Monday Night Destruction (Date: 12th November 2001)

Shadow of a Doubt…
::The scene opens to Christian Idol sitting in the living room of his house. He is wathcing a tape of T.J. Dreamer and Bishops interveiws. Idol shuts off the TV and walks into the kitchen where his wife is cooking dinner.::

Idol: What are you making?

Erin: Spaghetti.

Idol: Great. How long will it be?

Erin: About an hour or so.

Idol: All right. I have to do a few things. I’ll be back.

Erin: Ok. I love you.

Idol: Love you too.

::Idol kisses his wife, then gets his leather coat out of the closet and puts on his Oakley’s. He slips into the coat, then slides on his Airwalks before leaving the house. He climbs into his Pontiac Aztek and drives away. He drives through town, seemingly aimlessly before he stops at a bar. The sing says “Bob’s Bar: Tonight, Christian Idol of the EWF” Idol pulls up and parks, then walks into the dark, hazy bar. He goes to the bartender/owner, and is let into the back. Isol sits down and is greeted by a reporter from the EWF.::

Reporter: Chris, this is your first appearance in the public since joining the EWF.

Idol: What’s your point?

Reporter: Well, this may be a new experience for you…

Idol: Everything is a new experiance. When you took a shit this morning, it was a new experiance. That hadn;t ever come out of your body before, so therefore it’s new. A new experiance, sure, but nothing you’ve never felt before. The same applies to this appearance. It’s not like I’ve never made an appearance. I’ve been wrestling for almost 10 years. Now, I told the fans I would sign some autographs, so meet me at my car after I’m done.

::Idol walks back to the front, and the screen fades to black…


::Idol leaves the bar and gets into his car. The reporter opens the passenger door and climbs in. Idol glances at him, then begins to drive.::

Idol: Let me lay down the rules. No smoking, no putting your feet on the dash, no spitting, and no talking. Your in my place now, and you’ll listen to my rules. Got it? Don’t respond. Now, first, Bishop. It seems you had quite a lot of stuff to say today. Seems you had to prove yourself. Showing us the nice clip of you winning a match. Well good for you! I’m so happy that I get to face a winner in the ring! You said you were taking a “look at the compition.” Hmmm…seems to me like you were calling your opponents peices of shit, probably to compensate for something that you lack, which is talent and skill. But you spent more time bashing a wrestling ledgend than actually discussing your opponent. You may have never heard about the federations I’ve competed in. I don’t really care. I don’t care if you think I’m nothing but a guy making up shit. I’m not. And I will prove it to you on Monday. You said not to worry about getting killed. That’s great. You said to worry about the pain you are going to put me through. Ok. Whatever you say. But Bishop, I will not be the one feeling pain.

Idol: Now, T.J. Dreamer, a more worthy competitor, but you just runied my thoughts on you. You looked like you had some talent, and like you had some respect. But then you call me a kid, Mr. 17, and decide that I am pulling a dark, evil gimmick. Does that fact that I want to show respect for our borken nation anger you so much that you just can’t stand to let somebody pray over the rubble that is the result of sick, demeted minds? You seem pretty messed up yourself. You want to lose, you want to bleed, yeah, I’ve seen your type. I spent a day in a home once. I got the feeling of what’s it like to not understand. To have a shadow of a doubt in your mind about everything. Do you really now this person who just gave you food? Or is it poisoned by a terrorist? Do you really know me, Dreamer? I know you better than you think. First you want to lose, then win, then you want to play video games. Have you seen that Sincker’s commercial? What you need to do on Monday night, Dreamer, is get changed, get on the bus, go home, play video games, and later on, take a nap. Just stay the hell out of the ring. I like it that your friends have to speak for you. It’s funny. You can’t get your thoughts together fast enough, so you need people to cover for you. It’s ok. But you won’t be able to beat me in the ring if you don’t even remember how to speak. So Dreamer, goodnight, sweet dreams. The God damn future is here.

::Idol pulls into his driveway and gets out of his car. He goes to the other side and opens the door for the reporter. He shuts it, locks the car, and closes the garage. The reporter is left in the driveway.::

Reporter: How should I get back to the office?

Idol: Walk.

New Attitude
(Watch Me hits the speakers and out comes Chooch in a Triad shirt, black jeans, a pair of red timberland boots and his International title around his waist. Fans re going crazy. He walks to the ring and sits on the top rope turnbuckle in the corner. Then he pulls a mic out his pocket. And begins to speak.)

Chooch:Thanks. On destruction I have a match with that traitor Ricky Dogg. I was thinking and I realized that I am a softy. I am a nice person. Well no longer, I have adapted a new attitude. This new attitude is more tough and fierce. I will apply this attitude and mindset against Rick. Then at Carnage I will show Dreamer and Havoc a new me. But I have one request at Carnage I want it to be a Hell in the Cell match because I feel like breaking bones.

(Chooch has an angry almost deranged look.)

Chooch:I have been training for a month now for this match and I am more pumped and determined than ever before. So there is one question Dreamer and Havoc have to think about:Are you two ready for a crazed and new Chooch! Because I am more than ready to become the newest and greatest EWF Heavyweight Champion, and I am ready to defend it like a real champ would. I’m out.

(Chooch puts the mic back in his pocket jumps down from the top rope over the top rope to the ground and leaves through the crowd.)

Thrilled?!? sure…

(The Cameras are in the home of T.J. Dreamer. Dreamer and a few of his friends are sitting in his apartment. They are in the Living Room playing Video Games…The video game in the system is EWF vs. ECF: Carnage. Dreamer hands his controller over too a friend that isn’t playing. He turns around and calls the camera man out of the hallway, and into the apartment. Dreamer is dressed in an ECF T-Shirt and a pair of baggy white windbreaker pants. He has his two ECF Championship Belts on his Entertainment Center in the Living Room. He takes a seat at a table in the kitchen and calls a friend in with him. He offers the camera man a seat, but the camera man say s”No Thanks.” Dreamer looks into the camera with serious eyes and is ready to say something…)

Dreamer: Right off the bat I have two young rookies talking smack, about how they are gonna beat me and Ric Flair’s mother is gonna plot against and all this other bull that is getting thrown at me…

(The friends all laugh at the totally confused words of Dreamer)

Dreamer: Now seriously, let’s get into this Interview slash Promo. The first time I even see this kid Christian Idol. He pulls some type of dark evil gimmick. Yeah, I’ve never seen that before. Real original. He has to be all tough standing in my home state in front of Ground Zero. He starts to talk about change and how no one likes change… Well, I love change and you know what, Wrestling is gonna change. When a wrestler debuts, he usually grabs the win to get a boost on his career. Well here is the chnage I am gonna beat anyone who steps into my path. Christian Idol, Havoc, Chooch, Bishop, Pawn, King, Queen…Whoever it just doesn’t matter anymore. My mentality is totatll outta whack. My brain is pumped up. My body is pumped up. I am mentally ready for any type of match. Ladder, Cage, Death, Hell…any type of match. And you know what Ireally don’t care if I win. As a matter of fact, I WANT TO LOSE!! Because the fact that I lost to you two rookies in the EWF with get my blood flowing and my heart racing, and ready for battle. I am sick of hearing about Other wrestlers and federations. They mean nothing here… I won a spelling bee in 7th grade. You know what does that have anything to do with the EWF…NO I don’t think it does. EWF judges no one on past experience they use a clean slate. You have to prove yourself worthy to be involved in this federation. You won’t get a jump in Popularity because you knew Ric Flair’s mother’s roomate from college. You have to earn your respect. I am here to teach that.

(Dreamer’s Friend gets up and starts to talk…)

Friend: You see your not stepping into the ring with a 6 year old little girl your getting into the ring with the ECF World Heavyweight Champion, one half of the ECF World Tag Team Champions, and the Number one contender and soon to be new EWF World Heavyweight Champion.

(Dreamer cuts into the speech…)

Dreamer: Do you here what he is saying. Even though I am only seventeen years of age. I have a lifetime of experience in the ring. In my first professional wrestling match I captured Light Heavyweight Gold and In only my third profesional wrestling match I captured a federation’s World Championship. I plan on adding to that collection at Carnage, but I have to take my career one step at a time and A ladder match the Monday before the show is still a little shady and risky,but what the hell, I need a warm up match. This is no joke match boys this is a serious match with a serious competitor, in the form of Thomas Joseph Dreamer. I hope you gys are ready for me. I am playin gno games. You will be taken seriously. So make sure you take me seriously…

(Dreamer’s friends that are playing the video games are yelling for the camera man to come over. The camera man obliges….)

Friend 1: You see this. Point the camera at the T.V… This is what happens to anyone who gets in the way of my man T.J….

(The kid delivers a version of the Sweet Dreams off the top of a ladder, through a table…)

Dreamer: You see the funny thing is is that these Video Games nowadays can be so realistic and, you know what that spot they just showed on the Game, is exactly what I will try to do come Monday Night Destruction.

Dreamer: Now onto more serious matters. I have to be in serious shape to compete for the EWF World Championship. I will be. I have been training tremendously and will stop the Wednesday before the Pay Per View to regain strength and rest up for the match. I am mentally ready. I will be phisically ready. I will be ready for anything that happens. I am going to be victorious. I am the only one that needs to know that, but I will be a nice guy and forewarn Chooch and Havoc. Even though I have that Ladder match, with Idol and Bishop. I will be ready for the match that Sunday. You all need to enjoy your health while you still have it. Because at Carnage I plan on taking that health, into my hands and absolutely crushing it. I am not kidding I am ready to destroy anyone, or thing that gets into my path of victory. Carnage equals the announcer saying this…

(Dreamer in the announcers voice)

“Announcer” Dreamer: Your winner……AND NEW EWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…..T.J. DREAMER!!!!!!

(Dreamer goes back to his normal voice…)

Dreamer: So…I’ll end this interview on that note…

(The camera man gets up to leave, but…)

Dreamer: Wait one more thing……GOOD NIGHT, SWEET DREAMS!!!

(The Camera man gets up and leaves the apartment as Dreamer and his frineds go back to the game… Dreamer shuts the door and the camera goes back the the EWF arena…)

Monday Night
[The scene opens inside the EWF arena, Bad Boy for Life hits and Havoc approaches the ring]

[The crowd boo, but Havoc just takes no notice and just walks to the ring with a huge smile on his face]

[He steps over the top rope with a mic in hand and then waits for the crowd to be quiet]

Havoc: hahaha, last Monday night I showed all you trash eating scum out there who are fans of Danny Y2D, I showed you all, that nothing will stand in Havocs way and I will win by whatever means necerssary.

[The crowd start chanting Cheat, Cheat, Cheat]

Havoc: Danny boy you can come out here and cry all you want whine and b###h all you want but the fact of the matter is that Havoc advanced to the final, that you just can’t hack it in the ring 1 on 1 with Havoc, with the omniputent one. Sure I used the ropes, sure I bent the rules, I did what was necerssary, I did the intelligent think I took advantage of the situation. I didn’t cheat, no, it is only cheating if you get caught.

But then I have you beaten 1,2,3. I harmed your body and your pride, yet you have the ordasity to come out here and challenge me, you are not omniputent, hell you aren’t even close, all you are is a sorry ass lil b###h loser. However I am not one to back down from a challenge, Teddy Rafter obviously couldn’t hack it, he retired and the only way you are ever gonna get away from me is if you do the same.

I tell you what though, I already have 2 matches on Monday, not 1 but 2. So what I am proposing Danny boy is a match at a house show, tell you what why don’t we make it for the house show title as that is all you are worth.

Maybe then boy you will actually compete in a match you deserve that is if you don’t run off to Texas again.

[The crowd start a chant of Havoc sucks, Havoc sucks]

Havoc: then we come to another match, a match Danny where I will get a piece of you, although not in 1 0n 1, in 2 on 2 but it don’t bother Havoc if he has to knock that b###h fireboy flat out for 10 minutes he is gonna get his hands on you boy.

My partner Stone Manson a guy who I know near to nothing about, a guy who I have no beef with and yet I have no respectfor either, I hear he is a good wrestler and I hope for his sake more than mine he lives up to expectations, because uf he don’t I will not hesitate to give him an ass whipping he will never forget.

Just because you have someone to hide behind Danny it doesn’t mean that you can defeat me or run from me, you won’t be able to stop me, I will be coming for you, and whoever stands in my way will see why “One Day Of Havoc Is Enough To Last You A Lifetime”. I don’t care who you bring down whether it me 1,2,5 or the whole damn Fed EWF or ECF nothing will stop me from giving you what you deserve Monday night a first class ticket to hell.

Then we come to the most important match of the night, the most important match in Havocs wrestling career a match he isn’t about to take lightly, not that it would matter if he did. All it is gonna take is 50% effort and I will walk out with that title belt around my waist. Don’t get me wrong Havocs not about to walk into that ring in front of these faggots in the crowd and give a half hearted performance, no,no of course not. Havocs gonna come out here all guns blazing giving 110%, and then after giving both Chooch and Dreamer there worst nightmare walking out EWF Champion.

I have never met either of my 2 opponents in the ring before but I assure you all I am more than ready for whatever challenge i have to face. Chooch, Dreamer as I said a couple of weeks back, whatever you do stay outta my way and you won’t get hurt.

It’s too late for that now, so be prepared for not a Dream but your Worst Nightmare.

[Havoc throws the mic to a lady in the crowd and then walks down out of the arena]

No DQ Tag Team Match- Danny Y2D and Fire Kid Vs. Stone Manson and Havoc
Deftone Back To School hits as the EWF fans boo the arrival of Fire Kid. Fire Kid ignores the crowd and taunts on the entrance ramp only causing more boo’s from the crowd. He then walks down to the ring and looks around before climbing into the ring. As Fire Kid climbs into the ring One Step closer by linkin park plays and Danny Y2D appears on the entrance stage. The crowd also boos Danny and he is wearing a Danny Y2D shirt with ‘Screwed By EWF’ on the back. The camera zooms into a sign that is in the crowd that says ‘Danny you suck!’ Danny see’s the sign in the crowd and hurls abuse at the crowd member. Danny only gets more abuse back and a can of soda thrown at him. As security takes the man away Danny slides into the ring and takes off his soda drenched shirt and throws it into the crowd. Fire Kid and Danny then exchange words as The Fight Song hits and Stone Manson appears on the entrance ramp and the crowd give him a mixed reaction. He then runs down to the ring and slides into the ring as Danny and Fire Kid jump out of the ring. MOP – Ante Up starts to play and the fans give a huge pop as Havoc walks down to the ring. He stands on the ring apron and looks down on Danny Y2D and Fire Kid. The camera then zooms in to a sign that reads ‘Havoc = Next EWF Champion’. Havoc then gets into the ring and Stone Manson and Havoc stars down Fire Kid and Danny Y2D, as they seem reluctant to get into the ring. Danny and Fire Kid then get up to the ring apron and Fire Kid starts off the match with Havoc. Havoc starts pounding away on Fire Kid with right and left hands backing him in to the corner. He then punches him down to the floor and then starts stomping away on him until Danny gets in the ring and gets a cheap shot on Havoc much to the dislike of the crowd. Danny then flips off the crowd before being ordered back to his corner by the referee. Fire Kid then gets up using the ropes and runs towards the staggering Havoc connecting with a swinging neckbreaker. He then gets on Havoc and hits him with mounted punches straight to his head. Fire Kid then gets up and chokes Havoc with his foot. Fire Kid hold then hold in for 4 seconds before the referee forces him to break the hold. Fire Kid then goes over and taunts Stone Manson forcing him to try and get into the ring. With the ref distracted Danny Y2D joins Fire Kid in the ring and they both double team Havoc by shooting him into the rope with a Irish whip and then as he comes back off the ropes both men hit him with a double team flapjack. Danny Y2d then goes back to his corner. FireKid then starts to work over the arm of Havoc for several moments, before sending him to the ropes. Havoc returned and Fire Kid took him down with a Japanese Armdrag, before following it up with a dropkick. Fire Kid tagged out to Danny, and the duo sent Havoc into the turnbuckles. Havoc staggered out and Danny took him down with a lariat, before bringing him up and hitting a hanging vertical suplex. He then brought him up again and nailed a backbreaker, before going for a cover. Manson interrupted the count at two, and Danny tagged out to Fire Kid. Fire Kid came in and worked over Havoc some more, first hitting a belly-to-back suplex, before a very fast snap suplex. Fire Kid went for a cover, but Havoc was able to kick out at two. Fire Kid sent Havoc into the ropes before ducking for a backdrop, but Havoc came back and kicked him in the chest, which sent Fire Kid sprawling backwards. Havoc then charged and took him down with a flying forearm, and tagging out to Manson, who came in looking to stomp a mud hole in the ass of Fire Kid and walk it dry. He first brought Fire Kid up and pounded him with forearms before shooting him into the ropes. Fire Kid returned and he was taken down hard with a spinebuster. Manson went for a cover, but Fire Kid kicked out at two. Manson brought Fire Kid up and sent him into the ropes, before charging in with force and speed and slamming into Fire Kid with a clothesline. He then brings Fire Kid out from the corner and body slams him to the mat, before bringing him up once more. He tags out to Havoc, and Havoc goes to the top rope. Manson hits a Northern Lights Suplex, before positiong Fire Kid closely enough for Havoc to execute an aerial move. Havoc flies off with a frogsplash, before hooking the leg. Danny comes in and interrupts the count. Havoc brings up Fire Kid and attempts a ‘ Final Impact ‘, but Fire Kid counters and pushes Havoc into his corner, which knocks Manson off the ring apron. Havoc staggers out and Fire Kid grabs him, before hooking him and hitting the ‘FireKick’. Fire Kid is dazed, and is now crawling towards his corner, trying to tag out to Danny. Danny is reaching, trying to make the tag, when all of a sudden, the camera captures an arm reaching up and grabbing Danny by the leg, before pulling him off the ring apron. Fire Kid doesn’t see this as he was in a crawling position with his head facing the mat, as he was trying to get closer to the corner. He looks up and sees Danny gone, and a moment later he’s in the air as a result of Manson grabbing him by the neck for a ‘Death Drop’. Fire Kid is sent into the mat with such a velocity that it appears Manson just broke his back. Manson then rolls Havoc atop Fire Kid, before the referee counts the pin, 1..2..No! Danny just gets in the ring and breaks up the count Danny then slides to the out side and looks under the ring for something. He then comes out apparently not finding it. He then goes to ringside and grabs a chair. As Havoc gets into the ring Danny nails him in the head with the chair and the proceeds to nail Havoc in his legs with the chair. Manson then gets up and spins Danny around and hits the ‘Death Drop’ saving his partner. He then picks up the chair and he goes to nail Danny with the chair but Fire Kid calls Manson and as he turns round Fire Kid nails the ‘fire kick’ on to Stone Manson and then rolls him up for the three count! Danny & Fire Kid are victorious. Danny & Fire Kid exit the ring, and as the camera focuses on the two men it finds Havoc lying in the ring with blood over his face and EMT’s checking on his legs.

The Winner’s of the match- Danny Y2D and Fire Kid!!
Single’s Match- BeYoNdEr Vs The Crow
“My Hero” by The Foo Fighters began to play. The fans rose to their feet in anticipation of The Crow. The tall skyscraper of a man filled with mystery and intrigue came out, and looking beyond the mask that covered his face you could ascertain that he was focused and determined to take his game back to the next level. The Crow stepped over the top rope into the ring, and held his arms high above the air. The crowd reacted uncertainly, before his music stopped, and was replaced by “Christian Says”, from Tones on Tail. BeYoNdEr came out. He remained focused as he entered the ring. He did, with little emotion, but little did he know he was just prey. The Crow charged at him and caught him off guard with a forearm, ‘causing the referee to ring the bell. The Crow then worked him over in the corner with forearms and punches, before bringing him down to a sitting position. The Crow then worked him over with some knees to the neck, before bringing him up and snapmaring him to the mat. The Crow then showed his agility for a big man with a sitting dropkick to the face. He quickly went for a cover, but BeYoNdEr kicked out at one and a half. He brought him up and whipped him to the turnbuckles, and a dazed BeYoNdEr then walked right into a knee to the midsection, followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Another cover, and another kick out. The Crow took him into the corner with a side headlock, wore him down for a moment, and then shot out into the ring with a bulldog. He hooked the leg, but BeYoNdEr kicked out of the pinning predicament at two. Undaunted, The Crow brought BeYoNdEr up and attempted a hanging vertical suplex, but BeYoNdEr escaped and fell behind The Crow. He grabbed him in a waistlock, but The Crow then broke free with an elbow. He then charged and bounced off the ropes, returned for a lariat, which was ducked by BeYoNdEr. The Crow stopped, turned and was met with a knee, and then a single-arm DDT. The Crow kicked out of the subsequent pinfall attempt by BeYoNdEr at two, but BeYoNdEr began to take over. He swung The Crow into the ropes, and when The Crow came back he was nailed with a flying forearm. This only staggered the six foot ten athlete, and BeYoNdEr followed it with a belly-to-belly suplex. BeYoNdEr then took a high risk manoeuvre that paid off, as he flew off with a flying elbowdrop. He attempted another pinfall, but The Crow kicked out again. BeYoNdEr whipped The Crow to the ropes, kick to the stomach, followed by a double-arm DDT. He then appeared ready to go for the BeYoNd LiMiTs submission move. But The Crow blocked and set him back on the turnbuckles. The Crow then went for his finisher off the top rope, but BeYoNdEr fought off. Four or five punches later, and The Crow stumbled back towards the ring, and crashed on the mat. BeYoNdEr then flew off with a frogsplash, BeYoNdEr then locked in his submission move ‘BeYoNd LiMiTs’ and The Crow had no choice but to tap out.

The Winner of the match- BeYoNdEr!!

EWF World Tag Team Title Match- Pretty Boy Peters and Billy Thomas Vs Pyro and Kick Ass King
The arena lights slowly dim to black, then an explosion rocks the arena as ” Pretty Boys ” begins playing. The lights turn a crimson red and lasers blast throughout the arena as the EWF Tag Team Champions Pretty Boy Peters and Bad Boy Billy Thomas, belt strapped securely around their waists make their way down to the rind. The best Tag Team in EWF history soak up the crowd reaction before rolling in to the ring. Peters mounts the turnbuckles, giving the fans a taunt which only makes them cheer louder, while Thomas remains stoic in the ring, awaiting the arrival of their opponents. Pyro’s music begins playing, and the boos continue as the Kick Ass King and Pyro appears on the entrance ramp, before walking down to the ring. The bell rings, and Peters immediately charges Pyro, who ducks and shoves him into the corner before hammering away with rights and lefts to the jaw. Pyro winds up with a big right, and the force of the blow knocks Peters to a horizontal position draped across the two turnbuckles. Pyro takes a few steps back, then runs towards the corner with a field goal kick that strikes Peters right between the shoulderblades, causing him to roll off the turnbuckles and splat to the mat. Pyro covers, but Peters kicks out at two. Pyro brings Peters to his feet, and whips him hard into the opposite corner. Pyro charges in, but Peters moves and Pyro slams into the turnbuckles sternum-first. He staggers out, and Peters hooks him from behind for the fishermans suplex. Pyro struggles and manages to reverse it into a go-behind, and he clamps on the cross face chicken wing. Peters immediately counters with an inverted testicular kick, doubling Pyro over. Peters leaps up and rocker droppers Pyro down, before covering and hooking the leg. Pyro kicks out at two, and Peters brings him up once more, throwing him into the corner and striking with a series of chops. Peters then begins stomping away at Pyro until he is slumped in a sitting position, before backing up, running forward, and kicking him right in the nose just because he can. Pyro falls backward, slumping against the turnbuckles, and Peters charges back in with a seated dropkick to the face. Peters then pulls Pyro to his feet and brings him to the tag team champions corner, where he tags in Thomas. Peters holds Pyro open for Thomas, and Thomas hammers Pyro right in the kidneys with a clenched fist. Thomas then blasts Pyro in the face with a right, which seems to anger the big man. Pyro fights back with a right of his own, then another, and another, and finally backs Thomas into the ropes before whipping him across. Thomas reverses the whip however, and ducks under Pyro coming off. Peters then knees Pyro in the back as he hits the ropes, leading him to stumble out into a DDT. Thomas covers and hooks the leg, but Pyro kicks out at the count of two. Thomas brings Pyro up once more and lifts him up in a vertical suplex, before dropping him down with a brainbuster. Thomas tags out to Peters, who mounts the top rope before coming off with a picture-perfect splash to Pyro. Peters hooks the leg as Thomas mounts the turnbuckles and cackles in apparent victory – 1… 2… and Pyro kicks out at the last moment. Pyro then tries to crawl over to the Kick Ass King in the corner but suddenly the kick ass king is pulled off the apron by The Owl and the Assassin, who entered through the crowd. Peters uses this to his advantage and he pulls Pyro to his feet and gestures to Thomas, who hops down from the turnbuckles and assists Peters in double-whipping Pyro to the ropes while on the outside The Owl and The Assassin are talking turns in bouncing the Kick Ass Kings head off of the announcers table. Thomas and Peters attempt a double-clothesline, but Pyro ducks it and when they turn around, the tag team champions are met by a decapitating double-clothesline from Pyro. All three men in the ring are down, and outside the ring the Kick Ass King is beginning to stir. the Kick Ass King gets to his feet and begins to roll into the ring, Pyro, Thomas, and Peters begin to stir inside the ring. Thomas is up first, followed by Pyro. Thomas swings wildly at Pyro for a lariat, but Pyro hooks his arm in mid-move and locks him into the ‘cross face chicken wing’ to a monstrous pop. Thomas immediately begins to tap, but the referee can’t do anything as he is not the legal man. The legal man is Peters, who makes his way to his feet, shakes off the cobwebs, and stalks up behind Pyro. With Pyro’s attention focused on Thomas, Peters hooks his head from behind, lifts him up, and drives him into the mat with the a ‘fishermans suplex’. Peters covers Pyro and three seconds later, the Tag Team champions escape with a lucky victory. They immediately bail from the ring and Thomas gathers his belt and mocks The Flying Killers. The Flying Killers the gesture an imaginary belt around their waist claming that they will win the tag team titles at Carnage!

The Winner’s of the match and still EWF World Tag Team Champion – Bad Boy Billy Thomas and Pretty Boy Peters!!
EWF Table Match- Ricky Dogg Vs Chooch
Watch me hits the speakers and out comes Chooch in a Triad shirt, black jeans, a pair of red timberland boots and his International title around his waist. Fans are going crazy. He walks to the ring and sits on the top rope turnbuckle in the corner. He waits for Ricky Dogg to make his way to the ring. As he waits, Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson hits the EWF PA system and out walks Ricky Dogg dressed like Michael Jackson. Ricky Dogg slowly makes his way to the ring as the crowd boos. The match starts with Chooch kicking Ricky Dogg in the face as he tries to get in the ring. When he gets into the ring Chooch starts punching him in the stomach and then does a big uppercut. Ricky Dogg falls to the floor and then Chooch starts to climb the ropes as he is climbing them Ricky Dogg had starts to get up and also tries climbing them. Chooch jumps off and Tornado DDT’s Ricky Dogg. Chooch picks Ricky Dogg up and does a belly to belly suplex on him he then goes to the outside and takes a table out from underneath the ring and slides it in. Ricky Dogg is still down so Chooch starts to go up top again. When he is at the top he jumps off trying to land an elbow drop on Ricky Dogg, but Ricky Dogg gets out of the way at the last minute and Chooch hits the floor hard. Chooch is laid on the ground holding his elbow when Ricky Dogg puts him in an armlock. Chooch gets out of it and they both get up. Ricky Dogg tries to suplex Chooch and Chooch reverses it to a DDT. While Ricky Dogg is down Chooch starts to set up the table. When it is set-up Chooch gets up Ricky Dogg and Double arm DDT’s him. He then goes outside the ring and gets one of the ladders from the Triple Threat Ladder match that happened earlier. He puts the ladder in the ring but Ricky Dogg starts to get up. Chooch quickly gets into the ring and starts hitting Ricky Dogg, He then sets him up for a fisherman suplex and when he does it Ricky Dogg hits the ladder, and is in lots of pain and is holding his back were he just landed on the ladder. Chooch starts setting up the ladder when it is set up he goes over to Ricky Dogg and puts him into a Figure 4 leg lock. After a while Chooch lets Ricky Dogg out of it and picks him up he then sets him up for suplex but Ricky Dogg manages to get out of it and runs to the ropes Chooch lays down first time and then gets Ricky Dogg with a powerslam. Ricky Dogg is laid down life less. Chooch starts to climb the ladder but Ricky Dogg suddenly gets up and pushes it over. Chooch goes flying off the ladder and through the announcer’s table. Ricky Dogg goes to the outside and a chair and lays it across Chooch’s chest, he then starts to climb the turnbuckle and jumps off Chooch counters this and hits him with the chair. Ricky Dogg is busted open and both men are lying down outside the ring. After a while Chooch starts to get up and gets another table out from underneath the ring then he slides it into the ring. He gets in and sets the table up next to the other table whilst Ricky Dogg is slowly getting up. Chooch spots him and runs to the ropes and baseball slides Ricky Dogg. Ricky Dogg falls to the ground and then Chooch goes to the outside and throws Ricky Dogg into the ring. Chooch then picks him up and T-bone suplex’s Ricky Dogg. Then Chooch starts to climbs the ropes and jumps off and lands the elbow drop on Ricky Dogg. Chooch then picks up Ricky Dogg and puts him in the corner and sets him up for a superplex, Ricky Dogg tries to reverse it but doesn’t succeed and is superplexed off the top rope luckily missing any of the table’s or the ladder. Both men are laid down in the middle of the ring. After a while they both start to get up but, Chooch is up first and starts punching Ricky Dogg. Ricky Dogg starts fighting back and somehow gets in a scoop slam. Ricky Dogg picks up Chooch and sets him up for a suplex he hits the suplex and Chooch is laid down by the corner. Ricky Dogg starts to climb the ropes and jumps off and hits a leg drop. Ricky Dogg then picks up Chooch and lays him on one of the tables and then starts to climb the turnbuckle. Ricky Dogg is about to win when Chooch gets up and hits Ricky Dogg off the turnbuckle to the outside. Chooch then goes outside and chokeslams Ricky Dogg. There is a loud thud of Ricky Dogg’s back hitting the concrete floor. Chooch then picks Ricky Dogg and whips him into the steel steps. Chooch picked Ricky Dogg up and rolls him into the ring. Chooch then gets another ladder and puts it in the ring. Chooch gets in and backbreakers Ricky Dogg. Chooch then sets up the other ladder next to the first one and picks up Ricky Dogg he then punches him a few times and then Chooch takes Ricky Dogg up the ladder. Ricky Dogg tries to throw Chooch off the ladder but Chooch hits him again and when they get to the top Chooch Inverted DDT’s Ricky Dogg off the ladder and through the two tables below. The bell goes and Watch me starts to blast out off the speakers, while a medical team comes down to the ring to attend to Ricky Dogg who is laid unconscious in the ring. Chooch gets his belt and walks up the ramp to the sound of his screaming fans.

The Winner of the match- Chooch!!

EWF Hardcore Title Triple Threat Ladder Match – T. J Dreamer Vs Christian Idol Vs. Bishop
The lights start to flash in the arena and Bishop appears on the entrance stage as ‘Not die’n’ by Sticky Fingaz plays on the PA system. Bishop then walks down the ramp to boo’s from the crowd. The 26 year old new comer to the EWF then rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring. Bishop then walks over to the turnbuckle furthest away from him and climbs to the second rope. He then stands on the second rope and gives the fans the middle fingers. As the fans boo the gesture of Bishop they begin to boo even louder as “Holiday” by Styles hits the PA system and the ECF World Heavyweight Champion T.J Dreamer appears on the entrance way. Dreamers eyes lock on to Bishops and as he walks to the ring he doesn’t take his eyes of Bishop ignoring the jeers and abuse that he is receiving from the crowd. H e then climbs on to the ring apron and climbs into the ring straight away going face to face with Bishop. The two begin to trash talk each other until Bishop slaps Dreamer across the face. The two men then start to trade blows in the middle of the ring until Dreamer starts to get the better of Bishop. Dreamer then locks onto Bishop and slams him to the mat with a devastating T-Bone suplex. He then looks down at Bishop who is lying on the floor clutching the back of his head. Dreamer then slides out of the ring and grabs one of the 3 ladders that is at ring side. He folds the ladder up and slides it in the ring. As he slides himself in to the ring Slipknot’s “Left Behind” plays as the lights go down in the arena. Red laser lights fill the arena as Christian Idol emerges from the back. He stretches his arms out in a crucifix pose on the entrance ramp before sprinting down the aisle and into the ring. He start to nail Dreamer with right hands, which knock down the young ECF Champion. Idol the grabs Dreamer up and whips him in to the corner. He follows up and nails him with a clothesline in the corner. As behind him Bishop is beginning to stir he turns around but is caught with a low blow from Bishop. Bishop then jumps up and begins to work on Idol’s left arm by twisting it right round and then taking Idol down by the arm. He then starts to lay kicks into the fallen body of Christian Idol before T.J Dreamer cuts him off with a vicious clothesline. Dreamer then grabs Bishop and throws him over the top rope before following him to the out side and bouncing his head off of the security wall. Dreamer then gets Bishop in an irish whip aiming him at the steel ring post but Bishop manges to reverse the move and sends Dreamer to the steel ring post on which his head bounces off with a sicking thud. Bishop then walks calmly over to the announcers table and grabs a steel chair. He then lifts the steel chair up and positions it above Dreamers head and is ready to bring it down until Christian Idol comes flying over the top rope and nails him with a suicide dive must to the delight of the fans. Idol then starts to beat on Bishop and rolls him on top of the announcers table. He then positions Bishop for the Sambo suplex on the table. How ever Bishop puts up some resistance but is nailed with a low blow by Idol. Idol then hits a sambo suplex on Bishop and sends him smashing through the announcers table much the the delight to all of the fans around the arena most of who are chanting “Holy Sh*t”. Dreamer then starts to advance towards Idol but is cut off with a knee to the mid rift as Bishop lays unconscious between the wreckage of what was the announcer’s table. Idol then rolls Dreamer into the ring and picks up the ladder that was brought in earlier in the match. Idol picks up the ladder and throws it down onto Dreamer. He then picks up the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He then begins the climb up the ladder to the EWF Hardcore Title. But suddenly T.J Dreamer pops up and hits Idol with a forearm to his back. This staggers Christian Idol and gives Dreamer the chance to get Idol in a power bomb and then drop him on his neck. Dreamer then looks down at Idol and instead of climbing up the ladder and winning the EWF Hardcore Title he carries on his assault on Idol who is lying on the floor. As the New York native Dreamer locks on a half Crab on Idol, Bishop begins to stir on the outside. Dreamer wrenches back on his submission hold even thought that submissions do not count as a victory in this type of match. Christian Idol reaches to hold the bottom rope but just misses. He then tries to pull himself closer and then finally he is able to grasp the bottom rope. But Dreamer wont break the hold and the referee cant do anything about it because there is no DQ’s in ladder matches! As Christian Idol screams out in pain from the submission hold Bishop rolls in the ring with blood dripping from the back of his head. He cuts Dreamer off with a sharp kick to his head. Bishop then picks up Dreamer and nails him with one of his trademark moves the DDT which sends Dreamers head slamming into the mat. Bishop then gets to his feet and taunts the crowd but gets nothing but abuse. As Bishop turns round he locks eyes with Christian Idol. Both of the men lunge forward and tie up with each other. Christian Idol manages to get the upper hand and slams Bishops head into the ladder which sends the ladder to the floor and lacerates Bishops forehead. Idol then whips the stunned Bishop into the ropes and as he comes back Idol hooks his legs into a drop toehold, which once again sends Bishops head slamming into the ladder. As Idol clears Bishop out of the ring and picks up the ladder the camera zooms on Dreamer who is on the outside getting another ladder into the ring. Both men set up their ladders in the ring and climb them going for the EWF Hardcore Title. As both men get to the top of their ladders they exchange blows hoping to knock their opponent off of their ladder and secure EWF Gold. As Idol gains the upper hand on Dreamer, he retaliates by racking Christian Idols eyes. He then knocks him off the ladder and into the ropes from which he bounces off and knocks over the ladder that Dreamer is left on leaving Dreamer straddling the top rope. As both Dreamer and Idol lay down in the ring Bishop seizes the opportunity and goes to climb the ladder. Bishop begins to climb but is still groggy from his bump through the table and his head bouncing off the ladder twice. As he gets to the top of the ladder he reaches out for the EWF Hardcore Title but as he does Christian Idol moves the ladder from under him. As Bishop hangs on to the metal ring that the Hardcore Title is strapped around he tries to pull down the belt but loses grip and is left dangling by one arm. Christian Idol then picks up the chair that is in the ring and throws it at the hanging Bishop, a move which sends Bishop slamming back down to the ring with an awesome crash. T. J Dreamer then manages to regain his composure and hits the fallen Bishop with his trademark Finishing move ‘Sweet Dreams’ but as he gets up after delivering the move he walks straight into the body of Christian Idol who whips Dreamer into the turnbuckle. He then runs at him and delivers a clothesline. Idol then picks up Dreamer and perches him on the turnbuckle and signals for his finishing move ‘The Idolizer’. Idol nails the ‘The Idolizer’, which is his version a top rope DDT on Dreamer and Dreamers head slams into the mat and it seams that he has been instantly knocked out from the blow. Idol then see’s the ladder that is lying on the floor in the ring. Idol then looks at his two opponents who are lying bloody on the floor. He then looks up a t the EWF Hardcore Title hanging from the ceiling glistering in the light. Idol grabs the ladder and makes his way up it stopping at the top seeing where his opponents are. Idol then reaches up and pulls down the EWF Hardcore Title to a great ovation from the crowd. Christian Idol then makes his way down the ladder as Bishop begins to stir in the ring. Idol then makes his way out of the ring still holding the belt and holds it above his head on the entrance ramp as the crowd cheer at the match they have just seen. Idol then perches the Hardcore Title belt on his shoulder and walks to the backstage. Meanwhile back in the ring Bishop watches Christian Idol walk off the new EWF Hardcore Champion and curses him self. He then looks over at T.J Dreamer the young ECF Champion. Bishop walks over to Dreamer and pulls him up nailing him with ‘the act of god’. He then takes out more of his frustration on the young ECF Champion by nailing him repeatedly in the legs with a chair. As a stream of officials run out from the back Bishop continues to nail the young prodigy with the chair. Until Bishop is not moving at all. Bishop then looks up at the silent crowd and a sick smile appears across his face at EWF Monday Night Destruction goes off the air.

The Winner of the match and New EWF Hardcore Champion – Christian Idol!!

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