Monday Night Destruction (Date: 29th October 2001)

Match 1 EWF World Title Tournament Match- Risktaker Vs Mystery Opponent
Risktaker makes his way out as ‘In The End’ by Linkin park plays. Risktaker gets booed by the crowd as he steps into the ring.

The Crowd is silent awaiting the arrival of Risk Takers opponent. Risk Taker stands in the ring looking on down the entrance ramp, he looks quite confident. They wait a couple of minutes but still no sign of this mystery man Risk Taker is supposed to be facing.

Risk Taker gets fed up of waiting climbs outta the ring and goes and grabs a microphone.

He steps back into the ring and begins to speak.

Risk Taker: Well, well I guess no body backstage had the balls to come step into the ring and face the Risk Taker, if I ain’t got an opponent then I guess there ain’t no point me being here, I’ll see you all in the 2nd round of this tourney.

Risk Taker throws down the Mic and goes to leave the ring, he gets half his body through the ropes then he stops as Bad Boy for Life hits and begins booming around the arena. Most of the EWF fans look on wondering who it is coming down to the ring.

Suddenly a tall dark figure about 6 foot 7 and looking close to 300 pounds appears from behind the curtain with a Mic.

Oh My God it’s Havoc from EFW what is his business here in the EWF, what does he want and why is he here.

The crowd start booing louder as more and more fans join in, soon the music is drowned out by the boos.

The music stops and the noise from the crowd dies down, Havoc raises the Mic towards his lips, pauses for a moment scans the crowd looking at a couple of the signs reading things like ECF Sucks and EWF fan for life.

Havoc: hahaha, sorry I am late I had to get through quite a bit of security to get here, but don’t worry they should all come to in a minute.

Anyway down to business, Risk Taker or whatever your name is before you get mad son, just remember that “it’s better to be pissed off then pissed on” don’t you even think about leaving that ring. It’s taken me 4 hours to get here from the EFW and your one sorry ass Son of a Bitch if you think I am leaving without kicking some guys ass, and making my mark in this fed you call the EWF.

You see, some of you know me and some of you don’t, the ones of you that no me out there, you know that Havoc is one mean muthaf*cker and you know that he is gonna kick whoever gets in his way punk ass all around this arena, and you know what Havoc is all about, you know that Havoc was born on the streets, brought himself and his brother Chaos up on the streets and you know that Havoc, knows all about these jackasses who think they are the shit. Jackasses like this guy standing in that ring, shaking out fear, almost wetting himself up there.

Risk Taker you made one big mistake think that you were gonna get an easy ride to the 2nd round, you were so very wrong, very wrong indeed, and now I am gonna show why “One Day of Havoc is Enough to Last You a Lifetime”

With that Havoc throws done the Mic and runs down to the ringЕЕ

Havoc tiesup with Risktaker, Havoc locks on a nice wristlock but it is countered into a headscissors takedown by Risktaker, he immediately locks on a nice armbar but Havoc reaches the ropes. Risktaker runs over to Havoc but is backdropped to the outside of the ring! Havoc rolls to the outside and whips Risktaker into the ringsteps. He then looks for a suplex but it is countered into a northern lights suplex by Risktaker. He rolls Havoc in the ring and locks in a side headlock. The ref drops Havoc’s hand once, twice no! Havoc’s arm shoots up into the air for a great cheer from the crowd. He elbows Risktaker in the gut twice before whipping him into the ropes, Risktaker leap frogs Havoc but is elbowed in the face as he comes back off the ropes. Havoc climbs the turnbuckle and nails a slingshot crossbody off the top. 1….2… Hardcore Harry puts Risktaker’s leg on the ropes, keeping the 3 count to be made. While the ref is busy with Hardcore Harry, SSB gets on the top turnbuckle. hurricanrana! Havoc is down and SSB rolls to the outside of the ring and Risktaker makes his way to his feet first. Havoc gets up and rolls Risktaker into a Boston cab! Risktaker is going to tap! Risktaker quickly grabs the ropes and counters into a Boston crab of his own. Havoc quickly rolls out of the ring. He looks to leave the ringside area and Risktaker chases after him, they duke it out at the top of the stage, Risktaker looks for a clothesline but Havoc superkicks him! Risktaker falls off the stage through the tables below! The fans begin a holy S*** chant! What a back and forth contest this is. Havoc rolls inside the squared circle. Suddenly Hardcore Harry rolls in the ring and nails Havoc with a steel chair! Hardcore Harry quickly rolls out of the ring and taunts the fans, on his way backstage. Risktaker rolls inside the ring and strikes Havoc with right hands, he nails a punch knocking him out to the canvas. Risktaker bodyslam and nails a leg drop on Havoc. He quickly kicks Havoc in the gut and then nails a neckbreaker! SSB distracts the official and Risktaker grabs a steel chair, he swings it at Havoc but misses. Havoc then nails a ddt on to Risktaker onto the chair. He goes for the cover 1…..2… the ref finds Havoc’s shoulder up at the last second. Risktaker doesn’t look too pleased. He locks in a chokehold but the referee breaks it up. He gets into an argument with the official and is low blowed by Havoc and he then rolls him up into a Boston crab once more! Risktaker is tapping out but SSB appears to be out on the outside. While the ref checks on him, Cobra slowly gets in the ring with a crowbar. He nails Risktaker in the ribs with the crowbar! Cobra taunts. Cobra then climbs to the top and hits a leg drop! Havoc finds the opportunity, nailing the ‘Final Impact’ on Risktaker. He makes the pin 1…..2…….3!

The Winner of the match- Havoc!!
Match 2 EWF World Title Tournament Match- Stone Manson Vs Cobra
Stone Manson’s music then hits and he walks down to the ring to a mixed reaction. ‘Smooth Criminal’ by AAF then hits and Cobra runs out to a great reaction. Manson attacks Jeff from behind and the match is underway, Manson stomps away at Cobra in the corner and the ref backs him away only to have Cobra being knocked down again with a clothesline. Manson rolls Cobra out of the ring. He slams his skull over the ring steps. Cobra elbows Manson and nails a right hand, another. Cobra nails frog splash from the ring steps to the amazement of the fans. He slowly rolls inside the ring and celebrates to huge cheers. Cobra climbs the top turnbuckle and jumps off, dropkick to Manson. Both men are down. They then slowly get up as the ref begins a 10 count. Spine buster by Manson. Manson is really on fire. Suplex from the middle rope by Manson. DDT by Cobra. 1..2…no! rollup. 1…2… Manson rolls to the outside and looks pretty pissed. He walks out of the ring and up the ramp. He then brawls with Cobra on the ramp, he then backdrops Cobra from the stage, 20 feet below on medal concrete! Manson slowly rolls Cobra inside the ring. Cobra catches him in a clothesline followed by a leg drop off the top. 1….2….no! Cobra grabs Manson and slams him into the turnbuckle. Hurricanrana, No! Manson power bombed Cobra, dropping him on his head!. Cobra is laying out cold. Manson grbs a steel chair from ringside and Bam! Manson is beating Cobra with the solid steel chair. He drops the chair and makes the pin on a bloody Cobra. 1….2….. no! Manson grabs two chairs and sets them up next to each other. The chairs are sitting, across from each other. Manson raises his arms in the air. Manson grabs him and hooks his leg, and signals to end the matchup! WHAM! Manson hits a huge suplex through the chairs!. He then goes for the pinfall. 1…..2…! Manson then stomps his feet as starts shouting at the fans. He then nails another suplex but this time Cobra lands on the canvas. Manson then grabs the ref by the shirt. He then yells, “Do your job referee!” Manson walks around the ring and looks at the beaten, battered and bloody Cobra after those two suplexes. He then slowly hooks Cobra’s legs. the fans are hoping Cobra will kick out. 1…2….3. He didn’t.

The Winner of the match- Stone Manson!!
Match 3 EWF Tag Team Title Match- Bad Boy Billy Thomas and Pretty Boy Peters Vs American psycho and The Game (ECF Wrestlers)
The Game and American Psycho are then seen standing in the ring getting ready for there match. Suddenly Pretty Boys hits and Billy Thomas enters on the right and Peters enters on the left. Thomas turns to the right as Peters turns to the left and they both put up their arms at the same time. Then they continue to walk to the ring. Pretty Boy Peters and The Game start off in the ring for this match for the vacant EWF Tag Team Titles. Pretty Boy Peters gains the upper hand with a headlock, only to be elbowed out and hit with multiple shoulders by The Game. Pretty Boy Peters takes The Game down and goes for an early fisherman suplex, but American psycho stops him, only to get a spinning heel kick from Peters. The Game then crawls over and makes a tag to American psycho. American psycho pounds away on Pretty Boy Peters, but he gets the tags to Bad Boy Billy Thomas while American psycho isn’t looking. American psycho runs to tag in The Game, but he refuses to make the tag! American psycho ducks Bad Boy Billy Thomas and gets in a few punches, but the big man ultimately turns American psycho inside out and press slams him into The Game. Bad Boy Billy Thomas clotheslines American psycho over the top and then slingshots The Game into the ropes. He brings American psycho back in and makes the tag to Pretty Boy Peters, who kicks away on American psycho’s midsection. Pretty Boy Peters then hits some chops but The Game kicks him, allowing American psycho to hit a DDT 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to The Game. The Game hits his clothesline off the ropes and knees Pretty Boy Peters so hard that he flies to the outside. The Game then slams Pretty Boy Peters into the steps. Back inside the ring he tags in American psycho, who kicks away at Peters. Pretty Boy Peters fires back with punches, but American psycho takes him down with a knee and a boot choke. He then hits Pulling slam from the corner 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to The Game, but Pretty Boy Peters is able to clothesline both men down. Tag to Bad Boy Billy Thomas. Knockdowns to American psycho and The Game. Big boot to The Game and a diving shoulder to American psycho. The Game and American Psycho then go for a double suplex, but Bad Boy Billy Thomas performs the move on them both! He goes for the Power Bomb on American psycho, but The Game knocks him down and they tumble to the outside. In the ring, Pretty Boy Peters looks for the T-Bone suplex on American psycho, but he hits the Superkick 1-2-broken by Bad Boy Billy Thomas. Bad Boy Billy Thomas takes out The Game, and the hits a power bomb on American psycho. Pretty Boy Peter’s comes off the top rope at the same time with a leg drop! He then makes the cover! 1-2-3!

The Winner of the match and New EWF Tag Team Champions – Pretty Boy Peters and Bad Boy Billy Thomas!!
Match 4 EWF World Title Tournament Match- The Enforcer Vs Danny Y2D
They pound away on each other to start, with Danny chopping away on The Enforcer. The Enforcer reverses and pounds on Danny, who hits a fireman’s carry and a drop toehold into the Ankle lock, but The Enforcer gets to the ropes. On the outside, Danny chops away on The Enforcer and then breaks the count. He slams The Enforcer’s head into the stairs and then chops away some more. Back in the ring, The Enforcer attacks the entering Danny, but Danny hits a back body drop. Chops in the corner by Danny, but The Enforcer gets up a big boot, only to be hit with a belly-belly 1-2-shoulder up. The Enforcer low blows Danny and hits the driving reverse backbreaker, followed with some mounted punches. Stomps by The Enforcer and a boot choke. The Enforcer with a powerslam 1-2-kickout. The Enforcer locks in a sleeper, but Danny uses the fans to elbow out, only for The Enforcer to clothesline him back down. Mounted punches by The Enforcer 1-2-shoulder up. Danny awakens and starts throwing punches, but The Enforcer again locks in the sleeper. Danny turns it into one of his own, but The Enforcer jawbreakers out and hits a dropkick 1-2-shoulder up! The Enforcer again goes to the sleeper, and again Danny uses his repore with the fans and his heart to fight out. Danny rams The Enforcer, but The Enforcer moves and Danny nails the ringpost. The Enforcer rolls him up and uses the ropes, but still can only get a two count. Danny clotheslines The Enforcer down, then again. Danny picks The Enforcer up and tilt-a-whirl slams him down 1-2-shoulde rup. Belly-belly by Danny. He goes for another, but The Enforcer floats around for the facebuster, but Danny drops low and trips up The Enforcer into the Ankle Lock for the submission victory!

The Winner of the match- Danny Y2D!!
Match 5 EWF World Title Tournament Match- Dreamer Vs JDU
Lock up to start, but the ref separates the two. JDU gets in a cheap shot and nails a couple elbows, only for Dreamer to hit one of his own. Half nelson into a bulldog by Dreamer 1-2-kickout. Dreamer with a headscissors 1-2-kickout. JDU ducks a couple punches and nails Dreamer with the Full Nelson Slam 1-2-shoulder up. Elbows in the corner by JDU, who starts choking Dreamer with his boot. Clothesline in the corner by JDU, then another. JDU, already bleeding from the lips, hits a vertical suplex on the champ 1-2-shoulder up. Exchange of punches by the two men, with Dreamer gaining the advantage, only to have JDU sidewalk slam him to the mat. JDU goes up top and leaps, but Dreamer catches him with a mid-air dropkick. Exchange of punches, with Dreamer scoring the knockdowns. Clotheslines by Dreamer, then a spinning heel kick 1-2-shoulder up! Dreamer goes for a hurricanrana, but JDU blocks and sambo suplex’s him down 1-2-shoulder up! JDU sits and waits for Dreamer to stumble up. When he does, JDU runs for the spear, but Dreamer ducks and Spears him 1-2-shoulder up! Dreamer looks for the DDT, but JDU reverses and goes for the Pump Handle, but Dreamer now floats over and pulls JDU down by the hair 1-2-kickout! The two men rush at each other and they tumble to the floor outside. Outside, JDU and Dreamer battle, with JDU gaining the early advantage. With Timmy White counting down, JDU picks up Dreamer and press slams him to the mat. JDU rolls in to the ring and back’s the ref to the corner. He reaches back for a Diamond Cutter, but Dreamer grabs his arm and spins him into the DDT! He then covers him 1-2-3!

The Winner of the match- Dreamer!!
Match 6 EWF World Title Tournament Match (No DQ)- Chooch Vs Hardcore Harry
Harry starts with a sideheadlock, then after some go-behinds, Chooch gets in one of his own. Shoulder block by Chooch, but Harry hits an overhead belly-belly. Monkey flip by Chooch, followed with a huge clothesline 1-2-shoulder up. Harry sidesteps Chooch and tosses him to the outside. They battle towards the ramp, with Harry slamming Chooch’s face into the railing. They march up the rmp, with Chooch throwing punch after punch. On the stage now, Harry hits a short clothesline to keep from being whipped over the edge. Harry runs at Chooch, but gets a spinning heel kick for his troubles. Backflip splash by Chooch 1-2-kickout. Harry slams Chooch’s head into the stage, and he rolls down the ramp. Harry stomps him down and slams his head into the barrier. Harry goes under the ring and pulls out a chair, but Chooch attacks and whips him hard into the ringpost. Chooch tosses the chair and a trashcan into the ring, before kicking Harry in the face a few times. He gets another trashcan, but Harry attacks and whips him back into the ring. Inside, Harry pounds away on Chooch, but Chooch hits a standing dropkick to fall the Harry. Chooch gets the chair and hits the running dropkick into it 1-2-shoulder up! Chooch sets the trashcan in the turnbuckles, but Harry reverses the whip and cltoheslines Chooch down. Harry takes the trash can, but gets Big booted. Chooch goes up top, but Harry pulls him down onto the trashcan 1-2-shoulder up! Chooch floats over Harry, who ducks an enziguri and locks in the SharpShooter. Chooch tries to crawl towards the ropes, but Harry pulls him back to the center. Suddenly Thomas, runs in from the crowd, pulls out the ref and clotheslines Harry in the back. DDT to Harry, and Thomas yells for Chooch to get up. Chooch then nails the inverted DDT. Thomas rolls the ref in as Chooch crawls over Hardcore Harry 1-2-shoulder up! Thomas gets back in and demands that the ref leave’s the ring. SSB appears on the stage, and he throws Thomas out of the ring, back through the production set-up. Meanwhile in the ring, Chooch grabs the chair and tosses it to Harry. Harry ducks the spinning kick and DDTs Chooch onto the chair! Harry finally rolls over to cover 1-2-kickout! Pretty Boy Petters runs in and hits the Pump Handle Slam on Harry. He waits to hit the leg drop, allowing Dreamer to run down and bulldog him off the top rope! Dreamer clotheslines Petters out of the ring, but Cobra runs down and scissor kicks him out of the ring. Harry attacks Cobra and knocks him out of the ring, then hits the spinebuster on Chooch. Harry then goes for an elbow drop on Chooch but Cobra trips him and nails him in the head with a steel chair that makes a sicking thud. Chooch rolls up the stunned Harry 1-2-3!

The Winner of the match- Chooch!!

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