Thursday Night Insanity (Date: March 7th 2002)
Tulsa Convention Centre, OK

“Alive” by P.O.D hits the sound system in the Tulsa Convention Centre as fireworks shoot up from the entrance ramp to the ceiling and explode before fireworks from the ceiling shoot down and explode into a bright blue on the sides of the entrance ramp. The camera pans around the sold out crowd and zooms in on a few homemade signs that are being held up by members of the crowd. ‘Havoc Sucks’, ‘We love Genocide’ and ‘Disturbed Inc What?’ are just some of the many signs being held up. Suddenly on the DW-Tron a picture of Genocide with his World Title belt and a picture of Disturbed Inc. member Blood Thirst flash up on the screen, the two men will go at it tonight with the World Title on the line!

The Scene fades in at the front of the Smoking Skull bar where a man on a ladder is putting a new sign over the old spray painted name, the new sign reads ‘Terror’, a loud roaring sound can be heard behind the camera, the man putting up the new sign looks around and has a frightened look on his face, he gets down off the ladder with the sign barely staying in place, he grabs the ladder and hurries off, motorbikes pull up in front of the newly renamed bar ‘Terror’, there are six large bikers, they get off there bike and are laughing, on the back of there jackets the word ‘Satan’ is written and a picture of a pentagram, two of them reach back at there bikes and grab weapons, one grabs a chain while the other grabs a short iron pole, they make there way towards the door of the bar and they talk to each other the words ‘So this is the bar that hasn’t got any bouncers ‘ they walk into the bar with the camera following, music can be heard as they walk into the bar and a band is on the stage while the bar has only around 15 people in it which is slightly low for that time, they walk over to the bar and people move out of there way and look at them strangely, the bikers push over a couple of people on there way to the bar, they sit on the stools and ask for a couple of beers from the female bartender, they sit down and drink them and watch the band.

They sit there for awhile and the female bartender asks them to pay for there beers, one of the bikies stands up and throws his empty beer bottle across the bar and it smashes near the girls head, she screams as the biker yells at her, the music stops and some people leave while the bikers begin to smash there bottle and throw there stools around and laughing, a loud menacing voice can be heard yelling the word ‘Hey’ the bikers all turn around to see a man standing in the middle of the room, he has slick long black hair which covers his face, the bikes laugh and two of them go over to him and attack him, the man who is has been seen on DW TV before is mostly known to old EFW viewers, the man known as Waste ducks a punch by one of the bikers and uppercuts him in the stomach, then Waste swings a big right hand knocking the second one down, Waste follows up with a knee lift to one and a forearm smash to the other, both men stagger back and three others help them up, then all at once five of them attack and the leader stays back laughing, Waste fights for awhile but is knocked down and busted open by the iron pipe, they begin to beat on him when a mighty roar is heard and the Demon known as Genocide charges in and delivers a big boot to one of them, with a fury of punches he unloads on them as Waste slowly gets back up and fights with him, Genocide grabs the pipe and wrenches off his foe, he begins hitting four of the men with it while Waste takes one and beats on him, Waste throws him into the stage and the guy stays down motionless, four bodies are around Genocide, they are bleeding from gashes on there heads, Waste limps over to Genocide who is staring at the last guy, the leader charges at Genocide with the chain in hand, Genocide grabs the chain from his hand and twists it around his neck, Genocide throws him across the floor, Genocide let’s out a roar as he picks him up again and move him over to a table, Genocide sets him up and hits ‘Torment’ through a table, Genocide stands up and Waste comes over to him again and they shake hands, sirens can be heard as Genocide and Waste speak shortly *

Waste:” You always have to show up at the right time don’t you “

Genocide:” I gotta look after you boy, you did alright for yourself, but it looks like you knee is swelling up “

Waste:” Doesn’t it always, never mind about me, you better go and focus on Wrestling, I’ll explain things to the cops, these guys are anything to great anyway i remember you had trouble taking down one of piece of bar scum who had a weapon “

Genocide:” They just don’t make them like they used to, anyway your right I’d better get going, I’ve got a few things that i need to think about “

Waste:” Ok I’ll catch you around, oh and thanks “

  • Genocide smiles and walks off and the police run into the bar and Waste begins to give them an account of what happened as the scene fades out….

The scene fades back in a dark room, it’s the room that was seen during Genocide’s last promo, it is the cellar of his new house, the candles are lit and the wind blows ever so gently on them, the shadows dance across the walls in a hellish symphony, in the middle of the room on the large chair sits Genocide who is deep in though, he slowly closes his eyes and the camera zooms up to his face, he quickly opens them and the screen flashes and turns into a highlights video to the music of ‘Bleeder’ by Nothing Face, it shows Genocide beating down on Lighting Mike and hitting Torment on him for the 1 2 3, it shows Genocide fighting Rick Lacey and Teddy Rafter in a Triple threat match, it shows the match going back and fourth and shows Rafter pinning Lacey as Genocide try’s to get back into the ring, the video stops with two pictures one showing Genocide holding up the EFW World Title and the other showing Genocide holding up the Dynasty Wrestling World Title, the screen flashes again to Genocide’s face, he looks deep into the camera and begins to speak “

Genocide:” Lightning Mike, I’ll address you first, you say because you’ve beaten me your the best wrestler in the DW? but have i not beaten you the same amount if not more times then you’ve beaten me? have you ever in your life been the EFW champion? or the Dynasty Wrestling Champion? i think not, I’d shut my mouth if i were you, your nothing Mikey boy and you always will be, you always kissed Rafter’s ass in the EFW and here in Dynasty Wrestling Rafter is no where to be seen but you still praise him as a god, did you see the highlights of the triple threat match? did you see that match could have gone anyway, Both Lacey and Myself where so close to winning that match a number of times, but you Mikey, you fought Rafter and you got your ass kicked all over the ring, your pathetic and you always will be, Mikey the only thing you hurt real BAAAAAAD is the sheep after you’ve finished with them.

It seems Dynasty Wrestling is becoming half EFW, you have Havoc, Dave Adams, Lighting Mike, Rick Lacey and myself being part of Dynasty Wrestling, but the fact remains i don’t care who you are or where you came from i am the world champion and i intend to stay champion for as long as it takes for me to become a living legend, and you can’t stop me.

  • Genocide tilts his head and a cracking can be heard, he let’s out a deep breath and a evil grin forms on his face, he begins to speak again

Genocide:” Now onto the matters at hand, Blood Thirst. It’s one on one this Thursday at Insanity but somehow i have the feeling that it’s not going to end that way, people have to learn to stop interfering in my business, i know the rest of Disturbed Inc will interfere, i know they will try and help Blood Thirst with, but even with there help you will not be able to take my title away form me, I’ve worked hard for it, i didn’t need anyone else to help me like Blood Thirst does, but i know Disturbed Inc are the only people who will try and get in my way.

Adam Striker you are beginning to bug me, you seem to like interfering in my matches and trying to put me out, i know your scared, i can smell your fear, you don’t want Genocide one on one because you know you’ll get the beating of your life, your like a frightened little girl crying for her mommy, you disgust me Striker, if i were you I’d be training like hell so have a small chance of actually surviving our match at Highway to Hell, i will walk out the World and International Champion that I’m sure of.

Now like I’ve said once before Striker had his little announcement and i will have mine, i will announce something that will affect the main event at Highway to Hell, it will be shocking to some but obvious to others but it will slim the survival chance for Striker, it’ll all go down next Monday on Destruction

Next week on Destruction i also have…. “

  • Genocide begins to shake violently and he a very small amount of blood begins to drip from to scars on the part of the nose between his eyes which have opened up, he stops shaking and breathes heavily as he looks up and stares into the camera, after a short time he regains himself and speaks again *

Genocide:” As i was saying, on Destruction i also have to defend my title against the former champion Chris Cage, i will be Champion going into Destruction and i will walk out champion, I’ll also leave a little something for Striker to think about, but for Thursday Blood Thirst will ‘Torment in Hell’ “

  • Genocide stares into the camera deeply and small amount of blood still trickles from Genocide who is now shaking as if he had seen a ghost, he gets up and quickly runs out of the cellar he moves up the stairs with great speed and begins to run along the grass, the camera follows him but he keeps running at full pace and quickly leaves the camera begin as the screen fades out with the sound of a man roaring and the word ‘Fear’ dripping down in blood red letters……..*

Single Match – Rick Lacey Vs. Wyld Thyng

Thunder is heard and The Ramp fireworks explodes, ‘Wake up’ by Rage against machine hits and Rick Lacey appears on the entrance stage. The fans boo as Lacey slowly makes his way down to the ring taunting the fans that he walks past. Lacey then slides into the ring and climbs up the turnbuckle to salute the crowd. Enter Sandman booms over the PA. Suddenly flames burst from the stage as Wyld descends from the rafters. Wyld slowly and mystically descends down to the ring as the fans cheer. Ricky Lacey stands looking up with his opponent until Wyld’s feet touch the floor and the music cuts.

Lacey and Wyld tie up from the start and Lacey whips the former Tag Team Champion into the ropes. Wyld bounces out of the ropes with a shoulder knockdown on Lacey before running to the opposite ropes. Lacey ducks to the floor as Wyld jumps over him and bounces off of the ropes again. Wyld bounces back and Lacey takes down Wyld with an arm drag takedown. Lacey then locks in a arm bar submission hold to Wyld but quickly lets go as Wyld nears the ropes. Lacey maintains the advantage and stomps on Wyld’s arm as he is down before rolling him up with a half nelson pinning attempt.



Wyld manages to lift his shoulder off of the canvas with a kickout. The fans cheer as Wyld kicks out and they collectively try to urge him to get to his feet. Wyld responds to the fans and slowly pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes. Lacey runs towards Wyld but Wyld knocks down Lacey with a big right hand. Wyld begins punching away at Lacey with big right hands backing him right into a corner before whipping him across the ring. Lacey’s momentum takes him right across the ring and over the turnbuckle to the outside to the delight of the fans.

Wyld follows up Lacey to the outside and throws him hard into the side of the ring. Wyld then grabs Lacey and rams his head hard into the turnbuckle post before throwing him back into the ring. Wyld picks up Lacey and sets him up for the ‘Wyld Ride’! Wyld hoists Lacey up into the air but Lacey jumps down off of Wyld’s shoulders and lands on his feet. Wyld goes for a clothesline on Lacey but Rick Lacey ducks it and Wyld takes out the referee. Lacey then ducks a right hand from Wyld and nails him with a stiff belly to back suplex.

Lacey sees Wyld down in the middle of the ring and calls to the back for someone. Suddenly the fans begin to cheer as the two-time EFW IC Champion ‘Lightning’ Mike jumps over the security barrier and slide into the ring. Mike spins around Lacey and the two men go face to face. The fans are waiting for both men to start to tear into each other but they stand there face to face with a mean look on both of their faces. Soon Wyld begins to get to his feet and walk towards ‘Lightning’ Mike and Rick Lacey. Instead of Lacey and Mike fighting they knock down Wyld with a double clothesline and start stomping away at him!

The fans boo as ‘Lightning’ Mike hits Wyld with a powerbomb backbreaker and Lacey goes to the top rope. Lacey hits Wyld with a top rope elbow dive as ‘Lightning’ Mike revives the referee. Lacey covers Wyld just as the referee comes to and begins to make a count.




The Winner of the match – Ricky Lacey!!

Single Match – The Spiker Vs. Python

“Nobodies” by Marilyn Manson hits and the arena goes into darkness. A green mist pours from the entrance and Python is seen as a shadow appearing through the mist. The mist then slowly clears and Python sprint to the ring before sliding in. Alice in Chains ‘Get Born Again’ hits the sound system and the Internet Champion The Spiker appears on the entrance stage to the delight of the fans. Spiker slowly walks down to the ring and slides in with Python.

Spiker begins hammering away on Python straight away with right hands in the corner. Spiker then grabs Python and pulls him into the centre of the ring and drills him with a big snap suplex. Spiker then taunts to Python and gives him the middle finger before grabbing Pythons legs and going for a figure 4-leg lock. Python fights out of the hold before Spiker can get the move locked on and Python kicks Spiker into the ropes. As Spiker bounces back Python rolls him up but only gets a one count.

The two men then lock up in a test of strength in the middle of the ring but Python breaks the move with a low blow that goes undetected by the referee. Python then whips Spiker into the ropes and hits him with a fisherman’s suplex.



Spiker kicks out to the relief of the fans. As Spiker begins to struggle to his feet, Python backs the referee into a corner protesting about the apparent ‘slow count’. As Python holds the referee in the corner the fans boo as Chooch armed with a steel chair comes running down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring. Chooch cracks Spiker the man that he will meet for the Internet Title at Highway to Hell around the head with the steel chair. Chooch then slides out of the ring as Python quickly makes the cover on Spiker.



Kickout by Spiker! Python can’t believe that Spiker had the strength to kick out after the vile chair shot from Chooch. Python then grabs Spiker by his shirt and tosses him out of the ring. The referee jumps to the outside and begins to count out Spiker as Python watches on smiling in the ring.




The fans begin to cheer as suddenly Jet runs down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring behind Python! Jet spins around Python and hammers away on him before hitting him with an X-Factor.


6 and Spiker is getting back to his feet.

Jet then climbs up to the turnbuckle and nails Python with a flying leg drop before bailing out of the ring as Spiker slides back in. Spiker slowly moves over to Python and pulls him up to his feet. Spiker then hits the ‘Spiker Drop’ on Python before going for the cover.




The Winner of the match – Spiker!!

Single Match – Spaz Vs. Dark Angel

The lights go out and ‘feel so numb’ by Rob Zombie hits the sound system and Spaz walks down the entranceway and stand at ringside holding taunting the crowd. Spaz then slides into the ring and then yells and raises his arms in the air as Fireworks go off. Arena goes dark. White pyros explode from the top and bottom of the stage. ‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pool blasts out of the sound system. Dark Angel appears as a black figure and walks through the Pyros. Dark angel walks down to the ring. He jumps up to the apron and slings his huge body over the top rope. He runs over to the second turnbuckle and jumps on it. Dark Angel jumps into the middle of the ring and His music stops.

Dark Angel starts off the match with a quick spinning heel kick on Spaz that knocks the former Tag Team Champion against the ropes. Dark Angel then pulls Spaz away from the ropes and hits him with a big DDT before going for a quick cover but only getting a two count. Angel then pulls Spaz up off of the floor and tries for a suplex but it is countered by Spaz into a snap suplex of his own. Spaz then climbs to the top rope and hits double axe handle on Dark Angel that knocks him to the floor.

Gina is seen backstage looking very concerned as Spaz throws Angel into the ropes and hits him with a big Superkick, which gets a big reaction from the crowd. Spaz then goes for another cover on Dark Angel but he kicks out on two again. Spaz taunts the crowd who give him a bit of a mixed reaction before picking Dark Angel back up. Dark Angel fights back with a reverse elbow to Spaz and then an Angel-Matic, which gets a pop from the crowd. Dark Angel then whips Spaz across the ring but Spaz counters and throws Angel across the ring and as he returns Spaz hits him with a springboard dropkick! Spaz then goes for the cover on Angel.



Kickout by Dark Angel just in time. Both men get back to their feet and tie up. Spaz goes for a DDT but Angel blocks the move and counters into a German Suplex. Angel then jumps up to the top rope and nails the ‘Dead Centre’ on Spaz before crawling over him for the cover.




The Winner of the match – Dark Angel!!

Python is standing at the vending machine hitting it trying to get his food out. He doesn’t see it, but in the reflection of the plastic window of the vending machine Dave Adams is holding a lead pipe. He taps it lightly in his other hand. Python goes to pick up his food from the drop box when Adams rushes him, and cracks him with the pipe. Python crumbles to the floor. Dave Adams walks in front of the camera.

Dave Adams: Heh, looks like number 3 has been found. 2 more left…and 2 more shows before the Pay Per View. Coincidence? Oh I think not. Kobra and Blood Thirst are getting worried…who will be next? I hope you two aren’t too paranoid come Monday. I would hate to see you two worried about Mr. Adams.

Chaos, before I forget seeing as next week I have a match on Destruction lets do this for Insanity. Python and Chaos Vs. Dave Adams and anyone that wants to team up with me. If no one wants the privilege of being my partner then it will be a handicap match.

Dave Adams looks down and see Python is holding a ‘Twix’. He grasps it and walks away.

Single Match – M.O.P Vs. Jet

All goes dark and quiet, anxious and excited the crowd wait. Very suddenly ‘Ace of Spades’ by MotorHead booms from the speakers surrounding the arena, two flares are sent up from each side of the ramp and explode in the air and explode, red lights start to flash on and off and Master is already standing at the end of the ramp the ramp ignites either side all the way down to the bottom and master walks down. He walks up the stairs and looks around pitifully at the crowd and climbs over the top rope and waits for his opponent. ‘Blue’ by E65 hits the sound system and the fans begin to cheer as Jet appears on the entrance stage. Jet taunts the crowd who give him a cheer before running down to the ring and sliding in.

Master knocks down Jet with a big boot before throwing him into the corner like a rag doll. Master then begins to pound away on Jet with huge right hands as the fans start to get behind him. Master then throws Jet right across the ring before following up with a high knee to Jets face. Master then taunts Jet before grabbing him around the neck for a chokeslam! Jet counters the move with a hip toss on Master before hitting a standing to sitting leg drop on Masters arm while pulling it up with his hands. Jet then bounces off of the ropes and hits another high leg drop on Master before sitting across him looking for the three count.



Kickout by Master of Puppets. Master gets back to his feet but Jet cuts him down to size with a sharp kick to the knee before hitting him with a big spinning axe kick. Jet then taunts the fans that cheer back at him obviously very impressed at his current performance. Jet then rolls up Master but again Master kicks out on two. Jet goes up to the top rope looking to finish off Master with his flying leg drop but suddenly Jet is pushed off of the top rope! The man that pushed Jet was Python and soon the rest of Disturbed Inc run down to ringside apart from Havoc who is obviously preparing for his match. Python throws Jet back into the ring and Kobra fetches a table from outside. Slider takes down Master with the ‘Slide’ and then tells Blood Thirst to go to the top rope. Blood Thirst then jumps off of the top rope with the ‘Blood Rush’ to Master. Python grabs Jet as Kobra sets up the table and Python hits Jet with the ‘Snakebite’ through the table! Python then covers Jet and Slider covers Master as Blood Thirst counts a mock three count before Disturbed Inc leave ringside.

No Contest

Triple Threat Match – Havoc Vs. Dave Adams Vs. Chris Cage

P Diddy ‘Bad Boy For Life’ hits the sound system in the arena as Havoc walks down to a chant of YOU SUCK or many boos from the crowd, he looks about with an angry expression on his face but with a slight smile. He sometimes goes over to a few members of the crowd and shouts obscenities back. This just makes the crowd boo even more but he pays no attention and just smile evilly. The lights dim to nearly pitch black. “SuperBeast” by Rob Zombie hits the speakers with a huge force. The audience begins to boo loudly as Dave Adams makes his way to the ring. He stops at the bottom of the steps and looks around at the all the haters inside the arena. He turns around, and climbs into the ring as the lights rise back to normal. “I disappear” hits the P.A system as the crowd erupts. Chris Cage steps through the curtains to a standing ovation from the crowd. He is wearing his usual ring attire, black long leather pants, and black boots. He starts making his way to the ring as pyros starts shooting up the ramp. He slides into the ring.

Adams and Cage start the match off with a double clothesline to Havoc knocking the former Dynasty Wrestling World Champion down. Havoc quickly gets back to his feet and blocks a punch from Dave Adams and takes him down to the mat with a snapmare before locking on a reverse chin lock. Adams struggles out of the move and throws Havoc into the ropes. Adams then gets caught from behind by Chris Cage also a former Dynasty Wrestling World Champion. Cage takes down Adams with a big German suplex and keeps his grip tight around his waist. Cage then hits another German suplex on Adams.

Cage then moves over to Havoc and hits him with a forearm across the face. Havoc hits back with a forearm of his own. Cage then goes for another forearm but Havoc catches his arm and takes him down with an arm bar takedown. Havoc retches up on the arm of Cage as Adams begins to stir on the other side of the ring. Adams quickly slides across and breaks up the submission hold fearing that the match is in jeopardy. Adams then picks up the limp body of Chris Cage and nails him with ‘The End’! Chris Cage is then rolled to the outside as Havoc and Dave Adams tie up. Dave Adams whips Havoc into the ropes and Havoc bounces back and nails Adams with a low blow. Havoc then grabs Adams and nails him with the ‘Final Impact’! Havoc then goes for the cover on Adams.




Cage couldn’t quite make it back into the ring!

The Winner of the match – Havoc!!

The fans boo as Havoc is in the middle of the ring celebrating as Dave Adams and Chris Cage both slowly make their way to the back. Suddenly out of the crowd jumps Ricky Lacey who attacks Havoc from behind. Lacey takes down the tired Havoc with a spear and then right hands. Havoc gets back to his feet and clothesline Lacey back over the top rope before following him out of the ring. Havoc punches Lacey on the outside until from behind ‘Lightning’ Mike slams a steel chair into the back of Havoc head. Lacey then climbs to the top rope as Mike picks up Havoc and places him on the announcer’s table. Lacey then jumps off of the top rope with the Lacey elbow onto Havoc through the table!

World Title Match – Genocide Vs. Blood Thirst

Slipknot “People=Shit” hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet and cheer as Genocide makes his way out from the back. Genocide looks pumped up as he walks out and taunts to the fans with his huge World Title belt that give him a loud cheer. Genocide then continues down to the ring before sliding straight in and waiting in the corner for his opponents. ‘Wait and Bleed’ by Slipknot hits and the arena goes into darkness. A green mist pours from the entrance and Blood Thirst is seen as a shadow appearing through the mist. The mist then slowly clears and Blood Thirst sprints to the ring before sliding in.

Blood Thirst takes down the World Champion from the start with a chop block takedown. Blood Thirst then grabs Genocide leg and stretches it out before hitting him in the knee with a sharp kick. Blood Thirst picks Genocide up to his feet and whips him before pulling him back and taking him down with a knee to the midsection. Blood Thirst then hits a high vertical suplex on Genocide and goes for the cover.



Genocide powers out of the cover. Genocide gingerly gets back to his feet but gets taken straight back down with a short arm clothesline by Blood Thirst. The fans boo as Blood Thirst picks up Genocide again and hits him with a big powerslam. Blood Thirst taunts the fans but only gets more boos before climbing up to the top rope and signalling for the ‘Blood Rush’. Blood Thirst jumps off for the finishing move but Genocide manages to roll out of the way. Genocide then runs over to Blood Thirst and rolls him up but only gets a two count.

Genocide gets to his feet and nails a huge tilt-a-whirl slam on Blood Thirst before knocking him back down with a big neckbreaker. Genocide taunts Blood Thirst which gets a pop from the crowd before bouncing off of the ropes and knocking him down with a powerful clothesline. Genocide then slowly waits for Blood Thirst to rise to his feet before hitting him with the ‘Torment’! Genocide then goes for the cover on Blood Thirst.




The Winner of the match – Genocide!!

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