DW Clash 9
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
11th December 2023

[The opening shot of DW Clash 9 captures the electrifying atmosphere of the Stratford Arena. The crowd is buzzing with anticipation as the familiar theme music kicks in, signaling the beginning of another action-packed episode. The camera zooms in on the commentary desk where Steve Pringle and Eddie Bates prepare to welcome the viewers.]

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to DW Clash 9! We’ve got an incredible night of wrestling ahead, and what a way to kick things off.

Eddie Bates: Absolutely, Steve. Our main event tonight is a high-stakes showdown. Yutaka and Kyle McRae will go head-to-head for the chance to challenge the DW Champion at the upcoming PPV, ‘Collision Course’!

[The crowd erupts in cheers at the mention of the high-stakes main event.]

Steve Pringle: This is more than just a match, Eddie. It’s a golden opportunity for one of these competitors to headline our next PPV and make a significant impact in the DW landscape.

Eddie Bates: The tension is palpable, Steve. Yutaka, the silent warrior, against Kyle McRae, the determined competitor. Who will come out on top? We’re about to find out.

[The camera pans to the ring, where the crowd’s excitement builds, setting the stage for a night of thrilling clashes in the world of Dynasty Wrestling.]

Destiny Calling

[The camera cuts to the bustling backstage area of the Stratford Arena, where the energy is palpable. A black luxury car pulls up, and the door swings open to reveal Kyle McRae stepping out, flanked by his comrades Harry Black and Alexander Hate. The trio looks focused and determined as they make their way toward the arena entrance.]

[Kyle McRae, clad in his wrestling gear, exudes confidence as he exchanges a nod with Harry Black and Alexander Hate.]

Alexander Hate: Tonight’s the night, Kyle. You and Yutaka are going to tear it up in that ring.

Kyle McRae: Damn right, Alex. This is my chance to earn a shot at the DW Heavyweight Championship. Yutaka, I hope you’re ready for a fight.

[The trio continues their path toward the entrance, passing by the bustling backstage crew and fellow wrestlers preparing for the event.]

Harry Black: We’ve got your back, Kyle. If anyone tries to interfere, they’ll have British Hospitality to answer to.

Kyle McRae: Appreciate it, Harry. Tonight, we settle things in that ring.

[As the trio disappears into the arena, the air is charged with anticipation for the main event, and the crowd eagerly awaits the clash between Kyle McRae and Yutaka.]

Single Match
Roddy King vs Aleksandr Bortsov


[The camera transitions to the interview area, where William Smith stands ready with a microphone. Angus Blackhart steps into frame, a scowl on his face, as the crowd watches the unfolding scene on the TitanTron.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Angus Blackhart, who had quite the intense match last week against Geoffrey Hobbs. Angus, care to share your thoughts on that encounter?

Angus Blackhart: Last week was just a taste of what I bring to the ring. Hobbs found out the hard way, and anyone standing in my way will suffer the same fate.

William Smith: Strong words, Angus. Now, looking forward, you’re set to face Brendon Patrick later tonight. What’s your strategy going into this match?

Angus Blackhart: Brendon Patrick is stepping into my world, and he’s in for a world of pain. There’s no strategy; it’s about dominance and proving that I’m the force to be reckoned with in DW.

[As Angus Blackhart finishes his statement, the atmosphere changes. The camera catches the imposing figure of Aleksandr Bortsov entering the frame, his presence immediately felt.]

Aleksandr Bortsov: Angus Blackhart. Last week, you say you are force. I am force too. We will see who is stronger.

[Bortsov stares down Angus Blackhart, creating an intense moment that leaves the fans wondering about the potential collision between these two powerhouse competitors.]

William Smith: Well, folks, it seems tensions are rising here in DW. Back to you, guys.

[The camera cuts away as the staredown between Angus Blackhart and Aleksandr Bortsov continues, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the upcoming matches.]

Single Match
Brendon Patrick vs Angus Blackhart

Good Luck

[The backstage area is bustling with activity as Ben Noble, focused and ready for his upcoming match against Angelo Anderson, goes through his pre-match preparations. The sounds of his stretching and warm-up exercises echo in the background. Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as Kandi Sparks enters the scene.]

Kandi Sparks: Ben, hey! I heard you’re up against Anderson tonight. Good luck out there.

[Ben Noble looks up, a determined expression on his face, as Kandi Sparks offers a supportive smile.]

Ben Noble: Thanks, Kandi. I’ve got this.

[Kandi Sparks steps closer, her demeanor filled with encouragement. She leans in and places a gentle kiss on Ben Noble’s cheek, leaving a subtle but supportive gesture.]

Kandi Sparks: Show him what you’re made of. I’ll be cheering you on.

[Ben Noble, now with a touch of a smile, appreciates the gesture as Kandi Sparks wishes him well before heading off. The backstage area is left with a positive energy as Ben Noble readies himself for the upcoming challenge.]

Old Times Sake?

[The backstage area is dimly lit, and a nervous Jean-Louis Duval is pacing anxiously. Yutaka, the silent warrior, stands in the shadows, his expression unreadable. Duval, desperate to convey his message, approaches Yutaka with a pleading look on his face.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [speaking rapidly in French] Yutaka, s’il te plaît, écoute-moi. Il y a une erreur. Je ne voulais pas que ça arrive.

[Yutaka remains stoic, his eyes fixed on Duval but offering no verbal response.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [continuing in French] C’est un malentendu. Tu n’as pas besoin de challenger pour le championnat. On peut trouver un arrangement.

[Duval gestures with his hands, attempting to convey his sincerity. Yutaka’s expression remains unchanged.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [pleading in French] Je t’en prie, Yutaka. On peut travailler ensemble. Pas besoin de causer des problèmes.

[Yutaka, unmoved, continues to stare at Duval, leaving the Frenchman’s plea hanging in the air.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [desperation in his voice] Yutaka, please. [switching to English] This doesn’t have to end in a fight. We can find another way.

[Yutaka maintains his silence, leaving Duval frustrated and uncertain of the looming situation. The air is thick with tension as the encounter unfolds.]

Single Match
Ben Noble vs Angelo Anderson

Collision Course

[The camera transitions to Matt Anarchy’s office, where Union Jack, the patriotic wrestler from England, stands, eager anticipation evident on his face. Matt Anarchy, the General Manager, is seated behind his desk, reviewing documents.]

Union Jack: Matt, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and I reckon it’s time for Union Jack to have a spot on the PPV, mate.

[Matt Anarchy looks up, acknowledging Union Jack’s presence.]

Matt Anarchy: Union Jack, I hear you, and I appreciate your enthusiasm. In fact, I’ve got something special for you. There’s going to be a Battle Royal at the upcoming PPV.

[Union Jack’s eyes light up with curiosity.]

Union Jack: A Battle Royal, you say?

[Matt Anarchy nods.]

Matt Anarchy: That’s right. It’s going to be a chance for everyone to showcase their skills. And here’s the kicker – the winner gets a future title shot.

[Union Jack’s excitement intensifies, and he gives a patriotic salute.]

Union Jack: Count me in, Mr. Anarchy! I’ll make sure the Union Jack is flying high!

[Matt Anarchy smiles, appreciating Union Jack’s eagerness.]

Matt Anarchy: That’s the spirit, Union Jack. Show them what you’re made of.

[Union Jack leaves the office, fueled with determination as Matt Anarchy returns to his paperwork, the wheels of opportunity turning in the DW landscape.]

Main Event
Yutuka vs Kyle McRae


[The arena is buzzing with tension after the shocking conclusion of the main event. Yutaka, the silent warrior from Japan, has just secured a victory over the fan-favorite Kyle McRae, leaving the crowd in stunned silence. Kyle McRae, visibly distraught in the ring, is catching his breath as Yutaka stands tall, his inscrutable presence commanding attention.]

[The entrance ramp darkens, and the spotlight focuses on the imposing figure of Jean-Louis Duval, the DW Heavyweight Champion. The crowd’s shock transitions into a mixture of boos and anticipation as Duval, with the championship belt slung over his shoulder, confidently makes his way to the top of the ramp.]

[Duval locks eyes with Yutaka in the ring, a subtle exchange of intensity between the champion and the challenger. The atmosphere is charged with uncertainty as the crowd speculates on the impending collision between these two formidable forces.]

[The show concludes with Duval raising his championship belt, asserting his dominance, while Yutaka remains an enigmatic figure in the ring, having just earned the right to challenge for the DW Heavyweight Championship. The brewing rivalry promises to shape the landscape of Dynasty Wrestling in the weeks to come.]

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