DW Clash 21
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
11th March 2024

[The camera pans across the bustling Stratford Arena in East London, capturing the excitement and anticipation in the air as fans eagerly await another electrifying edition of DW Clash. The arena is buzzing with energy, the atmosphere charged with the promise of thrilling showdowns and jaw-dropping moments.]

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another exhilarating night of Dynasty Wrestling! We’re coming to you live from the iconic Stratford Arena, where the action is about to heat up like never before!

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! Tonight’s lineup is stacked with explosive matches and fierce rivalries ready to unfold right before our eyes. And what better place to witness it all than right here in East London?

Steve Pringle: Absolutely, Eddie! And at the center of it all, we have our main event—a highly anticipated rematch between two of DW’s most formidable competitors. Cedric Thornfield, known as ‘the Raven King,’ will once again clash with the reigning DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean Louis Duval, in a non-title bout.

Eddie Bates: Last time, these two titans battled to a time limit draw, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats. But tonight, they’ll have the chance to settle the score once and for all. It’s a showdown you won’t want to miss!

Steve Pringle: Plus, we’ve got an array of thrilling matches lined up, featuring DW’s finest talents ready to leave it all in the ring. So sit back, buckle up, and get ready for another unforgettable night of action-packed wrestling here on DW Clash!

[As the crowd roars with excitement, the camera zooms in on the DW logo, signaling the start of another epic chapter in the saga of Dynasty Wrestling.]

A Hero’s Welcome?

[In the bustling backstage area of the arena, ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson strides purposefully, his presence commanding attention. His expression is a mixture of determination and annoyance as he approaches General Manager Matt Anarchy’s office.]

[GM Matt Anarchy is seen behind his desk, engrossed in paperwork. He glances up as Anderson enters, offering a welcoming nod.]

Matt Anarchy: Angelo, welcome back. It’s good to see you.

Angelo Anderson: [Expression stern] Cut the pleasantries, Matt. I’ve been out there, defending this championship across the globe, and what do I get upon my return? A match against Alexander Hate?

Matt Anarchy: [Raises an eyebrow] Look, Angelo, I understand your frustration. But you know how it is—competition in DW is fierce, and we’ve got to keep the action rolling. Plus, a match against Hate will be a chance for you to remind everyone why you’re the International Heavyweight Champion.

Angelo Anderson: [Sighs, running a hand through his hair] I get it, Matt. But I’ve faced Hate before, and I’ve beaten him. Tonight should be about celebrating my return, not just another routine match.

Matt Anarchy: [Nods sympathetically] I hear you, Angelo. But trust me, this match will be anything but routine. Make a statement tonight, remind everyone why you’re ‘Unbreakable.’

[Anderson nods, his expression softening slightly as he absorbs Anarchy’s words. With a determined nod, he exits the office, ready to prove his dominance once again in the ring.]

Single Match
Riley Smith vs. Leo Lewis

Breaking the Losing Streak

[In the backstage area, Ben Noble and Kandi Sparks are huddled together, deep in conversation as they prepare for their upcoming tag team match. Both wrestlers wear expressions of determination mixed with a hint of frustration.]

Ben Noble: Alright, Kandi, we’ve been down this road before. Tonight, we’ve got to stay focused, stay aggressive, and finally put an end to this losing streak against Stijn and Emily.

Kandi Sparks: [Nodding in agreement] Absolutely, Ben. We’ve got to bring our A-game tonight. I’m tired of being on the receiving end of their antics. It’s time we show them what we’re made of.

Ben Noble: [Grins] That’s the spirit, Kandi. Remember, we’ve got each other’s backs out there. We can’t let them get inside our heads.

Kandi Sparks: [Determined] You’re right, Ben. We’ve trained for this, we know their moves. We just need to execute our plan flawlessly.

Ben Noble: [Clasps Kandi’s shoulder] Exactly. Tonight, we show them what we’re capable of. Let’s go out there and give it everything we’ve got.

Kandi Sparks: [Smiles] Let’s do it, Ben. Tonight’s our night.

[With a shared nod of determination, Ben and Kandi break from their conversation, ready to face their opponents head-on and finally secure a victory.]

Single Match
Angelo Anderson vs. Alexander Hate

Ready for the Raven King

[In the backstage area, Jean Louis Duval, the DW Heavyweight Champion, stands with his imposing bodyguard, Royce Lacroix. Duval wears an air of arrogance, while Lacroix stands silently by his side, exuding an aura of intimidation.]

Jean Louis Duval: Royce, mon ami, tonight is going to be yet another example of my dominance in this ring. Cedric Thornfield may think he’s a challenge, but he’s nothing compared to the excellence that is Jean Louis Duval.

Royce Lacroix: [Nods in agreement, his expression stoic]

Jean Louis Duval: I am the pinnacle of DW, Royce. My skill, my charisma, my undeniable talent—no one can match what I bring to this company. And tonight, Thornfield will learn that the hard way.

Royce Lacroix: [Gruffly] Oui, monsieur.

Jean Louis Duval: [Smirks] You see, Royce, Thornfield may have his tricks and his mind games, but I have something he doesn’t: true skill and technique. I will outclass him in every way possible and remind everyone why I am the DW Heavyweight Champion.

Royce Lacroix: [Nods again, a silent but loyal presence]

Jean Louis Duval: So, Royce, tonight, I need you to be my eyes and ears outside that ring. Make sure no one interferes with my victory. Thornfield may try to pull some underhanded tactics, but with you by my side, nothing will stop me from proving my superiority.

Royce Lacroix: [Stands tall, a silent sentinel at Duval’s side, ready to carry out his orders]

Jean Louis Duval: [Claps Lacroix on the shoulder] Let’s show them why we’re the best, Royce. Tonight, the ring will be our stage, and I will shine brighter than ever before.

[With a confident smirk, Duval and Lacroix turn to head towards the ring, ready to face whatever challenges await them in the main event.]

Tag Team Match
Ben Noble & Kandi Sparks vs. Stijn De Raff & Emily Shaw


[In the bustling backstage area of the arena, ‘the Mirage’ Maxwell Blackwell and ‘the Essex Pretty Boy’ Oliver Harrington come face to face, their expressions tense with rivalry.]

Maxwell Blackwell: Well, well, well, if it isn’t the so-called “Essex Pretty Boy” himself. Tell me, Harrington, how does it feel to bask in the shadow of the undefeated streak that I have established?

Oliver Harrington: [Raises an eyebrow] Oh please, Blackwell. Your undefeated streak may be impressive, but let’s not forget that I, too, have yet to taste defeat in this ring. And unlike you, I do it with style and finesse.

Maxwell Blackwell: [Chuckles] Style and finesse? Please. My victories are not just about winning matches; they’re about outsmarting my opponents, outmaneuvering them at every turn. That’s what sets me apart from the rest.

Oliver Harrington: [Rolls his eyes] Oh, spare me the theatrics, Blackwell. Just because you’ve managed to eke out a few wins doesn’t mean you’re anything special. I’ve been dominating in this ring since day one, and I don’t need to resort to cheap tricks like you do.

Maxwell Blackwell: Cheap tricks? Ha! You’re just jealous because you know deep down that you could never match my level of skill and cunning. Face it, Harrington, I am the true undefeated star of DW, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Oliver Harrington: [Glares at Blackwell] You talk a big game, Blackwell, but talk is cheap. If you want to prove you’re the best, how about you and I settle this in the ring? I’ll show you once and for all that the Essex Pretty Boy is the real deal.

Maxwell Blackwell: [Smirks] You’re on, Harrington. Consider it a date with destiny. But just remember, when I emerge victorious, there will be no doubt left in anyone’s mind who the top dog in DW truly is.

[With a final steely gaze, Blackwell and Harrington part ways, each determined to prove their worth in the ring and settle the score once and for all.]

Single Match
Cedric Thornfield vs. Jean Louis Duval

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