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DW Clash 3

Kral steps into the ring with Harry Black in the main event.

DW Clash 3
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
25th September 2023

[The Stratford Arena in London, England, stands proudly in the spotlight as the crowd fills the venue with electrifying energy. The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as fans eagerly await the start of ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3.’ The camera captures the iconic venue, the roaring crowd, and the DW banners hanging proudly.]

Announcer (V.O.): Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the heart-pounding, bone-crushing action of ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash’! We’re here once again, in the Stratford Arena, where legends are born and champions are crowned!

Announcer (V.O.): Last week, we witnessed a seismic shift in the landscape of Dynasty Wrestling, as Matt Anarchy confronted the unpredictable DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean-Louis Duval. Tonight, we’ll see the fallout from that explosive encounter!

Announcer (V.O.): And in our main event, it’s a clash of styles and personalities as Kral takes on Harry Black! The technition against the powerhouse – who will emerge victorious in this epic showdown?

Announcer (V.O.): From heart-stopping aerial maneuvers to bone-rattling powerbombs, ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3’ promises to deliver the very best in professional wrestling action.

Announcer (V.O.): Tonight, we’ll see rivalries ignite, newcomers rise, and champions defend their honor. So, London, are you ready for another unforgettable night of DW action? Welcome to ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3’ – the stage is set, the stars are ready, and the world is watching! Let the clash begin!

Actions Speak Louder than Words

[In the backstage interview area at ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3,’ William Smith stands ready with a microphone in hand, awaiting the arrival of Yutaka, the enigmatic wrestler from Japan. Yutaka’s presence is met with mixed emotions from the fans, some intrigued by his mysterious persona, others not so welcoming.]

William Smith: [Turning to the camera, speaking with anticipation] Ladies and gentlemen, we are moments away from the opening match of ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3,’ and it’s set to be a high-flying showdown between Yutaka and Union Jack. I’ll be speaking with Yutaka to get his thoughts on the match, but it’s worth noting that Yutaka is known for his silence and stoicism.

[As Smith waits, Yutaka enters the frame, clad in his wrestling attire, his face expressionless as he stares ahead. Smith attempts to engage with him.]

William Smith: Yutaka, your match against Union Jack is about to open the show, and the fans are eager to see this clash of styles. Can you give us any insight into your strategy for this match?

[Yutaka remains silent, not offering any response. His gaze remains fixed forward, giving nothing away.]

William Smith: Well, Yutaka, Union Jack is known for his high-flying, acrobatic style. How do you plan to counter his agility in the ring?

[Once again, Yutaka doesn’t respond. He maintains his stoic demeanor, his silence an enigma.]

William Smith: Alright, Yutaka, I understand that you prefer to let your actions speak in the ring. We’ll see how you fare against Union Jack in just a few moments.

[Smith turns back to the camera, the mysterious aura of Yutaka adding an air of intrigue to the opening match of the night.]

Single Match
Yutaka vs Union Jack

Hospitality…. British Style

[Inside the bustling locker room of British Hospitality, Harry Black and Alexander Hate, the fan-favorite tag team, prepare for their respective matches at ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3.’ Harry Black, clad in his wrestling gear, sits on a bench, lacing up his boots. Alexander Hate stands nearby, the two engaged in a conversation about the night’s main event.]

Alexander Hate: [Leaning against a nearby locker, speaking with concern] Harry, mate, you’ve got Kral in the main event tonight. You sure you’re ready for this? He’s one tough striker with an MMA background.

Harry Black: [Nodding confidently, adjusting his wrist tape] I’ve been in the ring with some of the best, Alex. I know Kral’s got those striking skills, but I’ve got my power game. I’ll make sure to keep him off balance and avoid getting caught in his strikes.

[Hate rubs his chin, contemplating the strategy.]

Alexander Hate: [Thoughtful] Yeah, that makes sense. Just remember, if he gets an opening, he can be relentless. Keep your defense tight, mate.

Harry Black: [Smirking] Don’t you worry, mate. This is my chance to show what I’m made of. Besides, we’ve got that main event experience now, and I know the fans have got our backs.

[Hate nods in agreement, his expression confident.]

Alexander Hate: [With determination] That’s right, Harry. And speaking of main events, once you take care of Kral tonight, I’ve got a feeling that DW Championship might be within reach. And I’ll be right there with you.

Harry Black: [Fired up] Damn right, Alex! British Hospitality is on the rise, and nothing’s gonna stop us.

[As the two teammates share their mutual determination, the backstage area resonates with their confidence and unity. Harry Black heads for the main event, ready to prove himself against Kral’s striking skills, while Alexander Hate focuses on his own path to championship glory.]

Respect Is Earned

[In the backstage area of ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3,’ the camera focuses on Matt Anarchy, who stands outside his newly appointed office. Anarchy, now the DW Commissioner, is in the process of moving into the space, arranging memorabilia and familiarizing himself with the surroundings. As he takes a moment to soak in his new responsibilities, the door to his office creaks open, and Angelo Anderson, the disgruntled American wrestler, enters, his face etched with dissatisfaction.]

Angelo Anderson: [Irritated] Matt, we need to talk. I can’t believe you’ve got me scheduled to fight Kandi Sparks tonight. Seriously, do you know who I am?

Matt Anarchy: [Turning to face Anderson, a calm but assertive tone] Angelo, I know exactly who you are, and I know what you’re capable of in that ring. But you’re part of a diverse and talented roster here in Dynasty Wrestling.

[Anderson crosses his arms, clearly displeased.]

Angelo Anderson: [Indignant] Come on, Matt. Kandi Sparks? She’s not even in my league. I should be facing the top talent, not someone like her.

Matt Anarchy: [With a knowing look] Angelo, never underestimate your opponent in this business. Kandi Sparks has earned her spot here, just like you have. Everyone in DW deserves respect.

Angelo Anderson: [Rolling his eyes] Respect? Fine, I’ll do what I have to do, but don’t expect me to go easy on her.

Matt Anarchy: [Nodding] That’s the spirit, Angelo. Remember, every match is an opportunity to showcase your skills and prove your worth. Underestimating your opponent can lead to unexpected results.

[As Angelo Anderson reluctantly accepts the match against Kandi Sparks, Matt Anarchy returns to organizing his new office, leaving Anderson with a sense of determination and a challenge to face later in the evening. The backstage area remains a hub of activity as ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3’ continues to build toward an action-packed night.]

Single Match
Ben Noble vs Geoffrey Hobbs


In my Sights

[As ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3’ returns from a commercial break, the backstage area buzzes with activity. The camera focuses on Ben Noble, the heavily tattooed fan favorite from London, who is seething with anger after his earlier match against Geoffrey Hobbs. His frustration is evident as he paces back and forth, the veins in his neck bulging.]

Ben Noble: [Fuming, addressing the camera] That was absolute rubbish! Hobbs, you didn’t beat me fair and square, and you know it!

[Noble’s words echo through the backstage area, drawing the attention of the crew members and fellow wrestlers nearby.]

Ben Noble: [Clenching his fists, his voice seething with anger] But that’s not all! Stijn De Raaf, you slimy snake, you think you can just interfere in my match, attack me from behind, and get away with it?

[Noble’s anger escalates, and the fans watching on the backstage screen can sense the intensity of his frustration.]

Ben Noble: [Pointing at the camera, vowing revenge] You two won’t get away with this! I promise you, Hobbs, De Raaf, there’s gonna be hell to pay. You just made the biggest mistake of your lives!

[As Noble’s fiery words hang in the air, the backstage area is filled with a palpable sense of anticipation. The fans eagerly await the revenge that Ben Noble has promised, setting the stage for what could be an explosive showdown in the future.]

Single Match
Angelo Anderson vs Kandi Sparks

Respect is Earned Pt2

[As ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3’ nears its conclusion, the arena is still buzzing with excitement after the hard-fought match between Angelo Anderson and Kandi Sparks. The two wrestlers lie in the ring, both exhausted from the intense battle they just waged. The fans are on their feet, showing their appreciation for the incredible match they’ve witnessed.]

[Kandi Sparks, the underdog in this matchup, slowly rises to her feet, a victorious smile on her face. She extends her hand toward Angelo Anderson, a gesture of sportsmanship and respect after their grueling contest.]

[Angelo Anderson, known for his powerful and dominant persona, hesitates for a moment. The crowd watches in anticipation, wondering if he will accept the gesture.]

[Suddenly, Anderson appears to reciprocate, reaching out to shake Kandi Sparks’ hand. The crowd erupts in cheers, appreciating the show of respect.]

[But in a shocking turn of events, as their hands meet, Angelo Anderson’s demeanor changes. He twists Kandi Sparks’ arm, yanking her into a vicious clothesline, sending her crashing to the mat. The arena is filled with gasps of disbelief, and the crowd’s cheers turn to boos of anger and disappointment.]

[Anderson, now with a sinister grin, stands over the fallen Kandi Sparks, his actions drawing the ire of the fans.]

[The referee rushes to check on Sparks, making sure she’s okay. Anderson, having turned on his opponent, walks away from the ring, his reputation tarnished by the shocking betrayal. The crowd showers him with boos, disappointed in his unsportsmanlike conduct.]

With Honour

[Inside his office, Matt Anarchy, the DW Commissioner, watches the shocking events unfold on a monitor with a mix of shock and disbelief. The betrayal of Angelo Anderson against Kandi Sparks has left an indelible mark on the night’s proceedings.]

[As Anarchy processes what he just witnessed, the door to his office creaks open, and in strides Jean-Louis Duval, the current DW Heavyweight Champion. Duval, with the championship belt draped over his shoulder, exudes an air of entitlement.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [Insisting on speaking in French] Monsieur Anarchy, pourquoi n’ai-je pas de match ce soir? Je suis la plus grande star de DW!

[Translation: Mr. Anarchy, why do I not have a match tonight? I am the biggest star in DW!]

[Anarchy, still in shock from the earlier events, gathers his composure.]

Matt Anarchy: [In a calm but assertive tone, switching to French] Duval, ne vous inquiétez pas. J’ai un grand match prévu pour vous la semaine prochaine. Vous aurez votre chance de briller.

[Translation: Duval, don’t worry. I have a big match lined up for you next week. You’ll have your chance to shine.]

[Duval eyes Anarchy skeptically, clearly wanting more information.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [Surprised, continuing in French] La semaine prochaine? C’est bien, Anarchy, mais je veux savoir qui je vais affronter. Je mérite le meilleur adversaire possible.

[Translation: Next week? That’s fine, Anarchy, but I want to know who I will be facing. I deserve the best possible opponent.]

[Anarchy nods, understanding Duval’s desire for competition.]

Matt Anarchy: [In French] Vous aurez un adversaire à la hauteur de votre statut, Duval. Soyez prêt à défendre votre titre avec honneur.

[Translation: You will have an opponent worthy of your status, Duval. Be prepared to defend your title with honor.]

[Duval, surprised by Anarchy’s response in French, finally nods in acknowledgment. Anarchy turns his attention back to the monitor, the events of the night weighing heavily on his mind. As the confrontation in his office concludes, ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3’ continues to unfold, with questions about the future direction of the promotion hanging in the balance.]


Main Event
Single Match
Harry Black vs Kral

The W

[As ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3’ nears its dramatic conclusion, the main event between Kral and Harry Black has left the arena in a state of frenzied excitement. The match was nothing short of a classic, showcasing the incredible athleticism and determination of both competitors.]

[In the final moments, Kral secured a hard-fought victory over Harry Black, raising his arms in triumph as the referee declared him the winner. The crowd, however, responds with an overwhelming chorus of boos, expressing their disapproval of Kral’s victory.]

[Kral, a stoic and intense striker, stands tall in the center of the ring, his chest heaving from the grueling battle. He raises his arms once more, trying to bask in the glory of his hard-earned win, but the sea of boos from the fans refuses to subside.]

[The camera captures the intensity in Kral’s eyes, a mix of satisfaction and defiance. He may not have won the fans over, but he has secured a crucial victory in his DW journey.]

[As ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash 3’ fades to black, Kral stands alone in the ring, his arms raised, a complicated figure who has both earned a victory and the disdain of the DW faithful.]

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