Final Destination
April 14th 2002
Ericsson Stadium, Charlotte, NC

The camera feed comes to life out in the parking lot outside the arena. The sound of the fans from inside the arena is almost deafening to the ears with all the excitement of the PPV that is moments away from getting under way. The camera pans around the parking lot deserted except for the odd car and Dynasty truck. A noise is herd from coming from the darkness across the parking lot followed by a man screaming then it suddenly stops dead in the night. The sound of a sicking thud is herd and then the sound of something coming towards the camera is herd and something comes into view. The camera zooms in to see a dark figure but it can’t quite make it out but it seems to be dragging a body of some kind. The dark figure gets closer to the camera the person has a black leather robe with a hood covering his face. The camera zooms in on what he is dragging to see the bloodied face of a security guard. He continues untutored towards the camera the sound of the security guards flesh ripping on the concrete.

The man comes to the point where there is a few cars parked. His heads turns to the left and right the camera still not able to make out the monsters face. He picks the slumped body up of the security guard by his skull the security guard doesn’t even seem to be breathing at this point. Holding the man in what looks like a painful position he walks towards one of the cars in the parking lot. The camera zooms in on the security guard that seems to now be coming back to a semi state of conscious. He tries to shake his head but cant for the grip that is around his skull. He opens his eye’s looking at the face of his attacker and lets out another scream. This time the attacker gets closer to the car and lefts him up throwing him throw the windscreen of a parked car. As the sound of glass shattering is heard. The fans watching inside the arena are in shock at the act of brutality that they just seen by the unknown man.

The camera zooms in on the man who can be heard chanting something in a whispered tone like a mental patient. His hands now drip with the blood of his victim. He raises them and looks at them almost admiring them. The man who he throw through the car windscreen is heard moaning grabbing the monsters attention only for a second. Satisfied the Guard no longer posses any threat he walks slowly across the parking lot towards the arena as he walks past the camera it seems to go all static like until he is opens the door leading inside the arena as the camera fades to the Final Destination Intro.

“Young Grow Old” by Creed hits as the words Final Destination fly across the screen before embedding them self’s in the background. The background turns into steel mesh as Jet and Spike stand with their back to the camera. The two men turn around and do their trademark taunts to the camera and the picture then cuts to footage of Jet battling it out in various matches through his DW career. It then changes to Spikes Thursday Night Insanity match with Mercury.

“Suddenly a loud cheer from the crowd goes up as Jet storms down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring behind Spike. Jet then spins Spike around and the two men that will go at inside a steel cage on Sunday start trading right hands back and forth until Spike whips Jet into the ropes. Jet bounces back out of the ropes and as Spike lowers his head for the back body drop Jet nails him with a spinning Tornado DDT much to the delight of the crowd. Jet then leaps to the top rope and nails the 90-degree leg drop on Spike and slides out of the ring just as Mercury is getting back in. Mercury slowly crawls over and places an arm across Spike. “
Jacko and Mark Benton then appear on the Final Destination PPV background before taunting the camera until it cuts to footage of their triple threat match which also involved Python on Thursday Night Insanity.

Footage is then shown of the DW International Title tournament matches and finishes with the endings up the two semi finals as Clyro and Python come into the picture before turning around to taunt the camera as the DW international Title belt swings into the background behind them.

Footage of Chris Cage through out his DW career including the time where he won the DW World Title. The footage is shredded through the middle as ‘lightning’ Mike comes into focus pinning Havoc for the DW Internet Title on Thursday Night Insanity. The two men then appear with the backs to the camera before doing their trademark taunts with both men looking very confident.

Havocs head then comes into the main part of the screen and the camera zooms into his eye and the DW World Title belt as seen and increases in size until it fills up the entire screen. The camera then zooms out of the DW World Title belt to show Teddy Rafters face with a reflection of two small DW World Title belts in his two eyes. The picture then cuts to Teddy Rafter and Havoc nailing each other with right hands in various arenas through out the country with footage from DW TV and EFW TV. The camera shows both men doing their finishing moves to each other until it pans out where both men are standing with their backs to the camera, Havoc with Jon Storm next to him and Teddy Rafter with Chris Cage next to him, both Cage and Storm wearing referees shirts. All four men then turn around and taunt the camera and the scene fades to black and “Young Grow Old” by Creed comes to an end and a deep voice is heard saying, “Welcome to your Final Destination!”

The scene opens up at ringside as a mass of fireworks shoot up into the open topped Ericsson Stadium, the home of the Carolina Panthers.

The camera pans the crowd revealing some of the signs such as “We love you Teddy”, “I am the half owner”, “Jet is cool”, “We support Clyro”!”. The camera then moves to the front row where Clyro’s special guest Jay Leno is sitting wearing a DW shirt! Footage of Clyro’s appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno is then shown on the DW-Tron!


[ The scene opens on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. Kevin Eubanks is playing some music. They are at commercial right now. Stage directions are heard over the speakers. Jay Leno goes over to his desk. The director gives him the countdown. The show comes back on air.]

JAY LENO:: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. We have a great show for you tonight. But first, I would like for everyone to tune in next week, as we have such guests as Ryan Giggs, He is a big soccer star in Europe. Jim Carry, Harrison Ford, and music from Powerman 5000. Right now, I would like to bring out our first guest. This man is an amazing, young charismatic person. He is a superstar of Dynasty Wrestling. He has a match tomorrow night, for the International Title. Please welcome, The Man, the Myth, the Legend in the making, CLYRO!

[The fans erupt and cheer very loudly. Clyro comes out, wearing a custom made Versace Suit. . He walks over and shakes Jay’s hand. Clyro turns and waves to the audience who again erupt in a loud cheer and then takes a seat in the chair beside of Jay Leno’s desk. Clyro and Jey sit their having a little chat while they wait for the audience to quieten down some.]

Clyro: WOW! What a reaction. It is great to be here tonight. Especially for an English man like myself. It’s a great show.

JAY LENO: It is great to have you here. We have been trying to get you on the show for months now, ever since you started that meteoric rise up the ranks in Dynasty Wrestling. Okay, first of all tell us about Dynasty Wrestling. It is run by Jon Storm right? And I hear it just joined fed wars which can only be good for business. We had Brad Pitt on here yesterday and he is a massive Dynasty Wrestling fan so he filled us in.

Clyro: Yes. Dynasty Wrestling is a great federation. I love my job. I get to do what most people always wished they could do. I am getting paid to step into the squared circle and battle it out to be the best in the business, that’s always been a dream of mine. Not to mention the women. Ha ha. Behind his tough exterior Jon Storm can be a nice guy and its great to work for him, although there is a rumour that Dynasty Wrestling has a co-owner which could be interesting.. Lets hope if there is a co-owner they know what’s good for the fed and they don’t get tangled up in a silly power crazy battle with Jon like Chris Cage has. I have nothing against Cage but I think the power he got given has gone to his head.

On the Fed Wars front I am not sure whats happening. I know we are in fed wars but I am not sure how that works. I know its good for Dynasty Wrestling but that’s all.

JAY LENO: Yes, seems like it is all going off in Dynasty Wrs. Okay, you are in a match tomorrow night. Final Destination is the name of the show, which can be seen only on Pay Per View. You are fighting a guy that goes by the name of Python. Sounds like a deadly guy to me. This is for the International Title. What are your chances in winning this match?

Clyro: Well, Python is an amazing athlete and he is deadly, you got that right. Python defeated Mark Benton on his way to the Final, Mark is the only other man besides me or Python that stood a real chance of winning this thing, that says a lot about Python. It is going to be a great match, hard but great. I think that I have a better chance to win. After all, Jay, I am the better wrestler and I am the man who is going to deliver Python’s Final Destination to him on the way to mine.

JAY LENO: Well, I am a huge follower of Dynasty Wrestling, and I seen the other day where you had a World Title shot and although you won the match you didn’t win the title. How does that make you feel?

Clyro: I can not tell you annoyed I was when I got the victory I said I would but thanks to outside interference I didn’t get the title. I am publicly stating now that I want to go one on one with Havoc title match or not in the near future. We have faced each other on two separate occasions now and there has been two separate outcomes. We both have a victory each and I think we need decider, don’t you?

JAY LENO: I understand that and I agree. Well folks, we need to take a small commercial break. We will return with more from Clyro and his Dynasty Wrestling exploits in just a moment.

[The director gives them the signal that they are off air. Jay takes a sip of water before putting on his serious face]

JAY LENO: You feel like maybe teaching me a wrestling move. You know just something little to end the show with?

Clyro: Sure. When are we going to do it exactly?

JAY LENO: Well, we will talk a little more, and then at the end, before your time is up, we will do it.

Clyro: That sounds good to me. Oh yeah, and here you go, I wanted to give you these tickets to the show. Front row seats courtesy of Dynasty Wrestling. Final Destination, PPV tickets. They are very hard to come by if your not in Dynasty Wrestling.

JAY LENO: Wow, that’s great. Thank You! Wow!

[The director tells them they have five seconds before there back. Jay and Clyro get ready. The director counts down with his fingers, and then the ON AIR light comes back on.]

JAY LENO: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. We are talking to Clyro the biggest rising young superstar from Dynasty Wrestling. Clyro has a match tomorrow night. But this is not the only thing that he is in. If I understand in exactly one weeks time your involved in a VE Tournament?

Clyro: Yeah well along with a lot of Other Dynasty Wrestling stars I signed up for this tournament to find the best Wrestler there is. The tournament starts in exactly one week and consists of a group stage were you have four matches before advancing to a knockout stage. I think I can do pretty well in representing Dynasty and myself.

JAY LENO: That’s great, I wish you well in everything you do. Okay now everyone. Clyro and I were talking a while ago, and he is going to show me a wrestling move. So away we go.

[Clyro and Jay walk over to the centre of the stage. Clyro explains the figure four leg lock hold. He has Jay Leno lay down on his back, and Clyro proceeds to put him in the leg lock. When he gets it locked on, Jay Leno taps out real fast. Clyro gets up, and helps Jay up.]

JAY LENO: Ouch! That hurt. I am going to have to lock that in on Kevin over there, next time he talks back to me. Ha. Well Clyro, any last comments?

Clyro: Yeah I do. I seemed to ease through the tournament a little too easily for my liking and if you think that the easy ride is going to continue against me think again. I mean come on you think you really could take out me Clyro? Python you may be mean, you may be bad but guess what pal? I am twice the wrestler you are and I have a brain for the business , the in ring business and not only will I out think and wrestle you, I will humiliate you.

Over the last week or so we have witnessed you going slightly mad and if anything do you think that is going to help your cause? When it comes down to it is being mad really what is going to enable you to walk away with a victory and a piece of gold in your hand? I think not. The only going slightly mad helps you to do, is get into a mental hospital, a Looney bin and believe me that’s were your heading.

Python come Sunday, come our Final Destination we are going to have to face each other, mad or sane we are going one on one and there has to be a winner, there has to be a loser and with the events leading to up to the PPV I think those roles have been pre determined. Sure a mad man can put a spanner in the works but this time I doubt it. Those roles have been auditioned for and we have got the parts. Fair enough the public will have to wait until Sunday for the big premiere but just like the WWF we both know who has what role and who is going to do what. And just in case you forgot it goes like this. Final Destination to Python 1,2,3. Here is your winner and new International Champion Clyro! Please Python do yourself a favour stick to the roles and I will make this easy on your arse.

JAY LENO: Well I have been Jay Leno, this has been Clyro and hopefully we will see this great sport in the future. Me I will be seeing him at the PPV thanks to the great front row seat tickets he gave me. Well Clyro its been a pleasure, I wish you some un needed luck for Sunday.

Clyro: Well thanks a lot Jay, its been great to be here and good luck to you.

[With that Clyro stands up from the chair to another amazing eruption from the crowd. Clyro waves to the fans before walking off stage. ]


The footage cuts and the camera comes back to ringside where it pans around the Final Destination set in the one night only specially converted sold out Ericsson Stadium. The special PPV set, which must have cost a great deal, contains two huge DW-Tron’s on each side of the entrance curtain, which are held up by huge purposely rusted metal supports. The entrance ramp is also unique with little lighting from the top but red lights that shine up from the bottom of the ramp, illuminating the person walking down. The night’s sky is clear and the stars are clearly visible. The peace in the arena is broken as “Tear Away” by Drowning Pool hits the loud sound system and blasts around the arena. Jon Storms entrance video hits on one of the huge DW-Tron’s and the other shows him walks out from behind the curtain and walk down the entrance ramp. The red and green laser lights shoot around the arena is Storm stands on the long entrance ramp between two of the red lights doing his trademark taunts whilst beings basked in a strange red glow. The fans boo as Storm continues down the entrance ramp and then climbs up the ring steps before stepping in the ring. Storm is decked out in a very smart and very expensive black suit and a gold wrist watch is just visible and keeps catching the light as the end is sticking out of his sleeve. Storm calls for the microphone and is handed out. Storm then stands in the middle of the ring and waits for the sold out Charlotte crowd to stop booing before beginning to speak into the microphone.

Storm: Well tonight is the big night! It’s finally here and it’s sure to be a few peoples Final Destination. Tonight Havoc goes one on one against Teddy Rafter in front of this sold out crowd here in South Carolina!

The fans begin to boo loudly at Storms purpose mistake in saying they are in South Carolina instead of North Carolina.

Storm: Tonight I and the rest of you have also been promised that the man that signed Chris Cage to a contract to a contract will show up here tonight! Well I am sorry to inform you people here live and the millions watching on PPV TV, that I don’t think that it is going to happen. This guy that signed Cage wont have the grape fruits to show up here tonight. There is no chance that they can come here today and come face to face with Jon Storm! Because if they do….

Huge pop from the crowd as “I disappear” by Mettalica hits the sound system. The lights dim down, as green spotlights light up the ramp. The word ‘ENIGMA’ appears on one of the DW-Tron’s much to the crowd’s delight. A few moments later, “The Enigma” Chris Cage steps onto the entrance stage, wearing a black Armani suit, and black leather shoes holding a microphone.

Cage: Hey Jon these people did not pay to watch you come down to the ring and run your mouth! They came here to watch a wrestling show! Seen as tonight is about the people, they’re going to get what they want. If you want to see the mystery Half Owner of DW here tonight gimmie a cheer!

Huge cheer from the crowd.

Cage: Well thank god for that because he is here tonight!

Another huge pop from the crowd as Storm can’t believe it down in the middle of the ring.

Cage: Anyway lets get back to the show!

Cage walks to the back as DW Final Destination cuts to advertisements.

Catch DW Monday Night Destruction every Monday Night on UPN!

(Camera opens inside of Teddy Rafter’s house, he is sitting back in his lazy boy, reclining and squeezing in his stress ball, and watching ESPN sports news, they show the coach of Colorado University saying that he would pick up Joey Harrington over David Carr if he had the Houston Texans’s 1st Overall Pick in this year’s up in coming draft..)

Colorado University Coach (On TV):
I would pick, Joey Harrington first, cause we played against both Joey Harrington and David Carr… Harrington threw for 351 yards, on 3 touchdowns and only 1 interception and David Carr only threw for 198 and 1 touchdown. Plus you have to take account for David Carr’s low pass release point..

Teddy Rafter:
Man you gotta be shtting me, how in hell can you say that you would pick Harrington over Carr as the #1 Overall Pick for the 2002 draft, you stupid fck… You see that’s exactly why you sons of btches gone picked the hell apart because head coaches just like you make stupid azz decisions and that’s just goes to show you right now. Harrington over Carr!! You must be smoking that sht for real cause you don’t know what hell you talking bout.

And everybody keeps talking about Carr’s release point and how it’s easier to bat down his passes.. ok Harringtong threw under 270 passes and 3.21% of his passes got knocked down and Carr threw over 550 passes and 3.28% got knocked down, so what the hell does that tell you, no matter what his release point is, he gets the job done, if a track star goes out there and runs the race backwards, and wins every single event, why the hell would you make that son of a b*tch run foward, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it..

(Television shows Texans coach saying that, David Carr & the Texans’s recruiting staff is working out a contract for David Carr to play in Houston, then camera show that the media did a survey with all the head coaches of the NFL teams and it was a David Carr 26 to HJoey Harrington 5 vote.)

Teddy Rafter:
HELL YEAH!! That’s what I’m talking bout… sht in my opinion you shouldn’t even be comparing Joey Harrington to David Carr, Joey is not a damn franchise player, David is… I mean look Joey Harring threw for about 2,900 yards in the air with 23 touchdowns and double digit interceptions… And then you got David Carr who threw for about 4,800 yards, with 48 touchdowns and 9 interceptions, now you gotta be shtting me thinking that you can compare them two. And it’s nothing different cause they play the same damn teams..

Plain and simply put David Carr is the #1 pick and if there is some stupid son of a btch that would pick Joey Mr. I run a 4.87sec 40 yard dash, and throw for under 3000 yards, over David Mr. 4.75sec 40 yard dash, and throw for almost 5000 yards, then he or she needs to be slapped twice with a fat dck and that’s just the way I see it whether you like it or not, Dom Capers knows what he is doing.. I mean look the personal the Texans have so far..

Pro Bowl Linebacker Jamie Sharper, former Super Champion with the Ravens, Kaliee Wong former Pro Bowl Linebacker with the Minnesota Vikings, they are looking at Stephen Boyd from the Lions & Jerimiah Trotter from the Philadelphia Eagles both Pro Bowl Linebackers. Then behind them in the back field you have Aaron Gleen & Marcus Coleman bother Pro Bowl Cornerbacks both from the Jet, undoubtfully one of the baddest Cornerback duos in NFL History, and hell that’ just on defense, not to mention that they have more draft picks and can get some bad azz college players from the college draft.

(Teddy Rafter flips through the channels and sees another documentary on Running Backs in the college draft, Teddy sips some wine..)

Woman TV Reporter:
Boston College’s Willam Green rushed for 1,559 yards with 17 touchdowns.. He should be the first running back drafted to the NFL this year..

(Teddy Rafter spits out the wine all over the place, and wipes his mouth in disbelief..)

Teddy Rafter:
WHAT THE FCK!?!?! you telling me that somebody is gonna pick him before they pick, my boy Clinton Portis from the Undefeated Miami Hurricanes, what the hell is this world coming to… No wait that means that, the Cleveland Browns are probably gonna pick up Willam Green, that’s cool cause I kina want my boy Clinto to end up at somewhere like Carolina, oh sht but he might end up somewhere where they suck like Arizona, or Kansas City… oh f*ck I be damned, this draft is gona be something serious..

Man TV Reporter: and Miami’s Offensive Tackle, “The Mountain” McKinnie, will no doubt be chosen as the First Offensive Tackle in the draft of 2002… standing at 6’8 and 350 lbs McKinnie is a mountain of a man and did not allow one sack on Quarterback Ken Dorsey, who led the Miami to an undefeated season to win the Rose Bowl..

(Teddy Rafter almost swallows his tounge when he hears about Offensive Tackle McKinnie and his size..)

Teddy Rafter:
Damn that son of a btch sure is a mountain of a man, and whoever get him, will have all damn day to throw the ball, sht if I was the QB on the team he gets drafted to all I would do is roll to his side and sit there, I know 95% of the QBs in the NFL now would give up thier Offensive Tackle now to pick up McKinnie in the 2002 draft, that’s one bad bastard right there if you ask me. No wonder why Ken Dorsey threw for more than 4000 yards this year.. SH*T!!

No but wait a minute I surprised they haven’t talked about Miami’s two cold azz Cornerbacks coming out this year, what’s those cats name… ummmm Reed and my boy Phillip Bochannon, damn that’s one bad muthafcka right there, he mad a lot of QBs feel shtty when they throw the ball to his side, I mean sht. They guy is fast as hell and his awareness is somewhere in between Charles Woodson and Ray Lewis.. whoever gets him I’ll start that son of a btch right away.. to make sure that he gets all the playing time that he needs to get his stuff right..

Woman TV Reporter:
Finally we speak on University of Texas’s own Quientin Jammer.. He is said to be either the 1st of no lower than the 2nd Cornerback drafted this year..

Teddy Rafter:
Damn that’s a bad bastard right there too, representing Texas well, and boy I tell you, there is some devastating talent coming out of college now adays, now you got people running 4.1s and 4.2 – 40 yard dashes and stuff like that it’s amazing, that somebody can run 40 meters in 4.3 seconds, what the hell is going on, is gotta be something in the water or something if you ask me.. Boy I tell you, I don’t think that the drafts coming up can’t get any hotter than this, except maybe 4 more years from now..

But anyway, enough about the NFL Draft, I’m finna hit up this private jet and head to North Carolina and grab me a suite so that I can hurry up and get my mind correct for the biggest match in my DW career so far when I face The “Legend” Havoc for the DW World Title at Final Destination. So ya’ll can meet me on the jet if you wanna come but I’ll be there in a heartbeat I just gotta grab some more stuff, before I leave..

(Teddy Rafter gets off the couch and goes into his back room and closes the door, and the camera fades out to black..)

Steel Cage Match – Spike Vs. Jet

The crowd gets silent as The DW-Tron shows MR Millennium as ‘Never Gonna Stop’ By Rob Zombie hits the sound system. Jet walks down the ramp with Tarja he is talking to the fans and he has a chair in his hands. When he is in the Middle of the Ramp he taunts the fans with the steel chair in his hand. The Fans let out a huge POP! He slides under the ropes before the cage falls around him. Tarja waits at ringside in his corner.

Ring Announcer: His opponent from Oklahoma weighing in at 222 pounds, accompanied to the ring by Tarja! Mr Millennium, Jet!

The crowd pop again as Jet is introduced.

The Fans cheer once again as the steel cage begins to lower around the head of Jet. Jet waits in a corner for the newcomer and his opponent Spike.

The arena goes dark. White pyros explode from the top and bottom of the stage. ‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pool blasts out of the sound system. Spike appears as a black figure and walks through the Pyros. Spike appears and walks down to the ring with a shopping cart? Spike stops next to the door and begins to unload his cart. He begins to throw hardcore weapons into the ring. He tries to put the shopping cart through the ropes. He can not do it. Spike walks back to the guard rail and throws the shopping cart over the top of the cage. Spike climbs through the cage door and into the ring. He runs over to the second turnbuckle and jumps on it. Spike jumps into the middle of the ring and His music stops.

The crowd boo as Spike taunts the crowd from the centre of the ring.

Jet and Spike circle each other in the ring before they tie up. Spike puts Jet into a headlock. Spike does not notice the steel chair which jet has just picked up. Jet grabs it and whacks Spike in the face with it. Spike falls to his face but climbs back up soon after. Jet is waiting to get another decent chair shot to the head but Spike knows this and low blows him. Jet lets out a squeals and falls to his knees. Spike goes to get one of his many weapons he brought into the ring. He looks around, spoilt for choice. Spike decides on a nice trashcan. Spike turns around and Jet is nowhere to be seen. Jet is actually on the top rope and is now and is going for a spinning Senton Bomb, showing off his full potential as a highflier. He hits the trashcan right into Spike’s face. Spike collapses to the floor as does Jet. Jet must have hit the Trashcan awkwardly.

The crowd chant Jet! Jet! JET!!

Jet begins to get a little adrenaline back into his veins and crawls to his feet. He is holding his back. Jet goes straight for that chair he had before. Grabs one side of the chair and Spike grabs another. Jet tries to pulls it from Spike’s hands. Spike doesn’t try to pull back he just slams the chair into the gut of Jet. Jet Doubles over and Spike drops the chair. Spike then hits a sharp heel into the back of Jets head dropping him into the chair face first…hard. Spike taunts for the Dead Centre and goes to the top rope. Tarja begins climbing up the outside of the cage. Spike attempts to start the Dead Centre but Tarja grabs his ankle and Spike falls off the top rope. Spike falls backwards and hits his head on a chair. This leaves a huge dint on the chair. Both men are still firmly nailed to the floor. The referee cannot count as this would involve a DQ.

The crowd’s chants for Jet grow louder and louder! Tarja rattles the cage next to Jet.

Jet begins to stir. He pulls himself up on the second rope. He tries in vain to pull himself to the top rope the first time. Jet tries again and shakes his head trying to clear the dizziness. He staggers back and ends up leaning against the turnbuckle. He looks around and sees that Spike is down. Time to take the opportunity to gain control. Jet pulls Spike to his feet. He throws him against the ropes and when he comes back Jet gets a big body drop and Spike flies across the ring and lands very, very awkwardly between the side of the cage and the ropes. Jet falls to his arse. He is exhausted. Jet goes to climb out of the cage. He gets five steps up the side of the cage and Spike begins to rise. Spike slides under the bottom rope from the trap. He falls to his feet and runs to where Jet is climbing the cage. Spike climbs the cage beneath Jet and begins tugging at his legs. Jet kicks him in the head but Spike seems un-phased. Spike Gets Jet on his shoulders as he balances on the top rope. Spike falls backwards with Jet on his shoulders. Both men are breathing very heavily and look to be in a great deal of pain.

Both men sway to their feet. Spike hits a right hand into the jaw of Jet. Jet reruns one. They begin trading hands. Spike comes on the upper hand and punches him into the corner. Spike hits a thrust kick into the jaw of Jet and Jet’s head snaps backwards. Spike walks over to the shopping cart that was at the other end of the ring. Tarja looks on from outside the ring in worry. Spike begins running at Jet with the shopping trolley. Spike jumps inside the shopping trolley just as it collides into Jet’s body. Jets head snaps forward and bangs into the bar of the shopping trolley. Jets face explodes in blood, it begins dripping from his nose and forehead. Spike falls out of the shopping cart awkwardly. Spike climbs out of the shopping cart and his holding his chest. He walks over to the door and demands that the referee opens the door. Jet checks his face and looks at the blood on his hands he staggers up to his feet but the door is already open. Tarja comes running around the side of the cage. She runs at the door and it closes slammed shut on Spikes head. There was a lot of strength behind that as Spike flips back over to his face with the impact.

Another chant of Jet! Jet! Jet! Begins as Jet rises to his feet. He sticks his thumb up at Tarja. Tarja smiles and Jet picks the almost unconscious Spike to his feet. He throws Spike against the ropes and sets up a chair before he comes back. Spike comes at jet and Jet hits Spike with a drop toehold right into the chair! Jet goes for the pin when he shakes the dizziness away again. He gets his arm over the body of Spike.



Th…NO! Spike gets his shoulders up and Jet looks totally pissed. Why can’t he pin The Dynasty Wrestling Youngster?

Spike Checks his face. It too is not leaking tremendous amounts of blood. All that pain is enough to give anyone, one last energy boost. Spike staggers to his feet using the chair he has just landed face down on. Jet is too busy arguing with the referee to be concerned with the beaten Spike. Spike sways over to jet before Jet notices Spike puts a trash can on the ground. Spike then punches jet in the back of the head and turns him round. A kick to the gut of jet allows Spike to pull off one of his trademark moves. His own version of the Vertabreaker, called ‘Thoughtless’ He has hit the move right into the trashcan. Spike walks over to the walls of the cage and begins scaling the fences. He struggles with his strength to get to the top of the cage. Spike gets to the top. He looks down at the still motionless Jet. What is he going to do?

The fans let out BOO’s as Spike decides not to finish the match yet. Spike taunts the crowd for the Dead Centre. Jet is still laid awkwardly on the trashcan. Spike does it. He hits the Dead Centre from the top of the cage! Jet gets crushed under the sheer impact of the dead centre, as Tarja looks on worried about her business partner. Spike goes for the cover.




Winner of the match – Spike

The crowd boo as Spike gets up to his feet and taunts the fans in the corner upon his first PPV victory. Jet then gets to his feet and walks up behind Spike. Spike climbs down from the turnbuckle and turns around and comes face to face with Jet. The two men stare at each other before Jet extends his hand and Spike takes it and shakes it. The crowd cheer at the act of sportsmanship as Jet turns to leave the cage. However Spike has other ideas and he runs up behind Jet and knocks him down with a big spinning heel kick, which prompts massive heat from the crowd. The scene then fades to a commercial break.

Single Match – Jacko Vs. Mark Benton

‘Prepare for War’ by Hate breed as the DW fans come to their feet to boo the man who is said to have a great future in DW wrestling after being trained by former DW World and International double Champion Genocide. Mark ‘The Force’ Benton struts out under the DW Tron and taunts the fans provoking more boos from the already fired up crowd. Benton then continues down the entrance ramp stopping only a few times to taunt the fans some more before sliding into the ring under the bottom rope.

Ring Announcer: First to the ring weighing in at 303 pounds from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Mark ‘The Force’ Benton!

The fans boo as Benton is announced.

“Product Of Profanity” hits on the Titantron in the Trans World Dome and Wacko Jacko appears on the stage. He is holding a can of beer in his hand and is smoking a cigarette. He raises his arm at the top of the stage and gets a cheer from the crowd and then starts to walks down to the ring slowly as to let all the fans see him.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from London England he weights in at 252 pounds, Wacko Jacko!

The fans cheer at the mention of Jacko’s name.

Jacko slides under the bottom rope and Mark Benton barely lets Jacko get in before he begins stomping a Mudhole in Jacko. Jacko leans on the ropes and puts his foot on the back of Jacko’s neck. The ref begins a count and Benton takes his foot of Jacko’s neck. The referee pushes Benton back giving Jacko a chance to get to his feet. The referee calls for the match to begin. The two look as though they will tie up with both lifting their hands in the air. Benton puts a knee into the gut of Jacko. Jacko is bent over doubled in agony. Benton takes advantage. Benton hits a huge DDT. Benton goes for the cover.


No! Jacko kicks out straight away and Benton gets to his feet. Benton lifts Jacko to his feet and hits a HUGE right hand to the face of Jacko. Jacko hits one back and the two begins trading huge punches to each other. Jacko blocks one from Benton and Jacko takes the advantage. Jacko wrenches the huge arms of Benton into a hammerlock. Jacko maintains the hammerlock and hits an hammerlock-backdrop! Benton squirms in pain on the floor. Jacko grabs Benton’s sore arm and hits a leg drop onto it, Jacko gets cocky and taunts the crowd, and the crowd give a huge ovation to the reasonably new superstar. Benton struggles to his feet with his sore arm. He runs at Jacko who is now facing Benton. Jacko hits an armdrag; Benton rushes to his feet again and hits another armdrag. Benton runs again and Jacko sets him up for another arm drag but Benton rakes his eyes! Benton delivers a Boot to the face of Jacko. Jacko slumps into the corner.

Benton lifts Jacko to the top turnbuckle and sits him there. Benton runs to the other side of the ring, he then runs back and jumps up to the top turnbuckle he delivers a devastating Belly-to-Belly suplex and lands Jacko right into the middle of the ring. Benton goes for the pinfall.



Th…. No! Benton lifts Jacko’s shoulders of the mat and shakes his head. The crowd BOO! Loudly at Benton. Benton Picks up Jacko and throws him into the ropes. He uses his sore arm and hurts it again. Benton bends over to deliver a huge back body drop but Jacko reverses the move and falls backwards with Benton’s arm in his hands. This drops Benton’s arm hard into the mat! Jacko turns the move around and locks in an arm bar on Benton! Benton struggles in agony. He tries to pull the move to the ropes but Jacko pulls harder on his arm. Benton punches Jacko in the face. He does it again and again until Jacko releases the hold.

Benton struggles to his feet and Jacko is dazed. Benton lifts Jacko off the mat and punches him once more in the face. Jacko is dazed and Benton takes advantage. He attempts to grab Jacko in a bear hug but this is when Jacko’s previous planning comes into play. Benton cannot get the move on him because of his sore arm. Jacko punches Benton in the stomach and throws him against the ropes. Benton comes back and Jacko goes for a Samoan Drop…. No! It is his finishing move, his own version of the Death Valley Driver, WACKY BACKY! Jacko falls on to the limp body of Benton! He covers him!




Winner of the match – Jacko

Jacko raises his hands in the air to celebrate his first DW PPV appearance with a victory and gets a pop from the fans.

[The scene opens up in a car park, the car park is packed with cars. However the camera seems to focus on one car in particular, it is a ruddy colour Jaguar S-Type Sports car. The camera pans around this car, you see that the car looks brand spanking new as it has not even a mark of wear on it, as the cameraman draws closer you begin to see his reflection off of the cars bonnet. The cameraman continues to walk around the car looking at each little detail. Distinctive exterior features include a body-coloured and de-chromed body, and eye-catching 17 inch, five-spoke Herakles alloy wheels. Inside, grey-stained maple wood veneer and deep, sports seats are all part of the car’s simple beauty. As the cameraman beings to draw back and the camera zooms out you see the License Plate reads ‘CHAOS’.

[So it looks like the HSW Champion has got himself a brand new car, must have set him back a bit too, it certainly wasn’t cheap. Suddenly the camera jolts forward and in window of the car you see the reflection of a large black man standing tall behind the cameraman. You hear the cameraman gulps as he slowly turns around. As he does turn around, you see that the large black man is a face that seems to becoming quite familiar it is Joel, Havocs bodyguard, bouncer, you name it, if Havoc wants something protected he’s the man to do it]

Joel: May I help you sir?

Cameraman: Errrr yeah, you may as well, I’m looking for Mr Havoc is he around?

Joel: He’s inside watching the HSW show; I think he knows you’re coming. So follow me. Oh and by the way, next time I see you drooling on Chaos’s car like that are snap your puny little legs, you got that?

Cameraman: Yes, sorry, it won’t happen again

[Joel leads the cameraman through a long hallway, where pictures of Havoc and Chaos are all over the walls, it even has a picture of the two brothers standing side by side holding up there world titles together. Havoc is on the left and has his left arm raised with the DW World Title in hand, and Chaos is next to Havoc on the right, with his right hand raised holding the HSW World Title high and proud. After a few more turnings you begin to hear a loud amount of cheers and boos coming from nearby, and as you enter into the crowd, the sound seems thunderous and the atmosphere is immense. You see Havoc sitting down with a beaming smile on his face as he watches his brother fight with the biggest rival of his ‘The One and Only’ Adam Silica. Joel walks up to Havoc and whispers in his ear. Havoc looks over to the cameraman and invites him to sit down and enjoy the match. The cameraman does so with pleasure and the screen now focuses on the HSW ring where Chaos seems to have the match under control. Chaos starts laying punches into Silica, the crowd boo with every punch, Silica starts to stagger back towards the ropes. As Silica leans back against the ropes Chaos grabs his arm and whips him across the ring into the opposite ropes. Chaos looks to land a back body drop but he got down to early as he suffers a kick to the face for his mistake. The smile on Havocs face drops as Silica bulldogs Chaos. Chaos has lost control of the match, and now seems in danger of losing his HSW World Title as Silica picks him up by the hair and then slams him down with a big powerbomb. The crowd let out a colossal cheer as ‘The One and Only’ signifies for the One Timer. Silica jumps up onto the top rope, as Havoc grits his teeth. Silica leaves the ropes looking to land his signature move, surely he has the match won if he lands this, yes he’s got it, NO Chaos rolled out the way at the last second. Both men get to their feet as Adam Silica punches off of the ropes and looks for a clothesline, but all he gets is a kick to the mid section followed by yes the Catastrophic. The match is over as the referee counts the 3 and the fans start chanting that Chaos is an ass hole. Chaos pays no attention however as he looks up to his brother in the crowd who stands up cheering and demands that the cameraman does the same.]

[As the crowd leave the arena after an overall very good show, Havoc stands up and walks down to the bottom and jumps the barricade, the cameraman follows behind as Havoc leads him through the curtain into the backstage area. He leads him down the corridor towards Chaos’s locker room. On their way they pass ‘The One and Only’ Adam Silica.]

Havoc: Hey Adam, good show today son, you done well. You’ve got a bright future ahead of you, you know that.

Adam Silica: Cheers sir, I’m honoured that you think so. Maybe some day if I’m lucky I’ll be able to step into that ring with you.

Havoc: Maybe you will Adam, but for now just keep doing what you’re doing and keep up the concentration and dedication. Ok?

Adam Silica: Will do sir, cheers

[Silica walks off in the opposite direction to the cameraman and Havoc as they approach the locker room with Chaos written on the door. Havoc knocks on the door as you hear an echoed come in, from inside. Havoc opens the door as you see Chaos come out from the shower drying his hair towel and with another towel around his waist.

Havoc: Well done today Chaos, you’re doing good, soon who knows you’ll be as good as me, well maybe not quite as good as me, but Teddy Rafter calibre for sure

Chaos: haha, I’d beat you any day anywhere bro, and as for Teddy Rafter, well it goes without saying that I could kick his ass

Havoc: I’m sure you could bruv, I’m sure you could. But for now anyway you’ll have to make do with watching me do it on TV, and to be more specific live on Pay Per View, This Sunday Night.

Chaos: I hope you do, I know you’ve got the talent to do so. But seriously we both know that he’ll be a tough challenge. But you’ve done well for yourself Havoc, look at everything you’ve achieved since you last met one on one in the ring, and also think how far you’ve come and how much you’ve improved. Last time around when you fought Teddy he was the man, and you was just some new guy with potential. But now, now you’re the man and Teddy’s doing the chasing. Has-Been or not Teddy we’ll put up one hell of a fight and you know it. He hasn’t lost many in his career Havoc. But he knows and you know that this could well be another.

Havoc: Yeah I hope you’re right. Hell what am I talking about, of course you are right. I can beat Teddy and I can beat any other superstar in this business. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m the best in the biz, but Lord knows on my day nobody can stop me. And that is exactly what’s gonna happen this Sunday Night and Final Destination. I’m on top of my game, I’m in the best shape of my career, and Teddy, well quite Frankly Teddy’s seen better days. Of course, of course it’s still gonna be tough, of course I’m gonna lose a lot of sweat and hell maybe even a lot of blood, but I’ma come out victorious and prove to everyone why I am DWs One True Legend.

Chaos: You got that right bro, you’re gonna do exactly what I did to Adam Silica out there, except you’re gonna do it better and you’re gonna hurt him more. Then of course after you retain your World Title and prove undoubtedly that you are the greatest wrestler ever to set foot into a Dynasty ring. After you’ve done that you’re gonna go win that Internet Title that was stolen from you last Night at Insanity.

Havoc: You’re damn right I’m gonna do that, the greatest wrestler in DW was cheated out of that Title last night, by that sneaky son of a bitch Lightning Mike. He thinks he’s such a top dog, attacking me from behind and pinning me for that title, he was supposed to be my partner. Is there no justice here in Dynasty?

Chaos: Not since some no-good half owner signed Chris Cage as Commissioner

Havoc: Yeah I wanna know who this sorry ass son of a bitch is, coz if he dumb enough to sign a nothing like Chris Cage to a commissioner, well if he’s that dumb he deserves an ass kicking. And believe me if Mr. Storm don’t give him one I sure as hell will.

Chaos: Yeah, and give him a couple of kicks from me for hiring Chris Cage to ruin DW shows. Anyway you gonna do anything to Cage in the match at Final Destination?

Havoc: Depends, if he tries to cheat me out of that title I’m gonna kick his ass just like I did before I slipped and fell from that scaffold. But anyway I’m pretty sure Jon will keep him in check. I know Jon and I know like me he isn’t a cheat. Works hard for everything never takes the easy route. And I know that Jon will call it straight done the middlewhich is more than I can say for that no good bitch Chris Cage. I know that Cage don’t like me, and I sure as hell don’t like him, we have a fair bit of history and none of it is good. So I know that he organised this match because he has something planned, but Cage I tell you this, if you in anyway jeopardise my winning of that match, then I will make your life hell. The blood and pain and anguish last time will seem like nothing compared to the torture I will put you through.

Anyway Chaos we better be going soon, go put some clothes on and meet me at the car, give us the keys and I’ll get her started.

[Chaos picks the keys out of his trouser pockets that is folded on a chair in the locker room. Havoc leaves the locker room as does the cameraman. The cameraman follows Havoc back through the hallways before and past the same picture of Havoc and Chaos standing side by side lifting their titles. They walks out into the car park and Havoc presses the button on the key to unlock the door and climbs in. The cameraman gets in the back seat as Havoc starts up the car. After a couple of minutes wait Chaos arrives at the car, and gets in the drivers seat as Havoc carefully shuffles over into the passenger seat whilst mind the gear stick and the hand brake. Chaos then drives out of the car park and down the roads to their house. Whilst on the way the two brothers engage in what is some important news for Havoc.]

Chaos: Oh yeah Havoc I forgot to say I have some great news

Havoc: What’s that then?

Chaos: I found a house, it’s nearer the HSW arena and you know it’s in my price range so you won’t have to chip in, it’s nothing special as I’m living alone, but it’s pretty good for a single male in his early 20’s

Havoc: Glad to hear it, I’m sure Simone will be too. If it’s not that special who cares as long as you like it, that’s all that matters

[The car pulls into the drive and Havoc unlocks the door as him, Chaos and the cameraman enter Havocs home. Havoc walks in the front room to tell Simone the news about Chaos finding a place and he sees Stacy Wright the DW Interviewer sitting there on the sofa]

Havoc: Hey Stacy, you here for an interview, I’ll just sit down, fire away

Stacy: Yeah hi Havoc. So let’s start with last nights match that took place on Thursday Night Insanity. Firstly what are your views on that big win over the man you meet on Sunday Night for your World Title, Teddy Rafter, and one of the Special Guest Referees for that match Chris Cage?

Havoc: Well I’m delighted. It was a huge win and a message sent out loud a clear to Rafter, that quite simply I am a winner. I always get my way and I always win, against all the odds I won the match on Thursday Night. I had to be teamed with Lightning Mike, yeah that Ass Kisser. I thought that the match was going to be a 3 on 1 and in a way I suppose it was. I mean after my glorious win over Teddy, I was picturing how I’m gonna win on Sunday when from behind that ass kisser comes and rolls me up for the 3, using the ropes to his advantage. Now attacking me from behind when he is supposed to be my partner for the night is bad enough. But to use the ropes, to Cheat well that’s inexcusable and I will win that back. After I beat Teddy I will win that title back on Destruction. So Lightning Mike I’ll see you Monday where we go one on one for the first time in a long while. Don’t worry though, if you’re lucky I’ll be in such a good mood that I’ll finish the match off within 5 minutes rather than making you suffer like you deserve.

But anyway enough about The Ass Kisser lets talk about the man who’s ass he kisses, The Braeswood Gangsta Teddy Rafter, self called 100% thug. Let’s talk about how I have faced him twice since he has been here, and let’s discuss how I have beaten him both times. So far all I have said has been proven right. All the rumours of Teddy not being able to cut it with the best have been proved right. Teddy Muthafcking Rafter just isn’t good enough anymore. Not good enough for Havoc, and not good enough for MY World Title Belt. Teddy I know you are listening and I know that you are probably thinking of retaliating, but before you do just take a while to think, think about Havoc whooping your ass on Sunday Night in front of the millions of Teddy Rafter fans, and think of Havoc whooping your ass even worse if you keep going on bout a load of shit. You can’t win this one Teddy and you know it. I mean c’mon look at me, I’m in the best shape of my life and am the happiest I’ve ever been. At the moment I’m up on cloud nine and there ain’t nothing that’s gonna bring me down, not you, not Cage, not anyone. So before you come out here and talk about how you is all that, and how you did this to my fiancée tut yeah right, and before you start cooling me dog and bitch and calling yourself the whole fcking ratings you better realise that you simply don’t stand a chance in hell, coz the DW World Title is staying where it belongs and that’s with Havoc DW One and Only Legend.

Of course though if you’re smart you’ve probably thought of getting a bit closer to Cage, introducing him to Mr. Bribe, begging him to help you out. But you can scrap that idea Teddy because I’ll be ready for it, and so will Jon. I know what Cage is like. I’ve been in the ring with him, and I know that I’m more than capable of taking both of you on if need be. Believe me when I say this Teddy coz I’ve beat you twice already and it don’t seem to be getting through to you

“One Day Of Havoc Is Enough To Last You A Lifetime”

If you don’t believe me Teddy just go ask the commish, I’m sure he’ll tell what I just did. That is that when I’m REEKING HAVOC ain’t nobody gonna stop me, and there ain’t nobody who can. Not in DW not even in Fedwars, the DW Title is with a Legend and that’s where it will stay, with a winner, a hall of famer, a legend, with


Bonus Match – ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell Vs. Nightmare

“Click, Click, Boom” by Saliva hits the sound system and the fans cheer as Nightmare makes his way out from the back for this special Final Destination bonus match up. Nightmare runs down the entrance ramp slapping some of the fans hands as he goes before sliding into the ring and waiting for his mystery opponent.

Ring Announcer: From Toronto, Canada weighing in at 235 pounds, Nightmare!

The lights in the arena fade to black as “Supernova goes pop” by PM5K hits. Crimson and Grey lights flash through the crowd as Golden pyro explodes on the stage and Chris Boswell is seen throw the smoke of the pyro as he makes his way to the ring. The fans boo the ‘mystery opponent’ for Nightmare but he simply ignores them as he slides into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from Long Beach California weighing in at 232 pounds, he is ‘The Icon’ Chris Boswell!

Boswell grabs Nightmare and throws him into the ropes and backdrops him as he comes back. Both men get back to their feet and Nightmare hits a quick snapmare on Boswell taking him over into a headlock. Nightmare pulls up on the headlock until Boswell pins out of the hold and hits a double leg takedown from behind on Nightmare before hitting him with a back breaker. Boswell then goes for the cover on Nightmare.



Kickout by Nightmare to the delight of the crowd. Nightmare gets back to his feet but Boswell shows his power by scoop slamming Nightmare before choking him out until the referee forces him to break it. Both men get to their feet and Nightmare hits a clothesline on Boswell. Boswell stagers back next to ropes. Nightmare runs at Boswell but he side steps him and throws him over the top rope. Boswell then follows Nightmare to the outside and throws him into the security barrier. Boswell stomps away at Nightmare on the outside until the referee restrains him and tries to get him back into the ring. As he does Nightmare runs around to the commentators table and grabs a steel chair and then folds it up and slides it into the ring. Nightmare then slides into the ring and sits on top of the turnbuckle.

Boswell slides into the ring and runs at Nightmare on the top of the turnbuckle. Nightmare hits him with a boot to the face before leaping off of the top with a Tornado DDT to Boswell, a move that he calls the ‘The Blitzer’. Nightmare then goes for the cover on Boswell.



Kickout by Boswell! Boswell just gets his shoulder up in time and a huge groan goes up from the crowd thinking that Nightmare had Boswell covered. Nightmare stomps on Boswell’s face a few times before dragging him over the steel chair for maximum impact. Nightmare then climbs up to the top rope stopping to acknowledge the fans that are cheering him on. Nightmare leaps off the top with an amazing shooting star press but Boswell rolls out of the way just in time and Nightmare goes crashing into the steel chair. Boswell then picks up Nightmare and nails him with the ‘Ground Zero’ into the chair causing Nightmares head to bounce off the steel chair one more time and make a small cut on his forehead. Boswell then goes for the cover on Nightmare.




Winner of the match – Chris Boswell

Boswell raises his hands in the air in victory on his first PPV appearance and first PPV Victory as the EMT’s rush down to check on Nightmare after his two vile chair bumps.

[The scene opens live inside The Ericsson Stadium in Charlotte NC. It is looking around the empty car park awaiting the arrival of the DW Superstars who are participating in tonight’s event. The camera is most probably awaiting the arrival of the mystery DW Half Owner, trying to get a glimpse of who it may be. Suddenly the silence in the empty car back is broken as the familiar Ferrari F5o comes skidding into the arena. You see Havoc in the drivers seat, on his mobile while pulling the car to a stop. Havoc jumps out of the car and walks towards the door, the camera however stays focused on the car for a minute]

[The cameraman, suddenly jolts the camera round as if realising his job is to follow the DW Superstars not, sit there admiring there vehicles. So the cameraman walks through the door and you see Havoc walking along in front still speaking on his mobile. You can’t quite make out what he is saying, but as the cameraman comes in closer the words can faintly be heard]

Havoc: Yeah, yeah, yeah Bobby, uh huh do that, that’ll be great, he won’t know what’s coming to him, yeah this is gonna be excellent, hopefully nobody else will find out about…

[The cameraman scuffs the floor with his trainer slightly and Havoc turns around and hastily says goodbye to Bobby without completing his sentence. He turns the phone of and puts it away in his pocket.]

Havoc: What The Hell are you doing, following me? Listening in on my conversations. Private conversations. I’d like to keep my business, my business and not have the whole god damn world knowing what I’m doing and who I’m talking to every single second of the day, ok?

Cameraman: It’s my job to follow you sir

Havoc: How is it your job to follow me? You follow me if I ask you to follow me. You don’t just sneak up behind me trying to listen to my conversation. If you do something like that again I won’t hesitate to put you threw that wall, you got that? But seeing as you’re here now you can help me find Tim Smith he said he wanted an interview, but I’m a little early and I haven’t got a clue where all you nobodies go when you ain’t interviewing a legend such as myself. So you gonna speak up? Huh? Where is he?

Cameraman: He might be in the errr room that we all have, it’s like a lounge I suppose

Havoc: Well show me where it is then

[The cameraman walks down a long hallway with Havoc following behind, he leads him into a room that has The Lounge written on the doorway. The cameraman opens the door and enjoying some coffee and snacks are Brock Taylor, Rick Young, Stacy Wright and over in the corner Tim Smith. Havoc sees Tim and barges past the cameraman almost knocking him down]

Tim Smith: Hey Havoc, you’re a little early

Havoc: Of course I’m early I’m going into the biggest match of my career thus far tonight. I want to be here early so I can get focused without any distractions. I’m not taking any risks. I need to be on top of my game, and my concentration levels need to the highest possible. So after I get this interview out of the way I’ll have nothing to do but sit back in my locker room psyche myself up, and picture how I’m gonna beat down on Teddy in the World Title Match tonight. So are we gonna get started or what?

Tim Smith: Errr here?

Havoc: Yeah whatever I just get this over and done with so I can focus

Tim Smith: Ok Hold on

[Tim puts down his coffee and finishes his cookie]

Tim Smith: Right Havoc, we sit here in the arena where you may well be facing your biggest challenge to date. A match against The Braeswood Gangsta Teddy Rafter. A man who you have loathed ever since the day where you made your debut match in this business and he struck you down with a chair. Now you’ve heard what he has had to say, and after the much hype and all the build up to tonights Pay Per View, How have you prepared for this, both Mentally and Physically?

Havoc: Well mentally I have kept myself focused, I have down everything I can to prepare, and all that lies now is the wait. The wait is always the worst thing. But I know that if I can keep my mind on the game then I’ll be prepared, fully prepared. You see the mind games have stopped, the messing with each others thoughts has stopped. The only thing now is for 2 men to step into that ring out there and give 100%. I believe that if I give 100% then I’ll be rewarded, if I perform to my full potential I shall be the victor. I’ve been watching tapes of Teddy’s matches and I’ve been watching tapes of my matches, picking up on my weaknesses and hoping to make them stronger, and I’ve been picking up on Teddy’s weaknesses and hoping to expose them and benefit from it. I am in the right frame of mind for this match, and I know that my opponent is too. This is not just a title fight for me, this is personal, I’ve said before that Teddy made it personal when he interfered in my debut match. This is a fight for pride and a fight that I will not settle for anything less than a win. I know I can win this and believe I plan to do so.

As for preparing physically I have done what I do for every match. I have been in and out of the gym. Intense sessions at the start of the week, getting a little lighter as the week has gone on. I don’t want to overwork myself and tire myself out now do I? I know that physically I am in good shape, I am in the best shape of my life, and I am at the top form of my career so far. I’ve beaten Teddy twice already and I won’t have a problem meeting him again, Whatever it takes I’m walking out of tonight’s event still as the DW World Champion.

Tim Smith: It is true that you have won in 2 recent matches where you have competed against Teddy Rafter. However he claims that this means nothing. That tag matches mean nothing, and all they prove is that you can tag somebody in whenever you need help. What is your opinion on this? And how does this make you feel?

Havoc: Well as much as I hate to say it but Teddy is right. Those tag matches they don’t mean anything now, all that matters is the match tonight. One on One, Legend vs Legend. A chance to prove just why I am the champion and a chance to prove to everyone who used to kick my ass back in EFW why I am now a DW Hall of Famer.
Of course though, even though they don’t matter it sure is pleasing to know that I’ve already kicked Teddy’s ass twice since he joined Dynasty. He can say what he wants make excuses, I didn’t pin him, so what who gives a f*ck I didn’t need to pin him, I won the match and that’s what was important. If his partner is in jeopardy of losing the match then he helps him out, just because he lost he makes that excuse, come to think of it everybody uses that excuse if they lose a tag match. I’m pretty sick of it, the idea of the whole match is so you can win by pinning either opponent and the idea of the whole match is so that you can tag out when you get a little tired. What the hell is the guy thinking, he lost and that’s final, but as I’ve said none of that matters now, the only thing that matters tonight is our match.

Tim Smith: So you don’t think that the identity of the new half owner is important?

Havoc: Well yes and no, sure in the long run it could be important and it could affect me, but for tonight the only thing on my mind is my match. My focus is completely on Teddy and Cage. I have no focus on any other matches and I have no interest in any other matches. I don’t give a sh*t who wins the International Title, or any other title. I don’t care if Cage or Mike start squealing like little girls in the 2 outta 3 falls submission match. The only thing I care about is my world title, so the only thing I am concentrating on is my world title match.

Tim Smith: I heard you mention Chris Cage, how big a factor do you think he is in this match?

Havoc: Well to be honest I know that he isn’t a factor at all. I know that Mr. Storm will keep him in check, and after he will have already competed earlier in the night, even if he does try and get involved in any way I don’t think that he will pose much of a threat. I’m sure that Jon will do his job and enforce the match properly. I know Jon is an honest man and will call the match right down the middle, and if Chris Cage does anything out of the ordinary or tries anything stupid after the event I promise, in fact I guarantee that I will make his life hell and I will make him pay, Big Time.

Tim Smith: Whatever the outcome of this match, you realise that you have a chance to win back the Internet title in a one on one match with Lightning Mike tomorrow night on Destruction. What are your thoughts on this match? And what have you go to say about the way that Mike won the title from you last Thursday Night?

Havoc: Well we both know how I feel about Lightning Mike. Another man who I have something to prove to. That starts tonight, I will start to prove just how good I am tonight. I’ll have him shaking in his boots after I totally annihilate his good friend Teddy Rafter in the title match-up. Now Lightning Mike will not be an easy opponent, but you have to remember that I’ll be going into that match after the biggest win in my career. After beating his idol Teddy Rafter. I know he respects Teddy, and I know that he thinks Teddy is way out of my league. Well I am soon going to prove him wrong. After I’ve done that I’m coming take back that Internet Title that he stole from me last Thursday at Insanity. You remember when he attacked me from behind, rolled me up for the 3 count. He took full advantage of the 24/7 rule and I will give him his dues, he’s not as dumb as I thought he was. I thought he was the type of stupid person who would want to go one on one with Havoc to fairly win the title. But it seems like his isn’t and I must say I’m impressed. However his plan did backfire, because he does have a match with me on Monday and I’m not about to take it easy on him coming off the back of a huge victory. So he better watch his back, remember Mike it’s 24/7, so who’s to say you’ll still be champ when we meet. But I’ll say to you that you better be, because I want my Internet Title back A.S.A.P and I’m coming for it and you, as soon as I finish celebrating my title triumph tonight over old man Teddy Rafter.

[You hear Rick Young laugh in the background. Havoc stands up and walks over to Rick]

Havoc: Do you find something about what I said funny Rick

Rick: Well errr, sorry but yes I do

Havoc: Well what might that have been

Rick: Well with all do respect, you called Teddy old man Teddy Rafter

Havoc: Your point being?

Rick: Well Teddy is younger than you, he’s only 23 you are 24

Havoc: And you found that funny because? Actually don’t answer that just get the hell out of my sight before I do something I might regret

[Rick quickly moves over to the other side of the room and starts talking to Brock and Stacy. Havoc sits back down and Tim begins to speak]

Tim Smith: I never thought about that, Teddy is younger than you, how comes you call him old man?

Havoc: Because he is, not in life, but in this business, compared to me he’s old, he’s been in this business almost 6 years longer than I have, so to me he’s old. It’s got nothing to do with his age, which I’m not sure is right anyway. He sure doesn’t look 23 he looks about 40 wrestles like it too, but that’s not the point. The point is that he has a lot more experience than me, but he just doesn’t have the natural ability that I have. That’s one of the reasons I’m going to win that match tonight. Sure you think Teddy has nothing to lose, but believe me he does. He has his pride, and although for most it’d be an honour to even step into the same ring as me, even to receive and ass kicking. But to Teddy any loss is a bad loss. You notice he always talks about his win loss record, how he’s lost hardly any matches in his career, well imagine how he’ll feel when I beat him once again. This time in singles competition. Sure he doesn’t like losing tag matches, but singles matches, to be more precise one on one matches, if you lose them you can’t make excuses. The fact is that on the night you got beaten by the better man, the man who wanted it more, the man who gave it his best shot and the man who put mind, body and soul all on the line in order to win or retain the gold. Now I know that we are both prepared to give it all we’ve got tonight, and that’s why I’m confident, coz I know I’ve got more, more talent, more potential, more gold and more balls. Now Teddy can talk about what he likes tell all his fans how he is going to win the title not only for him but also for them. He can say what he wants he can tell me that he isn’t a has-been he can say he’s out of my league, but let’s face up to fact, I’m the champion, I’m the Legend in this Federation, so Teddy can talk how he wants, he is the one climbing, climbing the huge mountain that is the path to my World Title. You see Teddy, no matter how far you climb. You’ll never reach the top, coz I just keeping raising the bar; the mountain continues to grow, bigger and bigger day by day. You think that it seems unclimbable now, well just wait until you step into the ring with me tonight, wait until the pain you suffer is unbearable, and then when you’re lying on your back while the ref counts 3, you look up at the mountain and you’ll see that compared to what it will be then, the mountain at the moment just looks like a mole hill. For all I care he can refuse to lose, he can turn his level up to the max, and then double the muthaf*ck, he still isn’t coming out of that match with the title. That’s right Teddy you’re not, simply because I am better than you and I will Reek Havoc later tonight.

Believe me Teddy, The Talking will soon be over, and I’ll Will show you something, I’ll show you that you shouldn’t be up here in the main event, fighting a DW Legend such as myself, you should be done there with the Pythons and The Clyros fighting in matches that nobody cares about, card filling. Giving all the new guys there first win in Dynasty. You see Teddy that’ll be all you can do after tonight’s match, if…if you’re lucky. I’ve heard you talking about how the only way I am going to win this match is if I kill you in that ring. Well if that’s what it takes, then that’s how it’ll be. You can start writing your will now Teddy, coz if that’s the way it is. If I have to knock your ass down until it can never ever get up again, then you can bet your ass bitch, that’s what I’ll do. So kiss little Teddy goodbye, shake Crybaby and Titans hands, coz little Teddy daddy isn’t coming home tonight. He’s going to hospital. I’ve got blood on my hands before Teddy, and it ain’t never stopped me then, you think you’re gonna be any different? We all die Teddy, but if you’re not prepared to lose and walk out of that match alive then Teddy, rest is peace.

Tim Smith: And before I leave you Havoc, it seemed to me that Teddy challenged your younger brother Chaos, what have you got to say to this?

Havoc: Well of course Chaos won’t be fighting Teddy, Chaos isn’t even in the federation. Chaos would love to kick Teddy’s ass, but I won’t let him, I don’t want him jumping into the big time straight away, while he is less than ready. He is doing well in the HSW, and I don’t think he needs another Federation. However I am prepared to let him in on a tag match. So for one night only if Jon accepts then Chaos and I are challenging the Rafter brothers Teddy and Titan, if Titan is old enough, to a tag team match for Thursday Insanity. If however Titan for some reason isn’t going to be in the match then Teddy why don’t you team with your new best pal, Clyro. So it’ll be Team Anarchy vs Team Rafter or Team Loser. One night only, no excuses, no well it was a tag team match, no whining if you lose Teddy, and if your partner is pinned you accept defeat. You got that Teddy? So if accepted I will meet you Monday and the HSW Champion Chaos will hit you with the Catastrophic. But for now Teddy, just concentrate on tonight, for

“One Day of Havoc is Enough to Last You a Lifetime

Tim: Well Havoc, that’s all I’ve got for you today. I’ll let you focus on your match. I wish you good luck in your match tonight. I know it’s going to be one hell of a match, and the rating will be as you have been quoted to say through the roof. Oh yeah one more thing, congratulations on your engagement. I wish you and Simone all the best, anyway I’ll see you later, I look forward to your match.

Havoc: Cheers, so do I, I’m gonna Reek Havoc tonight, and don’t Teddy know it, I’m gonna take him out!

[Havocs phone begins to ring and he takes it out of his pocket]

Havoc: Hey Bobby, yep, good, alright then, so it’s all planned, hopefully it’ll all go smoothly. Ok hope to hear from you soon. Yeah it’ll be good. Ok see you then. Bye

[Havoc puts the phone back in his pocket and leaves the room, what was he talking about? What will be good? Why is it so private?]

Only ones things for sure and that’s that Havoc is

“The Whole Fucking Ratings”

The arena lights fad into what into darkness. Sounds of men and women screaming fills the PA almost bursting the air drums of the fans. All the arena lights have gone out. Even the ones where the fans sit not a single light can be seen going. A lone strobe white strobe light suddenly burst’s into action onto the entrance at the top of the ramp. The steel ramp almost un-see able in the blinding light. The fans have fallen silent unsure of what to think as a smoke starts to some out from ramp engulfing it. The shadow outline of something is seen standing in the smoke the camera zooms in to try and see but can’t quite make it out for the thick smoke. As the smoke starts to clear a young woman comes into view but not any normal young woman. She has on a white dress mush like the kind of a Sunday dress with white lace lining. She has blond curly hair and an angelic like face that would turn any person to mush. Her eyes remain closed looking like she is in a trance of some sort. She just stands there for what seems to be forever. Suddenly her eyes open reviling that they are completely red like the devil skin. She doesn’t even seem to move her face staying still she opens her mouth and begins to talk in a child’s voice.

Girl: “The time of peace on earth and good will towards all has come to a end. Your gods warned you that the apocalypse would one day come. You chose to ignore that warning instead you chose to live in that fantasy world were you thinking everybody and every thing would be good. Now the time has come for the light to in brace the darkness of this world and come true to itself. You cannot turn a blind eye because you will only turn to find the darkness again. Tonight the evil will come to earth in the form of one man one man that can’t be stopped not even by a angel of biblical standards”.

The Girl stops and she screams out in a mans voice.

Girl: “Come to the darkness”.

Suddenly the strobe lights go and the sound of men laughing is heard in an evil tone. The lights come back on and the girl who was talking is laying collapsed on the ramp. A small trickle of blood coming from her mouth and laying next to her is a voodoo doll with red eyes that looks just like her. One of the DW staff approaches the girl carefully like it is a ticking time bomb. He places his fingers on her neck searching for a pulse. The mans face seems relived at finding one and signals for paramedics as the feed goes to an advertisement for DW.

Catch DW Thursday Night Insanity every Thursday Night on MTV!

DW international Title Tournament Final Match – Clyro Vs. Python

“Nobodies” by Marilyn Manson hits and the arena goes into darkness. A green mist pours from the entrance and Python is seen as a shadow appearing through the mist. The mist then slowly clears and Python sprints to the ring before sliding in.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring from Pittsburgh weighing in at 275 pounds, Python!

The fans boo as Python is announced.

The arena goes dark, “My Plague” by Slipknot hits over the sound system and out onto the ramp steps CLYRO! He cracks his knuckles then his neck before walking down the ramp with a scowl on his face. CLYRO then slides into the ring under the bottom rope and gets ready for action.

Ring Announcer: His opponent from Dewsbury, England weighting in at 230 pounds, Clyro!

The fans cheer as Clyro is introduced.

The referee holds the DW International Title above his head signalling that the belt will be on the line in this match. The belt is then passed to the timekeeper and the referee signals for the bell to be rung.

Ding, Ding.

Clyro and Python leap forward and tie up. Clyro takes Python around into a headlock before grabbing his wrist and twisting it around into a hammerlock. Python makes his way over to the ropes and the referee forces Clyro to break the hold. Python grabs Clyro and whips him into the ropes. Clyro bounces off of the ropes and as he comes back Clyro grabs him around the waist and launches him across the ring with a belly to back suplex, which causes Clyro to land down with a huge thud. Python grabs his opponent and backs him into the corner before grabbing his arm and twisting it up around the ring ropes in the corner. The referee counts to 4 and Python breaks the hold before charging Clyro in the corner and burying his shoulder into Clyro’s stomach. Clyro flops down to the floor and Python grabs his head and locks on a camel clutch submission hold in the corner. Clyro quickly makes it to the ropes and the referee again breaks the hold.

Both men get back to their feet and Python ties up with Clyro. Python goes behind on Clyro and takes him down with a waist lock takedown before slapping the back of Clyro’s head while he is down on the floor. The fans boo and Clyro responds by rolling away from Python. Python follows Clyro but he gets hit with a drop toehold into the bottom rope. Clyro then dropkicks the back of Pythons head before getting to his feet and taunting the fans, which gets a great reaction from the sold out crowd. Python gets back to his feet and Clyro takes him down with a arm drag into a arm bar. Python forces himself back up onto his feet and twists Clyro’s arm around reversing the move back into a wristlock on Clyro. However Clyro powers out of the move with a side Russian leg sweep on Python and then a quick snap suplex on Python. Clyro then goes for the quick cover.



Python kicks out before the two count, which prompts, boos from the crowd thinking that Clyro had won the match and the title. Both men get back up to their feet and Clyro whips Python into the ropes. Python comes back with a big shoulder block and then a big standing leg drop on Clyro. Python contemplates going for the cover but instead picks up Clyro and positions him for the ‘SnakeBite’. Python goes for the move but Clyro counters with a backdrop to Python. Both men get back to their feet and stand face to face as the crowd hushes. Then suddenly both men explode with big punches to each other and the crowd erupts. Clyro backs Python in the corner with big time right hands before whipping him right across the ring. Python bounces out of the corner and attempts a clothesline but gets Powerslamed by Clyro.

Clyro gets back to his feet and nails a spinning heel kick to Python. Clyro then bounces off the ropes and goes for a swinging neckbreaker on Python but Python pushes him forwards causing him to collide with the referee. Python quickly slide out of the ring and the fans boo as they see him search under the ring apron for his prized baseball bat. Python brings the bat out and holds it high above his head before sliding back into the ring. Python charges at Clyro with the bat but Clyro ducks and then kicks Python in the gut. The fans come to their feet as Clyro grabs Python and nails him with his finishing move, the ironically named ‘Final Destination’. Clyro then goes for the cover on Python.

However the count never comes as Clyro looks around to see the referee holding his head as blood pours out of a cut. The referee rolls out of the ring and to the floor where he lies waiting for someone to help him. Back in the ring Clyro grabs the baseball but from Pythons clutches and breaks it over his knee prompting a massive cheer from the crowd. As Clyro tosses the broken bat to the floor Python immediately sits up. Python stands right up to his feet and Clyro swings for him with a punch that catches him right around the face, no effect. Python suddenly spears down Clyro and begins to lay into him with left and right punches. Python then grabs up Clyro and low blows him before nailing him with the ‘Snake Bite’. Both men are now down as a stream of referees charge down the entrance ramp to help the fallen friend. One of the striped officials rolls into the ring and begins to count out the two men.







Both men stars to get up. Both men get to their feet and Python nails a German suplex on Clyro. Python then grabs the broken baseball bat and places it in the middle of the ring before positioning Clyro right above it for a Piledriver. Python goes for the Piledriver but he cant quite hit it and Clyro backdrops him. Up leaps Python but Clyro grabs him and flips him over and nails him with the ‘Final Destination’ onto the broken baseball bat! Clyro then goes for another cover.




Winner of the match and new DW International Champion – Clyro

Clyro is presented with the DW International Title belt which he holds high above his head to the delight of the fans as Python lies out cold within the remains of his once prized baseball bat.

(Camera opens on Teddy Rafter’s private jet and Teddy Rafter is in the back area doing pushups in his workout clothes and he is sweating hard.. Teddy is drenched in sweat, he then noticed the camera and stops, then looks up into the camera..)

Teddy Rafter:
Ok now that all the fly sh*t is over it’s time to get down to business Teddy Rafter vs Havoc for the World Title, Legend vs Legend, “The Clash of The Titans” , Icon vs Icon, hell call it whatever the hell you wanna call it but the fact of the matter is that I’m going into that match, and I will put my life on teh line to leave out of Final Destination as the Dynasty World Heavyweight Champion and that’s just how I am, I have been in many big time matches and alot of World Title matches.

But this one seems special, and it’s kinda hard to figure out cause the fact of the matter is that, I’m not just going into this match, to win that title for me, I’m going into that match to win that World Title for all the fans out there, they made sure that everybody all across the World could hear my name when I went to that ring and they begin to chant TEDDY TEDDY TEDDY!! And when I look up I see all the signs and all the Teddy Rafter propaganda and I would let millions of people down, and myself down if I don’t walk out as the World Champion at Final Destination. So basically I am fighting for my life here..

And let me start off my saying, I don’t know who the hell this Chaos character is but the fact of the matter is that he can bring his azz down to the ring after the match and I’ll knock his azz out too, and you can quote me on that one, cause ain’t nobody kicking Teddy Rafter’s azz and that’s pretty plain and simple, whether you like it or not, I personally don’t care, all I know is that you better respect it cause I will be the next World Champion and I will put my life on the line to make sure that I walk out of there the World Champion.

So Havoc you come out here and you pump yourself up to thinking that you can even compete with the Braeswood Gangsta and it’s kinda of funny yet it is kinda of sad that you think that cause no matter what you say about me, you can call me a has been a never was, a new comer or whatever the hell you can pull out that half of a brain that you lug around on top of your shoulders but to tell you the truth all that talking don’t mean nothing to me and in about 48 hours when go see what the hell goes down cause Teddy Rafter ain’t coming out as 2nd place I don’t give a damn, cause I refuse to lose.

Now don’t get me wrong Havoc you a worthy opponent no doubt but what you ahve to realize is that when you step through those ropes and you see me across that ring you gotta know that I’m not coming out here to play grab azz like you might be used to Havoc, I don’t fck around in that ring, and I damn sure don’t lolligag when it comes down to a World Championship match cause believe it or not that’s when all bets are off and that’s when I turn my level up as far as it can go, and then I turn that son of a btch up, a little bit higher than that, and I’m dead serious on that note.

Well son you say that you a winner but hell those were tag-team matches, and that don’t show me a damn thing beside the fact that you know how to slap somebody’s hand when you need help, hell that’s don’t mean nothing to me, but in 48 hours like I said that’s when the sh*t is gonna hit the fan cause it ain’t gone be no tag-team partners just me and you in that damn ring, no interferences just me and you in that damn ring and we will be fighting for our azzes in that match and I will not give in, even if I have to die in that ring.

So you talk about how Mike kicked your azz for the Internet Title awwwww that’s sooo sad, oh well you’ll be alright and hell it looks like you will be titleless after Final Destination cause like I said the only way that you will leave Final Destination as the World Champion is if you kill me in that damn ring and if you bad enough to kill me in that ring, then you deserve to walk away as the World Champion of this federation cause I’ve been through hell with gasoline clothes on and came back and I’m not about to let somebody like Havoc’s azz stop me right now I f*cking refuse.

So you wanna keep saying how you beat me 2 times, ok first off, you beat me the first time when somebody hit my azz in the bakc of the head with a damn steel chair ohhhhh big man right there and he brags about something like that, what a pathetic World Champion you are in my opinion you have disgraced the belt and disgraced everybody who has held it with bragging about that win, that’s fcking low even for you Havoc, so you can have that pzzy sh*t cause Teddy Rafter ain’t worrying about that one bit.

Then hold up I think that you might wanna get your facts straight before you start flapping them dick suckaz that you call gums talking about that you bet me last night hold on if I don’t recall I wasn’t the one that got pin, and it seems that you got your azz whooped in the end didn’t you when make took the first of your 2 soon to be gone titles from you with one move, how the hell do let somebody kick your azz for a title with 1 damn move, now that’s just fcking sad, fcking pitiful if you ask me.. Don’t even try to compete with Teddy Rafter son, you are still not on my damn level boy…

ANd like I said you keep talking all this hot shit talking about how you are gonna be me in front of all of my fans and yada yada yada blah blah blah, but like I said just because you win some Tag-Team Matches that don’t tell the world a damn thing and if you beat my azz in front of all of my millions of millions of fans and in front of the millions and millions of DW fans then you keep that damn title, cause you deserve that son of a btch and that’s straight from my mouth cause like I said, unless I die in that ring I will not give up or give in to nothing.

So if you don’t plan on killing me then you need to hang it up and get your mind correct right now on the spot, cause you can call Teddy Rafter whatever the hell you want but the fact of the matter is that when it all comes down to it, it’s gonna be Teddy Rafter vs Havoc for the World Champion at Final Destination, Main Event Legend vs Legend and all of the speculation on who is truly the best will be put to an end right there on the spot with no questions at all when I knock your azz out with the End of The World and pin your azz right in the middle of that ring.

So you wanna be the one and only DW Legend, well you better make sure that you take me out in that match, cause Teddy Rafter ain’t going quietly.. And you damn right I’mma retaliate cause when you come out to that ring and you talk sh*t about Teddy Rafter you can bet your azz that I’mma come out to that ring and let you and the whole world know how I feel cause that’s the type of person that I am..

So you wanan say that I can’t win this one, while all I’m hearing is a lot of talking and blah blah, but the whole things is that you still just talking sht but so far you ain’t showed me nothing but the fact that you can run your mouth and piss Teddy Rafter off to the highest level, and another thing that you showed me is that you are a real talkative son of a btch that loves to pump his own head up full of sht to the point where he thinks that can actually compete with “THE WHOLE FCKIN RATINGS”..

And I don’t give a damn how happy you are and I don’t give a damn what shape you are in, I personally couldn’t care less if you walk down to that ring with a big azz smile on your face and that slut that you call a fiancee on your arm, I don’t give a damn, and it doesn’t matter that you think that you are in th ebest shape of your life, just because you did about 5 push up and 10 situps and had 1 sweat droplet fall down from your head and I guess you are the man now huh.. Sorry but that don’t mean nothing to me..

So you say that you are sitting on cloud nine, well after Final Destination you are gone be sitting on your bed at the hotel that night crying your azz off cause Teddy Rafter just knocked your azz out and took your pride and The DW World Championship from right around your waist and there wasn’t a damn thing that you can do about it, so you better polish up that belt for Teddy Rafter cause I’m coming to get it and you can bet your damn life on that one dog.

And now it’s this whole thing with Cage being the special guest ref and Jon being the Special Guest Enforcer, well in my opinion you can have everybody from back stage out here, the only thing on my mind is that I take Havoc’s azz out in that match, I beat him senselss from post to post and then when he least expects it BAM!! End of The World New DW World Heavyweight Champion and he wakes up, with a broken jaw and broken pride..

Now let me leave on this note, Legend vs Legend, it couldn’t get no hotter than this the way I see it, all the sh*t talking and all the stupid stuff is going to cease real soon when it’s just me an d you in that ring and you have no choice at all but to fight me 1 on 1 and I will take your azz out boy, like I told you once before you will not be able to compete with me when it comes to World Title Matches, and that’s just something that you have to confess to yourself and then you will be a better person.

And from what I hear straight out of the Commissioner’s mouth is that if you try to screw me in anyway then the World Title comes to the Whoel F*ckin Ratings, the Braeswood Gangsta. So plain and simple, I’m not playing no games with you Havoc, things are gonna get hectic and like I said you don’t want that one bit, but I guess it’s too late now huh, Havoc prepare for your final stop as the DW World Champion, so kiss it goodbye..

(Camera fades out..)

Earlier this evening, former DW Superstar M.O.P was shot dead, in the Fortress Nightclub owned by a good friend of DW World Champion Havoc, Bobby O’Halloran, here is footage that was caught on the Nightclubs security camera …

The camera fades into a night club where the sky is lit with the lights from the sign that reads “Fortress” they both walk up to the entrance and stand in the short queue Mercury pats M.O.P on the back and then looks up at the monster swallowing before he speaks.

Mercury : So big guy, today is the night of the PPV and its your birthday, just aswell I don’t have a match tonight otherwise I couldn’t have treated you to this lovely treat in Havoc’s old bar here, all drinks are on me bud so you can drink to your hearts content.

They walk down the queue and get their ID checked after being given the go ahead the camera changes to the one inside the night club. They walk straight over to the bar and sit down, after a few drinks the camera spots a man over the other side of the bar with a gun up to the bar mans head M.O.P spots this and walks over trying to stop him he walks over and the man holds up the gun. M.O.P continues to walk over…

The camera goes to slow motion and the man raises the gun up level with M.O.P’s head and pulls the trigger, the silver bullet glides through the air before penetrating the forehead of M.O.P the bullet tears through the back of his head and out the back of his head pulling a trail of blood. The man speeds off in his balaclava out the door and M.O.P staggers around for a bit before turning and falling at Mercury’s feet. The blood runs from his head like a small river and when Mercury turns him over his eyes are open and his face is covered with blood.

Mercury stands above him and clenches his fists tightly, his hands slowly move downward level with his waits and as more and more blood trickles from his head Mercury falls on his knees in the puddle of blood and screams loud. All the people in the bar look at his as he places his hands in his hands and sheds a tear, he looks up and screams again the camera fuzzes and turns off

Non Title 3 Falls Submission Match – Chris Cage Vs. ‘Lightning’ Mike

Thunder is heard and The Ramp fireworks explodes, “Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja” By Lost Prophets hits and the DW Internet Champion Lightning Mike come out to the ring, he goes to the corners to salute the crowd.

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring first weighing in at 330 pounds from Cleveland, the DW Internet Champion. Lightning Mike!!

Boos from the crowd as the Internet Champion is announced.

Suddenly “I disappear” hits the P.A system as the crowd erupts. Chris Cage steps through the curtains to a standing ovation from the crowd. He is wearing his usual ring attire, black long leather pants, and black boots. He starts making his way to the ring as pyros starts shooting up the ramp. He slides into the ring.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent is weighing in at 242 pounds from Tampa Bay Florida, The DW Commissioner, Chris Cage!

Huge pop for Chris Cage as he is announced.

He referee calls for the bell to be rung and Chris Cage locks up with Mike. Mike pushes Cage down to the mat and straight away goes for a figure 4-leg lock but Cage pushes Mike into the ropes with his foot. Mike comes back out of the corner and Cage takes him down with a leg drag takedown and then goes for his patented finishing move, the move that he made famous, the sharpshooter. Cage turns over Mike in the sharpshooter but he rolls through straight away and Cage lets go to avoid being caught in the move himself. Both men get back to their feet and Mike knees Cage in the gut and takes him over with a gut buster. Mike then drops a knee into Cage’s midsection before going for a sitting abdominal stretch but Cage fights back with big elbows to Mike’s head before getting to his feet.

Cage goes down low with a dropkick to Mike’s knee before locking on the leg grapevine submission hold. As Mike reaches out for the ropes Cage applies more pressure to the hold and it looks like Mike will lose the first fall until he jumps forward and grabs the bottom rope causing the crowd to boo.

Both men get back to their feet and Mike catches Cage with a flying elbow before bouncing off of the ropes with a LightningSault. Mike then grabs Cage and locks on a sharpshooter of his own! Cage struggles to make it towards the ropes but Mike has it locked on well and Cage begins to fade under the pressure of the sharpshooter. Cage begins to fade and the referee picks up his hand and lets it drop down.



Three Times and the referee calls for the bell to be rung.

Ring Announcer: The winner of the first fall, Lightning Mike!


Mike goes straight back to work on Cage and locks on an ankle lock! The referee picks up Cages arm and lets it drop..



Thre No! Cages arm shoots up much to the delight of the fans as he crawls across and makes it to the ropes. Mike gets back to his feet and Cage struggles up using the ropes for support. Both men run at each other and Cage lands a clothesline to Mike. Cage then shoots Mike into the ropes and knocks him down with a spinebuster. The fans rise to their feet knowing what is coming next as Cage locks the sharpshooter into Mike. Cage leans back on the hold and before long Mike is forced to tap dude to increasing pressure from Chris Cage.

Ring Announcer: The Winner of the second fall, Chris Cage!

1-1 Then suddenly the lights go out and once again the sounds of men and women screaming for their life fills the arena. The camera tries to see what is going on in the ring, Suddenly the DW-Tron comes to life with images of a circle of fire and standing in the middle of it is the man in the coat that was seen earlier in the night. His face still hidden from view he seems to just stand as the fire goes on around. Suddenly the DW-Tron fades again taking away with it the light that it was emitting into the arena. Just then the white strobe light that was used with the girl beams to life again this time it looks up into the rafter’s. It looks all over the rafters as if searching for something. It then stops right above the ring. The fans in the arena all look up but there is nothing there. The wrestlers in the ring all look confused when all of a sudden the man in the black robe comes into view. He stands there for a moment not moving his head bowed looking at the men in the ring like a hawk does before it makes a move for its prey. He then slowly raises his hands up to the hood of his robe and begins to pull it back revelling the skull mask. His blue eyes show no emotion as he looks down and starts to talk his deep voice echoing through the arena.

Shingo Voodoo: “The darkness has arrived in DW. There is not a signal one of you who will stop me. The days of Blood Thirst are no gone he no longer lives on this plane of existence for I am backed by the power of hate and evil its self. My past no longer relevant the future is what you have to worry about. There will be no where for anybody to hide or run because I will track every last person down that feels that the good in life is still with them. You will all fall to your knees and beg the darkness to be let into your heart the question is who will be first to become the first follower of the voodoo god that I am”.

Shingo begins to laugh like a mad man as the sounds of explosions is heard throughout the arena. Suddenly objects begin to fall from the rafters. One hits the floor in front of the camera and it quickly pans down to see a Voodoo doll with a little t-shirt that has written on it “DW”. The camera quickly looks back up to where Shingo was seen before but now seems to be gone.

Cage and Mike look down at the strange dolls. Cage bends down to pick one up and as he does Mike pounces with a low blow and then a bulldog to Cage. As Cage begins to get to his feet Mike goes to the top rope and attempts a moonsault to him and knocks him down to the mat. As Cage gets to his feet Mike grabs him and nails him with a powerbomb backbreaker. Mike then bends down and locks on a Leg Trap Arm Hook Neck Submission to Cage. Cage tries to struggle out of the move but suddenly the referee slides out of the ring and calls for the bell to be rung before bailing out of the ring and running to the back.

Ring Announcer: The winner of the third fall by submission and winner of the match, Lightning Mike!

The fans boo as they realise Cage has been screwed as Mike bails out of the ring.

Winner of the match – ‘Lightning’ Mike

The DW-Tron then cuts to the scene backstage as Jon Storm bundles the referee into a waiting car to make a quick get a way. Storm then turns to the camera and smiles as Cage heads backstage to try and find him.

(Camera opens up inside of Teddy Rafter’s hotel suite, Teddy Rafter is sitting back watching films of Havoc at work in the ring and he is studying hard, Teddy seems very foucesed on Havoc’s match. Then Teddy Rafter notices the camera…)

Teddy Rafter:
Well well well, so now I’m here in North Cak-a-Lackie, also known as North Carolina, and the fans here have been lined up around the block a day early to get a piece of the action going down at Final Destination, and I mean damn everywhere I went around the arena I damn near ran over somebody cause it seems like everybody has brought their family together to witness one of the biggest events of the year, and it is known as, Dynasty Wrestling’s Final Destination..

And you know what when I got here I, went and got me a nice little car to ride around in, and seeing as how the DW Might be coming back to the state of North Carolina, I went ahead and bought something mind boggeling, and I went ahead and bought me a nice little drop top Mercedes Bens 2003 just to ride around in, cause I’m not really feeling the whole limo thing, so the Bens would due for right now till I can get back to Houston, Texas and my Platinum Lambroghini Diablo.

But when I got off the plane, I heard something that I haven’t heard before here in the DW… it was a fan that came up to me and said, “so how does it feel?” and I was like “How does what feel?” and he said “How does it feel to be the soon to be crowned DW World Champion and go in the record books as the DW Legend?” and I just looked at him and smile, and me being from Texas which is in the Southern Region and North Carolina being in the Southern region also they know what it’s like to dish out a good old Southern Azz kicking..

So I got in the Bens and drove to the hotel, and before I could even get in the hotel door, there was a damn near whole block of people running toward me, and they basically mobbed me for autographs, and the ladies stole kisses, and I realize that this is a hell of a town, a good old fashioned town, and the way I see it is that they recognize the WHOLE F*CKIN RATINGS when they see him, and they welcomed me with open arms, and if I wasn’t a full blood Texan, then this is one of the places that I would mind living in.

Now let’s get to Havoc’s interview with Tim Smith, Havoc said something that I don’t agree with right off the bat, he said that he will keep his mind on the game or whatever, and that’s cool that you have that mind frame or whatever Havoc but what you have to realize dog, is that this is not a fcking game dog, there won’t be any 2nd place prizes, any ballons of ribbons on no sht like that it’s 2 men me and you in that damn ring fighting for the most prestigious Title up to date right now, the DW World Title.

And I don’t play with this type of thing at all so I don’t say it’s a game one bit. Even though the road here has been a bit rocky with your team coming out on top 2 times over me and that’s all good and everything like that, and the whole me attacking you, and you attacking me thing back and forth ok all of that is over with it’s me and you head to head, and there ain’t go games involved in this at all, cause believe me when I tell you I won’t come to that ring with a smile on my face and when I’m kicking your azz it ain’t gone be no smile on my face even then.

All I gotta say is that I hope that you picked the right damn tape to look at cause no matter what the hell you think that you spot, you might as well give it up cause like I said I refuse to give in during that match, I will not go down at your hands, and I will not be deprived the World Title not by you, or Jon or anybody cause I’ve busted my azz to get to where I am now and that’s so far one the most respected DW superstars right now, and I’m fighting for the World Title in about 24 hours..

Cause You know what I was digging into the archives and I dug up a match in which all your little weaknesses was exposed, and you can beat your damn life that I have been watching this tape over and over and over and fckin over until I got it right, and you can be defeated Havoc, please don’t get that twisted just like I can, none of us are invincible it just all goes down to how you play your cards in the match, and not too many people in big match situtaions can fck with me, you can call me cocky or rude I don’t care, I just say I’m confident.. so check out this tape..

[[[[ Film Begins ]]]]
‘Bad Boy for Life’ By P Diddy hits the arena as Havoc walks down to a chant of YOU SUCK or many boos from the crowd, he looks about with an angry expression on his face but with a slight smile. He goes over to a few members of the crowd and shouts obscenities back. This just makes the crowd boo even more but he pays no attention and just smile evilly. Havoc then holds up the World Title for all to see. Havoc then continues to walk to the ring. Havoc slides into the ring and looks up at the huge platform above him. He then hands the belt to the referee who climbs up the ladder and onto the scaffold platform. The referee the climbs up another ladder on the scaffolding and hands the belt up. The referee with help from his other colleges then takes away both ladders and places them outside of the ring. Havoc then stands in the ring awaiting the arrival of his opponent.

“I disappear” hits the P.A system as the crowd erupts. Chris Cage steps through the curtains to a standing ovation from the crowd. He is wearing his usual ring attire, black long leather pants, and black boots. He starts making his way to the ring as pyros starts shooting up the ramp. Chris Cage stands just outside of the ring knowing that this could well be his last ever match. Cage then climbs up onto the ring apron starring straight at Havoc. As both men lock eyes they stand still as the crowd silences. Cage then steps into the ring and the fans begin to cheer. Cage and Havoc now stand both in the ring together.

Ca0ge suddenly runs at Havoc taking him down with a spear and opening up on him with big right hands and lots of them. Havoc then struggles to his feet but Cage takes him down by the throat and begins to choke him. Havoc then gets back up and struggles over to a corner as Chris Cage stands tall in the middle of the ring. Both men lunge forward into a tie up. Both men in a test of strength try to push back their opponent both men don’t give an inch. Finally Havoc stops the tie up with a knee to Cage and then a Snapmare takedown. Havoc goes to lock on a surfboard stretch but Cage twists out of the move and positions Havoc for a Piledriver. Havoc counters the Piledriver into a back drop and then picks up Cage. Havoc lifts Cage into a vertical suplex, but Cage gets out of the move in mid air and falls behind Havoc. Cage grabs Havoc in a waist lock and then takes him down with a German suplex.

Cage then slides to the outside of the ring and gets a ladder. Cage slides the ladder into the ring and props it up against the 2nd rope in the corner. Cage then drags Havoc over to the ladder, but Havoc suddenly starts to fight back with big right hands and then a clothesline. Havoc whips Cage into the ropes and then takes him down with a Thesz Press. Havoc then pulls Cage towards the ladder and hits him with a suplex onto the ladder! The fans start to boo as Havoc kicks Cage off of the ladder and sets it up just below the scaffold platform. Havoc then begins to climb the ladder but there is still no sign of Chris Cage getting up.

Havoc finally makes it up onto he scaffolding and pulls the ladder up with him. Havoc then positions the ladder just below the World Title belt as Chris Cage begins to stir. Havoc sees Chris Cage getting up below him and waves down at him with a smile on his face. Cages sees what is going on and rolls out of the ring and brings in another ladder. Cage begins to climb the ladder up to the scaffolding as Havoc begins to climb up to get his World Title belt. Cage finally gets up onto the scaffolding just as Havoc is reaching for the belt. Cage runs and pulls Havoc down from the ladder just as he was touching the belt.

The crowd cheer as Cage hits right hands on Havoc and then a spinebuster. Chris Cage then locks on the sharpshooter on Havoc on top of the scaffolding! The fans cheer as Havoc squirms in pain but Cage is relentless. Havoc finally begins to tap out but the match can’t be one by submission! Cage finally releases the hold on Havoc and begins to stomp away at him. Cage brings Havoc to his feet and then slams his head into a metal pole. Cage then taunts the crowd, which gets a huge crowd reaction before turning back to Havoc. Cage then pulls Havoc to the edge of the scaffolding right next to the announcer’s tables. Cage begins to punch Havoc trying to knock him off the side of the scaffolding. But Havoc fights back with right hands off his own and then a leg sweep on Cage.

Havoc then positions Cage for a powerbomb off of the side or the scaffolding! The crowd boo as Havoc taunts Cage and then taunts the crowd. Havoc then goes to lift up Cage but he counters with a back drop sending Havoc off of the scaffolding and 15 feet down crashing through the announcers table. The crowd cheer as Cage looks down at the limp body of Havoc and give him the middle finger. Cage then walks over to the ladder and begins to climb. The crowd cheer louder with every rung that Cage climbs and then Cage reaches higher and touches the World Title. Cage reaches higher and unhooks the World Title!

[[[[ Film Ends ]]]]
Teddy Rafter:
Ok and you keep talking about how I interfered in your debut match, who gives a flying fck how long ago was that 6 or 7 months ago, you are probably one of the only people that remembers that sht cause nobody gives a damn, it couldn’t have been a career match, I would have still came out there and clocked your azz with taht damn chair and knocked you the hell out, like I told you it just the case of you being in the wrong place and the wrong time, and that’s all your fault..

And I told you that it’s only as personal as you make it, and you seem to have made it the most personal thing that you have going on with you and that’s cool, I don’t mind kicking your azz up and down that ring and until pass out and then take what you love so dearly and that’s the DW World Title and your pride from you cause you talk alot and it’s all hot air to me cause what happened on your debut match, may seem like the most catastrophic thing in the your career so far, but to me it was just anothere event where I put a jack azz on his back..

Now he says that physically he does what he does for every match, a intense session and then a lighter rest of the week, hell son, that’s the difference between me and you I know when to turn the level up a couple of notches, you stay on the same plan cause you don’t wanna tire yourself out for the World Championship match against Teddy Rafter, so you do the same thing that you normally do, well you know what I’ve been doing what I’ve naturally been doing for matches and I’ve intensified it..

I start of at the gym at the beginning of the week with the most fierce workout humanily possible, then the next day I come back do a couple of situps, then go watch TV to cool down, and the next day I go back to the gym do a couple of push ups and watch some more TV, then go back to the gym and do some more situps, but this time I did something to turn it up a notch, while I was doing the sit ups, I was drinking som Moet & Dom Perion wine, to keep the brain buzzing, so as you can see I have intesified my work out..

And the point is that I don’t have bulk and all that sh*t just to go in there and deliver a good old fashioned Braeswood Gangsta azz whooping cause that ain’t nothing new to me, and you were wrong about something else I will not be give 100%, I will give more than that… I will put my life on the table to get that World Title from you, cause that’s just how I am in World Titles, and that’s why I am a 36 time World Champion, cause I put more than just my body, I put my heart and mind into it too.

Like I said Havoc, don’t get me wrong you are a hell of an athlete and you no doubt deserve the Hall of Famer honor right now, I never said that you didn’t but the fact of the matter is that when you walk out to that ring on you go on records for talking sht about the Braeswood Gangsta the Whole Fckin Ratings that’s when I make your life a living hell in whatever me and you are competing in and that’s how I am, that’s just Teddy Rafter.

And trust me I have seen that you have grown, gotten faster, and stronger and better from the, oh no! Don’t get me wrong on that but like I said when you put my name and an insult in the same sentence that’s when things start to get ugly you never insult Teddy Rafter if you don’t wanna get your ego, your pride, your feelings, and you body hurt, insulting me is something that you just don’t do in that case, cause trust me when I tell you that when it comes to people throwing dirt on my name I don’t play that one bit, not at all, I bust heads when you mess over my name..

So now you move on Chris Cage & Jon Storm as the ref and as the special enforcer of that match, but it all comes down to this, Chris Cage made that match cause he knew that your azz would be the one to try to snake your way into keeping the World Title, he knows that you are not the type of person that could come out here and beat me one of one for that World Title, and he knew that you would try to cheat somehow to keep that World Title cause you know deep down in your heart that you can’t beat me and you know that..

So that’s why he made the rule that if you cheat in anyway, the World Title goes to the Braeswood Gangsta and that’s also why he made himself the Special Guest ref so that he can make sure that first hand, you would not try to mess over the 100s of thousands of fans that would watchin and the millions that would be awaiting the results on the website cause they didn’t get to see the event.. He knew that you were a f*cking cheating azz bastard and that was the only way that you can keep the World Title.

Next you get on my age, yeah your right I’m 23 years old and I’m still going strong, I remember when I first started I was just a student of the business and they put me in singles competition right away instead me and my brother, or me & EFW Legend Scott Phoenix or me and one of my old partners back in the EAF, AWOL were a tag team and they molded me into something new, something for the new millineum and soon I surpassed every single one of them, not be concieted but they worked with me early, cause they knew that I was full of potenial and they knew that I would be something special real soon.

And like I said long time ago, yeah I have been doing this for 6 years now, and to tell you the truth I still don’t think that I’ve peeked out yet, I still haven’t reached the highest point that I can get to in my career, not yet anyway, cause it will happen, it will happen to everybody. But it hasn’t happen to Teddy Rafter yet, cause belive it or not I can still get faster and I can still get stronger than what I am now, and to alot of enemies that I know, that’s frightening to them, cause right now I’m the DW’s Baddest Muthaf*cka and I ain’t no where close to peaking yet so what does that tell you..

And as far as this match, this isn’t a pride thing for me to tell you the truth, cause I’m going into that match not to win that title just for me but, for the my son Little Teddy Rafter Jr, he has been a big time wrestling fan since birth, and the Millions and Millions of Little kids that wanna grow up to be like the Whole F*cking Ratings, and all the fans that have been following my career for all 6 years of it right now, so I’m not just doing it for me I’m doing it for the World and I can’t let the World down not now and not ever, but I don’t know about you on the other hand..

You see you are right and your wrong, in a way I don’t have anything to lose, but in a way I do, cause in that match I won’t be fighting for pride I will be fighting for “MY LIFE” and that’s something either on the same level of a little higher than pride. Cause when you fight for your life it makes the whole scenario a little different cause you fight for pride and I’m fighting for my life and the World, so I have an extreme amount of motivation, cause if I were to lose to you I wouldn’t be able to take, I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror the next morning or any day after that..

And as far as 1 on 1 matches, yes I do turn it up some more notches, cause there is no excuses there if somebody beats me fairly in the middle of that ring 1 on 1, there is nop excuse he just wanted it more, and that’s why I like singles match, cause in this World Title match coming up in 24 hours and I can honestly tell you that, there is nobody in this universe that wants to win this match more than me, and that’s straight from the bottom of my black heart, nobody wants it more..

No the mountain doesn’t seem unclimbable at all to tell you the truth cause right now I can go backstage and I beat you that damn near every will say that hell Teddy Rafter is already on top of the mountain. Cause in this case I didn’t have to clib up very far, all I have to do is put my hand on that intensity notch and turn that son of a b*tch up and I will win that match, so all the anger and rage that I have been holding in since you came out to that ring and hit me with that belt, it’s all coming back on you..

All the anger and rage that I have built up from not being in that ring for about 2 months it’s built up, and it’s all coming out on you at Final Destination when you step in that ring and you look across the ring and you finally realize that this is your final destination and the end of the road is just one step ahead, and that step, 1 End of the World, and then the next then you know you are on your back looking up in the lights and I’m walking away the New World Champion and undoubtly the True DW Legend and that’s just how it is…

So you think that I should be down there with the Pyhton and Clyro, fight card filler matches whatever the hell you wanna call it, well I’ll tell you this right here Python hell of a wrestler, and Clyro I say in my opinion the most talented underrated guy out there, so it seesm like after this match, you Havoc will be “down” there fighting for the only title that would have a chance to hold on to, and to tell you the truth I don’t think Lightning Mike is gonna give it up to you..

It seems like you will be dropping down to the Internet Title rankings after Teddy Rafter takes his fist ball it up and clobbers your azz and the ref counts 1,2,3 and 100s of thousands of people will erupt all over the World, when the announcer gets on the mic and says… the Winner and new DW World Champion TEDDY RAFTER!!, then will have no choic but to drop down and hand over all your pride and all that sht that you talk about, when I am finally known as the DW’s Baddest Muthafca and a DW Legend..

You know what?! I see that Havoc has some mjor guts, he then challenges Teddy Rafter and Baby Titan, to a Tag-Team match, you know what right now, Baby Titan is playing football out at Miami, he is just coming off a red-shirted Freshman year for the Hurricanes and he’s pretty young hisself, I think he’s 18 now and I don’t think that he would mind getting into some action for his big brother Teddy Rafter, to show the World how it’s done in the Rafter household, so you are on, you faggot, let’s see what your p*zzy of a family has got..

But your right I’m not worried about that right now cause in 28 hours I’mma be fighting for “MY LIFE” and my family and my fans in that match, and I refuse to let either of the 3 down in that World Title match so that’s nothing major to me right now, all I’mma concentrate on is Teddy Rafter vs World Chumpion Havoc for the Title and that’s all that matters right now, cause that’s will determine how my future plays out in the DW, whether I will be known as the Legend of the Myth.. So let’s find out..

(Camera fades out to black..)

The scene opens once again inside The Ericsson Arena. It is outside the dressing room marked Havoc. The cameraman knocks on the door, and you hear a ‘come in’. The cameraman turns the handle and enters. Havoc is there standing up, fully kitted out. Doing some sit-ups. He has sweat dripping from his forehead and his facial expression tells you that he is psyched for this match]

Havoc: Hey, just set up over there I’ll be with you in a minute

Havoc stands up and wipes his head with a towel. He stands there red faced looking directly into the camera

Havoc: Well Teddy, it’s not long now, this night is nearly over, and the day of reckoning is nearly here. Your Final Destination, your final stop before you go to the Ghetto up in Heaven. Because Teddy it’s what I said before if killing you in that ring is what it takes, then in less than 24 hours time, that’s the way it’s gonna be. Fighting is your life and fighting shall ultimately be your death. Teddy I saw what you said earlier, about the fans coming up to, asking how it feels to be a DW Legend. I’m sorry that you had to disappoint the poor kid and tell him that the only Dynasty Legend was I The DW World Champion Havoc. And steeling kisses from the ladies. Well congratulations Teddy but that isn’t much of an achievement. I have a perfect woman waiting at home for me, who I don’t need to steal kisses from, because I can have them whenever I want. And how cute Teddy, what a cheap little pop, “If I wasn’t a full-blooded Texan then North Carolina would be one of the places I wouldn’t mind living”. Who the hell cares? And do you really think that they would want a Teddy Rafter living in their area? Hell it’s bad enough I have to be in the same federation, I can’t imagine living next door to you.

You’re a f*cking joke, one minute you’re talking about killing people, and being jailed. Juvenile when you was a kid. The next your talking about little kiddies picking daises in your back garden. Give me a break, you’re an ex-convict Teddy and you may have the fans fooled but I see straight through you. The only reason you even pretend to like this people is so your merchandise sells and you get more money to line your own back pocket. Well Teddy, maybe if you concentrated in the game a bit more you might fair a little better in the ring and earn your money the good old fashioned way, and that’s by working for it. Oh that’s right to you this isn’t a game, well Teddy you’re wrong this is a game, and the game has only just begun. Tomorrow night we raise the stakes a little and start to play with your life Teddy, and unlike most games you only get one life, so don’t through it away for some stupid fans who spend most of their day sitting on their fat AMERICAN asses drinking Beer and eating Nachos. Who the #### cares about the fans, they aren’t the ones putting there life on the line week in week out. They take pleasure in the beating of us Teddy, If I kill you in that ring, do you know how long they’ll mourn, they’ll mourn you for the whole minutes silence on the next show. They don’t care about you Teddy all they care about is that we make it a good show and that one of us ends up getting hurt seriously. They’d love to see either one of us get taken away in an ambulance, they’d love to see either one of us get arrested for the killing of an opponent in the ring. As long as they get a good show and a little drama they’ll have stupid little smiles on their faces, and the kids will find a new hero, a new idol, until something happens to him, and then they move onto the next, and the next, and then the one after that. Until Teddy they just find something better to do with their time. Until they find some fat b###h to give them kids, or the fat b###hes find some daft punk to some give it to them good. They’re all the same Teddy and not one of them gives a #### about me, and not one of them gives a #### about you.

You see Teddy you can dig up tapes of me falling 15 feet from the top of a scaffold, you can pick-up tapes of me getting stabbed by some street punk who steals a woman handbag. But you won’t see my weaknesses because as I said I’ve seen them all before. Unlike you Teddy I don’t whine and b###h when I lose, I don’t make excuses, even if it is some fluke victory by some talent less commissioner. I have no weaknesses Teddy at least no known ones. I am always one step ahead Teddy, a level further in the game that is Dynasty. I’ve seen the tapes because I scout my losses, I see where I went wrong, and I go down to the gym, or the little ring I’ve got in the basement and I practice in that ring with my brother Chaos. I tell him my weaknesses and I tell him to capitalise on them, and sure he does, he capitalises on them until he can no longer, until I have seen them and improved them, My weaknesses become my strengths. So if you want to watch month old tapes, and use that as judgements of my weaknesses then be my guest, you’re just making my job that little bit easier.

You know what else pisses me off about you Teddy, makes me want to snap your neck even more? It’s your god damn ignorance, the fact that you blame me for your interference. Say that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, what the hell are you on, what they dishing out on the streets now Teddy? I was doing my job, I was earning my wage, when you come out of the crowd and without any sort of provocation you knock me unconscious with a chair shot to the back of the head. What the hell is up with that? All I want is an explanation, none of this I was gonna do it whoever the hell it was. I want an honest opinion as to why your thought it right to attack me, and cost me my first ever win, in my first ever match, in my match against that son of a b###h Rick Lacey. Let’s get this right Teddy you didn’t put no jackazz on his back, you beat Havoc on his stomach. I am a person Teddy, in fact I’m more than I’m a wrestler with unlimited potential and unlimited talent. I am a legend and if you had dared hit me from the front Teddy, if you had came at me with a chair where I could see you, I’d be the one putting a jackazz on his back, and that jackass would have been the muthaf*cking Braeswood Gangsta Teddy Rafter. But anyway Teddy in less than 24 hours there shall be no more sneaky attacks from behind, no 2 on 1 attacks, no backstage assaults, it’ll be 2 men standing face to face in the center of the ring, 2 men going toe to toe for the most prestigious title in the business.

You’re damn right this is as personal as I can make it Teddy, and if you knew who I was, if you had checked my background done a little research you would have realised that this would have happened, you would have known that I’m not a person who would just sit back and take a chair shot to the head without giving any payback. You should have known that I would never let this go until one of us was gone, until I had got my revenge and Teddy if taking your life is what it takes, then take your life I will and I won’t think twice about it. If I get the chance to take you out don’t think I’ll be hesitating because there is nothing I would like more than sending you straight to the man upstairs or that son of a b###h downstairs.

The Havoc and Teddy Rafter sections from the intro are shown again with “Young grow old” by Creed as the background music to hype the main event and Havoc and Teddy Rafter are both shown backstage preparing for the match.

DW World Title Match – Havoc (c) Vs. Teddy Rafter
Referees – Jon Storm and Chris Cage

The lights in the arena go out and there is silence for about 3 seconds. Then Pyro’s go off up the ramp way as “Tear Away” by Drowning Pool hits and the fans boo the arrival of DW Owner Jon Storm wearing a referee’s shirt. Storm appears from behind the curtain and poses on the stage for a few seconds soaking up the boos from the crowd. Jon Storm then slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring Storm walks right around the ring looking around the arena as he goes. Storm then climbs up to the ring apron before climbing up the turnbuckle standing on the second rope looking down on the crowd with the intensity showing on Storm’s face.

Ring Announcer: Please welcome the first of your two special guest referees for this World Title Match, DW Owner Jon Strom!

The fans boo as Strom is introduced.

P Diddy ‘Bad Boy For Life’ hits the speakers and spotlights swarm the arena, the lights go totally out before a huge boom is heard and pyros shoot off, Havoc then appears at the top of the ramp way wearing his DW World Title over his shoulder as the Words Bad Boy For Life Are heard, The fans start booing as he coolly struts down the ramp with his cocky attitude totally ignoring the fans before sliding into the ring, Havoc walks over to the Turnbuckle on his right and raises his arm to the crowd, which only gets him more heat, he then leans calmly against the ropes awaiting his opponent.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first from London England weighing in at 270 pounds he is the DW World Champion, Havoc!!

The fans boo as Havoc is announced.

“I disappear” hits the P.A system as the crowd erupts. Chris Cage steps through the curtains to a standing ovation from the crowd. He is wearing his usual ring attire, black long leather pants, and black boots apart from for this match he is wearing a referees shirt. He starts making his way to the ring as pyros starts shooting up the ramp. He slides into the ring and goes towards Storm straight away however is faced with both Havoc and Storm.

Ring Announcer: Introducing the second referee for this DW World Title match, the DW Commissioner Chris Cage!!

The fans cheer as Cage is announced.

Get The F*ck Back by Ludacris plays on the sound system, and Teddy Rafter walks down to the ring with a very serious look on his face and the crowd goes crazy, Teddy Rafter slides into the ring and goes straight to work on his opponent with big right hands. Rafter grabs Havoc and whips him into the ropes and then knocks him down with a reverse elbow. Havoc gets straight back up and takes down Rafter with a body slam before nailing him with mounted punches on the floor. Both men get back up to their feet and Rafter blocks Havoc’s right hand and shoots back with one of his own and then nails a big snap DDT on Havoc. Rafter then goes for the cover as both Storm and Cage go to count the pin fall.



Kickout by Havoc and Cage and Storm for the first time are in agreement over the kickout after two. Havoc gets back to his feet and twists around Rafter before sending him slamming back into the canvas with a big neckbreaker, which gets boos from the crowd. Havoc stomps away on Rafter before allowing him to get back to his feet. Rafter slowly gets up and he and Havoc enter and collar and arm tie-up. Both men jockey for the strength advantage with Havoc just having the edge pushing back Rafter. Rafter then places his head under Havocs arm and throws Havoc backwards with a northern lights suplex.

Up gets Havoc but Rafter hits a great tackle, which takes Havoc back to the ground and gets a pop from the crowd. Rafter picks up Havoc and nails him with a big brainbuster before going for the cover.


2… Kickout. Strom grabs Cage and asks him why he counted to two when he only counted to one. Cage complains to Storm that his count was slow and Storm pushes him down. Cage gets back to his feet and is just about to nail Storm when Rafter gets involved to stop the two referees from fighting. As Rafter is getting between Storm and Cage, Havoc runs up from behind and rolls up Rafter with Storm counting a lightning quick two nearly three count. Cage grabs Storm and lays into him with a big punch, which knocks him into the ropes. Cage then runs up and clotheslines Storm over the top rope and the two referees continue to go at it on the outside.

Havoc scoop slams Rafter and then stomps on his face before attempting an ankle lock to his challenger. Rafter fights out from the hold and gets back to his feet. He and Havoc tie-up again but Havoc goes behind and nails the De-Struction on Rafter. Havoc then goes for the cover but the referees are still on the outside fighting! Havoc turns his attention back to Rafter but he is back on his feet and waiting with right hands for Havoc. Rafter backs Havoc into the corner with his right punches and suddenly “Your Unbelievable” by Thousand Foot Krutch hits the arena. All fans come to a huge pop, and the lights quickly go out and blue spotlights float around the audience. Orange explosives go off on the stage, while Adam Striker walks out on to the stage. Striker the former DW Hardcore and International Champion stands at the top of the stage watching the action wearing a Deep Impact shirt.

Havoc fights back out of the corner with right hands and then runs into the ropes but Rafter meets him with a huge spinebuster. Rafter signals for the ‘End of the World’ and waits for Havoc to get to his feet and suddenly Striker runs down the long entrance ramp towards the ring. Rafter goes for the End of the World but Havoc ducks and low blows Rafter and then nails the ‘Final Impact’. Havoc then covers Rafter just as Striker is approaching the ring. With Cage and Storm still fighting on the outside Striker slides into the ring and sees Havoc covering Rafter. Much to everyone’s surprise Striker begins to count the cover.




Winner of the match and Still DW World Champion – Havoc

The crowd boo as Havoc is given the DW World Title belt as Striker stands in the corner watching him and Strom celebrate, as Rafter and Cage cant believe what they are seeing. Havoc then slides out of the ring and Storm walks over to Adam Striker. Storm extends a hand to Striker and he shakes it as the fans boo. Storm then turns to leave but Striker calls him back. Striker calls a photographer into the ring to take a picture as Striker and Storm shake hands again getting huge heat from the crowd. Then suddenly out of no where Striker grabs Storm in a front face lock and completes the ‘Deep Impact’ on him as the fans erupt! Striker climbs up the turnbuckle and taunts the fans getting a huge cheer as Chris Cage stands smiling at the top of the entrance ramp as the DW Logo goes across the screen as well as the copyright info as Final Destination goes off the air.

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