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DW Clash 23

DW Clash is weekly from London every Monday night!

DW Clash 23
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
25th March 2024

[The screen fades in from black to the vibrant and electrifying atmosphere of the Stratford Arena in East London. The camera sweeps over the enthusiastic crowd, capturing the excitement and anticipation hanging palpably in the air. Fans are decked out in wrestling merchandise, holding up signs for their favorite wrestlers, as the arena buzzes with energy.]

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to an absolutely electric Stratford Arena here in East London! We are live for what promises to be an unforgettable episode of DW Clash! This is the final stop before the highly anticipated DW Titans PPV next week!

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! The air is crackling with excitement tonight! Our DW superstars are ready to lay it all on the line, and you can bet they’re going to pull out all the stops to gain momentum heading into Titans. We’ve got a packed show for you tonight, folks!

[The camera cuts to Steve Pringle and Eddie Bates at the commentary desk, their excitement mirrored in their expressions.]

Steve Pringle: And speaking of momentum, after what transpired last week, everyone’s eyes are on Jean Louis Duval and Cedric Thornfield. Their ongoing battle reached new heights when Duval and Royce Lacroix launched a vicious attack on Thornfield after his impressive victory over International Heavyweight Champion Angelo Anderson.

Eddie Bates: Absolutely, Steve. And let’s not forget the explosive confrontation between ‘The Mirage’ Maxwell Blackwell and ‘The Essex Pretty Boy’ Oliver Harrington. They’ve agreed to see who the better man is at the Titans PPV, and tensions couldn’t be higher!

Steve Pringle: Plus, we’ve got Ben Noble and Kandi Sparks teaming up once again in an attempt to finally overcome Stijn De Raaf and ‘Platinum’ Emily Shaw, facing their opposite opponents ahead of the PPV. It’s do or die for Noble and Sparks tonight if they want to head into Titans with any sort of advantage.

Eddie Bates: And in our main event, folks, get ready for a showdown that’s sure to have everyone on the edge of their seats. British Hospitality will face the formidable duo of Jean Louis Duval and Royce Lacroix in a tag team match that promises fireworks!

Steve Pringle: With the DW Titans PPV just around the corner, tonight is the night for our superstars to make a statement. Who will rise to the occasion, and who will crumble under the pressure? Stay tuned, because DW Clash starts now!

[The camera transitions back to the arena, capturing the roaring crowd as the first match of the evening is about to get underway, setting the tone for an electrifying night of action.]

Single Match
Leo Lewis vs. Union Jack

Ironman Pt.1

[The scene fades in to reveal the dimly lit, cluttered office of DW General Manager, Matt Anarchy. The walls are adorned with memorabilia from DW’s storied history, including a framed poster of the legendary 2002 Ironman match between Chris Boswell and Shawn Storm. Matt Anarchy is seen shuffling through papers on his desk when there’s a firm knock on the door.]

Matt Anarchy: Come in!

[The door swings open to reveal ‘the Raven King’ Cedric Thornfield, his presence immediately filling the room with an intense, brooding energy. Thornfield walks in, his gaze fixed on Anarchy, exuding a mix of anger and determination.]

Cedric Thornfield: Anarchy, I want Duval. After what he and Lacroix did last week, I won’t rest until I’ve had my revenge.

[Matt Anarchy, looking up, leans back in his chair, assessing Thornfield with a mixture of respect and concern.]

Matt Anarchy: Cedric, I saw what happened. And I know you’re not one to take things lying down. But I also know that you and Duval have gone toe-to-toe twice now, and both times, it’s ended in a draw. This… this needs to end, once and for all.

[Cedric nods, his expression unchanging, signaling his agreement.]

Matt Anarchy: So, here’s what we’re going to do. Next week, at the Titans PPV, you and Jean Louis Duval are going to face off in an Ironman match.

[Cedric’s eyes narrow, the mention of an Ironman match clearly piquing his interest.]

Matt Anarchy: And not just any Ironman match. I want this to be a testament to what DW is all about. Remember Chris Boswell and Shawn Storm in 2002? That’s the bar. I want you two to exceed it.

[Cedric Thornfield, a man of few words, simply nods, his stoic demeanor hiding the storm of anticipation brewing within him.]

Cedric Thornfield: Duval won’t know what hit him.

[Matt Anarchy, with a serious tone, leans forward, placing his hands on the desk.]

Matt Anarchy: Good. But remember, Cedric, this isn’t just about revenge. This is about legacy. This is about making history. And no matter how much you despise Duval, respect the match. Make it something people will talk about for the next twenty years.

[Thornfield, turning to leave, stops at the door and looks back over his shoulder at Anarchy.]

Cedric Thornfield: History will remember ‘the Raven King’.

[As Thornfield exits, Matt Anarchy sits back in his chair, a look of anticipation mixed with worry on his face, knowing the magnitude of what he’s just set in motion.]

[The camera lingers on the framed poster of the 2002 Ironman match, before fading to black, leaving viewers to ponder the epic confrontation that awaits at the Titans PPV.]

Single Match
Riley Smith vs. Der Punk


[The camera cuts to a dimly lit backstage locker room, where ‘Platinum’ Emily Shaw and DW UK Champion Stijn De Raaf are seen having a serious conversation. Both are dressed in their ring gear, exuding confidence and a certain air of superiority. Shaw is leaning against a locker, while De Raaf is seated on a bench, both strategizing their upcoming battles.]

Emily Shaw: [Looking focused] Tonight, we have a chance to send a message, Stijn. Ben Noble and Kandi Sparks need to know exactly what they’re up against at Titans.

Stijn De Raaf: [Nods in agreement] Exactly. Noble thinks he’s ready to take my UK Championship? He has another thing coming. And after what you do to him tonight, he’ll be lucky to even make it to Titans.

[Shaw smirks, clearly pleased with the plan.]

Emily Shaw: And as for Kandi, she’s been a thorn in my side for too long. Tonight, I want you to show her that our rematch at Titans will be nothing more than a formality. After I’m done with her, she’ll wish she never asked for this match.

[De Raaf stands up, his height adding to his imposing presence. He looks down at Shaw, a conspiratorial gleam in his eye.]

Stijn De Raaf: Let’s make sure they both regret ever crossing paths with us. Tonight, we dismantle them. We take every ounce of hope they have and crush it. That way, when Titans comes around, our victories will be a foregone conclusion.

[Shaw pushes off from the locker and stands upright, her determination matching De Raaf’s.]

Emily Shaw: I like the sound of that. Let’s show them and the entire DW Universe why we are not to be trifed with. Tonight, we dominate.

[De Raaf and Shaw share a look of mutual understanding and respect, nodding to each other before heading out of the locker room, ready to implement their ruthless strategy.]

[The camera lingers for a moment on the empty locker room, the tension of the upcoming confrontations hanging in the air, before fading to black.]

Single Match
Ben Noble vs. Emily Shaw

Upper Hand

[The camera cuts to a chaotic scene backstage at DW Clash. The normally orderly backstage area has turned into a battleground. ‘The Essex Pretty Boy’ Oliver Harrington and ‘The Mirage’ Maxwell Blackwell are in the midst of a heated brawl, each man determined to assert his dominance before their much-anticipated match at the DW Titans PPV.]

[The camera struggles to keep up as the two men exchange blows, moving through the hallway. Harrington lands a solid right hand, pushing Blackwell back against a stack of production cases. However, Blackwell quickly recovers, retaliating with a knee to Harrington’s midsection, followed by a fierce uppercut.]

[Staff members and security attempt to intervene, but the intensity of the fight makes it difficult. Harrington manages to grab a nearby folding chair, swinging it towards Blackwell, who ducks just in time, causing the chair to crash against the wall, leaving a dent.]

[The brawl spills into the catering area, where Blackwell shoves Harrington onto a table, sending plates and cups flying. Harrington quickly turns the tables, literally, by pulling the cloth, causing Blackwell to slip. This momentary slip-up allows Harrington to gain the upper hand, pinning Blackwell against a vending machine.]

[Just as Harrington seems to be getting the better of Blackwell, security finally manages to pull the two apart, their efforts redoubled. The camera zooms in on both men’s faces; Harrington’s is flushed with the exertion and anger, while Blackwell, though restrained, smirks confidently, showing no sign of backing down.]

[Both men are shouting over the security team, each claiming they’ll end the other’s undefeated streak at Titans. The intensity in their eyes speaks volumes about the personal stakes of their upcoming match.]

[The segment ends with Harrington and Blackwell being dragged in opposite directions, their eyes locked in a fierce stare down, setting the stage for a highly anticipated showdown at the DW Titans PPV, where only one can emerge with his undefeated streak intact.]

Single Match
Kandi Sparks vs. Stijn De Raaf

Ironman Pt.2

[The scene opens in the well-appointed office of DW General Manager Matt Anarchy. The atmosphere is tense, with DW Heavyweight Champion Jean Louis Duval and his imposing bodyguard, Royce Lacroix, standing across from Anarchy’s desk. Duval’s demeanor is one of unmistakable irritation.]

Jean Louis Duval: “Matt, this is absurd! An Ironman match against Cedric Thornfield at Titans? You cannot be serious. I am the DW Heavyweight Champion. I should not be subjected to such… barbarism!”

Matt Anarchy: [Leaning back in his chair, undisturbed by Duval’s complaint] “Jean Louis, not only am I serious, but I’m also looking forward to it. The fans are looking forward to it. You and Thornfield have unresolved business, and what better way to settle it than an Ironman match? Plus, it’s a chance to prove, once and for all, that you are the better man.”

Royce Lacroix: [Interjecting with a sneer] “And what about me? Surely, you don’t expect me to just stand by.”

Matt Anarchy: [A smirk playing on his lips] “Funny you should mention that, Royce. Because you won’t be standing by. You’ll be quite busy at Titans yourself. I’ve scheduled you a match against Kyle McRae.”

[Duval and Lacroix exchange a look of disbelief, their arrogance giving way to concern for a moment before Duval regains his composure.]

Jean Louis Duval: “This is preposterous! First, you put me in an Ironman match, and now you’re dragging Royce into this?”

Matt Anarchy: [Firmly] “It’s far from preposterous, Jean Louis. It’s exactly what DW needs. And it’s exactly what you two deserve. You both claim to be the best. Well, Titans is your chance to prove it. Not just to Cedric Thornfield and Kyle McRae, but to the entire world.”

[Duval, now visibly frustrated, leans forward, his hands flat on Anarchy’s desk.]

Jean Louis Duval: “Fine. We’ll play your little game, Anarchy. But remember this—when I defeat Cedric Thornfield and retain my title, and when Royce demolishes Kyle McRae, we will have proven not only our superiority but also the folly of your decisions.”

Matt Anarchy: [Unfazed, with a knowing smile] “I look forward to it, gentlemen. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a show to run. And you have a match to prepare for. Against Harry Black and Alexander Hate, no less. Bonne chance.”

[Duval and Lacroix, still bristling with anger but resolute, turn and exit Anarchy’s office, leaving the GM watching them go with an expression that’s equal parts amusement and anticipation. The camera lingers on Anarchy’s confident smile as the scene fades to black, setting the stage for the high-stakes confrontations at the DW Titans PPV.]

Tag Team Match
British Hospitality vs. Royce Lacroix & Jean Louis Duval


[The bell rings, signaling the end of a hard-fought tag team match at the Stratford Arena, but Jean Louis Duval and his imposing bodyguard, Royce Lacroix, aren’t finished. They continue their assault on the already beaten Harry Black and Alexander Hate, drawing a chorus of boos from the crowd. The referee’s attempts to regain control are futile; Duval and Lacroix are intent on sending a message.]

[As Duval locks a dazed Harry Black in a vicious armbar, taunting the crowd, and Lacroix mercilessly stomps on Alexander Hate, Kyle McRae, who had been at ringside supporting his British Hospitality teammates, slides into the ring, his face a mask of determination. Despite his efforts, the numbers game quickly becomes too much, with Lacroix turning his attention to McRae, leaving him outnumbered and outmatched.]

[Just as the situation seems dire, the atmosphere in the arena shifts dramatically. “The Raven King” Cedric Thornfield emerges from the back, steel chair in hand, his eyes fixed on the ring. The crowd erupts as Thornfield, a man known for his enmity towards McRae as much as his disdain for Duval, charges down the ramp.]

[Sliding into the ring with the chair, Thornfield swings with precision and fury, first connecting with Lacroix, who collapses to the mat, and then turning the chair towards Duval, who narrowly avoids a direct hit by rolling out of the ring. Thornfield stands tall in the center of the ring, chair raised high, as Duval and Lacroix retreat up the ramp, their expressions a mix of shock and rage.]

[Kyle McRae, despite his history with Thornfield, nods in acknowledgment, a silent truce formed in the face of a common adversary. Hate and Black recover, standing beside McRae, as Thornfield keeps a vigilant watch, ensuring Duval and Lacroix make no attempt to return.]

[As the show goes off the air, the image of Thornfield, McRae, Hate, and Black standing united in the ring against Duval and Lacroix offers a poignant moment of unexpected solidarity. The DW Universe is left buzzing with anticipation for the fallout from this confrontation, especially with the Titans PPV looming on the horizon.]

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