Thursday Night Insanity (Date: April 11th 2002)
Fleet Center, Boston, MA

‘Sinner’ by Drowning Pool hits the sound system in the Boston Fleet Centre as the normal fireworks shoot up from the new look entrance ramp to the ceiling and explode before fireworks from the ceiling shoot down and explode into a bright blue on the sides of the entrance ramp. The camera pans around the sold out crowd and zooms in on a few homemade signs that are being held up by members of the crowd. Suddenly the middle of the three DW-Tron’s comes to life with an announcement that tonight Chris Cage teams up with Teddy Rafter to take on the World and Internet Champion Havoc and ‘Lightning’ Mike.


[Scene’s of Clyro’s Dynasty Wrestling International Title Tournament first round Victory over Jet. Clyro hits the Final Destination then gets the three count 1,2,3. Then Footage of Jets victory over Dan Michaels from Destruction.

The scene switches to the main arena. The arena goes black, My Plague by Slipknot hits over the P.A system and a massive pop erupts through out the arena. Pyro’s explode and Clyro steps onto the top of the ramp. Clyro nod’s his head with a little grin on his face. Clyro slowly walks down the ramp to the ring taking time to shake hands and high five the fans. Clyro walks around the back of the ring and picks up a microphone from the time keepers table and then proceeds to climb the steps into the ring. Clyro steps through the ropes and into the middle of the ring.]

Clyro: Well ladies and gentlemen I am in this ring here to day because well, I have a match on Thursday and it is a very important match at that. This match could be my most important to date yet and when I say important I mean important. But first I have to speak on Monday Night Destruction’s Triple Threat world title match.

Prior to this match there was a little scuffle of sorts, a little brawl to be exact. Havoc and Lightning Mike got involved and so I took it upon myself to get into the action and came down to make sure my opponents knew I meant business for later that night. I got into a little brawl with Lightning Mike and I beat his arse down and then what should happen? Those damn pieces of shit Dave and Kevin Adam’s came down and tried to double teamed me. I don’t know why they did this but me and Teddy Rafter took care of those interfering pieces of trash. We beat those boys like never before. And for that I am grateful to Teddy. Thank you. What does this mean for me and Teddy Rafter? Clyro and the Braeswood Gangster, two of the most skilled individuals in Dynasty Wrestling. Well to be truthful it could be something it could be nothing, only time will tell.

Now onto the Match, Clyro’s first main Event for Dynasty Wrestling. And what a main event it was, Clyro kicked some arse. He destroyed Lighting Mike and Havoc. I stuck to my guns and beat the shit out of them. Havoc was down and out and I hit Lightning Mike with the Final Destination and should have had the World Title in the bag but a lass all I got was the Win. That bastard Jon Storm came in and struck me in the head with a chair. Oh I got the win all right, I proved I could hang with the big boys but the one thing I wanted I didn’t get. I was screwed. If there ever was a case of jealousy it is here. Havoc was jealous of the attention I had been getting, he was jealous I had a win guaranteed and so he again got help from an outsider. Does this man ever go one on one with an opponent? Havoc’s big words, issuing open challenges. Do you think he would have done that if he didn’t have a back up plan? I don’t think so. Well now you know Havoc the scores are level, it’s the bottom of the 9th and the scores tied at 1-1. Now we need a decider. You mark my words, you screwed me in the first match and got the win and you screwed me again but this time you couldn’t stop me taking victory. Since we are no all square, two matches, one victory each, we need another match. If you get through your PPV match with the Braeswood gangster I want you, Hell in a cell. That way there should be no interfering and I can beat you 1,2,3 with no one to stop me. You think you are the pinnacle of this fed? Well think again because now you have got more competition then ever and your days as Champion are numbered and when I say numbered I mean numbered. The clock’s ticking Havoc, what you going to do when time runs out on you?

Now we have finished discussing Dynasty Wrestling’s biggest piece of trash, roll the footage.

[Again Footage is shown of Jet’s last two matches. One a defeat at the hands of Clyro and the other a victory over Dan Michaels]

Clyro: Now you see that footage means something, that footage means a lot. In the first piece you will see me in my first round International Title tournament match with Jet. As you saw Clyro got the win, nailing Jet with the Final Destination. That makes my record with Jet 2-0. I don’t think Jet is coming back for more. In the second bit of that footage you will see that man Jet again but this time he is winning, yes winning a match against no other then Dan Michaels.

You want to know why I showed that footage? Well as all of you should know I have a match on Thursday Night Insanity against Dan Michaels. Dan Michaels. I beat Jet, he loses to Jet. There is no doubt who has the most talent here but the fact still remains that this match is for a match against Python at the PPV. A match that will determine one of the number one contenders. And ladies and gentlemen I am here today guaranteeing that Clyro is going to be victorious, I am going to teach Dan Michaels a lesson he should of learnt ages ago. If you cant take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Dan Michaels you only progressed because Gina went AWOL. And guess what I aren’t going no were, so don’t think lightning is going to strike twice.

I have sized you up, I know your game and frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. I may have you scouted but you just don’t posses the skill, the wrestling brain that I have to make myself a star. Dan you’re just a stepping stone for Clyro on his way to victory. You want to survive our encounter? Leave with your dignity then please show me the respect I deserve and turn up fighting. I know I have a slightly easier Tournament run in then Python but once I dispose of Dan Michaels do you think any of that is going to matter? Me neither.

So with that people I bid you fare well…

[With that Clyro exits the ring by sliding under the bottom rope and proceeds up the ramp to the back.]


Single Match – Jet Vs. ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell

The lights in the arena fade to black as “Supernova goes pop” by PM5K hits. Crimson and Grey lights flash through the crowd as Golden pyro explodes on the stage and Chris Boswell is seen throw the smoke of the pyro as he makes his way to the ring. The fans boo the new arrival to DW but he simply ignores them as he slides into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first from 232 pounds from Long Beach California, ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell!

The fans break out in a chorus of boos as Boswell is introduced. The then crowd goes silent as The DW-Tron shows MR Millennium as ‘Never Gonna Stop’ By Rob Zombie hits the sound system. Jet walks down the ramp talking to the fans and slapping their hands as he passes. Jet gets to the middle of the ramp and taunts the fans before running and sliding into the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent weighing in at…

The ring announcer is cut off as Boswell attacks Jet from behind knocking him to the floor with a shot to the back of the head. The stunned Jet gets back to his feet only to be whipped into the far ropes by Boswell and then taken down with a front powerslam making an immediate impact on the match. Boswell helps Jet back to his feet and the two men tie-up. Jet wins the tie up going behind on Boswell with a hammerlock but ‘The Icon’ counters into a hammerlock of his own into a side headlock. Boswell tightens up on the hold until pushing Jet forward into the ropes and then hitting him with a big back suplex that causes Jet’s head to bounce off of the mat.

The fans boo as Boswell holds onto the ropes whilst stomping away on Jet how seems to have been grounded from his normal arial attack by the powerful Boswell. Boswell then pulls Jet up from the mat before throwing him into the corner. Boswell then takes a step back before slapping Jet across the chest. The fans boo as Boswell grabs Jet and places him sitting on top of the turnbuckle before slamming him off causing him to land flat on his back. As Jet begins to get to his feet Boswell runs at him and knocks him down to the floor with a hard clothesline.

Jet gets back to his feet and Boswell shoots him off to the ropes but Jet returns with a jumping spinning heel kick which knocks the Icon down and gets a loud cheer from the fans. Boswell leap back up to his feet but gets caught with a flurry of forearms from Jet. Jet then grabs Boswell by the back of the legs pulling him up and dropping him down onto his knee into an atomic drop. Jet then amazes the fans by running at the ropes hitting a springboard legdrop onto Boswell. Jet then makes a quick cover on Boswell but only gets a two count. Jet gets back to his feet followed by Boswell. Boswell swings at Jet with an attempted clothesline but the powerful move is ducked by the quicker Jet who quick moves into a chin breaker postion before delivering the move to Boswell. The Icon staggers back into the corner stunned after dominating most of the match but Jet is straight back on him with a shoulder block in the corner.

Jet then grabs Boswell by the back of the head and the fans count along as Jet slams Boswell’s head into the turnbuckle. 6..7..8..9.. but the 10 never comes as Boswell counters the embarrassment with a low blow that goes undetected by the referee. Jet staggers up to his feet obviously in pain but as Boswell goes for a DDT on Jet, he manages to twist out of the move and bounces into the ropes. However the attempted clothesline by jet is sternly countered with a huge tilt-a-whirl slam that drives Jet’s body into the mat and gets a boo from the crowd. Boswell the self proclaimed Icon smiles up at the fans before grabbing Jet and pulling him high above his head in a military press. Boswell shows great power as the fans boo him but he shows his arrogance by ignoring them before throwing Jet down to the mat like a rag doll before going for a cocky half hearted cover.



The fans shout the encouragement as just before the three count goes down the right shoulder of Jet shoots up into the air much to the displeasure of Boswell. In fact Boswell is so upset he slides out of the ring to fetch a steel chair. Boswell slides into the ring and positions the chair above Jets head and is just about put the finishing touches on the match only to be disarmed by the referee. Boswell turns round to complain to the referee but is quickly rolled up with a school boy from Jet.



Kickout by Boswell. Boswell leaps to his feet and knocks down Jet with a sharp stiff clothesline. Boswell then turns to the turnbuckle post and unloosens the padding before throwing it down to the mat. The referee immediately picks the padding back up and attempts to put it back on but behind his back The Icon grabs Jet and nails him with the ‘Ground Zero’ straight onto the steel chair. Boswell slides the chair out of the ring and covers Jet and calls for the referee to turn around.




Winner of the match – ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell

“Supernova goes pop” hits on the sound system accompanied by the boos from the fans and ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell raises his hands in the air in victory in his usual cocky style having won his DW debut match.

[The scene opens up at the Dynasty Wrestling Headquarters. The place seems to be pretty busy, as a few wrestlers and agents are talking to DW officials about contracts. A few other Dynasty Wrestling superstars can also be seen, Danny Y2D and Jet to name a few. But among the crowd, Dynasty Wrestling Commissioner, “The Enigma” Chris Cage can be seen talking to a Dynasty Wrestling official. He is wearing his usual black leather jacket, blue denim jeans and black boots. The cameras zoom nearer as the conversation is heard.]

Official: I understand, after all.. it’s your decision, you’re the Commissioner.

Chris Cage: Well, don’t tell anybody about this. I want it to be a suprise until Thursday.

Official: You do know Jon Storm isn’t going to like it, and he’s probably going to do something about it..

Chris Cage: That’s the whole point! Anyway, I have to go to my office, some papers to go through. I’ll see you later.

[Cage leaves the official and starts walking away, as the scene fades out.]

[The scene fades in, this time inside the Commissioner’s office. “The Enigma” Chris Cage can be seen sitting down behind his desk, going through some papers. After a few moments, he still doesn’t notice the camera. A knock is heard on his door as he puts the papers on one side.]

Chris Cage: Come in.

[The door opens to reveal Dynasty Wrestling Head Interviewer, Tim Smith. Smith enters the room and closes the door behind him. He walks towards Cage’s desk..]

Chris Cage: What can I do for you? You want a match or something?

[Cage just smirks as Tim Smith smiles to the question. Cage invites him to sit down.]

Tim Smith: Chris, I’m 46… and a punch from any one the wrestlers could very well knock me out. You know why I’m here… I’m an Interviewer for god’s sake!

Chris Cage: Ah, Tim.. can’t take a joke? Well, I’m finished with my papers anyway, and it’s been a long time since I got interviewed. So…shoot.

Tim Smith: You will be competing in a tag team match this Thursday, in a match where you and Teddy Rafter will be taking on the DW World champion Havoc and Lightning Mike. The question everyone is asking, who signed this match? You or Jon Storm?

Chris Cage: Well Tim, to be honest.. neither me or Jon Storm signed this match. This match was signed by the man who owns the other half of the Dynasty Wrestling. He thought it’d be interesting to see a little preview of what’s going to go down at Final Destination. Anyway, this is just a warm-up match before the PPV, so I can flex my muscles to avoid any ring rust.

Tim Smith: Who is this man? I mean, even Jon Storm doesn’t know?

Chris Cage: You’ll just have to wait till Final Destination to find out.

Tim Smith: Speaking of Final Destination, you will be taking on Lightning Mike in a best two out of three falls match. Any thoughts on this match?

Chris Cage: You know, this match is just what I need right now. I mean people like Havoc and Mark Benton, they think “The Enigma” Chris Cage has lost it. But at Final Destination, I’m going to prove them wrong. I am not a ‘has been’. I am a ‘will always be’. So bottom line, this match at Final Destination, you can bet “The Enigma” Chris Cage will show exactly why he was a former World champion.

Tim Smith: Anything else you would like to add to that?

Chris Cage: Yes, actually. This thursday at Insanity, I will make an announcement. An announcement which concerns the main event at Final Destination. Havoc, if you think facing me and Teddy Rafter is bad enough… well think again. And let’s just say, after this announcement, Havoc won’t be able to sleep before the PPV! That’s all.

[Cage gets an evil smirk on his face as the scene slowly fades to black.]

Single Match – Mercury Vs. Spike

The lights go down and the music begins to blare out from the PA system. The fans deliver a standing ovation as the electrifying lights light up the ramp way where a masked man is standing. He walks down to the ring rolls in and raises his hands at each corner. The electric sparks fly out from each corner post as he removes the mask. Mercury sits on the turnbuckle and awaits his opponent. The arena goes silent awaiting Spikes music to hit but it never happens as Spike jump over the security barrier and climbs up behind Mercury and nails him with a bulldog from the top turnbuckle.

Both men get to their feet. Mercury grabs Spike in a waist lock but a standing switch allows Spike to get the waist lock on Mercury and then take him down with a waist lock slam. Spike grabs Mercury and whips the big man into the ropes. Mercury charges back with a big boot but it is ducked by Spike how nails a neckbreaker on Mercury. Spike then goes for the cover, 1..2..Shoulders up. Both men gets back tot heir feet and Spike tries to whip Mercury to the opposite corner but it is countered by Mercury who shoots Spike into the corner and then hits a back suplex as he bounces out which gets a cheer from the crowd as Spike falls back on his neck. Amazingly Spike gets up and goes for a clothesline on Mercury but it doesn’t knock him down.

Mercury grabs Spike by the throat and knees and lifts him high above his head in a military press. Mercury walks nearer to the corner showing amazing strength and being cheered on by the DW fans in attendance and no doubt the millions watching from their own TV sets. Mercury then drops Spike down across the turnbuckle in a Snake eyes and then rolls him up but only gets a two count until the young Rookie Monster kicks out. Mercury brings Spike back to his feet and goes for a suplex on Spike but Spike blocks the big suplex and knees Mercury in the gut before DDTing him. Spike then goes for the cover on Mercury but he kicks out on two. Spike begins to get frustrated and bounces off of the ropes and nails a big senton splash on Mercury. Spike then attempts an ‘Indian Deathlock’ on Mercury but the big man powers out of the move. Mercury gets up to his feet and knocks Spike down with a big headbutt. Spike gets back up and again is knocked down by Mercury, this time with a full nelson slam. Mercury then goes for the cover on Spike.



Kickout by Spike at the last second, which prompts, boos from the crowd. Mercury picks up Spike and goes for a ‘Exploding Star’ but Spike counters by rolling off of Mercury’s shoulders into a somewhat scrappy sunset flip. Spike then bounces off of the ropes and just as Mercury is getting up he gets speared down and out of the ring by Spike. The referee rushes out of the ring to check on Mercury as Spike watches on from the ring. Suddenly a loud cheer from the crowd goes up as Jet storms down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring behind Spike. Jet then spins Spike around and the two men that will go at inside a steel cage on Sunday start trading right hands back and forth until Spike whips Jet into the ropes. Jet bounces back out of the ropes and as Spike lowers his head for the back body drop Jet nails him with a spinning Tornado DDT much to the delight of the crowd. Jet then leaps to the top rope and nails the 90 degree leg drop on Spike and slides out of the ring just as Mercury is getting back in. Mercury slowly crawls over and places an arm across Spike.




Winner of the match – Mercury!!

Jet stares back down to the ring at Spike the man he will meet on Sunday knowing that he has one the first battle but will he win the war on Sunday and will their be hell to pay for costing Spike the match??

The scene opens backstage at Monday Night Destruction. The show goes off the air as the commentators finish their pieces. The scene quickly cuts to Python’s locker room where him and Veana, Python seems pleased yet Veana has a distracted look on her face. Python is breathing heavily in result to his tournament win earlier. He is gently swinging his baseball bat side to side in a concentrated way. Veana stares at him awkwardly and doesn’t speak. Python is mumbling something to himself, which is inaudible. Veana finally speaks up.

Veana: “I thought this was all over Python! I thought you had our interests at heart. I mean look at you I could swear you were going crazy again, I knew you should have stayed well clear of the ring when Dynasty re-opened!”

Python looks up eyes almost squinting, he nods and smiles at Veana. She looks even more worried now and walks up to him almost crying. She kneels down beside him and strokes his face. A tear drips down her pale face. She grips Python’s shaking hand and stops the motion of the bat, which is tightly gripped in his hands.

Veana: “Baby look at me! You need to get out of the ring for good; you are in no state for this business. Just forget about this and come with me out of the arena right now! Just put the bat down and we can leave!”

She tries to pry the bat from his hands and his sweaty palms still don’t release their ever tightening grip on the “Sammy Sosa” signed baseball bat. Python looks up with a bead of sweat running down his nose on to his upper lip. It flurries away like a drop of rain hitting the ground as he begins to speak. His voice is quieter and sounds rougher than normal.

Python: “P…please, just leave me alone! I…I told you this was going to happen and I said when it did you shouldn’t be around me. I am dangerous Veana and before I get any worse I would like you to get out of here! I am not myself. I cannot explain but you have to get out of here! I saw what I did to my father and I don’t want to do the same to you, please… just go!”

Veana shakes her head and by this time is awash with tears. Python stares back down at his bat. Veana tries to speak but can’t get a hold of her thoughts. Python doesn’t look up and Veana becomes overthrown with emotion and begins to beat on his chest screaming at him.

Veana: “Give me Python back! Give me him back! This is not you, stop doing this to me!”

Python grabs her wrists and looks up. His face shows no emotion. His eyes black and as cold as a winter night and his lips creased downwards with sharp edges and his stare almost absorbing the tears of Veana. She breaks free of his grasp and she bursts out of the door in floods of tears. As she runs out Tim Smith is entering the room. He sees Veana running down the corridor and is about to follow until he sees Python collapsed on the floor shaking. He runs to his aid and shouts for medical help. Python’s constant mumbling can be heard but not clearly.

Python: “Title… Final… Destruction. C… Clyro! Dan M… Michaels.”

Tim puts Python into the recovery position and tries to talk to him.

Tim: “Python do you know where you are?”

Python: “I’m in hell! I…Ooooh! Tough question, pass! (He smiles eerily) Tim, do me favour, tell Veana I love her before I forget about any of this!”

Tim: “I don’t understand what do you mean?”

Python: “I am changing Tim, I… I know this is my own fault; I should’ve listened to those shrinks. I never took any medication incase in affected my performance. I have two big matches coming up; A triple threat mach against Mark Benton and Jacko, and finally the final of the International title match a…against…Clyro or Dan Michaels dep…ending on how that one turns out. The burning inside me has become an inferno that I can no longer control and I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing. I don’t know how it will affect my career and whether I can still win this upcoming final at Final D…Destination. It’s n…ot my fault…”

Python loses consciousness and emergency services arrive into the room and usher Tim Smith from the aide of Python. They lace him on a stretcher and carry him from the room. A cameraman quickly hands Tim Smith a microphone. Tim takes a moment to fix himself before the cameraman signals him to begin.

Tim: “This is a special Dynasty announcement, Former tag team champion and current No.1 contender for the International title Python has collapsed in his dressing room after tonight’s live broadcast here in Boston. Python said a few words to me before he lost consciousness about ten minutes or so ago we will show you those right now.”

The footage plays over again of Python’s collapse. The camera cuts back to Tim when it ends.

Tim: “We will try and keep you updated on his current position when we have conformation of his health. Python’s behaviour has been changing rapidly and doctor’s have been mentioning Schizophrenia and Split personality disorder have been mentioned but no doctor could put their finger on what was wrong with him. He seemed to be on the up and getting better and talks of marriage with him and Veana were all over DW, but with his sudden outburst and major relapse saw their relationship almost die before us tonight. What will become of Python with one of the biggest nights of his career coming up at Final Destination? Stay tuned to DW to find out the latest news and let us all hope this will be sorted out in time for Thursday Night Insanity, remember with updates on the hour you can be sure we will keep you updated on this exclusive story. Until then goodbye!

Tim smith signals the cameraman to cut transmission as the Dynasty Wrestling logo appears on the screen for a brief time before the scene fades to black.


Triple Threat Match – Mark Benton Vs. Python Vs. Jacko

‘Prepare for War’ by Hatebreed as the DW fans come to their feet to boo the man who is said to have a great future in DW wrestling after being trained by former DW World and International double Champion Genocide. Mark ‘The Force’ Benton struts out under the DW Tron and taunts the fans provoking more boos from the already fired up crowd. Benton then continues down the entrance ramp stopping only a few times to taunt the fans some more before sliding into the ring under the bottom rope.

Ring Announcer: First to the ring weighing in at 303 pounds from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Mark ‘The Force’ Benton!

The fans boo as Benton is announced.

“Product Of Profanity” hits on the Titantron in the Trans World Dome and Wacko Jacko appears on the stage. He is holding a can of beer in his hand and is smoking a cigarette. He raises his arm at the top of the stage and gets a cheer from the crowd and then starts to walks down to the ring slowly as to let all the fans see him.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from London England he weights in at 252 pounds, Wacko Jacko!

The fans cheer at the mention of Jacko’s name.

“Nobodies” by Marilyn Manson hits and the arena goes into darkness. A green mist pours from the entrance and Python is seen as a shadow appearing through the mist. The mist then slowly clears and Python sprints to the ring before sliding in.

The ring announcer doesn’t have time to announce Python as he charges at Jacko and takes him down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Benton then grabs Python and whips him into the ropes and ducks as he comes back but Jacko takes him down with a spinebuster. Jacko the unbeaten DW superstar then gets knocked down from a front face suplex from Mark Benton. Benton kicks Python in the face before bouncing off of the rope and nailing a knee into Jacko’s stomach that flips him right over to the mat. Python then fires a punch at Benton as he turns around but Benton blocks it and picks up Python on his shoulders. Benton begins to spin around Python but Jacko stops the move with a drop kick on Benton causing Python to fall down on top of him with his shoulders down.



Kickout by Mark Benton. Python gets up and fires a punch at Jacko that staggers him backwards. Python then opens up with a flurry of right hands knocking Jacko back into the corner and Python then launches Jacko corner to corner before following up with a big corner clothesline. Jacko flops to the floor as Python ducks a clothesline from Benton and bounces into the ropes and nails him with a face buster. Python then picks Benton up by the arm and hits him with a vicious Piledriver. Python then goes for the cover on Benton.



The count is broken up as Jacko comes flying in with an elbow. Jacko picks up Python and nails him with a German suplex keeping his hands locked around his waist. Up get both men and Jacko nails another two big German suplexes that last one with a bridge and one, two, shoulders up by Python. Python rolls out of the ring as Benton charges at Jacko and nails an elbow to the back of the head. Benton backs Jacko into the corner and stomps away at him as Python reaches under the ring pulling out his prized baseball bat to the delight of the fans. Python fully recovered rolls into the ring and nails Benton in the back of the head with the bat. Python then turns and nails Jacko with the bat. Python carefully places the bat in the corner of the ring before grabbing Jacko as he staggers up and nailing him with the ‘SnakeBite’ Python then goes for the cover as the fans count along with the referee.




Winner of the match – Python!!

Python the man that meets either Dan Michaels or Clyro in the International Title Tournament Final on Sunday holds his prized baseball bat up in the air as the fans cheer him. Is Python really in the correct mindset for a big Title PPV match? Tune in on Sunday to Final Destination to find out!

DW International Title Tournament Match – Clyro Vs. Dan Michaels

The arena goes dark, ‘Spit it Out’ hits over the PA system and out onto the ramp steps CLYRO! He cracks his knuckles then his neck before walking down the ramp with a scowl on his face. CLYRO then slides into the ring under the bottom rope and gets ready for action.

Ring Announcer: From Dewsbury, England weighing in at 230 pounds, Clyro!

The lights go out…Then pyro flashes from the top of the stage. The lights come on and there stands Dan Michaels with his hands in the air as ‘I’m Coming’ blasts over the sound system. Then Dan Michaels walks down to the ring and slides in. He throws his hands in the air as fire explodes from the corners.

Ring Announcer: From Chambersburg, Pennsylvania weighing in at 226 pounds, Dan Michaels!

The two men circle each other in the ring. They tie up in the centre of the ring and Clyro drops to one knee. Dan Michaels attempts to keep him there but Clyro uses his strength to get to his feet. Clyro reverses the hammerlock and throws Dan Michaels against the ropes. Dan Michaels bounces back and Clyro jumps over his head. Dan Michaels comes back and Clyro hits him with a HUGE power slam, which sends Dan Michaels reeling! Clyro goes for a quick cover.


No Dan Michaels get his shoulders up as soon as they are pinned.

Clyro drops an elbow into the sternum of Dan Michaels knocking the wind straight out of him. Clyro drops yet another elbow and then lifts Dan Michaels to his feet. Clyro punches Dan Michaels under the chin knocking Dan off balance. Dan comes back with a poke to the eyes. Dan then follows up with a series of punches to the face of Clyro knocking him off his feet. Clyro is facing the mat on his stomach and Dan locks Clyro round the waist completing an amateur-wrestling move as he lifts him and slams him back into the mat. Dan looks at the ropes and runs at them. He comes back and attempts a big, BIG leg drop onto the back of the neck of Clyro. Clyro moves out of the way. Dan Michaels holds the bottom of his back in pain. Clyro flips to his feet and is now standing above the writhing Michaels. Clyro pulls Dan to his feet.

Dan is standing dazed and bewildered before Clyro hits Michaels right in the face with an outstanding dropkick. Michaels bounces back to his feet with a little trickle of blood coming from his nose. Michaels throws Clyro into the turnbuckle and rips away at his shirt. Michaels pulls his hand back and releases a series of big chops to the now bare chest of Clyro. Clyro’s chest is now red raw. Clyro pushes Michael’s back and on his back with the greatest of ease. Clyro grabs the legs of Dan and sling shots him into the turnbuckle. Clyro climbs back to his feet and turns Dan facing him. Clyro kicks Dan in the stomach and taunts for the ‘Final destination,’ the name of the upcoming Pay-Per-View. Clyro flips his Dan to the top of the move but Michaels slips over the head of Clyro, Michaels spins Clyro round and hits his finisher on Clyro, he hits the Excellence. Both men fall down hard to the mat in exhaustion. The referee begins the count…





Both men begin to stir, Michaels pulls himself over to Clyro and places an arm over the chest of Clyro.



Th….No! Clyro kicks out, Clyro kicks out of the Excellence!

Michaels brings himself to the bottom rope and begins to sturdy himself on them. He looks at Clyro in utter disbelief. Michaels climbs to his feet and pulls Clyro to his feet quickly. Clyro looks drained. Dan grabs him in a belly-to-belly suplex. Clyro crashes to the floor but Dan keeps his arms around the waists of Clyro, the drained wrestlers climb to their feet again and Dan delivers another belly-to-belly suplex. Michaels keeps his arms around the waist of Clyro, Clyro shakes his head and breaks the link that is Dan’s arms. Clyro kicks Dan in the stomach and Clyro bends over. Clyro taunts once again for the Final Destination! He flips Michaels over and this time Michael’s hasn’t got the strength to escape! Clyro hits the powerful manoeuvre and Michaels comes crashing back down to earth. Clyro slumps over the beaten body of Michaels. The referee begins the pin count!




Winner of the match – Clyro!!

Clyro raises his hands in victory progress in on to the final at Final Destination as his music blares over the sound system. The fans however grow silent as Python appears on the top of the stage and a tense stare down between the two finalists ensue as DW Thursday Night Insanity cuts to a commercial break.

Tag Team Match – Havoc and ‘Lightning’ Mike Vs. Teddy Rafter and Chris Cage

Thunder is heard and The Ramp fireworks explodes, ‘Wake up’ by Rage against machine hits and ‘Lightning’ Mike come out to the ring, he climbs to the corner and salutes the crowd.

Ring Announcer: Please welcome from Cleveland weighing in at 330 pounds, ‘lightning’ Mike!

P Diddy ‘Bad Boy For Life’ hits the speakers and spotlights swarm the arena, the lights go totally out before a huge boom is heard and pyros shoot off, Havoc then appears at the top of the ramp way as the Words Bad Boy For Life Are heard holding his World Title belt in his left hand and his Internet Title in his right hand, The fans start booing as he coolly struts down the ramp with his cocky attitude totally ignoring the fans before sliding into the ring, Havoc walks over to the Turnbuckle on his right and raises his arm to the crowd, which only gets him more heat, he then leans calmly against the ropes awaiting his opponent.

Ring Announcer: Please welcome from London England weighing in at 270 pounds he is the World and Internet Champion, Havoc!!

Loud heat from the crowd as Havoc is introduced.

“I disappear” hits the P.A system as the crowd erupts. Chris Cage steps through the curtains to a standing ovation from the crowd. He is wearing his usual ring attire, black long leather pants, and black boots. He starts making his way to the ring as pyros starts shooting up the ramp. He slides into the ring.

Ring Announcer: Their first opponent from Tampa Florida weighing in at 242 pounds, he is the DW Commissioner, Chris Cage!!!

[Cage gets a mic from the announcer, looks at both Havoc and ‘Lightning’ Mike and begins to speak.]Chris Cage: Havoc, I promised an announcement, so here it is. Three days from now, at Final Destination you will be taking on Teddy Rafter for the Dynasty Wrestling World heavyweight title. I’ve decided to add some stipulations to that match. If you Havoc, were to win the match by any sort of foul play or inteference, the title will instead be awarded to Teddy Rafter!

[Huge pop from the crowd. Cage just smirks as Havoc doesn’t look too happy.]

Chris Cage: Not only, here’s the good news. To make sure you don’t pull anything, I signed myself as the Special Guest Referee for the match!

[Cage just smirks as the fans explodes in the cheers. Havoc can’t seem to believe it.]

So without further a due, please welcome… the next Dynasty Wrestling World champion, The ‘Braeswood Gangsta’ himself, TEDDY RAFTER!

However Teddy Rafters music doesn’t hit but ‘Tear Away’ by Drowning Pool signalling the arrival of DW Owner Jon Storm. The fans boo as Storm walks out to the top of the stage with out his usual extravagant entrance with a mic in hand.

Storm: What the hell is that? Don’t you think that kinda stacks the decks against Havoc having you as referee? Well to make sure everything runs smooth I will also be special guest referee. I don’t forget Cage, I saw you steal the title from Havoc once and I wont let it happen again!

With that Storm walks to the back but the fans erupt as Get The F*ck Back by Ludacris plays on the PA, and Teddy Rafter walks down to the ring with a very serious look on his face and the crowd goes crazy, and Teddy Rafter slides into the ring and knocks down Mike with a punch to the face. Rafter whips Mike into the ropes and goes for a boot but Mike ducks and bounces off of the far ropes, coming back with a flying forearm to Teddy. The crowd boo as Mike stomps away on Rafter before making the tag to the World and Internet Champion Havoc and the man that Rafter will meet in the main event at Final Destination. Havoc storms straight in with a Lui Thesz press that is received with thunderous applause in WWF arenas however the fans boo louder with every punch that Havoc lands to Rafter.

Both men get to their feet and Rafter makes the tag to Chris Cage. Cage gets into the ring and ties up with Havoc. Cage takes Havoc into a headlock but Havoc makes his way to the ropes causing the referee to force Cage to break the hold. Havoc pulls himself up by the ropes and Cage runs at him but Havoc pulls the top rope down low bridging Cage over the top. Havoc slides under the bottom rope and knocks down Cage with a clothesline on the outside until the referee forces him back in the ring. As the referee restrains Havoc, Mike rolls to the outside and begins an attack on Cage stomping away at him on the floor until Teddy Rafter walks around to put an end to it. The referee seemingly loosing control rolls out to restrain Rafter as Cage rolls back into the ring.

As the referee deals with Rafter on the outside Havoc and Mike take down Cage with a double team suplex before Mike climbs to the top rope. Havoc pulls Cages legs and Mike lands a headbutt right in the groin as the referee rolls back in and Havoc covers Cage.



Rafter breaks out the three count. Cage then makes the tag to Rafter and he storms into the ring with a spinebuster on Havoc and then an attempted Piledriver but Havoc counters with a backbody drop. Both sides make tags and Cage knocks down Mike with a right hand. Cage knocks Mike into the ropes and then nails a big spinning spinebuster before locking on the sharpshooter. Havoc immediately tries to get into the ring and the referee rushes over to stop him as Mike begins to tap out. The fans boo, as Cage should have the match won. The suddenly out of no where they begin to boo loudly as Storm slides into the ring and rattles a steel chair across Cage’s head. Mike struggles back up to his feet and he nails a powerbomb backbreaker on Cage and then goes for the cover.




Winner of the match – ‘Lightning’ Mike and Havoc!!

Mike scores a pinfall victory over the man he will meet on Sunday! Havoc looks on from the ringropes at Rafter on the outside as the two men stare down each other. But then suddenly from behind Mike rolls up Havoc and puts his feet on the ropes and the referee jumps down to make the count.




Mike has stolen the Internet Title under the 24/7 rule! Teddy Rafter smiles from the top of the entrance ramp down at Havoc as Mike bails out of the ring. The DW logo and copyright info appears on the bottom left corner of the screen as Insanity fades off for another week leaving many unanswered questions for the PPV… Is there another DW Owner? Are the odds stacked so high against the World Champion and will Cage and Rafter prevail or can Havoc and Storm pull it off again? Tune in on Sunday to find out!

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