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DW Clash 24

DW Clash is weekly from London every Monday night!

DW Clash 24
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
8th April 2024

[The lights in the Stratford Arena dim as the anticipation for another thrilling edition of DW Clash builds to a fever pitch. The crowd erupts into cheers as the cameras pan across the excited fans, eagerly awaiting the action that is about to unfold.]

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to DW Clash! I’m Steve Pringle, alongside my partner Eddie Bates, and we have an incredible show in store for you tonight!

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! After the explosive events of the Titans PPV last week, the DW landscape has been shaken to its core. Cedric Thornfield is now our reigning DW Heavyweight Champion, and the arrival of Bjorn Asulf has left everyone wondering what’s next!

Steve Pringle: It’s been an unforgettable week for DW fans, and tonight, we’re going to see the fallout from Titans as our superstars look to carve their path to glory once again!

[As the crowd continues to buzz with excitement, the cameras cut to ringside where Pringle and Bates sit ready to call all the action.]

Steve Pringle: So sit back, folks, and get ready for another night of pulse-pounding action right here on DW Clash!

Eddie Bates: You won’t want to miss a single moment of the action, folks! Let’s get this show started!

Fresh of A Flight

[Backstage at the Stratford Arena, the bustling atmosphere is palpable as the stars of DW prepare for another electrifying night of action. In the dimly lit corridor, International Heavyweight Champion Angelo Anderson strides confidently, his championship belt draped over his shoulder, exuding an aura of dominance as he arrives at the arena fresh from his travels from America.]

Angelo Anderson: (to himself) Another day, another city. But tonight, it’s time to show London exactly why I’m the unstoppable force in DW.

[As Anderson continues his brisk pace down the corridor, he is approached by a backstage crew member.]

Backstage Crew Member: Hey, Angelo! Welcome back to DW! How was Philly?

Angelo Anderson: Philly was… productive, let’s say. But tonight, it’s all about London. I’ve got business to attend to in that ring.

[As Anderson rounds the corner, he catches sight of ‘the Londoner’ Ben Noble, who is warming up for his match ahead. The two lock eyes briefly before Anderson offers a smirk of confidence.]

Angelo Anderson: (smirking) Tonight, Noble, you’re stepping into the ring with the best. And when it’s all said and done, you’ll understand why they call me unbreakable.

[With that, Anderson continues on his way, leaving Noble to ponder the challenge that lies ahead as the camera fades to black.]


[In General Manager Matt Anarchy’s office, the atmosphere is tense as Jean Louis Duval barges in, his expression furious and determined.]

Jean Louis Duval: Anarchy! I demand a rematch for the DW Heavyweight Championship tonight! Thornfield may have gotten lucky at the PPV, but I won’t stand for it. I want my title back, and I want it now!

Matt Anarchy: (calmly) Jean Louis, I understand your frustration, but I can’t just grant you a rematch on a whim. Besides, tonight’s main event is already set.

Jean Louis Duval: (adamantly) I don’t care about your main event! Thornfield doesn’t deserve to hold that title, and I won’t rest until I’ve taken it back from him!

Matt Anarchy: (firmly) Listen, Duval. I’ve got plans for Thornfield tonight. He’ll be facing Royce Lacroix in the main event, and I can’t change that. But if you want your rematch, you’ll have to earn it like everyone else.

Jean Louis Duval: (pauses, considering) Lacroix, you say? Well, if I can’t face Thornfield tonight, then him facing Royce will do. Very well, Anarchy. I’ll show Thornfield and the entire world that I am still the rightful DW Heavyweight Champion.

[With a nod of acceptance, Duval storms out of Anarchy’s office, leaving the GM to contemplate the brewing tension as the camera fades.]

Single Match
Angelo Anderson vs Ben Noble

Match Maker

[In General Manager Matt Anarchy’s office, ‘the Mirage’ Maxwell Blackwell paces back and forth, his expression a mix of frustration and determination. Across from him, Anarchy sits behind his desk, listening intently to Blackwell’s demands.]

Maxwell Blackwell: Look, Anarchy, I need a match tonight. I can’t just sit around here after what happened at the PPV. That loss to Harrington ended my streak, and I won’t rest until I’ve settled the score.

Matt Anarchy: I understand, Maxwell. But tonight’s card is already set, and I’ve got a young talent itching for a chance to prove himself in the ring. I can’t just bump someone off the card to accommodate your request.

Maxwell Blackwell: (frustrated) A young talent? Come on, Anarchy! You know I deserve better than that. I need to get back on track, and that means taking down someone who actually matters in this company.

Matt Anarchy: (calmly) Maxwell, everyone deserves a shot. And who knows? Maybe this young talent will surprise you. But if you’re looking for a bigger challenge, prove yourself tonight, and I’ll consider giving you a more prominent match next time.

Maxwell Blackwell: (sighs) Fine. But mark my words, Anarchy. I won’t be kept down for long. I’ll show you exactly why I belong at the top of this roster.

[With a determined nod, Blackwell exits Anarchy’s office, leaving the GM to ponder the situation as the camera fades.]

Tag Team Match
British Hospitality vs Riley Smith & Leo Lewis

Ready for the Challenge

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here backstage with the British luchador himself, Union Jack! Union Jack, you’re set to face DW UK Champion Stijn De Raaf in a non-title match later tonight. How are you feeling heading into this showdown?

Union Jack: Cheers, William. I’m feeling absolutely brilliant, mate. Last week was a bit of a disappointment not making it onto the Titans PPV card, but tonight’s my chance to remind everyone why I belong in the spotlight. De Raaf may be the UK Champion, but I’m ready to give him a proper challenge and show the world what Union Jack is made of.

William Smith: De Raaf has been on quite a roll lately, but you’ve got the support of the fans behind you. Do you think you have what it takes to take down the Dutch sensation?

Union Jack: Absolutely, mate. De Raaf might be a tough opponent, but I’ve faced tougher challenges in me life. I’ve got the heart of a lion and the determination of a bulldog. Tonight, I’ll give De Raaf a run for his money and prove why Union Jack is one of the top contenders in DW.

William Smith: Well, there you have it, folks. Union Jack is ready to bring the fight to Stijn De Raaf tonight. Back to you, ringside.

Single Match
Maxwell Blackwell vs Rex Stone

A Real Challenge

The arena darkens momentarily before a spotlight illuminates the ring, revealing Maxwell Blackwell standing tall, victorious over his opponent, Rex Stone. The crowd’s mixed reaction turns to boos as Blackwell’s displeasure is evident on his face. He grabs the microphone from ringside as Stone struggles to rise.

Maxwell Blackwell: You see this, huh? This is what happens when you step in the ring with the best! I’m sick of facing nobodies like you, Rex. I need real competition!

Ignoring the referee’s attempts to intervene, Blackwell continues his assault on Stone, delivering another vicious blow.

Maxwell Blackwell: But if no one here is worthy enough to face me, then I’ll just have to keep beating down these rookies until someone steps up!

Suddenly, the arena erupts with cheers as British Hospitality’s theme hits the speakers. Kyle McRae, Alexander Hate, and Harry Black rush down to the ring, their eyes locked on Blackwell.

Kyle McRae: Hey, Blackwell! You want real competition? You’ve got it!

The trio slides into the ring, ready to confront Blackwell. The referee signals for help from backstage as tensions rise.

Alexander Hate: You think you’re tough, picking on rookies? Let’s see how tough you are against all three of us!

The crowd roars with anticipation as Blackwell stares down his opponents, his arrogance momentarily faltering in the face of their united front.

Eyes on the Prize

William Smith stands backstage, microphone in hand, ready to conduct an interview. The camera focuses on him as he awaits his guest.

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the ‘Essex Pretty Boy’ Oliver Harrington!

Oliver Harrington enters the frame, his signature confident smirk adorning his face. He adjusts his hair before turning his attention to Smith.

William Smith: Oliver, last week at the PPV, you extended your winning streak by defeating Maxwell Blackwell. How are you feeling after that impressive victory?

Harrington nods, acknowledging Smith’s question, but his focus seems elsewhere.

Oliver Harrington: Feeling good, William, feeling good. But you know what? There’s something else catching my eye tonight.

Smith looks puzzled as Harrington gestures toward the arena.

William Smith: And what might that be, Oliver?

Harrington’s gaze drifts toward the entrance ramp, where the sound of the crowd begins to swell in anticipation.

Oliver Harrington: Stijn De Raaf. The man’s got talent, I’ll give him that. But let’s see if he can hold onto that UK Championship. That’s where the real action is, if you ask me.

Smith nods, understanding Harrington’s perspective.

William Smith: Well, Oliver, we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on that match. But before we go, any thoughts on your future plans here in DW?

Harrington flashes another confident grin.

Oliver Harrington: You’ll just have to wait and see, William. But one thing’s for sure – the ‘Essex Pretty Boy’ is here to stay, and I’ve got my sights set on the top.

With that, Harrington saunters off, leaving Smith to ponder his cryptic words as the camera fades to black.

Single Match
Stijn De Raaf vs Union Jack

William Smith stands backstage, microphone in hand, ready to conduct an interview. The camera focuses on him as he awaits his guest.

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the new DW Heavyweight Champion, ‘the Raven King’ Cedric Thornfield!

Cedric Thornfield enters the frame, the DW Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder. He exudes an aura of confidence and mystery as he faces Smith.

William Smith: Cedric, first of all, congratulations on your historic victory at the Titans PPV, capturing the DW Heavyweight Championship in an epic Iron Man match against Jean Louis Duval. How does it feel to hold that title?

Cedric Thornfield smirks, his gaze unwavering as he responds.

Cedric Thornfield: Thank you, William. Holding this championship signifies more than just a victory for me. It represents a new era, a reign of darkness that will consume this company. As the Raven King, it’s my duty to bring chaos and uncertainty to DW, and this championship is just the beginning.

Smith nods, acknowledging Thornfield’s words, before continuing.

William Smith: Tonight, you face Royce Lacroix, with Jean Louis Duval in his corner. Any thoughts on your opponent and what can we expect from this match?

Thornfield’s expression remains stoic as he responds.

Cedric Thornfield: Royce Lacroix, like his master, is a pawn in this game of thrones. But tonight, he will serve as a sacrifice to the darkness that now reigns in DW. As for what to expect, William, let’s just say that the shadows hold many secrets, and tonight, those secrets will be revealed.

Smith nods, taking in Thornfield’s ominous words, before asking one final question.

William Smith: Lastly, Cedric, do you have any insight into why Bjorn Asulf made his shocking appearance last week at Titans 2024?

Cedric Thornfield’s eyes narrow slightly at the mention of Asulf’s name.

Cedric Thornfield: Bjorn Asulf… He is a harbinger of chaos, much like myself. As to his motives, I can only speculate. But rest assured, his presence signifies that the winds of change are blowing, and those who stand in our way will be swept aside.

With that, Thornfield gives Smith a chilling smile before turning and walking away, leaving Smith to contemplate his cryptic words as the camera fades to black.

Single Match
Cedric Thornfield vs Royce Lacroix

The Harbinger of Chaos

The arena is charged with tension as the aftermath of the main event unfolds. Cedric Thornfield stands tall in the ring, victorious after his grueling battle against Royce Lacroix. But the celebration is short-lived as Jean Louis Duval and Lacroix quickly enter the ring, launching a vicious assault on Thornfield.

The crowd roars with disapproval as Duval and Lacroix mercilessly beat down Thornfield, their aggression palpable. Thornfield struggles to fend off the onslaught, but the numbers game quickly overwhelms him.

Suddenly, as the assault reaches its peak, the atmosphere in the arena shifts. The lights dim, and a hush falls over the crowd as all eyes turn to the entrance ramp. Bjorn Asulf emerges, his presence commanding attention and sending a ripple of uncertainty through the arena.

Duval, Lacroix, and Thornfield pause in their brawl, their focus shifting to the unexpected arrival of Asulf. Tension hangs thick in the air as the four men lock eyes, each sizing up the other with a mixture of defiance and curiosity.

The moment stretches on, the silence broken only by the distant hum of the crowd. Time seems to stand still as Clash 24 comes to a dramatic close, leaving the fate of DW hanging in the balance.

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