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DW Destruction 2

Its the 2nd episode of Destruction.

Hello and welcome to EWF Monday Night Destruction! We join you live from the MCI CENTER!! Tonight there are two title matches! Tonight SSB runs the gauntlet by competing in two matches!! Ladies and gentlemen this is extreme!

The EWF theme music plays through the arena.

Non-Title Match
Stryfe vs. Slim Stevie Bone

Stryfe comes out first, followed by SSB. As SSB gets down to the ring, Stryfe runs at him and spears him on the outside! He picks up SSB and throws him into the ring. He covers him to try to get an early pin. 1…2.kick out. Stryfe picks up SSB and suplexes him down. He throws him off the ropes and attempts a powerslam but SSB reverses it into a DDT! SSB picks him up and throws him into the turnbuckle. SSB sets Stryfe up top and hits a gordbuster from the top rope! He drops down for the pin. One…….Two……….Three.. No he kicked out! SSB is getting frustrated. He bodyslams Stryfe and then goes and hits the referee! SSB goes outside and grabs a chair, and brings it into the ring. He goes over and just blasts Stryfe in the head with the chair. He picks up Stryfe and sets him up for the russian Neckdrop, but Stryfe counters it into a hurricanrana. Stryfe then sets up the chair like he is going to sit in it. He throws SSB off the ropes and drop toe holds SSB onto the chair. The ref is starting to come around. Stryfe throws the chair out of the ring and trys to hit SSB with a DDT, but SSB reverses it into a backdrop. SSB throws Stryfe into the corner, and sets him up top. SSB sets him up for a superplex, but it’s countered into “The Painkiller”! Stryfe drops down for the count. 1………..2……….3!

Winner- Stryfe via pinfall

EWF Tag Team Title Match
Slim Stevie Bone and Hardcore Harry Vs. JDU and The Enforcer
” Revelation” by D12 gave way to the arrival of SSB and hardcore Harry. Their arrival draws massive boos from the crowd inside the MCI CENTER, but then “Enter the Sandman” by Matlica signaled the arrival of JDU and The Enforcer, the world’s favorite Tag-team. JDU starts off for his team while SSB starts for his team. The two circle the ring, keeping their eyes locked and then simultaneously they lunge forward the same time locking up in an arm and collar tie-up. Quickly JDU takes advantage by throwing his hip into the midsection of SSB. SSB doubles over grabbing his abdomen, JDU grabs onto his hand and sends him in for an Irish Whip, as SSB returned he goes for a clothesline but JDU ducks the move, go behind, SSB attempts a German suplex but is leveled by a Mule Kick from JDU. Grapple over the head of SSB, and JDU drops down with a bulldog. JDU flips SSB on his back, and the count starts One… two… no! JDU grabs onto SSB and pulls him over to his corner, then reaches back and tags The Enforcer in. The Enforcer enters the ring, and instantly he pulls him to his feet, he lifts SSB up for a powerbomb, but SSB suddenly sparks into action with fists of fury to the face of The Enforcer, the big man is now on shaky ground, and SSB follows with a hurricanrana! SSB looks over to Hardcore Harry ready to make the tag, but decides against it and flips The Enforcer on his faceside, he walks and drops applying the ankle lock submission hold! But the hold has basically no effect, as The Enforcer grabs onto the bottom rope. SSB maintains the hold until the referee breaks it, SSB turns and goes to the corner to make the tag, The Enforcer who’s now up follows and nails him with a double axe handle but when he hits it, SSB completes the tag with Hardcore Harry.
Hardcore Harry’s in and he nails an unsuspecting Enforcer with a fearsome clothesline. SSB heads up top and leaps off with a moonsault onto The Enforcer! This draws JDU out, as JDU pushes past the referee and straight to Hardcore Harry. He nails him with rights and lefts, but they seem to little effect Hardcore Harry, as he reaches down and grabs JDU for a double handed chokeslam. As he lifts him up, JDU pushes himself off with both his feet as he kicks the chest of Hardcore Harry. Both men fall to the mat, with JDU getting up first out of nowhere SSB launches himself towards JDU, and then JDU slumps down causing SSB to slam into the turnbuckles. JDU then gets up and grabs SSB up quickly dismissing him to ringside. But JDU attention is drawn back to Hardcore Harry, who viciously scratches JDU’s back. JDU writhes in pain, as Hardcore Harry follows up with an Inverted DDT! He goes for the pin, but receives a boot to the back of the head by The Enforcer. The Enforcer brings Hardcore Harry to his feet, and sends him in for the ropes clothesline swing by The Enforcer but it’s ducked by Hardcore Harry who goes for a neckbreaker, but it’s reversed by The Enforcer who swings it back around… and then he nails a boot to his abdomen doubling Hardcore Harry over. The Enforcer goes back against the rope, and nails a swinging neckbreaker! JDU is back to his senses and he goes over to the fallen Hardcore Harry, he applies a Single Leg Boston Crab, and Hardcore Harry seems to be ready to tap but SSB takes the opportunity to jump to the apron and jaw with the official. The official misses, and for some reason doesn’t even feel the pounding of Hardcore Harry on the mat. And then he misses SSB who re enters the ring, and plasters JDU, and then The Enforcer with the steel chair. SSB slides it out of the ring. SSB gets onto JDU making the cover and hooking the leg along with it, the official checks and counts… One… two… three… NO! The crowd cheers loudly as JDU gets his shoulder off the mat.
Hardcore Harry is up and grabs onto the limp body of The Enforcer, he starts to bring him up but he’s stopped as SSB body is sent as a projectile by JDU knocking Hardcore Harry off base. And there goes The Enforcer who’s back applying the fisticuffs to Hardcore Harry sending the big man against the ropes, then he lays off as The Enforcer comes up nailing a superkick that sends Hardcore Harry flying over the top rope. It’s left to SSB and The Enforcer and JDU. The Enforcer lifts SSB up and nails a Samoan Drop! Now The Enforcer heads to the top rope, as JDU lifts SSB into a Gorilla Press. The Enforcer jumps off, but as he does Hardcore Harry reaches under the bottom rope yanking The Enforcer leg and tripping him up, and The Enforcer completely misses the faceslam… and JDU falls face first to the mat. Hardcore Harry slowly climbs into the ring, he grabs onto The Enforcer and nails the Hangmans DDT! He creeps over, and throws his arm on top of The Enforcer, and the official counts One… two… three! SSB and Hardcore Harry come up with a huge win, and are the new tag-champions.
Winner’s by pinfall, and new EWF Tag Team Champions, SSB and Hardcore Harry!
EWF Title Match
Arron Bomb vs. Matt Anarchy (c)

Arron Bomb comes to the ring first. Matt Anarcy’s music plays, and the champ steps out and heads to the ring. When he gets in the ring, Arron Bomb hits him with a huge running closeline. Bomb sets up Matt for a chokeslam, but Matt lands a thrust kick right into Arron Bomb’s stomach. Bomb is bent over trying to catch his breath, and Matt comes up and hits an Inverted DDT! Matt goes for the pin. 1…..2…… kick out. Matt hits a DDT and goes up top for a moonsault. He jumps, and Bomb moves out of the way! Matt comes crashing to the mat with a sickening thud. Arron then picks up Matt, and hits a huge chokeslam. Arron drops down for the pin. 1….2….thr.. no he kicked out! Arron bomb is getting frustrated. He goes to the outside and gets a chair. He gets in the ring, lifts up the chair, but the ref takes it away from him! The ref tosses the chair onto the ground, as Arron Bomb goes to argue with the referee. The ref moves just in time as Matt comes up and hits a spinning heel kick to the back of Arron Bomb. Matt brings Arron over towards the chair, and sets him up for “Cure for the Itch” onto the chair! As he starts to jump, Arron grabs the chair, and brings the chair up and smacks Matt in the head, as the ref calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ, and still EWF Champion, Matt Anarchy

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