Episode #14
4th of March 2006
Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

‘They Don’t Know’ by Paul Wall hits the sound system in the arena as for the second week running, the DW Insanity opening video hits the DW-Tron! The fans inside of the Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada are off their feet as the watch the opening video of Insanity as action from past legends such as Malcolm King and Rick Lacey is mixed with action from present stars such as Jet and KoRe. The entrance video draws to a close and we cut to a live shot of the arena as fireworks shoot up from the sides of the entrance ramp, exploding into blue flashes as they near the top of the arena!
Vince Brady: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to DW Insanity…..”

Rick Young: “A one hundred percent Amy Page run show!”

Vince Brady: “And don’t we just know it, that young woman certainly made her impact felt last week on Insanity, and she carried it over to DW Destruction last week!”

Video highlights of Amy Page and the APP making their big impact on Insanity and Destruction are shown on the DW-Tron, and just as they finish the drum beat of ‘Have a Party’ by Mobb Deep kicks in, and boos ring out around the arena as Amy Page and the APP slowly make their way down to ringside. Blue lights flash out all around the Insanity arena as the boss of Insanity Amy Page walks down the entrance ramp, looking as stunning as ever, accompanied by one member of the ‘Amy Page Protection’ on either side of her. Her personal tag team hold the ropes open for Amy Page to step through, and she wastes no time as she rudely grabs the mic from the ring announcer.

Vince Brady: “Amy Page showing no manors there… What happened to simple please and thank you’s?”

Rick Young: “She doesn’t need em Vince, she’s the boss!”

Amy Page parades around in the centre of the ring with the mic as she waits for the crowd to quieten down a little and her music to fade out before beginning her address to the crowd.

Amy Page: “Last week, Damien Star, Iron Bull, Adam Striker and Chooch found exactly what it means to cross Amy Page.”

Vince Brady: “All four men suffered beat downs at the hands of the so called APP.”

Rick Young: “And they all deserved it!”

Amy Page: “Whilst I took care of some of the issues, small issues that stopped Insanity from narrowly becoming the number one wrestling show in the world last week in the form of the awful match that Iron Bull and Star had last week, there is one little thing that was wrong with last week show….. The commentary!”

Vince Brady: “WHAT?”

Rick Young: “I think she’s talking to you Vince, I told you to keep your mouth shut!”

Amy Page points down in the direction of Vince Brady as the crowd boo, and the APP stands behind her looking menacing.

Amy Page: “In any other business or organisation, if you talked that way about the boss you would be straight out of the door!”

Vince Brady: “I don’t like the way this is going folks.”

Rick Young: “Vince Brady, appearing live at your local job centre very soon!”

Amy Page: “And DW Insanity is certainly a business, and I am certainly the boss! That is why…..”

Before Amy Page can finish her sentence the fans pop as the familiar theme music of ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ by Jay Z hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet as DW director Kelly Styles makes her way down the entrance ramp with a mic in her hands!

Vince Brady: “God god! Kelly Styles right her on DW Insanity!”

Rick Young: “What the hell is she doing here?!?”

Vince Brady: “The fiancée of Jon Page owns part of this company just as Amy Page does, she can go where ever the hell she likes!”

Rick Young: “She is looking stunning tonight, but Amy looks a little angry….”

Vince Brady: “That might just be the understatement of the year, Amy Page is f..u…m…i…n..g here at ringside!”

Kelly Styles keeps her eyes locked on Amy Page as she climbs into the ring and stands across from the little sister of Jon Page. Kelly Styles, the long-term fiancée of Jon Page who first appeared on DW programming back in 2003 after the controversial DW Unleashed PPV, which saw Shawn Storm walk away with the World Championship after a triple threat match with his half brother Adam Blade and Rick Lacey!

Kelly Styles: “Amy, your not the only person that hold power here in Dynasty Wrestling. Now you might be able to push around your brother, sure he probably has a little soft spot for you, but I certainly don’t!”

There are cheers all around from the fans packed into the DW Insanity arena.

Kelly Styles: “I draw the line when it comes to picking on announcers, so if you fire either one of those men sitting there calling the action at ringside, you and DW Insanity are FINISHED!!”

Vince Brady: “Good call from Kelly Styles, the voice of reason!”

Rick Young: “Damn, I thought you were going to get fired!”

Amy Page: “Ok if we can’t make Insanity the greatest show in the world of wrestling by getting rid of the dead weight, then I guess that we will have to rectify the situation a little…. As far as you, Jon Page is banned from this show, and that ban covers you as well!”

There are boos from the fans as the APP steps forward and grabs hold of the helpless Kelly Styles.

Vince Brady: “Good god, don’t tell me they would stoop this low!”

Rick Young: “Wow, even this is not cool coming from Amy Page.”

The APP lift Kelly Styles high into the air and nail her with the double team move they call ‘Always Use Protection’! Kelly Styles hits the mat hard as Amy Page stands laughing over her. The boos in the arena are deafening as Amy Page taunts the fiancée of Jon Page.

Vince Brady: “Amy Page has crossed the line, reversed up and then crossed it again right here. There is going to be hell to pay!”

Rick Young: “Wait a minute, what is she doing now?”

Amy Page steps out of the ring as she orders the APP to stay put. Page walks over to the announcer’s table, sits down and puts on a head set.

Rick Young: “Amy, what are you doing?”

Amy Page: “If you two can’t call this action straight down the middle, the I guess I am going to have to show you how its done tonight!”

Vince Brady: “Amy, you really crossed the line there, by all means fire me, sit here and call the action, but getting your henchmen to take out the fiancée of Jon Page is just despicable!”

Amy Page: “That’s exactly what I am talking about when I talk about the bullshit announcing here on Insanity, what about Kelly Styles getting all up in my face, what about Kelly Styles getting into the arena of battle. What about that right hand she through at the APP before they protected themselves?”

Rick Young: “Urm Amy, you can’t swear we’re live on TV!”

Amy Page: “I can swear when ever I want, I’m the boss!”

Vince Brady: “Right hand? What right hand did Kelly Styles throw, I never saw one, did you Rick?”

Rick Young: “…Urm, well she did lift her arm in their direction…”

Amy Page: “Well saw Rick, may I just say I have always loved your announcing abilities here on Insanity, maybe we should figure out a little raise for you here?”

Vince Brady: “Good god this makes me feel sick, and just what the hell are the APP still doing in the ring?”

The APP stand stretching in the ring as the EMT’s carry Kelly Styles out on stretcher.

Amy Page: “They got a match tonight as preperation for their tag team title shot on Destruction, just look at that hoe Kelly Styles getting carried outta here, what happened to here? Ha Ha Ha”

Vince Brady can only shake his head in disbelief as Amy Page laughs her head off and Rick Young sits looking besotted with her.

Tag Team Match
APP Vs. Damien Star & Steve Relic
A sheepish looking Damien Star and Steve Relic slowly make their way down the entrance ramp as they stare down at the ring, which contains the dominating APP tag team.
Vince Brady: “Well here comes Star and Relic, originally were booked in a four way match tonight but I guess we are just changing the rules as we go this week as well huh?”

Amy Page: “No….. we’re not changing the rules as we go, I’m changing the rules as I go! This is Insanity, the name says it all!”

Rick Young: “Awesome idea, awesome.”

Star and Relic climb into the ring and they try to discuss a tactic to deal with the huge APP tag team as the APP continue to warm up in their corner.

Vince Brady: “Just who are these APP brutes?”

Amy Page: “Who are they? They are the most dominating tag team in DW history! They are the men that took out Chooch and Adam Striker last week on Destruction, that’s who they are!”

Rick Young: “Even you got to admit that was impressive Vince!”

Vince Brady: “Chooch and Adam Striker are two big names here in DW, no doubt about that, but just who are they? What are their names and where the hell did they come from?”

Amy Page: “Names? What kind of announcer doesn’t even know the names of two of the men in the match?”

Vince Brady: “Well you got to admit that their names have been guarded pretty close….”

Amy Page: “Oh dear, I see just what I am working with here with the Insanity announcing. See that big guy in the ring, his name is APP 1 and the other guy, he is called APP 2!”

Vince Brady: “You don’t even know do you?”

Amy Page: “Shut up Vince, do your job and call the damn match!”

Star and APP 1 start the match in the middle of the ring with a tie up to kick the unscheduled match into action. Star tries to force APP 1 back into the corner, but APP 1 proves how strong he is by shoving down Star!

Amy Page: “Awesome move, awesome!”

Vince Brady: “Yeah great, possibly the best shove in DW history!”

Rick Young: “Sarcasm is the lowest form of humour Vince!”

APP 1 pulls up Star and throws him hard into the ropes before knocking him down with a big boot to the face before nailing him with a diving elbow drop straight into the cover.




Rick Young: “Oh, I thought the awesome APP were going to get the job done right there?”

Vince Brady: “You seriously thought that? After a elbow drop?!”

Rick Young: “Hell yeah, APP are awesome!”

Amy Page: “AAPP! I like it!”

Damien Star gets back to his feet after the kick out and hits some big rights and lefts on APP 1, before bouncing off of the ropes and hitting him with a clothesline. The clothesline doesn’t even knock APP 1 off of his feet as Star bounces back and tries the clothesline again. However APP 1 ducks under the clothesline and nails a big body slam on Damien Star. APP 1 quickly tags out to APP 2 and he begins stomping away on Damien Star.

Rick Young: “Good strategy from the APP, keeping their man in the ring fresh whilst isolating Damien Star.”

Vince Brady: “Sound technical wrestling, can’t argue with that!”

Amy Page: “Finally, something unbiased from your mouth Vince! Nice to see you speak the truth once in a while at least!”

Vince Brady: “Well speaking of the truth, how do you feel about the fact that someone tried to run down Jon Page on DW Destruction when they intentionally crashed their car into his limo, what’s the truth on that matter?”

Amy Page: “How am I supposed to know? I’m too busy running DW Insanity to worry about matters like that, maybe Jon should worry about running Destruction before Insanity over takes it!”

Vince Brady: “Well I was just wondering where you were at the time of the incident, where was the APP as well?”

Rick Young: “Vince, when did you get recruited into the FBI?”

Amy Page: “Your in the FBI? Well Jon has had his fair few problems with the FBI, maybe it was you that tried to run him down!”

Rick Young: “Yeah where were you at the time Vince?”

Vince Brady: “Oh please!”

Back in the ring APP 2 pulls up Damien Star and sends him into the corner, before following up with a big splash in the corner! The crowd boo the impact as Damien Star staggers out and is taken down with a snap suplex. APP 2 floats over after the move and makes the quick cover.



Amy Page: “Come on three!”

No! Kickout!

Vince Brady: “Good wrestling by the despicable APP, but not enough on this occasion!”

Rick Young: “Good wrestling? Its great wrestling! Steve Relic hasn’t even got into this match up yet thanks to the APP!”

Amy Page: “Why would he want to get into the ring with the APP?”

Vince Brady: “Yeah, especially when he wasn’t even booked against them originally!”

APP 2 begins stomping away on Damien Star before beginning to choke him out in the centre of the ring. As the referee tries to get the APP member to release the choke hold, he doesn’t realise as APP1 jumps down from the ring apron and grabs a steel chair from the announcers.

Rick Young: “Here have my chair!”

Vince Brady: “Don’t give him that, god knows what he’s capable of doing with that steel weapon on his hands!”

Amy Page: “Woooo! Go team!”

APP 1 nails a huge chair shot to Relic across the back of his head to send him down and out before sliding the chair into the ring. APP 2 releases the choke hold on Damien Star and the referee lectures on him on using choke holds as behind his back APP 1 sets the chair up in the centre of the ring.

Vince Brady: “Ref turn around for gods sake!”

APP 1 nails a DDT on Damien Star on the step up chair before grabbing the chair and rolling out of the ring with the chair!

Rick Young: “Whoa! What a move there, I have never seen a DDT onto a open, set up steel chair!”

Vince Brady: “Good innovation, but blatant cheating!”

Amy Page: “Cheating? I make the rules around here and I say there was no cheating there!”

APP 2 dives across the laid out body of Damien Star and makes the cover, as the referee wonders why Star is on the mat, before jumping down and counting the count.




Amy Page: “Wooooo! APP! APP! APP!”

Vince Brady: “Yep, APP pick up their first win here on Insanity, with a little help from their good friend the steel chair!”

Rick Young: “Steel chair or not that was impressive!”

WINNER: APP (12:52)

Monday Night Destruction #110
Live from the Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Monday 6th March 2006
The DW Tag Team Championships are decided on the last DW show before DW Destiny 3!!

Single Match
Jane St. Dominic VS. Mr WS
Shut me up by MSI hits the sound system and through out the arena at the DW Insanity show cheers ring out as Jane St. Dominic slowly makes her way down to the ring.
Rick Young: “Wow, Jane is looking hot tonight!”

Vince Brady: “Do you ever think about anything else than how hot these woman are looking on DW shows?”

Rick Young: “Of course, I love all of the woman here in DW, Amy, Jane, Sabrina, Patience and that Rain character that popped up last week on Insanity!”

Amy Page: “And Vince, you shouldn’t forget that the woman in DW are on top of their game like never before. We have Sabrina Wilson challenging for the Cruiserweight title at the PPV for gods sake! I promise you that I will do my best to get the sexiest and most talented women right here on DW Insanity!”

Vince Brady: “I take it that doesn’t include Kelly Styles who your thugs almost killed earlier?”

Amy Page: “She is neither sexy or talented!”

There are more cheers from the crowd as Mr WS. Makes his way down to ringside for his match up tonight. Mr WS. Looks pumped up to be on Insanity, and he rolls into the ring to face up to Jane St. Dominic.

Vince Brady: “Mr WS has had a stop start career so far here in DW after his injury, he will be looking to get back on track here tonight on Insanity.”

Amy Page: “And where better to get on track that Insanity? We got the hottest stars of the future right here today! Guys we have appearing on Insanity tonight are gonna be future World Champions, I guarantee that!”

Rick Young: “And you know what happens when a Page makes a guarantee!”

Vince Brady: “Yeah, the unexpected!”

Jane St. Dominic gets nailed with a charging axhandle bodyblock from MR WS straight from the off as the referee calls for the bell to be rung.

Rick Young: “MR WS showing that he wants the win tonight, no matter who he is facing!”

However Jane St. Dominic gets straight back up to her feet and nails MR WS with a quick right hand than sends him stumbling backwards, before she kumps up to the top rope. Jane St. Dominic wows the crowd as she jumps off the turnbuckle with the flying bodypress on MR WS!

Vince Brady: “Now that’s what I call impressive!”

Amy Page: “Hey just cos shes a girl, don’t think that she can’t hang in the ring with the likes of Mr WS, Sabrina Wilson has been showing everyone that the girls are just as tough as the boys!”

MR WS gets up to his feet however his arm is grabbed by Jane St. Dominic, who bites MR WS’s arm, drawing a cheer from the crowd as Mr WS dances his feet in pain.

Amy Page: “Wow, this girl is ruthless, she doesn’t care about rules, those are admiral qualities!”

Vince Brady: “Admiral? She’s breaking the rules for gods sake, she’s biting him!”

Rick Young: “Hey, I had a girlfriend that used to do that to me, its not all that bad!”

Vince Brady: “And that is another story, hopefully not for another day!”

Jane St. Dominic gets hit with a smart fisherman suplex by MR WS which sends the young woman to the mat hard. MR WS climbs to his feet quickly and drags Jane St. Dominic to the floor and out of the ring! The Referee begins to start the count.


Jane St. Dominic gets up to her feet and begins to stalk MR WS behind his back as he taunts the crowd.

Vince Brady: “Mr WS jaw jacking here, that’s not so smart!”

Rick Young: “Especially when Jane is standing behind you!”


A flying side kick by Jane St. Dominic takes MR WS off his feet much to the delight of the fans!

Amy Page: “Wow, not many people are going to want to get into the ring with Jane St Dominic after this showing!”

Rick Young: “I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on her, not in the ring though!”

MR WS gets back to his feet holding his head from the kick as the referee continues to count out the two competitors.

Vince Brady: “These two better take it back into the ring, or this one is going to end in disappointment!”


MR WS short-arm clotheslines Jane St. Dominic to the floor and then begins to shout at his opponent to get back up to her feet.. (….4) MR WS executes a flying knee drop right to the gut of Jane St. Dominic before she can get up, and Amy Page looks impressed as she sits watching the action from the announcers table.

Amy Page: “This is what Insanity is all about, hungry young stars looking to get the win and get noticed at any cost!”

Vince Brady: “Including beating up a woman!”

Amy Page: “Hey Vince, seen as your such a big mark for my brother, maybe you should remember his own slogan……… by any means necessary!”

Vince Brady: “I’m not a Jon Page mark, personally I couldn’t true a Page as far as I could throw one, but what you did earlier to Kelly Styles was totally uncalled for!!!”

Rick Young: “The hostility between you two is intense! Can’t we just all get along?”

MR WS stands up to his feet looking very pleased with his actions. He is quickly followed by Jane St. Dominic who rakes the face of MR WS in attempt to make a come back. Jane St. Dominic tries for a tornado DDT, however much to the disappointment of the Dominic fans in the arena, MR WS avoids it! Mr WS and Jane St. Dominic both rise to their feet and Mr WS backs Jane St. Dominic into a corner. Jane St. Dominic fights back with some big right hands, however MR WS flapjacks her right into the turnbuckle!

Rick Young: ” Ouch, that is a good way to mess up some good looks!”

Mr WS picks up Jane St. Dominic and places her on the turnbuckle. The fans cheer as Mr WS steps up and looks for the superplex on Jane St. Dominic, however she blocks it!

Vince Brady: “Those two are awfully high up there, this could all go so wrong!”

Jane St. Dominic again blocks a superplex attempt from Mr WS, before nailing her own suplex on Mr WS, but to the outside of the ring!

Amy Page: “Wow!”

Vince Brady: “We need some urgent medical attention out here, these two could be seriously hurt!”

The referee calls for the bell as it looks like both the competitors are out cold as he waves for the EMT’s to get down to the ring.

Amy Page: “Boo! I hate draws!”

Vince Brady: “But what about the safety of these two competitors?”

Amy Page: “Don’t worry about it, they both have insurance!”

Vince Brady: “Well that’s a worrying attitude for a show owner to take no?”

Amy Page: “I take what ever attitude I please, I’m the boss!”


Spaz and Viper takes down Jet with a double team suplex before Spaz climbs to the top rope and hits a flying leg drop to Jet. Spaz then goes for the cover.


Kickout by Jet. Spaz then tags in Viper. The big man knocks down Jet with a big boot and then grabs him around the throat and throws him into the corner. Viper then hits a big splash on Jet and whips him into the ropes and knocks him down with a clothesline. Jet tries to make the tag to Wyld but Viper holds him back and hits him with a huge chokeslam. Viper then goes for the cover on Jet.



Broken up by Wyld. Wyld now desperately want the tag and Jet is crawling towards him. Jet reaches out and Spaz runs into the ring. The referee restrains Spaz as Wyld gets the tag from Jet. Wyld gets in the ring and takes down Viper with a clothesline from hell. Wyld then goes for the cover but the referee turns around and refuses to count because he did not see the tag. Viper knocks down Jet with a big boot and makes the cover again. 1..


Kickout by Jet! Jet reaches out and makes the tag to Wyld. Wyld charges into the ring and powerbombs Viper. Jet then knocks Spaz off of the apron with a right hand before taunting the crowd and getting a pop. Wyld then picks up Viper and hits a stunning DDT and goes for the cover. 1..2.. Broken by Spaz. Wyld grabs Spaz by the back of the head and throws him out of the ring, a move that would have eliminated him in tonight’s Destiny Rumble. Wyld then turns to Viper and positions him for the Wyld Ride. The crowd cheer as Wyld picks him up and hits the Wyld ride on him. Wyld then goes for the cover on Viper. 1..


Broken up by Spaz with a steel chair. The referee sees the steel chair and calls for the bell.

Single Match
Kid Krazie VS. Lord Valentine
Why Can’t We Be Friends by Smash Mouth hits the sound system and the fans in the arena cheer as Kid Krazie makes his first Dynasty Wrestling apperance, right here on DW Insanity!
Vince Brady: “Well this kid is certainly an exciting prospect here in Dynasty Wrestling!”

Amy Page: “Of course he is, why else would I book him to appear right here on Insanity!”

Kid Krazie rolls into the ring and awaits his competitor, another newcomer in DW. Goodbye We’re Falling Fast by Aiden hits the sound system and cheers ring out around the arena as red roses fall around Lord Valentine as he walks down to the ring!

Amy Page: “What did I tell you, the brightest stars of DW right here on Insanity!”

Vince Brady: “Well we will have to see just what Lord Valentine can do here tonight, this is certainly going to be one hell of a match.”

Rick Young: “This guy looks more like a lover than a fighter.”

Kid Krazie drops Lord Valentine with a Gorilla Press Slam on the mat right from the start to make an impressive opening move on his DW debut!

Vince Brady: “Kid Krazie only has the slight weight advantage over Lord Valentine, but either way that move was pretty special!”

Kid Krazie grabs Lord Valentine’s arm as he lays on his back on the mat and strikes his chest hard to drive the wind out of him before yanking him hard up to a standing position. With Lord Valentine standing, Kid Krazie proceeds to continue with the offence with an Aztecan suplex on Lord Valentine that sends him back down to the mat hard!

Vince Brady: “Kid Krazie getting some early offence in, if Lord Valentine cant get back soon then it could be a very quick match with the moves Krazie is pulling out!

Lord Valentine however is determined not to get beat in his first DW match and he pulls himself up using the ropes until he is standing. Kid Krazie runs as Lord Valentine, however Lord Valentine executes a neck scissors on Kid Krazie to send him down!

Amy Page: “Well it seems that Kid Krazie isn’t the only one with the impressive moves here tonight!”

Vince Brady: “You smittin with Lord Valentine Amy?”

Amy Page: “No, only calling this one right down the middle, something you should try one of these days!”

A Lord Valentine chants starts amongst the Canadian crowd as Lord Valentine gets up to his feet after his impressive move. Lord Valentine grabs Kid Krazie’s arm, drops down, and has him locked in an arm grapevine!

Rick Young: “That’s an old school move right there!”

Kid Krazie bites Lord Valentine’s arm out of desperation, which causes him to release the hold.

Amy Page: “And that’s a classic way to counter an old school move, take a big old bite out of his arm!”

Rick Young: “Its lucky its not Vladimir Helsing he’s facing, he might have taken a bite out of his neck!”

Kid Krazie gets thrown into the corner and gets boot choked by Lord Valentine. The referee tries to get Lord Valentine to release the hold however Kid Krazie pokes Lord Valentine in the eyes. Lord Valentine grabs Kid Krazie, annoyed that he managed to thwart his last two moves and tries for a brain buster to end the match but Kid Krazie avoids it with a snap suplex reversal!

Vince Brady: “These two are pulling some impressive moves out of the bag, maybe some outside shouts for the Destiny Rumble in this match!”

Lord Valentine executes a neck scissors on Kid Krazie and then stands up to get some cheers from the crowd. However Kid Krazie is up once again despite the impressive offence shown.

Amy Page: “This Kid Krazie will not quit, I like that, I’m going to have to book this guy for Insanity again!”

Lord Valentine holds Kid Krazie in the corner, choking him with his forearm as he looks to dominate the match. However Kid Krazie pushes Lord Valentine backwards and then tackles Lord Valentine to the mat. Kid Krazie gets up and Lord Valentine is also back on his feet. Kid Krazie gets thrown into the corner and gets boot choked by Lord Valentine who once again tries to wear down Kid Krazie, however Kid Krazie pushes the leg of Lord Valentine away before he executes an over the shoulder stomach breaker on Lord Valentine!

Vince Brady: “The moves in the arsenal of these two guys is outrageous!”

The fans pop for the move as Kid Krazie jumps on the body of Lord Valentine and punches him across the face! The crowd cheer as Kid Krazie gets off of Lord Valentine and then makes his way to the turnbuckle! Kid Krazie stands on top of the turnbuckle and looks down on his opponent with evil intensions in his eyes as the crowd hopes he lives up to his name. Lord Valentine gets hit with the diving knee drop from Kid Krazie, who then quickly makes the cover!

Rick Young: “This match is over after that move right there!”



Amy Page: “You were a little premature their Rick, does that happen often?”

Rick Young: “Hell, it wouldn’t happen with you Amy!”

Vince Brady: “Oh please, pass the sick bag just at the thought! Great courage shown by Lord Valentine with that kick out. Against most normal guys this match would be over.”

No! Lord Valentine shows some guts by finding enough strength to kick out from the move. Lord Valentine slowly gets up, obviously still hurting from the high impact move from Kid Krazie. Lord Valentine stumbles around, straight into a boot to the stomach from Kid Krazie! The fans pop as Kid Krazie lifts Lord Valentine on to his shoulders before nailing him with a ‘Overdose’!

Vince Brady: “Overdose! Overdose!”

Amy Page: “Please do, it would make this world a much better place if you were gone!”

Rick Young: “Ha Ha good one Amy! Why isn’t he covering him though?”

However Kid Krazie isn’t done as he steps to the ring apron and nails the ‘Kiddy Killer’ on Lord Valentine! The crowd go wild upon seeing the move as Kid Krazie makes the cover.

Vince Brady: “Oh my god! A springboard Shooting Star Legdrop!”




Vince Brady: “Neither man deserved to lose that one, but some times there has just got to be a winner and a loser. These guys look to have great futures here in DW!”

Rick Young: “I am defiantly going to be looking out for Kid Krazie in the Destiny Rumble in a weeks time!”

The fans in the arena cheer the impressive DW debut from Kid Krazie, as the referee raises his hand in the air in the centre of the ring.


It is now down to the final four of the 2002 Destiny Rumble. Havoc and Chooch and Striker and Genocide now pair off. Adam Striker now being in the ring for just over 1 hour. Havoc gets nailed with a double arm DDT from Chooch before Chooch tries to eliminate Havoc from the ring. Havoc fights back with a vertical suplex and then a neckbreaker. Havoc then grabs Chooch and nails him with the Final Impact. Chooch struggles up to his feet but gets caught by Striker who nails him with the Deep Impact! Again Chooch tries to struggle up but Genocide grabs him and hits him with the Torment! Havoc then picks up Chooch and whips him into the ropes and ducks as he comes back. Chooch runs straight into Striker who back body drops him over the top rope.
Now down to just three with Havoc, Genocide or Adam Striker walking away with the World Title belt. Havoc grabs Striker and whips him into the ropes where Genocide knocks him down with a clothesline. Genocide then stomps away on Striker in the corner until Havoc takes him down with a pump handle slam that gets heat from the crowd. Suddenly Chooch slides into the ring with a steel chair and knocks down Havoc, which gets huge pop. Chooch then turns and wipes out Striker with the chair, which gets heat from the crowd. Chooch then leaves the ring with all three men down. Genocide is the first to his feet and he climbs to the top rope. As Genocide is about to jump off Havoc throws himself at the ropes, which causes Genocide to crotch himself. Havoc then slowly climbs to the top rope setting up a suplerplex on Genocide. But Striker is now up and he runs over and pushes Havoc. Havoc loses his balance and falls getting caught on top of the ropes trying to stop him self from falling over. Striker then hits a front face drop kick on Havoc, which sends him over the top rope.

Both Genocide and Adam Striker are now in the middle of the ring face to face. One man will emerge victorious and walk out with the World Title. Striker hits right hands on Genocide and then whips him into the ropes. Genocide comes back with a clothesline, which Striker ducks. Genocide bounces off of the ropes again and looks for the high knee on Striker but Striker catches his leg and takes him down with a leg drag takedown. The first entry to the rumble then tries to lock a leg lock on to the last entry of the rumble but Genocide reverses with a headlock takedown. Striker fights out of the headlock and goes for a kick on Genocide but he ducks and goes for punch, which Striker dodges. Both men come to a stand still as the crowd applaud and cheer. Striker and Genocide then tie up and Striker hits Genocide with the Deep Impact! It looks like it’s all over as Striker pulls Genocide closer to the ropes but Genocide with his last ounce of strength rises of and nails Striker with the ‘Torment’. Both men are now down in the ring. Both men slowly make it to their feet with the crowd cheering on their favourite. Genocide runs at Striker but Striker backdrops him over the top rope but Genocide holds on. Genocide hits a sunset flip on Striker as he turns around and then bounces off of the opposite rope and comes back with a face buster on Striker. Genocide whips Striker into the corner but Striker reverses. Striker then buries his shoulder into Genocide before whipping him to the opposite corner and following up with a clothesline. Striker then tries to force Genocide over the top rope but Genocide holds on. Genocide fights back with big punches on Striker and then looks him with a front face lock. Genocide then lifts Striker up and places him over the top rope but only one of Strikers feet touches the floor. Genocide tries to knock the other foot off but Striker slides back into the ring.

Striker takes down Genocide with a spear and mounted punches. Genocide powers out and body slams Striker. Genocide then taunts the crowd and hits a big boot on Striker. Genocide then grabs Striker up and hits a powerbomb on him. Genocide then moves Striker nearer to the ropes and tries to push him over but Striker catches Genocide in a head scissors and both men are now over the top rope and on the ring apron. Both men battle it out with punches on the ring apron trying to eliminate each other. Genocide quickly gets back into the ring but Striker catches him up and lifts him up with a suplex. Genocide holds onto the ropes and forces his feet back to the mat. Genocide keeps the front face lock on Striker and lifts him up. Genocide then throws Striker forward with a front face suplex and to the floor! The crowd cheer as Genocide wins the match but some also boo as Adam Striker is eliminated. Genocide is then presented with the World Title belt as confetti falls from the ceiling of the sold out area. Genocide holds up the World Title belt, which gets a pop from the crowd, and the camera zooms in on him as Destiny comes to an end.

Backstage Stacy Wright is standing by with a woman that popped up last week on DW Insanity, Xyza Rain.
Stacy: “Xyza, last week you caused quite a stir when you showed up on DW Insanity. It has left many people wondering just who you are and what your goals are in DW? Are you here to teach the likes of Sabrina Wilson and Jane St. Dominic something in the ring or what?”

Xyza Rain: “Teach them something in the ring?”

Stacy: “Yeah are you looking to get in the ring and become the dominant female here in Dynasty Wrestling?”

Xyza Rain: “Honey, I don’t have to get into the ring to become the most dominent female here in Dynasty Wrestling…. Lets say I will be watching the Destiny Rumble next week with great anticipation and we will take it from there!”

Single Match
The Masked Molester VS. Soul Bearer
‘Haunted’ by Evanescence hits the sound system and there is boos all around the arena as the SOA’s very own Soul Bearer slowly makes his way down to the ring. Soul Bearer pays no attention to the fans at ringside who are booing him, and instead seemingly remains focused totally on the ring in front of him. Soul Bearer steps up into the ring and raises his hands in the air. His music begins to fade out as Soul Bearer waits for his opponent to hit the ring.
Vince Brady: “The SOA, what they did on Destruction to Killjoy and Boondock Saint was disgusting!”

Amy Page: “Hey, the SOA do what they gotta do, you have to admire that!”

Rick Young: “Amy Page a secret SOA fan? Speaking of disgusting, here comes the Masked Molester!”

The Masked Molester comes riding down to the ring on a black steed, as the fans give a very mixed reaction, until he starts throwing hundred dollar bills out to the fans and begins flinging condoms filled with liquid that have hundred dollar bills tied to them!

Vince Brady: “Hey Rick sit down, you don’t need the money that bad, Amy has already promised you a raise tonight!”

Rick Young: “Hell I’m getting a RAISE just sitting next to her just now!”

Amy Page: “Hmmm, I don’t know who is worse this masked guy or you sitting here…..”

Vince Brady: “Ladies and gentlemen for the first and possibly last time, me and Amy Page agree on something.”

The fans gradually begin cheering more and more for Masked Molester as he rides around ringside on his horse and continues to throw bills and condoms out to the screaming fans! He finally gets off his horse and slaps the horse on the butt, sending it running off wildly up the ramp and to the back.

Rick Young: “Wow that horse is on the loose! I beat the MM has some fun with that!”

Vince Brady: “It doesn’t even bear thinking about.”

Masked Molester enters the ring and does some stretching in the corner, and then does some toe-touches and some jumping jacks. He now drops down to the canvas and does a few push ups but these push ups look more like an excuse to just hump the canvas wildly as he lets out a loud moan and then jumps back to his feet.

Vince Brady: “In all my years…. Hell I’m not even going to comment on that one…..”

Amy Page: “I think maybe he should buy that canvas dinner before he does anything like that with it…..”

Rick Young: “Ha ha! Good one Amy!”

Vince Brady (Sarcastically): “Ha ha! Good one Amy.”

He rubs his ass a couple times and finally gives the signal that he is ready for the match as the fans continue to cheer and boo him, depending on whether or not they got some of the money he threw around.

Vince Brady: “Just how do you approach this match if you are Soul Bearer?”

Rick Young: “Soul Bearer will know, he’s not in the SOA for nothing you know!”

Soul Bearer doesn’t know quite what to make of The Masked Molester as the two tie up in the centre of the ring. The SOA man forced The Masked Molester back into the ropes, however The Masked Molester counters by pushing Soul Bearer away and nailing him down to the mat with a running clothesline.

Vince Brady: “The masked molester hits the mat, and I never thought I would ever have to say that in my career.”

Rick Young: “Just who do you think this guy is behind the mask?”

Vince Brady: “I honestly don’t know and I honestly don’t want to!”

Amy Page: “As long as he stays the hell away from me, that guy…. Or whatever he is might do well here in DW!”

The fans boo the actions of the SOA member as he rises to his feet and nails The Masked Molester with a low blow, however The Masked Molester doesn’t go down, he seems to actually enjoy it!

Vince Brady: “Good god, this sick freak actually enjoyed that!”

Soul Bearer backs away from the sick Masked Molester as he rises up to his feet and taunts Soul Bearer to ‘come and get some’! The Masked Molester then runs and nails Soul Bearer with a spinning neck breaker in the centre of the ring before going for the cover.



No! Soul Bearer kicks out, much to the delight of the few SOA marks that are here in Canada tonight. Soul Bearer makes his way back up to his feet, however The Masked Molester is straight back on him with some big right hands that club Soul Bearer across his back. Soul Bearer lurches forward with each blow, eventually finding himself in the corner of the ring!

Amy Page: “Soul Bearer is forced into the corner, not a place you want to be when you are face to face with a Masked Molester!”

The fans give a mixed reaction as The Masked Molester stomps a mudhole on Soul Bearer in the corner, before walking around the ring with his hands in the air! However as he taunts the fans, it gives Soul Bearer the chance to get back up to his feet, and he does so, running at The Masked Molester and knocking him down with a face buster!

Rick Young: “Soul Bearer is wanting to pick up his second win running here on Insanity, and he might just notch another one up for the SOA!”

Vince Brady: “Well, lets see if they can do it without cheating this time!”

Soul Bearer goes straight for the mask of The Masked Molester and tries to rip if right off of his head, however The Masked Molester counters with a back body drop on Soul Bearer before making a cover.

Vince Brady: “This one could be over right here!”


Amy Page: “This guy looks like he is enjoying making the cover a little bit too much!”


No! Soul Bearer shows just why he is in the SOA as he gets his shoulders off of the mat before the referee can get the three count.

Rick Young: “These SOA wrestlers are tough stuff, Soul Bearer just showed it there no matter what you think of them Vince.”

The Masked Molester pulls Soul Bearer up to his feet and throws him into the ropes, however as The Masked Molester looks for another body drop out of the ropes, Soul Bearer counters with a kick to the face of The Masked Molester and follows up with a double arm DDT! The fans boo the move as Soul Bearer gets back up to his feet and bounces out of the ropes before nailing a leg drop on The Masked Molester and making the cover.



No! The Masked Molester shows that he is just as tough as Soul Bearer by getting a shoulder up off of the mat before the count can be made. Soul Bearer punches The Masked Molester across the face in anger at not picking up the win, before chopping across the chest of The Masked Molester, which receives many ‘whooooo’s’ from the crowd!

Vince Brady: “Tribute to the Nature Boy Ric Flair from the DW fans right there.”

Amy Page: “When was he in DW?”

Vince Brady: “He wasn’t…..”

Amy Page: “Well don’t promote the competition then you asshole!”

Rick Young: “Wow, Vince, you just got told!”

The Masked Molester however comes back with a knee to the gut of Soul Bearer followed by a double arm DDT of his own! The fans cheer as with Soul Bearer down on the mat, The Masked Molester heads to the top rope and nails a frog splash on Soul Bearer before hooking the leg for the cover.

Vince Brady: “Oh my god! Huge double arm DDT and then a big frogsplash!”


Rick Young: “You don’t think?”

Vince Brady: “Think what?”

Rick Young: “Who do you know that uses that combination of moves to finish off a match? Which former World Champion?”

Vince Brady: “Well those moves were common place in the arsenal of the Gillesp.”

Rick Young: “And did his actions maybe follow in the same mould of the MM?”

Vince Brady: “I think they BROKE the mould when they made this guy!”



Vince Brady: “MM picks up the win here!”

Rick Young: “Its Gillesp, its gotta be the Gillesp behind that mask!”

Vince Brady: “Well it would be major for the DW if it was, but whilst Gillesp was a little fruity in his time, he wasn’t as bad as this MM character.”

Amy Page: “A little fruity? What did you have a crush on him or something Vince?”

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and awards the match to The Masked Molestar after he records the three count over the SOA’s Soul Bearer in his first match here in Dynasty Wrestling! The match has ended and Masked Molester now rolls out of the ring. He signals to the back and somebody wearing all black just like him rides down to the ring on a black steed, carrying a large plastic bag.

Vince Brady: “The match is over, but what in the hell is going on now?”

Rick Young: “Insanity is really living up to its name tonight Amy!”

Amy Page: “As it always does, hell even I am in the dark about this one this time!”

Rick Young: “I thought you liked it in the dark?”


Vince Brady: “Amy Page planting a right hand right across the face of Rick Young, this is priceless!”

Amy Page: “Never mind Rick Young, what is MM doing?”

Rick Young: “I think I can hear ringing?!??”

The mysterious rider hands Masked Molester the bag before turning around and riding away to the back, leaving Masked Molester with that mysterious bag in his hands. Masked Molester now enters the ring and whacks Soul Bearer in the head with that heavy bag before kicking him in the groin and then opening the bag up and spilling its contents all over Soul Bearer’s body!

Vince Brady: “Cheap shot from MM, but whats in the bag?”

Out from that bag falls a collection of dead birds, squirrels, and other small animals along with all kinds of blood and other fluids!

Amy Page: “Egh! What in the hell!”

The smell quickly fills the arena and everyone starts to gag and choke while Masked Molester dances around Soul Bearer’s body and begins chanting while emptying the rest of the contents all over Soul Bearer!

Vince Brady: “Good god in all my years I have never seen such a thing as this and neither has Dynasty Wrestling!!”

He now tosses the bag aside when it’s empty and stands over Soul Bearer. He slowly kneels down and begins smelling Soul Bearer and the various dead animals all over him.

Rick Young: “Amy your looking kind of green……”

Vince Brady: “Oh god, if this Masked Molester character wasn’t bad enough, Amy Page has just thrown up all over Rick Young here at ringside!!!”

He crawls on top of the heap and begins HUMPING SOUL BEARER!!!! The fans are in a frenzy! Masked Molester gets in a few more good humps, as he gets dead animal parts and blood all over himself before hopping back to his feet and exiting the ring with a huge smile.

Vince Brady: “This could be the end for Dynasty Wrestling….. no seriously we could be off the air next week after this….. Not even Vince McMahon would stoop to a level such as this for ratings, and that ladies and gentleman is saying something!”

The Masked Molester flicks his tongue a few times while looking out at the fans, and then rubs his nipples while slowly walking to the back. What is WRONG with this man???


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