DW Clash 7
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
27th November 2023


[The camera pans across the electric atmosphere inside the Stratford Arena as the lively crowd eagerly awaits another night of ‘Dynasty Wrestling.’ The commentary team, Steve Pringle and Eddie Bates, are perched ringside, ready to kick off the action.]

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, welcome, welcome to another thrilling episode of ‘DW Clash’! We’re coming to you live from the Stratford Arena, and I tell you, Eddie, the energy in this place is off the charts!

Eddie Bates: You’re absolutely right, Steve! The fans are buzzing with excitement, and we’ve got an incredible lineup for tonight’s show.

Steve Pringle: That’s right, Eddie. We’ve got high-stakes matchups, fierce rivalries, and a main event that’s sure to blow the roof off this place. British Hospitality, the tag team sensation, will be in action, and you know that’s going to be a match to remember!

Eddie Bates: I can already feel the intensity, Steve. But before we get to that, let’s dive into the action-packed night we’ve got lined up for our fantastic fans at home.

Steve Pringle: Strap yourselves in, folks, because ‘DW Clash’ is about to deliver another night of hard-hitting, high-flying, and heart-stopping action! Let’s get this show started!

[The crowd roars in the background as the camera focuses on the Stratford Arena, setting the stage for another unforgettable night in ‘Dynasty Wrestling.’]

Looking for Answers

[Backstage at ‘DW Clash 7,’ the buzz of activity is palpable as the DW Champion, Jean-Louis Duval, arrives at the arena. He steps out of his car, the championship slung over his shoulder, exuding an air of confidence. William Smith, the backstage interviewer, seizes the opportunity for a quick word.]

William Smith: Jean-Louis, a quick moment of your time?

Jean-Louis Duval: [Smirking] Quick, indeed. Make it snappy, Smith.

William Smith: The fans are buzzing, and many are wondering what it will take for Kyle McRae to get a shot at your championship. Any thoughts on that?

Jean-Louis Duval: [Chuckling] McRae, McRae, McRae. He just can’t seem to let it go, can he? As for what it takes, well, let’s just say he’s got a long way to go before he’s even in the conversation.

William Smith: Can you elaborate? What does he need to do?

Jean-Louis Duval: [Brushing Smith off] I’ve got a show to prepare for. Figure it out, Smith. [Duval turns and walks away, leaving Smith with more questions than answers.]

William Smith: [Muttering to himself] Well, that was enlightening.

[As Duval strides into the arena, the mystery surrounding what it will take for Kyle McRae to earn a championship opportunity only deepens, adding another layer of intrigue to the night’s proceedings.]

Single Match
Angelo Anderson vs Union Jack

Challenge Answered

[The arena is pulsating with energy after an intense bout between Angelo Anderson and Union Jack. Anderson, the cunning and powerful wrestler from America, stands victorious in the center of the ring, soaking in the mixed reaction from the crowd. As he celebrates, the familiar music of Kandi Sparks hits, and the crowd erupts in anticipation.]

[Kandi Sparks marches down to the ring with determination, eyeing Angelo Anderson, who is still reveling in his victory.]

Kandi Sparks: [Entering the ring, mic in hand] Angelo, congratulations on your win. But let’s cut to the chase. I’ve been asking for a match against you for weeks now, and I’m not taking no for an answer.

Angelo Anderson: [Smirking] Oh, Kandi, you just don’t get it, do you? I’m on a whole different level. I don’t waste my time with irrelevant challenges.

Kandi Sparks: Irrelevant? I don’t think so. The fans want to see this match, and I want to prove that I can go toe-to-toe with the best.

Angelo Anderson: [Pretending to think] Hmm, let me think about it… Nah, not interested.

[The crowd boos as Angelo Anderson dismisses Kandi Sparks, who looks frustrated but undeterred.]

Kandi Sparks: Fine, if you’re not willing to accept the challenge, I’ll just have to force your hand.

[As Kandi Sparks turns her back, seemingly accepting defeat, Angelo Anderson suddenly strikes. He delivers a vicious clothesline, sending Kandi Sparks sprawling to the canvas. The crowd gasps in shock as Angelo stands over her, a sinister smirk on his face.]

Angelo Anderson: [Mockingly] Looks like you just got your match, sweetheart. See you in the ring when I feel like it.

[Anderson leaves the ring, leaving Kandi Sparks down and the crowd in a state of disbelief. The rivalry between these two competitors takes another unexpected turn, setting the stage for a future showdown.]

Back Up

[Backstage at ‘DW Clash 7,’ the air is charged with anticipation as Kral and Yutaka prepare for their tag team match against British Hospitality. Kral, the striker with an MMA background, is earnestly attempting to communicate with Yutaka, the silent enigma from Japan.]

Kral: Yutaka, listen. We need a strategy for tonight. British Hospitality is no joke, and we have to be on the same page.

[Yutaka remains silent, his gaze fixed somewhere in the distance. It’s unclear whether he comprehends Kral’s words or not.]

Kral: Come on, Yutaka. We need to—

[Before Kral can finish, the reigning DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean-Louis Duval, makes his entrance into the scene. The atmosphere shifts as the enigmatic champion commands attention.]

Jean-Louis Duval: What’s going on here, gentlemen? Trying to hash out a game plan?

Kral: Yeah, trying to, but it’s like talking to a brick wall with this guy.

[Yutaka remains stoic, his focus unwavering.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [Smirking] Yutaka may not say much, but actions speak louder than words, Kral. Now, listen up. I’ll be in your corner tonight, and I expect results. British Hospitality is no pushover, and I won’t tolerate failure.

[Kral nods, understanding the gravity of the situation. Yutaka remains an enigma, giving no indication of his thoughts.]

Kral: We’ll get the job done, Duval.

Jean-Louis Duval: You better, for your sake. The eyes of ‘Dynasty Wrestling’ are on you tonight. Don’t disappoint.

[With that, Duval exits the scene, leaving Kral and Yutaka to prepare for the looming main event. The air is tense, and the uncertainty of Yutaka’s silent demeanor hangs over their partnership as they head toward the battleground.]

Single Match
Stijn De Raaf vs Leo Lewis

Save it for the Ring

[Backstage at ‘DW Clash 7,’ the atmosphere is charged with anticipation as Ben Noble, the tenacious Londoner, prepares for his upcoming match. The sound of his focused warm-up echoes through the corridor. Meanwhile, Stijn De Raaf, having just emerged victorious in his match against Leo Lewis, strides backstage with a confidence of his own.]

[As the paths of Ben Noble and Stijn De Raaf intersect, the tension between them becomes palpable. The air crackles with an unspoken rivalry as the two competitors come nose to nose.]

Ben Noble: [Staring at Stijn] You better keep your antics in check, De Raaf. I’ve got a match to focus on.

Stijn De Raaf: [Smirking] You’re in my world now, Noble. Watch your step.

[The intensity between them escalates, prompting security personnel to quickly intervene, creating a human barrier between the two rivals.]

Security Guard: Break it up, break it up! Save it for the ring, gentlemen.

Ben Noble: [Pointing at Stijn] This isn’t over.

Stijn De Raaf: [Laughing] I’m counting on it.

[As security successfully separates them, the lingering animosity between Ben Noble and Stijn De Raaf sets the stage for a potential future clash. With both men seething with determination, the ‘Dynasty Wrestling’ backstage area remains charged with the promise of intense battles yet to come.]

Single Match
Ben Noble vs Angus Blackhart

Back Up

[Backstage at ‘DW Clash 7,’ the British Hospitality locker room is a hive of activity as the tag team trio prepares for their main event match against Kral and Yutaka. Harry Black, Alexander Hate, and Kyle McRae are engaged in final preparations, discussing strategy and tactics.]

Harry Black: Gentlemen, tonight’s our night. We’ve got to show everyone why we’re the best tag team in ‘Dynasty Wrestling.’

Alexander Hate: Damn right, Harry. Kral and Yutaka are no pushovers, but we’ve got the chemistry, the skill, and the will to win.

Kyle McRae: Hold up, lads. I’ve got a proposition for you.

Alexander Hate: What’s on your mind, Kyle?

Kyle McRae: I’ve seen enough of Duval’s shenanigans. I’ll be at ringside tonight, in your corner.

Harry Black: [Smirking] You’re not planning on causing trouble, are you?

Kyle McRae: No trouble, just making sure our dear champion doesn’t get any bright ideas. We need a fair match.

[Harry Black and Alexander Hate exchange glances, appreciating the solidarity from their ally.]

Alexander Hate: Fair enough, Kyle. We appreciate the backup.

Kyle McRae: It’s all about ensuring a level playing field. Let’s go out there, give the fans a show, and make sure justice is served.

[The trio shares a nod of agreement, united in their mission as they head towards the main event, leaving the British Hospitality locker room with an air of determination and resolve.]


[The camera shifts to capture the electric atmosphere in the Stratford Arena. A spotlight focuses on the hospitality box, where a familiar face catches the attention of the crowd. Johnny Dorn, the dynamic free agent from Chicago, sits comfortably, surveying the ongoing action in the ring.]

[The fans in the arena erupt into cheers, recognizing the presence of Johnny Dorn. The cheers cascade through the arena like a thunderous wave, underscoring the excitement and anticipation for what might unfold with the arrival of this renowned star.]

[Johnny Dorn acknowledges the cheers with a nod and a smile, fully aware of the enthusiasm from the ‘Dynasty Wrestling’ faithful. The arena is buzzing with speculation about what this unexpected appearance could mean for the future of DW. As the crowd continues to cheer, the energy in the arena reaches a fever pitch, setting the stage for what promises to be an intriguing development in the world of ‘Dynasty Wrestling.’]

Main Event
Tag Team Match
British Hospitality vs Kral & Yutuka

Not Impressed

[The main event of ‘DW Clash 7’ reaches its climax, and the crowd is still buzzing from the explosive tag team encounter. British Hospitality, Harry Black, and Alexander Hate stand tall in the ring, having secured a hard-fought victory over their formidable opponents, Kral and Yutaka. However, the reaction from the DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean-Louis Duval, tells a different story.]

[Outside the ring, Duval, who had been at ringside, looks on with a mixture of disdain and frustration. He expected a different outcome, and the displeasure is evident on his face.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [Mutters to himself] Unbelievable…

[Duval shakes his head in disappointment, clearly disgusted by the result. The celebration in the ring contrasts sharply with his mood. British Hospitality revels in their victory, but Duval has already seen enough. He turns away, leaving the ringside area with a lingering air of disappointment.]

[As British Hospitality continues to celebrate, Duval’s departure hints at potential tension within the ranks. The fallout from this main event is sure to reverberate through ‘Dynasty Wrestling,’ adding a layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga between the champion and the formidable tag team.]

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