suddenly goes for the ‘Enigma-O-Matic’ again! He reaches up to grab Chooch’s head but Chooch grabs his arm and spins him around, straight into ‘The Excellence’!!! The fans pop as Chooch goes for the cover.



3!!! Cage kicks out just after the three count but its too late!

Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match, Chooch!!

Chooch’s hand is raised in victory as the fans cheer for him as Cage rolls out of the ring. Cage retreats backwards up the entrance ramp looking back at Chooch celebrating in the ring.

DW World Title Three Way Match – ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell Vs. ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm Vs. Rick Lacey

The crowd pop as the lights in the arena fade to black as “Supernova goes pop” by PM5K hits. Crimson and Grey lights flash through the crowd as Golden pyro explodes on the stage and ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell is seen throw the smoke of the pyro as he makes his way to the ring. The fans cheer the World Champion as he slides into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from Long Beach California weighing in at 232 pounds, the Dynasty Wrestling World Champion, ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell!

“Hate Me Now” by Nas and P-Diddy hit the audio system. The lights dim and begin flashing white and blue. Pyro erupts from the stage area and Shawn Storm steps out onto the stage area. Shakira follows him onto the stage. Storm begins to pose on the stage as the fans cheer and begin to chant his name. Storm is wearing a new pair of blue trunks, black boots, and a pair of black sunglasses. Storm tags a few hands as he walks to the ring. Storm gets to the ring apron and directs Shakira to stay on the floor. Storm slides into the ring and climbs to the middle rope. He poses on the turnbuckle, and then climbs back down into the ring. Storm stretches on the ropes before approaching Chris Boswell. Storm and Boswell, the bitter rivals that in the last two months have competed against each other in a triple tier cage match and a One hour of heel Iron Man Match have a stare down.

Ring Announcer: His first opponent and challenger, from Miami, Florida, he weights in at 269 pounds and is accompanied to the ring by Shakira, ‘SUPERSTAR’ Shawn Storm!!

Boswell nails a right hand on Storm as he is introduced which knocks him backwards. Storm retaliates with a right hand but Boswell has the upper hand after getting the first shot in. Boswell knocks Storm into the corner and stomps away at him. The referee pleads with Boswell to stop as all the competitors are not yet here. Boswell whips Storm corner to corner but Storm reverses and sends Boswell into the corner. Boswell bounces out of the corner and runs at Storm. Storm ducks and then runs after Boswell and clotheslines him over the top rope. Storm slides out of the ring and goes after Boswell with right hands Boswell and Storm fight at the base of the entrance ramp trading right hands when suddenly Thunder is heard from around the arena and The Ramps fireworks explode. “Wake Up” By Rage Against the Machine hits the sound system and Rick Lacey walks down the entrance ramp with his Hardcore and tag team Title belts over each shoulder to a huge crowd pop. Lacey taunts the crowd which gets a pop before dropping both of the belts at the top of the ramp way and sprinting down the ramp.

Lacey meets Storm and Boswell at the base of the entrance ramp and knocks them over with a running double clothesline. The fans pop the move as Lacey grabs Storm and rolls him into the ring. Lacey bounces off of the ropes and hits Storm with a fist drop. Lacey then picks up Storm but as Storm gets to his feet he snaps Lacey’s arm away and begins to lay into Lacey with right hands. Lacey takes about 5 shots to the head before cutting Storm off with a knee to the midsection. Lacey then grabs Storm in a front face lock and takes him down in a snap suplex just as the World Champion rolls back into the ring. Boswell shoots Lacey into the ropes and shoulder blocks him down as he comes back. Boswell picks up Lacey and rams his head into the turnbuckle before rolling him up from behind with a schoolboy.



Lacey easily kicks out.

Lacey gets back to his feet and Boswell begins to lay into him with right hands in the corner until Storm nails Boswell from behind sending him into Lacey. Boswell falls to the floor and Storm grabs Lacey out of the corner. The former partners who are now bitter rivals tie up in the middle of the ring. Both jostle for position until Storm drops his shoulder and loads Lacey up onto them looking for the SwitchBlade. Lacey reverses the move into a side headlock until Storm pushes him off and into the ropes. Lacey bounces out of the ropes and back at Storm who drops his head. This gives Lacey the chance he was looking for and he hits a swinging neckbreaker on the ‘Superstar’. As Lacey taunts Storm, Boswell sneaks up behind him and takes him down with a waist lock takedown. Lacey spins out of the waist lock and back to his feet but Boswell is ready with a pendulum backbreaker.

Boswell picks Lacey back up to his feet and throws him into Storm. Storm and Lacey collide and both fall to the floor. With Storm and Lacey both down, Boswell slides out of the ring and walks over to the announcer’s position. Boswell picks up a spare steel chair and snaps it shut before sliding into the ring with it. Lacey and Storm begin to get to their feet, but Boswell swings the chair and it his Storm right between the eyes. Boswell goes to hit Lacey but Lacey ducks the shot and runs past Boswell and jumps to the top rope. Boswell comes at Lacey again with the steel chair but he leaps off and hits a leaping kick on Boswell sending the chair back into his face. Lacey then makes the cover on Boswell.



Storm dives across to break up the cover. Storm gets to his feet and there is blood streaming down his face from the vile chair shot. Storm picks up Boswell and hits some huge right hands to his head before picking him up and nailing him with a big powerslam. Rick Lacey climbs up to the top of the turnbuckle as Storm picks up Boswell and sends the World Champion back down to the mat with a stiff spinebuster. Storm then turns around to face Lacey on the turnbuckle but Lacey leaps off and hits a spinning tornado DDT on Storm! The crowd mark out for the move as Lacey gets back to his feet and slides Boswell’s chair out of the ring. As he does the fans cheer as Jet leaps over the security barrier and sits at the commentary position. Lacey, totally unaware that Jet is at ringside picks up Boswell and hits him with a knee to the face before nailing him with a Double Arm DDT! As he does the fans cheer as Shawn Storm pulls himself up using the ropes, his face now a crimson mask and the canvas stained red from where he was lying. Storm runs at Lacey and clotheslines him over the top. The force of the clothesline sends Storm tumbling over the top rope as well.

As Storm goes over the fans boo as Adam Blade, the man who will face the World Champion next month at DW Unleashed, walks down the entrance ramp with his International Title belt. Storm and Lacey continue to fight on the outside until Lacey grabs Storm and throws him into the steel ring post knocking him down. Blade smiles, still standing at the top of the entrance ramp. As he does, Lacey grabs Boswell’s feet and pulls him out side of the ring. Lacey throws Boswell shoulder first into the ring announcer’s table, which send the announcer’s and Jet scattering. Lacey then pulls out the TV Monitors and throws them down before picking up Boswell and rolling him onto the table. The fans stand up and cheer as Lacey runs to the ring and climbs to the top rope. Lacey walks along the top rope for a few feet before leaping off and nailing ‘Lacey Time’ elbow on Boswell through the table! Both men go crashing through the table.

Storm begins to get to his feet and looks over at the carnage that is, or at least was Boswell, Lacey and the announcer’s table. Storm smiles before grabbing Chris Boswell and rolling him into the ring. Storm then gets into the ring himself and stalks Boswell as he begins to get to his feet. As Storm stalks Boswell, Adam Blade sprints down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring. Blade nails Storm in the back of the head with his DW International Title belt, which does nothing to help his profuse bleeding. Blade, very pleased with his actions then exits the ring and the ringside area to a chorus of boo’s. Boswell gets to his feet and looks down at his arch nemesis, lying with blood everywhere. Boswell quickly picks up Storm and the World Champion then nails him with the ‘Ground Zero’! The move gets a big pop and Boswell then makes the cover on Storm, surely he has retained the title.




Storm gets a shoulder up Justas the referee’s hand was coming down for the three count. Boswell holds his head is disbelief as Lacey finds his feet on the outside and stares back at Boswell in the ring. Lacey slides into the ring and throws Boswell out. Lacey shouts at Storm to “Get his ass up”. Storm running only on adrenaline rises to his feet to face Rick Lacey. Lacey and Storm lock up. Lacey gets the upper hand, possibly because Storm has lost so much blood. Lacey nails Storm with a brainbuster that gets big pop from the pumped up crowd. Lacey then begins to climb to the top rope. Lacey reaches the top rope and signals for the ‘Lacey time’ elbow again. The fans cheer but suddenly Lacey is knocked from the top rope, by Jet! Jet then leaps up to the top rope and taunts the fans. Jet leaps off of the top and nails the 90degree leg drop on Rick Lacey! The fans can’t believe it. Boswell slides into the ring as Jet pulls Lacey out and throws him into the security barrier.

Boswell picks up Storm. Storm comes back on Boswell with right hands. Boswell bounces into the ropes but comes right back at Storm who hits him with a German suplex! Boswell gets back up but the crowd rise to their feet as Storm grabs Boswell and nails a SwitchBlade!

Storm makes the cover as Lacey gets to his feet and scrambles to get back into the ring.



3!!! Lacey gets there just on the three count!

The fans cheer for Storm who is out on the mat. The camera zooms in on Rick Lacey’s face who is extremely pissed off. He turns around and stares at Jet with blood running down the side of his face. “You fking little prk” shouts Lacey as he takes off after Jet. Jet high tails it to the back but Lacey follows him all the way. The camera zooms back to the ring where Storm is getting to his feet.

Ring Announcer: The Winner of the match, and NEW DW World Champion, SHAWN STORM!!

Storms old music, “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit hits the sound system and the fans cheer as Storm holds up the DW World Title belt for all to see. Storm takes the World Title belt and climbs the turnbuckle and holds it up for the fans to see as DW Unleashed 2002 goes off of the air.

Shawn Storm is once again Dynasty Wrestling World Champion, but what will happen tomorrow night on Destruction? Kelly Styles and Amy Page will be in the house, Adam Blade Vs. Shawn Strom in a steel cage match, Rick Lacey will surely have hell to pay for the man that cost him the World Title, Jet also loads more matches and announcements, Dynasty Wrestling Destruction

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The wrestling world is still buzzing with excitement following the electrifying spectacle that was sVo Proving Grounds 26. Now, fans can relive every heart-stopping...


By Sanctioned Violence News Team Rumors have been swirling within the professional wrestling community as whispers of Project: Violence, the renowned wrestling promotion based...

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"Jon, I burned my bridge with Jimmy Moretti a long time ago, and I did it because I believed in Dynasty Wrestling. And yet, where were you when it was time to return to the favor? Where were you when I was suspended from Project: Violence and stripped of the championship I’d worked so hard to hold on to? "

- Mike Best (28th October 2007)

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Its the flagship weekly sVo show from Las Vegas!

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All of the latest action from the stars of Project:Violence!

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The rising stars of the sVo look to prove themselves and rise up the ranks!

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sVo Countdown to Violence 2021Goodfellas Casino ArenaSunday 21st March 2021 ‘Audacity’ by Stormzy hits and the opening video package for ‘Countdown to Violence 2021’...


Judge seeking showdown talks with sVo Owner!


Welcome to the second version of the sVo Power Rankings! We take a look back at Against All Odds #3, and take a look...

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The sVo returns with its first show in nearly seven years with 'Against All Odds'!