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DW Clash 18

DW Clash is weekly from London every Monday night!

DW Clash 18
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
19th February 2024

The camera pans over the bustling backstage area of the Stratford Arena in London, anticipation thick in the air as tonight marks another thrilling episode of DW Clash. The stage is set for intense showdowns and unexpected twists, and the fans are ready to witness the action unfold.

Eddie Bates: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to DW Clash 18, broadcasting live from the iconic Stratford Arena! I’m Eddie Bates, alongside my esteemed colleague Steve Pringle, and we have a lineup of electrifying matches for you tonight.

Steve Pringle: That’s right, Eddie. Tonight, we’re going to see if the tensions between Jean Louis Duval and Cedric Thornfield boil over as they team up in the main event. It’s going to be explosive!

Eddie Bates: Absolutely, Steve. Plus, we have other exciting matchups on the card, including the Essex Pretty Boy Oliver Harrington taking on Union Jack. There’s no shortage of excitement here tonight!

Steve Pringle: That’s for sure, Eddie. So sit back, folks, and get ready for another thrilling night of action-packed wrestling right here on DW Clash!

The crowd roars in anticipation as the camera cuts to the buzzing arena, signaling the start of DW Clash 18!

Single Match
Maxwell Blackwell vs. Riley Smith


William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here backstage with the one and only ‘Essex Pretty Boy’ Oliver Harrington, who is moments away from stepping into the ring against Union Jack. Oliver, how are you feeling about tonight’s match?

Oliver Harrington: Feeling? I’m feeling absolutely fabulous, darling. Tonight, Union Jack steps into the ring with the Essex Pretty Boy, and let me tell you, it’s going to be a night he won’t forget! He may think he’s got what it takes, but when he faces me, he’s in for a rude awakening.

William Smith: Strong words from the Essex Pretty Boy! Any specific strategies you’ll be employing against Union Jack?

Oliver Harrington: Oh, you know me, William. I’ll dazzle him with my looks, my charm, and of course, my superior wrestling skills. Union Jack may be a hometown hero, but tonight, he’s going to learn that nobody outshines the Essex Pretty Boy in this ring!

William Smith: There you have it, folks, confidence exuding from the Essex Pretty Boy himself. Oliver Harrington, thank you for your time, and best of luck in your match tonight against Union Jack!

Oliver Harrington flashes a confident grin before strutting off, leaving William Smith to ponder the outcome of tonight’s clash in the ring.

Single Match
Oliver Harrington vs. Union Jack

Not Ready for the Platinum Standard

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with ‘Platinum’ Emily Shaw, who is moments away from her match against Leo Lewis. Emily, what are your thoughts going into this match?

Emily Shaw: Thanks, William. You know, Leo Lewis is a talented competitor, but tonight, he’s stepping into the ring with the Platinum standard of wrestling. I’m going to show him and everyone else why I’m the top female wrestler in DW.

William Smith: You’ve certainly been making waves since your debut. Any particular strategy you have in mind for tonight?

Emily Shaw: Strategy? Ha! My strategy is simple: domination. I’m going to take control of this match from the opening bell and leave Leo Lewis lying in the middle of that ring, staring up at the lights.

William Smith: Strong words, Emily. Any final message for your opponent tonight?

Emily Shaw: Leo, consider this a lesson in humility. Tonight, you’re stepping into my world, and it’s a world where only the Platinum standard survives. Get ready to feel the Shaw-some power!

Emily Shaw confidently strides away, leaving William Smith to ponder the intensity of tonight’s matchup.

Single Match
Leo Lewis vs. Emily Shaw

Eye on the Prize

Jean Louis Duval: Cedric, mon ami, we must discuss our strategy for tonight’s match against British Hospitality. We need to work as a team if we want to—

Royce Lacroix: Oui, Cedric. Together, we can—

Cedric Thornfield remains silent, his gaze fixed on the DW Championship belt hanging on the wall.

Jean Louis Duval: Cedric, are you listening to us?

Royce Lacroix: We need your focus, Cedric. We must—

Cedric slowly turns his head to face Duval and Lacroix, his expression unreadable.

Cedric Thornfield: Strategy? Teamwork? I don’t need either of those things to win. I fight alone, for myself. And that… points to the DW Championship …that is what I want.

Duval and Lacroix exchange uneasy glances as Cedric turns back to the title, his intensity palpable.

Jean Louis Duval: Cedric, we must work together—

Cedric Thornfield: Save your words, Duval. Actions speak louder than words, and tonight, I’ll show you exactly what I’m capable of.

Cedric walks away, leaving Duval and Lacroix to contemplate his words and the challenge that lies ahead.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Jean Louis Duval, Royce Lacroix & Cedric Thornfield vs. British Hospitality

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