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DW Destruction 7

Havoc takes on Danny Y2D in the main event!

Monday Night Destruction (Date: 5th November 2001)

Last Week!
(part from the ECF results)
The game calls for the pedigree but takes to much time and risktaker putsa a scropion deathlock on the ref is checking if he gives ……..Out of nowhere PYRO comes from the crowd and spits fire in Risktakers face
Ross: what the hell is he doing

THE GAME then hits the pedigree for the 3 count and New ECF Lightweight Champion THE GAME.The Game then celebrates with PYRO but then PYRO beats the @#%$ out of the GAME hitting a swift kick to the face that busts him open.

Ross: what the hell did he do that for

PYRO then Rips his Shirt off to reveal a EWF t-shirt.

Ross: i thought he left that company for good

PYRO then runs in the back and gets in a EWF limo it then speeds away with some ECF superstars trying to chase it.)

So it is glad to be back in EWF since i left that cheap ass ECF that was a ripoff of EWF.

The EWF Destruction song then hits and the entrance begins.

The Fight Song by Marylin Manson and Stone Manson walks to the ring wearing his wrestling attire and a long black leather jacket.

“Stone Manson is out here to talk about pussies.” (The crowd cheers thinking that Stone is about to talk about the joys of sex)

“Not so long ago the EWF had a pussy running the show here. He went by the the name of Matt Anarchy. Now it looks like the powers that be have have chucked his ass right out of here, before I had chance to kick it out of here. You see Stone Manson is the only Anarchist that belongs here in the EWF.”

“Now I want what that pussy had. I’m talking about the EWF title and Stone Manson is already on the way after beating (mimics Cobra)’everyones favourite superstar’ Cobra. So please, would my second round opponent get out here so I can show them what Anarchy is all about”

Stone rips off his leather jacket. and sits in the corner waiting…..

(Watch Me hits the speakers and out comes Chooch. The crowd erupts with cheers. He walks to the ring and asks for a mic. The ring announcer gives it to him. Chooch sits on the top rope in the ring.)

Chooch:I was bored sitting in the back watching the monitor so I decided to come out and lay out a little messsage to the 2nd round qualifiers. First off there is 4 EWF wrestlers and only 1 ECF wrestler.

(Chooch begins to laugh as the fans cheer at the statement.)

Chooch:Well I guess that proves my point that EWF is more dominant than ECF. But anyway back to the point I just want to let Stone, Havoc, BJ Dreamer and Danny that they have a whole hell of a lot in store for them when they face me.

Personally I have nothing against Stone as a matter of fact I have only respect for stone cuz I know how tough he is. I also have nothing against Danny because I have never faced him and the same goes for Havoc except thatI take a little offence to him telling I better stay out of his way if I know what is good for me.

But last I have a serious problem with Dreamer. He likes to make fun of my friends and call me gay well I have news for him, he will have nothing to say if I face in the next rounds because I plan on beating him to a bloody pulp. And to show everyone how serious I am about face Dreamer I have been praying day and night to fight him in the next round and shut him up for good!

(Chooch jumps down from the top rope flips the mic back to the ring annoucer on the outside and jumps over the top rope. Then jumps over the barracade and leaves through the crowd.

The sold out arena is packed with screaming fans, as Bad Boy For Life starts booming around the arena, many EWF fans start cheering Havoc which is an unusual occurrance, but also many fans of both EWF and EFW start booing Havoc, as they have grown accustomed to doing over the past couple of weeks.]

[Up on the Jumbotron apperas Havoc and he is in a bar, called the Red Lion.]

Havoc: Hey EWF fans, Havoc shocked the world the other night when he appeared in the first round of the world title tournament, and against all the odds progressed to the second round.

Firstly Havoc would like to thank one man, A man who goes by the name of Cobra[The crowd let out a huge cheer, which causes have to pause for a few seconds]

[Again the crowd let out a huge cheer, Havoc smiles and then continues]

Havoc: I would like to thank for helping me progress, and I would like to thank him because his help is appreciated and will not go unnoticed, however I would like to make it clear that Havoc did not ask for Cobra’s interference neither did he want nor need it.

I mean the guy has done me proud and I shall soon repay the favour some way or another, but Havoc did not need the help, Havoc had the match under control and he was always, always gonna be victorious and defeat Risk Taker.

There was a matter of some other outside interference, by a man called Hardcore Harry and a friend of his called SOB, or wotever his name is.

You see Havoc was ready for them Havoc would have kicked all there punk asses and still got the 1,2,3. Havoc knew that no matter what, no matter how many people Risk Taker wanted to bring down to that ring whether it be 1,2 or 102 it didn’t matter because there was no way, no way in hell that Havoc was gonna walk away from that match as a loser no. That was never an option, Havoc was not willing to walk away that night like RiskTaker and many others did as losers.

But now Havoc looks on he looks on to the next round of the tournament, he looks at the 4 other participants the 4 possibilities of who his next match could be against, He looks at the names.

[Havoc looks down at a bit of paper]

Havoc: Stone Manson, Danny Y2D, Dreamer and Chooch

Now being a new guy here I don’t know much about many of these but I will try my best.

Ok, Stone Manson a the man who knocked out Cobra in the first round, a man who I would rather like to face in the next round, I would like to face him, to get some Payback for Cobra and to return the favour, other than that I have no beef wit this guy.

The you have a Danny Y2D a man who I know probably more than anyone in the EWF a man who holds a title in the EFW a title he doesn’t deserve a title which he one due to interference and a title who nobody with any talent has yet competed for. This guy although not being a bad guy, has a big mouth, he is overly confident in his abilities and he can talk the talk but from what I have seen of him he cannot walk the walk.
I would enjoy putting this Son of a b###h in his place, and defeating him in the next round.

Also, there is this guy called Dreamer, another arrogant guy who I do not know much about, a guy who I do not like, a guy who I think is in the ECF.

There is a huge boo from the crowd which lasts about 30 seconds]

[It begins to die down and Havoc starts again]

If I was to face this man, I would beat him so bad he would be in a constant dream a never ending dream this guy would be in a deep slumber, I will put this guy in the hospital bed unconscious, and I would do it without breaking sweat.

Now lastly we come to Chooch, now this guy i know absolutely nothing about, apart from his name I have nothing to insult this guy on,In fact this guy has done Hardcore Harry a favour because if he hadn’t beaten Harry then Harry, would have a 25% chance of facing me in the next round and if he did, this guy would never, never leave the ring in one piece for I now have a bit of a score to setle with this guy, I shall let it pass for now as long as it doesn’t happen again. So Chooch is the luckiest person left in the tourney because I have nothing against him and it would be best for him if he kept it that way, for him or whoever gets in my way in the EWF will soon discover “That One Day Of Havoc Is Enough To Last You A Lifetime”

[Steps back into the shadows and the EWF goes to a commercial break]


(As soon as Holiday by Styles P. hits the PA the crowd erupts into a chorus of boos and jeers. T.J. Dreamer walks out through the curtain, with new won gold around his waist, the ECF World Heavyweight Championship. He jogs down to the ring throwing shadow punches and stretching his neck. He walks over to the announcer’s table stares down the announcer, and then snatches a mic right out of his hand. He rolls under the bottom rope, as people throw trash and other objects at him in the ring. He looks at the crowd, raises the mic, and is going to speak…)

Dreamer: Well, well, well…I seemed to have gotten past my first round opponent, your beloved commisioner, JabroniDownUnder…Well, you guys still have 2 more rounds to stop me, and you know what I don’t think I’m gonna let that happen. Your roster is very talented, you guys have, Hardcore Har…Oh wait he left to go to the ECF, but you still got Slim Stevie B…nope he left also…Well at least Risktake…Oh damn that’s right! He’s in the ECF, too! Now that I think about your roster really isn’t that talented. My fault for getting your hopes up. Now let’s get back to the main subject of me being out here. I beat JDU to the floor Monday and now next Monday I can face one of three people, Havoc, Who I plan on demolishing if it’s him, Stone Manson, who I have yet to watch so I can’t comment on that. I’ll watch some tape and talk about him another day. And last, but not least, my good buddy(under his breath)”Yeah Right”…Triad Member, Chooch, the Choochinator, Choochorino, The Choochmeister. We all know that If I face him within the next two rounds, there will be EWF blood shedand the EWF blood will be Chooch’s. Chooch If you haven’t realized your little feud with me is raising your status in the EWF, and if I may borrow a catch phrase…when I face you “I’m gonna make your ass famous!”. So whoever it may be next round, I’m just gonna warn you now I have more hunger for that EWF Heavyweight Championship, than I ever did before. Your not stepping into the ring with T.J. Dreamer, you’re stepping into the ring with a Mad Man…or perhaps an Anarchist…
(taking a cheap shot at the recently fired Matt Anarchy…he uses Matt anarchy’s favorite Taunt and the crowd takes major offense to it.)

Dreamer: So enjoy having that title in the EWF possesion, because come the finals when I pin whoever for the 1…2…3 I’m bringing it to the best damn federation in the world…the ECF…


(Dreamer takes the mic and flips it into the crowd, like usual. He then laughs at the crowd and is mocking them. He rolls under the bottom rope and walks to the stage…He disappears into the backstage area…)

Commercial Break
(“The Triad hits and out comes Peters and Thomas. They walk right to the ring they look pissed. They get in the ring and Peters begins to speak.)

Peters:In case you haven’t heard the Triad had a little mishap in our personal invasion against that excuse for a company ECF. We won’t go into detail but be worned Fire Boy and Pyro that we are a little pissed so we will be taking it out on your buts. Unfortunently for you. I am about 80% but come match time my friend Billy Thomas will make up for it.

Thomas:So for this new team they have to contend with a pissed off Peters and a very pumped up Thomas so I feel sorry for them but oh well.

Peters:Oh one more thing before we go get ready. I want to know one thing Pyrowas that fireball that you shot into my face an accident?

(They wait in the middle of the ring to hear Pyro’s answer.)

Match 1 EWF Tag Team Title Match- Fire Kid and Pyro Vs Pretty Boy Peters and Billy Thomas (Champions)
Deftone’s Back To School hits and Fire Kid and Pyro make their way down to the rind for the EWF Tag Team Title match with loud boo’s from the crowd. They stand in the ring and taunt the crowd. Then Pretty Boy’s hit and the current EWF Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring carrying their Tag Team title belts. They then get in the ring and the match gets underway. FireKid and Billy Thomas start out, with Billy Thomas throwing punches that knock down his opponent. Fire Kid then hits a Spinning heel kick on Thomas, followed with stomps in the corner. Big Elbows are then thrown by FireKid, but Billy Thomas picks him up, only to be rammed into the turnbuckle. FireKid hits a back suplex on Thomas and goes for the pin, 1-2-shoulder up. Chops by FireKid, but Billy Thomas hits a short clothesline. Thomas then gets the Tag to Peters. Punches to the face from Peters on FireKid, who then breaks his style and clobbers FireKid. But Firekid then recovers and hits a Hiptoss, followed with a hurricanrana. He then makes the Tag to Pyro. Pyro with punch after punch on Peters, followed with a flying forearm. Vertical suplex by Pyro 1-2-kickout. Tag to Billy Thomas. Billy Thomas pounds away on Pyro with elbows and stomps in the corner, then locking in a boot choke. Pyro explodes out with a clothesline and a face-first slam on Billy Thomas. Peters gets in a cheap shot, but Pyro just knocks him from the apron. Billy Thomas whips Pyro into the ropes, and Peters pulls Pyro outside. On the outside, Billy Thomas and Peters stomp away on Pyro, while the Ref yells at FireKid for trying to help his teammate. Peters drops Pyro on the announce table. Back in the ring, Peters throws some knockdown punches and stomps away. Pyro pops up and runs at Peters, but Peters hits a jumping calf kick 1-2-kickout. Tag to Billy Thomas. Billy Thomas stomps away on Pyro in the corner. Pyro fires back with right hands and a clothesline. Sidewalk slam by Billy Thomas 1-2-broken by FireKid. Tag to Peters. Peters chokes Pyro with both hand and boot, then chops across Pyro’s chest. Pyro ducks a chop adn starts laying into Peters with some of his own. Pyro ducks the thrust kick, knocks Billy Thomas off the apron and locks in the Sharpshooter on Peters! Billy Thomas runs in a clotheslines Pyro out of the hold, and both men go down. Tag to FireKid and Billy Thomas. FireKid runs in with chops aplenty and a diving forearm. Flapjack to Peters and a neckbreaker to Billy Thomas. FireKid dropkicks Peters off the apron and hits a bulldog on Billy Thomas. FireKid lands on his feet after the Lionsault, but locks in the Walls of Jericho, only for Peters to punch him out of the hold. Tag to Pyro, who hits a belly-belly on Peters and DDT to Billy Thomas. Pyro knocks Peters over the top, while FireKid goes up the turnbuckle. Pyro holds Billy Thomas and FireKid leaps, but FireKid hits Pyro with the front dropkick on accident! Billy Thomas staggers up and nails Pyro with the powerbomb 1-2-3! Billy Thomas and Peters have retained the EWF Tag Team Titles!

The Winners of the match and still EWF Tag Team Champions – Billy Thomas and Pretty Boy Peters!!!
After the match, both Pyro and FireKid eventually stagger up, with Pyro in the ring making motions that seem to say “I didn’t do anything; you lost the match”. FireKid runs in and attacks Pyro, only to receive a hangmans DDT for his actions! Pyro starts go up the ramp. Fade Out.

Match 2 Triple Threat Match- SSB Vs. Cobra Vs. The Crow
“Smooth Criminal” by AAF plays, and the fans go nuts with cheers as Cobra makes his way to the ring. Cobra smiles at the crowd, then climbs through the ropes into the ring. Then he turns to await his opponents. The arena suddenly goes dark. Fog begins to roll in along the entrance ramp, and a blue light shrouds the arena. Then, out of the fog, The Crow appears on the entrance ramp as ” Living dead girl” by Rob Zombie begins. The crowd go wild and starting chanting “Crow, crow, crow , a big Harley rode to ring side. The bike stopped at ring side and the house lights went on and Crow got of his bike and entered the ring. He grabbed a mike and started to talk.

Crow: I’ve been offered a challenge by a wrestler named Cobra , he wants me to take part in a triple threat match with some one called SSB, know I don’t have no problem with any of you too , but I accept , lets dance boys”.

The Crow takes in the scene, Crow then looks Cobra straight in the eyes. Then the ECF theme music begins to play and SSB runs out to boo’s from the crowd. SSB looks at the crowd and then runs straight into the ring. From the start Cobra and the Crow double team SSB and they both lay in to him with punches The Crow then whips SSB in to the ropes and The Crow and Cobra hit a 3D on SSB! They then throw him over the top rope and out of the ring. Reversals of arm wrenches by the Crow and Cobra, and The Crow then shoulder blocks Cobra down, but Cobra takes out his legs with a roundhouse trip. Cobra gets a chair and tosses it into The Crow’s face 1-2-kickout. They fight over the chair, reversing each others moves, but finally The Crow scores a front facebuster onto the chair 1-2-kickout. The action spills outside, where Cobra hits a backflip splash onto The Crow from the apron 1-2-kickout. Back inside, Cobra goes for a snap suplex onto the chair but The Crow reverses it and hits a suplex of his own. The Crow then starts to lay into Cobra with hard kicks to his mid section. The Crow then pulls Cobra up and rams his head in to the turn buckle. The Crow then rips off the turnbuckle pad and exposes the metal underneath. He then proceeds to slam Cobra face into the uncovered metal he then hits a Russian leg sweep on Cobra. The camera then zooms into Cobra’s face where it clearly shows that Cobra has been busted open from the attack of The Crow. As SSB starts to climb back into the ring The Crow picks up a chair and hits him with a vile chair shot straight to his head. The Crow then starts to trash talk SSB who is laying on the floor. Cobra then comes up behind The Crow and rolls him up with a school boy but only gets a two count. Both men then get to their feet and The Crow goes for a clothesline on Cobra but he ducks and hits The Crow with a superkick to the jaw. Cobra then goes to lock on the Constricter on The Crow but The Crow gets to the ropes before any damage is done. The Crow then hits a pulling backslam on Cobra, but he seems to have hurt his own back. The Crow stumbles out and to the top, but his eyes spot SSB getting back in the ring. Cobra ‘buckles The Crow and goes for a Superplex, but The Crow spins and drops Cobra onto the ropes. SSB nails The Crow with a Russian Neck Drop, while Cobra slides in to the ring from the outside. SSB then gets nailed with the Snake bite from Cobra. Cobra then goes up top and hits the leg drop on SSB and goes for the cover, 1-2-3!

The Winner of the match- Cobra!!
Commercial Break
Match 3 EWF World Title Tournament Match- Stone Manson Vs Chooch
Ja Rule’s ‘Watch Me’ hits and Chooch appears at the top of the ramp. He sokes up the appulase from the crowd and then walks down to ringside with his EWF International Title around his waist. As he climbs into the ring Marilyn Manson’s ‘The Fight Song’ hits and Manson walks down to ringside to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He then slides into the ring. Chooch spears Manson right at the start, but Manson just knees him back and clubs him down. Kick to the gut by Manson and a takedown. Manson misses an elbow drop, and Chooch again rams him into the corner. Manson throws some punches and elbows, but Chooch ducks him and hits a T-Bone suplex. Manson chokes Chooch and elbows him back, then nails him with a big boot. Clothesline by Manson, followed with a powerbomb 1-2-shoulder up. Chooch trips Manson and looks for the boston crab submission hold, but Manson kicks him back and then Boots him off the apron. Outside, Manson smashes Chooch’s face into the stairs, and uppercuts him over the barrier. Manson whips Chooch into the barrier and then elbows him back over. Suddenly, Hardcore Harry appears form the crowd and smacks Manson with a chair. He rams it into Manson’s foot until Cobra rushes down and chases Hardcore Harry away. Meanwhile, Manson works on the now-injured foot, by smashing it against the stairs. Chooch rolls Manson into the ring and stomps on the ankle. Mounted punches by Chooch, who then sits on the ankle. Manson kicks Chooch away, but Chooch trips him and drops elbows on the ankle. Chooch locks in a mini-figure four around Manson’s foot, but Manson elbows him back and crawls to the corner. Chooch grabs at Manson’s foot, but the big man lays out Chooch with an enziguri. Mnson then hits a bear hug into a belly to belly suplex on Chooch, and a clothesline in the corner. Vertical suplex by Manson, then another, then another, and yet another! Manson stumbles up and goes up the turnbuckle for the Flying Clothesline.He connect and sends Chooch’s head smashing to the floor. Manson crawls up and looks for the neck breaker, but Chooch kicks out Manson’s feet and goes for the Inverted DDT, but Manson flips out of it. Chokeslam to Chooch, but Manson falls down on his injured ankle. Manson looks down at Chooch and goes for his boston crab submission hold, but Chooch flips away. Manson picks up Chooch and looks for the Death Drop, but Chooch reverses it in to a hurricanrana! Chooch then brings Manson off the ground to his feet and hits his trademark finishing move the inverted DDT on to Stone Manson. He the crawls over him as the ref administers the three count!

The Winner of the match- Chooch!!
Match 4 EWF World Title Tournament Match- Havoc Vs Danny Y2D
MOP’s Ante Up hits the sound system and Havoc is met with boo’s from the crowd. He walks down to the ring ignoring the fans and poses on the turnbuckle. Danny Y2D’s music then hits and he comes out to loud cheers from the EWF Crowd. As he walks down the ramp Havoc rolls out of the ring and runs to meet him. Clubs to the back by Havoc and then he rams Danny into the ringpost. Clothesline by Havoc. Punches by Danny, who then rams Havoc into the security barrier. Danny smashes Havoc’s head into the ringpost and then cracks him across the face with a right hand. Elbows by Danny. They battle up through the fans, with Danny knocking Havoc down with every punch. Back by the sound equipment now, with Danny still firmly in control of Havoc. Finally, Danny tosses Havoc back over the barrier. Havoc grabs the ringbell, but Danny boots him down and smashes him into the stairs. Havoc tries to fight back, but Danny smashes his face into the table and his body into the stairs. They get in the ring, and the match finally is officially underway. Stomps by Danny. Danny pops Havoc’s elbow and locks the arm for elbow to the back of Havoc. Danny again pops the elbow and locks the arm, and elbow, 1-2-kickout! Havoc gets in some knees to the stomach. He goes for the Final Impact, but Danny pushes him out. Danny goes for the DDT, but Havoc flips around and pushes him out of the ring. Danny falls to the outside, while Havoc collapses in the middle of the ring. Havoc tries to leap off the apron, but Danny catches him and rams him into the ringpost. Havoc nails Danny with a knee to the back, and he smashes Danny’s head into the announce table more than few times. Havoc with the mounted punches on top of the table, and an elbow drop to follow it up. Havoc chokes Danny with a sound cable, but the ref makes him break it. Back in the ring, Havoc chokes Danny with the ropes. He misses a legdrop on Danny, then misses a clothesline, and Danny leaps on Havoc. Danny misses the elbow follow and Havoc pins 1-2-shoulder up. Havoc locks in a sleeper, and even the fans can’t help Danny out of this one. Danny’s eyes begin to close and his face turns blue, but wait! His legs start kicking and he flips onto his side, now to his knees. Danny with punches to break the hold, but Havoc hits a Lou Thesz Press and the mounted punches. Havoc then hits the De-Struction on Danny, 1-2-shoulder up! Havoc smashes Danny’s head into the turnbuckle, but Danny blocks and does the same to Havoc. Clothelsine in the corner by Danny, who then drops Havoc onto the turnbuckle. Big Boot by Danny. Danny goes for another Big Boot, but Havoc ducks and Danny gets caught on the ropes. Havoc pulls on Danny’s leg, bending it around the ropes. Havoc pounds away on Danny’s back 1-2-kickout. Havoc takes Danny’s legs out form under him and hits an elbow drop. Havoc again pulls Danny down and drops a knee on his leg. Danny escapes to the outside, where he pulls Havoc down and wraps his knee around the ringpost a few times. Danny goes to do it a third time, but Havoc pulls Danny head-first into the ringpost. Havoc rolls Danny into the ring and gets a chair. Havoc runs at Danny, but Danny gets up a boot to stop Havoc in his tracks. Punches in the corner by Danny, who whips Havoc into the ref. Havoc clotheslines Danny down and gets his chair. He nails Danny in the back and then repeatedly in the leg. Havoc sets Danny’s ankle in the folded chiar and goes up top. Danny gets up and nails Havoc with the chair, sending him flying off the top. Danny nails Havoc again with the chair and calls for the end. The bloodied Havoc runs at Danny, who goes to hit him with a clothesline but he ducks. Havoc then spins Danny around and hits the Final Impact on him. He then goes for the cover, but the ref is still down after he collided with Havoc. Havoc then slides to the out side and grabs a steel chair from one of the announcers. He then nails Danny in the legs and head with the steel chair before throwing it to the floor as the ref begins to come around he goes for the pin again. 1..2.. He kicked out! Havoc cant belive it! He goes over and grabs the ref by the shirt! But as he complains to the ref Danny rolls up Havoc 1..2..Kickout! As Danny gets back up Havoc rolls him up but he puts his feet on the ropes for leverage! 1..2..3! Havoc wins it!

The Winner of the match- Havoc!!

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