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DW Destruction 3

Its episode of 3 for Destruction.

Last Week On Monday Night Destruction

In The Back SSB And Hardcore Harry Are Shown Wearing There newly won Tag Team titles

SSB: We Kicked There Asses!
Harry: Yeah We Are The Best!
Bone: For Shore! Cuz I’m Everybody’s Favourite Superstar Slim Stevie Bone

They Start Drinking Beers And They Passed Out

Suddenly a door opens and in walks a mysterious figure. He looks at SSB and Hardcore Harry passed out on the floor and shakes his head. He then bends down and picks up both of the EWF Tag Team Title belts and puts one over each shoulder. He then walks out of the door and to the parking lot.

The camera catches up with him in the parking lot and the mysterious figure is shown climbing on a motorcycle and driving away with the Tag Title belts!!


As SSB and Harry wake up they notice something ain’t right.They then are wondering where did are titles have gone. They search the whole locker room. Then they see the video footage of there belts being stolen and are really mad. They start throwing things around in the locker room. Harry then says to SSB

Hardcore Harry: That guy looks very familiar I know I have seen him before. Also I remember that motorcycle from somewhere

The Monday Night Destruction Logo then appears on the screen and the EWF Theme music begins to play. The fire works then go off in the arena and the fans go wild

Crowd: E Dubya F, E Dubya F, E Dubya F, E Dubya F, E Dubya F,

Suddenly a loud booming voice is heard all around the arena.

Voice: “Well, Well, Well!! Hardcore Harry and SSB lost the EWF Tag Team Titles!! I wonder where they went?

Starts To laugh

You two clowns call your selfs extreme?? You don’t deserve any EWF Gold cos you two aren’t good enough! What two idiots would get pissed when you had EWF Titles? If you have a EWF Title you got to be alert at all times!!! Well I guess you two ass clowns wana know who I am?? Well lets put it this way….. You will find out when I want you to find out……. I am in with the higher powers and the higher powers control this company…..You will find my identity all in good time…..but just remember……. I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!!!”

Hardcore Title Match
Danny Y2D (c) Vs. The Enforcer Vs. Ricky Dogg

The crowd starts to boo loudly as “Money” sounds in the arena, followed by Danny Y2D making his entrance. The EWF Hardcore Champions walk down the ramp for this Triple Threat Hardcore Title match, ignoring the angry yells that are coming from the crowd. Danny Y2D then slides into the ring, raising his arms in the air much to the crowd’s dislike. “Rollin” by Limp Bizkit sounds loudly, and the fans cheer for Ricky Dogg, the second man in this match-up. Ricky Dogg runs out with a lot of energy as he heads down the ramp. Ricky Dogg stands now close to the ring, looking hard into the eyes of Danny Y2D inside of the ring. Just as Danny Y2D make a break to slide outside Ricky Dogg slides inside the ring. Danny starts to climb back in, but Ricky Dogg hits a baseball slide that sends Danny down on the outside. As the two men get back to their feet “Enter The Sandman” plays and The Enforcer runs down to the ring. The Enforcer backs up and then takes off running, leaping over the top rope with a plancha that crashes into Danny and Ricky Dogg. The crowd is going crazy as The Enforcer makes it to his feet first, smiling at the fans. Ricky Dogg grabs The Enforcer and whips him into the steel steps shoulder first. Ricky Dogg follows him in and lifts him up, leaning The Enforcer back against the steel post. Ricky Dogg hits a pair of knife edge chops as The Enforcer holds his chest in pain. Danny looks to attack from behind, but Ricky Dogg sees him and moves out of the way as Danny charges into The Enforcer. As Danny stumbles over to the railing, Ricky Dogg grabs The Enforcer and DDT’s him to the floor. Ricky Dogg then grabs Danny and rolls him into the ring before sliding in himself. Ricky Dogg then hits a side russian legsweep on Danny before making a cover for a two count. Meanwhile, The Enforcer has brought himself up onto the apron and grabs Ricky Dogg from behind. Ricky Dogg takes a swing at The Enforcer, but the punch misses and The Enfocer grabs Ricky Dogg by the neck and drops Ricky Dogg across the top rope. Ricky Dogg now stumbles backwards right into the arms of Danny, who drops Ricky Dogg with a release german suplex. Danny makes the cover, but Ricky Dogg manages a shoulder up at two. Danny has now rolled into the ring and he and The Enfocer are raining down kicks and punches on Ricky Dogg. Now, they bring Ricky Dogg up and whip him into the ropes, then catch him with a double flapjack. The Enforcer makes the cover this time, but again Ricky Dogg is up at two. Danny picks up Ricky Dogg and points to the corner. The Enforcer then goes into the corner and climbs to the top rope as Danny lifts Ricky Dogg up and drives him hard to the canvas with a gutwrench powerbomb. The Enforcer then leaps from the top and hits a hard elbow to Ricky Dogg ‘s sternum. The Enfocer hooks the leg and covers, but Ricky Dogg gets out just in time. The Enforcer and Danny are now yelling at the referee, claiming that the count was too slow. They seem to be working together! Both men are getting right in the official’s face, not aware that Ricky Dogg is struggling to his feet. Ricky Dogg finally gets up and dropkicks The Enforcer from behind, sending him through the ropes to the outside. Danny turns around, but he is met with a dropkick to the face that sends him falling back into the corner. Ricky Dogg follows him in and hits a series of martial arts kicks to Danny, ending it with a back heel kick that catches him right in the jaw. Danny reaches up to his face in pain, and Ricky Dogg nails him with a snap suplex before heading up to the top turnbuckle. Ricky Dogg looks down and then leaps off with a 450 splash that has the crowd in frenzy. Ricky Dogg hooks the leg and makes the cover, as the ref counts 1…2…
But before he reaches 3, The Enforcer grabs Ricky Dogg ‘s foot and pulls him to the outside. The Enforcer swings wildly at Ricky Dogg ‘s head but Ricky Dogg ducks and goes for a suplex. The Enforcer, however, uses his strength advantage to block the suplex and shoves Ricky Dogg back against the post, his head ramming hard into the steel. The Enforcer looks down at Ricky Dogg and slaps him across the face, yelling at him. The Enforcer picks up Ricky Dogg and rolls him back inside to Danny, who begins attacking with a knee to the back of the head. The Enforcer rolls back inside as well stomps away at Ricky Dogg. Danny and The Enforcer pick up Ricky Dogg and whip him into the ropes, then hit a double clothesline that knocks him right back down. The Enforcer now picks Ricky Dogg back up, waves his arms as if to say “It’s Over”, and before slamming him to the mat. Danny now climbs to the top rope and leaps off, hitting a flying elbow drop. Danny starts to make the cover when The Enforcer taps him on the shoulder. The Enforcer seems to be wanting to finish off Ricky Dogg with his move as well. Danny shrugs and gets up. The Enforcer now picks up Ricky Dogg and goes for the Arabian Facebuster…but Ricky Dogg blocks it before using his strength to push The Enforcer backwards into the corner. Unfortunately, the referee was in the corner also and is now face first on the mat. Danny curses to himself before making his way over to the corner and kicking and punching away at Ricky Dogg. The Enforcer, seeing the referee laid out, rolls to the outside and grabs a chair before heading back inside. The Enforcer lays in some kicks as well, as he prepares to strike Ricky Dogg with the chair. Suddenly, the crowd begins to cheer loudly as an orange symbol starts to flash on the screen then a masked man is seen hurdling the railing and leaping in the ring to help out Ricky Dogg! Just as The Enforcer is about to swing, The masked wrestler grabs the chair and throws it to the outside before landing a series of kicks and punches to the dazed Enforcer. The Masked man now whips The Enforcer hard into the opposite corner, following him in with a splash. On the other side, Ricky Dogg has somehow managed to take control of Danny, chopping away at his chest. The masked man grabs The Enforcer and looks to whip him out of the corner, while Ricky Dogg appears to be doing the same with Danny. The Enforcer and Danny collide in the middle of the ring and fall to the mat as Ricky Dogg and The masked man lock eyes for the first time. Each gives a slight nod and smile to the other. Then, the masked man and Ricky Dogg begin to climb to the top in opposite corners. They leap off… Ricky Dogg with a body splash and the masked man with a legdrop on to Danny. The crowd is going insane as the masked wrestler tries to awaken the referee before rolling to the outside. Ricky Dogg is covering Danny as the ref rolls over and counts the pinfall. 1…2…3 New Hardcore Champion! The masked man then rolls out of the ring and leaps in to the crowd and runs off as security chases him.
The Winner of the match and New Hardcore Champion…… Ricky Dogg!!
The arena lights fade, Fight Song hits and Stone Manson saunters out to the top of the ramp.

Stone Manson: “You know Stone Manson is really bereaved off with a couple of things and I have come out here to get them off my chest. First of all why are the powers that be in this federation ignoring me? I been in the EWF nearly a month now and not one match. But don’t worry, I’ve been ignored my whole life, I know how to make myself heard.

Secondly, who in hell is Chooch? You come out here giving your little threats, well where the hell are you son?” I haven’t even seen you here tonight. Are you scared of Stone Manson Chooch? Well if you are I don’t blame you, but please, stop the little threats, or I will hurt you.

My final problem is you Slim Stevey Bone. (The crowd chants for SSB) You think you are some kind of hero sneeking up on Stone Manson from behind. You think its good to drink beer until you can’t walk? Well its not Steve. So please, make a match, any match, I’ll even fight for those damn Tag Titles if that’s what it takes for Stone Manson prove he is the ultimate fighter in the EWF, and no-one SSB, Chooch or anyone else, can prove that that is not the case.”

The titantron turns on and there is Chooch sitting in a white room with on single chair.

Chooch: Yo what’s up Stone. So you think I am scared of you you must be joking because I am scared of nobody especially not you. Stone, you think my threats are little. They aren’t little threats they are guarantees! If you want to be noticed it can be arranged. People will notice you when I beat the hell out of you.
I do agree with you on one thing and that is Steve Slim Bone is a pathetic excuse for a wrestler and all he does is drink beer and he has no athletic skills at all.
So I have a proposition for Stone and Stevie. A 3 way Table match at the next Monday Night Destruction. If you two are smart you won’t accept but I hope you do. But as for tonight Stone….You and me one on one!!!!

Non Title Match
Chooch Vs. Stone Manson

Chooch’s theme music then hits and he slowly walks down to the ringside area as the fans chant his name. He looks around at the crowd until walking up to the ring climbing thought the ropes and walking up to Stone Manson. Stone Manson and Chooch then lock eyes with each other from across the ring. They walk to the middle of the ring and stand chin to chin with each other. Stone Manson then hits a right hand on Chooch and the referee rings the bell. After a series of punches, elbows, and chokes by both men that cause the fight to roll about the ring from corner to corner, a swift kick to the midsection by Chooch is followed up with a clothesline that knocks Stone Manson off of his feet. Seeing this brief window of opportunity, Chooch drops a knee across the forehead of the Stone Manson, and begins swinging away, trying to open up some crimson on his forehead while also releasing some of the frustrations he has endured over the past few weeks.

A knee to the groin by the Stone changes Chooch’s perspective momentarily, as he crumples to the mat in agony. Never one to pass up a chance to inflict pain, the Manson pulls Chooch up by the hair and whips him into the ropes, following up with a back elbow that catches Chooch in the mouth.

Chooch spits out some blood from his mouth as he tries to get to his feet, checking to make sure he hasn’t lost any teeth on the exchange. He turns just in time to be caught in the grip of Stone, who drops him to the mat with a huge spinebuster, knocking the wind right out of him. The Manson half smiles, feeling the match in his control and heads off the ropes, dropping a forearm across the sternum of his opponent.

Seizing the moment, Manson tries for a pinfall, but is rewarded by a one count and a hard kickout by Chooch for his efforts. He pulls Chooch to his feet, and goes for a suplex, which is blocked by his opponent. Again he tries, and to his surprise finds that Chooch not only blocks the move a second time, but follows it up with a suplex of his own that takes the big man down hard.

Still trying to spit the blood from his mouth, Chooch whips the Stone Manson into the turnbuckle, catching him with a powerslam after watching him stagger back out of the corner. A quick pinfall attempt is met with a two count, as Manson uses his massive strength to power right out of the predicament.

The two grapplers roll to their feet, and jump right back at each other, to the joy of the crowd which roars it’s approval. Again, they fight into the corner, with Chooch grabbing hold of Manson, mounting the first turnbuckle, and headbutting him repeatedly as the crowd counts along. Chooch jumps from the tunbuckle and backs up, waiting for Manson to come to him. Still somewhat stunned by the effects of Chooch’s skull striking his, Stone Manson stumbles forward just in time to be hoisted in the air by the Chooch. The crowd cheers, knowing that one move is coming…

The Huge Spinebuster.

However, before he can connect with his coup de grace, Chooch notices something out of the corner of his eye, heading towards the ring area… towards him. Two men,. SSB and Hardcore Harry have arrived, heading straight for Chooch through the crowd. The fans begin to boo, and one even manages to toss a soda, striking SSB. He turns and sneers at the fan, wondering if that’s the best he could do while Harry simply grins at Chooch in the ring, with one thing on his mind: Trouble. Chooch immediately drops the Manson to the mat with a thud and heads towards the ropes, ready to rush at the two fighters should they make a move towards the ring.

Of course, both men are toying with him… neither makes an advance from behind the safety of the barricade and instead stand grinning and waving at Chooch. Chooch leans over the ropes, shouting things at them that aren’t quite fit for the audience to hear… and assuring them that they are next once he finishes with the Manson.

Chooch turns to where he left Manson laying, prepared to finish the match off… but realizes too late he has made a cardinal mistake: he turned his back on his opponent, and was distracted long enough for him to recover. Stone Manson takes full advantage of the situation that Chooch has allowed himself to be put in, connecting with a swift kick and the pump-handle slam while the ref calls for security to come down to ringside.

Stone Manson quickly drops down to cover, and for good measure he grabs a handful of tights while rolling up a struggling Chooch for the pinfall. The ref records the three count, and Stone Manson slides from the ring victorious. He shoots a suspicious glance over at SSB and Hardcore Harry while he stalks up the entrance ramp, but they pay him no attention, focusing only on Chooch who by now has gotten to his feet and is quite angry.

SSB walks into the ring and Grabs The Microphone

Bone: I Am Out Here Tonight because I’m Issuing A Challenge To The EWF Heavyweight Champion! I’ll Know I’ll Win because I’m From The Mean Streets Of Brooklyn, New York! So Mr. Heavyweight Champion Do I Get A Match??? Also I Want It 2 Be My Specialty A Barb Wire Death Match! So How About It??? You’ll Go Down because I’m That F’N good! I’M Not Leaving This Ring Until I Get An Answer!

Harry: SSB I know your everyone’s favourite wrestler…

Crowd boos loudly

Harry: and u will kick the heavyweight champions ass when u get the shot, but how come u get the shot even though we are tag team champions? I’m the heart and soul of the team!! I should get the title shot because I’m the only reason we are the champs .If I wasn’t part of your team u wouldn’t have the tag belts so I think I’m getting ripped off by not getting a shot at the champ…..

Suddenly a booming voice is heard throught the arena

Voice: (Laughs)

You to idiots want a shot at the greatest title in this industry??? That’s hella funny!! Why the hell would you 2 think you can beat Matt Anarchy? Anyway I think you have bigger problems than not getting a shot at the Heavyweight title…..ME THE CHOSEN ONE!!! You to lost your tag title belts so I don’t think the EWF Officials are guna let you lose the best belt ever! Any way I am the chosen one so i have been told to inform you that tonight at Monday Night Destruction the following match has been made

No DQ No1 Contenders Match
Hardcore Harry Vs. SSB

SSB then knocks Hardcore Harry down from behind and the match gets underway. Hardcore Harry grimaces in pain before charging at SSB and connecting this time with a clothesline. Hardcore Harry follows that up with several kicks to SSB’s head before lifting him up and whipping him into the corner. SSB slams chest first into the corner and falls back onto the mat, clutching at his body. Hardcore Harry calmly picks SSB up and attempts a suplex, but SSB slides down Hardcore Harry’s back and rolls him up for a two count. Both men get to their feet as Hardcore Harry knees SSB in the stomach before tossing him over the top rope to the outside. Hardcore Harry rolls to the outside as well and slams SSB face first into the steel stairs. Now, Hardcore Harry grabs SSB and starts to whip him into the ring post. SSB reverses, however, and Hardcore Harry is the one whose head meets the steel. With Hardcore Harry down, SSB pulls a chair out from under the ring and swings it wildly at his opponent, but misses Hardcore Harry and hits the post instead. Hardcore Harry then grabs SSB and DDT’s him onto the chair. Hardcore Harry covers but only gets two. Hardcore Harry reaches out and grabs some cable wires and begins to choke SSB. Hardcore Harry is yelling at SSB to give up, but the young man continues to fight. SSB is desparately reaching out for help…and finds it in the form of a sign that reads “Stop.” SSB hits Hardcore Harry over the head with the sign, catching his breath as he regroups and rolls back inside the ring. As Hardcore Harry gets to his feet, SSB knocks him right back down with a baseball slide. Then, SSB climbs out onto the apron and leaps off with a legdrop on Hardcore Harry. The champion makes the cover and Hardcore Harry barely gets a shoulder up before the three count. SSB looks around for more weapons before grabbing the steel chair once again. This time SSB is able to connect with a hard shot to the back of Hardcore Harry. Hardcore Harry slumps against the apron and SSB follows up with another shot to the back that knocks Hardcore Harry down. SSB covers again, but Hardcore Harry is again able to kick out in time. SSB picks up the chair and tosses it in the ring and is now reaching underneath the ring, pulling out a garbage can. He lifts the can up to strike Hardcore Harry, but Hardcore Harry hits him with a kick to the stomach to knock him back. As Hardcore Harry gets to his feet, SSB starts to charge at him with the garbage can. Hardcore Harry looks up and throws a hard punch that knocks the garbage can right back into SSB’s face. Hardcore Harry goes for the pin, but only manages another two count. Now, Hardcore Harry decides to pull a table out from under the ring and slides it inside the ring. He turns back to SSB and lands a couple of punches before rolling him inside the ring as well. Hardcore Harry slides inside and lifts SSB up, whipping him into the ropes. Hardcore Harry knees SSB in the stomach and picks him up and drops him with a gutwrench suplex. Hardcore Harry covers again, SSB will not quit. Hardcore Harry angrily kicks at SSB before setting up the table. As SSB struggles to his feet, Hardcore Harry grabs him and sets him for a powerbomb as the crowd looks on in anticipation. Hardcore Harry lifts him up, but SSB somehow counters the powerbomb, turning it into a hurricanrana. With Hardcore Harry down, SSB goes into the corner and climbs to the top. SSB leaps off looking for the Frog Splash…but Hardcore Harry is ready this time and cracks SSB in the head with the steel chair as he comes down. Hardcore Harry is up now and grabs SSB by the head, literally carrying him into the corner. Hardcore Harry picks SSB up and sets him on the top turnbuckle before climbing up himself. SSB tries to fight him off, but Hardcore Harry lands a hard forearm to the head before hitting the cradle DDT through the table! SSB is out cold as Hardcore Harry makes the cover and finally gets the win. Hardcore Harry pulls himself out of the wreckage of the table as the referee hands raises his arm in victory. The fans are cheering loudly as Hardcore Harry turns back to the carnage in the ring, where SSB is struggling to his feet. Hardcore Harry starts to climb through the ropes but stops and walks back towards SSB. SSB sees Hardcore Harry and starts to ready himself in a defensive position. Hardcore Harry stands there before him for a few moments, looking at the young man intently. Then, Hardcore Harry extends his hand to SSB. SSB looks at Hardcore Harry a bit confused, slowly reaching out his hand. Finally, as the two men shake hands, Hardcore Harry smiles slightly and as SSB turns to taunt the fans Hardcore Harry gives SSB a right Hand that knocks him down. Hardcore Harry walks to the back with the fans cheering as SSB is lying out in the ring.
The Monday Night Destruction Logo and the copyright information then appears on the screen and the EWF Theme music begins to play. EWF Monday Night Destruction then goes off the air.

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