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DW Events

DW Cyberslam 2001

The DW Heavyweight Championship is defended in a triple threat match

The Arrival

Agent Orange is walking through the Ambush School of Wrestling…

He approaches the door to the office of his mentor Marc Ambush Solo…

He knocks on the door…

Knock, Knock

Marc Ambush Solo: “Who is there?”

Agent Orange: “It’s me! Alex!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “The door is open!”

Agent Orange opens the door and enters the office…

Marc Ambush Solo: “Sit down! Sit down! You want something to drink?”

Agent Orange: “No, thank you!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “So what can I do for you?”

Agent Orange: “Nothing really, but I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me! I’m going to relocate to England!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Yeah, congratulations on signing that deal with the EWF! I helps to have friends in high places right!”

Agent Orange: Smiling “Yes, it sure does!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “So when will you make your EWF debut? And when will you face that backstabber of a Beyonder?”

Agent Orange: “I don’t know yet!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “What? You know what I’ll contact Jon and demands that he book you in a match!”

Agent Orange: Smiling “Nah man! You already did too much damage! I’m now labeled as the world famous Agent Orange!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Yeah, I’m sorry about that! But you know, everybody in Japan knows you for your daredevil tactics and if it wasn’t for you breaking your leg, everybody across Europe would already speaking your name with the same respect they say my name! But just be patient, soon they will do the same with your name!”

Agent Orange: “You think so?”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Of course Alex! I trained you myself! You’re the second best student to ever graduate from the Ambush School of Wrestling after Nosferatu! And remember, you could be a failure like Twistah or Drunkensailor!”

Agent Orange: “Or that b###h Katja!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Yeah, but please don’t say that name when Nikole is around!”

Agent Orange: Smiling “Okay!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “So you don’t know when you’ll make your debut yet?”

Agent Orange: “No! But somebody named the Assassin did challenge me to a match when I put out that open contract!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “And did you accept that challenge? I’m sure you did, you’re not a coward!”

Agent Orange: “No! Not yet!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “What do you mean, not yet?”

Agent Orange: “Well I was over here, packing my stuff, getting ready to move to England when he answered my challenge, and I didn’t really had the time to respond yet!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “But I’m sure you will!”

Agent Orange: “Of course I will! I’m not some coward like the Beyonder is!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “So what do you know about the Assassin?”

Agent Orange: “Well I didn’t really have the time to get to know my new colleges yet! Cause after I signed the contract, I made the appearance and the challenge, and after that I flee back home to pack my bags! But I tried to read up on my future opponents while on the plane! And the Assassin is a former Assassin, similar to Adam!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Speaking of Adam, do you have a place to stay in England?”

Agent Orange: “No, but I’ll stay at a hotel in London until in find me a place!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “You know what, I’ll contact Adam later tonight and ask him if you can stay at his place!”

Agent Orange: “That would be great!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “So when are you leaving?”

Agent Orange: “Tomorrow morning!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “You know, I might come over and visit you some time, just to look at how you’re doing! And to check if you will be doing you designated assignment!”

Agent Orange: Smiling “Yeah, I won’t forget about the Responder!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Alex, I know you have it in you to become the EWF Heavyweight Champion!”

Agent Orange: “Thanks!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “But take it slowly! Don’t start running your mouth and immediately challenge the Champion! First focus your attention on your assignment! And when you’ve got rid of him you should focus your attention on winning yourself some titles in the EWF!”

Agent Orange: “Yeah! Okay! But before I’ll get to face the Beyonder, I first have to beat the Assassin! Not that the Assassin is a problem for somebody as skilled as me!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Now that’s the right Attitude Alex!”

Agent Orange: Smiling “Well I was trained by the best after all!”

Marc Ambush Solo: Smiling “Yeah, you’re right!”

Agent Orange: “So you will contact Adam?”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Yes I will!”

Agent Orange: “Okay thanks!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “And after I have contacted Adam, I’ll call you!”

Agent Orange: “Okay, thanks!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Alex, I’m sure you’ll do great in the EWF!”

Agent Orange: “Well I know I’ll do great in the EWF!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “That’s the spirit! So what’s the problem?”

Agent Orange: “Well it’s Maxima! She doesn’t want to come with me to England!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Why not?”

Agent Orange: “I don’t know!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “You know what! I’ll ask Nikole to get in touch with her!”

Agent Orange: “Okay! That will be great! Thank you!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Well Alex, make me proud! And don’t turn into another Drunky or Twistah!”

Agent Orange: “Nah man! I’ll become the next Nosferatu!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Okay! And just make an example out of the Assassin!”

Agent Orange: “Yeah! I will!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Okay, it was great seeing you again! Let’s keep in touch while you’re in England! You’ve got my phone number, and my email!”

Agent Orange: “Yeah, I’ll keep in touch!”

Marc Ambush Solo: “Okay!”

Triple Threat

The scene opens up in some dark room. In the background there are rusty pipes suspended from the ceiling. There is a mop on the floor. There are thumping noises in the background. The camera starts to move to the side and stops when a figure is seen next to a wall. The figure is a male with short blond hair. He is punching a white mat on the wall. Then he turns around and faces the camera. It’s The Spiker. He stands and looks at the camera for a few moments. He has a serious look on his face. He is sweaty from punching the white mat. He then shows his knuckles to the camera.

Spiker: See this? This is what my training is. See, pain is a state of mind that prepares you. This Sunday at Cyberslam, I have to get ready because I’m going to be in the most important match yet. I am going to face The BeYoNdEr and The Crow in a Tripple Threat Match. What is so important about this match? I’ll tell you. On Sunday I will face these two guys. I have to prove myself. I have to show what The Spiker is made of. The Spiker is not gonna lay down for nobody! The Spiker will show all the fans, everyone in the locker room what level I am at. Some wrestlers backstage say that The Spiker isn’t good enough…They even say that The Spiker is a jobber. Yes people said that to me. But after Cyberslam we will find out who is at what level here in the EWF. We will find out if Spaz and Viper will be champions. We will find out if The Owl got what it takes to carry the gold. We will find out if Chris Cage is really as good as he says he is. But most importantly I will find out who The Spiker is…The name that I carried for such a long time…I will find out who he really is. For now, I can tell you that nobody!!! Will ever hold The Spiker down!!! Never again!!!

::::::FADE TO BLACK:::::::

Single Match – Joe Chambers Vs. Nikki

All of the lights turn off and Down With The Sickness blares on the Speakers. The fans boo as a green X light floats over the crowd and Joe Chambers walks to the top of the ramp. He signals for the Pyro by making an X with his hands crossed. He brings it down and the green and red Pyro shoots off along the side of the ramp way. Chambers stands for a few seconds before running down the ramp and sliding in the ring. Chambers taunts the crowd by climbing up the turnbuckle and making an X with his arms. The boo’s turn to cheers as Rob Zombies ‘Never Gonna Stop’ me hits and Nikki appears on the entrance stage. Little Nikki stands at the top looking out at the large EWF Crowd before running down to the ring and going face to face with Joe Chambers. The bell then rings for the match to get underway.

Chambers start off by hitting Nikki with two stiff right hands before whipping him into the ropes and hitting him with a clothesline. Chambers then bends down to Nikki and hits him with mounted punches as the fans begin to boo again. Chambers then brings Nikki back to his feet before whipping him into the corner. As Nikki bounces out of the corner Chambers bounces off the ropes and nails a huge bulldog on Nikki. Chambers then goes for the cover but only gets a two count until Nikki kicks out. Chambers then looks down at Nikki and shakes his head. Chambers then taunts the crowd quickly causing them to boo him more before looking on a ‘Texas Cloverleaf’ on Little Nikki.

Nikki screams out in pain as he reaches out for the ropes but Chambers keeps in the hold. Nikki then reaches the bottom rope, but Chambers refuses to break the hold until the ref gets to a four count. Chambers then smirks around at the crowd looking very pleased with him-self. Chambers then continues to work over the knees of Nikki before picking him up. Chambers then slaps Nikki around the face showing him dominance of him. Chambers then kicks Nikki in the midsection and drills him with a huge DDT. Chambers then goes for another cover but again Nikki kicks out on 2.

Chambers squares up to the referee protesting at the count as Nikki struggles to his feet. Nikki then rolls up Chambers but he kicks out on two. Chambers then gets to his feet and walks straight into a spear from Nikki. The fans cheer as Nikki looks down on Chambers before climbing to the top rope. Nikki then comes off the top rope to a great crowd reaction with a frog splash, but lands on the canvas as Chambers rolls out of the way.

As Nikki struggles to his feet Chambers nails him with a huge Superkick that knocks Nikki to the mat. Chambers then goes for another cover but Nikki kicks out on two. Chambers then pulls Nikki up and slams his head against the turnbuckle. Chambers then sets up Nikki for ‘The Providence’, but Nikki reverses the move into a inside cradle getting another two count. The 5-foot 9er, Nikki then tries for a suplex on Chambers put the move is blocked. Chambers then blocks a right hand from Nikki and nails a stiff clothesline on him.

Chambers then again pulls Nikki towards the corner and sets him up for ‘The Providence’. Chambers nails The Providence to huge heat from the crowd before covering Nikki. 1..2..3

The Winner of the match – Joe Chambers!!!

Triple Threat pt.2

The camera shows a parking lot. In the background there are sports cars lined up along the sides. There are also a couple of black stretch limos. The camera focuses on a blue 1969 Z-28 Camaro. Then suddenly it turns to The Spiker who is standing on the side. He is wearing a black bubble jacket, grey cargo pants, and a red Yankees hat backwards.

Spiker: Well, well BeYoNdEr…We finally hear from you. BeYoNdEr, I am a man of style. I drive Camaros and I wear what I feel like wearing. And if you got a problem with that, that’s another topic. Anyways BeYoNdEr, I see that you are also a man of style. Yes, if you were some other guy like Chris Cage or The Ripper you would say that I am a piece of crap. You would say that I am just another idiot talking trash. BeYoNdEr, you say that you respect me…You know what? I respect you too! I never talked trash and say that you suck or whatnot. I simply was confident in myself. BeYoNder, you think you will beat me? You think you will beat The Spiker?! You talk of it so easily, you talk of it as if I was someone unworthy of fighting. BeYoNdeR, like I said before, this is my biggest match yet. This is my chance to prove myself…Why do I have to prove myself you ask? I already proved myself in the tag match? That is true. But I didn’t beat you yet. I didn’t show anyone that I could beat you. I lost to you not once but twice. And now is my time to prove to myself mostly, that I can beat YOU! BeYoNdEr, I have worked too damn hard to lose this match, I have battled MYSELF…mentally and physicly. I can’t lose this match! The Spiker can’t lose this match!!! I don’t care about The Crow, he is not a limiting factor. You are, because you beat before. On Sunday night, I will not lay down for you or The Crow. I will give it my best shot. And after Cyberslam…..things are gonna change.

The Spiker then turns around and jumps into his Camaro, takes one last look at the camera and blasts away.

::::::::FADE TO BLACK::::::::::::

Triple Threat Match – BeYoNdEr Vs. The Spiker Vs. The Crow

Alice in Chain ‘Born Again’ hits the sound system in Madison Square Gardens and the New York native The Spiker makes his way to the ring as the fans boo. Spiker ignores the fans as he climbs into the ropes and poses for the cameras. Spiker then climbs to the second rope and taunts the crowd. Then The Crows music hits the sound system and the Crow makes his way to the ring with more boos from the crowd. Crow looks down at Spiker in the ring before sprinting down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ring. As The Crow and The Spiker trash talk each other the fans begin to cheer as Face 2 Face ‘Wont lie down’ hits the sound system and BeYoNdEr appears on the entrance ramp. BeYoNdEr stands at the top of the ramp looking down at his two opponents and soaking up the crowd reaction. BeYoNdEr then calmly walks to the ring and climbs in as the bell rings.

BeYoNdEr hits The Crow with a right hand and then whips him into the ropes before hitting him with a back body drop. As BeYoNdEr looks down at The Crow, The Spiker attacks him from behind hitting him with a reverse DDT. The Spiker then bounces off the ropes and nails BeYoNdEr with a elbow drop as the fans boo. Spiker then turns his attention to the recovering Crow and hits him with a modified atomic drop. Spiker then gets onto top of the crow nailing him with a serious of mounted punches. Spiker then goes for the cover on The Crow but BeYoNdEr breaks up the count on two. BeYoNdEr then grabs The Crow up by the hair and slings him out of the ring. BeYoNdEr then turns to the Spiker. BeYoNdEr charges at Spiker attempting a clothesline, but Spiker ducks and as BeYoNdEr bounces back off of the ropes he gets hit with a arm drag from The Spiker.

Spiker then walks over to the turnbuckle and as the fans boo him he unties the padding and rips it off. Spiker then grabs BeYoNdEr and bounces his head off of the steel ring of the turnbuckle. Spiker then holds his hands in the air triumphantly before hammering BeYoNdEr in the corner with punches and kicks. Spiker then takes BeYoNdEr by the arm and whips him to the opposite corner and follows up with a body splash. But BeYoNdEr dodges the body splash and rolls up The Spiker. The Spiker though kicks out on two much to the disapproval of the fans.

BeYoNdEr then picks up Spiker and hits him with a spinebuster before locking on the sharpshooter. The Spiker reaches for the ropes until The Crow dives into the ring to break up the submission hold just as it seamed that The Spiker would tap out. The Crow then starts to work over BeYoNdEr with forearms to the back of the head before hitting a perfect German suplex. The Crow then whips BeYoNdEr into the ropes and hits him with a big sidewalk slam before going for the cover. 1..2..Kickout. The Crow then pulls up BeYoNdEr and hits a sidewalks slam before climbing the turnbuckle. The Crow then launches himself off the turnbuckle with a perfect elbow drop. Crow then crawls across BeYoNdEr for the cover. 1..2.. Broken up by The Spiker. The Spiker then picks up The Crow and hits a great Sambo suplex on him, before picking him up and tossing him out of the ring. As The Spiker turns round BeYoNdEr goes to hit The Spiker with a spinning kick but The Spiker ducks and then nails ‘The Spiker drop’! The Spiker then crawls across BeYoNdEr for the cover. 1..2..3!

The Winner of the match – The Spiker!!

EWF Tag Team Title Elimination Table Match – ‘Pretty Boy’ Peters and ‘Bad Boy’ Billy Thomas (EWF Tag Team Champions) Vs. The Ripper and The Assassin Vs. Spaz and Viper Vs. Wyld Thing and X

The fans boo as Rob Zombies ‘Never Gonna Stop Me’ hits the sound system and Spaz and Viper make there way to the ring carrying a table. Spaz and Viper walk down the ramp and slide the table into the ring. Viper then sets up the table in the corner of the ring as Spaz taunts the crowd. Sum 41 ‘in to Deep’ then hits the sound system and the fans cheer as The Ripper and The Assassin run to ringside. Both men run down the ramp and into the ring where they face up to Spaz and Viper. Spaz and Viper simultaneously knock down their opponents with punches before whipping them into the ropes and nailing them with huge spinebusters. Spaz and Viper then wait in the ring for the arrival of the EWF Tag Team Champions. The fans cheer as ‘Pretty Boys’ hits the sound system and they make there way to the ring carrying a table. As the tag team champions set the table up outside the ring The Assassin and The Ripper sneak up behind Spaz and Viper and nail them with steel chairs. Ripper and Assassin continue to wear out Spaz and Viper with steel chairs as Peters and Thomas hand over their belts to the timekeeper.

Ripper and Assassin then throw Spaz and Viper out of the ring and challenge the tag champs to come in and face them. Peters and Thomas charge into the ring and take down Assassin and Ripper. Thomas grabs Ripper by his shirt and throws him into the corner before nailing him with body shots. Thomas then grabs Ripper by throat and lifts him up for a chokeslam through the table. As Thomas nails the chokeslam Assassin just moves the table in time before being hit from behind by Peters. Peters then nails Assassin with a Hurricanrana but Assassin reverse it in to a powerbomb. Thomas looks down at Ripper who is still on the floor and picks him up placing him on the turnbuckle. Thomas then hits a DDT on Ripper off of the turnbuckle!

The Assassin then grabs Peters in front of the table and nails him with a belly to back suplex on to the table. The fans then start to boo as the table doesn’t break and Peters limp body falls to the floor. Assassin then looks down at Peters with a mad look on his face before stomping away on him. Assassin then picks up Peters hitting a small arm bar takedown and then a Russian leg sweep. Assassin then stands over Peters with his arms in the air. As Spaz and Viper begin to stir on the outside Thomas nails Assassin from behind with a clothesline. Ripper then goes to attack Thomas but Thomas hits him with a boot to the face and then picks him up for a powerbomb. Thomas then drills Ripper through the table with a huge powerbomb eliminating the team as the fans cheer. Thomas then throws both Assassin and Ripper out of the ring.

Spaz and Viper then crawl in the ring as the third team in this four team Table elimination match. Viper hauls Peters up on his shoulder and runs him in two the corner and then nails him with a knee drop. Spaz nails Thomas with kicks to the midsection before choking him out on the ropes. Viper then jumps out of the ring and slides in the table that was on the outside and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Spaz and Viper then whip Thomas into the ropes looking for a back body drop but Thomas comes back with a double clothesline.

Thomas then lifts Spaz up in the air with a huge vertical suplex but Viper sweeps away his legs causing Spaz to land onto him. Viper then grabs Thomas by the neck and lifts him up for a chokeslam! Viper then chokeslams Thomas through the table as the fans boo. The tag team champions have been eliminated! There will be new Tag Team Champions crowned tonight!

As Spaz and Viper celebrate in the ring the fans start to boo as Mettalica ‘Enter The Sandman’ hits the sound system and Wyld Thyng and X appear carrying a table. Wyld Thyng and X slowly walk to the ring eyeballing Spaz and Viper. Wyld Thyng and X slide into the ring with the table and knock down Spaz and Viper. Wyld Thyng nails Spaz with a shoulder tackle knocking him to the floor as Viper gets hit with a huge powerbomb from X that shakes the ring. X then fetches the table and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Wyld Thyng knocks down Spaz with a big boot and then gets hit with a low blow from Viper. Viper then rolls out of the ring and gets a chair. As Wyld Thyng moves forwards towards Viper he gets nailed in the midsection with the chair and then Viper cracks the chair across his back causing him to drop to the floor. Viper then swings for X with the chair and cracks him across the skull. Viper then picks up X and lays him across the table as Spaz climes to the top rope. Spaz then comes off the turnbuckle with a leg drop putting X through the table!

The Winners of the match and New EWF Tag Team Champions – Spaz and Viper!!

The New Storm -part one-

EWF Interviewer Tim Smith and his camera crew is seen walking down the hallways of EWF HQ. Tim Smith is wearing his normal blue denim EWF shirt and some black jeans. As then team walks down the hall they pass pictures on the wall of moments in EWF history. There are pictures of Havoc winning the EWF World Title and of the invasion of ECF as well as promotional posters for past PPV’s including EWF Doomsday and EWF Carnage. As Tim Smith and the camera crew continue to walk down the white halls of EWF HQ the camera swings to face Tim Smith who stops and talks into the camera.

Tim Smith: We are here today at EWF HQ searching for an interview. We have received an anonymous tip off early today that a huge deal was going to take place here today and was going to rock the foundations of wrestling! We are here today to try and investigate what this deal was and who it was between!

Tim Smith and the camera crew then continue down the hall and turn a corner into another huge section of hallway that has a corner at the end, and offices along the wall. They then spot a familiar figure turn the corner at the end of the hall and walk towards them.

Tim Smith: Look how it is! Its Cobra! We haven’t seen him for ages since Havoc hit him in head! Hey Cobra do you think we could do a little interview.

Cobra: Well I am quite busy but ok then we can use this office.

Cobra turns the door handle of the door marked ‘EWF Owner’

Tim Smith: But Cobra that’s the owner’s office! Maybe we should use another one.

Cobra: Trust me on this one Tim, its ok.

Cobra and Tim Smith walk into the office. Cobra walks behind the owners desk, and sits back on a black chair, reclining. He’s wearing blue denim jeans and a black shirt. Featured on the shirt is a EWF logo, Cobra has his long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. He looks towards the camera, before putting his feet on the table showing his timberland boots.

Tim Smith: Cobra! What are you doing? The Owner could be back anytime now!

Cobra: He is back.

Smith: Well what are you doing? If he sees you like that on his desk then he could fire you.

Cobra: God Damn it Tim do I need to right it down for you? I am the new Owner of the EWF!

Tim Smith: What?

Cobra: The deal that was signed earlier today! The new Owner of the EWF! Me! That’s not the only change that is going to happen around here Tim. No chance. I have changed. I am not the man I once was. Well to start with I am not richer than I every could have imagined! I acquired EWF and didn’t have to pay a single cent!

Tim: Well I am stunned, I never saw this coming, how did you get it for nothing?

Cobra: Hey Smith that’s none of your damn business! Anyway back to me! As I said before I was interrupted I have changed a great deal. I have realised that the EWF fans don’t wont to see Cobra going around standing up for the little guy and enforcing the rules! I tried that already and where did that get me? Nowhere! Cobra is finished. The final nail in Cobra’s coffin was Havoc the EWF World Champion taking me out. That’s when I knew that I was finished.

Tim: So are you saying that you will never wrestle again? Is the Cobra that we all know and love disappeared?

Cobra: No and Yes. I will wrestle again but Cobra has disappeared. God damn it Tim I am no longer Cobra! I have moved on, I have evolved! I was getting nowhere in this business or this company with Cobra. I have completely changed, from my Name to my theme music to my ring attire. I am better than Cobra now.

Tim: So what happens now? What do we call you and what have you become?

Cobra: Ever since I started this business I have been forced by the bookers to be Cobra…Well Cobra is not who I am. I am Jon Storm god dam. This is who I always have been, who I dreamed of being as a kid.

Tim: So Jon Storm

Jon Storm: Hey that’s Mr. Storm to you Tim, don’t forget I am your boss, I could fire your ass if I want too.

Tim: Ok Mr. Storm. What are your thoughts towards the EWF World Champion Havoc, and the situation involving him, Chris Cage, Christian Idol and Danny?

Jon Storm: Well I admire Havoc. He is a great champion and doesn’t put up with anything that is wrong. Havoc deservers to be the EWF World Champion. Havoc showed me the light. Him busting me in head was the best thing that ever happened to me. It gave me the chance to come back to EWF as myself and now a gimmick. Idol and Cage are no doubt talented wrestlers and the fans love them, but they have a lot to learn in this promotion, I have no doubt that they will learn this. Idol talks in his interviews about the storm that the EWF is in just now…Well he has no idea! Danny Y2D is the Internet Champion, he is the longest serving wrestler on the roster of EWF, he has seen people come and go, he is a good wrestler and what he lacks in skill he makes up for in determination.

Tim: So Mr. Storm will you ever return to the ring? And if so when?

Jon Storm: Will Jon Storm return to the ring? You bet your life he will! This is what I am… a wrestler. But now I know that it doesn’t matter what the fans think of me. That got me no where before! So when I return I will be able to get back in there and raise some hell and do what I damn well please because there isn’t no one that can tell me what to do now! As for me returning? I will be back sooner than you think. When I return I will be better the ever. And if you don’t believe me, then just watch me!

— Fade to black —

EWF International Title Match – Chooch Vs. The Owl

The lights go out and I’m Coming starts to play as fans begin to boo. After a few seconds BOOM, pyros goes off, the lights come back on. Chooch is standing on the stage with his hands in the air and the International Title belt around his waist. Then Chooch walks to the ring with a chorus of boos from the fans. Then Chooch gets into the ring throws his hands in the air and pyros blast from all 4 corners. Then the fans start to cheer as a flood of yellow coloured sparks fall from the ceiling as The Owls music booms from the speakers surrounding the arena. Suddenly two huge white pyro’s explode from the ramp way and the crowd come alive! The Owl walks through that famous black curtain and onto the ramp. The thunderous applause and cheers from the arena meet his presence. He stops at the top of the ramp and paces back and forth looking at the crowd. The Owl makes his way down the ramp and up on to the ring apron, he walks along the side slowly and turns to look at the crowd. The Owl throws his arms into the air mightily as the crowd roar with delight

The Owl starts off the match hitting right hands on Chooch and as Chooch goes to hit a right hand of his own Owl ducks and hits a perfect dropkicks to Chooch’s face that gets a good crowd reaction. Owl then picks up Chooch from the mat and hits him with a scoop slam and then a standing leg drop. Owl then goes for the cover on Chooch but only gets a two count. Owl again brings Chooch to his feet and ties up with him. Owl positions Chooch for a snap suplex and goes to hit the move but the International Champion blocks and hits a suplex of his own that gets heat from the crowd. Chooch then jumps to his feet and taunts the crowd before picking up the Owl and nailing him with a hip toss. As Owl gets to his feet Chooch runs at him with a clothesline but Owl ducks and bounces off the ropes. As he returns Chooch meets him with an abdominal stretch submission move.

As Owl is twisted around by the move the ref asks if he wants to give up. As he does Chooch grabs on to the ropes gaining extra advantage on the move. As the crowd boo the ref then sees Chooch and forces him to break the hold. But the International Champion goes back to work on the Owl hitting him with a huge powerslam and then going for the cover. 1..2..Kickout. The crowd cheer and stamp their feet trying to get the Owl back into the match but Chooch nails him with a huge fisherman’s suplex getting another two count. Owl then starts to fight back sweeping away Chooch’s leg as he gets to his feet and then hitting him with a spear and mounted punches.

The crowd cheer as the momentum begins to sway in the Owls favour. The Owl ducks a clothesline from Chooch and hits him with a kidney shot. The crowd then cheer as Owl lifts up Chooch and nails him with a Angle slam. Owl then goes for the cover on Chooch. 1..2..Kickout. Owl then gets to his feet and drags Chooch to the corner where he bounces his head off the turnbuckle. Owl then grabs Chooch and whips him to the opposite corner but Chooch runs into the referee on the way and knocks him down.

Owl then grabs Chooch and hits him with a neckbreaker before taunting the fans signalling that he is going for his finisher. Owl then climbs up to the top rope and taunts some more. The Owl then shows incredible athletic ability hitting Chooch with The ‘Owlbow’. Owl then crawls across Chooch for the cover but the referee is down. As the Owl walks over to the referee Disturbed ‘Down With The Sickness’ hits the Sound system and the fans go quite waiting to see who will come running down the entrance ramp. As Owl turns to face the entrance ramp, Joe Chambers comes running through the crowd with a steel chair and slides into the ring. The crowd boos as Chamber lifts the chair and hits the Owl from behind with the chair. Chambers then drags Chooch over The Owl and revives the referee. The referee slowly turns around and sees the cover and makes the count. 1..2..3.

The Winner of the match and Still EWF International Champion – Chooch!!!

EWF Hardcore Title Match – Christian Idol (EWF Hardcore Champion) Vs. T.J Dreamer

‘Holiday’ by Styles hits the sound system in Madison Square Gardens as T.J Dreamer makes his way down the ramp way for the first time on a EWF PPV as a EWF wrestler. Only one month ago T.J Dreamer was involved in the triple threat match for the EWF World title, which Havoc won, as an ECF wrestler invading the EWF. The fans boo as Dreamer steps into the ring of the EWF. The camera zooms in on a ‘Dreamer sucks’ sign before switching back to the entranceway as Slipknot ‘Left Behind’ hits the sound system. The fans come to their feet as the EWF Hardcore Champion Christian Idol walks out from under the EWF-Tron clutching the EWF Hardcore Championship in his hand. Idol holds the belt up to the crowd as they cheer him more. The cheers for Idol incense T.J Dreamer who is standing in the ring starring at Christian Idol. Idol then slowly walks down the entrance ramp and climbs into the ring whilst staring at Dreamer. The bell then rings for the match to start.

Dreamer and Idol both lunge forward together and tie up. Christian Idol uses his height and weight advantage to back Dreamer into a corner before hitting him with chops across his chest. The fans cheer on each chop until Idol whips Dreamer to the opposite corner and follows up with a clothesline in the corner. Idol then grabs Dreamer and hits him with a perfect Sambo suplex getting a pop from the crowd. Idol then covers Dreamer looking for an early three count but only gets a two before Dreamers shoulder shoots off of the canvas. Dreamer then struggles to his feet using the ropes until he gets hit with a huge spear from Christian Idol. Idol then goes for another cover but again only gets a two count. As Idol drags Dreamer to his feet Dreamer starts to fight back by hitting Idol with an elbow to the midsection and then a low blow which is perfectly legal in this Hardcore environment. Dreamer then rolls out of the ring while the ref checks on Idol. Dreamer searches behind the announcer’s table and pulls out a sledgehammer getting a brief pop from the crowd. Dreamer then rolls back into he ring and charges at Christian Idol with the sledgehammer but gets hit with a nice drop toe hold that causes him to drop the weapon.

Idol then seizes the opportunity to leap to the top rope and nail Dreamer across his head with a leg drop. Idol then goes for the cover but only gets a two count as Dreamer surprisingly kicks out. Idol then looks up at the referee shaking his head and holding up three fingers as he thought he had the match won. Christian Idol then grabs Dreamers arm placing it between his legs before pulling back on Dreamers head applying the crossface submission hold, which he know doubt learnt slugging it out in the early stages of his career in the Indy federations. As Dreamer screams out in pain reaching for the rope the referee asks if he wants to give up but he refuses. Dreamer then slowly moves his way over to the nearest ropes before grabbing on to the bottom rope, causing Idol to break the hold.

As Dreamer gets to his feet Idol once again charges at him but this time Dreamer knocks him down with a back body drop. Idol then gets to his feet as Dreamer tries to shake the pain out of his shoulder before lunging for Idol and hitting him with a trademark move the swinging DDT, which drills Idols head into the mat causing heat from the crowd. Dreamer then goes for the cover but Idol kicks out on two showing great determination to hold on to his EWF Hardcore Title belt. Idol then struggles to his feet pulling himself up by the ropes until Dreamer grabs the sledgehammer and nails him with a stiff shot to the head causing him to fall to the mat. Dreamer then jumps on Idol for the pin. 1..2..Idol gets his foot on the ropes. T.J Dreamer then lifts Idol to his feet and goes to hit him with his finishing move ‘Sweet Dreams’. Dreamer manages to lift Idol but he somehow manages to jump out of the move and bounce off of the ropes. As Idol returns however Dreamer nails him with a spinning heel kick sending him down to the mat.

Dreamer senses the advantage and slowly climbs to the top rope no doubt looking for his trademark move ‘Goodnight’. But Dreamer waists precious time in taunting the crowd who are booing him heavily now and does not notice Idol lunge for the ropes causing Dreamer to ‘crotch’ himself on the top rope. Idol then slowly climbs up to join T.J on the top rope and positions him for his finisher ‘The Idolizer’. Idol nails the huge finishing move on Dreamer as the fans go wild. Idol then crawls across Dreamer as the ref begins his count. 1..2..3!

The Winner of the match and Still EWF Hardcore Champion – Christian Idol!!!

The beginning of a new era… -part two-

[ The scene opens up as Rick Young and the camera crew can be seen outside of a lockeroom. On the door of the lockeroom it says, “The Enigma” Chris Cage. After a few words with the cameramen, Rick knocks on the door. ]

Cage: Who is it?

Rick: It’s me, Rick Young. I would like to interview you.

Cage: Come in.

[ Rick enters the room as Chris Cage can be seen sitting down on a steel chair, watching his small monitor. He appears to be watching Spiker’s promo. ]

Rick: What are you watching?

Cage: Nah, it’s just Spiker making some comments about me.

Rick: Oh.

Cage: Set your cameras, I wanna cut a promo.

[ The camera crew enters the room as they set up their cameras. Cage looks up to the camera as he starts to speak. ]

Cage: Spiker, I don’t know what your problem is. Ever since the first day I arrived to the EWF, I know you didn’t like me. You attacked me from behind, like a coward. And since then, you’ve been making comments about me, which you shouldn’t. You’re beginning to piss me off, and trust me.. that’s not good news. You see, what I plan on doing at CyberSlam is to win that title. I will win it, whether you like it or not. But you seem to think otherwise. You think I’m not capable of winning that title. You see, I talk the talk, but I do also walk the walk. Unlike you, I actually have good wrestling skills. Unlike you, I’ve actually held several World titles. And unlike you, I don’t hit people from behind. You see, It took me 7 f’n years to get to the top of this business, and you want to prove me otherwise? I don’t think so. I’ve set my sights on that World title, and I’m not gonna stop til I get it. My loss to Danny and Chooch? First of all, like I said before.. they beat me, but they didn’t beat me with a clean win. Danny beat me to win the Internet title after he nailed me in the head with the title. I can accept the fact that I lost, but deep down inside, I know Danny or Chooch or anybody can never beat me fair and square. So Spiker, I’ve got a proposition for you. After I win that title at CyberSlam, I’m gonna give Idol a shot. After I defeat Idol, you’re next.

Rick: What do you have to say about Havoc’s comments?

Cage: Havoc, I don’t care what he says. Because he can talk all he wants, but that title is going around my waist, and there isn’t a single thing he can do about it. As for Danny Y2D, He’s a crappy wrestler with a crappy name, stealing the title is the closest he can get to it. After CyberSlam, Danny and Havoc will know.. I’m just better than them, THAT’S ALL.

[ The scene fades to black. ]

No DQ EWF World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match – Havoc (EWF World Heavyweight Champion) Vs. Danny Y2D (EWF Internet Champion) Vs. Chris Cage

“I disappear” hits the P.A system as the crowd erupts. Chris Cage steps through the curtains to a standing ovation from the crowd. He is wearing his usual ring attire, black long leather pants, and black boots. He starts making his way to the ring as pyros starts shooting up the ramp. He slides into the ring and awaits his opponents. ‘One Step Closer’ by Linkin Park hits the sound system and the fans cheer the arrival of the other challenger in this match, Danny Y2D. Danny slowly walks down the entrance ramp staying focused on one of his two opponents Chris Cage. Danny holds up the EWF Internet Title belt, which is not on the line tonight, to the fans. Danny then slides in the ring and stands to the opposite corner to Chris Cage who is now pacing around the ring. The crowd goes silent for a few seconds before starting to boo and P Diddy ‘ Bad Boy for Life’ hits the sound system signalling the arrival of the EWF World Heavyweight Champion Havoc. Havoc steps out from behind the curtain with the EWF World Title belt over his shoulder. Havoc holds the belt up which only gets more heat from the crowd before walking down the ramp way and sliding into the ring.

The bell rings and Havoc charged straight for Danny Y2D and knocks him down with a huge clothesline. Havoc then grabs Danny by the hair and lifts him to his feet hitting him with a Pumphandle slam. As Havoc mocks Danny Chris Cage walks up behind him and spins him around. Cage then whips Havoc into the ropes and follows up with a huge spinebuster. Cage then walks over to Danny and picks him up and nails him with a DDT that gets a good crowd reaction. Cage then goes for the pin on Danny 1..2..Kickout. Cage then turns round to Havoc and goes to hit him with a right hand but Havoc ducks and reaches up hitting Cage with a neckbreaker that slows down ‘The Enigma’.

Havoc then grabs Cage and hits him with a belly to back suplex but is then caught with a missile dropkick from Danny into his face. The fans cheer as Danny taunts Havoc before bouncing off the ropes and hitting him with an elbow drop. Danny then goes for the cover on Havoc but only gets a two count until Havoc kicks out. Havoc then leaps to his feet and looks down on Danny and then grabs him with a Snapmare. Havoc then locks Danny in a sleeper hold. As Danny begins to fade a sick smile appears over Havoc face. The ref picks up Danny’s hand and it flops to the mat. The ref picks the hand up for a second time and again it hits the mat. The ref then picks up Danny’s hand for the third and finally time but is stopped as Cage hits Havoc with a low kick to his head. The crowd then begin to cheer as Cage jumps on Havoc and nails him with right hands. Cage then picks Havoc up and hits him with a spinebuster before locking in his finisher the ‘Sharpshooter’.

The crowd cheer even louder as the World Champion struggles under the pressure of the sharpshooter. Havoc tries to reach out for the ropes but is too far away. It looks as if Havoc is going to have to tap out but Danny pulls Cage off of Havoc. Danny then takes down Cage and locks on the ‘Y2D Lock’! Now Cage is struggling under the submission move. The submission hold gets a mixed reaction from the crowd as they are very much divided between Cage and Danny. Cage reaches out for the ropes but cannot make it. Suddenly Havoc manages to knock Danny of and then hits him with a single leg takedown and the locks the Ankle lock onto Danny! The positions are once again reversed as the crowd boo as Danny desperately reaches for the ropes and Havoc tries to break his ankle.

Suddenly the crowd cheer as Slipknot “Left Behind” hits the sound system and Christian Idol comes running out from the back. Idol having a huge interest in the match as his partner Cage is fighting in it and he faces the winner at the next PPV. Havoc breaks the submission hold and runs to the outside to face Idol. But Havoc is met with a spinebuster on the steel ramp way by Idol as the fans go wild. Idol then begins to hammer away with right hands on Havoc on the ramp way. Back in the ring Cage crawls over Danny for the pin! 1..2..Kickout! Cage then picks up Danny and hits him with his own finishing move the Y2D Bomb! He then goes for the cover. 1..2.. Broken up! The count is broken by Agent Orange who runs through the crowd! The crowd boo as Agent Orange throws Cage out of the ring and turns to Danny Y2D. Agent Orange grabs Danny and hits him with his finishing moves ‘Angel Dust’ before throwing Danny out of the ring and bouncing his head off of the security barrier.

Back on the ramp way Chris Cage runs over to help Idol against Havoc. The two partners throw him into the ring and then get in as well. They hit Havoc with a double team clothesline before putting him on the top rope. Christian Idol then goes to the top rope and hits Havoc with ‘The Idoliser’. Cage then goes for the cover on Havoc 1..2.Kickout. The crowd boo as Havoc somehow gets his shoulder up. On the outside Agent Orange grabs a steel chair and hits Danny Y2D with it busting him open and knocking him out. Agent Orange then slides into the ring. Christian Idol and Chris Cage stand on one side of the ring as Havoc lies in the middle. Idol and Cage stare down Agent Orange who stands his ground.

A smirk appears on Agent Orange’s face as ‘Control’ by Puddle in the mud hits the sound system and everyone turns to the EWF -Tron. There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as the new owner of the EWF Jon Storm walks out under the EWF – Tron. As Havoc stands up Christian Idol runs at him but Havoc ducks and Idol is back body dropped over the top rope by Agent Orange. Jon Storm then enters the ring and grabs Chris Cage and hits him with the ‘Storm Out’. Havoc then picks up Chris Cage and the fans boo as Havoc hits Cage with the ‘Final Impact’. Havoc then covers Cage. The referee drops to make the count. 1..2..3!

The Winner of the match and still EWF World Heavyweight Champion – Havoc

Jon Storm then takes Agent Orange and Havoc arms and raises them in the air as the fans boo and EWF CyberSlam 2001 goes off the air.

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