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DW Destruction 5

Its DW vs ECF!

Monday Night Destruction (Date: 22nd October 2001)

“The Fight Song hits and Stone Manson walks down the ramp, wearing black tights and a long leather jacket, surrounded by a mix of boos and cheers (because he is EWF).

“The reason Stone Manson is out here, is to address the current situation in the EWF. Now I know most of you here don’t like me, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that some low-life second rate bingo hall performers think they can come here and steal half of our roster, and our titles.”

(Surprisingly the crowd are now cheering Manson)

“I guess SSB and Harry (the crowd boos) just couldn’t hack the top young performers we have here in the EWF. Well good riddance to those two nimrods. You see as last night’s International Title match proved, us EWF stars can fight all night if we have to, so I’m calling out any loyal EWF members who wanna see these ECF bums taken out in a steel cage brawl tonight!”

Stone then removes his leather jacket to reveal an EWF shirt! He sits in the corner and waits for some EWF back up!
The Lights turn out and then Enter Sandman Comes on the PA system. The crowd goes nuts. Enforcer comes out thru the crowd and gets in the ring wit a mic.

” MANSOn! ” “I wanna kick the @#%$ out of these ECF asses.” ” So MANSON what imm saying is count me in for the EWF!!”

Enforcer then takes off his leather jacket and reveals a ewf shirt. He then shakes hands with Manson and they both raise each other’s hands to an EWF chant/ EWF..EWF..EWF……..

Watch Me blast over the pa and the crowd simply errupts. And Chooch appears to EWF chants.Chooch was on an EWF shirt with the EWF international title around his waist and a mic in hand.)

Chooch:Good fight last night Stone but that is the past. You see, I said it once and I will say it again: I am a member of EWF totally. So I really want to be in this match no matter what. So what do you say Stone? Am I in?

Chooch stands waiting for a reply

My Way hits the PA as Mongo makes his way out, mike in hand

Mongo: So, this is the EWF??? Pffft dosent compare to the XHF, but neihter does the ECF, they both suck, but I know that the ECF can kick the EWF’s ass, now, if your looking for the best of the best, pick me, because, as we all know, I am the best damn wrestler out there! And as for you Chooch, you look to be an easy task to beat, so I wouldn’t be asking to be in the big match, I mean come on

(Imatates Chooch)
“Ummm, could I, p-p-p-please be in the b-b-b-big match?”
(stops imatating)


Paul E. Bishoff comes out and starts to talk…

Mongo Mongo Mongo….Who in the hell in the hell do u think u are.First u come out here and say ECF sucks.What the hell do u think u are talking about.Also u said u are the best dam wrestker out their your wrong on that u are one of the best wrestlers out their.I have everyright to fire your ass for your stupid comments but i won’t because that would be wrong.You are a dangerous man so this Monday it will be Mongo,SSB,T.J. Dreamer and Insane Juggalo vs. the EWF pussies so how bout it who’s on your team…..

(All this time Chooch is in the ring listening to Mongo and Bischoff talk. He looks a little disgusted.)

Chooch:Would you two please shut up! You guys make me sick. Mongo you are so stupid you insulted your own federation. And you Paul you are just a rip off you little bitch.
Mongo, you better be careful who you insult and get mad because your mouth just wrote a check your ass can’t cash. By the way Stone my friend Billy Thomas has told me he wants to be the 4th man in the cage if you find no one else. So in closing Mongo you better watch your ass cuz I am coming for you.

(Chooch drops his mic and leaves through the crowd.) HOL—I—DAY

(The lights flicker and T.J. Dreamer walks out of the curtain and is looking at his fellow ECF members in the ring and is clapping. He is wearing his ring tights and a Black Windbreaker Jacket with ECF written across the back. He runs into the ring and takes the mic from Paul E. Bischoff. He’s going to speak…)

Dreamer: Well, I’m here in this EWF arena and the funny thing is I’m getting cheers. What’s that about? Well, everywhere I go they show me love.

(The crowd cheers, but there are many more boos now than before)

Dreamer: Now let’s get right down to the point. I am here to represent my company, the ECF, and while I’m listening I here Mongo saying the ECF sucks? Alright, big man you think we suck, well then why don’t you leave and go to this XHF. Because I don’t want no one and I mean absolutely no one bad mouthin my company! You here me?! I might not be on good terms with SSB, but at least he shows respect for his company and that’s more than I can say for you.

(Dreamer is heated. He’s getting that serious look again)

Dreamer: Alright now that we’re past that, I have a few words to say about the EWF. First off, who is this Chooch character he seems pretty soft, but that’s not the bad part. The bad part is that he holds a title in your company! All I’m sayin’ is that Chooch I’m comin’ after you in this brawl, I mean I’ll fight everyone, but every chance I get I’m stompin’ you into the floor. I notice you like to flash your gold around, and I’m not one to flash my gold, you know show off, but your one title has nothing on me I am the ECF Lightheavyweight Champion and one half of the ECF Tag Team Champions.

(Dreamer opens his jacket and reveals his two belts around his waist and stomach)

Dreamer: So before you start to flash your gold during an Interview make sure you can defend it. What I’m saying is is that I want JDU to OK it that if I get a fall on you I get your Title! So, if you and your commisioner want to give it a go. Let’s see that title on the line, and then let’s see it around my waist!! That leaves me with one more thing to say…


Match 1 Hardcore ECF World Title Match- SSB (c) Vs Cobra
‘Raise Up’ By Petey Pablo plays on the PA system around the arena as the ECF World champion, SSB walks down to the ring with the ECF World title around his waist. He gets into the ring and poses on the second rope doing his trademark S-S-B taunt. ‘Smooth Criminal’ by Alien Ant Farm then sounds and the king of cool Cobra appears on the stage. He then walks down to the ring as the crowd cheer him on. He stares at SSB before sliding into the ring. SSB and Cobra stare off for a good minute or two with great heat. There is a huge Cobra chant going around the crowd. They start it off. A big slugfest ensues. Cobra then whips SSB into the ropes. Cobra ducks a clothesline from SSB and goes for a fast Snake Bite, but SSB turns it into a northern lights suplex. He beats Cobra into the corner. Cobra then manages to hit a neckbreaker. SSB comes back with a belly to back suplex. He shoots off the ropes at Cobra, but gets tossed over the top rope. On the outside, Cobra drops SSB face first on the announce table. He re-enters the ring after pushing SSB in first. Cobra pins SSB but only gets a two count. Both men fly off the ropes. SSB ducks two clotheslines but eats a high knee for another two. Cobra hits a tremendous suplex, then drops the knee but only manages to get a Two count from the pin. SSB whips Cobra in, but gets caught in a sleeperhold. SSB finally fights back, but eats a clothesline for two. Cobra screams at SSB in the corner while punching him. SSB hot shots Cobra into the second turnbuckle to buy him a little time. Double reversal. SSB ducks a flying forearm from Cobra and Cobra knocks down the ref! then we get a double clothesline. As SSB is recovering, Hardcore Harry sneaks down to the ring and nails Cobra with the ECF title in the face. SSB crawls over and makes the cover. One, Two, NO! SSB throws Cobra into the corner and punches him silly. A whip is reversed, but Cobra shoots out of the opposite corner with a clothesline. Cobra shoots SSB into the corner, On the outside, Cobra clotheslines him and hits a snake eyes into the commentary table. Back inside, Cobra hits the whip, but eats a facebuster. SSB moves to capitalize, but gets nailed by a DDT from Cobra. Cobra then nails SSB with a right hand and he goes flying out of the ring. Cobra pulls SSB over to a commentary table. He goes for a Snake Bite, but SSB crotches him. SSB sets him up for the ‘From Hell And Back’! SSB hits a From Hell And Back on Cobra through the table!! SSB and Cobra go back into the ring. SSB hits the Bone Neck Drop. One… Two… No. SSB is now in the ring beating on Cobra. Hardcore Harry takes a chair and just waffles Cobra to the mat with it. The Watch Me blasts OVER THE PA system! Chooch, “Bad Boy” Billy Thomas and Pretty Boy Peters appears with steel chairs! They smack SSB and Hardcore Harry with major chair shots. Chooch then nails SSB again for good measure. It’s just Cobra and SSB. Cobra then hits the Cobra-bomb on SSB! He then locks on the constrictor on SSB! The arena explodes, SSB is struggling but he makes it to the ropes! Cobra then drags SSB to his feet but SSB retaliates with a low blow. The ref then comes to his senses. SSB then hits the spine buster on Cobra. He sets it up and much to the dislike of the crowd SSB goes for the Bone Elbow! He bounces off the 1st rope, then he goes for the second rope. Boom! Chooch nails him in the back with his steel chair. The referee is then distracted by Chooch and Pretty Boy Peters and “Bad Boy” Billy Thomas get in the ring. They then hit the plunge on SSB. Thomas puts SSB in a powerbomb and peters goes up to the top rope. Thomas SSB as peters jumps off the top rope as SSB hits the ground as Peters hits a leg drop on him. They then roll out of the ring. A EWF offical then runs down to ringside. Cobra then starts to crawl over SSB 1..2..3! New Champion! Cobra has won the ECF Title! The 3 three EWF wrestlers then get in the ring and celebrate with Cobra! But then Paul E Bishoff and a ECF ref hit the ring

Paul: No Way! You are not the Champion SSB still is! The three count was not counted by a ECF ref so there will not be a ECF Title change! Now give the belt back! Cobra, Chooch, Thomas and Peters the circle Paul E Bishoff.

Cobra and Chooch then grab Paul E Bishoff and hit a spike Piledriver on him! Thomas and Peters then hit the plunge for good measure.

Cobra: Here you can have your worthless title back anyway cos it don’t mean a damn thing!

He then throws the title belt onto Bishoff.

Cobra: SSB I want another match with you! I am guna beat some hardcore into you!!!

Match Result – No Contest
Match 2 Cage Match EWF Vs. ECF- Chooch, Stone Manson, Billy Thomas and The Enforcer (EWF) Vs Mongo, Hardcore Harry ,T.J. Dreamer and Insane Juggalo (ECF)
The ECF music blares through the arena and is greeted with boos from the crowd. The ECF wrestlers for this match then walk down the ramp and to the cage. They all look at the cage before entering the steel structure through the door at the side. EWF Music hits and the fans cheer! The EWF wrestlers then runs down to the cage and walk straight through the door. T.J Dreamer starts the match against the EWF International Champion Chooch. Dreamer drives Chooch into the corner with Punches, then Spits on his Hand and nails him in the Face! He then stomps away at Chooch’s mid section and follows that up with more punches. Dreamer then grabs Chooch’s head and rams it into the steel cage. Chooch then gets the tag to Stone Manson. Dreamer goes for his Punches on Manson, but eats a T-Bone Suplex. Manson goes for the Piledriver on Dreamer, but only gets a back body drop. The fans then show their support for Manson as he bounces straight back up and nails Dreamer with a flying clothesline. Manson makes a Tag to The Enforcer, The Enforcer then Spears down Dreamer. The Enforcer goes to work on Dreamer and starts to choke him with his foot in the corner. He then picks him up and repeatedly throws him against the steel mesh of the cage. The Enforcer then walks over and nails Hardcore Harry in the face. The Enforcer Vertcial Suplexes Dreamer down to the Mat. Dreamer tags in Hardcore Harry. Hardcore Harry goes off the ropes, ducks an Closeline from The Enforcer, and comes off with a Dropkick! Hardcore Harry calls Insane Juggalo into the ring and They pound on The Enforcer together. Chooch charges in and hits a Big Knee on Insane Juggalo, and Pandemonium ensuses as Dreamer Punches Chooch over the Top, The Enforcer throws The Dreamer out of the Ring, and then all 8 men hit the Ring. The Enforcer and Insane Juggalo are still the Legal men. Hardcore Harry signals for the hangman DDT, but The Enforcer ducks and German Suplexes him! Insane Juggalo comes back with a DDT. Insane Juggalo goes to the top and nails a Flying Elbow Smash on the Enforcer! 1……………2……………Thomas pulls Insane Juggalo out of the ring. Tag to Thomas. Tag to Mongo! They stare each other down before exchanging Blows. Mongo sends Thomas into the corner, but Thomas closelines him. Thomas goes to the top and hits Mongo with a Flying Closeline! Thomas with a powerbomb on Mongo! He goes for the cover, but Hardcore Harry hits him in the back with a sharp kick! Thomas Chokeslams Hardcore Harry! Thomas tags in Chooch. Chooch hammers away on the Mongo, and then hit him with the inverted DDT! Cover: 1……………….2………………….3!

The Winners Of The Match – EWF!
there will be a tournament for the vacent EWF World title and anyone can join EWF or ecf

I can make this macth cause im da commish so if ou want in on this torunament, get out here now…..

JDU stays in the ring and waits for more people to get in with him

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