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DW Destruction 9

Its Havoc vs Christian Idol in the main event!

Monday Night Destruction (Date: 3rd December 2001)
Miami Arena, Miami, Florida

The Eye of the Storm

The EWF is experiancing what some like to call “a storm.” Championships are changing hands at an exceedingly fast rate. Wrestlers are going from chump to hero, from fan favorite to heel, in a matter of hours. Alliances are being questioned, while new partners are thriving. There has been only one constant, only one “eye of the storm.” The peaceful period, if you will. That man is known as “The Serial Thrilla.” He has won every match, he has defended his title, and he hasn’t questioned anything he stands for. The eye is the center of the storm. After the eye passes over, then second half begins, as science proves. As “The Serial Thrilla” is offered a shot at the World Championship, the EWF has a chance to change. The focus will come off of Havok, the World Champion. The focus will come to the eye. Not the rage of the storm called the EWF: the eye, the solid, the unquestionable, the unbeatable, the only constant, “ThE SeRiaL ThRiLlA” Christian Idol…

::The scene cuts to Christian Idol’s hotel room in Miami, Flordia. He’s talking on the phone…::

Idol: …I know. I should be home soon…

Idol: Yeah, maybe I’ll have the World Title with me…

Idol: Ok, I just heard somebody walk in…

Idol: No, probably just a camera man…

Idol: I’ll call you back. Love you.

::Idol hangs up the phone and turns around. He nods at the camera and Tim Smith.::

Idol: Hey, Tim. I thought either Young or Wright would be doing this.

Smith: Nope. I figured I should get in here to talk to you while your still undefeated and I have an excuse.

Idol: What, you think I’m going to lose the match on Monday?

Smith: You know I can’t say what I think about that on camera. I’m not the color commentator, and I’m to be unbiased.

Idol: Yeah, whatever. I know all of you on the staff suck up to Havok, and that’s why he’s the World Champ. Did you bring me my tape?

::Smith hands Idol a tape of the recent promos cut by each wrestler. Idol watches with little interest, as usual, but perks up when Chris Cage comes on screen.::

Idol: So, Mr. Cage things that Havok has “the edge” does he? Is this why you’re here?

Smith: Not really, I just wanted to see if you had anything to say…

Idol: I’ll say it in the arena…

::A promo for Monday Night Destruction comes on. Minutes later, we are back with the EWF, this time in the Miami Arena. The crowd is roaring, as the video of Idol in his locker room is just ending on the screen. The lights go out and Slipknot’s “Left Behind” begins to blare over the PA. The crowd roars as Christian Idol steps out from behind the curtains wearing black jeans, a black and gray shirt, silver Oakley’s, and his long black leather coat. He holds the Hardcore Championship in the air, and the crowd pops. Idol walks slowly down the ramp, and slingshots over the top rope into the ring. He calls for a mic, and is immediately given one. Idol calls for something else, and is given a metal folding chair. He opens it, sits down, and turns on the mic.::

Idol: It seems that this Chris Cage is starting to second guess me.

::The crowd boos. They don’t like Cage.::

Idol: He thinks that Havok has the edge. I know how it is, though, Cage. You just want to suck up to the champ so you can get your shot. Oh, that’s right, you’re in the main event at Cyberslam! But guess who else is going to be there? That’s right, me. Because after Monday Night, I will be the reigning EWF World Champion, and I will be defending my title against you. And also, Cage, what’s all this I keep hearing about you wanted to buddy up with me? Yeah, like I want to pair up with a peice of garbage wrestler, no, I take that back, a mediocre wrestler, with little mic skill, and average ring presence. I don’t see the crowd getting into your matches Cage. They don’t even boo for God’s sake. They just don’t care. And neither do I. Your time in the ring with The Serial Thrilla will come soon, so just be ready for that.

Idol: Now, I have something more important to adress, and that’s my opponent for Monday night, Havok. This guy is ready to come out and win, like he’s done for most of his career here. But yet, he hasn’t proven to me that he has what it takes to come out and face the challenge of his life. Monday will not be your regular match, Havok. On Monday, you will have to ride through the storm of Christian Idol. I will not go easy on the federation’s boy either. I don’t care if you are the Owner’s brother, you will not get a downsized Idol. I will focus all my intensity on you, and I will win. I have the focus, the mentality, the speed, the streangth, the skill, and the raw talent it takes to be and to beat a champion. If you think that my performance in the ladder match, or the four way dance, or the Carnage match against Bishop is my best, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. Because on Monday night, you will join the list of those officially THRILLED! T.J. Dreamer, Bishop, the Ripper, Assassin, and Bad Boy Billy Thomas have all been THRILLED, and so will you.

::”Left Behind” starts back up and Idol emerges to the back.::

…Havok is sure of a victory, a hard one, but a victory still. “The Eye” will prove him wrong. As the EWF gears up for Cyberslam, “The Eye” is waiting to unleash part two of the storm…It’s coming…

Havok: EWF World Heavyweight Champion
“ThE SeRiaL ThRiLlA” Christian Idol: EWF World Heavyweight and Hardcore Champion

Internet Title #1 Contenders Match – Bishop Vs. Stone Manson
The lights start to flash in the Miami arena and ‘Not die’n’ by Sticky Fingaz hits the PA system as Bishop walks down the ramp for this Internet Title #1 Contership match. Bishop rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring before walking over to the turnbuckles on at a time, climbing to the second rope and looking out at the crowd as they give him heat. Then Marilyn Manson – ‘The Fight Song’ hits the PA system in the Miami arena and the crowd cheer as Stone Manson makes his way to the ring. Manson stands on the ramp for a few seconds before calmly walking down to the ring before staring down his opponent Bishop. Manson then steps into the ring as the referee for this match up, Scott White calls for the bell to be rung and the match to start.

Manson and Bishop both lunge forward and tie-up together. Manson gets the upper hand over Bishop locking on a headlock. Manson then holds the move for a few seconds before hitting Bishop with a bulldog to the cheers of the crowd. Manson then lifts Bishop to his feet and sends him into the ropes with a whip and as he returns knocks him back to the floor with a clothesline. Manson then waist valuable time at this early stage in the match up by responding to the crowds cheers by taunting. Bishop tries to make Manson pay for the mistake by rolling him up with a schoolboy, but he only gets a 1 count before Manson kicks out to the relief of the crowd.

Bishop then takes down Manson with a spear before hitting him with mounted punches. The crowd boo the offence by Bishop but he stays focused on beating Manson to a bloody pulp. Bishop then picks up Manson and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Bishop then uses the opportunity to choke Manson on the ropes before the ref counts to 4 causing him to break the hold. Bishop then quickly goes for the cover on Manson pressing his shoulders to the mat but the referee only counts to two before Manson kicks out causing cheers from the crowd. Bishop then starts to demonstrate some of the technical skills that he is well known for applying a range of short sharp submission holds to Manson. Bishop finally locks in the figure four leg lock. Manson looks to be fading fast and is no where near the ropes. As the crowd tries to spur on Manson, the ref is checking for a tap out and asking Manson if he wants to give up. But Stone Manson in a last ditch move rolls onto his stomach causing the pressure of the move to be reversed.

The Pressure is now on Bishop but he quickly grabs out and reaches the bottom rope causing the ref to force Manson to break the hold. Both men struggle to their feet using the turnbuckle and the ropes. Manson and Bishop then look across the ring at each other, a Bishop sucks chant starts up around the arena and the look of intensity can be seen on both Manson’s and Bishop’s faces. Both men then run at each other hitting each other with stiff right hooks and stinging left jabs. Manson seems to be gaining the upper hand and backs his opponent into the corner. Manson then begins to stomp away at Bishop who is now at a sitting position in the corner. Manson then lifts Bishop up so that he is swaying on his feet and then does his trademark taunt signalling that the ‘Death Drop’, Manson’s deadly finishing move is coming. Manson then goes to hit the ‘Death Drop’, but Bishop manages to counter the move with a low blow to Manson which sends him down to his knee’s.

Bishop then looks around at the crowd who are booing his actions and suddenly jumps out of the ring and grabs a steel chair before holding it up to show the crowd. Bishop then jumps into the ring as the ref tries to tell him that he cannot use the chair. Bishop pays no attention shoving the ref out of the way. Bishop then brings down the steel chair on the head of Manson causing a great thud as the fans boo even more. The ref then calls for the bell to be rung and the match to be stopped. But again Manson pays no attention bring the chair down on the body of Stone Manson and totally destroying him with the chair. Finally as the ring fills with referees Bishop is forced out of the ring still clutching the chair tightly in his hand. As Bishop looks back at Stone Manson who is lying motionless on the floor a sick smile appears across his face.

The Winner of the Match as a result of a DQ and #1 Contender for the EWF Internet Title – Stone Manson!!!
The Eye Of the Storm…(pt.2)

::The scene opens to the door of Christian Idol’s locker room. Rick Young is standing there. We can hear a lot of shouting going on in the locker room, then some crashes. After a few seconds of silence, Young knocks on the door. We hear Idol from inside yelling something about getting away. He opens the door anyway, and what we see is a mess. Idol’s hair is wet and stringy, he’s wearing a stained white t-shirt, and black Adidas sweat pants. Idol glares at Young.::

Idol: What?

Young: I was sent from the head of the commentator staff to come check up on your preparations for Monday night…did I come at a bad time?

Idol: No, I just said to get away because I like the words. I don’t want to do any interveiws right now.

Young: Chris, we heard a lot of crashes and some yelling in your locker room. What’s going on?

Idol: Just leave it alone, all right Rick? Don’t get on my badside.

Young: Does this have something to do with Chris Cage’s comments about you?

Idol: This has nothing to do with Chris Cage! This has everything to do with my own personal problems! No get out of here!

Young: Chris, your big match is three days away…

::Idol slams the door on Young, and we hear another crash.::

Young: Luckily, while the Hardcore Champion was out last night, we placed a hidden camera in his locker room. Let’s see what’s really going on…

::The camera cuts to a fuzzy black and white shot of the inside of Idol’s locker room. After a few seconds, the picture clears. Idol is stalking around the locker room with a golf club, and is breaking everything in his path. He smashes a rack of 200-plus CD’s, then kicks in the screen of his TV. He puts the club through the speakers on his stereo, then smashes a mirror with his fist. He throws the club at the door, putting a large dent in the metal door. Idol then dissapears from veiw for about three minutes. When he comes back, he’s wearing black jeans, a black and silver shirt, silver Oakley’s, and his black leather coat. He gets on the phone. Unfortunately, there is no sound on the camera, and after a brief conversation, Idol tosses the phone on the couch. He surveys his locker room, grabs his Hardcore Championship, then opens the door. The camera cuts back to outside the locker room, but the camera man left to pursue Danny Y2D. We are veiwing this now through a security camera. Idol is saying something to Rick Young, and is very animated. He shoves Young into the wall, then looks up at the camera. He helps Young back to his feet, and gives him a few bills, probably hundreds. Idol then walks off. We switch to another security camera down the hall. Idol is walking past the locker rooms. He finds what appears to be Chris Cage’s locker room, and slips a peice of paper under the door. He continues walking. The camera changes again. Idol finds a camera man walking around, and speaks breifly before we get the camera man’s shot…

Idol: I want you to come with me.

::Idol walks to the end of the hallway, and exits into the parking garage. He gets into his black Chrystler 300M, and the camera man climbs into the back seat. Idol motions for him to get into the front, and they drive out of the arena into Miami. Idol decides to start speaking.::

Idol: I think that winning is over-rated. Everybody always talks about winning this, and winning that, and I should have won, and I would have won but, and I’m tired of it. Yeah, I’m here to win, but I’m capable of winning, unlike most of the sapps around here. Like that stupid Internet Champion Danny Y2D. I know he likes to talk a lot, but he doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s talking about. I’m not going to diss his skill as a wrestler, because obviously he can win. Even if it is for a sucky Title like Internet Champion. And he’s getting a shot at the World Title at Cyberslam! I like to watch this Viper and Spaz you seem to be out here every ten minutes. They are so cock-sure that they are the best. They say that they will win at all cost, but yet they haven’t even tried stepping into the ring with a worthy opponent. I’ll tell you this, I would rather lose to a guy like Ric Flair than to beat a bunch of nobodys. I should just be happy that I am getting a big push around here, and I would be, except the simple fact that I have to face an over-rated nothing like Havok. I notice that he hasn’t recieved a single vote for Westler of the Month. And why should he? He hasn’t done anything but beat nobodys to win the World Championship. He hasn’t shown me any reason to respect him. And who are these other guys getting votes for Wrestler of the Month? The Ripper? What, are you trying to look tough, like Jack the Ripper? Are you trying to set a standard for all the kids watching? “Hey, it’s cool to rape women and slit their throuts, kids! Come on, try it!” And who else? Beyonder, who has voted for himself? I see some serious ballet stuffing going on here. I haven’t seen any of those guys even win a match! No Championship wins, no shots at Championships, they just decided, “Hey, I think I should be the wrestler of the month, because I am just so great. I know I can beat everybody here, I just haven’t felt like it yet! But you just wait!” You people just don’t get it! When you first get started, you need to win. You have to gain respect from your peers, which is something I can’t give anybody in the EWF. Well, I used to think Chris Cage had some serious potential, but then he went heel, and then he decided that he wanted to form some kind of alliance…

(no subject)

The scene opens up in EWF gym. The Spiker is sitting there on the arm curl machine and working out. Then Stacy Wright, the EWF interviewer comes in.

Stacy: Spiker! Can I ask you some questions?

Spiker looks up at her then smiles at her.

Spiker: Alright.

Stacy: How do you feel about the matches that are going to take place in the next couple of weeks?

Spiker: Well, to tell you the truth I’m a little pissed off at some of the matches. There are title matches taking place with wrestlers that don’t even deserve to be in them. Chris Cage for example, came to the EWF after I did. He is out there wrestling Idol or Havok. All I have to say is; What’s with that?! But I’m not really worried about those matches. I am getting ready for my matches. On Monday I have an important match, and on Cyberslam I have an important match. What I’m planning to do is work my way up the EWF ladder and watch these guys get in cheap shots for title matches. Then what I’m going to do is, I’m going to take all these inexperienced guys that never worked hard to get where they are and I’m gonna beat them for all they have. I’m not sayin’ its gonna be easy, but lets face it, half of these guys haven’t even been in a descent match. If you know what I’m sayin’. (he starts to laugh)

Stacy: Well, do you think that Chris Cage is ready to fight with guys like Christian Idol or Havok?

Spiker: Defenitly Not! People like Chris Cage haven’t even beat any minor wrestler. When Cage is going to step into the ring with say, Havok or Idol especially, he’s gonna…. Well, we all know what’s gonna happen to him. (He starts to laugh)

Stacy: Do you think that YOU are ready to get into the ring with all the champions here in the EWF?!

Spiker: I don’t think that I am ready yet. First of all, I haven’t got the experience. Second of all, I don’t want to wrestle these guys yet for their Titles. If I was the champion, I wouldn’t want to defend my tile against somone that didn’t deserve to be in the match. I will wrestle people that are on my level. And I can tell you now Stacy, that all these guys; Spaz, his little friend, Cage, Stevo or whatever his name is, are in for a big surprize and that’s all I have to say about that!

Stacy: Thank you for your time Spiker.

The scene fades to black

Non Title Tag Team Match – ‘Bad Boy’ Billy Thomas and ‘Pretty Boy’ Peters (EWF Tag Team Champion) Vs. BeYoNdEr and The Spiker

‘Pretty Boys’ hits the sound system and the fans cheer as the EWF Tag Team Champions ‘Bad Boy’ Billy Thomas and ‘Pretty Boy’ Peters make their way to the ring holding the EWF Tag Team Titles. The slide into the ring and Face 2 Face ‘Won’t lie down’ hits and BeYoNdEr comes to the ring. The crowd cheer as BeYoNdEr slides under the bottom rope showing no fear of the tag team champion. Alice in chains ‘get born again’ hits the sound system and the fans boo as The Spiker walks to the ring. Spiker walks over to BeYoNdEr with an evil smear on his face as the bell rings. BeYoNdEr and Thomas start out in the ring as Thomas hits BeYoNdEr with a right hand which knocks him down to the mat.

BeYoNdEr springs right back up only to get knocked down again with a clothesline. BeYoNdEr crawls over to his corner and goes to tag in The Spiker but the fans boo as Spiker refuses to make the tag. Billy Thomas grabs BeYoNdEr and pulls him back to the middle of the ring before hitting him with a stalling suplex that shows great power. Thomas then grabs BeYoNdEr up and hits him with a Dragon Suplex before walking over to the Spiker and bringing him into the ring the hard way. Thomas then nails Spiker with a huge chokeslam which gets a pop from the crowd before tagging in Peters. Peters climbs up the turnbuckle and comes off with a great leg drop to BeYoNdEr. Peters then goes for the cover but it is broken up by The Spiker.

The Spiker knocks down Peters before dragging BeYoNdEr to his corner and tagging himself in. The Spiker opens up on Peters nailing him with punches and then with a Diamond Cutter. As Thomas comes in to the ring Spiker rushes across and hits him with a huge spinning heel kick as the fans boo. Spiker then walks over to Peters and pulls him up before hitting him with his finishing move ‘Spiker’. Spiker then makes the cover. 1..2..3!!

The Winner’s of the Match – BeYoNdEr and The Spiker!!!

After the match The Spiker helps BeYoNdEr to his feet before nailing him with the ‘Spiker’. The Spiker then leaves BeYoNdEr in the ring lying as the fans boo him.

The Eye Of the Storm…(pt.3)

::Idol pulls into a McDonald’s drive through, and starts orders a triple-thick milkshake and a root-beet float. He asks the camera man if he wants something, and then orders an Egg-McMuffin. When he’s told that he can’t get one, Idol is livid.::

Idol: What do you mean I can’t get one?

Drive-Through: It’s 2:09, sir. We don’t serve breakfast sandwhiches at 2:00.

Idol: I don’t care. I’m sure you got the “eggs” in the heat-lamps, so just make me one.

Drive-Through: We can’t do that…

Idol: Look, I’m Christian Idol of the EWF. I have about three-thousand dollars on me. I’ll give you one-hundred for the eggs.

Drive-Through: Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave…

::Idol drives up to the window, and the girls at the window gawks at him. Idol smiles and gives her the hundred dollars, and sure enough he gets his sandwhich. He drives away looking very pleased.::

Idol: There you go. Now, where was I? Oh yeah. Wrestler of the Month. No, wait, I’m done with that. So I guess I’ll move on. Chris Cage, I don’t know what your problem is. You come here the big fan favorite, complimenting ME, then suddenly you turn all bad-ass, turn heel, and deny that you want to do an alliance with me. I don’t care, because, in your words, I hate your guts. And now you are SOOOO sure that you are going to win your match at Cyberslam, against me of all people. If it was Havok, I would say that, yeah, you can beat the Franchise. But not me. I’m not here to play son to the EWF. I’m here for the gold, the respect, and the glory. And at Cyblerslam, when I beat you and that sorry-excuse, waste of God’s creation power, Danny Y2D, then you’ll be forced to give me the respect I EARNED, not deserve. The respect I am earning here. Now, Havok, what are you doing, hiding away until Monday? Gonna shock the nation with a big promo on the day of the show? Are you gonna drag your 270 pound ass into the arena with a few more “muscle pounds” added? From eating cheeseburgers and frech-fries? Sipping milk-shakes and beer?

::Idol takes a sip of his root-beer, then drinks some of his shake. He takes the eggs from the camera man and takes a bite, then gags and spits it out the window. The car swerves on the road, and horns start blaring. Idol seems to be oblivious to it, and goes on talking.::

Idol: Havok, I can’t wait to get into the ring with you. What are you, about 6’7″, 6’10”? Something like that. Do you think that you are too big for me to toss around like a rag-doll? I think you have a big head. I delivered the Idolizer to a guy who is plus 500 pounds, twice. If you think that you have the size advantage, you may be right, but all that extra weight you’ve been putting on with your pork rinds is just going to slow you down. If this match comes down to the wire, to whoever has the most stamina, I will beat you. If it comes down to whoever has the most technical skills, I will beat you. You are a brawler from London. I have been doing wrestling for most of my life, and you think that you can beat me because you gre up in those brutal streets of London, where nobody would even offer you a spot of tea when you were cold and all alone. You had to look after your brother, who was only 10! Oh, I’m going to cry. Get over it, Havok! I don’t care what you’ve been through, I don’t care if you beat the snot out of hoodlums in New York and Chicago, or if you grew up singing in the Tallahasee Boys Choir. Nothing you can bring will do anything to stop me. You may be a “bad boy for life,” but you will be “left behind” by the strom of The Serial Thrilla, and you will leave this federation bruised, battered, torn, and officially THRILLED!

::Idol stops the car on a deserted highway and gets out. The camera man follows him. Idol looks up at the clear sunny sky.

Idol: The storm has arrived, Havok. The future is here…

::Fade to black.::

Hardcore Rules Match – The Owl Vs. The Crow

A flood of yellow coloured sparks fall from the ceiling as The Owls music booms from the speakers surrounding the arena. Suddenly two huge white Pyro’s explode from the ramp way and the crowd come alive! The Owl walks through that famous black curtain and onto the ramp. His presence is met by the thunderous applause and cheers from the arena. He stops at the top of the ramp and paces back and forth looking at the crowd. The Owl makes his way down the ramp and up on to the ring apron, he walks along the side slowly and turns to look at the crowd. The Owl throws his arms into the air mightily as the crowd roar with delight. He then steps into the ring and waits for his opponent to enter. The Crows music hits the PA system and the fans boo as The Crow sprints to the ring. The bell is the rung and the match gets under way.

The Owl nails The Crow with an arm drag takedown and then a belly to back suplex, which gets a huge crowd reaction. The Crow is down on the floor so Owl slides to the outside and searches under the ring. The Owl grabs a trash container and throws it into the ring. Owl then also gathers up a stop sign, a metal pipe, a 2 x 4 and throws them all into the ring. Owl then once again looks under the ring and comes out with a sledgehammer! The crowd cheer as owl places the sledgehammer in the ring before sliding in him self. Owl gets nailed with right hands from the Crow and then with a flying elbow which sends him to the mat. Owl pops straight back up and ducks an attempted clothesline from Crow and hits him with a huge DDT! Owl then picks up the trash container and brutally nails Crow in the head with it. Owl then positions the stop sign in the middle of the ring and nails Crow with a pulling Piledriver onto the metal stop sign! Owl then goes for the cover! 1..2.. Kickout to boo’s from the crowd.

Owl lifts up Crow and nails him with a powerslam before climbing the turnbuckle. Owl then flies off of the top of the turnbuckle going to nail Crow with a moonsalut but Crow rolls out of the way. Crow then raises Owl to his feet and whips him into the ropes and on his return nails him with a crescent kick. The crowd boo as The Crow punishes Owl by nailing him with an Inverted Atomic Drop and then hitting a neckbreaker on The Owl. Crow then crawls across Owl and goes for the cover. 1..2..Kickout to a great pop for the Owl! Crow the states at Owl in disbelief before hitting him with mounted punches, which create a cut on the side of the Owl’s face. Crow then starts to choke out The Owl, but Owl gets to the ropes.

With the Crow now having the upper hand in the match the fans begin to shout abuse at him until he reacts to them. The Crow wastes valuable time arguing with the crowd until the Owl gains his senses and rolls up The Crow with a school boy. 1..2..Kickout. Owl then picks up the garbage can and places it over Crows upper body so he cannot move or see. The fans laugh as The Crow stumbles around the ring. The Owl then picks up the sledgehammer and nails the Crow in the head through the trash container which causes him to flop to the floor. Owl looks down at Crow before signalling for the ‘Owlbow’. The fans cheer as The Owl leaps to the top roe and nails The Crow with the OwlBow, before crawling across him. 1..2..3!

The Winner of the Match- The Owl!!!
Retribution pt. 3

[ The scene opens up in an apartment. The apartment is nicely decorated, with several couches, a television set, and nice carpets. The camera zooms around as Chris Cage can be seen in the small kitchen of his apartment, drinking coffee while reading the papers. A knock is heard on his door as he takes a glance at his watch, before going to open to open the door. He opens the door, and it reveals EWF interviewer, Rick Young. Rick Young enters the apartment as Cage closes the door. ]

Rick Young: ” Nice place you have here. “

Cage: ” Yeah, whatever. What do you want? “

Rick Young: ” I came here with good news. “

Cage: ” This ‘good’ news better be good.. “

Rick Young: ” Oh, trust me. It’s good news. “

[ Cage goes back to the kitchen as he continues drinking his coffee as Young follows from behind. ]

Cage: ” So, speak up. What’s this good news? “

Rick Young: ” You have been granted a shot at the World title, at CyberSlam. “

[ Cage spits the coffee he was drinking all over Young as he gets a shocked look on his face. ]

Cage: ” What? “

[ Young starts wiping the coffee off his face as he looks at Cage, simply uncomfortable. ]

Rick Young: ” You got a World title shot at CyberSlam. “

Cage: ” Great. About damn time I got it. Is that all you came for? “

Rick Young: ” No, I have this tape I have to show you. “

[ Rick takes a tape out from his jacket and gives it to Cage. Cage takes the tape and heads over to his VCR. He puts the tape in,turns on his TV and plays the tape. It shows Christian Idol’s promo making comments about Cage. After a few minutes, the promo ends and Cage turns off the TV. ]

Rick Young: ” He’s simply unhappy about you saying that Havoc has an ‘edge’ over him. “

Cage: ” Get your set ready, I wanna cut a promo. “

[ Young gets the cameraman in the apartment as they start shooting. ]

Cage: ” Christian Idol. You know, I actually had a great deal of respect for you, but that’s changed now. What I said a few hours earlier about Havoc having an edge over you was simply what I thought. It didn’t have to be true. But you took things way too seriously, and you thrash talk me. You see, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter who wins the World title match this monday. Because either way, the fact is, I will be World champion at CyberSlam. And you know what? Not only will I be World champion at CyberSlam, after I win the Internet and International titles this monday, I will be a triple champion at CyberSlam. I don’t understand why these rumours about us having an alliance came up. I simply hate your guts, so there’s no way we can have an alliance. Now, I got that off my chest. And now onto the beloved World champion,Havoc. Havoc, whether you win or lose this monday doesn’t matter to me. If you win, I’ll see you at CyberSlam. If Idol wins, I’ll see him there. So you see, whether it’s Idol or Havoc, “The Enigma” will rise and become World champion. “

Rick Young: ” What about your two falls match on Destruction? “

Cage: ” Destruction simply is the word to explain this monday. Destruction will be what I will inflict upon Chooch and Danny Y2D. I will win their titles, and I will go on to CyberSlam and win the World title, it’s that damn simple. And after I become a double champion at Destruction, and a triple champion at CyberSlam.. they will know, I’m simply just better than them, THAT’S ALL. “

Message Concerning Destruction

[ Rick Young and the camera crew leave the apartment as Cage continues to drink his coffee. The scene fades to black. ]

(The camera goes to the back where Rick Young is standing beside the International champion Chooch. Chooch has a black Triad shirt, black baggy jeans and red timberlands boots on. Chooch also has a pair of black shades on and Chooch has International championship around his waist.)

Rick Young: It has been quite a while since anyone has been able to get in touch with you. What have you been doing?

Chooch: Well I went to my country home and I have been working out and watching videos of my opponent’s matches.

Rick Young: What are your thoughts on Cage and Y2D getting a title shot at Cyberslam?

Chooch: I don’t mind that Danny got a title shot but I do have a problem with Cage getting a title shot. But once he gets in the ring with Havoc and Y2D I know Cage will be begging to wrestle guys on his level again, so I am not too worried. And he says he will enter Cyberslam a double champion.

(Chooch turns towards the camera looking at it intensely.)

Chooch: Well Cage, you must be forgetting something. I am the International champ and like I have told numerous people before me: No one can have this title because I have grown very fond of it and I don’t want to give it up yet. And you need to worry about getting to Cyberslam period, let alone a double champ!

Rick Young: Well what does that mean?

Chooch: What do you think it means!

Rick Young: Right. How eager are you to get the EWF world title see as you had the chance to challenge Havoc when he held an open challenge to anyone but you didn’t?

Chooch: I am still intent on winning the World Title but I this is not my time I already have a title. But my time will come and whether Havoc has it or Idol or even if Y2D has it I will beat them and put the title around my waist, but I know how to wait my turn and that is what I am doing.

Rick Young: You don’t have a match at Cyberslam yet, what is your plan on having a match at Cyberslam?

Chooch: As of right now I have more important things to deal with, like defeating Cage and Y2D and keeping my International title. But who ever wants to challenge me for this title go right ahead because I back down from no one. Are we through?

Rick Young: Yes, thanks for time.

(Chooch’s cell phone rings.)

Chooch: Hello…

Chooch: Yeah I am on my way…

(Chooch turns to Rick.)

Chooch: Can you get out of here this is private.

Rick Young: Yeah, sorry.

(Chooch turns his attention back to his cell phone.)

Chooch: Sorry some reporter, go ahead…

(The scene fades to black)

Triple Threat 2 falls match for the Internet and International Title’s – Chooch (EWF International Champion) Vs. Danny Y2D (EWF Internet Champion) Vs. Chris Cage

Chooch comes out to huge cheers from the crowd as Ja Rule’s ‘Watch Me’ plays. He stops at the top of the ramp flexing his muscles and showing off his EWF International Title belt as the crowd goes crazy. Chooch walks down the ramp slowly as the fans cheers continue to get louder. A Chooch jump in the ring and “I disappear” hits the P.A system and the crowd erupts into boo’s. Chris Cage steps through the curtains to huge heat from the crowd. He is wearing his usual ring attire, black long leather pants, and black boots. He starts making his way to the ring as pyros starts shooting up the ramp. He slides into the ring and taunts Chooch who is standing in the corner with the EWF International Title over his shoulder. Linkin Park – ‘One Step Closer’ hits the PA system and the EWF Internet Champion Danny Y2D makes his way to the ring with the Internet Title around his waist as there is a huge pop from the crowd. Danny drops the belt and runs to the ring charging at Chris Cage.

Danny spears down cage and lays into him with right hands as Chooch just stands in the corner watching. Danny picks up Cage and hits him with a stinging DDT to the delight of the crowd. Chooch then seizes the opportunity by knocking down Danny with a huge clothesline and nailing him with a T-Bone suplex. Chooch then goes for the early cover on Danny but only gets a 1 count. Chooch then brings Danny to his feet and locks on a head lock. Danny struggles out of the hold by hitting Chooch with elbow shots before bouncing off of the ropes and hitting Chooch with a chin breaker. As he looks down at Chooch the fans boo as Chris Cage sneaks up from behind and hits Danny with a reverse DDT and then a elbow drop. As Cage stomps at Danny Chooch hits him with a German Suplex and then goes for a cover. 1..2..Kickout.

Chooch then works over Cage by weakening his arm with an arm take down and then a arm bar submission hold. But Cage is too close to the ropes and quickly shoots out his leg forcing Chooch to break the hold. As Cage rolls out of the ring to recover Danny hits Chooch with a low blow and then a belly to back suplex which gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Danny then gets Chooch and sets him up for his finisher the ‘Y2D Bomb’. Danny nails the move on Chooch and then covers him as Cage scrambles back in to the ring. 1..2..3! Cage just didn’t make it!

The Winner of the first fall and still EWF Internet Champion – Danny Y2D!!!
As Chooch lies on the mat Danny and Cage start to nail each other with right hands until Cage rams Danny’s head into the turnbuckle. The crowd boo as Cage rapidly slams Danny’s head into the turnbuckle 6 or 7 times. Danny then falls to the match. Cover by Cage but he only gets a two count until Danny kicks out to the delight of the fans. Cage then gets frustrated and rolls to the outside collecting a steel chair as Danny gets back to his feet. Cage then swings for Danny with the chair but Danny ducks and Cage drops the chair. Danny then hits Cage with a takedown and locks on the ‘Y2D Lock’!! As Chooch struggles to get to his feet Cage reaches for the ropes but to no avail. Suddenly Slipknot’s “Left Behind” hits the PA system and the fans cheer as Christian Idol makes his way to the ring. Idol slides into the ring and picks up the steel chair nailing Chooch in the head with it. The referee calls for the bell to be rung. Danny then sees Idol and releases the ‘Y2D Lock’ and goes over to him only to be nailed in the head with the chair. Chris Cage then looks over at Idol. Cage nods to Idol and Idol then leaves the ring and walks to the back!

Result – No Contest

Still the EWF International Champion -Chooch!!!
Hell In A Cell Tag Team Title #1 Contenders Match – Spaz and Viper Vs. The Ripper and The Assassin

Sum 41- ‘In to deep’ hits the PA system as The Ripper and The Assassin make there way out to boo’s from the crowd. The crowd are showing there displeasure towards The Ripper and The Assassin that they have split with there long time friend and partner The Owl. The Ripper and Assassin look up at the huge structure of the cell before calmly walking through the door and standing in the middle of the ring. As they do Rob Zombie ‘Never gonna stop me’ hits and the crowd cheer as Spaz and Viper the newest addition to the EWF Tag Team ranks make there way out to ring side. The walk down the aisle and straight in to the cell showing no fear. The ref then calls for the door to be bolted and for the bell to ring.

Spaz starts the match by hitting Assassin with a huge belly-to-belly suplex and then a super kick, which sends Assassin tumbling out of the ring. Spaz then grabs Assassin’s head and slams it into the giant steel cage. Back inside the ring Viper is not having the same luck with The Ripper as the Ripper nails Viper with a spinning heel kick that knocks Viper to the mat. Ripper then continues his assault on Viper with knife hand chops in the corner before stomping away at him. Ripper then picks up Viper out of the corner and delivers a huge German suplex on him. But Ripper holds his grip and delivers another one. Ripper then looks down on the fallen Viper and locks on the camel clutch submission move, which could spell a early end to the match. How ever Spaz spots what is happening inside the ring and stops his beating of Assassin to break the move hit a kick to Rippers head.

Spaz then picks up Ripper and delivers a quick snap suplex before nailing him with mounted punches. As Spaz is hitting Ripper The Assassin begins to crawl into he ring and he has blood running down the side of his face from when he was brutally thrown into the cage by Spaz. The Assassin hauls Spaz up by the hair and hits him with strong right hands before whipping him into the corner. Assassin then follows up on Spaz with a clothesline in the corner and then a bulldog. The crowd boo as Assassin taunts Spaz who is lying on the floor. However Viper is now on his feet and pulls Assassin around to face him. Viper grabs Assassin by the neck before slamming him to the floor with a devastating chokeslam as the crowd goes wild. Viper then goes for the cover on Assassin, 1..2..kickout. Viper is then hit from behind by Ripper. Ripper then rolls up Viper, 1..2..Shoulder up. Viper then gets to his feet and looks down on Ripper. Viper backs Ripper into a corner before he is hit in the midsection with a knee from Ripper. Ripper then goes on to give Viper the ‘Let It Rip’ his version of the ‘Twist of Fate’, before climbing to the top rope.

But Ripper gets crotched on the top rope as Spaz bounces into he ropes causing him to lose his balance. Spaz then climbs up to the top rope that Ripper is sitting off before hitting him with a huge Frankensteiner that gets the crowd in a frenzy. As Assassin looks at what has happened to his partner he runs over and spears the referee! Assassin then searches the ref’s pockets before running over and unlocking the door with the key! The Assassin the starts to climb the cage. Viper and Spaz stand over the fallen body of Ripper in the ring and look up at Assassin who is nearly at the top. Spaz and Viper then have a quite word to each other and the crowd pop once again as Viper walks out of the cage door and begins to climb after the cage as Spaz goes back to beating on Ripper inside of the ring.

As Viper reaches the top of the cage he is met with right hands from The Assassin. Viper strikes back with right hands of his own but then gets hit with a spinebuster from Assassin before he locks on the sharpshooter on top of the cell! Viper screams out in pain as Assassin reaches back on the hold before letting go. Back inside the ring the ref is beginning to come to as Spaz punishes Ripper with a array of suplex’s. Spaz then goes for the pin but only gets a two count. Spaz looks up at the ref in disgust before hammering Ripper with punches. Back on top of the cage Viper fights back and as he punches Assassin to the side of the cage he grabs him in a chokeslam position. But Assassin struggles out of the position. Viper then positions Assassin directly in front of the announcers table before grabbing him in a powerbomb position! The crowd’s cheers become boo’s as Assassin back-body drops Viper off of the cell! Viper flies through the air before smashing through the announcers table. Spaz quickly rushes to the side of the ring to see what has happened to his partner as Assassin looks down from the top of the cage. As Spaz is leaning against the ropes Ripper sneaks up behind him and rolls him up grabbing on to his tights and putting his feet on the ropes. 1..2..3!

The Winner’s of the match and #1 Contenders for the EWF Tag Team Title Belts – The Ripper and The Assassin!!!

EWF World Title Match – Havoc (EWF Champion) Vs. Christian Idol (EWF Hardcore Champion)

P Diddy’s ‘Bad Boy for Life’ hits the PA system in the jam packed Miami Arena causing the crowd to leap to their feet to boo the arrival of the reigning EWF World Heavyweight Champion Havoc. Havoc appears from behind the curtain and stands on the entrance stage for a few seconds with the EWF World Title belt draped over his shoulder. Havoc then slowly walks down to the ring ignoring the crowd as he goes. As Havoc steps between the 2nd and 3rd ropes entering the ring he holds up the World Title belt, which only causes the crowd to boo louder. As Havoc paces around the ring Slipknot’s “Left Behind” hits the PA system and the crowd cheers as the lights go down. Red laser lights fill the arena as Christian Idol emerges from the back with the EWF Hardcore Title belt around his waist. Idol stands on the stage for a few seconds looking down at Havoc and the EWF World title belt, which glistens off of the lights. Idol then stretches his arms out in a crucifix before sprinting down the aisle and into the ring. The crowd cheer as Idol the EWF Hardcore Champion goes face to face with the EWF World Champion Havoc. Both men then hand their belts to the ref who holds up the EWF World Heavyweight Title belt signalling that this belt will be on the line. The ref then calls for the bell to get the eagerly anticipated match underway.

Both men start off by nailing each other with stiff right hands with gets a great crowd reaction. Havoc starts to get the upper hand and cuts off Idol with a knee to the mid section. Havoc then hits Idol with a Snapmare before hitting Idol with a huge kick into his spine. Havoc then drags Idol up to his feet before running to the ropes and bouncing off of them but he gets caught with a dropkick from Idol which hits him right on the chin and sends him down to the mat. The crowd cheer the latest development as Idol stomps away on Havoc before nailing him with mounted punches to the head. Idol then stands up and bounces off of the rope before hitting Havoc with a standing leg drop. Christian Idol then goes for the cover but only gets a two count.

Christian Idol then picks up Havoc before hitting him with a devastating sideswipe powerbomb. Idol then goes for another pin attempt but on two Havoc lifts his leg and places it on the bottom rope. Idol then looks down at Havoc before hitting in the mouth with a sharp kick. Idol then picks up the World Champion and whips him into the corner before following him up and nailing him with a clothesline in the corner. Idol then sets Havoc in a sitting position on top of the turnbuckle and climbs up with him. The crowd cheer as Christian Idol signals for his finishing move the ‘The Idolizer’. But Havoc manages to stop the challenger with a low blow and then hits him with a huge top rope powerbomb! Havoc then goes for the cover. 1..2..Kickout to a great pop from the crowd.

Havoc then looks down at Idol and gains his second wind. He is then distracted by a loud cheer from the crowd as one of the two men that will be in the triple threat main event at Cyberslam, Chris Cage comes running to ringside clutching a steel chair. Chris Cage slides into the ring but is met with a Superkick from Havoc. Havoc then bends down and picks up the steel chair. Havoc then brings down the steel onto Chris Cage’s head causing him to drop to the mat. Havoc then turns around and nails Idol with the chair. The ref the calls for the bell to be rung because of a DQ. Havoc shrugs his shoulders at the ref before going to nail Idol with the chair. But as he does Cage manges to hit the World Champion with a low blow causing him to drop the chair. Idol and Cage then shoot a look back at each other before both picking up Havoc and hitting a double team neck breaker on him.

Idol and Cage then stand over Havoc and look around at the crowd who are cheering and chanting their names. Suddenly ‘One Step Closer’ by Linkin Par hits and they cheer even more as the EWF Internet Champion runs to the ring holding the EWF Internet title. Danny slides into the ring and lays out Christian Idol with the belt. Danny then stares across at Cage before charging at him and laying into him again with right hands. Danny then throws Chris Cage out of the ring. Danny Y2D walks around the ring looking at Havoc who is rising to his feet as the crowd chants Danny’s name. Danny then gives Havoc a hand and helps him get to his feet. The crowd wonder what is going on as Havoc and Danny look at each other. Danny then smiles at Havoc who smiles back. The Danny shakes his head but Havoc seems confused. Danny then nails Havoc with a knee to the stomach and hits him with a huge ‘Y2D Bomb’. Danny then stands on the 2nd rope of the turnbuckle holding up both the EWF Internet and the EWF World Heavyweight Title belts as Monday Night Destruction goes off of the air.

The Winner of the Match as a result of a DQ – Christian Idol!!!

Still the EWF World Heavyweight Champion – Havoc!!!

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