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DW Clash 30

DW Clash is weekly from London every Monday night!

DW Clash 30
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
3rd June 2024

[The camera pans over a packed Stratford Arena in East London, the crowd buzzing with excitement as DW Clash 30 is about to kick off. The iconic theme music blares through the speakers, and the camera cuts to the commentators’ table where Steve Pringle and Eddie Bates are ready to set the stage for tonight’s action.]

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to DW Clash 30, coming to you live from the Stratford Arena in East London! I’m Steve Pringle, and alongside me, as always, is Eddie Bates.

Eddie Bates: Steve, the atmosphere here tonight is electric! We have an incredible lineup of matches, and we’re kicking things off with a bang. The DW Tag Team Championships will be on the line in our opening contest!

Steve Pringle: That’s right, Eddie. Ben Noble and Kandi Sparks will defend their newly won titles for the first time against British Hospitality’s Alexander Hate and Harry Black. This is going to be a thrilling encounter to start the night.

Eddie Bates: British Hospitality have been gunning for a shot at the gold, and tonight, they get their chance. Can they dethrone the champions, or will Noble and Sparks prove they’re here to stay at the top of the tag team division?

Steve Pringle: There’s only one way to find out! But that’s not all we have in store tonight. We’ll also hear from the new DW UK Champion, Oliver Harrington, who won the title last week in a controversial fashion.

Eddie Bates: Plus, we’ve got the DW Heavyweight Champion Cedric Thornfield, and you can bet Bjorn Asulf will have something to say after last week’s events. And let’s not forget, the International Heavyweight Champion Angelo Anderson is always a wildcard.

Steve Pringle: It’s going to be a night full of surprises, high-stakes action, and unforgettable moments. So buckle up, folks, because DW Clash 30 starts right now!

[The camera transitions to the ring where the announcer introduces the competitors for the opening match. The crowd roars as the DW Tag Team Champions Ben Noble and Kandi Sparks make their way to the ring, followed by British Hospitality’s Alexander Hate and Harry Black.]

Eddie Bates: And here we go, Steve! The DW Tag Team Championships are on the line. This is what DW Clash is all about!

Steve Pringle: Let’s get this show started!

DW Tag Team Championship Match
Ben Noble & Kandi Sparks vs. British Hospitality

Ultra Invasion

[The bell rings as Ben Noble and Kandi Sparks celebrate their successful title defense in the ring. The crowd erupts with cheers, and the champions raise their belts high in the air. British Hospitality, despite their loss, receive a warm round of applause from the fans for their valiant effort.]

Steve Pringle: What a match, Eddie! Ben Noble and Kandi Sparks retain their DW Tag Team Championships in an incredible bout. But let’s not forget the effort from British Hospitality. They gave it everything they had tonight.

Eddie Bates: Absolutely, Steve. Alexander Hate and Harry Black put on a great show. The fans are showing their appreciation as British Hospitality gets back to their feet.

[As British Hospitality stands in the ring, catching their breath and acknowledging the crowd’s support, suddenly, unfamiliar music blares through the speakers. The crowd’s cheers turn to curious murmurs as two imposing figures make their way down the ramp.]

Steve Pringle: Wait a minute, who are these guys? We’ve got some unexpected guests here tonight!

Eddie Bates: That’s Axel Schmidt and Jürgen Köhler! They’re known as ‘the Ultras,’ a dominant tag team from Germany. It looks like they’re making their debut here in DW!

[Axel Schmidt and Jürgen Köhler, the Ultras, storm into the ring with a menacing presence. Without warning, they launch a vicious attack on British Hospitality. Axel delivers a brutal clothesline to Alexander Hate, while Jürgen Köhler levels Harry Black with a thunderous powerbomb. The crowd boos loudly, shocked by the sudden ambush.]

Steve Pringle: This is chaos! The Ultras are making a statement here tonight, and it’s not a friendly one!

Eddie Bates: British Hospitality just went through a grueling match, and now they’re being blindsided by these two monsters! This is despicable!

[Ben Noble and Kandi Sparks, still holding their belts, look on in shock and disbelief from the ramp as the Ultras continue their assault. Axel Schmidt locks Alexander Hate in a crippling submission hold, while Jürgen Köhler pummels Harry Black with relentless strikes.]

Steve Pringle: Someone needs to get out here and stop this! British Hospitality is being decimated!

Eddie Bates: The message is loud and clear, Steve. The Ultras have arrived in DW, and they’re looking to take over the tag team division by force!

[Referees and security rush to the ring, finally separating the Ultras from their victims. Axel Schmidt and Jürgen Köhler stand tall, staring down the audience and the remaining competitors with a cold, calculated look. The crowd boos them vociferously as they exit the ring, leaving British Hospitality writhing in pain.]

Steve Pringle: What a shocking turn of events! The Ultras have just made their presence felt in a big way here on DW Clash 30!

Eddie Bates: This is far from over, Steve. You can bet British Hospitality and the rest of the tag team division will be looking to even the score with these two behemoths.

[The camera focuses on the determined faces of Ben Noble and Kandi Sparks as they stare down the ramp, clutching their titles and contemplating the new threat that has just emerged. The scene fades to black as DW Clash 30 goes to a commercial break.]

Single Match
Maxwell Blackwell vs. Der Punk

Warm Up

[The scene opens backstage with a shot of the bustling hallway. The camera follows as the imposing figure of International Champion Angelo Anderson storms down the corridor, his eyes blazing with intensity. Anderson doesn’t slow down as he reaches the door of GM Matt Anarchy’s office, bursting in without knocking.]

Matt Anarchy: [looking up, startled] Angelo, what’s the meaning of this?

Angelo Anderson: [fuming] Anarchy, I need a match tonight. I’ve got to get ready for Masafumi Satake at the next P:V PPV. I need to be at my best, and I’m not wasting any time.

Matt Anarchy: [leaning back in his chair, considering] Alright, Anderson. I can appreciate your drive. You want to warm up for Satake, I get it.

Angelo Anderson: [leaning over the desk, menacingly] I don’t need your understanding, I need an opponent. Tonight.

Matt Anarchy: [smirking] Well, it just so happens that Stijn De Raaf is looking to bounce back after losing the UK Championship last week. He’s hungry, he’s motivated. You want a challenge? You’ve got one. Tonight, it’s you against Stijn De Raaf.

Angelo Anderson: [grinning] Perfect. He’s in for a rough night.

Matt Anarchy: [nodding] Just remember, Anderson, you asked for this. Now go out there and show everyone why you’re the International Champion.

[Anderson turns sharply on his heel and storms out of the office, leaving the door swinging in his wake. The camera zooms in on Anarchy’s satisfied expression before cutting back to the arena.]

Steve Pringle: Wow, Eddie! Did you hear that? Tonight, we’re getting a blockbuster match: International Champion Angelo Anderson vs. Stijn De Raaf!

Eddie Bates: This is going to be explosive, Steve! Anderson wants to warm up for Satake, but De Raaf is looking to make a statement after losing his title. I can’t wait to see these two collide!

[The scene fades as the anticipation for the match builds, the crowd buzzing with excitement.]

Single Match
Jean Louis Duval vs. Union Jack

Blame the Raven

[The camera cuts backstage to William Smith, standing with a microphone in hand. Beside him looms the intimidating figure of ‘the Viking’ Bjorn Asulf, his eyes burning with intensity and his presence commanding. The crowd can be heard faintly booing in the background as they catch sight of Asulf on the screen.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with ‘the Viking’ Bjorn Asulf. Bjorn, you have a singles match against Riley Smith coming up next. What are your thoughts going into this match?

Bjorn Asulf: [smirking] Riley Smith… Riley Smith is going to pay the price tonight. He’s just the next victim in my path. You see, William, this isn’t just about Riley. This is about sending a message.

William Smith: And what message would that be, Bjorn?

Bjorn Asulf: [leaning into the microphone] The message is simple: Cedric Thornfield. You forced me to fight my way through the DW roster to get a shot at your championship. You made me jump through hoops, and now everyone who steps in my way will pay the price. Riley Smith tonight is just the beginning.

William Smith: [nervously] So, you’re saying your actions against Riley Smith tonight are a direct message to the DW Heavyweight Champion, Cedric Thornfield?

Bjorn Asulf: [nodding] Exactly. Riley Smith should send his hospital bills directly to Thornfield. This is on him. Every opponent I destroy, every match I dominate, it’s all because Thornfield wants to play games. But make no mistake, Thornfield – I’m coming for you.

William Smith: [trying to maintain composure] It sounds like you’re very determined to get that title shot. Do you think Thornfield is watching?

Bjorn Asulf: [smirking] He better be. Because what I do to Riley Smith tonight will be a preview of what’s coming for him. Thornfield, your days as champion are numbered. The Viking is coming, and no one – not Riley, not anyone – can stand in my way.

[Bjorn Asulf glares into the camera, his intense expression sending chills down the viewers’ spines. The camera cuts back to William Smith, who looks visibly shaken.]

William Smith: There you have it, folks. Bjorn Asulf is on a warpath, and it looks like Riley Smith is next in line. Back to you, Steve and Eddie.

[The camera fades out as Asulf storms off, ready for his upcoming match, leaving William Smith to catch his breath.]

Steve Pringle: Strong words from Bjorn Asulf, Eddie. Riley Smith better be prepared for what’s coming.

Eddie Bates: Absolutely, Steve. Asulf is a force to be reckoned with, and he’s got his sights set on Thornfield. This match is going to be brutal.

Single Match
Bjorn Asulf vs. Riley Smith

What its all About

[The camera cuts to the backstage interview area, where William Smith stands with a microphone in hand. Next to him, proudly displaying his newly won DW UK Championship belt, is the “Essex Pretty Boy” Oliver Harrington. The crowd’s mixed reactions can be faintly heard as the sight of Harrington and his title belt appears on the screen.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the brand new DW UK Champion, the “Essex Pretty Boy” Oliver Harrington. Oliver, congratulations on your victory last week against Stijn De Raaf. How does it feel to hold the DW UK Championship?

Oliver Harrington: [smirking and adjusting the belt on his shoulder] Oh, it feels bloody fantastic, William. Just look at this beauty! [Harrington holds up the belt, making sure the camera gets a good shot of it] This right here is what it’s all about. This is the proof that I am the best in DW, and there’s not a single person who can take this away from me.

William Smith: You certainly had an impressive victory last week. But there are many competitors eyeing that championship. How do you plan to keep it?

Oliver Harrington: [laughing arrogantly] Plan to keep it? William, it’s simple. I keep doing what I’ve always done – win. You see, I have this little thing called an undefeated streak. And let me tell you, it’s not ending anytime soon. [He pats the belt] This belt is staying with me, forever. Stijn De Raaf thought he could stop me, but he learned the hard way that the “Essex Pretty Boy” doesn’t lose.

William Smith: Your confidence is undeniable, Oliver. But with so many hungry challengers in DW, do you think you’ll be able to keep up this momentum?

Oliver Harrington: [smirking] Oh, William, I’m not just keeping up the momentum – I’m setting the pace. Every competitor in that locker room can line up, one by one, and I’ll knock them down. They can dream about taking this belt from me, but that’s all it will ever be – a dream. Because I am the best, and no one is ending my undefeated streak.

William Smith: [nodding] Well, there you have it, folks. The new DW UK Champion, Oliver Harrington, is confident that his reign will be long and his undefeated streak unbroken. Any final words for the DW roster, Oliver?

Oliver Harrington: [grinning into the camera] Yeah, I’ve got a message for everyone in the back – keep dreaming. Because that’s all you’ll ever do when it comes to this belt. The “Essex Pretty Boy” is here to stay, and there’s nothing any of you can do about it.

[Harrington smirks and adjusts his belt one last time before walking off, leaving William Smith to wrap up the interview.]

William Smith: Strong words from our new DW UK Champion. Back to you, Steve and Eddie.

[The camera fades back to the commentary desk where Steve Pringle and Eddie Bates are seated, ready to comment on the interview.]

Steve Pringle: Well, Eddie, Oliver Harrington is certainly confident in his abilities and his championship reign.

Eddie Bates: Absolutely, Steve. Harrington’s undefeated streak and new championship have only added to his confidence. It’s going to be interesting to see who steps up to challenge him next.

Single Match
Angelo Anderson vs. Stijn De Raaf


[The camera cuts to the ring where Angelo Anderson, the International Heavyweight Champion, stands triumphantly over a defeated Stijn De Raaf. The crowd boos loudly as Anderson grabs a microphone, an arrogant smirk on his face. The DW logo glows brightly on the arena screens as the show reaches its climax.]

Angelo Anderson: [holding the microphone up, soaking in the boos] Ladies and gentlemen, what you just witnessed is pure dominance. Once again, I have proven why I am the International Heavyweight Champion! [He raises the belt high above his head, eliciting even more boos from the crowd.]

[The crowd’s boos grow louder, but Anderson remains unfazed, relishing in their disdain.]

Angelo Anderson: You see, there’s a lot of talk about this guy, Masafumi Satake. Everyone’s been hyping him up as some kind of unstoppable force over at Project Violence. [He shakes his head dismissively.] Well, let me tell you something – hype doesn’t win matches, skill does. And I have more skill in my little finger than Masafumi has in his entire body.

[The crowd continues to boo, some fans starting a “Masafumi” chant.]

Angelo Anderson: Oh, you can chant his name all you want. It doesn’t change the fact that when he steps into the ring with me, he’s going to realize just how outmatched he truly is. Masafumi, you’re stepping into my world now. And in my world, there’s only one outcome – Angelo Anderson standing tall, with this belt right where it belongs. [He taps the championship belt on his shoulder.]

[Anderson starts pacing around the ring, his voice growing more intense.]

Angelo Anderson: This isn’t just about a match, this is about proving a point. This is about showing the world that DW is superior to Project Violence. That Angelo Anderson is superior to Masafumi Satake. [He points directly at the camera.] Masafumi, I hope you’re watching. I hope you’re paying close attention. Because at the next P:V PPV, I’m going to give you a lesson in what true greatness looks like.

[The crowd’s boos reach a fever pitch, but Anderson only seems more energized by their reaction.]

Angelo Anderson: So, DW fans, get ready to witness history. Get ready to see your champion rise to even greater heights. And Masafumi, get ready to be humbled, get ready to be broken, and get ready to fall before the Unbreakable Angelo Anderson!

[With a final smirk, Anderson throws down the microphone and raises the International Heavyweight Championship belt high above his head, soaking in the boos and jeers from the crowd. The camera slowly fades out, focusing on Anderson’s defiant expression as Clash 30 goes off the air.]

[The screen fades to black, and the DW logo appears, signalling the end of the broadcast.]

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