Thursday Night Insanity (Date: May 2nd 2002)
Continental Airlines Arena, E. Rutherford, NJ

The scene opens up in the pressroom at the Continental Airlines Arena. The backdrop of DW logos is moved into place as photographers and reporters take their seats in the main gallery waiting for the proceeding press conference. The reporters don’t have to wait long as Jon Storm accompanied by a lawyer and a spin-doctor enters the room. Storm sits down at the table in front of the bunch of microphones.

Storm: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the DW press conference and thank you for coming. Anyway I would like to remind you all that on the 12th May is our System Failure PPV, which will air, live on Direct TV for only $12.99 from the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. I would also like to announce that the band ‘Creed’ will be appearing live at the event to play the System Failure theme which is ‘Higher’. Anyway that is not what this press conference is about. We are just hours away from Thursday Night Insanity right hear at the Continental Airlines Arena, and I as half owner of DW would like to introduce to you the newest signing of Dynasty Wrestling. This man is a former EDW Superstar and a former Platinum, Tag Team and the only ever triple crown EDW Champion. He was also the last ever EDW Universal Champion, he is Malcolm King!

‘Go Away’ by Snoop Dogg w/ KoKane is piped into the press room as the photographers cameras begin to flash as the newest DW signing Malcolm King walks through the curtains with a water bottle in hand and takes a seat next to Jon Storm in front of the microphones.

King: Thank you for the warm applause. Well as you now know I am a member of the DW roster. I will take 3 questions and then I must go and prepare.

Reporter 1: You say “you must prepare”. Does that mean you will be involved in tonight’s show?

King: I am sure tonight will be a great show and will be even better with Malcolm King in attendance. You never know what might happen in DW.

Reporter 2: There was a lot of competition for your signature with DW eventually winning the battle. What other feds came in for you?

King: Well I am here at DW and committed to them. But apart from DW, $W and XWO came in for me, as did a few other feds that would like to remain anonymous.

Reporter 3: With DW’s System Failure PPV coming up in ten days what part will you play in the proceedings?

King: Well I only just arrived here so currently I am not 100% on my plans. But I will tell you one thing, now that Malcolm King is here, every wrestler in that locker room is going to have to go that extra mile because they can be sure of one thing, I am not push over. As regards to the PPV, as I said earlier, anything can happen here in Dynasty Wrestling.

Reporter 4: Malcolm, Tonight…..

Storm: I do believe the man said three questions, and those three have all been answered. So thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoy tonight’s show.

Fade to black.

The DW-Tron shows footage of ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell’s attack on KaotiK last Monday Night on Destruction. ‘Sinner’ by Drowning Pool hits the sound system in the Boston Fleet Centre as the normal fireworks shoot up from the new look entrance ramp to the ceiling and explode before fireworks from the ceiling shoot down and explode into a bright blue on the sides of the entrance ramp. The camera pans around the sold out crowd and zooms in on a few homemade signs that are being held up by members of the crowd.

Footage of Malice taking out Nightmare and Mad Dog are seen on the DW-Tron.

Internet Title Match – Jet (c) Vs. Malice Vs. Gillesp

The Lights go out totally and “I Stand Alone” plays as the music keeps on playing and a red light comes on right in front of the curtain and there stands Malice and he begins walking slowly down to the aisle with the red light on him still then he enters the ring by stepping over the top rope and stands right in the middle of the ring and raises his hands and the lights come on and drop them fire explodes out of the turnbuckles and from behind him.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from Death Valley, weighing in at 360 pounds, Malice!!

The fans boo as Malice is introduced. Malice doesn’t care and he just warms up using the ring ropes.

“Frankenstein” by The Edgar Winter Group hits the sound system and the fans rise in unison to boo as Gillesp accompanied by the Big Bopper steps out from behind the curtain. Gillesp stands on the top of the entrance ramp and points around at everyone in the crowd before mouthing ‘your all gay’. His acquisition is drowned out by the boos of the DW fans as Gillesp carries on down to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from San Francisco weighing in at 175 pounds, being accompanied by the Big Bopper, Gillesp!!

The fans increase the sound of the boos are Gillesp is introduced. He just slides into the ring as the Big Bopper waits on the outside.

The crowd gets silent as The DW-Tron shows MR Millennium as ‘Never Gonna Stop’ By Rob Zombie hits the sound system. Jet walks down the ramp with the DW Internet Title belt gleaming under the lighting. When he is in the Middle of the Ramp he taunts the fans that respond with great applause.

Ring Announcer: Weighing in at 222 Pounds from Oklahoma, he is the DW Internet Champion, Jet!!!

The fans pop for Jet as he slides into the ring and goes straight to work on Gillesp. Jet nails a dropkick to the knee on Gillesp and then a quick face buster, which is met with loud cheers from the DW fans. Whoever from behind comes Malice with spear to the back of Jet that takes him down on the mat. Malice lays into Jet with forearms to the back of the head before picking him up by the air and throwing him across the ring. Malice then bounces off of the ropes and spears down Gillesp with authority.

Malice picks Gillesp back up to his feet but Gillesp hits a low blow to Malice and then whips him into the ropes. Gillesp hits a dropkick on Malice but he gets straight back up. Gillesp racks the eyes of Malice and then twists around behind his back with a backslide.



Kickout by Malice. Up get both men and they shove down Jet who begins to run towards him before battling it out against each other with right hands. Gillesp gets the better of Malice with a stiff neckbreaker that takes down the man that put both Mad Dog and Nightmare in hospital last week and quite possible ended their careers. Malice again struggles up but Gillesp elbows him in the gut before nailing a double arm DDT. The fans boo as Gillesp climbs up to the top rope and signals for his patented finisher. Gillesp goes for the ‘Big Bang’ but only connects with canvas as Malice cleverly rolls out of the way.

Malice walks over to Jet who is in the corner and begins stomping away until he is in a sitting position. Malice takes a few steps and then charges at Jet in the corner with a knee but Jet dodges the attack and Malice runs straight into the turnbuckle. Jet back flips away from Malice and then takes him down with a arm drag. Jet then runs and jumps up to the top rope. Jet stands on the top rope taunting the fans when “Come With Me” – Puff Daddy hits the sound system. The fans start to boo as ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm walks out from behind the curtain and continues down on his way to the ring. Jet immediately senses a set up and climbs down from the turnbuckle and stands waiting for Shawn Storm in the middle of the ring. ‘Superstar’ stands at the foot of the ramp eyeballing Jet in the ring before sliding in.

Jet cuts off ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm with a axe handle to the back of the head and with kicks and punches but ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm regains the advantage with a heavy spinebuster in the middle of the ring. ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm then picks up Jet and places him on his shoulders before nailing him with the ‘SwitchBlade’.

The referee straight away calls for the DQ bell to bring an end to the match. Shawn Storm the debutant stands triumphant in the ring over the DW Internet Champion.

Winner of the match by DQ – Jet

Single Match – Kevin Adams Vs. Viper

The lights dim to nearly pitch black. “SuperBeast” by Rob Zombie hits the speakers with a huge force. The audience begins to boo loudly as Kevin Adams; one half of the DW Tag Team Champions makes his way to the ring. He stops at the bottom of the steps and looks around at the all the haters inside the arena. He turns around, and climbs into the ring as the lights rise back to normal.

The lights go out and ‘feel so numb’ by Rob Zombie hits the sound system Viper and walks down the entranceway alone with both Dave Adams and Spaz banned from ringside by Half Owner Adam Striker. Viper stands at ringside taunting the crowd. Viper then slides into the ring and then yells and raise his arms in the air as Fireworks go off.

Adams and Viper tie up in the middle of the ring. Viper takes Adams into a reverse wristlock and then pushes Adams into the ropes. Adams comes back with a shoulder block on Viper, which doesn’t even knock the former 3-time tag team champion to the ground. Adams comes back scooping up Viper and then hitting him with the snake eyes in the corner. Viper stumbles backwards and Adams helps him down to the floor with a clothesline. Adams then hooks the leg and goes for the cover.



Kickout by Viper.

Up gets Viper and he grabs Adams around the throat. It looks as if Viper is looking for the chokeslam but instead he throws Adams into the corner and begins to hit him with big uppercuts in the corner, everyone getting a cheer from the fans. Viper then grabs Adams by the back of the head and runs him right across the ring and slams his head face first into the turnbuckle. Adams flops back to the floor and Viper goes for the quick cover.



Kickout much to the displeasure of the fans.

Up gets Adams but Viper nails him with a kick to the stomach causing him to double over. Viper then places Adams’s head between his head and flips him up as the crowd break out into cheers. Viper holds up Adams for a while before slamming him down completing the powerbomb. Viper then goes for another cover on Adams.



Adams gets his foot on the ropes and breaks the count but Viper in not happy about it. He grabs the referee by the shirt and wants an explanation but Kevin Adams is right in there with a low blow to Viper. Adams then nails Viper with the ‘One of a Kind’ before climbing to the top rope. Adams taunts the fans then nails the ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ on Viper!




No one is going to kick out of that move!

Winner of the match – Kevin Adams

[The scene opens up at a house show arena held at Tampa Bay,Florida. The cameras are backstage, where a jet-black Honda S2000 can be seen pulling in at the parking lot. “The Enigma” Chris Cage steps out of it, to a decent pop from the crowd. He is sporting his usual black leather jacket, a white singlet, blue denim jeans, black boots and he has his long blond hair tied to a pony tail. He walks into the arena, as the scene fades out.]

[The scene fades in, this time at ringside. The crowd is roaring madly as the show goes on the air, with fireworks and pyros. “I disappear” by Metallica blasts through the speakers to a huge pop from the crowd. “The Enigma” Chris Cage steps onto the ramp.]

[He stands at the ramp for a few moments, as the crowd is still roaring on their feet. After a few moments, he walks down the ramp, through the aisleway to the ring. He slaps a few hands within the crowd, before sliding into the ring. He gets into the ring, climbs on one of the turnbuckles and raises both his arms in the air to a good pop from the crowd.]

[The crowd is going nuts as Cage gets down from the turnbuckle. He gets a mic from the announcer, and begins to speak.]

Cage: I’m sure you all know what happened the past week, so there’s no need for me to explain why I haven’t been active with the Dynasty Wrestling lately. Now that I’m back, you can bet that “The Enigma” Chris Cage will return to doing what he does best… kick some ass in the ring.

[Huge pop from the crowd. Cage just smirks as he continues to speak.]

Cage: I also have a few huge announcements to make. First, regarding my status as the Commissioner of the Dynasty Wrestling. Yesterday, I handed in my resignation as the Commissioner of the DW to Adam Striker.

[The crowd boos. Cage just comes up with another smirk as he continues..]

Cage: It was just getting too stressful. Not my kind of job. That’s the bad news. Here comes the good news. Before I resigned as the Commissioner of the Dynasty Wrestling, I decided to drop one last bomb on Jon Storm and Havoc. I signed a big World title match for the next Pay-Per-View, System Failure. The DW World heavyweight champion, Havoc will defend his title at the PPV. His opponent.. none other than.. me!

[The arena explodes in cheers as Cage has a huge smile on his face. The whole arena is shaking as the fans cheer to Cage’s announcement. Cage waits for the crowd to settle down before speaking again.]

Cage: Havoc, whether it would be today, tomorrow, next week or next month, I will take that title back. One way or another, I will once again become the Dynasty Wrestling Undisputed World champion. And Havoc, the worst part is… you can’t do a single thing about it. Why? Because I’m better than you, That’s all!

[He drops the mic as the crowd cheers. He gets onto one of the turnbuckles and raises both his arms to a standing ovation from the crowd. He leaves the ring as the scene fades to black.]

The scene cuts to the backstage where Aaron Bomb is preparing for his match with Mercury! Aaron walks past the steel garage door but from out of the screen runs in a huge man and spears him into the garage door. The man who is wearing Adidas trainers and Nike bottoms but no shirt has his blond hair tied back turns around to the camera, to reveal it was the same man who attacked Jon Storm last week! The huge man snarls at the camera before walking off leaving Aaron Bomb on the floor clutching his ribs.

Triple Threat Match – “Smoked” Shawn Stevens Vs. Drake Maddox Vs. ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm

‘Rock superstar’ by Cypress Hill hits the speakers as Drake Maddox comes running through the crowd at full speed, he jumps over the railing and slides into the ring, Maddox climbs the ropes and flexes his arms high in the air, he gets down and gets ready to battle.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from Los Angeles California weighting in at 247 pounds, Drake Maddox!

“Come With Me” by Puff Daddy begins to blare through the arena. The lights dim and begin to flash blue and white. The crowd begins to boo as Shawn Storm steps onto the stage. Storm flexes and stretches as he walks down the stage ramp. Storm taunts the crowd as he walks to the ring. The crowd boo’s louder as Storm climbs up onto the ring apron. Storm stretches on the ropes and steps into the ring. The lights over the ring begin flashing as Storm gives the crowd a double bicep pose as the music fades out.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from Miami, Florida weighing in at 246 pounds, Shawn Storm!!

I Dont Give A Fuck Who You Are

I Dont Give A Fuck Who You Are


I Dont Give A Fuck Who You Are


I Dont Give A Fuck Who You Are


I’m Just-

I’m Just-

I’m Just-

I’m Just-

The Best

[ “Fuck You” by 50 Cent immediately cuts off and a split second later a more familiar sound is heard. “Bad Boyz Anthem” by Shyne hits as the fans erupt and picture flashes are abundant as the arena goes dark. ]

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ Now tell me who want to fuck with us? ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ Ashes to ashes, dust to dust ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ I bang – and let your fuckin brains hang, snitches ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ Fuck all them able bitches with riches ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ who carry 22’s, up in they hosiery ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ A black teller when my father bust and unloaded me ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ Think he just finished sniffin a ki, and dippin the D’s ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ Don’t hate me, hate Nicky Barnes for hittin my moms ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ Letting the condom pop, nigga I was born in the drop ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ Coke boil in the pot, shake the Feds ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ and bust shots at them street cops ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ Fuck yo’ point is? My point is double fours at your fuckin jaws ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ Pointed, hollow point shit ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ Four-point-six, need I say more? ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ Or do you get the point bitch? C’mon ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ What type of nigga slang and bang in the streets? (Bad Boyz) ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ What type of nigga stay in the Trump for weeks? (Bad Boyz) ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ What type of nigga fly Bentley Coupes? (Bad Boyz) ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

-·~¹’°¨°’¹i|¡ Aim for the sky, cop the shit then shoot … ¡|i¹’°¨°’¹~·-

The music fades and the lights fade on to find “Smoked” Shawn Stevens standing in the middle of the ring.
Ring Announcer: In the ring from Atlanta, GA, weighting in at 274 pounds, “Smoked” Shawn Stevens!

The match starts off as Stevens hits a big Spinning Neck Breaker on Maddox, which takes him down to the mat. Maddox pops back up and takes down Storm with a short arm clothesline. Stevens runs at Storm who takes him down with a spinebuster. All three men get to their feet and stare at each other as the fans cheer the three DW newcomers. Storm is the first to move with a waist lock on Maddox but he counters with a snapmare. Maddox takes Storm into a headlock but Stevens breaks the hold with a kick to Maddox’s head. Maddox gets to his feet and ties up with Stevens but Stevens gets the better of him with a fisherman’s suplex.



Storm breaks up the three count.

Storm picks up Stevens and scoop slams him. Storm then turns to Maddox and takes him over with a snap suplex as Stevens quickly gets up and jumps to the top rope. As Storm takes down Maddox and then gets back up Stevens leaps off with a cross body on Storm but he rolls through into a two count.

Stevens kicks out and gets back to his feet. Maddox runs at him but he gets knocked back with a falcon arrow move. Maddox gets straight back to his feet and takes down Stevens with a German suplex with a bridge. 1..2..Storm comes flying in with a flying axe handle. Storm picks up Maddox and nails him with a ‘Storm Driver’! The crowd boo as Storm is about to go for the pin but instead he intercepts Stevens with a punch and nails him with the ‘SwitchBlade’! Storm then cover Maddox.




Winner of the match – ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm

An advertisement for System Failure is shown with ‘Higher’ by Creed as the theme song.

Coming 12th May on PPV
After the commercial break all eyes in the arena are glued to the DW-Tron. Entering the Arena drinking a Pepsi Twist with duffel bag across his shoulder is EDW Universal Champion Malcolm King. Many fans are surprised to see him here.

Tim Smith: “Mr. King…Mr. King; a few words if I may?”

King: “Sure I have a few minutes……”

Smith: “I guess my first question I have for you is why Dynasty Wrestling and not $oldout, or XWO, or other feds that the other EDW talent seem to be going to?”

King: “Why not Dynasty Wrestling…..there is nothing wrong with this place. You have talent here; I know that and I respect that. I’m just here to try and do what’s best for business……making Dynasty Wrestling more of a viable organization is best for business.”

Smith: “What do you mean best for business, how so?”

King: “I’m a three time EDW Universal Champion, I’ve won their Platinum Title, as well as their tag team title. I was the first triple crown winner in EDW history with I think Big Daddy Dreamer being the only one. I did what was best for that company…..until I saw the decision making somewhat short-sighted. So I former the Unlimited to help weed out the strong from the weak…..”

Smith:” Speaking of that…..during the last few days of EDW you were a heelish character, so what are your intentions for DW?”

King: “Heelish character…..I guess I can see why you would say that. My actions served as a catalyst for the separation of EDW and NEW. It’s only fitting that you as well as the Dynasty Wrestling locker room have a few misgivings about me being here. The question I guess is can you trust me…….I really can’t answer that.”

Smith:” So are you gunning for the Champion here in Dynasty Wrestling? After all you never lost your EDW belt…so do you feel you have something to prove?

King:” Everyone who walks through that door would want to be world champion…if not you have no business being here. So to answer your question yes I am here for the title belt…..but I’m willing to bide my time until the proper moment presents itself. I’m not coming in here demanding a shot; I’m just saying that eventually the World Champion will have to go through me. As soon as I walked through that door what I did in EDW didn’t matter; as soon as I officially sign a contract my past deeds don’t mean a damn thing. What’s important is what I will do in that ring from this day forward. Now if you will excuse me I want to take my seat so I can enjoy the rest of the show up close and personal.”

Smith: ” Final question Mr. King; I see you brought your duffel bag… you plan to get involved in the action tonight?”

A slight smile comes across the face of Malcolm King; he looks at the reporter before speaking…..

King: “Thank you for this time.”

Reporter sensing that this is probably the only answer they will get concedes……

Smith: “No…Thank You Mr. King.”

Malcolm King walks off through the arena to find his seat.

The scene cuts to backstage where Teddy Rafter is waiting backstage with Stacy Wright

Stacy: Tonight Teddy you return to the DW ring in the big 6 man tag team match where you go up against Boswell, Clyro and Striker. What are your thoughts on the match??

Rafter: Your asking me my thoughts on the match? Well I say bring them all on for an azz whopping big Teddy style. Chris Boswell calls himself the Icon? Well we all know the only icon in DW is Teddy Rafter.

Chris Boswell apparently overhearing Rafter comes into the picture.

Boswell: What you saying Rafter? You’re an Icon? Yeah sure maybe 5 years ago you were but I’m the future of the DW industry and tonight I will show you just why.

Rafter goes face to face with Boswell.

Rafter: Well why wait for the match?

Boswell and Rafter lunge for each other and start a fistfight as Stacy stands their help less. Rafter ends the scuffle with a punch to Boswell’s face before throwing him out of the camera view.

Rafter: Where were we?

Stacy: Well I was just about to ask you..

Boswell runs back in and nails Rafter in the back of the leg with a sledgehammer to the knee. Rafter goes down straight away on the knee but Boswell keeps nailing Rafter with the sledgehammer. Stacy screams for Boswell to stop but he seems intent on crippling Rafter. Suddenly Clyro comes running into the picture and restrains his partner for the night. Boswell leaves with the sledgehammer as Clyro bends down to check on his long time friend Rafter. Suddnely Boswell jumps in again but this time nails Clyro in the head with the sledgehammer.

Boswell stands over Rafter and the DW International Champion Clyro swinging the sledgehammer as the scene fades to black.

Tag Team Match – Chris Cage and KaotiK Vs. ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell and Adam Striker

“I disappear” hits the P.A system as the crowd erupts. Chris Cage steps through the curtains to a standing ovation from the crowd. He is wearing his usual ring attire, black long leather pants, and black boots. He starts making his way to the ring as pyros starts shooting up the ramp. He slides into the ring.

“Nobodies” by Marilyn Manson hits and the arena goes into darkness. A green mist pours from the entrance and KaotiK is seen as a shadow appearing through the mist. The mist then slowly clears and KaotiK sprints to the ring before sliding in.

The lights in the arena fade to black as “Supernova goes pop” by PM5K hits. Crimson and Grey lights flash through the crowd as Golden pyro explodes on the stage and Chris Boswell is seen throw the smoke of the pyro as he makes his way to the ring. The fans boo the new arrival to DW but he simply ignores them as he slides into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from Long Beach California weighing in at 232 pounds, ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell!

“Your Unbelievable” by Thousand Foot Krutch hits the arena. All fans come to a huge pop, and the lights quickly go out and blue spotlights float around the audience. Orange explosives go off on the stage, while Adam Striker walks out on to the stage, and starts walking down the ramp. The fans chant, “Striker!!! Striker!!! Striker!!!” repeatedly, while he begins to be introduced.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring, weighing in at 230 lbs. standing at 6’5″, from Wichita, Kansas…. Adam Striker!!!!

Striker reaches the ring, and slides right in it. He looks at Cage, then jumps up on a turnbuckle and puts his fist up in the air. The fans give a hug pop. He walks across the ring, again looking straight at Cage, and jumps on the turnbuckle to stick his fist in the air for yet another large pop from the live-n-roaring crowd.

Boswell and Cage start off the match in the middle of the ring with a tie up. The former World Champion Cage who gets another shot at the gold at System Failure forces the ‘Future of DW’, ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell back into a corner and then chops him right across the chest. Boswell holds his chest but Cage pulls his arm back and slaps him across the chest again. Cage then whips Boswell cross ring where Adam Striker makes the blind tag. In gets Striker to cheers from the fans and the DW Half Owner and Former International Champion teams up with Boswell and knocks down Cage with a double shoulder block.

Striker takes down Cage with a belly-to-belly suplex before slapping on a reverse chin lock. Cage weakens under the hold, but KaotiK soon makes his presence felt and breaks the hold. Cage then makes the tag to KaotiK and he knocks down the man that went from the start to the end of the DW 2002 Destiny Rumble, Adam Striker. KaotiK helps Striker back up before positioning him for a big Piledriver. However Striker counters the move and backdrops KaotiK before making the tag to Boswell. Boswell gets straight into the ring and stares at KaotiK. The man that he will meet at System Failure for the DW Hardcore Championship. However Boswell does not go after KaotiK and instead blatantly body splashes the referee in the corner knocking him out. KaotiK goes for Boswell but instead he slide out of the ring which causes KaotiK to bring Striker into the ring.

On the outside Boswell reaches under the ring apron and pulls out a sledgehammer to a mixed reaction from the crowd; many wanting to see someone hit by it but many still hating Boswell. Boswell slides into the ring and slams the sledgehammer into the side of KaotiK’s head, which knocks him down on the floor on the outside. Surprisingly Striker helps Boswell and double teams Chris Cage with a snap suplex. Striker then picks up Cage and holds him as Boswell picks back up his sledgehammer. Boswell aims the weapon at Cage’s head as Striker holds him and is about to hit him when “Go Away” by Snoop Dogg hits the sound system and the fans erupt as former EDW Universal Champion Malcolm King walks down the entrance ramp.

King slides straight into the ring and Boswell swings at him with the sledgehammer but King ducks and grabs Boswell’s arm and locks it into a crippler crossface on the way down! King holds in the move and Boswell reaches for his sledgehammer but just cant reach it. Meanwhile Cage and Striker battle it out with right hands in the middle of the ring. Cage nails a spinebuster on Striker and turns him over for the sharpshooter! However Striker rolls through the move and grabs Cage in a front face lock and lifts him up before nailing the ‘Deep Impact’ as the referee begins to get up.




Winners of the match – ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell and Adam Striker

DW Destruction goes off the air as the camera zooms in on King’s Crippler crossface, which is still locked on Chris Boswell

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