Get the fuck up
A yo, when I step up in the club everybody hit the fuckin’ floor
Lucky motherfuckers make it to the door
Cuz when I spit on mic’s I spit raw
Which cause confusion from the bar to the dance floor
I keep the club owner vexed
Cuz he gotta pay me when I spit
Plus replace a lot of shit
Nig**s get to wildin’
When my words echoes the room like
(get your hand out my pockets)
You sock shit while my topics rockin’
I’m banned from clubs cuz of my toxic tonsils
Loud speakin’ like a fuckin sports announcer
I spit, the block hot ’til you rush the bouncer
Or rush the motherfucker in your way who’s bouncin’
You know O. Trice get the gats pronouncin’

Get live motherfucker when I speak motherfucker
Out your seat motherfucker, I’ma reach motherfuckers
Shady Records ’til I sleep, motherfucker
Obie Trice, nuttin’ but street, muthatfucka
Tear this bitch up until you bleed, motherfucker
I wouldn’t give a fuck who you be, motherfucker
Punk, pussy, bitch or G, motherfucker
Adrenaline rush before you leave, motherfucker

“Adrenaline Rush” By Obie Trice

The Time was now. The official DW entrance theme “Adrenaline Rush” blared throughout the American Airlines arena as the live video feed for DW ‘Shadows Of Power’ ’02 flickered on upon millions of TV sets world wide as the camera picked out various signs in the frenzied crowd as they jumped up and down hoping to get on TV. A run down of the matches was shown on the DW-Tron that hangs above the specially constructed DW Shadow’s Of Power entrance stage. The entrance stage was like nothing seen before. Clad in stainless steel around the frames, chains hung down from the bars and puffs of white smoke shot up from the side of the entrance way out of the stainless steel entrance stage every 10 to 20 seconds.

The Tables Turn… Pt.1

The show straight away goes backstage where Sean Manning is standing next to a ‘Coke’ drinks vendor machine. Manning his normal ring attire, black boots, long blue tights and a green sleeveless ‘Guerrilla Unit’ Shirt. Manning is sporting many scars across his arms and face, probably from last weeks DW ‘Organised Chaos’ match. Manning fiddles around with the money in his hand trying to find the correct change.

“God damn place, can’t even get a drink around here” he mutters to himself as footsteps are heard behind him. He turns around to see who it is as he puts the money into the machine.

“Hey that’s all over now, we don’t have to wear the masks anymore” says Manning as he sees the man standing behind him wearing one of the masks that Guerrilla Unit have been wearing for the last three weeks to protect their identities.

The shot pulls wide as Manning looks down to see what drink to select. The masked man however is still standing behind him, and he reveals that he is holding a steel chair behind his back! The masked man lashes the chair across the back of Manning’s head, and he immediately drops down to the floor. The masked man steps over Manning and presses a button on the machine and removes the can that drops out. He steps out of sight of the camera as the can opens…

The action heads back out to ringside where a video package is shown with highlights of the Hardcore Jono and Chaz Klimax feud.

DW International Title No DQ Match – Chaz Klimax (Champion) Vs. Hardcore Jono

“All my life I’ve been searching for something, something never comes never leads to nothing. Nothing satisfies but I’m getting close, closer to the prize at the end of the rope. All night long I dream of the day, When it comes around and its taken away. Leaves me with the feeling I feel the most, feel it come to life when I see your ghost”

Suddenly red pyro shoot’s up and lights the arena, gaining the crowds attention. Chaz walks from the back looking pumped. As the DW-Tron plays different videos of Chaz’s many matches, he walks to the ring with the DW International Title belt over his shoulder while adjusting the studded wristbands on his wrists. He slides in the ring and walks around looking pumped. He looks around at the crowd who are screaming, and he stands on each ring post at a time looking around at the arena whilst holding up his title belt.

Ring Announcer: To the ring first, from Toronto Canada, he weights in at two hundred and eighty pounds, the DW International Champion, Chaz Klimax!!

Klimax paces around the ring as he awaits the arrival of his opponent for his first PPV Title defence of his International Title belt. The Lights in the arena dim to a navy blue, 2 huge silver ice bombs fly down from the rafters and explode once they hit the stage. The fans go crazy as DMX’s “Party Up” is heard echoing throughout the arena. The cheers become louder as they see Hardcore Jono, he pop out from behind the curtain with a smile covering his face. Walking up to the top of the ramp and looking around the thousands of adoring fans holding signs, screaming his name and taking pictures of him. The smile on his face becomes bigger as he raises his hands into the air the fan’s cheering louder as he does so. He slowly walks down to the ring, interacting with the fans that are reaching out to touch him. Once he reaches the ring, he climbs up onto the apron. Looking from left to right at the fans before leaping over the top rope and into the ring.

Ring Announcer: From Liverpool, England, he weights in at two hundred and sixty pounds, the challenger, representing Guerrilla Unit, Hardcore Jono!!

The cheers for both men echo around the arena as they both pace about the ring looking at the fans. The referee holds up the International Title belt to signal that it is on the line in this match and then calls for the bell. Hardcore Jono grabs Klimax straight away in an airtight side headlock. Klimax fights out with elbow shots to Jono’s stomach and then runs into the ropes. He bounces back at Jono and knocks him to the mat with a shoulder block. Jono gets straight up to his feet again but Klimax grabs his right leg and hits him with an dragon screw takedown before dropping an elbow across Jono’s knee.

The crowd cheer the early offence from the International Champion as he continues to work on Jono’s right leg with a series of well-placed kicks and elbow drops. He finally allows Jono back up and sends him into the corner with an Irish whip. Jono hits hard into the corner and Klimax quickly follows up with a clothesline. Klimax grabs Jono’s right leg again and places it around the ring ropes, before aiming a sharp kick at the knee. The referee quickly gets in between the two men and calls for a clean break but it takes Jono a couple of seconds to free himself from the ropes and hobble towards Klimax.

Klimax pulls him closer and locks him up with a front face lock in preparation for a suplex. The International Champion goes for a snap suplex, but Jono manages to get a block in. Klimax goes for the move again, which is again blocked by Jono he pulls together enough strength to lift up Klimax with a counter move and drop him back down on his head with a Brainbuster! Both men are now down on the mat with Jono not being able to take advantage because he is still feeling his knee. Jono pulls himself up and tries to shake off the leg injury. He grabs Klimax up by the back of the head, and throws him over the top rope and too the floor before dropping back down to the mat on his back feeling out his leg again.

With both men down the crowd begin to cheer for their favourite, some for the champion Klimax, and some for the challenger Jono. Jono is first up as he rolls out of the ring. He stomps down on Klimax and pushes him against the security barrier. He lets go and slaps a few hands at ringside as Klimax begins to get back up. Klimax runs at Jono, but Jono is ready for him and he flap jacks him into the security barrier! Klimax hits hard across the security barrier and the referee rushes across to check on him as Jono gets a steel chair from the commentator’s position and throwing it into the ring.

Jono makes his way back around to Klimax who is down on the outside holding his throat. Jono picks him up against the referee’s advice and tosses him hard into the ring steps. The fans gasp as Klimax hits back first into the ring steps, but Jono shows no mercy to his opponent, picking him back up and rolling him into the ring. Jono immediately holds down Klimax’s shoulder s for the cover as the referee slides back into the ring to count.



Klimax kicks out! The fans can’t believe it as Klimax kicks out. Jono pulls Klimax up and shoots him into the corner. Klimax hits back first into the corner, and Jono quickly walks over to him. Jono pulls Klimax around until he is in the tree of woe position. Jono then walks to the middle of the ring and picks up the steel chair he threw in earlier, and nails Klimax with a shot to the ribs! Klimax flops down to the mat after the chair shot as the fans cheer for Jono as he holds up the chair above his head.

Jono grabs Klimax by the legs and hooks them up, before turning him over into a modified Boston crab position! Jono screams at Klimax to give up, but the International Champion begins to slide his way slowly towards the ropes. Klimax gets right near the ropes and grabs hold of the bottom one so the referee tells Jono to break the hold. Jono refuses and the referee can do little about it under the No DQ rules! Jono finally releases the hold after a further 2 minutes of applied pressure to Klimax and straight away goes for another cover.



Klimax barely kicks out, getting his right shoulder up. Jono looks down at Klimax, sickened that he managed to kick out. Jono then pulls Klimax towards the turnbuckle by his left leg and left arm, before stepping out onto the ring apron and beginning to climb to the top rope! The crowd cheer, as Jono stands tall on the top rope as he looks down at the International Champion. Jono leaps off looking to connect with a frog splash, but Klimax rolls towards the turnbuckle and avoids contact! The fans cheer as both men slowly get up to their feet. Klimax regains his earlier advantage, throwing Jono into the corner and pummelling him with right hands. Klimax then runs back to the opposite corner before sprinting back at Jono and hitting him with ‘The Rage’ in the corner! The crowd cheer as Hardcore Jono stumbles towards Klimax, who hits him with his finisher the ‘Heavy Distortion’!! Klimax quickly goes for the cover..



No!! Jono gets a shoulder up at the last minute to the shock of everyone in the arena, including Chaz Klimax. Klimax pull up Jon and shoots him into the ropes. Jono bounces back into a dropkick from Klimax, which knocks him down. Jono struggles up to his feet as Klimax leaps up and bounces into the ropes. Klimax comes back and tries to hit Jono with a hurricanrana, but Hardcore Jono counter into ‘The End’ to a huge gasp from the crowd as he drops Klimax down on his head before quickly rolling across and making the cover.




Klimax tries to kick out as the three count goes down but his effort is in vain as he can’t get his shoulder off of the mat and the three is counted crowing the NEW International Champion!! The crowd pop as the referee retrieves the belt from ringside and hands it to its new owner, as he lifts the belt up in the air as he stands above the fallen former Champion.

Winner of the match by pinfall and NEW DW International Champion, Hardcore Jono (27:42)

The next DW PPV comes at you live from Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester, England
DW International Title #1 Contendership Match – Jonnie Blaze Vs. Johnny Homicidal

Footage of Blaze and Homicidal’s match two weeks ago is shown in the promotional video, as well as this weeks argument that heated up on the official DW site leading to this match up.

‘Angry Chair’ by Alice in Chains hits over the sound system as the lights dim and strobe lights cover the arena in dark red as Monday Night Destruction gets set to get underway with this one on one match. Johnny Homicidal walks out and looks around at the crowd as they boo him. He slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. Johnny walks to the centre of the ring and awaits his opponent as the lights come back on and the music stops.

Ring Announcer: From Murderville, he weights in at two hundred and thirty four pounds, Johnny Homicidal!!

“This is not” by Static X hits the sound system and the fans cheer as Jonnie Blaze steps out onto the entrance ramp. Blaze stands under the DW-Tron and points up to the sky before making his way down the entrance ramp. Blaze slaps a few hands on his way to the ring before sliding in. Blaze taunts the fans at each side of the ring as he is announced.

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from Hemphill Texas, he weights in at three hundred and forty five pounds, Jonnie Blaze!!

Blaze looks out at the crowd but Homicidal jumps him from behind as the bell rings for the match to start. Homicidal lays into Blaze with shots to the back of the head before pulling him back out towards the centre of the ring away from the ropes and hits him with a back suplex. The crowd boo as Homicidal quickly pops up and begins putting the boots to Blaze. Blaze however fights back, grabbing Blaze’s boot and sweeping his other leg away to take him down to the mat. Blaze nails Homicidal with a falling head butt and then quickly goes for the cover, getting a two count.

Blaze pulls Homicidal up and throws him into the ropes. Homicidal bounces back straight into a double arm DDT from Blaze. The fans cheer as Blaze walks over to the ropes and signals to them. He then leans back into the ropes and walks forward and hits another falling head butt to Homicidal’s head. Homicidal stumbles up to his feet and supports himself in the corner. Blaze points to Homicidal in the corner, which gets a cheer from the crowd, and then runs at him. Blaze looks for a splash in the corner, but Homicidal dodges the move.

Blaze hits hard in the corner and Homicidal rolls him up with a schoolboy.



Blaze gets a shoulder up. Blaze gets back to his feet but is met with stiff right hands from Homicidal. Homicidal backs him into the corner and then shoots him corner to corner across the ring. Blaze bounces out of the opposite corner, which gives Homicidal the opportunity to run at him and knock him down with a superkick! Blaze falls down to the mat, while Homicidal begins to climb to the top rope. The fans boo Homicidal as he stands on the top rope, and leaps off nailing Blaze with an amazing ‘Decapitator’. Homicidal regains his bearings and makes another cover on Blaze.



Blaze gets his foot on the ropes. The fans boo Homicidal as he drags Blaze up to his feet. Blaze is wobbling on his feet as Homicidal runs into the ropes, bounces back and nails Blaze with a ‘Noodle Boys Revenge’! He is about to make the cover when suddenly ‘King Of My World’ by Saliva hits the sound system and the fans pop for the arrival of Darkhan! Darkhan marches down the entrance ramp and makes his way to the ring. The referee tries to stop Darkhan entering the ring but he climbs over the top rope to a big cheer from the crowd.

Homicidal runs at Darkhan, but is grabbed around the throat to a huge cheer from the crowd, and drilled down to the mat with a chokeslam! Darkhan kicks Homicidal out of the ring and is met with a right hand to the back of his head by Blaze. Blaze tees off on Darkhan, but it has little effect on the 7’4″ monster as he scoops up Blaze and drills him to the mat with a ‘Dark Judgement’ to another huge crowd pop. Darkhan kicks Blaze out of the ring and demands a microphone from the announcer’s position.

Darkhan – “Well you might all be wondering what I am doing out here seeing as I have no match signed for tonight.”

The crowd boo wanting to see Darkhan fight tonight.

Darkhan – “Well I am out here to announce some more important business, this week the paper work has been finalised and I am proud to announce that Jon Page has named me as the new DW Commissioner!”

The fans cheer the announcement, but as they do “Get Inside” by Stone Sour hits the sound system to announce the arrival of new DW signing Tony Shields! The fans cheer as Shields makes his way onto the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand.

Darkhan – “Your that new guy Tony Shields I have been hearing about what do you want!”

Shields – “Woah… hold it right there commisoner Gordan… I come in peace…”

Darkhan – “Oh do you now cape crusader, I mean Shields!”

Shields – “Hehe… Batman… he was dark I am light, but anyway… I was listing to your announcement and since you’re the commish, maybe, just maybe you can hook me up with a match…”

Darkhan – “What type of match would that be?”

Shields – “Well, I’m glad ya asked, see I like to do crazy stuff… Thrill seeking, you know what thrill seeking is don’t ya?”

Darkhan – “Yes I do Shields I have been in crazy matches myself. But how about you and a opponent of my choosing on the next Destruction in a Manchester Street fight!”

Shields – “Manchester Street Fight eh? Hmmm… Sounds pretty good their Commish… But… who will I be facing?”

Darkhan – “Let me think? OH yes the guy who wants to bounce back here in DW JONNIE BLAZE!!!!” An seen as we didn’t get a #1 contender for the International Title crowned here tonight, it will be a match will determine the #1 Contendership for the International Championship!”

Shields – “So… this match, my first match will determine who gets the first shot at Chaz Climax?”

Darkhan – “Jonnie Blaze is a hell of a talent if you defeat him in the Manchester Street Fight then on the following Destruction you get your match against Hardcore Jono!”

Shields – “Hehe… well after I beat that little pothead, and when I face Jono, you’ll be looking at your new International Champion”

Shield’s music hits as DW Destruction heads to another commercial break.

DW ‘The Music #2’, Coming to a shop near you!
The Lions Den

The scene begins with us seeing Chris Boswell walking into the Lion’s Den for the first time in 1995 against Ifernal freak. The shot is slowly and faded with a gray tint, as the shot turns to the side it slowly fades away as we see these words in crimson painted on the screen.

“It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity. I hope that someday, our humanity might yet surpass our technology.”

Then we see Boswell being hit in the head with a wooden bat covered in barbed wire as it sticks in his head and he falls to his knees.

“Give a man a goal, convince him he can achieve it, provide him the wherewithal to be successful, then sit back and watch great things happen.”

We see Boswell holding both of his hands in the air screaming for mercy , his face covered in the patent crimson mask that comes with this match. He is soon hit with a flaming kindo stick as the flames cover the screen.

” It is impossible to defend perfectly against the attack of those who want to die.” Suddenly we see Teddy Rafter standing in the ring form last weeks Destruction.

Rafter: “Hey Boswell, this ain’t over between us bro! This is not how I wanted it to go down tonight and if you were a man and just fought me one on one it wouldn’t have gone don like this! But no you had to bring out your little friend Clyro, well two can play at that game! Boswell I want another match against you, I don’t to win by this count out shit. So this Sunday ayou an me in the ring one last time, what do ya say?”

The shot of Teddy standing ringside with microphone is frozen and ice covers it as we see these words cover the ice on fire.

“Words – so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them”

Then the shot slowly unfreezes and then we silent at first a foaring orchestra begins to play as we see Boswell answer to Teddy’s challenge.

Boswell: “You, the fallen star, will burn out this weekend, and your short arrival will be tarnished and tattered by me and my undefeated streak… And you, the forgotten hero, will just be another number and another statistic in the career of Chris Boswell… This is your fate Teddy, this is what you made it to be… For you, you bow under a mystery man, you thank him for the chance… you thank him for everything he has done for you and everything he has yet to do for you. How it sickens me to see a person as yourself, who once could have been a member of the Straight Edged, or part of the Rebel Cause in DW, be nothing more than a little lap dog for something that I created. That’s the simple enough mission statement… save the future…Teddy you are the cancer that haunts Dynasty Wrestling, you try to play yourself off as a boy who was raised in “the ghetto.” God boy you are, you do not know what a living hell is Teddy, so now comes my challenge. At Shadows Of Power you and me will be scheduled to go one on one for a final battle. This will be in the Den, the Lion’s Den death match, a signature match of the underground B circuit in Long Beach. Two men walk into the Den, two stories..random weapons tied to the side of the cage, anything you can think of…c-4…,barbwire..chairs..bats.

As he finishes the scene fades out and the orchestra has reached the climactic point of the piece as these last words are shown.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it… always-Mahatma Gandhi”

Single Match – Clyro Vs. Sean Manning

The arena goes dark, “Poison” by Alice Cooper hits over the sound system in the arena and out onto the ramp steps Clyro. He cracks his knuckles then his neck before walking down the ramp with a scowl on his face, totally ignoring the boos the are ringing in his ears. Cyro then slides into the ring under the bottom rope and gets ready for action.

Ring Announcer: From Dewsbury, England, he weights in at two hundred and thirty pounds and is one half of the DW Tag Team Champions, Clyro!!

The lights dim down, and a blue mist comes up from the stage. The calm intro of White America by Eminem can be heard. Suddenly the song kicks into high gear, and a huge explosion erupts from the stage. As the fireball rises, and the fans start to cheer, Sean Manning can be seen in the middle of the dense smoke caused by the fireball. Manning raises his arms, and runs toward the ring. He jumps onto the apron with one knee, and grabs the ropes. He punches his chest, and gives the fans the “west side” sign. Manning stands up and flips over the ropes. He lands on his feet, and raises his arms, and once again gives the fans the “west side” sign.

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from Los Angeles, California, he weights in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, representing Guerrilla Unit, Sean Manning!!

Clyro and Manning tie up as the bell rings for the match to start. Clyro looks to take the early advantage with knee shots to the stomach and then a snap mere takedown on Manning. The crowd boo Clyro as he hits a diving dropkick to the back of Manning’s head, who seems to still be suffering from the chair shot he received at the start of the show from what he though was his team mate. Clyro brings Manning back up and grabs him around the waist. Manning tries to struggle out but Clyro locks his hands and takes down Manning with a vicious German suplex.

Manning holds the back of his head as Clyro hits him with a diving elbow drop after bouncing off of the ropes. Clyro taunts the fans that boo him as Manning gets back to his feet. Manning runs at Clyro but is taken down with an arm drag takedown. Clyro tries to lock on an arm bar but Manning rolls out of the move and back to his feet. Manning swings wildly at Clyro with an outstretched arm, but Clyro ducks and knocks down Manning with a sharp spinning heel kick to the back of his head. Clyro then drops down and makes the cover on Manning.



Manning gets a shoulder up in time. Clyro brings Manning up to his feet and slaps him across the face. Clyro grabs Manning by the arm and whips him into the ropes. Clyro drops his head looking for a backdrop, but Manning rolls across his back and runs into the other ropes. Manning runs back at Clyro and takes him down to the mat with a spinning DDT! With Clyro down, Manning stumbles into the corner, and begins to climb to the top rope! Manning points out to the crowd, before hitting Clyro with a ‘West Side Press’ from the top rope! Manning however cannot capitalise after the high-risk move and both men are down on the mat as the referee begins to use his ten count.






Manning rolls over onto Clyro.



Clyro gets a shoulder up. Clyro and Manning both get back tot heir feet and start going at it with right hands. Clyro gets the better of Manning and shoots him into the ropes. Clyro knocks down Manning with a reverse elbow but Manning nips up! Clyro runs at Manning with an outstretched arm looking for a clothesline, but Manning ducks it and hits a neckbreaker from under Clyro’s arm. The fans cheer as Sean Manning jumps up to the top rope and waits for Clyro to get to his feet. Clyro slowly gets up and Manning jumps off of the top and hits him with a top rope hurricanrana!

Manning quickly goes over to Clyro to make the cover, but somehow Clyro kicks out after two! The fans can’t believe it as Manning slaps the mat in frustration. Manning who grabs him in a waist lock pulls up Clyro to his feet. Manning goes for the German suplex, but Clyro wraps his leg around Manning’s to block it. Clyro quickly goes behind on Manning and hits him with a low blow. The crowd boo Clyro, as he seems very pleased with his actions. Clyro picks up Manning in a front face lock and puts him on top of the turnbuckle.

Clyro climbs up besides Manning, and puts him in the position for the ‘Final Destination’ from the top rope! The crowd boo Clyro, but suddenly Manning gets enough strength to backdrop Clyro back down into the ring! The crowd pop as Manning begins to turn around on the top rope, as Clyro lies motionless in the ring. Manning looks down at Clyro, and flies from the top with a ‘Youth of the Nation Phoenix Splash’!

The crowd is jumping up and down in the background as Manning crawls over Clyro’s body,




The crowd pop as ‘White America’ hits the sound system again as Manning is announced as the winner. Manning’s hand is raised by the referee in the middle of the ring as the fans cheer the ‘Guerrilla Unit’ member. Without warning a man jumps out of the crowd from behind the announcer’s table and slides into the ring. It’s ‘Primetime’ Adam Blade! Blade looks a lot different to when we last saw him 3 months ago and he knocks down Manning from behind. Manning gets back to his feet but Blaze spears him into the corner and lays into him with shoulders to the midsection. Manning staggers forward and walks straight into a vicious spinebuster from Blade. The fans boo as Blade holds his arms in the air as he stands over Sean Manning in the middle of the ring.

Winner by pinfall, Sean Manning (19:34)

A ‘Red Hot’ Return…

As Manning is helped to the backstage area to receive treatment, the lights dim in the arena as a countdown begins from… Crowd – 10……











A pyro explodes from the edge of the ring and shoots along the ramp, culminating in a huge explosion…Suddenly The Hive’s “Hate To Say I Told You So” begins to play through the arena and through the flames steps “Red Hot” Rob Taylor, dressed in suit trousers and white shirt, his bow tie hangs round his neck untied, he pauses at the top of the ramp, soaking up the cheers.

Taylor who just one week ago lifted the 6th World Championship of his career, and retired from the ring walks down the DW entrance ramp and towards the ring.


The crowd pops huge as Rob makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans, on entering the ring, he makes a tour of the buckles, before beckoning the crowd to be silent

RHRT: Enquiring minds want to know, what is Robbie T. gonna do now? I mean I won every belt in the world worth winning, I beat everybody worth beating, where else is there to go? Now my wife, my advisers all said, Rob, it’s time to hang it up, there’s nothing left to prove, you went out as high as you can go… And they’re right almost… I mean we all know that I have more money than god himself…. You all know that my legend in the ring will never be surpassed, until someone comes along who is my successor.. and you all know that if that guy ever comes along, he’s gonna be working for me!. I ruled the ring, now I’m gonna rule the business…and the first step is to rule the Tag Team division… Who can I trust this most important first step to…. Firstly, a man who knows all about courage, guts and fighting against the odds… A man who knows all about inflicting pain and taking care of it… This man’s bedside manner got him a Congressional Medal Of Honor…DOCTOR. JON…..WARNER!!!

The heartbeat intro of Coma by Guns N Roses plays as Jon Warner enters DW to a standing ovation, as he removes his lab coat, the camera zooms in on the bullet wounds in his chest, gained in the Gulf War…Warner waits at the top of the Ramp as Rob continues…

RHRT: Who can I get to partner this superstar? I know… How about one of the top cruiserweight stars in the world, a man whom I have moulded in my own image… He’s X-Citing, He’s X-Treme…I give you “The X-Orcist” Xander Kelly!

The Hives plays again as the young Brit makes his way to the crowd, many women in the crowd scream as he poses at the top of the ramp… Then DW’s latest team make their way to the ring.


The crowd chant the catchphrase with Rob, as he finishes he hurls the mic into the crowd and the trio make their way up the ramp.

Operation Re-Group Pt.1

“It must have been Blade that attacked you earlier”

Rafter’s voice rallied his troops who were standing in Guerrilla Unit locker room, all apart from Manning who was sitting down receiving medical attention to the open wound to the back of his head.

“So lets all split up and go find that little motherfucker, and beat him down, Guerrilla Unit style”

The New International Champion Jono and Sewaside nod at Rafter as the three men leave the locker room as Manning winces as his head is stitched shut.

The DW British tour kicks of as Monday Night Destruction comes at you live from Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, England on the 9th of December.
The Tables Turn… Pt.2

The new DW International Champion Hardcore Jono is walking down a corridor looking for Adam Blade, he looks down and sees his shoelace undone, and he kneels down, puts his International Title belt on the floor and ties it back up. All of a sudden some feet come in shot. Jono looks up to see the masked man, as he looks up a steel chair is smashed over his head leaving him face down on the ground.

Loser Leaves DW Match – Jet Vs. Sewaside

The lights in the arena fall black. Seconds latter an ominous blue light beams down on the aisle leading to the ring and the crowd falls silent with nervous anticipation. Next Stylez P’s “Lick Shots” rumbles from the arena speakers and the crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Sewaside walks out onto the ramp leading to the ring. Sewaside looks out into the masses of DW fans and appears stoic, he doesn’t have any angry scowl on his face he isn’t playing to the fans just all business. Sewaside begins towards the ring remaining unfazed by the pyrotechnic explosions that go off behind him for his entrance. Finally Sewaside reaches the ring and he slumps down in the corner as the lights in the arena return and he waits for his next opponent.

Ring Announcer: To the ring first, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he weights in at two hundred and fifty pounds and is a member of the Guerrilla Unit, Sewaside!!

‘Never Gonna Stop Me’ hits the sound system and Jet appears at the top of the ramp with water in hand. He drinks half the water and makes his way down the ramp. He takes another swig of the water and tosses the bottle into the crowd beside him. Jet walks down the ramp talking to the fans. When he is in the Middle of the Ramp he taunts the fans.

Ring Announcer: Making his way into the ring Weighing in at two hundred and twenty two Pounds, From Oklahoma USA, Mr Millennium, Jet!

The match is about to get underway as both Jet and Sewaside circle each other like caged lions when suddenly ‘Nas Is Like’ by Eminem & Xzbit hits the sound system and the fans cheer as DW Owner Jon Page steps out onto the entrance ramp, microphone in hand.

Page – “Now I am sure all of these fans want to see a great Jet/Sewaside match tonight”

The fans cheer whilst Sewaside and Jet turn to face Page and see what he is saying.

Page – “But what they don’t want to see is one of these great superstars leave DW forever, so the match will go ahead but it will not be a….

Page is cut off as he is knocked down from behind by Jay Stevens! Jay stomps down on Page as the fans boo. Stevens pulls Page’s arm out of the sling and throws him arm first into the metal poles of the DW Entrance stage. Stevens kicks and stomps away at Page before pulling him out onto the ramp and nailing him with the ‘Body Bag’! Stevens then locks on a reverse crucifix knee bar to Page as security rushes down to separate Stevens from Page.

Back in the ring Jet nails Sewaside with a shot to the kidneys as he is watching the action. Sewaside falls against the ropes and Jet rolls up with a schoolboy.



Sewaside gets a shoulder up off of the canvas. Jet grabs Sewaside as he gets to his feet and throws him into the ropes, Sewaside bounces back and Jet knocks him down with a flying forearm shot to the head. Jet steps away from Sewaside and backflips onto him and makes another cover.



Sewaside gets another shoulder up. Jet hits Sewaside with a spinning leg drop before climbing to the top rope. Jet stands on the top rope and taunts for the ’90 Degree Leg drop’ but he takes too long and Sewaside springs up and arm drag’s Jet off of the top and down to the mat. Jet hits hard down to the mat and Sewaside hits him with a quick split legged Moonsault, which gets a big pop from the crowd.

Sewaside drags Jet up and slams him face first into the corner. Sewaside knees Jet in the back then pulls him out of the corner a little bit and drills him with a German suplex with a bridge. Jet manages to get his shoulders off of the mat before the three count but Sewaside keeps his hands locked tightly around his waist. Sewaside pulls Jet back up and slams him with another German suplex with a bridge.



Jet again manages to get a shoulder up but Sewaside keeps his arms locked. Sewaside tries for another German suplex, but this time as Jet goes over Sewaside’s head, he spins around and lands on his feet! Jet grabs Sewaside around the side of his head and drills him down to the mat with a bulldog! The fans cheer Jet as he bounces off of the ropes, and hits Sewaside with a rolling thunder! The fans pop as Jet turns Sewaside over and makes the cover on him.



Shoulder up at the very last second from Sewaside. Jet pulls Sewaside back up to his feet. Hard forearm shots from Jet knocks Sewaside back against the ropes as the fans cheer out for their approval for both fighters. Jet grabs Sewaside by the arm and throws him across the ring into the far ropes. Sewaside bounces back from the ropes where he is met with a ‘boom kick’ from DW veteran Jet right in his face, which knocks him on his back. Jet looks down at Sewaside whilst deciding what to do, and ultimately decides to climb to the second rope. Jet looks down at Sewaside who is still not moving on the mat. Jet signals to the crowd before jumping off and hitting Sewaside with a modified knee roll into his stomach. Jet quickly scrambles back and makes the cover on Sewaside.



Sewaside gets a shoulder up at the very last second to cheers from the DW crowd. Jet can’t believe that Sewaside is still kicking out after his continued offence and complains to the referee. Sewaside takes the opportunity to roll out of the ring to the floor and gain his breath back. Jet turns around to see Sewaside catching his wind on the outside and the fans cheer as a smile appears over his face. Never one to shy away from high-risk offence, Jet runs backwards and rebounds off of the ropes for extra momentum. Jet sprints forward towards Sewaside and dives over the top rope. Flash photography goes off all around the arena as Jet seems to hang in mid air as he takes flight over the top rope before crashing down into Sewaside and knocking him over with a modified suicide dive.

The fans cheer for Jet as he struggles to regain his footing after the amazing move. Jet finally gets up and he pulls Sewaside up by the hair, and slams him face first into the security barrier. The fans on the near side cheer as Jet slaps a few of their hands before dragging Sewaside away from the barrier and throwing him down to the floor as he tries to use it to pull himself back up. Jet who seemingly is prepared to take every chance in the book leaves Sewaside for a minute and grabs hold of the steel ring steps, pulling them away from the corner of the ring and nearer to Sewaside. Jet stomps down on Sewaside a few times to make sure that he isn’t going to get up before stepping onto the top of the steel ring steps. Jet taunts the fans, getting a good reaction as always before hitting Sewaside with a leg drop off of the ring steps!

The crowd cheer Jet as he stumbles back up to his feet as Sewaside holds his ribs in agony. Jet taunts Sewaside before stepping up onto the announcer’s table. Jet stands on top of the announcer’s table with his back to Sewaside and does his trademark taunt to the fans at the near side. Jet prepares for a Moonsault from the announcers table, but as he is busy taunting Sewaside pulls himself to his feet and grabs Jet’s leg. Jet tries to kick Sewaside off but Sewaside holds onto his legs and steps between Jet’s legs and then stands up straight lifting Jet onto his shoulders.

Sewaside who is now heavily bleeding walks towards the steel ring steps with Jet on his shoulders as Jet drastically tries to punch Sewaside in the head to get down. Sewaside then suddenly throws Jet forward, hitting him with an Electric Chair Drop with Jet falling face first into the ring steps! The crowd mark out as Sewaside staggers up and rolls into the ring, as Jet must be unconscious on the outside of the ring after the very dangerous spot. Sewaside, the man that won Organised Chaos last week pulls himself up to his feet by the ropes and soaks up the thunderous ovation from the crowd. The ovation grows even louder as Jet stumbles up to his feet and leans back against the announcer’s table to the total shock of his opponent.

Jet slowly makes his way towards the ring and slides in, he is met with an elbow drop to the back of his neck by Sewaside who then starts to climb to the top rope. The crowd cheer Sewaside as he leaps from the top rope, hitting Jet with the ‘Last Breath’. Sewaside then makes the cover on Jet.



No!! Jet kicks out at the very last second! The crowd can’t believe it as they pop as his shoulder shoots off of the canvas. Sewaside looks down at Jet in amazement and pulls him straight back up to his feet. Sewaside hooks Jet up and tosses him halfway across the ring with a Slingshot suplex. Jet struggles to get up as Sewaside runs across and super kicks him in the side of the head. Jet snaps back to the mat and Sewaside rolls him up making another cover.




Sewaside somehow drags himself back up to his feet and his hand is raised in the air by the referee as the blood spills out from the side of his head.

Winner of the match by Pinfall, Sewaside (37:28)

Lions Den Weapons Match – Chris Boswell Vs. Teddy Rafter

A promotional video of the Boswell/Rafter feud is shown as the lions Den is set up.

The lights in the arena fade to black as “The Decline” NOFX hits. Crimson and Grey lights flash through the crowd as Golden pyro explodes on the stage and former World Champion, “The Social Distortion” Chris Boswell is seen throw the smoke of the pyro as he makes his way to the den. The fans boo Boswell, but he simply ignores them as he climbs into the den and poses in the corner.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from Long Beach California weighing in at 230 pounds, “The Social Distortion” Chris Boswell!

‘Get The F*ck Back’ by Ludacris hits the sound system and a cheer goes up around the arena as Teddy Rafters entrance video hits the DW-Tron. The fans don’t have to wait long to see the man himself as he confidently walks out from under the DW-Tron and holds his arm’s in the air to signal to the crowd. He walks down the entrance ramp and slaps a few of the fans hands as he makes his way towards the den. Rafter reaches the edge of the den and he signals again to the crowd before climbing in. The fans cheer as Rafter warms up in the corner as he is introduced.

Ring Announcer: From Houston, Texas, he weights in at 255 pounds, ‘The Braeswood Gangster’ Teddy Rafter!!

The bell rings and both men immediately rush at each other. Rafter connects with a hard punch to the side of Boswell’s head, but Boswell is quick to fire back with one of his own. The fans roar in approval as both men trade big time punches. Rafter gets the better of Boswell and backs him up against the side of the Lions Den cage. Boswell quickly ducks Rafter’s next punch and grabs him by the back of the head. Boswell throws Rafter head first into the side of the mesh as hard as he can. Rafter’s face collides with the mesh, which bounces him backwards down to the mat. Boswell is quickly on Rafter with a elbow drop.

Boswell catches Rafter around the waist as he gets back to his feet. Rafter fights out of Boswell’s grip with back elbow shots and turns around and grabs Boswell in a front face lock. Rafter lifts Boswell up in a vertical suplex position. Rafter holds up Boswell in the position for a little while, soaking in the cheers of the crowd before dropping him down with a brainbuster. Boswell struggles to get up as Rafter boots him in the ribs to the delight of the crowd. The DW Tag Team Champion pulls up Boswell by the hair and places him in a piledriver position. The fans cheer on Rafter, but Boswell manages to counter the move into a backdrop.

Rafter and Boswell both struggle up to their feet at the same time. Rafter looks for a clothesline on Boswell, but the former DW World Champion ducks it and spins Rafter around to face him, before kicking him in the gut and nailing him with the ‘Guilty by Association’! The fans boo as Rafter’s head impacts with the canvas, and Boswell pulls himself back up and climbs halfway up one side of the Lions Den, and pulls a Kendo stick down. Boswell jumps back down to the mat and lies in wait as Rafter pushes himself up.

Boswell slams the kendo stick down hard into Rafter’s back. The crowd boo as Boswell moves forward and puts the stick around Boswell’s throat, and hits him with a Russian leg sweep. Boswell picks the stick back up and begins to savagely beat Rafter while he is down from the leg sweep. The fans chant Rafter’s name as Boswell momentarily puts the kendo stick down and locks on a camel clutch submission move to Rafter to punish him a little more. Boswell lets go of the hold and pulls Rafter up and tosses him against the side of the Den. Boswell then picks up the kendo stick and goes to nail Rafter with a shot to the ribs, but Rafter catches the stick to a big pop from the crowd!

Rafter kicks Boswell in the knee to make him drop the stick before nailing him in the back of the head with a vile shot that breaks the stick in half! Boswell flops to the canvas as Rafter throws the two broken pieces of stick down and begins to climb for another weapon. Rafter gets more cheers from the crowd as he pulls down his weapon of choice, a baseball bat. Rafter runs through Boswell with the bat, nailing him in the head and knocking him back down to the mat. Rafter then grabs Boswell’s legs and hits him with a low blow with the bat!

The cheers for the move intensify as down the rampway walks DW Champion and Miami native, ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm, with his Championship belt over his shoulder. Storm stands watching as Rafter stomps away on Boswell before picking him back up, and throwing him head first into the side of the lions den. A trickle of blood begins to sweep from Boswell’s forehead and roll down his check as Rafter picks him back up, and throws him headfirst into the side of the den again. Boswell staggers backwards as more blood begins to roll down the side of his face. Rafter stands watching for a minute as Boswell staggers blindly towards him. Teddy grabs him by the tops of his legs and hits him with a spinebuster to a big cheer from the crowd.

Shawn Storm stands watching as Rafter pummels Boswell with rights and lefts to his face. Boswell’s face is now a crimson mask as Rafter picks him back up and slams him into the side of the den for a third time. Boswell drops to the floor and Rafter climbs for another weapon. He gets half way up the side of the den, and pulls down a barbed wire wrapped 2×4! The fans pop as Rafter steps down into the ring and taunts Boswell as he begins to get up to his feet. Boswell stands up and turns to face Rafter, who pushes the barbwire into his face! Boswell staggers backwards into the side of the den as Rafter keeps the barbwire up against his face. Boswell leans back against the side of the lion’s den cage as Rafter rubs the barbwire in his face before pulling it out and throwing it down in the middle of the ring.

Boswell can’t even stand up as he drops to his knees. Rafter brings him back up to his feet and pulls him over to the barbwire. Rafter lets go off Boswell and he drops to his knees again. Rafter steps over Boswell’s head and grabs him by the back of his tights. Rafter pulls up on Boswell’s tights and drops backwards, piledriving Boswell onto the barbwire bat! The crowd cheer as Rafter gets up to his feet and looks down at the bloodied body of Chris Boswell. Boswell begins to push his broken body off of the canvas and is grabbed straight away by Rafter in a waist lock as Shawn Storm suddenly starts climbing into the den! Boswell tries with all he’s got to fight out of the waist lock as Storm rumps into the den. Rafter is just about to hit a German suplex in Boswell, when Storm dives at Boswell with his World Title belt, Boswell ducks and Storm nails Rafter between the eyes with a stiff shot! Rafter falls down to the canvas and is out like a light as Boswell falls back onto him.




The fans boo as Boswell’s music hits the sound system and Storm exits the den and makes his way up the rampway. Boswell is declared the winner in the den, whilst Storm looks down at him from the top of the entrance ramp with sick smile over his face.

Winner of the match by pinfall, Chris Boswell (41:56)

Interview With the Future Champion??

Backstage, Tim Smith is standing by with Gillesp in the interview area.

Smith: Storm has also made statements regarding the fact that you are constantly calling him “gay” or a “homo”. Do you care to respond??

The Gillesp: Do I care to respond?? Of course I care to respond!! Like I said Shawn Storm lives in a fantasy world! I especially enjoy how he said my GAY and HOMO jokes are getting old. HAHAHA!! Talk about getting old?? Storm being champion has been old, and I am going to do something about it tonight. I am going to do a favour to every person who watches the shows every week. I am going to end your world title reign. You want me to stop making GAY and HOMO jokes?? Stop wearing that ridiculous looking hat and hot pants and I will stop calling you a HOMO.I call it like I see and it is obvious to me and everyone watching that you are GAY.

Just like some of the other guys who wrestle for this company. Am I supposed to sit back and watch people like Jet or Chooch come out and play grab ass every night and not call them GAY or HOMO. If I was making it up just to insult them it would be one thing. But come on!! Look at them!! George Michael probably looks at Chooch and Jet and says they are GAY!!

Smith: The way you and Storm have been talking it almost seems like this is a one on one match, but you guys seem to be neglecting the fact Chooch is also in the match.

The Gillesp: Well think about it…. Does Chooch have a snowballs chance in hell of winning the match?? NO!! Let me explain something…I know I didn’t come out as “sole survivor” in that match Monday night, but consider some of the guys I had on my team I think I did pretty damn good. Well actually when you get down to it Chooch was the weak link on the team!!

When Page announced that he was a co-captain I cringed….I mean seriously, the guy is just a joke. The two guys he picked did a good job. Darkhan fought with everything he had and Hellfire X was the last guy pinned. As for my guys…Blaze did a fine and job as did Jet. It was Chooch who was holding us back.

The guy acts like he has accomplished something when in actuality he hasn’t accomplished very much. I still don’t understand why he is in this match. Whether you like me or Storm, you have an opinion about us. You may love me, you may hate me…But you care about me…one way or the other. Same with Storm!

Some people hate the prick and some people love him. But Chooch is the most boring wrestler to get a main event push in ages. He comes out to the ring and the HOMO fans just look at him with stunned silence. They just don’t care…. But the burning question is going to be when he is in the hospital are the fans going to miss him?? I have to say I doubt it!!

Operation Re-Group Pt.2

Rafter kicks down a door and the rest of Guerrilla Unit walk in. Rick Lacey is strapping up his arm.

Sewaside – “Hey Rick we know it’s you.”

Rick – “what?”

Manning – “you’re the masked man.”

Rick – “masked man, I thought you guys where the masked men last week, wait I’m confused what’s suppose to have happened here?”

Sewaside – “We have been jumped all night! We know it’s you.”

Rick – “yeah of course it all makes sense, you seen the size of my elbow, I can barely move I’ve been resting, I’ve been here the whole time, so yeah its me what you all going to do?”

Guerrilla Unit stand there and look at each other.

Rick – “oh you were finished well allow me to retort!”

Rick walks up to Teddy Rafter.

Rick – “what’s up you a little disappointed it isn’t me, oh what you wanted a piece of this while he’s got one arm?”

Rick just stares there in Rafters face, he then turns and looks at Manning.

Rick – “Manning oh so you want a piece of me, what the bonus you’d get from beating up a man with one arm appeal to you does it?”

Rick gets out of Manning’s faces and into and into Hardcore Jono’s face.

Rick – “Hardcore Jono, what’s so hardcore about you? Yeah it’s real hardcore is that jumping a man with a f*cked up arm.”

Rick gets out of Jono’s face and then turns his attentions to Sewaside, he gets right in Sewaside’s face.

Rick – “this is the man you should watch out for lads, he screwed over the New Breed the biggest group ever what else could he wish for it was the perfect start to his DW career. You were the reason I got pinned by Hellfire X so I’m happy you got beaten up by this mystery masked man I hope he gave you a taster of what to expect from me when this elbow heels.”

Rick gets out of Sewaside’s face and then walks over to the door.”

Rick – “excuse me boys I have a match to win, I suggest you take a look, you might learn something.”

Rick leaves the room.

Cage Match – Hellfire X Vs. Rick Lacey

The cage is lowered around the ring as the video of the Lacey/Hellfire X feud over the last month is shown.

The arena goes dark. The crowd stands up and looks at the entranceway. Seizure of Power by Marilyn Manson blasts through the arena. The crowd jump to their feet and a mix of cheers and boos explode from each person. A burning H lies tilted on the side of the entranceway. Hellfire steps through the curtain. Hellfire slowly makes his way to the ring. Hellfire gets halfway and then runs the rest. Hellfire climbs straight through the cage door and into the ring. He climbs to the top turnbuckle. Hellfire raises his arms to his side and some of the crowd goes wild. The music cuts and Hellfire waits.

Ring Announcer: First, weighting in at three hundred and twenty two pounds, Hellfire X!!

The crowd grow silent before Thunder is heard from around the arena and The Ramp fireworks explode. “Wake Up” By Rage Against the Machine hits the sound system and Rick Lacey walks down the entrance ramp with his. Lacey taunts the crowd which gets a pop before running down to the ring and climbing through the cage door and then taunting the fans from the turnbuckle.

Ring Announcer: His opponent, from Newark, England, Rick Lacey!

Lacey stretches out his injured elbow as he and Hellfire X wait for the bell to ring. The bell rings and Lacey is straight into Hellfire with big right hands. Lacey backs Hellfire up against the ropes and continues with the clubbing blows to Hellfire’s skull. Lacey grabs Hellfire’s arm and goes to shoot him across the ring, but Hellfire reverses and throws Lacey across the ring into the ropes. Lacey bounces back and Hellfire takes him down with an arm breaker on the already injured arm of Lacey. Hellfire is relentless as he kicks away at Lacey’s injured arm.

Hellfire takes a few steps back and Lacey is right back on his feet taking Hellfire down with a one arm tackle. Lacey gets right on top of Hellfire and beats him in the head with big punches. Lacey rolls off of Hellfire X and grabs him as he gets back to his feet. Lacey goes for the belly to back suplex, but his arm gives out on him. Hellfire takes advantage with a ‘Fade To Black’ on Lacey that could end the match right there as Hellfire makes the cover.



Lacey gets his shoulder up off of the canvas. Hellfire pulls Lacey back up and shoots him into the corner. Hellfire runs at Lacey in the corner but Lacey gets a foot up into Hellfire’s face. Hellfire stumbles back as Lacey climbs to the second rope. Hellfire turns back around to Lacey but is met with a diving missile dropkick from Lacey. The crowd cheer Lacey on as he rolls across Hellfire X, but is unable to hook the leg because of his bad arm.



Shoulder up by Hellfire. Lacey brings Hellfire back up to his feet but that proves to be a mistake as Hellfire pounces on Lacey, knocking him down with a huge clothesline that nearly beheads Lacey. Lacey stumbles back up to his feet but Hellfire scoops him up and holds him for a few seconds, before drilling him to the mat with a ‘Zero’! The crowd boo as Hellfire walks around the outskirts of the cage showing his dominance, as Lacey lies down and out in the middle of the ring. Hellfire then makes his way over to the turnbuckle and begins to climb. Hellfire reaches the top rope and jumps off at Lacey looking for the ‘Purgatory’, but Lacey manages to roll out of the way and Hellfire splats into the canvas.

Lacey stumbles up and leans back against the side of the cage. Hellfire is already up on his feet and he runs at Lacey. Hellfire jumps looking for a cross body splash on Lacey, but Lacey moves out of the way and Hellfire collides head first with the steel cage. Hellfire stumbles backwards and Lacey leaps up and knocks him down with a dropkick. The crowd cheer Lacey as he crawls over to make the cover on Hellfire.



Hellfire kicks out with ease! The fans are stunned, as Hellfire gets straight back up to his feet. Lacey runs at Hellfire, but is grabbed around the throat by Hellfire. Hellfire tosses Lacey into the corner and beats him down with big rights and lefts. Lacey is sitting down in the corner as Hellfire begins to stomp him down before taking a few steps back. Lacey tries to get back but Hellfire gets right back on him and scoops him up onto his shoulder. Hellfire runs with Lacey in his shoulder and slams him head first into the steel cage mesh. Lacey falls down to the canvas and Hellfire locks on an arm bar on Lacey’s injured arm!

The crowd chant for Lacey as he screams out in agony as Hellfire punishes him by pulling back even harder in the arm. Lacey tries to fight out with big punches to Hellfire but Hellfire just absorbs them and keeps the hold locked on. It looks like Lacey is going to have to tap until he desperately rakes Hellfire’s eyes and forces him to release the hold. Hellfire stumbles around temporarily blinded. Lacey gets back to his feet, kicks Hellfire in the stomach and hits him with a snap DDT! The fans pop as Hellfire’s head snaps into the canvas as he lands on his back. Rick Lacey desperately goes for the cover.



Hellfire kicks out again! Lacey can’t believe it! Lacey staggers up to his feet and kicks down on Hellfire a bit more. He then begins to climb to the top for a ‘Lacey Time elbow’! The crowd cheer for Lacey as he nails Hellfire X with his patented finishing move! Lacey quite obviously hurt his own arm again in the process as he makes the cover on Hellfire.



No!! Hellfire kicks out of the lax cover! Hellfire gets back to his feet. Lacey runs at Hellfire, but Hellfire ducks and Lacey ends up running straight into the referee! The referee goes down as Hellfire pulls Lacey back and swiftly pops his head under his arm and nails him with a ‘X-Virus’! Lacey’s head drops down against the mat as Hellfire makes the cover, hooking the leg.

The crowd count along but the referee is down! After about a five or six count, Hellfire gets back to his feet and begins to revive the referee. The referee begins to get up as Lacey dives in behind Hellfire and nails him with a low blow. Hellfire sinks down and Lacey grabs him and hits him with his own ‘X-Virus’ move! The crowd cheer as Lacey rolls onto Hellfire.




Winner by Pinfall, Rick Lacey (32:51)

Lacey stumbles back up to his feet as the cage is raised and DW Shadows Of Power goes to its last commercial break.

Dynasty Wrestling
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Operation Re-Group Pt.3

There’s a knock at the door and Shawn Storm comes in shot, he opens the door and is met by a right to his face he falls back. Guerrilla Unit walks in Jono and Manning hold down Storm and Sewaside and Rafter search Storms bags…

Sewaside: “Over here.”

Sewaside holds up the mask. Rafter smiles and goes to kick Storm.

Sewaside: “no, leave it for out there, we found our man.”

Storm: “you got this all wrong, I’m not the man you’re looking for.”

Sewaside – “too late we found our proof.”

Guerrilla Unit walks off, leaving Storm furious.

DW World Championship Match – Shawn Storm (Champion) Vs. Gillesp Vs. Chooch

“Frankenstein” by The Edgar Winter Group hits the sound system and begins to blast out around the arena. The fan’s here the familiar music and begin to boo immediately as Gillesp’s entrance video plays on the DW-Tron and the arena as plunged into a eerie purple darkness. After a few seconds, Gillesp steps out from behind the curtain and stands on top of the entrance stage and looks out on the thousands of fans that are booing and chanting obscenities directed at him. Gillesp infuriates the crowd by tapping his DW TapOut title belt that he wears over his shoulder before lifting it up into the air as pyro’s shoot up from beside him. Gillesp puts the belt back over his shoulder and continues on his way down the entrance ramp before climbing up onto the ring apron and leapfrogging over the top rope.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, from San Francisco, CA, he weights in at 175 pounds and is the DW TapOut Champion, Gillesp!!!

‘Bad Dreams’ by Swollen Members hits the sound system and everyone gets to their feet. Chooch comes out and poses at the top of the stage as Pyro shoots up and the fans cheer as he walks to the ring. Then he gets in the ring and relaxes in the corner waiting for the match to begin.

Ring Announcer: In the ring from Chambersburg Pennsylvania, he weights in at 266 pounds, CHOOCH!

“Orchids” by Stone Sour blares over the audio system inside the American Airlines Arena. The crowd erupts into cheers as the hometown favourite walks onto the stage area. Pyro erupts from the stage as the DW Champion poses for the crowd. Storm stretches his massive arms and then makes his way down the aisle and begins climbing the ring steps. Storm pauses on the ring steps and poses for the fans at ringside. The lights dim around the ring as Storm climbs into the ring and mounts the second rope. The crowd erupts into cheers as Storm takes the DW Championship off his waist and holds it high in the air. Storm climbs down and mounts the three remaining turnbuckles before presenting the title to the referee. Storm then stretches on the ring ropes and gets in Gillesp’s face as the bell rings.

Ring Announcer: and from Miami, Florida!!!

Big pop from the crowd.

Ring Announcer: He weights in at 269 pounds and is the DW World Champion, ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm!!

The crowd cheer as the bell rings for the match to get underway. Storm begins to punch Gillesp back with straight right hands until Chooch grabs Storm from behind and spins him around. Chooch suplexes Storm with a spinning belly to back suplex that sends the Champion half way across the ring! The crowd cheer as Chooch dives down on Storm and begins laying into him with mounted punches. Gillesp then springs into life, knocking Chooch off of Storm with a diving dropkick and then hitting mounted punches of his own to Storm. Storm rolls through and rolls out of the ring to catch his breath.

The crowd boo Storm as he takes the cowardly way out, but back in the ring Gillesp is helped up to his feet by Chooch, who shoots him into the ropes. Gillesp bounces back straight into a double underhook backbreaker from Chooch who makes the cover.



Gillesp gets a shoulder up. Chooch drags Gillesp up and places him in a front face lock. Chooch then hits a snap suplex on Gillesp, which takes him down to the mat. The fans start a Chooch chant which echo’s around the arena as he pulls Gillesp back up with the front face lock still locked up, and brings him crashing down to the mat with another snap suplex. Chooch floats over on Gillesp and hooks the leg.



Gillesp kicks out again. Chooch stomps down on Gillesp’s head before catching sight of Storm on the outside of the ring. Chooch slides out of the ring and the fans pop as he grabs Storm from behind and tosses him hard into the steel ring steps. Storm bounces into them shoulder first as the bang can be heard throughout the arena. The 20,000 + people in the crowd are nearly all chanting for Chooch as he rolls the Champion back into the ring. Chooch picks up Storm and places him in the position for ‘The Excellence’! The crowd cheer but Storm shows his awesome power by countering Chooch by lifting him up onto his shoulder in position for the ‘SwitchBlade’! The fans pop in anticipation for the move, but instead Gillesp runs across and nails Chooch with a neckbreaker while he is one Storm’s shoulders! Chooch falls down hard onto Storm and Gillesp goes for the cover on both men at the same time!



Chooch and Storm both kick out at the same time sending the 175-pound Gillesp flying. Storm is first up to his feet but is met with a spinning heel kick from Gillesp that knocks him into the ropes. Gillesp takes a run at Storm but Storm lowers his shoulder and tosses Gillesp right over his shoulder and out of the ring to the floor below! Chooch grabs Storm from behind and pulls him into the middle of the ring in a waist lock position. Chooch goes for a German suplex, but Storm counters with a low blow. Storm then turns around and scoops up Chooch and nails him with the ‘SwitchBlade’ in the middle of the ring! The fans boo, but just as Storm is about to go for the cover, when the Four ‘Guerrilla Unit’ members make their way down the entrance ramp!

Storm sees them coming and rolls out of the ring and sprints up the ramp to meet them, they get the advantage very quickly and they start to drag Storm back down to the ring, they start kicking and punching Storm who is now bleeding heavy.

The Guerrilla Unit climb in the ring and they go for Chooch with stomps to his body. Gillesp rolls into the ring and gets knocked down with a straight right from Rafter when the lights go out and the crowd give a massive response even though they don’t know who it is The lights are out for about 15 seconds when a piano kicks in.

‘Sometimes you feel tired, feel weak,
When you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up,
But you gotta search within you, find that inner strength,
And just pull that shit out of you, and get that motivation not to give up,
And not be a quitter no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face…and collapse.’
The ramp pyro explodes and the masked man armed with a steel chair sprints down to the ring, Gillesp is brawling with Rafter and Chooch with Sewaside, Manning slides out and meets the masked man half way, he’s greeted with a steel chair shot that sends him down in a heap.

The masked man slides in the ring and he starts brawling with Hardcore Jono, The masked man gets the upper hand and swings him to the ropes before kicking him in the stomach then the masked man delivers the ‘X-Virus’ the crowd give off a massive pop as they all think its Hellfire X.

Rafter has the best of Gillesp and runs up to the masked man, he turns and reacts quickly hitting Rafter with a massive boot to the stomach. The masked man delivers the ‘Executive Orders’ the crowd give a big cheer as they now think it’s owner Jon Page.

Sewaside picks up the chair the masked man dropped and gives Gillesp a monster chair shot sending him down and out. Sewaside sees Storm coming towards the ring all busted open he lets him get in and waits for him to get back to his feet, the masked man watches and waits for Sewaside to make his move on Storm. Sewaside makes his move on Storm but the masked man grabs from behind and delivers a reverse DDT, Storm goes down to his knees through exhaustion and blood loss, Storm crawls over to the battered Gillesp. Sewaside is down and the masked man goes to the rope and delivers a ‘Lacey time’ elbow the crowd erupt as they now think it’s Rick Lacey.

Storm is about to go for the pin on Gillesp when he sees these feet he looks up and the masked man walks backwards to the middle of the ring, Storm gets to his feet and he walks up to the masked man they stare at each other eye to eye, the masked man lifts up his arm and he slowly takes off his mask…

The crowd gasp in anticipation.

The mask comes off and it’s Rick Lacey, the crowd erupt and Storm takes a step back in shock, before getting a kick in the stomach and receiving a piledriver into the mat, Rick slides out of the ring and makes his way to the back, giving Manning a punch in the stomach for good measure. Back in the ring Chooch, Gillesp and Storm are all down as an army of referees try to order ‘Guerrilla Unit’ to go backstage. Chooch is the first one up in the ring to cheers from the crowd. He staggers over to Storm and lays over him for the cover.



Th No! Storm kicks out just in time to not be eliminated. The fans groan as Storm tries to pull himself up after the near fall. Storm gets halfway up but Chooch nails him in the head with closed fists. Storm suddenly takes down Chooch with a double leg and cracks him across the face with big punches. Storm ties up Chooch in a full nelson and turns him around before lifting him up and slamming him down with a full nelson slam. Storm is just about to pull Chooch up when he is hit with a chop block from Gillesp. Gillesp knocks down Storm with a spinning heel as he begins to get back up before walking over to the turnbuckle and climbing to the top rope.

Gillesp sits crouched on the top rope looking at the two men that are down in the ring. Gillesp then jumps from the top rope and nails the ‘Big Bang’, on Chooch who was the closets man too him, turning in mid air in order to hit the move. Gillesp then crawls over hooking Chooch’s leg.




The fans boo as Chooch is eliminated from the match. Chooch rolls out of the ring as Gillesp and Storm get back up to there feet at the same time. Both men are in either corners of the ring as they pull themselves up. Gillesp and Storm both walk forward and stands face to face in the middle of the ring. Neither man showing fear of his opponent. Storm, the man that pinned Gillesp to retain his Title last month at Doomsday, Gillesp the man that eliminated Storm from last Monday’s Organised Chaos match. Both men trash talk each other until Storm hits first with a blow to the side of Gillesp’s head.

Gillesp retaliates with a shot to Storm’s head. Storm goes for a punch but misses as Gillesp ducks under Storm. Gillesp grabs the back of Storm’s head and positions him for a reverse DDT. Storm fights out of the move, spinning around into the position to flap jack Gillesp down to the mat. Storm quickly hooks Gillesp’s leg, but Gillesp kicks out well before the three count. Gillesp gets back to his feet and he tackles down the 269-pound World Champion to a great reaction from the crowd. Gillesp lays into Storm with mounted punches until Storm pushes him off. Storm rolls out of the ring but Gillesp goes straight out after him and grabs him by the back of the head. He slams him face first into the security barrier. Gillesp then pulls Storm back and throws him back first into the side of the ring.

Storm falls to his knees the blood rolling down the side of his face white his bleached blond hair now red. Gillesp grabs him and throws him into the ring under the bottom rope. The highflying TapOut Champion climbs up onto the ring apron and begins to climb to the top rope. Storm sees Gillesp on the top rope, and grabs the referee and pushes him into the ropes causing Gillesp to fall from the top into the ring. The crowd boo as Storm gets back to his feet, and picks up Gillesp for a ‘SwitchBlade’! Storm is about to nail Gillesp with his finisher when suddenly Chris Boswell appears on the stage area and starts down to the ring. Storm drops Gillesp and challenge Boswell to enter the ring. Boswell makes his way down the entrance way amd the fans cheer as they are about to see Boswell and Storm go at it! However Boswell stops at ringside and picks up a steel chair, he then slides into the ring and gets into Storm’s face. Storm and Boswell go nose to nose in the ring and begin to argue with each other. While arguing Gillesp begins scaling the top rope to go for the ‘BIG BANG’, but as he gets set on the top rope Boswell blasts him with the steel chair causing him to fall back into the ring!

Gillesp struggles to his feet as Boswell slides out of the ring. Storm grabs Gillesp and nailsthe ‘Switchblade’! Storm quickly hooks the leg and makes the cover.



3!! Gillesp rolls from the ring and Boswell slides back in and gets back in Storm’s face again as he is handed the DW World Championship. Boswell and Storm then embrace and hold the DW Championship up in the air between the two of them!!!! The crowd can’t believe what they’re seeing as DW Shadows of Power goes off of the air.

Winner by pinfall, Shawn Storm (55:21)

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