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DW Events

DW Destiny 2006

Jet defends the DW Heavyweight Championship against KoRe

DW Destiny #3
12th of March 2006
MCI Center, Washington D.C.
20,674 – Sold Out Crowd


The DW Destiny 2006 theme by Izzy Crazy hits the sound system in the MCI centre as the fans pop for the opening of DW Destiny! The camera pans around the fans who are hyped up to be at the second DW PPV event of the year, who are looking forward to being shown that no one does PPV’s like Dynasty Wrestling! A quick highlight reel for tonight’s matches are shown including the Cruiserweight title match, the International title match, the first ever Immortal being decided, Jet making his first title defence against KoRe and of course the huge DW Destiny match itself!


The cameras cut to the backstage area and we see the number one contender to the International Title, Famine of the Vile, walking around the backstage area with a cocky, yet sadistic, grin on his face.

Famine of the Vile: “Hmm yes… tonight I will add to my glorious career when I defeat that worthless Killjoy and bring the International Title home to the SoA.”

Famine turns a corner and bumps square into the current International Champion, Killjoy. The two get chest to chest and engage in a long staredown before we hear a voice in the distance.

Voice: “Hey hey, none of that crap! Come on you two!”

The two turn towards the direction of the voice and we see the International divison manager himself, Psyko Stevo running in to break up any possible physical altercation between the two.

Stevo: “Allright guys, that’s enough of that garbage. Save it for the damn ring!”

Famine and Killjoy both look at Stevo and smile. The two then start to turn and walk away, but out of nowhere Boondock Saint enters the picture, accompanied by C2, Christian Connolly.

Boondock Saint: “Hey, what the hell is going on here? Famine of the Vile trying to cheap shot you before the match or something, Killjoy?”

Killjoy starts to speak, but he is immediately cut off as Sabrina Wilson, Scott Young and Soul Bearer all come down the other end of the hall.

Soul Bearer: “Famine, what the hell is going on here? Damn X-iles, probably trying to jump you before your big title match… don’t worry, we got your back. Let’s do this right now!”

Stevo tries to step in between both sides, but there is a lot of pushing and shoving going on.

Stevo: “Come on guys… seriously, not necessary… god dammit… ow!”

Stevo gets clocked upside the head by a wild shot from Scott Young, Stevo immediately grabs Young by the throat and shoves him up against a wall.

Stevo: “God dammit… I should fire your ass for that!”

Stevo lets go of Scott Young, but as he turns around a war has already begun… X-iles and the SoA are going at it full blast and even though Stevo is doing everything he can, there is no possible way that one man can break this up.

Stevo: “Shit, stop… dammit, don’t hit him with that… oh, he hit him with it. Fuck, what the hell… dammit, put down that fire extinguisher… oh that looked like it hurt.”

Suddenly and without warning, Mike Raboin, Sean Graves and Andrew Gibson of all people enter the picture, all armed with weapons.

Raboin: “Hey, what the hell is goin on Stevo?”

Stevo’s eyes suddenly light up.

Stevo: “You three… break up this fight!”

Raboin jumps in first, nailing Boondock Saint in the head with a steel chair. Out of nowhere, Sean Graves connects with brass knuckles to the face of Soul Bearer and in the middle of it all is Andrew Gibson, armed with a 2×4. Gibson nails Famine of the Vile in the stomach with the 2×4 before cocking it back, ready to strike the #1 contender with it over the head. Stevo grabs the 2×4 before any damage can be done and suddenly raises his voice.

Stevo: “Allright… that’s enough.”

Gibson, Raboin and Graves stop in their tracks and Killjoy and Famine of the Vile are the only other men left standing.

Stevo: “Famine… Killjoy… go back to your locker rooms and get ready for the International Title match. The rest of you guys… get the hell out of here and get ready for the damn Rumble, I am sick of seeing all of you… SoA, X-iles… I’ve had enough of this crap!”

All members of the X-iles and SoA slowly rise to their feet and, realizing they are underarmed to fight against four experienced veterns with weapons, walk away from the scene without any serious injuries. Raboin, Gibson and Graves line up in front of Stevo and he starts to laugh.

Stevo: “Not bad… not bad work at all by you three.”

Raboin: “Stevo, man, thanks again for getting Graves and myself into this Rumble, this is the least we could do for you.”

Stevo: “No… the least you could have done for me was nothing… but you guys answered the bell when it rang and you just saved the International Title match and possibly the entire International Divison’s integrity by stepping in there.”

Graves: “It really wasn’t anything…”

Stevo: “No… no you guys are a breath of fresh air for me, really. I mean I have got the stupid SoA running around, making enemies with every single roster member… I have got hte X-iles running around, gathering powerful members for God knows what purpose… I have to admit, I was kind of losing control over my own divison these last couple weeks. Famine of the Vile choke slamming me was a real wake up call for me, it really was…”

Gibson: “Where do we fit into all of this?”

Stevo: “Well, I was thinking… I need posse here in the International divison to help me enforce my rules… you guys are all guys that I have gotten along with in the past, and I know your all tough as nails. So I was thinking, how would you guys like to join up with old Stevo and protect the integrity of the International divsion from those other power hungry groups?”

Raboin: “Hmm… so we would be your posse?”

Graves: “Your henchmen?”

Gibson: “Let us discuss…”

Mike Raboin, Sean Graves and Andrew Gibson all turn their backs to Stevo and we hear a couple of words that are spoken in the huddle.

Gibson: “Come on guys… inside track to the International Title”

Raboin: “It’ll be a great way to get high profile matches every week…”

Graves: “I don’t know, can we trust Stevo?”

The three break up the huddle and turn towards Stevo.

Gibson: “We talked it over… we’re in.”

Stevo: “In… now all we need is a catchy name, for proper marketing purposes of course. Hmm, any suggestions?”

Raboin: “The enforcers?”

Stevo: “No, too gay…”

Graves: “Stevo’s posse?”

Stevo: “Too self-promotional… I might be arrogent, but I am not shameless!”

Gibson: “How about… The Insiders?”

Stevo ponders over this suggestion from Andrew Gibson and smiles.

Stevo: “Hmm, Insiders would work… and it will fit really nicely on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, any kind of clothing apparel. Yes, I can see it now… Psyko Stevo the manager and his group of Insiders… I like it!”

Graves: “So what do we do now?”

Stevo: “Focus on the Rumble for tonight, there is a lot of paperwork that I need to take care of to make all of this work the way I have it drawn up in my mind… paperwork to do, must get it done!”

Stevo sprints off down the hallway, leaving Raboin, Graves and Gibson looking at eachother.

Gibson: “Oh man… what have we gotten ourselves into?”


Wildcard walks into the Dynasty backstage area with a bag that say XWF on it and gets met by Juggalo & PuppetMaster

Wildcard: Yo’ whats up Juggs, Master.

Juggalo: Ready for your big match?

Wildcard: Yeah, yeah no doubt. I got this in the bag.

PuppetMaster: You mean you got this in the bag, as long as Sabrina doesn’t distract you with those…

Just then Jon Page walks in on their conversation.

Jon: Whats up fellas. Ready to rumble?

Jon chuckles a bit.

Jon: What about you Wildcard? Ready for Sabrina & Ice?

Wildcard: We were just talking about That

Jon: Yeah, well I hope you brought your A-Game tonight, because Sabrina & Ice have been training non-stop.

Wildcard: I ain’t worried.

Juggalo: Well, I’d better get ready for the rumble.

Wildcard: Yeah see ya.

Juggalo & PuppetMaster leave

Jon: Good luck.

Jon walks away.

Wildcard walks into the locker room as the scene fades out.

DW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Sabrina Wilson Vs. WildCard Vs. Ice

We Don’t Die by Twiztid hit’s the sound system as WildCard makes his entrance down to the ring to a mixed ovation. He stands on the second turnbuckle signaling to the crowd as he will become the next Dynasty Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion!

All of sudden from there Legs by ZZ Top plays as Sabrina makes her way down to the ring to a roar of boo’s from the crowd but she gets a cheap pop as she enters the ring. As she enters WildCard is hit from behind from Ice! Who suprises WildCard! Sabrina and Ice begin to double team on WildCard as “Prayer” by Disturbed comes on and Darkhan walks out from the curtain with Holly as he holds what it looks like the Cruiserweight title over his shoulder? Holly then hands him a mic as Sabrina, WildCard, and Ice look on! But WildCard jumps out of the ring running up the ramp at Darkhan but is stopped by security!

Darkhan: WildCard stop right there! If you even so touch me you will be out of this match and suspended indefinitely! I am not out here to fight anyone. So WildCard head back to the ring and get ready for what I have to tell you guys. I have two big announcements and one involves the title and the other involves the group we are involved with Sabrina.

Sabrina and Ice have confused looks on their faces as WildCard steps back into the ring!

Darkhan: First off Sabrina this is about the SOA. I quit the group because they have done nothing but lose matches of late and also the SOA is not to my standards! They are nothing but petty low life losers who will be gone within a week or two! So therefore SOA or anyone can forget any favors from me! I changed over to new leave I will make everything fair for now on!

The crowd begins to cheer for Darkhan!

Darkhan: Hold up people the last thing I have to say regards the Cruiserweight Title! I have some bad news and some good news! First I will start off with the bad news and that is the Cruiserweight Title is no more!

WildCard, Sabrina, and Ice are all flipping out after hearing what Darkhan said!

Darkhan: Hey kids do not worry the good news is that the belt you will wrestling for is none other then the DW HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP! That’s right I have brought back the most insane title in DW History with permission from Jon Page himself! So kiddies enjoy the nice new change and as you know anything goes in this match as it is for the DW Hardcore Championship!

Darkhan gives the belt to Holly to take down to ringside and waits for her as they walk through the curtain to the back!

As WildCard and Sabrina both start screaming at Darkhan after he exits through the curtain Ice quietly slides out the ring and grabs at steal chair and sneaks backs in and goes up behind WildCard and nails him across the back with a steel chair! Ice looks to hit Sabrina but she quickly ducks and nails the chair back right into Ice’s face with a Wilson Kick! Sabrina quickly goes to cover Ice..







New Hardcore Champion! NO! WildCard comes out of nowhere at hits elbow right into the back of Sabrina’s head! WildCard starts to put the boots to Sabrina’s face as she screams in horror for him to stop! WildCard stops and watches as Sabrina begins to crawl up is leg as he watches her beg for mercy!

But from out of know where Sabrina applies the testicular claw on WildCard! He starts to run around in pain as Sabrina applies more pressure to the hold! As WildCard falls to his two knees Ice comes to and looks at what is going on and runs towards WildCard and jumps off his back and nails Sabrina with a shining wizard right to the head! Ice looks around for WildCard who rolled out of the ring.

Ice rolls out of the ring and looks all over for WildCard but he can not find him at all? But as Ice is ready to get into the ring a hand shoots out from the bottom of the ring and pulls Ice under! You can hear the racket from under the ring and all of a sudden it stops and out come WildCard with a toilet lid? WildCard slides back into the ring and jumps on the top rope and waits till Sabrina gets up and leaps up and nails her of the head with the toilet lid! Sabrina looks to be knocked out cold! WildCard quickly goes for the cover..







No! Sabrina quickly kicks out and WildCard looks shocked! He complains to the ref and as he does Sabrina is heading up the ramp! WildCard gives chase to Sabrina as they both leave Ice under the ring!

WildCard spots Sabrina running into the women’s bathroom as she knows he can not enter! WildCard does not care and enters the ladies room looking for Sabrina. He opens each stall one by one with only two stalls left he opens the door revealing a old lady sitting on the toilet and he screams at what he see’s and the old woman clubs him across the head! Sabrina leaps out of the last stall and grabs WildCard and sticks his head in the yellow infested waters and gives him a swirly! WildCard gags as Sabrina lifts his head back up and smashes it against the mirror and she quickly runs out of the room and heads for the snack stand!

WildCard regains his senses and quickly follows her! He runs up to the stand and asks the person where Sabrina went and all of sudden the person turns around and it is ICE! Ice squirts hot butter into WildCard’s face and he falls to the ground! How did Ice know that WildCard would be here! Then out of the blue Ice throws Sabrina over the counter as well onto WildCard! Ice begins to measure’s both Sabrina and WildCard up as they both get up and runs right towards them with a spear but Sabrina moves out of the way and Ice spears WildCard right into the soda machine! Ice goes for the quick cover on WildCard..




No! Not even a two count as Sabrina pulls Ice off of WildCard and she runs down the hall as Ice gives chase and runs into a office! Ice looks at the office door and Sabrina has ran into Darkhan’s office! Darkhan and Holly are both sitting watching the match realizing it is in there office! Sabrina does not care and jumps Ice and low blows him and takes his head and smashes it head first right into the TV!

Darkhan gets up and walks towards Sabrina and looks down at her mad and out of the blue Sabrina low blows Darkhan to knocking him to the ground! Sabrina goes for the pin on Ice but even before she covers him Holly smashes a vase over Sabrina’s tiny head knocking her out cold! Holly who is not in the match goes for the cover because it is a anything goes match!







WOAH! WildCard comes out storming in kicking Holly right off of Sabrina! WildCard looks down at Darkhan and spits on him as he grabs Ice and takes him out of the destruction zone of a office and drags Ice down the Hallway to the outside of the arena! WildCard grabs Ice and hoists him up and nails him with a power bomb right into the bushes! WildCard then drags Ice over to the fountain and tries to suplex Ice but Ice reverses it and hits WildCard with one of his own into the fountain! It looks like WildCard got his bath after that swirly incident. Ice looks over to the doors and here comes Sabrina! Instead of pinning WildCard he charges Sabrina and full force but she side steps him and Ice falls down a open manhole!

Sabrina peaks down and laughs and she looks at Wildcard knowing that she has this match in the bag. She awaits WildCard to get up and goes for a Wilson Kick and she connects with it! But what is this she is not covering! She looks over and see’s a shopping cart and she quickly grabs it and takes it back to WildCard! As she gets over there WildCard kicks her in the gut and stuff’s Sabrina into the shopping cart and he shoves the cart right into a curb propelling Sabrina right into a grassy area! Sabrina is down and out as WildCard puts to a tree! Why a tree? OMG!! No he is not! WildCard climbs up the tree and stands on the branch and leaps off! HOLY CRAP WILDSAULT OFF THE TREE! WildCard goes over the cover.








WildCard has done the impossible! He has one the DW Hardcore Championship after one hell of a match! After a few minutes he is back in ring holding the belt high in the air as the screen fades to the back.



A white stretch limo pulls up outside the MCI Center. The driver gets out and heads around to the back, opening the door for whoever is inside. Underneath the door we see a polished black shoe step onto the ground. Then another. And then we see the man step right out of the car and out from behind the door. In a full black suit, save for the magnificent strap of gold around his waist, the last XWF Universal Champion Lee Stone makes his first official appearance on Dynasty programming, will this be the last time? The driver shuts the door behind him and then turns to Lee.

Driver: “Is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Stone?”

Lee Stone: “Actually, there is.”

Stone opens up his suit jacket and withdraws an object from the pocket on the inside. It appears to be a ninja sai.

Lee Stone: “Make sure Steve Jason gets this, one way or another. Tell him it’s a peace offering for all the shit I’ve been responsible for. It may not have been as bad as what others have done, but at least I’m trying to right the wrongs.”

Driver: “Certainly sir. Good luck out there tonight.”

Lee Stone: “I ain’t gonna need luck playa.”

Without further explanation, Lee walks off. The tone of his voice on that closing statement leads to the question, what the hell was he meaning?

DW International Championship Match
Killjoy (c) Vs. Famine of the Vile

“End of Heartache” by Killswitch Engage hits the sound system and the DW fans fill the arena with a loud chorus of boos as SoA member and the number one contender to the International Championship, Famine of the Vile slowly makes his way down to the ring. Famine pays no attention to the boos of the crowd as he slides into the ring before first making the universal symbol of the belt around his waist before raising his hands into the air.

Announcer: “From Orlando, Florida….. FAMINE OF THE VILE!!!!”

“This Is The Life” by Wierd Al Yankovic begins to blare over the sound system and the crowd pop for the arrival of their International Champion, Killjoy! Killjoy walks down the entrance ramp slowly soaking up the cheers from the fans before stepping up onto the ring apron and looking across the ring at his very menacing opponent Famine of the Vile.

Announcer: From parts unknown, weighing in at 255 pounds, ‘The Prince of Pranks’ and your DW International Champion, KILLJOY!!!


The bell rings and both men lock up. Famine applies a headlock on Killjoy and wrenches away on the neck until Killjoy attains some leverage and heaves Famine into the ropes, Killjoy is set up for a clothesline but Famine takes him down with a big shoulder block. Killjoy fights back taking Famine down with a boot to the midsection followed by a snapmare, but Famine quickly rises to his feet and comes back just as quick with a bounce off the ropes followed by another big shoulder block. Famine nails Killjoy’s head off the corner and gets in a few right hands. Famine gets in a big forearm to Killjoy’s back followed by a quick chop to the chest. Famine gives Killjoy two swinging neckbreakers and goes for the cover…1 …2 …KICKOUT. Famine starts to choke Killjoy using the second rope until the referee breaks it up. Famine uses a catapult to snap Killjoy chest first into the second rope. Killjoy fights back with a few punches, and a boot to the gut, but Famine stops anymore strikes with a big spinebuster. Famine taunts the crowd and they begin to boo back loudly. Famine covers…

1 …

2 ..


Famine goes in for anothis neckbreaker on Killjoy but he fights out of it. Killjoy lands a few chops to the chest but Famine knees him in the stomach and hits a quick DDT. Famine playfully kicks Killjoy in the face a few times, getting sick satisfaction out of seeing the champ suffer. Killjoy tries to fight back, but Famine cuts him off each time. Famine whips Killjoy into the corner and then hits Killjoy with a clothesline which pins the champ in the corner. Famine picks up Killjoy and gives him another big clothesline. Famine gives Killjoy a snapmare takedown and then drives his forearm into Killjoy’s back.

Famine applies a sleeper on Killjoy and tries to put him out early but Killjoy fights out of the sleeper with a couple well placed sharp elbows to the gut followed by a whip into the ropes which is then followed by a big back body drop thanks to a whole lot of leverage. Killjoy dodges a clothesline from Famine when he gets back on his feet and both men go off the ropes and meet in the middle giving each othis a big double clothesline.

After a few seconds, they both start rising back to their feet at the same time and Killjoy gets in a few rights on Famine until Famine grabs Killjoy by the neck and tosses him to the outside, through the top and middle ropes. Famine follows to the outside and gives Killjoy a quick snap suplex on the ground. Famine tosses Killjoy back in the ring and Famine puts Killjoy up on the top rope in the corner.

Famine gets in a chop and a few punches before hitting a superplex off the top onto the mat below. Famine covers, but only gets a two count. Famine shows frustration as he climbs up the on the top rope, Killjoy gets on his feet, Famine jumps, but Killjoy catches him with a desperation, perfect drop kick right in the chest in mid air! Both men remain on the canvas for a few moments before Killjoy starts to stir and get to his feet. He grabs Famine but Famine fights out of it and now Famine and Killjoy exchange lefts and rights until Killjoy takes out Famine with a big duck under and then a clothesline. Killjoy pulls Famine up and gives Famine a back body drop followed by big shoulder tackle as Famine tries to get back to his feet.

Killjoy is gaining momentum now and now hits a knee to the gut followed by a side slam which took every bit of Killjoy’s strenght to perform. Killjoy stands above Famine, does a quick taunt that the fans seem to cheer for and he drops the elbow across Famine’s chest. Killjoy now picks up Famine and connects on a quick boot to the midsection followed by a double arm DDT. The fans are in a frenzy now as Killjoy goes running off the ropes before connecting on a fast leg drop across the throat of Famine, Killjoy is going for the pin, this could be it…1 …2 …KICKOUT! Famine really dug down deep and showed his heart by kicking out of that series of high impact moves from the champ. Killjoy now has the clear advantage and is pounding on the head of Famine with boots and elbow smahes. Killjoy brings Famine to his feet, and signals for something, however Famine is able to counter, sending Killjoy crashing to the mat with a drop toe hold which he immediately follows up on. Famine connects with a jumping fist drop right in the middle of Killjoy’s back and the champ is writhing in pain!

Killjoy grabs his back, however Famine takes control of his weakend state, and grabs Killjoy’s legs and whips Killjoy over his head sending Killjoy’s head crashing into the top turnbuckle pad. Famine scoops Killjoy up and prepares to drop him to the mat with a powerbomb… Killjoy is hoisted high up into the air but he shows the heart of the champion as he pounds Famine’s head with rights and lefts and connects with a picture perfect huricanrana counter into a pinfall! one… two… kickout!

Killjoy stands up and hits Famine with a kick to the ribs, he now pulls him to his feet and plants Famine with a quick, high impact, DDT. Killjoy with another cover 1……2…..and a half…. KICKOUT! How did Famine kick out of that series of moves? Killjoy now pulls Famine to his feet and whips him into the ropes, catching him with a dropkick to the knees that sends Famine crashing to the canvas in pain. Killjoy goes for a figure four but Famine fights out of it with a couple of punches before Killjoy can completely lock it in. Famine now kicks Killjoy away from him and quickly gets to his feet, landing a huge clothesline that sends Killjoy spiraling down to the canvas. Famine picks Killjoy up and whips him into the corner. Famine goes to follow up with a clothesline, but Killjoy sidesteps him and Famine crashes into the corner instead. Killjoy then quickly follows up with a clothesline to the back of Famine’s head and sends Famine’s face crashing into that turnbuckle as Killjoy now hits a dropkick right to the lower back of Famine.

Famine goes down hard and Killjoy immediately goes for the cover. 1…2…Foot on the ropes!

Killjoy helps up Famine who can barely stand. Killjoy blocks a right hand from Famine and then lands a stiff chop across the chest along with a few quick kicks to Famine’s side before moving in and taking him down with an armbar takedown. Killjoy holds the armbar tight but Famine is able to reach the ropes and break the hold. Killjoy pulls Famine toward the middle of the ring now and grabs him, pulling him to his feet and signaling for something big here as the fans start to rise in anticipation… Famine stumbles towards Killjoy, lariet into the far rope. Killjoy flys into the rope before connecting with a big time splash!

Killjoy now.. up on his feet.. he is signalling for the Punchline… this could be it. The official is checking on Famine in the center of the ring, Famine looks to be in pain, but that doesn’t stop Killjoy, the champ now on the top rope, he gestures to the fans which gets a tremendous pop… Killjoy is airborne… Famine of the Vile got his knees up! Famine counters with knees to the cut of Killjoy and Killjoy just went flying across the ring,

Killjoy’s high risk move might have just cost him the match and his title. Famine of the Vile to his feet now, the official is trying to check on Killjoy but Famine just shoved him to the side. Killjoy being helped up to his feet, Famine is signaling for something big, could it be “The Blood Driver”? Famine goes for a boot to the midsection to set things up… Killjoy caught it… Killjoy just connected with an insiguri out of nowhere!

Famine of the Vile is down, Killjoy now sensing the win might once again be within his grasp. Killjoy helping Famine to his feet, irish whip to the corner and… what the hell? Famine reversed the irish whip and he just shoved Killjoy right into… the official! Famine just threw Killjoy inadvertantly into the offical and both the referee and Killjoy are down after that vicious collision. Famine of the Vile is sensing that he might have to do something desperate to defeat Killjoy, who has kicked out of everything that the number one contender his thrown at him so far. Famine rolls out of the ring and he just pushed the timekeeper away and what the… Famine just grabbed that damn steel chair. Oh come on, don’t let it end like this.

Famine tosses the steel chair into the ring, the official is still out of it. Famine now running towards Killjoy who… Killjoy to his knees… desperation elebow to the midsection! Famine drops the chair, Killjoy springs up to his feet, he was playing possum, Killjoy with a double arm DDT and Famine’s head explodes against the steel chair! Famine is all kinds of busted open and Killjoy is beside himself, Killjoy absolutely did not mean to use that steel chair to his advantage but that is the way things turned out.

The fans are filling the arena with cheers when we hear one overtly drunk fan say, “PIN HIM KILLJOY! YOU CAN DO IT!”, Killjoy salutes the fan before hooking a leg and going for the pinfall… the official rolls over, he starts to make the count…




What the hell just happened? The official just signalled for the bell to be rung before the three count!?

Announcer: The winner of this match, due to disqualification, and your NEW International Champion…. Famine of the Vile!

The fans are beside themselves as a chorus of boos fill the arena. The groggy official hands Famine of the Vile the International Title which he raises in the air with pride. What the hell, the official saw that steel chair and figured Killjoy intentionally used it to win the match and he has awarded Famine of the Vile the victory and Killjoy is beside himself and the fans are in just as much disbelief, Famine of the Vile just won the International Championship!

Or did he?

Suddenly and without warning, “Point to Prove” by Theory of a Deadman hits the PA and out walks International Division manager, Psyko Stevo. Stevo has a mic in his hand and he starts to speak, there is a look of fury on his face.

Stevo: “Allright cut the fricken music! God dammit, I am not going to lose control of my division and I am not going to let this crap continue any longer!”

Killjoy is still beside himself in the corner of the ring, sulking after this controversal loss. Famine is all smiles in the ring as he holds the International Title in his massive hands.

Stevo: “Everyone shut up! God what the hell is wrong with the refs in this federation, why must I do everything myself. Look, obviously when Killjoy bumped into that stupid official he knocked a few pages of the rule book out of his brain with it. So let me remind you all…”

Stevo reaches into his back pocket and pulls out an official DW rulebook.

Stevo: “Paragraph 8, section 4b on page 37 clearly states… The International Title will not change hands as a result of a disqualifiation victory. The only way the International Title can change hands during a match is as the result of a pinfall or submission victory… unless another stipulation is agreed upon before the start of the match.” Well, neither of you agreed upon any weird stipulations and I never approved any stipulation that said Famine of the Vile could CHEAT and still be rewarded the International Title for it!”

The fans start to buzz as Psyko Stevo holds the mic closer to his lips.

Stevo: “Famine, I’ll make this real short. Congrats on the victory, you definitely earned it… but as for that belt your holding, it’s not yours. Because I am right now using my power as a member of management and as a DW official to enforce the rules here and reverse the officials INCORRECT decision… and as a result of the rules that I just stated, Killjoy is STILL the International Champion! No complaining, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it!”

The fans fill the arena with cheers as Famine of the Vile looks on with disbelief. The official in charge of the match walks over to Famine to take the belt, but Famine snaps and nails the official in the head with the International Title. Killjoy is on his feet and… BAM! Killjoy just got the International Title to the forehead as well and he is out cold in the center of the ring and bleeding! Famine looks towards Stevo with nothing but pure hatred in his heart as he still clutches onto the belt.

Stevo: “Famine, drop the belt… it’s not yours.”

Famine continues to hold onto the belt in the center of the ring with an offical and Killjoy both laid out next to him.

Stevo: “God dammit! Drop that belt or I swear to God himself that I will suspend you!”

Famine continues to look towards Stevo with hatred. Eventually he sets the belt down on the chest of Killjoy, but not before spitting in the champions face.

Stevo: “Get the hell out of ring.. get some EMT’s to look at that official, he might have broken his damn neck.”

Stevo tosses the mic down onto the steel rampway with fury before marching towards the backstage area. The cameras focus in on Killjoy, who still holds the International Championship, but who is laid out cold in the center of the ring. The battle might be over, but the war between the SoA and X-iles, and Killjoy and Famine of the Vile for that matter… is still raging on!WINNER: Famine of the Vile


Backstage Adam Striker, Chooch and Matt Anarchy are beating down a path to Jon Page’s office door.

“Come in”

Anarchy swings the door open to find Jon Page sitting all dressed in his wrestling attire watching old tapes of Steve Jason matches.

Page – “Yes?”

Chooch – “We want to know what you are going to do about that lunatic Psyko Stevo? He kicked us out of the International Division last week!”

Adam Striker – “I mean seriously, we’re three DW legends!”

Page – “Well, what do you want me to do about it? He’s the manager of that division”

Anarchy – “Hell we sure as hell wouldn’t mind switching to your division…..”

Page – “Hmmm, interesting idea, I will of course need you to prove yourselves though…”

Adam Striker – “We’re three DW legends, we can complete any task you set us!”

Page – “Ok, if by some miracle Steve Jason manages to survive the two minutes in which he must face me in the ring on my own, then which ever one of you eliminates him from the Destiny rumble, you will find your self’s in the World Championship division, not to mention a nice little bonus in your pay packets! Now beat it!”


The cameras open up backstage just in time to see Sanctioned Violence walking through the hall and suddenly from behind come two men wearing black ninja gear and masks! The two men don’t attack him, but instead they each grab one of his arms while a third man walks into view and kicks Sanctioned Violence right in the groin! Sanctioned Violence goes down to his knees as the two masked ninjas hold him in place while the third man is now clearly revealed as THE MASKED MOLESTER!! He laughs as Sanctioned Violence struggles to break free but it’s no use, especially after a shot to the nuts like the one he just received. Masked Molester simply unzips his pants and it appears that he is pulling out his massive “member”! He walks right up to Sanctioned Violence, who is eye level with Molester’s “one eyed snake” and he……… OH MY GOD HE JUST DICK SLAPPED Sanctioned Violence RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE!!!!!!!

Sanctioned Violence goes absolutely nuts and fights to his feet but all three men now smash him head first into a wall, then slam him into it again actually sending him THROUGH the cheap wall! Zipping back up, Masked Molester lets out an insane laugh as he and the two ninjas quickly make their escape after accomplishing what they set out to do! Is anyone safe from The Masked Molester’s oversized love muscle?

‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm Vs. ‘The Enigma’ Chris Cage

There are cheers in the MCI Center as the lights slowly dim in the arena, leaving only the glow of the special DW-Destiny-Tron to spread any light across ringside. After a few seconds of the darkness, spotlights begin to flash towards the top of the arena and the career shortening triple tier cage begins to lower from the ceiling. The awe-inspiring structure receives a few more cheers from the fans as it eventually reaches the ring and the DW ring crew clamp it down around the turnbuckles. The spotlight focuses into the top tier of the cage, where the never before won DW Immortal Championship hangs from a steel chain…. Tonight we witness the birth of the first ever Immortal!

‘Break Stuff’ by Limp Bizkit hits the sound system and boos break out around the arena as the former Leader of the New Breed, the former 2x World Champion, ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm struts confidently onto the top of the entrance ramp, a bottle of water in his right hand. Storm soaks up the boos from the crowd as he stands motionless on the steel ramp way, looking down at the ring where the Immortal Championship hangs from inside the top of the triple cage. After a break of about five seconds or so, Storm tips the water over his head and shakes his hair out, before taking the first few steps down the entrance ramp as he steps towards his destiny. The most decorated superstar never to be entered into the hall of fame grabs hold of the side of the bottom cage, and shakes the mesh, just to see if it is strong enough for his liking, before standing in front of the cage door.

The referee at ringside slowly pulls the steel chain from around the door and opens it for the challenger, allowing Storm to step into the huge structure. Shawn Storm steps into the cage and takes a few steps around, before grabbing onto the ring ropes and pulling himself into the ring. Storm looks around the ladder that is in the middle of the ring that leads up to the second cage, before walking to the corner and stretching out using the ropes.

The boos for Shawn Storm slowly subside as ‘Rock Superstar’ by Cypress Hill hits the sound system, and the arena erupts as the entrance video of former 2x World Champion ‘The Enigma’ Chris Cage begins to play on the DW-Tron. Cage stands at the entrance ramp and takes a look at Shawn Storm standing in the bottom of the three cages, before walking confidently down the ramp towards the intimidating structure. The referee opens the door for Cage, and without his usual interaction with the fans at ringside, Cage walks straight into the first cage, and the door is slammed shut behind him.

With no referees even wanting to step into the steel cage structure with either Storm or Cage seeing as they have not even been allowed to lay their hands on each other for weeks by Immortal Division leader Amy Page, all the officiating for this match will be done from outside of the cage structure! Cage dives head first into the ring under the bottom rope, and the anticipation in the MCI centre reaches fever pitch as Shawn Storm and Chris Cage come face to face once again. The Immortal Title swings high above their heads in the top cage, as Storm and Cage stare into each others eyes….. just who will be born as the first ever DW immortal from this match? The arena begins to quieten down, however there is an explosion of cheers as the first right hands are traded between two of the most important figures ever in DW history! Right hand from Cage to Storm, Right hand from Storm to Cage, Right hand from Cage to Storm, Right hand from Storm to Cage!

The stronger Shawn Storm backs Chris Cage back into the corner of the ring, before kneeing him right in the gut. The crowd boo as Storm gets the upper hand over ‘The Enigma’ with a elbow cut across the back of Cage’s neck, before slamming Cage’s face head first into the turnbuckle post! Cage stumbles away from the corner, and Storm quickly dives on the opportunity with a chop block to the right knee of Cage that sends him down to the mat! Storm, a former NCAA Champion shows that he is just as happy wrestling man on man as he is swinging a sledgehammer at his opponents as he grabs the foot of Cage and elbow drops him in the knee, before applying a knee lock to the mat that he cost a match against KoRe at DW Power of the Dollar 2006. There is no submissions in the match so there is no way Cage could give up even if he wanted to, however Storm persists with the move trying to break Cage’s leg, making it hard for him to climb the cages and then the ladder to get the belt!

The agony is clear for all to see on Chris Cage’s face as Storm tightens up on the hold, before eventually releasing it. However Storm does not simply give up. He follows up on his amateur wrestling background and continues to work over the knee, first kicking Cage across the joint, before applying a leg grape vine! The fans boo as Storm continues to work over Cage with painful submission holds, showing that it is not just all blood and guts in the three-cage structure! Storm eventually releases the leg grapevine, and actually pulls Cage up to his feet. Storm backs Cage into the corner of the ring with several of his trademark big clubbing right hands, before irish whipping Cage straight into the ladder that is in the centre of the ring leading up to the next cage structure! Cage’s leg seems to give out before he even reaches the ladder, but even so his head bounces hard off of the steel object! Storm runs up quickly and drops a big elbow across the back of Chris Cage, before rising up to his feet. With Chris Cage down on the mat, Shawn Storm stands looking down on him, with a big smile across his face looking very pleased with himself. Shawn Storm raises his hands in the air to show his dominance over Cage, a move that earns him boos from the majority of the crowd in the MCI centre.

Chris Cage slowly begins to rise up to his feet, but Shawn Storm goes behind on him with a waist lock, before throwing him hard to the mat with a German suplex! Cage’s head hits the mat hard, but Storm keeps his hands tight around Cage’s waist and nails him with a second German suplex! Storm keeps his hands locked and pulls Cage up to his feet looking for a hat-trick of suplexes, however as he tries to nail the German Suplex on Cage, Cage block it! The crowd cheer as Cage blocks another attempt for a suplex from Storm before back elbowing him in the face! The crowd are on their feet as Cage bounces off of the ropes and nails Storm with a big diving forearm smash to knock down the challenger for the Immortal Championship for the first time in the match! However Cage clutches his knee, still obviously in pain from the submission moves at the hand of Shawn Storm. Cage however comes to and grabs hold of the ladder that is right near him and uses it to pull himself up. The fans cheer as Cage slowly uses his arm strength to pull himself up the steel ladder, to the second cage! Cage rolls off of the top of the ladder and into the middle cage, often dubbed the ‘hardcore’ cage! Chris Cage looks around the variety of weapons that are strapped to the side of the cage, as Shawn Storm begins to get to his feet in the cage below.

A steel chair, a pair of brass knuckles, a mysterious bag and a wooden 2×4 catch the eye of Chris Cage, nut not as much as the sledgehammer which is strapped in the corner of the cage! Shawn Storm begins to make his way up the ladder into the second cage as ‘The Enigma’ limps across and pulls the sledgehammer off of the side of the cage! The fans cheer as Chris Cage hold the trademark weapon of Shawn Storm in the air, as his opponent for the Immortal Championship finally reaches the second tier cage! Sensing the tide of the battle switching in his favour, Cage moves toward Storm and gets some pay back on Storm for going after his knee, with a big sledgehammer shot to the face on ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm! The crowd pop as the hammer impacts with Storm’s head, and he is whipped backwards, causing him to hit the steel mesh floor of the cage hard! Cage drops the sledgehammer and pulls down a steel chair from the side of the cage and waits for Storm to rise to his feet!

With a crimson tide of blood running down his face, everyone in the arena can see that Storm is busted wide open from the sledgehammer shot, and Cage does not help the wound of Storm with a big steel chair shot to the head to send Storm back down! The crowd pop as the sound of the impact echo’s around the MCI centre! Just as Shawn Storm showed that he can mix up his weapon use with some good old fashioned technical wrestling, Chris Cage is demonstrating right here that he can use weapons just as proficiently as he can arm bars and takedowns! Chris Cage throws the steel chair down on to the steel mesh of the second tier cage, and slowly pulls up the bloodied Shawn Storm. Cage locks Storm in an under arm face lock, before slamming his opponent into the steel chair head first once more, with a DDT! The fans cheer for the high impact move as Shawn Storm clutches his face and Chris Cage rolls over to a sitting position. Chris Cage looks over at his bloodied opponent before looking up at the DW Immortal Championship, the belt that has so far never been won before.

Chris Cage slowly gets up to a standing position, obviously still hurting from the punishment he received on his knee at the hands of Shawn Storm, but he shows that he has got enough left in the tank as he slowly begins to climb up the ladder towards the third and final cage! The fans cheer The Enigma on, but as he climbs, Shawn Storm shows signs of life as he begins to roll onto his back. Only the whites of Shawn Storm’s eyes can be seen against the blood that covers his face, as he grabs hold of the steel chair which still has the bloody print of his face against it after the DDT where his head was smashed hard into it. Storm swings with the chair, and dents it as he slams it into the back of Chris Cage! The crowd boo the move from Storm as Cage stops climbing and clings to the ladder because of the pain. Storm throws the chair down onto the steel mesh just as Chris Cage had done, before nailing Cage with a low blow! Chris Cage drops down from the ladder and to the floor of the second cage from the cheap shot from Shawn Storm, and the crowd show their displeasure of the dirty tactics shown by Storm as he slowly stomps away on Cage’s head! Shawn Storm slowly turns away from Cage and grabs hold of the ladder, and begins to climb up to the third cage, the one that contains the DW Immortal Championship belt!

The crowd boo as Storm reaches the third cage, and takes a second to look down on the crowd around the arena that he now stands high above! Storm’s attention however quickly turns back to the DW Immortal Championship belt, which is handing just above his head! Storm grabs hold of one of the ladders, which is leaning against the side of the top cage, before setting it up in the middle of the cage, right under the Immortal Championship! Storm begins to climb, just as Cage begins to climb up from the top of the second cage! Storm is quicker to the climb than Chris Cage who is still suffering from his bad knee, and he grabs hold of the belt as Chris Cage reaches the third cage! The fans boo as all Storm has to do is to pull the belt down, and Chris Cage is right there under him to watch Storm become the first ever DW Immortal! Storm begins to pull down the belt, but no! Chris Cage in a last ditch desperation move dropkicks the bottom of the ladder, toppling it over causing Storm to hit the side of the top cage hard before dropping to the mesh floor of the top cage! The crowd pop for the high impact bump that Shawn Storm has just taken, as Cage and Storm both lay at the top of the third cage.

The first man up to his feet could well be the man that walks away from Washington D.C as the first ever DW Immortal! Cage and Storm both start to show signs of movement at around the same time, and an ‘Enigma’ chant breaks out amongst the fans in the MCI centre as they try to will Chris Cage on to victory! Storm and Cage both rise up to their feet facing away from each other and take a few steps backwards, before bumping into each other. Storm and Cage both spin around and come face to face with each other, just as they had done at the very start of the match down at the very first cage! The fans cheer as Storm and Cage take a few seconds to stare each other down, before they begin to trade big right hands! Right hand from Cage to Storm, Right hand from Storm to Cage, Right hand from Cage to Storm, Right hand from Storm to Cage! Storm once again gains the advantage due to his big crushing right hand blows to the face of Cage and he backs him against the side of the steel cage. Storm takes a few steps backwards and runs up for one big last huge punch, however Cage ducks out of the way! Storm is then grabbed by the back of the head by Chris Cage, who slams him face first into the side of the steel cage! Blood flies off of the face of Shawn Storm as he falls backwards due to the force of the impact from the side of the cage at the hands of ‘The Enigma’!

There are cheers from the crowd at the punishment that Shawn Storm is receiving at the hands of ‘The Enigma’, but to his credit Shawn Storm quickly rises to his feet! Cage can’t believe that Shawn Storm is up after the force of that last toss against the side of the cage which saw Storm’s head wound opened even more, so with Shawn Storm now leaking blood even more, Chris Cage decides to finish the match off! Chris Cage steps forward towards ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm and positions him for ‘The Finishing Touch’! The crowd pop as Chris Cage begins to lift Storm in the air for the move, however Storm amazingly counters with an elbow to the side of the head of Cage! Just how is Shawn Storm still going?!? Chris Cage staggers away from Storm due to the power of the back elbow, only to turn backwards ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm and receive a kick to the stomach! The crowd boo, as they know what is coming next, as Shawn Storm lifts Chris Cage onto his shoulders for the ‘SwitchBlade’! Shawn Storm shows his power as he walks around the top cage with Chris Cage on his shoulders as he readies himself to hit the move, which has won two World Championships here in Dynasty Wrestling! Is Shawn Storm hits the SwitchBlade on Chris Cage, then we have a new Immortal Champion!

Shawn Storm spins around beginning the ‘SwitchBlade’….. but no! Chris Cage counters into a ‘Rage in the Cage’ Crippler Crossface submission move on Shawn Storm out of no where! The crowd pop for Cage’s amazing counter reversal as he torques up on the aptly named ‘Rage in the Cage’! The blood from Storm’s face seeps through the locked fingers of Chris Cage as Shawn Storm begins to tap! The crowd cheer as Chris Cage pulls even tighter on the hold, Shawn Storm can tap all he wants because there are no submission or pin falls in the triple cage match! The only way to win the match is to climb the ladder and pull down the Immortal Championship, but Chris Cage is certainly going about it by disabling Shawn Storm with the ‘Rage in the Cage’! Chris Cage finally lets go of the move, and Storm’s head falls down to the steel mesh, has Chris Cage finally done enough to take out ‘Superstar’ Shawn Storm for long enough to win the DW Immortal Championship?

Chris Cage gets up to his feet, and grabs one of the steel ladders, which is propped up against the side of the cage in the third and final cage. Chris Cage positions the ladder underneath the DW Immortal Championship belt before setting it up! The crowd cheer as Chris Cage begins to climb, but somehow, someway, Shawn Storm begins to rise up to his feet! The fans can’t really believe what they are seeing as Storm shows just how much he wants to become the first ever DW Immortal as he climbs up the ladder behind Cage! Cage tries to kick down on Shawn Storm and knock him off of the ladder, but Shawn Storm manages to grab hold of the leg of Cage! The fans can’t really believe it, and neither can Cage as Storm hammers away on Cage’s already injured knee with some big right hands, before climbing right up alongside Cage on the ladder! The two DW Immortal Challengers are just a few rungs below on of their destiny’s with the DW Immortal Championship belt hanging just above their heads, begging one of them to win if for the first time! Storm nails Cage with a knee to the stomach as the crowd follow the action between the two competitors closely, if one of them were to knock the other off of the ladder there would surly be no coming back!

Chris Cage double over on the ladder, but does not fall off as the bloodied Shawn Storm nails Cage with some big right hands to Cage’s back. Shawn Storm pulls Cage’s head forwards, and with both men standing near the top of the ladder, Storm looks to powerbomb Cage off of it and win the Immortal Championship for himself! The crowd boo as they can’t believe that Storm is going to pick up the win as he begins to pick up Cage, only for Cage to nail a huge back body drop on Shawn Storm! There is a pop from the crowd as history repeats itself in reverse as Shawn Storm goes flying over the back of Chris Cage and off of the ladder, hitting a panel of the floor of the third cage which collapses on impact, sending Shawn Storm down into the second cage, just as Shawn Storm sent Chris Boswell through the floor of the third cage in a triple tier cage match at DW Titans 2002 in Madison Square Gardens!

The crowd cheer as Shawn Storm lays motionless on the floor of the second cage as Chris Cage looks down at his opponent, shocked. The focus of ‘The Enigma’ quickly changes however as the fans cheers begin to grow louder as Chris Cage stares up at the DW Immortal Championship belt which is swaying invitingly over his head! Chris Cage reaches up with his last few ounces of strengh…….


It has been a battle……


Blood has been spilt…….


Careers have been shortened……


But Dynasty Wrestling……


….. has its first ever Immortal!


Chris Cage unhooks the belt to a huge pop from the crowd! Cage moves himself to a sitting position on the top of the ladder and he throws the belt over his right shoulder. His music hits the sound system once again and everyone in the crowd can tell that Cage has given his all to win the Immortal Championship for the first time ever, as he raises his hands in the air in victory! The camera pans down to reveal Shawn Storm still laying face down, motionless, on the steel floor of the second cage. Storm spilt more blood than ever before in a Dynasty Wrestling ring and gave it his all, but in the end, the first ever DW Immortal was the completion of Chris Cage’s Destiny!WINNER & NEW IMMORTAL: ‘The Enigma’ Chris Cage (59:45)


The scene opens up in the locker room of Steve Jason. He’s sitting on a steel folding chair near his locker in a black t-shirt, his Tag Team Title draped over his shoulder as he meditates. There is a knock and SJ looks up, raising an eyebrow as the door opens and his tag team partner, and co-tag team champion, Raziel, enters the room. Raziel has his title draped over his shoulder as well, and is sweating from what seems to be a pre-match warm-up.

Steve Jason: What’s up, Raz?

Raziel studies him for a moment before responding.

Raziel: The rumble is almost upon us, Steve. We’ve said a few nasty things towards each other the past couple days…none of which I regret on my part.

Steve’s eyebrows rise on his forehead for a moment, but then he nods.

SJ- Likewise.

Raziel- I said before that I won’t hesitate throwing you out of the ring if you somehow get to me. But know this, if I feel you are being cheated out of the Rumble…I will lend a hand. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t throw you out myself afterwards.

SJ smiles and stands up, scratching at his chin before getting a serious look on his face as he lets the tag title fall from his shoulders. He then gets into his partner’s face.

SJ- Do what you will, Raz. But know this…I will not hesitate throwing you out as well. You know my stance on this match. You get in my way…your getting thrown over the top rope.

He pats Raziel on the chest before side-stepping him. He stops in his tracks though and leans towards Raziel’s ear, practically whispering to his partner and opponent.

SJ- And that…is UNDENIABLE!

The scene then fades as SJ leaves Raziel to glare at the opposite wall, his jaw clenched as if in fury.


The camera pans backstage, as we quickly cut into the locker room. It’s entirely empty, except for one lonely man in the back, who appears to be lacing up his boots. This man is immediately identified as The High Roller, the number one contender for the World Championship Title.. KoRe. He seems to have let the humorous side of himself go for the night, as he looks up with a serious and determined expression on his face. He finishes lacing up his boots and then jumps up to his feet, shaking his head around and getting himself warmed up for the biggest match of his career.

KoRe: “This is it.. my four and a half year payoff. I’ve been waiting for this night my entire career.”

The High Roller moved his neck from side to side and took a few deep breaths..

KoRe: “It’s go time.”

The People’s Jackass took one last breath and walked toward the exit of the locker room. It was not time for KoRe to prove himself to the world.


We cut backstage where we see Wildcard reaching out to grab the door to his locker room. He turns the knob and pushes the door open


A huge ball of flames engulfs Wild Card. Wild Card falls to the ground holding his face as the flames vanish, except a word that is burning on the door. Triggerman……

DW World Championship Match
Jet (c) Vs. KoRe

The arena erupts as ‘Enter the Sandman’ hits the sound system and the lights flash all around ringside. A solitary figure struts out onto the top of the Dynasty Wrestling entrance stage with his arms out stretched…. Are those the very arms that will later tonight hold the Dynasty Wrestling World Championship belt? The smoke surrounding KoRe at the top of the entrance stage slowly clears and the fans cheer even more as they see the face of the man that is hoping tonight to take advantage of his first big shot at the title, and cut the rein of Jet as DW World Champion short. Will 2006 be the year of KoRe? The man himself certainly hopes so as he jumps up onto the ring apron before turning to look at the thousands of fans who are packed into the arena tonight to hopefully witness KoRe realise his dream, his destiny.

Announcer: “From LA California, weighing in at 245 pounds, ‘The High Roller’ KoRe!!!”

The announcement gathers further cheers from the fans as KoRe leans back in the corner of the ring, mentally preparing himself for the biggest match so far in his Dynasty Wrestling career. He has come through matches such as the titanic Hardcore Championship matches with the likes of Suicidal, ladder matches with the likes of DW Immortal Chris Cage, but can he tonight climb to the very top of the mountain?

‘Riding Dirty’ by Charmillionaire…..

The sound of the Champion hits the sound system and the man that hopes to cement his own place as a DW legend steps to the top of the entrance stage, DW World Championship belt draped over his left shoulder. The Champion takes a look at his gold that he not only won, but he earned, climbing from the bottom to the top, before taking his first few steps down towards his own personal destiny…. Will Jet tonight show the world that he was not just in the right place at the right time when he won the belt? Will he show the world that is not a ‘transitional’ champion as his opponent has labelled him? The Champion slides into the ring with authority, and quickly flips up to his feet. The cheers for Jet are just as loud as the cheers for KoRe, both men are popular figures in Dynasty Wrestling, both men are worthy world champions.

Announcer: “Weighing in at 227 pounds, the DW World Champion, JET!!”

Would that be the last time Jet would be introduced like that? KoRe certainly hoped so as he took his first few steps towards the Champion. Jet keeps his eyes locked on the challenger, as he hands the DW gold over to the referee, who hold the belt into the air to signal that it will be on the line in this contest, an action which gets a cheer in its self. The referee hands the belt to the outside of the ring, and without further ado….

Ding, Ding, Ding,

A strange thing happens on the chiming of the bell. The opening of the historic World Championship match is marked with complete silence from the crowd. The crowd doesn’t have time to pick sides, they don’t have time to cheer their favourite. Every eye in the arena is focused in on KoRe and Jet as they stand face to face in the middle of the Dynasty Wrestling ring. There eye balls locked as the flames of intensity flicker deep within their pupils. There is no jaw jacking, no attempt to get the verbal upper hand on each other, just…. Intensity.

Both men know exactly what they have to do as the reflection of their opponents shine off of the whites of their eyes. Its not the first time they have met in the ring, but it is a new frontier for each man, a first World Championship shot, and a first World Championship defence respectfully. The silence continues, the time for talking was over long ago, the time for fighting is upon us, the time to find out who is to be called Dynasty Wrestling Champion of the World is now….

The stare is broken finally with the rasp of KoRe’s knuckles slamming across the face of Jet, and along with it is the silence of the crowd as a huge cheer bursts from the silence that was held in the arena. Jet staggers backwards a few steps as KoRe proceeds to nail Jet with another big right hand to try and get an early advantage over the man with the gold, and pick up the first World Championship of his career. The fans cheer the offence from KoRe, as he knocks Jet backwards with some right hands that seem to the watching crowd to be in almost slow motion before following up with a quick flurry of punches which in deep contrast seem almost super speed.

The Champion can’t hang with the big punches from the challenger, and KoRe is able to irish whip Jet with ease into the tight red ring ropes on the other side of the ring, before taking him down to the mat expertly with a drop toe hold. With KoRe’s legs locking Jet’s down in the takedown, the Champion’s head bounces hard off of the mat due to the fact he can’t get his hands out quick enough to protect his fall. The KoRe fans in the arena are ecstatic as ‘The High Roller’ gets up to his feet and stands above the Champion, will it be the same picture come the end of the match?

The DW World Champion Jet shows just why he is the Champion as he rises to his feet using his hands to push himself up, but KoRe is quickly on him with some clubbing blows to the back of Jet’s neck to keep the Champion in a crouched position. KoRe grabs the right hand of Jet, the same hand that was used to hold up the World Championship belt at the end of Power of the Dollar, and tries to whip him once again, this time into the corner of the ring. However all does not go to plan, Jet is the Dynasty Wrestling World Champion, he is not about to let a challenger like KoRe come in on his first defence and dominate him like this, Jet counters with an irish whip of his own to send KoRe hard into the corner.

KoRe hits the turnbuckle hard, chest first to be exact, before staggering backwards in the direction from which he came. Jet is of course there ready and waiting with a back suplex on the challenger that sends KoRe’s neck down hard onto the unforgiving Dynasty Wrestling ring mat at an expertly calculated inverse angle. The Jet faithful in the MCI arena are now the fans that are the most vocal, with the cheers for the Champion reverberating around the arena as the Champion gets to his feet, holding the back of his head himself after his own move. A couple of well placed kicks from Jet to the upper body of KoRe keep the challenger down long enough for Jet to bounce quickly off of the ropes behind him, and bring his leg crashing down across the face of KoRe upon his return with a running diving leg drop, the type of fast paced athletic move that the Jet has become known and loved for through out his Dynasty Wrestling stint. Jet thinks he has done enough with that move, he cockily doesn’t even hook the leg of KoRe, as if he was so confident of getting the win with his leg across the shoulders of KoRe that he didn’t need to make the effort.

The referee quickly drops down to the canvas as Jet’s head sits proudly up right in the air.

The referees hand hits the cold canvas once,

The referee’s hand hits the canvas twice,

However the referee’s hand does not hit the canvas thrice as the shoulder of KoRe comes shooting up from the deck with such velocity that Jet is knocked right off of him. With the cover broken, the referee rises to his feet, but Jet isn’t about to be shown up again by the challenger for his belt, a quick spinning heel kick to the face of KoRe is enough to knock him down to the mat. Jet, the DW World Champion throws his arms up into the air to excite the crowd, and the sold out MCI Arena responds with a huge cheer as the Champion proceeds to pull up KoRe and slap him across the chest with a chop that sounds around the arena. Jet repeats the chop across the flesh of KoRe, only for the impact to jolt some life into the challenger.

KoRe responds with a chop of his own across the bare flesh of Jet’s chest, before throwing the young champion into the ropes. Jet bounces back, only to be lifted high into the air by KoRe and thrown down to the mat with authority in a stinging body slam. The move knocks the wind from the lungs of the champion, as KoRe regains a little of his breath before rolling over onto Jet and pummelling the face of ‘Mr Millennium’ with a series of crushing right hands. The right hands of KoRe continue to pound away at the face of the Champion, and the crowd once again switch their allegiance, this time cheering for the challenger! The crowd really don’t care who wins the match, they just want to see it continue!

KoRe goes about disappointing the fans as he grabs Jet up to his feet by his hair before kneeing him into the midsection. The sharp end of KoRe’s knee pokes hard into the stomach of Jet, causing the young Champion to double over, allowing KoRe just enough time and space to execute a textbook neckbreaker on Jet. The crowd cheer at the excellent move from KoRe, as he rolls over and goes for the win.



The referee was just about to count the three, but the shoulders of the World Champion coming shooting off of the canvas stops him in his tracks. The fans cheer the kickout from the champion, many of them in different as to who picks up the win but they are grateful none the less that this match between two worthy DW main eventers is continuing. KoRe pulls his opponent up to his feet and locks him up in a front face lock. Jet tries in vain to block and battle out of the hold, but it no use as KoRe pulls the World Champion up into the air, holds him for a few seconds for the whole world to see, before sending him crashing back down to the mat with a suplex. The move really was perfectly executed, sending Jet into the mat hard on his back. KoRe floats over wasting no time, but once again only gets the two count from the referee!

The anger begins to show across the face of the Champion. His right hand slams the mat in frustration as he holds three fingers up to the referee. “It was three” screams KoRe before pulling Jet up, and taking his frustration out on him with a shoulder to the gut before bringing him right back down with an arm bar takedown. KoRe quickly capitalises in the move, if he can’t get the pinfall off of the champion then perhaps he can get the submission win? KoRe locks in an arm bar on the Dynasty Wrestling World Champion, and sets about hyper extending the right arm of Jet. KoRe pulls back with everything he has got, every muscle in his arms working in unison to try and apply enough pressure to the arm of Jet so that if he doesn’t tap out, then the bone will at least snap in two. The agony is clear to see plastered all over the face of the DW Champion as he tries to do everything he can to fight against the submission hold, but KoRe seems to have it locked right in! The referee asks Jet is he would like to give up….


Is the screamed reply from the lips of the Champion as he tries with one last push to over turn KoRe and release the hold. The confident begins to drain away from the face of KoRe, Jet is actually managing to push KoRe’s arms away from his own. KoRe is finally forced to release the hold by Jet, who rises up to his feet, still feeling his arm which was nearly snapped right there by KoRe. KoRe isn’t about to let that injury lie, he quickly grabs the very arm of Jet and pulls Jet in an irish whip, however not letting go of the arm he quickly pulls Jet back towards him before clotheslining him to the mat with a vicious blow to the throat. The World Champion looks in trouble, it might be his first ever title defence but KoRe could possibly the worst man to have to face in the ring, after all, he has never climbed to the top of the mountain. People like Chris Cage and Shawn Storm had been there and done it all, but KoRe had never held the belt, you could tell that just from looking at the passion to finally achieve his destiny which was burning like a raging inferno within his eyes as he grabbed up the Champion one last time and threw him to the corner. A quick clothesline in the corner from KoRe on Jet was enough to make the Champion stagger out, allowing just the opportunity for a ‘KoRe On the Kobb’ from the challenger! The crowd couldn’t believe it, this was the moment, that was the move, this was KoRe’s World Championship win,



Or maybe not,

The desire of the Champion to carve himself a legacy was just as strong as KoRe’s passion to create one. A solitary shoulder came off of the canvas from an otherwise lifeless Jet. KoRe was outraged. He quickly dived back across the World Champion, 1…2.. No! Same again, somehow, it looked as though Jet was out cold from the KoRe on the Kobb, but he still had enough left within him, deep down, to get that shoulder off of the mat and save his world championship belt. KoRe still can’t believe what is going on, he rolls out of the ring and looks around at the crowd that are directly at ringside, the desperation can be seen on KoRe’s face as he deliberates on what to do next, as the crowd cheer him on. KoRe decides, he is willing to do what ever it takes to get this World Championship belt around his waist! The challenger grabs a steel chair from ringside as Jet still lies motionless in the ring. KoRe takes a look at the chair that he holds his hands, before putting it back down. Maybe KoRe didn’t want to win it this way?


Instead KoRe picks up the DW World Championship belt and rolls into the ring! The fans still continue to cheer KoRe on as he stands with the DW Championship belt in his hands just waiting for Jet to rise up to his feet. The referee begs with KoRe not to do it, but KoRe is intent anyways, if he can’t get the pin fall on Jet then he will just knock him out cold! Jet slowly rises up to his feet, and KoRe begins to run at the Champion with the belt, but the referee snatches the belt from the hands of KoRe! The fans boo, but the referee throws the belt out of the ring, he wants to see this match end with a win just as much as the fans do, he doesn’t want to have to disqualify KoRe!

However the ‘High Roller’ does not see it that way as he turns and grabs hold of the referee’s shirt. KoRe sees red as he pulls his fist back to nail the referee, who in his eyes just cost him victory. All of KoRe’s passion and hate goes into the his right hand as it begins to head towards the face of the referee, and it could well have knocked him clean out, had it not been for a low blow interception from the World Champion. KoRe lets go of the referees shirt as he sinks to his knees. He took his eyes off of the Champion for one split second, and he paid for it through a cheap shot from the Champion. Jet doesn’t care, he would do anything to keep the belt just as KoRe would do anything to win it, and he nails a Boom kick to the face of KoRe. KoRe drops to the mat, and the crowd cheer as Jet heads to the top rope! The World Championship lies in the corner of the ring as Jet leaps from the top with the move that won him that very belt, and lands on KoRe with a ’90 Degree Legdrop’! The Champion quickly makes the cover on KoRe with his last gasp of energy.




It seemed unlikely, in some places it seemed impossible but never the less, the World Champion has some how retained against the Challenger. The crowd aren’t sure if they should cheer or boo the Champion, he had to win the match with a cheap shot after all, but never the less Jet picks the belt up off of the canvas, climbs a turnbuckle and holds the belt high into the air. The man who rose from the bottom to the top stays at the top, for now. ‘Ridin Dirty’ blares over the sound system as the Champion continues to celebrate with his belt. KoRe may have only just been beaten here tonight, but no doubt these two will defiantly meet again, most probably with the belt on the line and who knows what could happen then…..

Or maybe they would meet sooner than soon. The Champion steps back off of the turnbuckle and turns around, right into the face of KoRe. The challenger is upset, the challenger is down right pissed off! KoRe stares into the eyes of the man that just beat him with a low blow, the man who has promised to be the most controversial champion in DW history just stares back. KoRe explodes again and the crowd pop as a few right hands knock the Champion into the corner, before a ‘SnAkE eYe’s’ takes down Jet in the centre of the ring. The Championship belt lays draped over the body of Jet, for now, but rest assured even though the match has gone and passed, the challenger from KoRe and his destiny of becoming World Champion is still very much alive.WINNER: Jet (53:33)


We cut to the backstage area, where none other than Cyren is standing leaning against a door, having just rasped his knuckles against it. It draws the attention of the man inside… who appears to be none other than Steve Jason, who peers up, from lacing his boots.

Steve Jason: “This had better not be about another interview! I… oh… YOU.”

Steve’s eyes narrow as he realises just who’s knocked, drawing himself up and holding himself rigid.

Cyren draws his lips up, in a tight grin.

Cyren: “No, Steve. Not another interviewer, at least… I left my recorder at home, for the night, mind you. No, no… I have something much more important to talk to you about, then what you eat for breakfast, or how your health is, which I hope is fine by the way.”

Steve Jason: “Word of advice? If you say the words ‘you will fall’, I’ll personally drop-goal your arse out of here. With that in mind, I’m not so unreasonable as to not hear you out. Speak.”

Nodding his head, Cyren makes his way into the room, shutting the door behind him. He pulls up a chair, next to Steve Jason, so he sits, draped across the back of it.

Cyren: “Here’s how it is, Steve. Your forgiveness? I know it’s not coming. We’ve done too much to another, put eachother through so much hell. My god, Steve… look at my eye? You scarred me! Pull down your collar a bit, there’s a brand I put on you, MYSELF!”

Shaking his head, Cyren bites his lip, before staring up at Steve, his eyes bared, vulnerable.

Cyren: “Steve, that stuff… I don’t know if we can put things like that in the past, but I came here tonight, hoping we could. If tonight, if only for this one night, we could be strangers, even. Give us a new history, a new start. If it helps to say, I’m sorry, than there… I’m sorry. You will have my apologies from this day, to Kingdom come. That’s enough for you, I realize it. It all starts with action, actions I plan to begin executing tonight. No cheats, no minions, nothing. I swear to you, Steve. This will be a clean fight. I ask for that… only that.”

Steve cups a hand to his chin in thought, his brow furrowing. After a few moments, he rises to his feet.

Steve Jason: “You MAY be in luck. As far as I’m concerned, everyone in this Rumble is a target of opportunity, Cyren. Regardless of past and status. That’s something I have to do to ensure I’m successful. So you may just get your wish. I can’t make any promises for AFTER, though. I’ll be frank, I don’t trust you. But the Rumble is excusable, because it’s a necessity.”

Cyren nods his head, looking up at Steve Jason.

Cyren: “Tonight, in the rumble, that’s what we desired. Tonight, none of us have faces, but we all have weapons. After this night, we’ll start to get the idea of who was the better man tonight, Steve. Tomorrow, though… you’re right, that’s another question. I’ll make you trust me, Steve. I swear it. Tomorrow, you’ll be the object of who I tried to earns trust. Tonight, Steve… The Sickness comes back for one last fight, and he brings with him the fight of the dog. I have all the fight in the world, Steve. Tonight, we’ll see who can fight until they give out… May the best man win.”

After that, Cyren stuck out his hand, hoping for Steve Jason to shake it.

Steve Jason: “Note one thing, Cyren. I’m shaking hands with a prospective opponent. NOT the Sickness. If you want that, you’re gonna have to go through purgatory on freakin’ Earth. I wouldn’t try to trick me on it… because I WILL crush you like an ant if you do.”

Even as Steve says this, he very reluctantly shakes the hand.

Their hands clasped, Cyren pulls Steve Jason to him, so that they’re face to face.

Cyren: “The Sickness won’t leave this Arena, Steve. It dies in that ring, with the parts of me that DO belong in purgatory. What walks out of that ring is going to be Cyren, a man with a name I hope to make mean something. I built a legacy in darkness, I will rebuild a new one, of my own creation. Believe it or not, Steve… I’m trying to be a good man. Tonight is the first step on my path. I will walk through everyone in that ring, including you… not because it’s something I want, Steve. This isn’t greedy, ‘The Sickness’, speaking. This is Cyren, someone you know very little of.”

With that, Cyren pushes Steve Jason’s hands down, walking out.


“Right Side Of The Bed” by Atreyu hits the sound system, and the fans pop as current DW Tag Team Champion Steve Jason walks out onto the top of the DW Destiny 2006 stage and holds his Tag Team Gold in the air! Steve Jason, the man who was made #1 entry in the Destiny Rumble by DW Boss Jon Page walks confidently down to the ring before sliding in and holding his belt up in the air for all to see, if Steve Jason wants to win a shot at the DW World Championship then he is going to have to go through 29 other guys to do it!

‘Like a Boss’ hits the sound system, and the fans also cheer as DW boss and former XWF Universal Champion Jon Page slowly walks onto the DW Destiny 2006 stage. Page looks down at his long term nemesis Steve Jason, before he slowly begins to make his way down to the ring. Page, the man that Amy Page made #2 entry, slides into the ring and stands face to face with Steve Jason, a man that he will have to last at least two minutes on his own with in the ring!

The bell chimes signalling the start of the match and the two minute counter begins counting down as Page and Jason circle each other in the middle of the ring. Steve Jason dives in and ties up with Page, but Page reverses and goes behind Steve Jason, before pushing him into the ropes and trying to force him over the top rope! We could see an early exit for Steve Jason here, but no, Steve Jason fights off Page with some quick back elbows that send him backwards, before Steve Jason nails Jon Page with a big DDT in the centre of the ring. Steve Jason quickly dives down on Page and begins to slam him in the face with some big rights and lefts, before helping the DW Owner up to his feet. However the actions are not one of kindness towards Jon Page as Steve Jason, the man Amy Page signed to a DW contract at Power of the Dollar, throws Page into the corner and then follows up with a big clothesline in the corner.

The crowd cheer the continued offence from Steve Jason despite liking Page, but the DW Owner looks to be in trouble as Steve Jason stomps him down in the corner. Page finally gets up to his feet, only for Steve Jason to nail him with a face buster. Page, who has been out of the ring for over a year due to his RICO trial looks to be showing huge signs of ring rust as Steve Jason pulls him closer to the ropes and then grabs his leg and begins to try and force him over the top rope! Page looks like he is going over the top rope, but before Steve Jason can force him over the top rope, the bell chimes signalling the end of the two-minute countdown, and the first ever EWF/DW World Champion Matt Anarchy sprints to ringside!

The crowd boo the arrival of Anarchy in the Destiny rumble as he goes straight after Steve Jason with some big blows to the back of the head. Knowing that his career could be on the line if he doesn’t eliminate Steve Jason, Matt Anarchy quickly tries to throw Steve Jason over the top rope, only for Steve Jason to counter with a kick to the face of Anarchy. Anarchy stumbles back, however as Steve Jason begins to walk towards Anarchy, he is cheap shotted from behind by Jon Page! Page sends Jason down to the mat with a clothesline to the back of the head, before Anarchy and Page double-team Steve Jason by stomping him down! The crowd boo the double team of Page and Anarchy on Jason as they pull him up to his feet before sending him into the corner. Anarchy and Page show some good teamwork as they take it in turn to splash Steve Jason in the corner, before they nail him with a double suplex in the centre of the ring.

The two-minute countdown for the next competitors reaches one minute left as Steve Jason rises up to his feet, only to be double clotheslined by Anarchy and Page! Anarchy is quick to grab hold of Steve Jason as he begins to get up to his feet, and some right hands begin to send Steve Jason back towards the corner, only for Steve Jason to counter and knock Matt Anarchy down with a big right hand! The crowd pop as Anarchy hits the deck, however before Steve Jason can do anything about it, Page is quick to nail him from behind to send him down, before Anarchy and Page continue to beat down Steve Jason with some big right hands. The crowd begin to count along as the count reaches the final five seconds, perhaps some help will be on the way for the DW Tag Team Champion Steve Jason?






Ding, Ding, Ding!

The fourth entry in the rumble is far from help for Steve Jason as another man who Page has promised to help should he eliminate Steve Jason comes sprinting down to the ring, in the form of Chooch! The former International Champion dives straight into the action with some big right hands on Steve Jason, before Anarchy and Chooch both hold Steve Jason, so that Page can get one big punch on his long term rival! The crowd boo the beat down by the three men, they thought the Destiny Rumble was supposed to be every man for themselves!

Steve Jason is brought up to his feet by Chooch, but Steve Jason keeps on fighting as he Rugby tackles Chooch to the floor and begins pounding away with some big right hands to the face of Chooch, before Anarchy and Page are able to get in on Steve Jason with two big elbow drops to his back. The crowd continue to boo as Chooch and Anarchy take it in turn to nail Steve Jason with punches in the corner of the ring as Jon Page sits back and directs traffic! The countdown to the next entrant begins to reach its final stages as Page orders Anarchy and Chooch to toss Steve Jason over the top rope! Chooch and Anarchy begin to try and force Steve Jason up and over the top rope, however as they do the next man runs down to the ring and enters the Destiny rumble, Steve Jason’s fellow DW Tag Team Champion Raziel!

The crowd pop as Raziel nails Chooch, Anarchy and then Page with big right hands! Chooch gets back to his feet first, however Raziel hits him with a big scoop slam! Matt Anarchy uses the ropes to help himself up to his feet, and the crowd continue to cheer the arrival of the DW Tag Team Champion, as he runs up and clotheslines Matt Anarchy over the top rope! The man who became the first World Champion back in 2001 has now become the first man to be eliminated from the Destiny rumble in 2006!

The Tag Team Champions show they are defiantly in the building as they nail Page with a double clothesline which sends the DW Boss to the mat, before they bounce off of opposite sides of the ring before nailing a leg/elbow drop combo on Page! There are cheers all around for Raziel and Steve Jason, however Chooch is back on his feet and he runs towards both men. Chooch throws Steve Jason into the ropes, and then stands near the opposite ropes ready to back body drop Steve Jason out of the ring! However the Tag Team Champion can see exactly what is going to happen and he nails Chooch with a big kick to the face! Steve Jason and Raziel both pull Chooch up in the air before dumping the former International Champion over the top rope! Chooch is out of the rumble, and now the tables are turned on DW Owner Page as the Tag Team Champions turn and face the boss! Raziel and Steve Jason begin to approach the DW Owner who is standing in the corner with his eyes wide open, however Page is saved by the bell as it chimes denoting the next entry into the Destiny rumble 2006!

Suddenly the crowd all turns to see a large horse ride out from the back and of course the man riding the horse is none other than The Masked Molester! He has a bag with him filled with hundred dollar bills and begins throwing cash all over the arena, along with fluid filled condoms that have bills tied to them so even the fans far from him can get some cash! Masked Molester must be throwing thousands and thousands of dollars around as he rides to the ring and then rides around ringside on the horse while still flinging bills and condoms everywhere. Page, Steve Jason and Raziel who are standing in the ring all stop and watch Masked Molester as he dismounts and slaps his trusty steed on the ass to send it galloping back to the backstage area!

Masked Molester now looks into the ring from ringside and smiles under his Batman style mask without the pointy ears, and he begins unbuckling his belt! He slowly removes his pants and throws them out into the crowd as the fans shriek in horror! He stands there in his underwear and now removes his black shirt too! He tosses that away and now is wearing nothing but his boots, his mask, and his underwear that clearly have some nasty brown stains all over them!

Masked Molester now enters the ring as everyone backs up, not wanting to touch this sick freak in his underwear. He quickly does some stretching in the corner and then slaps his own ass before rubbing himself all over and it looks like there is some sort of lubrication covering his ENTIRE body! He flicks his tongue at the wrestlers and slaps his hands together as some lubricant splashes out from between his palms and he quickly runs toward DW Owner Jon Page and kicks him in the nuts!

The crowd don’t really know what to make of Masked Molester as he turns and nails Raziel with a big right hand, as Steve Jason leaps on Jon Page and nails him with some big punches. Masked Molester backs Raziel in the corner, and the Tag Team Champion looks disgusted as Masked Molester licks him before taking him down to the mat with a snapmere! In the other side of the ring Steve Jason pulls Jon Page up to his feet, and throws him hard into the ropes. Page bounces back quickly towards Steve Jason as the countdown reaches the last ten seconds, however Steve Jason lifts Page onto his shoulders for the ‘s2’! The crowd pop looking forward to the Stingers finishing move, however Steve Jason does not simply hit Page with the ‘S2’, he hits Page with the ‘S2’ out of the ring and over the top rope! Jon Page is eliminated from the Destiny Rumble with authority by Steve Jason, however the ring is soon back up to four competitors as the clock hits zero and Justin Spires sprints to the ring!

Justin Spires dives into the ring and goes right after Steve Jason with a clothesline as in the other corner of the ring, Masked Molester pulls Raziel up to his feet. Masked Molester locks Raziel in a side head lock, however Masked Molester counters with a back suplex on Masked Molester, before hitting him with a big leg drop across his face. The crowd cheer on the Tag Team Champion as he grabs Masked Molester as he gets to his feet, and knocks him back down to the mat with a flapjack. His Tag Team Partner however is not having so much luck as one of the hottest up and coming stars in the DW Justin Spires throws him into the ropes and then takes him down to the mat with a spinebuster in the centre of the ring.

Steve Jason begins to get back up to the ring after the stiff spinebuster, however Justin Spires capitalises on his offence with a stiff kick to the gut of Steve Jason before trying to toss Steve Jason over the top rope! However Steve Jason is able to put the brakes on before he reaches the ropes, and knocks Justin Spires away from him with a back heel kick, before suplexing him down to the mat in order to slow his offence. Across on the other side of the ring, Raziel nails a big belly to belly suplex on Masked Molester, but Masked Molester is straight back up to his feet with a bearhug on Raziel! Masked Molester seems to be enjoying the bearhug just a little bit too much as the countdown reaches zero once again meaning only one thing, another new entry in the Destiny rumble!

DW TapOut Champion Caedmon is the man that comes sprinting down to the ring as the eight entry in the match, and with such a big size advantage he could be a huge factor in this match! Raziel manages to fight out of the bearhug with some big right hands to the face of Masked Molester, before nailing a DDT with him in the centre of the ring. Caedmon gets right into the action as he clotheslines down Raziel, and then begins to stomp him down in the centre of the ring, before applying a figure four leg lock! Steve Jason picks up Justin Spires and tries to toss him over the top rope, but despite going flying over the top rope, Spires is able to land on the ring apron! Spires nails Steve Jason with a shoulder to the gut as he tries to knock him off to the floor below, before Spires comes back into the ring with a sunset flip on Steve Jason!

The crowd cheer for the impressive offence, as Caedmon continues to punish Raziel with his painful submission move, before Masked Molester breaks it. Caedmon rises to his feet, but Masked Molester jumps on his back and begins to hump wildly! The crowd don’t really know what to make of Masked Molester, but Caedmon is justifiably disgusted as he throws Masked Molester down to the mat with authority with a powerslam! Caedmon begins to stomp away on Masked Molester down in the corner of the ring as Raziel begins to get up to his feet just as the bell rings to signal the ninth entry in the Destiny rumble, Christian Connolly!

The fans pop as C2 sprints down to the ring and slides right in under the bottom rope. C2 grabs hold of Steve Jason and quickly tackles him to the ground and begins to punch away on ‘The Stinger’. It seems that with Steve Jason such a big name in the rumble, he has a big bulls eye on his back! Raziel is grabbed by Justin Spires who tosses him into the corner, before opening up on him with right hands. As he does Steve Jason and C2 rise to their feet, only to tie up with each other in the centre of the ring. Steve Jason shows his power by forcing C2 back against the ropes, however C2 shows his ability with a arm drag takedown on Steve Jason! On the other side of the ring Justin Spires knocks Raziel down with a big punch, as DW TapOut Champion Caedmon pulls Masked Molester up into the air, and then walks over to the ropes with the Masked Molester on his shoulders!

The crowd can’t believe the awesome strength of the TapOut Champion as despite Masked Molester trying to squirm his way out of the grasp of Caedmon, he pushes him over the top rope! However Masked Molester holds on to the top rope despite dangling outside of the ring! Caedmon tries to force Masked Molester off of the rope and to the floor causing an elimination, however as he does Justin Spires sneak up behind him and lifts his legs up, causing Caedmon to lose his balance and sending the TapOut Champion to the floor below! The DW TapOut Champion is eliminated from the match, and the Masked Molester hangs on by the skin of his teeth! Masked Molester rolls back into the ring under the ropes as the bell chimes and then tenth entry sprints to the ring, in the form of Mike Raboin!

There is a huge cheer for Raboin who meets Justin Spires with some big right hands upon his arrival to the ring. C2 pulls Steve Jason up into the air and slams him down to the mat with a big double-handed sitdown chokeslam which gets a big reaction from the crowd, as Masked Molester nails a low blow on Raziel! Raziel sinks to the mat as Masked Molester pushes him back into the corner in a sitting down position. Raziel looks to be in too much pain to know what is going on and it is probably a good idea as Masked Molester nails a bronco buster on Raziel! Masked Molester jumps up and down on the bronco buster in delight as Raboin punches Justin Spires with a manhatten drop, followed by a bulldog takedown!

C2 pulls Steve Jason up to his feet and tries to force him over the top rope, however Steve Jason once again managed to force his way back with some big back elbows on C2, followed by a spear takedown. The fans cheer as now Steve Jason has the advantage as he nails C2 with some big right hands in the middle of the ring, as Masked Molester finally gets off of Raziel. Masked Molester pulls Raziel up and tries to toss him over the top rope, as Justin Spires begins to get up to his feet. Spires is grabbed by Raboin who tosses him into the corner as the clock once again reaches zero, and the bell chimes as Adam Striker runs to the ring! The crowd cheer the former International Champion who nearly won the Destiny Rumble back in 2002, as he rolls into the ring and goes straight after Steve Jason with an elbow drop to the back of his head.

The ring is now starting to fill up as Adam Striker nails a big head butt on Steve Jason, the number 1 participant. Raziel fights off the Masked Molester’s attempts to throw him out of the ring as Raboin nails Spires with some big shoulder blocks in the corner of the ring. C2 is lying down in the corner of the ring as Adam Striker hits Steve Jason with a DDT, and Masked Molester is hit with a t-bone suplex from Raziel. Raboin tries to lift Spires up and over the top rope, only for Spires to rake the eyes of Raboin. Raboin stumbles backwards and Justin Spires tries to clothesline Raboin over the top rope, only for Raboin to duck and then hit a single leg takedown on Justin Spires.

Spires hits the mat hard, but Raboin dives right back down upon him and begins to try and choke him out. As Raziel pulls Masked Molester up to his feet. Masked Molester is tossed into the ring ropes by Raziel, however Raziel is not quite able to lift him over the top rope and instead Masked Molester hits him with a elbow smash to the face! The clock begins to countdown from ten once again as Steve Jason begins to change the tide of the battle with some right hands to Adam Striker…. The clock hits zero and down the rampway comes…. Boondock Saint!

The crowd cheer as the X-ile rolls into the ring and comes face to face with fellow X-ile C2! Its every man for himself here in the Destiny Rumble, however instead of coming to blows they turn and knock down Masked Molester, and there are now 8 men in the ring! Steve Jason pulls Adam Striker to one side and hits him with a chop across the chest that gets a big cheer from the crowd, before running over to the ropes with him and tossing him right over the top rope! However Striker manages to hang on to the top rope as he falls and lands on the ring apron! Steve Jason turns thinking that he has eliminated, allowing Striker the chance to run up and nail him from behind with a big head butt to the back of Steve Jason’s head!

Raboin is tossed to the mat by Justin Spires with a side suplex, however Justin Spires is quickly jumped on by Raziel who nails him with a front face slam in the ring. Spires’ head hits the canvas hard as C2 and Boondock Saint show a little more team work to double team the Masked Molester with some big kicks before allowing him to get to his feet. They throw the Masked Molester into the ropes and get ready for a double team flapjack, however the Masked Molester counters with a double testicular claw on the two X-iles! C2 and Boondock Saint hop around in pain as Masked Molester tightens his grip, before jumping up and knocking down the pair with a quick double clothesline! The count down reaches zero for the 13th time of the night, but just who will be the unlucky number 13 in the Destiny rumble? There is no immediate entry and no one sprints down to the ring, instead ‘Number 11’ by DMX hits the sound system, and after a few seconds the crowd pop as former Bloodhound T-Money makes a surprise entry in the Destiny Rumble 2006!

T-Money sprints down to the ring and takes down the Masked Molester with a huge clothesline that sends him into a flip in the air! The crowd cheer T-Money on as he hits Mike Raboin with a DDT, before grabbing Adam Striker and sending him over the top rope and to the floor below! Striker becomes the fifth man eliminated from the Destiny Rumble, however he is soon joined by Justin Spires who runs at T-Money, only to be on the receiving end of a back body drop over the top rope from T-Money! T-Money is cleaning house in the Destiny rumble, and he quickly turns his attention to Steve Jason!

T-Money grabs Steve Jason and tries to throw him over the top rope just as he did Adam Striker, however Steve Jason is able to counter with a heel kick on T-Money. Steve Jason tries to force T-Money over the top rope, however he can’t quite manage it as the strong T-Money holds on! Raziel quickly jumps in and helps his tag team partner, but the combined force of the tag team champions can’t even force T-Money over the top rope! T-Money holds on for dear life, but his job is made even harder as Boondock Saint and C2 also both try and force T-Money over the top rope! Somehow T-Money is managing to stay in the match but as the clock hits zero again in the arena, there is a pop from the fans as the last ever XWF Universal Champion Lee Stone sprints to the ring to make a surprise entry into the Destiny Rumble match!

Stone drops his XWF Universal Championship belt at ringside, before rolling in and lifting T-Money up along with Jason, Raziel, C2 and Boondock Saint, to send him over the top rope and to the floor with his first action of the match! T-Money is eliminated despite making a huge impression on the Destiny rumble, but Lee Stone is another surprise entry! Lee Stone nails Steve Jason, Raziel, C2 and Boondock Saint with right hands one after the other, however a DDT from Mike Raboin is enough to take down the last ever XWF universal Champion. Masked Molester is quick to his feet and he dives onto Lee Stone, locking his head in a leg scissors. Mike Raboin however breaks up the hold and pulls Masked Molester into the air, before nailing him with a sitdown powerbomb!

The crowd seem impressed with the move from Raboin, however Lee Stone isn’t very forgiving despite Raboin saving him from the Masked Molester, and he nails Raboin with a shot to the back of the head, before pushing him into the corner. A couple of right hands from Lee Stone send Raboin down to the mat, and Lee Stone then uses his boot to try and choke the life out of Raboin. As he does, the countdown once again reaches zero, and there is a cheer in the arena as Blizzard runs down to the Destiny ring!

Blizzard slides straight into the action and he grabs hold of C2 and takes him down to the mat. Mike Raboin struggles to try and push away the boot of Lee Stone, however Stone keeps on choking out Raboin in the corner as the Masked Molester slowly gets up to his feet. The Masked Molester however is grabbed from behind by Boondock Saint who tries to nail a suplex on Masked Molester. The Masked Molester counters however and nails a ‘Road Dogg’ style pump handle slam on Boondock Saint! Steve Jason and Raziel slowly begin to get up as Blizzard hits a belly to back suplex on C2. Boondock Saint struggles up to his feet after the impact of the stiff pump handle slam, but Masked Molester is in no mood for playing around as he grabs Boondock Saint by the back of the head and tosses him over the top rope, eliminating him from the Destiny rumble!

With Boondock Saint gone, Masked Molester turns his attention towards Steve Jason as Lee Stone finally lets Mike Raboin get up to his feet. Stone grabs hold of Raboin’s throat and presses him against the turnbuckle, before throwing him to the mat with a throat toss. Stone then turns to the turnbuckle and begins to undo the padding! Stone rips off the padding, revealing the metal ring post! Stone then grabs Raboin by the head as he begins to get to his feet and tries to slam his head down into the ring post. However Raboin blocks the move, and instead bounces Stone’s head off of the steel! Stone looks to be busted wide open from the impact as the bell chimes and there is a new entry in the Destiny rumble as Sam Vintage sprints to the ring!

Vintage dives straight into the ring and straight into Raziel. Vintage knocks Raziel back with some big punches that send him against the ropes, however Raziel blocks one of the punches and then nails a punch on Sam Vintage that sends him tumbling into the ropes and then over them! Sam Vintage has been eliminated from the Destiny rumble by Raziel, and is possibly the person that has lasted shortest in Destiny history! The seven remain in the ring as Steve Jason and Raziel double team Masked Molester, C2 battles with Blizzard and Lee Stone is grabbed by Mike Raboin who hits him with a German suplex!

Raboin keeps his hands locked just as Shawn Storm had done earlier in the night to Chris Cage, and repeats the German suplex move on Lee Stone! Raboin then proceeds to hammer the back of Stone’s head, as Steve Jason and Raziel nail Masked Molester with a double team suplex. C2 grabs Blizzard in a side head lock, however Blizzard spins out of the move and hits a clothesline on C2! As he does the countdown for the next arrival begins from ten!











0! Sean Parker sprints down to ringside! Parker dives into the ring and grabs hold of Raziel. Parker takes down Raziel with a spear as Raboin continues to pound away on Lee Stone in the corner of the ring. However with Lee Stone down on the mat, he couldn’t be further away from the top rope and elimination! Steve Jason ducks under a punch from the Masked Molester and he picks Masked Molester up for a ‘S2’! The crowd pop, but Masked Molester jumps off of his shoulders and pushes Steve Jason over the top rope! It looks like Steve Jason is going to be eliminated by Masked Molester, but he grabs hold of the top rope and hangs on before he can hit the floor!

The crowd cheer Steve Jason on, but Masked Molester starts to bite the hands of Steve Jason trying to eliminate him! Masked Molester however is hit from behind by Blizzard who ends up saving Steve Jason! Blizzard throws some big rights and lefts to send Masked Molester back into the corner, before suplexing him into the middle of the ring! Masked Molester hits the mat hard, and Blizzard nails a leg drop on Masked Molester in the middle of the ring! As Blizzard continues to pound away on Masked Molester, the clock hits zero and the next entry makes his way down towards the ring…. CYREN!

It looks like business has just picked up as Cyren rolls into the ring and knocks down Raziel with a big right hand. Blizzard nails Masked Molester with some mounted punches in the middle of the ring, however before he can pull Masked Molester up to his feet, he is grabbed by the head by C2, who tosses him over the top rope! Blizzard is eliminated out of nowhere by C2! Raziel gets to his feet and is grabbed from behind by Parker, who hits him with a back breaker. The eight men in the ring pair off with each other. As Raziel and Parker trade right hands and Masked Molester nails C2 with a shot to the back of the head. Steve Jason hits Raboin with a back suplex and Lee Stone comes face to face with Cyren! Stone is on the receiving end of some big rights and lefts from Cyren, who tries to clothesline him over the top rope! However as the countdown to the next entry begins, Stone reverses the move and hits Cyren with a kick to the gut and then a big haymaker punch.

3… 2…. 1…. Jason King is the next entry in the rumble!

Jason King sprints down to the ring and gets involved in the Cyren/Stone confrontation. However King is nailed with a big right hand from Stone and then Cyren who take it in turns to volley Jason King around with big punches as if it was tennis match! King soon hits the mat after a big punch from Lee Stone, who is then knocked down by Cyren!

Masked Molester pulls up C2 and throws him into the corner before hitting him with some big body shots and then a diving dropkick to his groin! Parker scoop slams the Tag Team Champion Raziel, before his tag team partner Steve Jason is pulled up to his feet by Raboin and then thrown across the ring with a big belly to back suplex from Raboin! Mike Raboin seems to be putting on a suplex show as he pulls up Steve Jason again before throwing him around with a pair of belly to back suplexes! Cyren locks in a sleeper hold on Lee Stone to try and take him down to the mat as the bell chimes to reveal another entry to the Destiny rumble…. However it is not any old entry, the former UK Champion HARDCORE HARRY runs down to the ring as ‘Man In A Box’ plays on the sound system!

Hardcore Harry slides into the ring and grabs Mike Raboin around the throat! The fans pop as Hardcore Harry nails a huge chokeslam on Mike Raboin, before hitting a double clothesline on Lee Stone and Cyren to break the sleeper hold. Jason King gets back to his feet as Parker begins to lock Raziel into a sharpshooter submission move. Hardcore Harry grabs Jason King with a huge chokeslam, however Jason King counters with a kick to the groin of Hardcore Harry! The crowd boo the low blow from Jason King, but he doesn’t care as he runs through and clotheslines Hardcore Harry over the top rope and to the floor below! Jason King stands over the ropes taunting Hardcore Harry who he just eliminated, however he taunts for just a little too long as Sean Parker and Mike Raboin sneak up on him and toss him over the top rope from behind!

The crowd pop for the elimination of Jason King as the team work between Parker and Raboin doesn’t last for long as Raboin tries to throw Parker over the top rope, only for Parker to block the move. The countdown for the next participant begins as the strain of the match begins to show on the #1 entry Steve Jason who has so far survived all of the participants as Lee Stone stomps him down. Masked Molester is grabbed from behind by C2 who hits him with a reverse DDT as Mr WS hits the ring!

Mr WS sprints down to the ring and rolls into the war zone. Masked Molester tries to pull up C2 and force him over the top rope, but he can’t pull C2 up off of the canvas. Parker is thrown across the ring by Raboin with a underhook suplex, as Cyren is slammed to the mat by Lee Stone. Mr WS nails Lee Stone with a big punch from behind, before slamming him back into the exposed ring post! Lee Stone’s head bounces off of the steel for the second time of the night, but MR WS isn’t happy there as he continually throws Stone’s head into the post over and over again!

Steve Jason rises up to his feet and he nails a big lariat on Mr WS as the clock begins to count down towards the next entry! Masked Molester finally manages to pull up C2 and he edges him closer to the ropes, however C2 battles him off with some big back elbow shots, but as he does the bell chimes and Soul Bearer sprints down to the ring! Mike Raboin tries to force Sean Parker up and over the top rope as Soul Bearer slides into the ring and nails a big right hand to Steve Jason. C2 throws Masked Molester away from him and then nails him with a DDT, before Lee Stone rises up to his feet and chop blocks Cyren.

Soul Bearer pulls a weary Steve Jason up to his feet and slams him into the corner before whipping him across the chest with the back of his hand. Steve Jason staggers out of the corner and straight into a bulldog takedown from Soul Bearer. The SOA member turns and nails some big rights and lefts on Steve Jason, as Mr WS tries to help Mike Raboin force Sean Parker over the top rope! Soul Bearer sees the two men trying to eliminate Parker and takes a few steps back in order to propel himself off of the ropes, leaping into Parker/Raboin/Mr WS and sacrificing himself in order to take all three of the other men out of the ring along with him. The crowd actually cheer for Soul Bearer as all four men are eliminated!

Parker is outraged that Soul Bearer has just eliminated him from the Destiny rumble, and the pair begin to trade punches as they make their way up the ramp way to the backstage area! The countdown in the ring however reaches zero, and Jane St. Dominic is the next competitor to the ring! She slides into the ring and gets straight into the Masked Molester with a spear takedown. Steve Jason hits C2 with a front face suplex as Lee Stone turns his attention back towards Cyren, taking him out with a stunner like move. Raziel catches his breath in the corner as Jane pulls Masked Molester to the corner and hits him with a few slaps for the face before sending him corner to corner. Masked Molester hits hard in the opposite corner before Jane follows up on him with a big clothesline, before then trying to toss him over the top rope and out of the ring!

Her efforts however come to nothing as Masked Molester blocks the attempt! Steve Jason rises up to his feet, as does C2. Steve Jason ties up with C2, but C2 forces him back and trips him over to send him to the mat, before locking him in an arm bar to try and wear him down enough to toss him out of the ring. Cyren rises back up to his feet despite the offence from Lee Stone. But it is Stone who grabs hold of Cyren quickly and throws him shoulder first into the steel ring post.

Cyren’s shoulder hits the steel hard as he staggers backwards in to the waiting arms of Lee Stone who is there with a German suplex on Cyren. The clock begins to count down for another entry into the ring. Raziel jumps down on C2 to break the arm bar on Steve Jason as the clock hits zero, and Andrew Gibson sprints down to the ring! The crowd boo Gibson, who took Illuminati out of action as he rolls into the ring. Gibson takes a few seconds to look around at the carnage that is going on around him as Jane St Dominic nails Masked Molester with a right hand in the corner. Gibson moves across and hits a big punch to the gut of Raziel as Cyren rises to his feet following the German suplex from Lee Stone.

Raziel is thrown hard to the mat by Gibson who dives down and begins slamming Raziel’s head against the canvas. C2 gets up to his feet, however Steve Jason nails him with an arm bar takedown into an arm bar of his own, as he know tries to wear down C2! Masked Molester tries to fight his way away from Jane St. Dominic, but she nails him with a knee to the gut before tossing him over onto his back. Gibson drops Raziel to the mat with a front face suplex, however as he gets up to his feet, Jane turns her attention from Masked Molester to Andrew Gibson as she grabs him by the back of his trunks and throws him over the top ropes!

The crowd are shocked as Gibson has just been eliminated from the Destiny rumble! The referees have to restrain Gibson as he tries to get back into the ring, but he can’t do anything and is forced to walk to the back. As he walks he is passed by the 29th entry in the Destiny rumble, Sean Graves! Graves rolls into the ring and is straight away the subject of a kick to the back from Jane. Steve Jason tightens up on his arm bar submission move on C2 as Masked Molester grabs Raziel and the pair continue their battle as he takes him down with a pulling piledriver! Lee Stone and Cyren continue their furious battle as they exchange clubbing blows in the corner of the ring.

Graves is tossed into the ropes by Jane who nails him with a big kick to the gut as he bounces back, however as she does, Steve Jason releases the hold on C2 and allows him up to his feet. Steve Jason ducks under an attempted clothesline from the good arm of C2, and knocks him to the mat with a shoulder block. The crowd cheer the move, but Masked Molester begins to sit on the face of Raziel as Cyren begins to get the upper hand over Lee Stone! Graves doubles over from the big kick from Jane St. Dominic and she tries to arm drag him over the top rope, but Graves blocks the move and arm drags Jane over the top rope himself, eliminating her! Jane St. Dominic heads to the back as the countdown begins for the final entry into the 2006 Destiny rumble, just who will it be?











The fans can’t believe it as former DW World Champion Hellfire X sprints to ringside with a steel chair in his hands! Hellfire X rolls into the ring and the former DW World Champion starts swinging the steel! Down goes, C2, down goes Lee Stone, down goes Steve Jason, down goes Raziel, down goes Masked Molester, down goes Cyren and down goes Graves! The former DW World Champion has taken out everyone in the ring, and he throws the chair down! Hellfire X picks up Lee Stone and nails him with a big X-Virus on the chair! Hellfire X could be on his way to a match at the title if he carries on this way! Hellfire X quickly picks up Graves, and shows no remorse as he tosses him over the top rope and eliminates him from the running! The fans are on their feet as Hellfire X stands proud in the ring, the X-Virus is back in DW and is gunning for the competition! That competition meets him as Steve Jason and Raziel rise up to their feet. The Tag Champions run at Hellfire X, but he clotheslines both of them down. They repeat the process, only to get clotheslined down once again by Hellfire X who then scoop slams Steve Jason. However as he scoop slams SJ, Raziel nails him with a low blow!

Hellfire X staggers backwards, and SJ and Raziel clothesline him over the top rope! Hellfire X is back in DW and causing carnage, and it took two men and a cheap shot to eliminate him from the rumble! Hellfire X makes his way to the back as Steve Jason and Raziel stare each other down, at the Tag Team Champions about to come to blows? They could be with both no doubt wanting shots at the DW World Championship, however before they even get the chance to, they are nailed with both steel chair shots from C2 and Masked Molester! The crowd boo as Steve Jason and C2 hit the mat, but as they do Lee Stone leaps on C2 and disarms him of the steel chair. Masked Molester swings the steel chair at Cyren, but he misses allowing Cyren the chance to clothesline him down to the mat. Masked Molester struggles to his feet as Cyren grabs the chair. Cyren nails the chair across the face of the Masked Molester, sending him springing backwards and over the top rope to the floor below! The man that entered as number five has finally been eliminated!

Only five men remain now in the match. Steve Jason, Raziel, C2 and Cyren are each in a different corner trying to catch their breath, and in the middle of the ring stands Lee Stone. He glances around to each person, and they all meet his eye contact. They each stand up straight, fully prepared to be the sole winner. But in the center of it all, Stone drops his guard. He takes another look at them all and smiles a little. He then walks over to the ropes and springboards himself over them to the ring apron. Without hesitation, he then drops to the ground. Lee Stone just eliminated himself! Many fans aren’t too happy as they begin to boo Lee, who completely ignores them as he collects his XWF Universal Title from ringside and walks up the ramp to the backstage area. In a strange turn of events, we are down to the final four!

The four men continue to stand in their respective corners. After a few seconds of cheering from the crowd, Steve Jason and C2 burst forward and begin pounding away at each other as Cyren and Raziel run at each other. Raziel knocks down Cyren with a clothesline. Cyren rises back up to his feet but Raziel knocks him back with a few right hands before taking him down to the mat with a chin breaker. Raziel pulls Cyren up to his feet and forces him over to the ropes, the DW Tag Team Champion pushes Cyren over the top rope, but as Cyren falls he grabs hold of Raziel in one hand and the top rope in the other! The crowd boo as Cyren holds onto the ropes and pulls himself into the ring as Raziel falls to the floor and is eliminated!

Cyren quickly jumps up to his feet and nails a big right hand to C2 and then Steve Jason. Cyren proceeds to nail an evenflow DDT on C2 that sends him hard to the mat, before turning his attention towards Steve Jason! The crowd cheer as Steve Jason meets Cyren with right hands and the two enemies battle it out in the centre of the ring with big rights and lefts. Cyren nails Steve Jason with a big knee to the gut, but Steve Jason manages to duck out of the way of a clothesline from Cyren! Steve Jason pounds Cyren with some of his trademark right hands that send him into the ropes, however Cyren manages to get a hand up and block a punch, and turn Steve Jason into the ropes. Cyren bounces off of the opposite ropes with the intention of clotheslining Steve Jason over the top rope, but out of nowhere Steve Jason pulls the top rope down and drops to the floor, causing Cyren to go catapulting over the top rope! The crowd can’t believe it as the Destiny Rumble is down to two men, Steve Jason and Christian Connelly! C2 slowly rises up to his feet, but Steve Jason is straight on him. Jason, the number one entry in the rumble has overcome all obstacles put in place by Jon Page and know stands one on one with C2.

Steve Jason nails C2 with some big stomps as he tries to get up to his feet, before trying desperately to back him into the ropes. However C2 shows just how much he wants to win the match as he nails Steve Jason with a kick to the knee and then a spinning neck breaker! C2 could walk out of DW Destiny 2006 with a title shot in only his second ever DW match! C2 stalks Steve Jason as he slowly rises to his feet. However with Jason in a standing position, C2 lifts him onto his shoulders and nails him with his own ‘S2’ move! Steve Jason has just been hit with the ‘S2’! The fans can’t believe it, but with Steve Jason on the mat, C2 has to get SJ all the way up from the mat and over the top rope! C2 begins to pull Steve Jason up to his feet and drag him over to the ropes. However he can’t quite manage to lift Steve Jason over the ropes, so instead retreats and grabs one of the steel chairs that Hellfire X brought into the ring. C2 stands stalking Steve Jason with the steel chair as he pulls himself up to his feet using the ring ropes! With Steve Jason up to his feet, C2 runs at him with the steel chair with the intention of knocking him over the top rope with the steel chair, but Steve Jason drops a shoulder at the last second and sends C2 tumbling to the outside of the ring!

The arena erupts, Steve Jason drops down to the mat as C2 holds his head on the outside of the ring, he can’t believe what just happened! Steve Jason has overcome all of the odds and gone from first place to last man standing the capture himself a DW World Championship shot! Steve Jason manages to slowly rise up to his feet as he turns and slowly climbs to the top of one of the turnbuckles that is facing away from the DW-Tron. The fans cheer as Steve Jason raises his hands in the air in victory as the fans look forward to him facing the DW World Champion…… However as Steve Jason celebrates, a figure slowly walks onto the Destiny entrance stage. A familiar face to the wrestling world, but I man who is just stepping out into a Dynasty arena for the first time. The man takes a few steps onto the ramp and looks around at the fans that are packed into the Dynasty Wrestling arena. The DW copyright info fades onto the screen leaving the fans that see the figure standing on the entrance stage to wonder………….WHAT THE HELL IS JONATHYN BROWN DOING STANDING AT THE TOP OF THE DW ENTRANCE STAGE?


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