Thursday Night Insanity (Date: April 4th 2002)
Pepsi Coliseum, MD


The scene fades to the back of the arena where the staff car park is located. A long black Limo pulls up right at the door and the stagehands rush to open the door. There is a short pauses until out steps Dynasty Wrestling World and Internet Champion Havoc accompanied by his girlfriend Simone. Havoc grabs his DW World Title belt from the seat next to him and puts it over his shoulder and then walks into the arena with Simone as the stagehands struggle behind him with the couple’s bags. Havoc is here tonight for Thursday Night Insanity in St. Louis, Missouri!

“Alive” by P.O.D hits the sound system in the Trans World Dome as the normal fireworks shoot up from the entrance ramp to the ceiling and explode before fireworks from the ceiling shoot down and explode into a bright blue on the sides of the entrance ramp. The camera pans around the sold out crowd and zooms in on a few homemade signs that are being held up by members of the crowd. Suddenly on the DW-Tron comes to life with a welcome back message for its fans and the news that Teddy Rafter has also resigned with DW along with Havoc!

Single Match – Kazzualty Vs. Jacko

“Product Of Profanity” hits on the sound system in the Trans World Dome and Wacko Jacko appears on the stage. He is holding a can of beer in his hand and is smoking a cigarette. He raises his arm at the top of the stage and gets a cheer from the crowd and then starts to walks down to the ring, slowly as to let all the fans see him.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from London England he weights in at 252 pounds, Wacko Jacko!

The fans cheer at the mention of Jacko’s name.

Jacko then jumps up and kneels on the apron. Wacko Jacko then goes through the ropes and into the ring taunting the fans a little for a reaction. Jacko then leans against the ropes and wait for his opponent. “Got ya self a gun” by Nas hits the PA system and the fans begin to cheer lightly awaiting the arrival of the DW new comer Kazzualty. Kazzualty appears on the stage to receive a great ovation. Kazzualty then slowly walks down the ramp and towards the ring looking around at the fans that are giving him a good reaction.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring weighing in at 290 pounds he is from New York City, Kazzualty.

Kazzualty also gets a good reaction from the crowd as he is introduced.

Kazzualty then comes to the ring and slides under the rope and raises his hands to the crowd getting another good reaction while Jacko watches on from the corner.

The bell rings and the two men reach forward to tie-up with each other but Jacko doesn’t tie up and quickly hits Kazzualty in the gut with his knee flipping him over to his back. Kazzualty gets straight back up and attempts a spinebuster but Jacko blocks the move before powering Kazzualty into the corner and beginning to stomp away at him. The referee finally stops the attack allowing Kazzualty to get back to his feet.

Both men go for each other again and Jacko goes behind on Kazzualty but he counters with a go behind of his own and then a waist lock takedown on Jacko. Kazzualty digs his knee into Jacko’s back before allowing Jacko to get back to his feet. As he gets up Jacko gets hit with a big punch to the side of his face, which staggers him. Kazzualty then jumps forward and places Jacko’s head between his inside right arm and the side of his stomach and then falls backwards executing a picture perfect DDT.

As Jacko struggles back up to his feet the fans cheer whilst watching two of the ‘fan favourites’ battle it out as Jacko decides not to get up to his feet and to roll to the outside. Jacko walks around the outside of the ring catching his breath and breaking the momentum that Kazzualty was beginning to build. Kazzualty senses this fact and he slides out of the ring right in front of Jacko. Kazzualty goes for a quick right hand on Jacko but Jacko blocks the move before scooping up Kazzualty and dropping him sternum first across the security barrier, much to the delight of the front row fans who get to get a brief touch of Kazzualty even if he is in agony.

Jacko then pulls Kazzualty off of the top of the security barrier sending him down to the matted floor. Jacko then grabs Kazzualty by the back of the head and then throws him into the ring. Jacko stands on the ring apron taunting the fans to get a cheep pop by drinking an imagery beer before jumping straight back into the ring and kicking Kazzualty with a hard kick to the stomach as he crawls around on the ring apron trying to get his breath back. Jacko then locks Kazzualty with a waist lock before hitting him with a huge German suplex slam whilst keeping his hands firmly locked around Kazzualty’s waist. Jacko gets back up to a standing position and nails another huge German suplex on Kazzualty with his hands still locked. Jacko hits one more suplex and then goes for the cover on Kazzualty.



The fans cheer as Kazzualty’s shoulder shoots up off of the canvas just in time as the three count was about to go down. Jacko can’t believe the referee’s decision and leaps up, bouncing off of the ropes before hitting a beautiful standing leg drop right across Kazzualty’s face. Jacko then again taunts the crowd getting another cheap pop before grabbing Kazzualty by the legs and locking him in a figure 4-leg lock, which also gets a pop from the crowd. Kazzualty soon make it to the ropes and both men get back to their feet. Jacko goes for a punch but it is blocked by Kazzualty who hits back with a right hand, which knocks Jacko into the corner. Kazzualty stomps away on Jacko and then picks him up and hits him with a stiff Irish whip into the opposite corner. Kazzualty goes to follow up with a spear but Jacko dives out of the way and Kazzualty’s head bounces off of the middle turnbuckle support. Kazzualty stumbles back to his feet and is caught in a waist lock by Jacko. Jacko goes for another German suplex but Kazzualty swings with an elbow smash and Jacko abandons the move by ducking out of the way.

Both men tie up in the middle of the ring and Kazzualty takes Jacko into a headlock. Jacko strains under the pressure but lifts up Kazzualty hitting him with a back suplex sending Kazzualty’s neck into the mat. Kazzualty rises to his feet but is stalked from behind by Jacko who grabs him and nails a Death Valley Driver, which he calls ‘The Wacky Backy’. Jacko then goes for the cover on his fallen opponent. 1..2..3.

Winner of the match – Jacko

“Product Of Profanity” hits on the sound system and Jacko raises his hands in the air in victory having cleanly one his DW debut match.

The scene opens up outside the Trans World Dome. The cameras are at the parking lot, where a black limousine can be seen arriving. After a few moments, a man steps out of it. But because of the camera’s angle, only the man’s back can be seen. From the back it is noticeable that he’s wearing a black Armani suit, black leather shoes, and he has long flowing blond hair, which is tied to a ponytail. The scene fades out.

DW International Title Tournament First Round Match – Clyro Vs. Jet

The arena goes dark, ‘Spit it Out’ hits over the PA system and out onto the ramp steps CLYRO! He cracks his knuckles then his neck before walking down the ramp with a scowl on his face. CLYRO then slides into the ring under the bottom rope and gets ready for action.

Ring Announcer: From Dewsbury, England weighing in at 230 pounds, Clyro!

The crowd gets silent as The DW-Tron shows MR Millennium as Never Gonna Stop By Rob Zombie hits the sound system. Jet walks down the ramp talking to the fans. When he is in the Middle of the Ramp he taunts the fans.

Ring Announcer: Weighting in at 222 pounds from Oklahoma, he is Mr Millennium, Jet!

Clyro grabs Jet and uses his weight advantage to slam him to the floor straight away with a modified spinebuster. The high flyer Jet quickly tries to move away from Clyro but Clyro executes a back suplex on Mr Millennium. Jet falls hard off of the suplex and Clyro goes for the early cover but only gets a quick two count. Jet gets back up to his feet and bounces off of the ropes. Jet goes for a boom kick on Clyro but he grabs Jets leg and flips him over but Jet shows great balance landing on his feet.

Jet then chop blocks down Clyro and stomps on his knee. Clyro grabs Jets leg and trips him before grabbing his other leg and setting him up for a catapult. The fans give a mixed reaction as Clyro hits the catapult on Jet sending his face smashing into the corner. Clyro then runs at Jet in the corner and buries his knee right into Jets kidney. Clyro then grabs Jet and places him on the turnbuckle in a backwards-sitting position before grabbing his neck and hitting a vile neckbreaker from the top. Jet flops to the ground and Clyro goes for another cover.



Jet just gets his shoulder up before the three count. Clyro picks Jet up and scoop slams him back to the floor near the turnbuckle. Clyro climbs up the turnbuckle and taunts the fans getting a cheer before diving like a torpedo from the turnbuckle with a diving headbutt towards the fallen Jet. However just before impact that young Mr Millennium from Oklahoma manages to just roll out of the way and all Clyro connects with is canvas. Jet slowly gets up to his feet before Clyro and hits him with piston like mounted punches.

Jet then picks up his challenger and backs him into a corner before hitting him with kicks martial arts kicks before hitting a big boom kick. Jet the goes for the cover on Clyro. 1..2..Kickout from Clyro. Clyro grabs the ropes and pulls him self up but Jet is right there waiting for him with a thunderous kick to the head. Jet then whips Clyro into the ropes and kicks him in the midsection as he comes back before bouncing off of the ropes himself and hitting a swinging neckbreaker on Clyro. Jet waists valuable time taunting the fans before picking up Clyro and attempting the X-Factor. Jet gets the kick in but as he is about to slam Clyro’s face into the canvas Clyro counters with a spinebuster slam.

Clyro grabs Jet by the hair and tosses him to the floor. As Jet gets back up Clyro hooks his head in his arm and delivers a devastating DDT. Jet however doesn’t stay down and he gets back up to his feet only to be snap suplexed from Clyro. Clyro then grabs Jet and signals for the ‘Final Destination’ before delivering the move and then going for the cover. 1..2..Jet gets his foot on the bottom rope. Clyro can’t believe it and grabs the offending foot and slams it into the canvas.

Clyro then locks a standing leg lock on Jet but he is way to close to the ropes. Jet grabs the ropes and then gets back to his feet as Clyro complains. Jet grabs Clyro from behind and rolls him up with a schoolboy getting a two count. Jet then grabs Clyro again and nails him with the X-Factor. Instead of going for the cover Jet slowly climbs to the top rope acknowledging the fans as he goes. However Jet takes to long and Clyro throws his own body into the ropes causing Jet to lose his balance. Jet falls to a sitting position on the turnbuckle and Clyro tosses him off and to the mat. Clyro then grabs Jet and nails him with the ‘Final Destination’ right in the middle of the ring and goes for the cover.




Winner of the match – Clyro

‘Spit it Out’ hits the sound system as Clyro walks to the back having progressed in the DW International Title Tournament.

Footage of Havoc winning the Internet Title belt earlier in the week is shown on the DW-Tron

DW International Title Tournament First Round Match – Dan Michaels Vs. Gina

The lights go out…Then pyro flashes from the top of the stage. The lights come on and there stands Dan Michaels with his hands in the air as ‘I’m Coming’ blasts over the sound system. Then Dan Michaels walks down to the ring and slides in. He throws his hands in the air as fire explodes from the corners.

Ring Announcer: From Chambersburg, Pennsylvania weighing in at 226 pounds, Dan Michaels!

Forsaken by Disturbed hits the PA. The lights in the arena go out. Pink fireworks rain down from the entranceway. A pink spotlight shines down. All is silent apart from the entrance music playing as the fans await Gina’s arrival. A whole 6o seconds later everyone is still waiting but Gina never comes. The ring announcer then gets back on the mike.

Ring Announcer: As Gina has not turned up for the match, the winner by Default, Dan Michaels!

Dan Michaels doesn’t seem to please with the decision as he came to fight. The camera cuts the Insanity goes to a commercial break.

Winner of the match by default – Dan Michaels

The scene opens up backstage, in the locker room hallway. Once again, the man in the black Armani suit is shown walking through the hallway. The camera is behind the man when he suddenly bumps into a DW Interviewer. The DW interviewer is revealed to be Rick Young. Rick slowly gets to his feet with an irritated look on his face. When he turns to face the man, he has a shocked look on his face.

Rick: You’re… you’re..

Man: That’s right, I’m back.

The man pushes Rick out of the way as he proceeds to walk through the long stretch of hallway. He seems to be whistling to the tone of ‘I disappear’ by Mettalica. The scene fades out.

DW International Title Tournament First Round Match – Dark Angel Vs. Mercury

White lights scan the jam-packed arena. The white lights lay on to the ramp way and follows it up to the top of the stage. ‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pools blasts through the PA’s. When the light gets up to the top of the ramp and onto the stage White Pyros explode from the bottom and the top of the stage. The pyros blast for about thirty seconds. A Dark figure appears through the pyros and the Pyros fall back down to nothing. Dark Angel raises his arms in the air, this receives a huge reaction from the crowd, they begin throwing drink cartons and begin to BOO and hiss at Dark Angel. Dark Angel walks slowly down to the ring and pulls himself up to the apron. Dark Angel slings his huge body over the top rope. He then walks over to the turnbuckle and leans while waiting for his opponent.

Ring Announcer: From Manchester, England weighing in at 273 pounds, Dark Angel!

The lights go down and the music begins to blare out from the PA system. The fans deliver a standing ovation as the electrifying lights light up the ramp way where a masked man is standing. He walks down to the ring rolls in and raises his hands at each corner. The electric sparks fly out from each corner post as he removes the mask.

Ring Announcer: Weighing in at 298 pounds, Mercury!

Dark Angel grabs Mercury in a waist lock but a standing switch allows Mercury to deliver a German suplex to Dark Angel. Dark Angel rises to his feet but Mercury grabs his arm and delivers an arm ringer to his opponent. Mercury then elbow smashes Angels shoulder and throws him into the ropes. Dark Angel bounces back from the ropes and counters a back body drop with a standing dropkick to Mercury. Dark Angel hits a Sudden Death to Mercury and then goes for the cover but only gets a two count at the early stage in the match.

Mercury gets back to his feet but Angel grabs him from the front and the fans boo as he launches him with a belly to back suplex across the ring. Angel picks Mercury back up and nails another Belly to back suplex before bouncing off of the rope for a rolling thunder like move. Dark Angel then goes for another cover but again only gets a two count. The fans boo loudly as Angel once again picks up Mercury and throws him to the corner. Angel quickly jumps to the top rope and hits Mercury with a big bulldog from the top. Angel now firmly in control of the match goes to lock a figure 4 leg lock to Mercury but he shows great leg strength and kicks Angel off of him. Angel runs at Mercury with a big right hand but the fans cheer as Mercury blocks the right hand and then hits Angel with a big head butt.

Mercury then grabs his opponent by the throat and nails him with a huge chokeslam before going for the cover on Dark Angel.



Kickout by Dark Angel right at the very last second. Angel is back up and hits a flying forearm to Mercury but it doesn’t knock him off of his feet. Mercury fights back with right hands on Dark Angel which back him up against the ropes before clothesline him over it. Angel goes right over the top rope but lands on his feet and sweeps away Mercury’s legs before climbing onto the ring apron and launching himself over the top rope with a leg drop to Mercury. Dark Angel then climbs to the top rope and signals for the ‘Dead Centre’, which gets boos from the crowd. Angel launches himself off of the top rope with the Moonsault move but the fans boos turn to cheers as Mercury gets his knee’s up to block the move. As Dark Angel struggles back up to his feet Mercury runs at him and nails him with a big boot which knocks him to the floor.

Mercury grabs Dark Angel and then locks on the ‘Wretched World’ from behind on Dark Angel, which leaves him struggling to get to the ropes. Angel gets nowhere near the ropes and begins to fade when suddenly he counters with a low blow and then a snapmare. Angel then grabs Mercury’s head and nails him with a DDT. Angel goes for another cover pressing Mercury’s shoulders into the mat but he kicks out on two.

Dark Angel gets more agitated with Mercury’s constant kick outs and nails him with a low blow, which somehow goes undetected by the referee. Dark Angel then helps Mercury to his feet and attempts a spinning belly to belly suplex but Mercury manages to get his arm up and rake Dark Angels eyes before nailing him with the ‘Exploding Star’! Mercury then quickly covers Dark Angel.




Winner of the match – Mercury

Mercury walks to the back delighted with his win however Dark Angel doesn’t seem to pleased about it back at the ring.

DW International Title Tournament First Round Match – Mark Benton Vs. Python

‘Prepare for War’ by Hatebreed as the DW fans come to their feet to boo the man who is said to have a great future in DW wrestling after being trained by former DW World and International double Champion Genocide. Mark ‘The Force’ Benton struts out under the DW Tron and taunts the fans provoking more boos from the already fired up crowd. Benton then continues down the entrance ramp stomping only a few times to taunt the fans some more before sliding into the ring under the bottom rope and waits to inflict some pain.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing in at 303 pounds he is Mark The ‘Force’ Benton!

“Nobodies” by Marilyn Manson hits and the arena goes into darkness. A green mist pours from the entrance and Python is seen as a shadow appearing through the mist. The mist then slowly clears and Python sprints to the ring before sliding in.

Ring Announcer: His opponent from Pittsburgh, PH weighing in at 275 pounds, Python!

Benton starts off the match on Python with a bearhug into a front slam that take him down. Python fights back with quick right hands and then grabs Benton and goes for a Piledriver but it is countered into a back body drop from the DW newcomer. Benton bounces off of the ropes and hits a big clothesline to Python that knocks him back down to the mat. Python gets back up and Benton takes him back down to the mat with an arm drag takedown into a arm lock which Python quickly fights out of. Python grabs Benton by the midsection and nails a overhead gut buster slam and as Benton gets back to his feet Python executes a drop toe hold and then slaps on a STF submission hold trying to separate Benton’s shoulder. Benton manages to shift himself over to the ropes before finally clutching the bottom rope to the boos of the fans. Both men get back to their feet but Python hits a right hand to Benton and then nails him with a side Russian leg sweep.

Python grabs Benton up and whips him into the ropes but Benton bounces back with a sunset flip and a two count. Python then reverses the pin and gets a two count of his own until both men gets back up to there feet. Benton grabs Python by the back of the head and throws him into the turnbuckle opening up a small cut on Pythons face before choking him out by his foot. Benton then taunts the fans and gets more boos but Python sneaks up behind him and hits him with a big cobra clutch suplex! Python then goes for a quick cover on Benton but he kicks out on two. Benton charges at Python again but Python spins him around into a German suplex with a bridge and a two count. Both men start to get back up to their feet but Benton changes the tide of the match with a low blow and then a roll up putting his feet on the ropes.



The referee sees Benton’s feet on the ropes and breaks the pin count. Benton is furious and he grabs the referee by the shirt and backs him into the corner complaining. The helpless referee can do nothing as Python hits a double axe handle to the back of Benton taking him and the referee down. Seeing the referee down Python slides out of the ring and fetches a steel chair and throws it back into the ring before rolling in himself. Python picks up the chair above his head and goes to hit Benton around the head but Benton dodges and Python cracks the steel chair into the turnbuckle padding. Benton causes Python to drop the chair by dropkicking him in the back of the head and then placing him up on the top rope. Benton then jumps up and hits a belly to back suplex of the top! Benton then drapes an arm over Python for the cover but the referee is down.

Both men get back tot heir feet and Benton tries to revive the referee but to no avail. Python grabs Benton from behind and hits a great Fisherman’s suplex but the referee is still down. Python picks Benton back up and nails him with the ‘Snakebite’ onto the chair as a referee runs to the ring from the back.



Kickout by Benton! Python can’t believe that Benton kicked out and this time it is him who complains to the referee in the corner. As the designated referee begins to get to his feet Benton grabs the steel chair and goes to nail Python in the back but he unknowing moves and Benton nails the referee with the chair. The first referee sees the second referee get hit and calls for the bell before bailing out of the ring and talking to the timekeeper.

Ring Announcer: The referee has DQ’ed Mark Benton for using excess force against the officials.

Winner of the match by DQ – Python

Mark Benton cant believe the referee and chases the referee to the back as Python celebrates at ringside.

Tag Team Match – Havoc and Teddy Rafter Vs. ‘Lightning’ Mike and Slider TRT

P Diddy ‘Bad Boy For Life’ hits the sound system in the arena as the DW World and Internet Champion Havoc walks down to a chant of YOU SUCK or many boos from the crowd with his World Title belt over one shoulder and his Internet Title over the other, he looks about with an angry expression on his face but with a slight smile. He sometimes goes over to a few members of the crowd and shouts obscenities back. This just makes the crowd boo even more but he pays no attention and just smile evilly. Ring Announcer: From London England weighing in at 270 pounds he is the DW World and Internet Champions, Havoc!

Get The F*ck Back by Ludacris plays on the PA, and Teddy Rafter walks down to the ring with a very serious look on his face and the crowd goes crazy, and Teddy Rafter slides into the ring and waits on his opponent whilst keeping a close eye on Havoc.

Ring Announcer: His partner from Houston Texas weighing in at 255 pounds, the Braeswood Gangster Teddy Rafter!

As the fans look on the stage area.. the arena darkens.. Blue Lights start to flash about the arena accompanied by Strobe Lights everything begins to go in slow motion… as Feel SO Numb by Rob Zombie Begins to sound threw the arena… The Fans begin to boo as they see TRT step out onto the stage area with his wife Silver… Slider stares out over the arena listening to the chants TRT SUCKS… his sunglasses reflecting what he sees a few camera’s go off as Slider has unheard words with a few fans on his way to the ring. Silver on his arm as he makes it to the ring he slides under the bottom rope and jumps to his feet …Holding the ropes open for his wife she steps in and bends nicely under the ropes… the men in the crowd cheering. He Then takes a spin in the ring and holds his arms out as he gets booed… he shakes his head again and takes a few bounces off the ropes … looking out over the crowd he looks towards the stage area. Ring Announcer: Their first opponent from Vancouver, Canada weighing in at 265 pounds being accompanied by Silver, he is the DW Hardcore Champion Slider!

The referee the approaches the ring announcer and whispers something into his ear.

Ring Announcer: I have been informed that ‘Lightning’ Mike has been taken ill tonight so this is know a handicap match.

Slider looks at the referee is disbelief and so do Havoc and Teddy Rafter. Teddy Rafter then gets straight into the ring and knocks down Slider with a big right hand. Rafter waits for the Hardcore Champion to get back to his feet and he then tackles him down to the floor and hits him with a serious of mounted punches before stomping away at him. Rafter then takes a step back to look at his work but Havoc makes the blind tag. Havoc shoots Slider into the ropes and hits a Lui Thesz press with mounted punches to the unfortunate Slider before taunting the fans for the ‘Final Impact’. Havoc goes for the Final Impact but Slider counters pushing Havoc into the corner and then hitting him with a spinebuster. Slider then goes for the quick cover on Havoc but the World and Internet Champion kicks out on two.

Takedown by Slider on Havoc and then a quick reverse chin lock before Teddy Rafter breaks the hold. Slider goes back to work on Havoc with an irish whip into the corner with a boot to the midsection and then a reverse DDT. Slider then taunts the fans and gets a boo before going to the top rope. Slider jumps off with a double axe handle but Havoc gets his leg up and boots Slider in the face. Havoc then hits a De-Struction on Slider before reluctantly making the tag to Teddy Rafter. Rafter storms back into the ring but Slider hits a chop block takedown battling bravely against the two men. Teddy Rafter fights back with German suplex to Slider and then a brainbuster and Havoc tags himself back in. Havoc knocks down Slider with a vile clothesline before taunting the fans for the Final Impact. But just as Sllider begins to get up Teddy Rafter rolls up Havoc from behind and tells the referee to count going for the 24/7 rule on the Internet Title.



Havoc kicks out. Havoc gets up to his feet and pushes Rafter. Rafter pushes Havoc back and then nails him with a right hand. Rafter goes for another right hand but Havoc blocks and low blows Rafter before throwing him to the outside. Havoc then turns to Slider and nails him with a big boot and then the ‘Final Impact’ Havoc then goes for the cover on Slider just as Rafter slides back into the ring.



The lights go out. Suddenly there is a flash of Lightning and thunder is heard. The lights come back on, and Follow the leader by Unwritten Law hits, and Havoc looks up to find Lightning Mike running down the ramp. Havoc never got the three count due to the lights. Slider rolls out of the ring dazed. Mike gets into the ring. Teddy and Mike stare each other down. Suddenly they shake hands and start beating Havoc down. Mike and Teddy do a spiked Piledriver on him, and then Teddy hits Havoc with the ‘Final Impact’! Lightning mike then sets up for the Lightning Strike and hits it. Mike grab a mic

Lightning Mike: So Havoc you think your a legend…bitch you just got your ass layed out. That’s just a preview for Monday. You shouldn’t have let all those people in the match…BIG MISTAKE!. Well see ya then!

The crowd begins a TEDDY, TEDDY chant and Teddy and Mike walks out of the ring with Teddy holding up middle fingers to the unconscious World and Internet Champion Havoc.

No Contest

‘Tear Away’ by Drowning Pool hits the sound system and the fans rise in unison to boo the arrival over the 100% owner of the DW, Jon Storm. The green and red laser lights shoot around the darkened arena as Storm confidently and carefully struts down the entrance ramp before sliding into the ring and taking control of the microphone.

Jon: What the hell just happened? Havoc is a double champion and a DW Hall of Famer! He doesn’t deserve to be treated like that! (Heat from the crowd) Anyway I have the certain matter of a DW Final Destination PPV main event to book. So I am glad to announce that Havoc will defend his World Title against none other than

“I disappear” by Mettalica hits the P.A system to a HUGE pop from the crowd. The lights dim down, as the ramp is lighted up by green spotlights. The word ‘ENIGMA’ appears on the DW-Tron much to the crowd’s delight. A few moments later, “The Enigma” Chris Cage steps onto the ramp, wearing a black Armani suit, and black leather shoes. Jon seems shocked in the ring, as Cage makes his way down the aisle way. He slides into the ring, gets a mic and begins to speak.

Cage: You know Jon, the last thing the fans need is a pathetic 10 minutes speech by you!

Huge pop from the fans.

Jon: Chris Cage, I don’t remember signing you to a contract. You are not a DW wrestler. So by all means, get your ass out of the ring, or I’ll get security to do it.

Jon gets an evil grin on his face as Cage just smirks and continues to speak.

Cage: Well, you are right. You didn’t sign me to a contract.

The crowd boos. Cage just smiles and continues.

Cage: But… I’ll bet you know who did..

Jon gets a confused look on his face but that then changes to a shocked look on his face.

Jon: That can’t be possible, I AM THE OWNE…

Cage: Shut up.

The crowd cheers.

Cage: So Jon, when you decided to buy the DW again, you only bought half of it. And the man who bought the other half happened to sign “The Enigma” Chris Cage to a contract!

A huge pop from the crowd.

Cage: So Jon, Chris Cage is standing in this ring right now, officially a Dynasty Wrestling employee. But his contract is different, I didn’t get signed to a normal contract.

Jon: What.. what do you mean?

Cage: Standing in the ring now, you’re looking at the new Dynasty Wrestling Commissioner!

A huge pop, probably the biggest of the night.

Jon Storm: I still own half of this organization and Cage, I do have the power to fire your ass no matter what…

Boos from the crowd cut Jon if in mid speech…

Cage: No Jon, you don’t understand. I have an ‘iron steel’ contract and if you don’t know what that means, it means my contract can’t be terminated until it runs out, which is say about… 4 years.

Jon attempts a cheap shot at Cage, which he easily blocks, and Cage nails him with a punch of his own. Cage goes to Jon, picks him up, and sets his head under both his legs and nails him with the Enigma-O-Matic. The crowd is going ballistic as Cage picks back up the mic.

Cage: First order of business as Commish, Jon Storm.. next week on Destruction, you will wrestle in a match. Not a normal match, a handicapped match. You will be wrestling Mark Benton and Teddy Rafter! So Jon, have a nice day…

The show goes off the air as the DW Logo appars and fades followed by the © logo and notice

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