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DW Highway to Hell 2002

Genocide defends his DW Heavyweight Championship against Adam Striker

Highway To Hell
March 17th 2002
Compaq Centre, TX

[The scene opens up backstage at Highway to Hell, in the Compaq Centre, TEXAS. The cameras are in “The Enigma” Chris Cage’s locker room, as the former DW World champion can be seen doing some push-ups. He stops after doing about twenty, and starts to get on his feet. He is wearing a black t-shirt with the word “Enigma” on the front, a pair of black slacks, a pair of sport shoes and he has his long blond hair tied to a pony tail.]

[He has a determined look on his face as he goes to sit on one of benches nearby. He looks up to the camera and begins to speak.]

Chris Cage: It’s the survival of the fittest in the world of wrestling. There can be no allies, no friends. Nobody who you can trust. That’s one of my principles in the world of wrestling. But… I made that mistake. I trusted that no good son of a b*tch who calls himself the “Serial Thrilla” Christian Idol.

[A chorus of boos can be heard around the arena to the mention of Idol’s name.]

Chris Cage: You know Christian, I thought you were different from others. I thought you were different from people like Havoc, and people like The Spiker. But I guess I was wrong. You’re no different. I know you’re probably somewhere in this arena right now hearing this, and getting ready for another plan to put me down. Well Christian Idol, you know what? Just bring it. I don’t care if you’re gonna bring a sledgehammer or a machine gun.. I don’t care. But Christian Idol, I dare you. I dare you to walk down that aisle later, and I dare you to step into the ring with me, face to face.

[The crowd pops as Cage just smirks. He continues to speak.]

Chris Cage: Christian Idol, you’re gonna know… how THRILLING it will be… if “The Enigma” Chris Cage gets his payback tonight!

[Huge pop. Cage just gets an evil smirk on his face as the scene fades out.]

‘Its going down’ by Xecutioners hits the sound system in the Compaq Centre, Texas as fireworks shoot up from the entrance ramp to the ceiling and explode before fireworks from the ceiling shoot down and explode into a bright blue on the sides of the entrance ramp. The camera pans around the sold out crowd, most people wearing the official shirt of their favourite superstar. The camera then zooms in on a few homemade signs that are being held up by members of the crowd. ‘Striker = Double Champion’, ‘Genocide for president’, ‘Dynasty for life’ and ‘One day of Clyro is enough to last Havoc a life time’ are just some of the many signs being held up. Suddenly on the DW-Tron a picture of Genocide with his World Title belt and a picture of the DW International Champion Adam Striker flashes up on the screen, the two men will go at it tonight with the World Title and the International Title on the line! Also tonight Havoc and Clyro face each other one on one and Rick Lacey, Dave Adams and Chris Cage all go at it in a triple threat match as well as lots of other exciting matches.

The scene opens up as the camera crew rolls down the corridor of the DW HQ. The cameras catch a glimpse of the PPV promotional poster of past events in the history of the federation. Matt Anarchy Vs. Hardcore Harry at the first ever PPV Doomsday, Havoc winning the World Title tournament to become the second ever World Champion at Carnage, Havoc losing the World Title at BreakDown, Genocide and Striker going at it at Destiny. The camera lastly falls onto the PPV poster for DW Highway To Hell. The poster shows Adam Striker and Genocide. Both standing in the ring with their titles draped over their shoulders. It seemed as if both men were destined to meet at Highway to Hell. However the course of history never ran smooth and on 15th March 2002 on the cold streets of Texas Adam Striker went at it in a street fight with the International Title on the line. Both men giving everything that they had but with the match ending with no clear winner determined. The camera then swings around into action disrupting the thoughts of the DW viewers and coming right up against the tall pine door of DW owner Jon Storm’s beautifully crafted office. With a swift movement the door swings open and Jon Storm comes into full view of the camera sitting at his black wooden desk in a big very comfortable looking chair.

Storm: During the street fight between Adam Striker and Havoc the course of DW history may have been fore ever altered. At the end of the match both men were counted down for the deciding ten count leaving no winner, yet leaving no loser. What should be done with the International Title? Havoc and Striker could fight it out tonight and the winner would walk away with the belt, but both men are already booked to wrestle different opponents. Therefore I am here by announcing that the dual owners of the International Title belt will both have International Title matches. If either men loses then both men lose. If Clyro is successful in defeating Havoc then he will become the undisputed International Champion. If Genocide is successful in defeating Adam Striker tonight he will become the undisputed International Champion as well as the World Champion. All I can say for all four men is… Good luck!

Jon Storm then reaches into one of the draws of his desk and pulls out the Dynasty Wrestling Highway To Hell Program.

Storm: If you were smart enough to have bought the official DW Highway To Hell program then you would have read the small print at the back. As I know must of the audience here are illiterate, being the great man that I am I will read what this program has to say. It says ‘Card is subject to change’. Well due to the incident that happened early this week which you should be seeing on screen now.

Footage of Python from early in the week is shown


The scene opens at “The Python’s Lair,” Python’s new house in Texas, An ambulance is parked outside the building and a crowd has gathered amongst police cars and several news reporters and camera crews invade Martinhill Boulevard in order to find out what is going on. The scene switches to outside the house as the windows can be seen smashed and most of the glass is lying outside along with a large black leather armchair, which has been ripped by the glass as it was thrown from the house. The scene switches again to outside the building where head interviewer Tim Smith stands in front of the house with microphone in hand.

Tim: “Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you a special report live from Austin Texas where Dynasty Wrestling superstar Python has been rumoured to take some sort of nervous breakdown and as you can see behind me the damage done to the house and the ambulance and police are also here. We haven’t heard much about the current situation as police refuse to let us enter building a lot of shouting was heard about fifteen minutes ago I don’t know what is going on in there we will give you the details as soon as we receive them. This is really a shock, Stacy Wright was here earlier today and Python was acting rather strangely then, but no one predicted him to do this kind of damage to his brand new house and he may have caused himself damage we really don’t know. We can only hope he will be all right for Highway to Hell where he will take on Wyld Thyng and Jet in a tag team ladder match. Lets now go to that interview earlier today as we try and get an update on the condition of Python.”

Footage shows Python sitting down with Stacy and talking about Wyld Thyng and Jet, It shows the entire interview to the end where Python put his right hand through his living room wall. The scene cuts back to outside “Python’s Lair” as Tim Smith speaks.

Tim: “Police have now told us we can enter the house at our own risk as they are trying to calm Python down.”

The policeman takes Tim inside the house where the main stairway is awash with splashing of black paint and an empty paint tin lies at the bottom. The walls display eerie messages written in the black paint. The names of Dave Adams, Jet and Wyld Thyng can be seen along with drawings of men hanging and several snakes and other creatures as well as inverted crosses and demonic images. A loud bang is heard as Tim Smith enters the living room Python can be seen wielding a baseball bat warning off paramedics. On closer look his knuckles are bleeding profusely and the room is covered in the same images seen in the hallway. The paramedics and police try to calm him down. One policeman holds CS gas in the air ordering Python to drop the bat.

Python: “I told you it would happen I said it! Now the stay the f*ck away from me! It’s the Summoning, I am being called for, and they want me! They want me to do bad things! Very bad things!”

Python drops the bat and slumps his body in the corner facing the gathering crowd. He is sweating and is wearing nothing but his black leather trousers. The blood begins to drip from his hands again as the punch holes on the wall seem to be the cause of this. The paramedics attend to him and the woman who was with him earlier comes down the stairs crying. Tim Smith seizes the opportunity and rushes over to Python.

Tim: “Python, I don’t understand… what has caused this sudden change in character? And who are “They”?”

Python looks up with a deep gaze towards Tim Smith.

Python: “Tim… no one can understand, I warned of this. The Python you know is not here, I can’t control this. They know how to get to me!”

Tim: “They?”

Python: ” The demons, MY demons. I try to hold them back but they unleash themselves when I show a sign of weakness and they overtake me and make me angry for no reason. This damage I have caused was through no fault of my own. I have been summoned to be the best at what I do. To make people fear the mention of my name, make them fear the very thought of me.”

Tim: “You say ‘When ever you show a sign of weakness’ but what did you mean?”

Python: “My weaknesses have been exposed over the last week or two. It all started with Dave Adams, he attacked me from behind… I was vulnerable and I should have been ready for it but I wasn’t, I was beat down. I didn’t know it had started then, it built up even more when I lost that six man tag match on Monday against Adams, M.O.P. and Spiker. I cannot have defeat, they don’t like it, they would rather I died than lose a match. The final straw came last night when I was defeated again. This time against Adams and Jet. Then I knew it was starting. Just like when I was younger. My father would beat me. I would have failure after failure in my life and it started to get a hold of me and I snapped severely injuring my father.”

Tim: “Python with only three days to Highway to hell can you be physically as well as mentally able to compete in such a match?”

Python looks up and a look of anger and disgust spreads across his face as he stands up. The three policemen pull out their canisters of CS spray and threaten Python to calm down. He walks over to his window slowly in his bare feet through the debris of broken glass and dust. He stares at the mob gathered outside his house and begins to laugh.

Python: “They are all here to check on my well being? Most of them would rather I couldn’t make it to Highway to Hell. Most of them only showed up to be on television or see a wrestling star do something bad for once. They are all wrong about me. I am going to prove them wrong! On Sunday I am going to show these people what I am capable of. I am going to show them that the fun and games are over, when all is said and done Python and Blood Thirst will emerge victorious and stand tall over the fallen, battered bodies of Jet and Wyld with our hands raised in victory and the title belts in our hands.”

Python turns to face the group in his living room and he is seen as a shadow in front of the blinding light from the cars queued up and the flashing light from photographers and ambulances.

Python: “It has now entered its final stage! (Tim Smith and Co look at each other blankly) All the talking is done, the time is now. This Sunday is going to be a night of the Disturbed kind. A night that will go down in history, as the best PPV Dynasty Wrestling has had to offer. Disturbed Inc. are going to start things as they mean to go on by demolishing Jet and Wyld Thyng until they beg us for mercy and as we climb the ladder to victory the world will remember… The summoning has begun!”

The policemen walk slowly over to Python and handcuff him. He doesn’t put up a struggle and the tattooed woman kisses him as he leaves. He is escorted to a police squad car and taken away amidst eager reporters trying to get that all-important police car shot. Tim Smith calms down Python’s lady friend and begins to speak to her.

Tim: “First of all can I ask your name?”

Woman: “Its Veana.”

Tim: Ok, Veana how did this all start, I mean what happened when the DW cameras left the house?”

Veana: “I heard him punch the wall whilst I was outside and I came in after Stacy left. He had a weird look in his eyes. I’ve never seen him like this before he just went berserk and started punching into the walls and his hands were bleeding really badly so I called an ambulance and the police I was really scared! Then he went out for a while I thought it would calm him down but he came back with black paint and started painting these pictures and these weird messages all over the house. You should see what he wrote in the bedroom. I hope he is all right for Sunday, I have to go and see him at the station If you would please excuse me.

Tim: “We all hope he is alright, that’s all we have for now. We will let you know the condition of Python when the police let him go probably later tonight. For now Goodbye!”

The scene switches to the bedroom upstairs and the main wall reveals an image of a skull in the middle of a wrestling ring with the words “DIE DAVE DIE!” repeated several times underneath the images as the scene fades to black.

Jon Storm appears back on the screen smiling

Storm: Well if you would have just seen that I am sure that if you had an inch of compassion in your body you would agree that Python is not going to be in the right frame of mind to compete in a Tag Team Title Ladder match. Normally the match would have been cancelled but seeing as he is a Disturbed Inc member the match will go ahead but will just be a normal Tag Team Title match. The funniest thing about the whole situation being that even if you fans here is Texas were clever enough, you wouldn’t be able to sue me because of these four little words, ‘Card Subject To Change’.

Fade Out

Body Bag Match – Chooch Vs. Dark Angel

The lights go out and I’m Coming starts to play as fans begin to boo. After a few seconds BOOM, pryo goes off, the lights come back on. Chooch is standing on the stage with his hands in the air. Then Chooch walks to the ring with a chorus of boos from the fans. Then Chooch gets into the ring throws his hands in the air and pyros blast from all 4 corners.

Ring Announcer: Please welcome first weighing in at 266 pounds from Chambersburg, Chooch!

The crowd boo as Chooch is announced.

Arena goes dark. White pyros explode from the top and bottom of the stage. ‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pool blasts out of the sound system. Dark Angel appears as a black figure and walks through the Pyros. Dark angel walks down to the ring. He jumps up to the apron and slings his huge body over the top rope. He runs over to the second turnbuckle and jumps on it. Dark Angel jumps into the middle of the ring and His music stops.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, weighing in at 249 pounds from Dallas, Texas, Dark Angel!

The crowd cheer as Dark Angel is announced.

Dark Angel starts off this unique first ever body bag match with right hands on Chooch that back him into the corner. Angel then whips Chooch across the ring and lowers his head going for a back body drop but Chooch blocks the move with a hard kick to the face and then a quick neckbreaker, which takes down the former International and Hardcore champion. Chooch rolls to the outside of the ring and grabs one of the body bags from ringside and rolls back into the ring. Chooch lays out the body bag in the ring and tries to pull Dark Angel into it by his arm. Dark Angel suddenly grabs Chooch’s arm and rolls him through into a arm bar submission hold. The crowd cheer as Dark Angel tightens the hold on Chooch. Chooch tries to fight out of the move by using his strength to push up on Dark Angels arm but Angel keeps the move in place. Chooch slowly begins to move his body and finally manages to put his foot on the ropes breaking the hold.

Both men get back up to their feet but Dark Angel continues the destruction on Chooch’s arm with a arm drag takedown and then a sitting leg drop onto the arm. Dark Angel then brings Chooch up to his feet and twists his arm behind his back into a wristlock. Chooch suddenly counters by swinging around Angel and hitting him with a back suplex. Chooch then knocks down Angel with a clothesline before walking over to the turnbuckle and removing the padding to expose the metal ring. As Dark Angel slowly gets up to his feet Chooch grabs him by the arm and whips him into the metal ring and his back bounces off of it. Chooch then runs at Dark Angel in the corner but Angel moves forward and hits a flapjack on Chooch causing his face to smash into the metal ring. Chooch then turns around holding his head from the impact of the flapjack into the metal and walks straight into the ‘Angel-O-Matic’

Dark Angel then drags Chooch and places him on the inside of the body bag and then quickly jumps up to the turnbuckle. Angel taunts the fans that cheer as he jumps off of the turnbuckle onto Chooch with a ‘Dead Centre’. Angel then crawls over to Chooch and zips up the bag to win the match!

The Winner of the match – Dark Angel!!

As ‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pool’ is blaring out of the sound system Dark Angel starts to finish his celebration and leave the ring but suddenly from the back Casey comes running out to check on Chooch. Casey unzips the body bag while Dark Angel watches. Casey sees Dark Angel and walks over to him talking some trash before slapping him across the face. Suddenly ‘Run Like Hell’ by Kittie hits the sound system and the fans cheer as Gina marches to the ring. Casey slowly turns around and sees Gina and tries to slide out of the ring. Gina catches Casey by the hair and brings her back into the ring. Gina grabs Casey into the middle of the ring before executing the ‘Falling Angel’ to her. The fans cheer as Gina and Dark Angel leave the ringside area leaving Chooch and Casey out in the ring.

A commercial for the Pay Per Views sponsor plays as the commentator reads their logo and motto. The scene then switches to the car park entrance where a police squad car where they park at the arena entrance. Python emerges slowly from the vehicle wearing the same clothes from the previous night when he was took into custody. His hands still remain heavily bandaged and he has greasy hair and is unshaven. His eyes still have the blank stare from before as he walks towards the staff entrance towards the changing rooms.

The scene switches to inside Python’s locker room as Veana sits with an anxious look on her face. Python enters the room and she jumps up to hug him.

Veana: ” I was so worried, they wouldn’t let me see you when I came to the station. I brought your wrestling gear you asked me to bring.”

She hands him a bag and he begins to unwrap the bandages from his hands revealing the healing wounds.

Python: ” I know they told me you were there but they couldn’t leave me alone with anyone I had to be supervised for 24 hours. Then they sent me to a psychiatrist for three hours and he gave me these pills.”

He pulls out a small bottle and the camera zooms in to the label, which reads. “Proscribed for paranoid and delusional schizophrenia, can cause drowsiness” He throws the bottle into the nearby trashcan and begins to get himself ready. As he takes his chain off Blood Thirst bursts in.

Blood Thirst: “Hey man are you alright? What the hell was Thursday night all about? Did you go crazy or something?”

Python: “No, I just flipped out a little I’m fine. But I have to see this Psychiatrist once a month because they think I’m a schizo!”

Blood Thirst: “Remember how important this is though, our titles are on the line and this is a dangerous match. Now are you feeling up to it?”

Python: “Hey… I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t feeling up to it would I? Now these two punks are going to get a taste of the new begging. The second coming of Python. I feel better than ever! I was thinking about things clearly for the first time in years, I am feeling more than up to this I mean god dammit I may just have to snap tonight on those sorry excuses for challengers Wyld and Jet. I know the risks man and you don’t need to worry about my mind being on other things… our main priority is to retrieve our gold and stay tag team champions!”

Blood Thirst: “Ok, I’m glad you’ve got a level head back on your shoulders, we need to be focused and I’m glad we are on the same page.”

The fireworks for the beginning of the show are heard and Blood Thirst gets ready to head out. Veana follows suit and Python signals them to go.

Python: “I’ll be out in a bit you guys I need to get ready!”

Blood Thirst and Veana head out the room a sadistic smiles spreads across Python’s face as he reaches into his bag and pulls out a baseball bat as the scene fades back to the commentary box.

DW Hardcore Title Match – Slider TRT (c) Vs. James Karma

As the fans look on the stage area.. The arena darkens.. Blue Lights start to flash about the arena accompanied by Strobe Lights everything begins to go in slow motion… as Feel SO Numb by Rob Zombie Begins to sound threw the arena… The Fans begin to boo as they see TRT step out onto the stage area with his wife Silver… Slider stares out over the arena listening to the chants TRT SUCKS… his sunglasses reflecting what he sees a few camera’s go off as Slider has unheard words with a few fans on his way to the ring. Silver on his arm as he makes it to the ring he slides under the bottom rope and jumps to his feet …Holding the ropes open for his wife she steps in and bends nicely under the ropes… the men in the crowd cheering. He Then takes a spin in the ring and holds his arms out as he gets booed… he shakes his head again and takes a few bounces off the ropes … looking out over the crowd he looks towards the stage area…

Ring Announcer: First coming to the ring accompanied by Silver, he weighs in at 265 pounds from Vancouver Canada and is the Dynasty Wrestling Hardcore Champion, Slider!

The fans boo as Slider taunts them in the ring with his DW Hardcore Title belt.

All goes dark and quiet, anxious and excited the crowd wait. Very suddenly ‘Ace of Spades’ by MotorHead booms from the speakers surrounding the arena, two flares are sent up from each side of the ramp and explode in the air and explode, red lights start to flash on and off and James Karma is already standing at the end of the ramp the ramp ignites either side all the way down to the bottom and Karma walks down. He walks up the stairs and looks around pitifully at the crowd and climbs over the top rope and waits for his opponent.

Ring Announcer: His opponent from Eastbourne, England he weights in at 286 pounds and stands at 7’2, he is the master of the puppets, James Karma!

The fans cheer as Karma charges around the ring acknowledging the fans.

Karma grabs Slider from the start and throws him into the corner before grabbing him around the throat with both hands and holding him up in the air with a chokehold. Karma finally drops the DW Hardcore Champion before picking him up for what looks live a fall a way slam. But instead of the fall a way slam Karma dumps Slider right over the top rope to the outside. Sliver runs to check on her husband but Karma quickly slide out of the ring and scares her off. Karma then picks up Slider and goes to hit his head across the security barrier but Slider blocks the move and then low blows Karma before slamming his head into the security barrier. Slider then grabs a beer from a DW fan at ringside and throws it in Karmas face before whipping him into the steel ring steps, which go flying from the impact.

Slider quickly follows the giant Karma and hits him with a sharp kick to the back before helping him up to his feet. Slider then scoop slams Karma on to the announcer’s table before grabbing a chair from ringside. Slider slams the chair into the big knee of Karma before climbing up onto the ring steps. Slider leaps off the ring steps with a flying elbow to Karma through the table! Slider then goes for the cover on Karma.



Kickout by Karma just before the three count. Slider picks up Karma and rolls the huge man back into the ring before throwing in a steel chair. Karma struggles up to his feet as Slider picks up the chair and goes to hit Karma with it. Slider swings with the chair but Karma ducks and the chair slams into the turnbuckle-padding witch has been replaced due to the previous match. Karma then grabs Slider and nails him with a sidewalk slam and then a big head butt. Karma then taunts the fans before positioning Slider for the ‘Puppet Crusher’. Karma lifts up Slider for the move but suddenly Sliver slides into the ring and low blows Karma causing him to drop Slider. Slider then grabs the fallen Karma and nails the ‘Slide’ onto the chair. Slider then turns over Karma and locks on the ‘Rage’. Karma battles bravely against the submission hold but it proves too much for him and he has to tap out.

The Winner of the match and DW Hardcore Champion – Slider!!

DW Tag Team Title Match – Blood Thirst and Python (c) Vs. Wyld and Jet

“Nobodies” by Marilyn Manson hits and the arena goes into darkness. A green mist pours from the entrance and Python and Blood Thirst are seen as a shadow appearing through the mist. The mist then slowly clears and Blood Thirst and Python sprint to the ring before sliding in.

Ring Announcer: First coming to the ring at a combined weight of 500 pounds they are the current DW Tag Team Champions and members of Disturbed Inc, Blood Thirst and Python.

The fans boo as the Tag Team Champion are introduced.

‘Blue’ by E65 hits the sound system and the fans begin to cheer as Jet appears on the entrance stage. Jet taunts the crowd who give him a cheer before running down to the ring and sliding in.

Ring Announcer: The first challenger weighing in at 234pounds from Oklahoma, Jet!

Pop from the crowd as Jet is introduced.

‘Enter Sandman’ by Mettalica booms over the PA. Suddenly flames burst from the stage as Wyld descends from the rafters. Wyld slowly and mystically descends down to the ring as the fans cheer. Blood Thirst and Python stand looking up at their opponent until Wyld’s feet touch the floor and the music cuts.

Ring Announcer: His partner weighing in at 265 pounds from Nevada IA, Wyld Thyng!

Python and Jet start of the match in the ring. Jet goes for a Boom kick on Python but it is ducked and Python the goes for a Piledriver but Jet counters into a back body drop. Both teams then make a tag and Blood Thirst knocks down Wyld with a clothesline. Blood Thirst then hits a quick flurry of punches to Wyld’s head before taking him down with a double arm gut wrench suplex. Blood Thirst then grabs Wyld and hits him with a back heel trip before positioning him for a Death Valley Driver. Wyld however counters the move with a spectacular tornado Neckbreaker off of the Blood Thirst shoulders before making the tag to Jet.

Jet climbs straight to the top rope and waits for Blood Thirst to get to his feet. As Blood Thirst gets up Jet leaps off and connect with a missile drop kick knocking Blood Thirst back down. Jet picks up Blood Thirst and drills him with a big martial arts kick before hitting him with a big time DDT. Jet then goes for the cover on Blood Thirst.



Python breaks up the count by picking up Jet and hitting a big punch to his head. Python then gets the tag from Blood Thirst and he charges into the ring like a mad man and takes down Jet with a spear and then a fisherman’s gut buster. Python then lets off a huge roar before hitting Jet with an almighty German Suplex. Python then rolls out of the ring and fetches a baseball bat from ringside. Python strokes the bat before rolling back into the ring. Python goes to nails Jet over the head with the bat but Blood Thirst stops him not wanting to get DQ’ed. Blood Thirst then tosses the bat to the outside as Python stands looking at it. Jet then rolls up Python from behind for a two count before tagging in Wyld.

Wyld hits a big boot and then a fall a way slam to Python but Python seems more interested in the baseball bat than fighting Wyld. As soon as Python comes close enough Blood Thirst grabs him and tag him self in and then knocks down Wyld with a springboard dropkick. As Soon as Python gets out of the ring he goes over to the baseball bat and picks it up and places it in his pocket. Clothesline to Wyld by Blood Thirst and then he goes for the ‘Blood Rush’ but Wyld shakes the ropes before throwing Blood Thirst off the top rope with amazing strength. Wyld then goes for the ‘Wyld Ride’ on Blood Thirst but he counters and then hits Wyld with what looks like a closed fist. The referee warns Blood Thirst about the use of a closed fist as Wyld struggles up to his feet. Suddenly Python cracks Wyld in the back of the head with the baseball bat before slipping it back in his pocket. Blood Thirst then covers Wyld.




The Winner of the match and DW Tag Team Champions – Blood Thirst and Python!!

A Dynasty Wrestling advertisement appears on the screen announcing only 8 weeks to the biggest event in the DW calendar, Red Alert live on PPV!

DW Internet Title Lions Den Match – Rick Lacey (c) Vs. Spiker Vs. Spaz

Thunder is heard and the Ramp fireworks explode, ‘Wake up’ by Rage against machine hits and Rick Lacey come out to the ring wearing his DW Internet Title over his shoulder, Lacey walks through the cage door and walks to the corner and salutes the crowd.

Ring Announcer: First to the Lions Den weighing in at 245 pounds from Newark, England he is the DW Internet Champion, Rick Lacey!

The fans boo as the Internet Champion Rick Lacey is announced.

The lights go out and ‘feel so numb’ by Rob Zombie hits the sound system Spaz walks down the entranceway and stand at ringside taunting the crowd. Spaz then walks into the lion’s den and then yells and raise his arms in the air as Fireworks go off.

Ring Announcer: The first challenger weighing in at 250 pounds from Toronto, Canada, Spaz!

The fans boo as Spaz is announced.

Alice in Chains ‘Get Born Again’ hits the sound system and the former DW Internet Champion The Spiker appears on the entrance stage to the delight of the fans. Spiker slowly walks down to the ring and climbs into the lions den with Spaz and Lacey.

Ring Announcer: The second challenger weighing in at 236 pounds from Brooklyn, New York he is the former DW Internet Champion The Spiker.

Huge pop as Spiker is announced.

The three men kick the match off in the lion’s den. Lacey grabs Spaz by the back of the head and throws him head first into the side of the lion’s den to the delight of the crowd. Spiker then runs at Lacey but Lacey grabs him and executes a belly to back suplex and then a Brain buster. Lacey then goes for the cover on Spiker.



Spaz breaks up the count just as the three was about to go down. Spaz picks up Spiker and goes for a DDT but Spiker counters into a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge but Lacey breaks the count on two. Lacey then chop blocks Spiker and rolls him up from behind but only gets a two count. Lacey gets back to his feet and hits a double arm DDT to Spaz and the locks on the figure 4 leg lock! Spaz reaches out but there are no ropes for the rope break. It looks as if Spaz is going to tap out but Spiker gets in just in time and breaks of the hold.

Spiker then picks up Spaz and nails him with the ‘Spiker Drop’ in the middle of the ring! Spiker then goes for the cover on Spaz. Lacey tries to break up the count on two with a big splash but Spiker rolls out of the way and Lacey ends up splashing Spaz! Spiker then rolls up Lacey from behind with a schoolboy.



Kickout by Lacey. Lacey springs back to his feet and hits Spiker with a throat toss. Lacey then spears Spiker into the metal mesh of the cage before hitting him with a suplex. Spaz begins to get back to his feet and Lacey ducks his punch and hits him with a backbreaker. Lacey then nails a Piledriver on Spaz and goes for the cover.




Spiker just couldn’t make it to break up the count.

The Winner of the match and DW Internet Champion – Rick Lacey!!

Triple Threat Match – Ricky Lacey Vs. Chris Cage Vs. Dave Adams

Rick Lacey stays in the ring as the Lions Den rises to the ceiling and Spaz and Spiker leave to the back. “I disappear” hits the P.A system as the crowd erupts. Chris Cage steps through the curtains to a standing ovation from the crowd. He is wearing his usual ring attire, black long leather pants, and black boots. He starts making his way to the ring as pyros starts shooting up the ramp. He slides into the ring.

Ring Announcer: Please welcome to the ring weighing in at 242 pounds from Tampa Florida, ‘The Enigma’ Chris Cage!

Huge pop for the former DW World Champion Chris Cage.

Cage and Lacey go at it straight away in the ring. Cage hits a snapmare takedown to Lacey and then a gut wrench buster. Cage picks up Lacey who is fatigued after already going thought a triple threat Lions Den match. Cage then hits a Kitao Driver on Lacey. The crowd then begin to cheer again as the lights dim to nearly pitch black. “SuperBeast” by Rob Zombie hits the speakers with a huge force. The audience begins to boo loudly as Dave Adams makes his way to the ring. He stops at the bottom of the steps and looks around at the all the haters inside the arena. He turns around, and climbs into the ring as the lights rise back to normal.

Ring Announcer: The third man in this match weighing in at 378 pounds from Pittsburgh, PA, Dave Adams!

Adams slides straight into the ring and takes down Chris Cage with a big Release German Suplex. Adams then picks up Cage again and whips him into the ropes and bounces into the ropes himself. Cage ducks Adams’ attempted clothesline but then gets knocked down with a flying forearm. Adams then waits for Cage to get to his feet before running at him and taking him out with a big boot. Lacey gets up to his feet and he picks up Cage and throws him to Adams who knocks him down with a shoulder block and then hits him with a Russian Leg Sweep. Lacey and Adams look at each other before picking up Cage and drilling him with a huge double team suplex that takes down Chris Cage.

Both men continue to double team the Enigma with a double thrust kick and then a double grapevine hold which pulls back on both of Cage’s legs. Chris Cage bravely makes it to the ropes and pulls him self-back to his feet. Lacey runs at him and gets back body dropped over the top rope by Cage. Cage then runs at Adams but he leapfrogs him and Cage bounces off of the ropes and hits a spinebuster to Dave Adams. The fans cheer as Cage then locks in the sharpshooter to Adams! Adams is in the middle of the ring from the sharpshooter and cant get to the bottom rope. Lacey then slides into the ring and hits a DDT to Cage breaking the hold.

Adams then gets up as Lacey knocks down Cage with a punch to the face. Adams then quickly grabs Cage and hits ‘The End’ on him as Lacey goes to the top rope. Adams trash talks Cage as Lacey hits a big elbow drop to him. Lacey and Adams then stare each other down in the ring as Cage is out on the floor. Adams then turns and leaves the ring as Lacey goes for the cover on Cage.




The Winner of the match – Rick Lacey!!

A video of Havocs brutal attacks on Clyro are shown as be prepare for out next match.

DW International Title Match – Havoc (DW International Champion) Vs. Clyro

P Diddy ‘Bad Boy For Life’ hits the sound system in the arena as Havoc walks down to a chant of YOU SUCK or many boos from the crowd, he looks about with an angry expression on his face but with a slight smile. He sometimes goes over to a few members of the crowd and shouts obscenities back. This just makes the crowd boo even more but he pays no attention and just smile evilly.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first weighing in at 270 pounds from London, England he is the joint Dynasty Wrestling International Champion, Havoc!

The crowd boo as Havoc is announced.

The arena goes dark, ‘Spit it Out’ hits over the PA system and out onto the ramp steps CLYRO! He cracks his knuckles then his neck before walking down the ramp with a scowl on his face. CLYRO then slides into the ring under the bottom rope and gets ready for action.

Ring Announcer: His opponent weighing in at 230 pounds from Dewsbury, England, Clyro!

The fans cheer as Clyro is announced.

Clyro and Havoc lock up in the middle of the ring. Havoc uses his superior weight and power advantage to force down Clyro to one knee but Havoc goes behind on Havoc with a waist lock. Havoc spins around out of the waist lock and positions Clyro in a front face lock ready to deliver a suplex. Clyro blocks the suplex and delivers a quick snap suplex that takes down Havoc to the delight of the fans. Havoc gets back to his feet and hits Clyro with a Lui Thesz press out of nowhere and begins pounding away on Clyro with big right hands. Havoc then gets up and stomps away on Clyro near the ropes before letting Clyro get up to his feet.

Havoc then hits a Pumphandle slam to Clyro and taunts the fans as Clyro is out on the floor. Havoc then signals for the ‘Final Impact’ and positions Clyro for it. Havoc goes for the move but Clyro counters with a spinning heel kick that knocks down Havoc. Clyro then opens up on Havoc with big right hands in the corner and then a perfect dropkick to Havoc.

Clyro then bounces off of the ropes with a spinning neckbreaker on the joint DW international Champion and then goes for the cover.



Kickout by Havoc to boos from the crowd.

Havoc then gets to his feet but Clyro hits him with a fireman’s takedown and then a Tiger driver before going for another cover but Havoc again kicks out on the two count. Clyro gets up to his feet and picks up Havoc with him. Clyro slams Havoc’s head into the turnbuckle before turning him around in the corner. Knife-Edge Chops by Clyro in the corner to Havoc, which provokes a series of woos from the crowd. Clyro then goes for the Irish whip on Havoc across the ring but Havoc counters the move on Clyro and whips him back into the corner and his momentum takes him over the top rope. Havoc follows Clyro to the outside and slams his head into the metal ring steps before picking up a chair from ringside. Havoc goes to nail Clyro over the head with the chair but the referee grabs the chair away from Havoc. Havoc turns around protesting to the referee and Clyro suddenly springs into life nailing Havoc in the back with a double axe handle that sandwiches the referee between Havoc and the security wall.

Both men then roll back into the ring before trading big time right hands. Havoc nails Clyro in the midsection with a knee and then hits Clyro with a European Uppercut. Havoc then grabs Clyro in position and throws him to the floor with a huge Jacknife Powerbomb however he doesn’t go for the cover, as there is no referee. The fans then begin to cheer as Genocide sprints down the aisle clutching his DW World Title belt in his hands. Genocide slides into the ring and waits for Havoc to turn around to face him. Havoc slowly turns around and the fans cheer as Genocide charges at Havoc with the World Title belt but suddenly Havoc ducks and Genocide wipes out Clyro with the belt! The referee slowly begins to get back into the ring so Genocide rolls out as Havoc picks up Clyro and nails him with the ‘Final Impact’! Havoc then goes for the cover on Clyro.




The Winner of the match and still joint DW International Champion – Havoc!!

Genocide and Havoc trash talk each other after the bell has rung and it seems as if Havoc has challenged Genocide to a match on Monday Night Destruction!

Footage is shown on the DW-Tron of the all the events that have happened over the last month with Adam Striker and Genocide starting at the DW Destiny PPV.

DW World Title and DW International Title Match – Genocide (World Champion) Vs. Adam Striker (International Champion)

“Your Unbelievable” by Thousand Foot Krutch hits the arena. All fans come to a huge pop, and the lights quickly go out and blue spotlights float around the audience. Orange explosives go off on the stage, while Adam Striker walks out on to the stage, and starts walking down the ramp. The fans chant, “Striker!!! Striker!!! Striker!!!” repeatedly, while he begins to be introduced.

Ring Announcer: The next match is for the DW World Title and the DW International Championship. Coming to the ring, weighing in at 230 lbs. standing at 6’5″, from Wichita, Kansas, he is the joint DW International Champion… Adam Striker!!!!

Striker reaches the ring, and slides right in it. He looks at the crowd, then jumps up on a turnbuckle and puts his fist up in the air. The fans give a hug pop. He walks across the ring, again looking straight at the crowd, and jumps on the turnbuckle to stick his fist in the air for yet another large pop from the live-n-roaring crowd.

Slipknot “People=Shit” hits the sound system and the fans rise to their feet and cheer as the DW World Champion Genocide makes his way out from the back with his DW World Title belt over his shoulder. Genocide looks pumped up as he walks out and taunts to the fans that give him a loud cheer. Genocide then continues down to the ring before sliding straight in and staring across the ring at his opponent and joint DW International Champion Adam Striker.

Ring Announcer: His opponent weighing in at 256 pounds from Melbourne, Australia heis the Dynasty Wrestling World Champion, he is Genocide!!!

Pop from the crowd as Genocide is announced.

Striker and Genocide stand face to face in the middle of the ring, both ready to quick off the event that has been nearly two months in the making and will make history in Dynasty Wrestling. Both men trash talk each other as the referee pleads each competitor for a clean match up. The DW World Title and International Title belts are handed over to the referee and both are held up in the air to the cheers of the fans. The bell then rings and Striker and Genocide get the match underway with a collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring. Both men jockey for position in the ring, Striker giving away nearly 30 pounds to Genocide but still hanging on in their. Genocide then in a sudden burst of strength pushes Striker right back into the corner where the referee calls for both men to break the hold. Genocide backs up as Striker makes his way out of the corner and both men again tie up in the ring. This time Striker quickly pushes back Genocide into a corner and the referee calls for the hold to be broken. Genocide and Striker come out of the corner and Striker goes for a back suplex but Genocide counters into a reverse back tie up and goes for a German suplex on Striker but Striker counters the attempted German suplex into a side Russian leg sweep scoring the first offence in the match.

The World Champion gets straight back up to his feet and scoop slams Striker before picking his head up and locking on a reverse chin lock hold. Striker tries to get out of the submission hold and eventually does by grabbing Genocide by the head and bringing him up as her gets to his feet and then drilling him with a swift but stiff DDT. Striker then goes for a quick lateral press on Genocide but the World Champion kicks out on two. Striker goes for a scoop slam on Genocide but Genocide cuts him off with an elbow to the head and then an attempted Piledriver, which is reversed into a backdrop from Adam Striker. Both men are so evenly matches and rise to their feet at roughly the same time. Genocide takes down Striker with a single leg takedown but Genocides power cannot keep down Striker who uses his quickness to nail the World Champion with a Japanese Arm Drag no doubt learnt when Striker competed in Japan under the name of Warlock.

Genocide slowly get up to his feet and sees Striker standing in front of him. Genocide suddenly charges at Striker knocking him down with a huge clothesline, which gets a pop from the crowd. Genocide continues on and bounces off of the ropes and nails Striker with another big clothesline. Genocide then crouches in the corner waiting for Striker to rise to his feet and as he does Genocide dives across and nails a spear on Striker! Genocide goes for the quick cover but Striker kicks out on two. Striker gets back to his feet and Genocide nails him with reverse DDT. Genocide was about to pick up Adam Striker but James Karma and Dave Adams slowly walk down to the ring. Genocide stands at the edge of the ring watching the two men as they take up seats at the commentary position. Suddenly Striker reaches forward and rolls up Genocide from behind.



Genocide just kicks out at the very last second saving his World Title. Genocide springs back up to his feet and nails a snap suplex on Striker. Striker quickly gets to his feet and stuns Genocide by hitting him with a snap suplex. Striker then goes for the ‘Deep Impact’ on Genocide but he counters with a neckbreaker. Suddenly out of the crowd runs Havoc holding a steel chair Havoc slides right into the ring and immediately Karma and Adam get into the ring as well. Adams, Karma and Havoc stare down Genocide and Striker. Suddenly Havoc, Karma and Adams lunge forward to beat down Striker and Genocide joins them! The four men stomp away at Striker until he is picked up. Karma grabs Striker around the throat and nails him with a huge chokeslam and Dave Adams then hits him with ‘the End’. Striker is then hit with a vile chair shot from Havoc before being hit with the ‘Final Impact’. The three men then hold up Striker long enough for Genocide to nails him with the ‘Torment’. Genocide then goes for the cover on Striker.




The Winner of the match and DW World and International Champion – Genocide!!

The four men toss Striker out of the ring and then Karma and Adams present Genocide with both championship belts. Genocide then gets on the microphone.

Genocide: You have just witnessed the birth of the Elite Empire! Welcome to the new era of Dynasty Wrestling!

All four men reveal EE shirts and the fans cheer as Genocide poses on the turnbuckle with both title belts as Highway To Hell 2002 goes off the air.

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