DW Clash 13
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
15th January 2024

[The Stratford Arena is buzzing with anticipation as the stage is set for another explosive episode of DW Clash. The camera pans over the excited crowd, signs held high, eagerly awaiting the action. The atmosphere is electric, and the fans’ anticipation reaches a fever pitch as the lights dim, and the opening notes of the theme music resonate throughout the arena.]

Steve Pringle (Commentator): Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to DW Clash! We’re live from the Stratford Arena in London, and what a night we have in store!

Eddie Bates (Commentator): That’s right, Steve! Tonight is not just any night. It’s a historic night as we are set to crown the first-ever DW UK Champion!

[The camera cuts to shots of the DW UK Championship belt gleaming in the spotlight, displayed prominently at ringside.]

Steve Pringle: Absolutely, Eddie! After weeks of intense competition, we’re down to the semifinals and the final of the DW UK Championship tournament. The stakes have never been higher!

[The crowd erupts in cheers as the anticipation builds.]

Eddie Bates: In our main event, we’ll see the culmination of this incredible journey as two warriors go head-to-head to become the inaugural DW UK Champion. It’s history in the making!

[The camera focuses on the semi-finalists, each competitor determined to etch their name in the annals of DW history.]

Steve Pringle: And that’s not all, folks! We’ve got action-packed matches lined up throughout the night. So, buckle up and get ready for another unforgettable episode of DW Clash!

[The energy in the arena is palpable as the crowd roars in excitement. The stage is set for an unforgettable night of wrestling action, and the journey towards crowning the first DW UK Champion is about to reach its thrilling conclusion.]

History Making Night

[The Stratford Arena is buzzing with a mix of anticipation and disdain as the stage is set for another episode of DW Clash. The crowd awaits the presence of the DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean Louis Duval. The lights dim, and the eerie sounds of French music fill the arena.]

Steve Pringle (Commentator): Here comes the controversial DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean Louis Duval. He always has something up his sleeve.

Eddie Bates (Commentator): And tonight, he’s claiming it’s going to be historic. I wonder what he has in store for us.

[Duval, draped in opulent robes and flanked by his imposing new associate Royce Lacroix, makes his way to the ring. The French tricolor waves on the big screen, emphasizing Duval’s national pride.]

Steve Pringle: Duval, as confident as ever, and I can’t say the crowd is thrilled to see him.

Eddie Bates: Especially after his recent alliance with Royce Lacroix. Let’s see what he has to say.

[Duval enters the ring, a sly smirk on his face as he raises the microphone to address the audience.]

Jean Louis Duval: Mesdames et messieurs, welcome to a night that will be etched in the annals of history! Tonight is not just about the culmination of a mere tournament. No, tonight marks the glorious debut of a true champion, a warrior in every sense of the word!

[The crowd boos as Duval gestures towards Royce Lacroix, who stands stoically by his side.]

Jean Louis Duval: Allow me to introduce to you the man who will redefine dominance in DW, the former French boxing maestro, Royce Lacroix!

[The camera focuses on Lacroix, a formidable figure with an intense gaze, acknowledging the crowd with a nod.]

Steve Pringle: Duval pulling no punches, claiming that Lacroix is here to dominate.

Eddie Bates: The crowd clearly disagrees. The tension is palpable.

Jean Louis Duval: Now, let’s address the so-called historic tournament. The DW UK Championship? A trinket for peasants! Tonight, Royce and I will remind you all why the French are superior. We will show you what real power, real class, and real dominance look like!

[Duval drops the microphone, and he and Lacroix exit the ring as the French anthem echoes through the arena. The crowd’s boos intensify, setting the stage for a night that promises both history and conflict.]

For the UK

[Backstage in the buzzing Stratford Arena, William Smith stands ready with a microphone, awaiting the arrival of the English Gentleman, Geoffrey Hobbs. The distinguished wrestler, clad in a tailored suit and carrying an umbrella, approaches with an air of confidence.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the English Gentleman, Geoffrey Hobbs, who is moments away from his semi-final match in the DW UK Championship tournament. Mr. Hobbs, your thoughts on tonight’s crucial bout against Harry Black?

[Hobbs adjusts his monocle and straightens his bowtie before addressing Smith.]

Geoffrey Hobbs: Ah, William, it’s a pleasure as always. Tonight’s contest against Mr. Black is a culmination of precision, strategy, and an embodiment of the true essence of British wrestling. You see, this tournament is a testament to the diversity and excellence within the esteemed wrestling tradition of the United Kingdom.

[Hobbs gives a genteel smile, exuding the refinement he’s known for.]

William Smith: Mr. Hobbs, Harry Black has been displaying a more aggressive side as of late. How do you plan to counter that in the ring?

Geoffrey Hobbs: Ah, Mr. Black, a fine competitor indeed, but I must say, the English Gentleman is not one to be rattled by displays of brute force. I shall rely on my expertise, technical prowess, and, of course, the unwavering spirit of sportsmanship. The ring is a stage, and tonight, I aim to showcase the refined artistry that defines British wrestling.

[Hobbs adjusts his umbrella, seemingly ready for the impending clash.]

William Smith: Any final words for your opponent and the DW fans watching tonight?

Geoffrey Hobbs: To Mr. Black, I extend the hand of gentlemanly competition. May the best man emerge victorious. To the fans, I promise a display of British wrestling at its finest—a performance that resonates with tradition, honor, and the pursuit of championship glory.

[Hobbs tips his hat and strides confidently down the corridor, leaving William Smith to contemplate the clash of styles set to unfold in the DW UK Championship tournament.]

DW UK Championship Tournament Semi Final Match
Geoffrey Hobbs vs. Harry Black

Is it On?

[In the backstage corridors of the Stratford Arena, Kyle McRae is on a mission. He marches towards the office of DW General Manager, Matt Anarchy. McRae knocks on the door, and Anarchy looks up from his desk with a slightly annoyed expression.]

Kyle McRae: Anarchy, I hope you’ve got some good news for me.

[Anarchy leans back in his chair, eying McRae with a raised eyebrow.]

Matt Anarchy: What’s got you storming in here, McRae?

Kyle McRae: Yutuka. Is he here tonight?

[Anarchy smirks and taps his fingers on the desk.]

Matt Anarchy: It cost me a pretty penny, but yeah, he’s here.

[McRae grins, a determined spark in his eyes.]

Kyle McRae: Good. I’ve got some business to settle with that silent warrior. I won’t disappoint.

[Anarchy chuckles, realizing the intensity in McRae’s words.]

Matt Anarchy: Just make sure it’s worth the investment. Yutuka’s not one to be taken lightly.

[McRae nods and turns to leave, ready to face his silent adversary in the ring. Anarchy watches him go, contemplating the potential chaos that might ensue.]

One Step Closer

[Backstage in the Stratford Arena, William Smith stands ready for another interview. Angus Blackhart, the Scottish Brute, approaches with a determined look on his face.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m joined here by Angus Blackhart, the Scottish Brute, who’s moments away from his semi-final match against Kandi Sparks in the DW UK Championship tournament. Angus, after watching the first semi-final, how do you plan to approach your match against Kandi Sparks?

[Blackhart adjusts the kilt around his waist and flexes his muscles before responding to Smith.]

Angus Blackhart: Aye, William, I’ve just witnessed a fine display of wrestling from Mr. Black. Now, when it comes to facing Kandi Sparks, I’ll not be underestimating her. She’s proven herself in this tournament, and I respect that. But make no mistake, I’m the Scottish Brute, and I dinnae plan on lettin’ anyone stand in my way.

[Blackhart smirks, displaying the confidence that comes with his imposing stature.]

William Smith: Kandi Sparks is known for her agility and unorthodox style. How do you plan to deal with that in the ring?

Angus Blackhart: Aye, she may be quick, but I’ve got strength and brawn on my side. I’ll be lookin’ to ground her, show her the power of a true Scotsman in the ring. She can dance around all she wants, but when it comes to a brawl, she’ll find out what the Scottish Brute is all about.

[Blackhart pounds his chest, emphasizing his readiness for the upcoming battle.]

William Smith: Any final words for Kandi Sparks and the DW fans anticipating this clash?

Angus Blackhart: To Kandi, lass, prepare yerself for a fight. And to the fans, get ready for a spectacle. The Scottish Brute is marchin’ on, and by the end of the night, I’ll be one step closer to becoming the first-ever DW UK Champion.

[Blackhart nods sternly and heads toward the curtain, leaving William Smith to contemplate the clash of styles set to unfold in the DW UK Championship tournament.]

DW UK Championship Tournament Semi Final Match
Angus Blackhart vs. Kandi Sparks

No Comment

[In the backstage area, Emily Shaw stands near a monitor, a sly smile on her face as she watches Kandi Sparks suffer a defeat at the hands of Angus Blackhart. Sensing an opportunity for an interview, William Smith approaches Shaw, microphone in hand.]

William Smith: Emily, I couldn’t help but notice the delight on your face as Kandi Sparks just lost her match. Care to share why?

[Shaw glances at Smith, her smile widening, but she remains silent, almost relishing the question left unanswered.]

William Smith: Is there some history between you and Kandi that we don’t know about? Why the satisfaction?

[Shaw continues to enjoy the moment, choosing not to give Smith the satisfaction of an explanation. Smith, growing increasingly frustrated, persists with his questioning.]

William Smith: Emily, our viewers are curious. Can you shed some light on why you seem so pleased about Kandi Sparks’ misfortune?

[Shaw simply smirks and turns away, leaving Smith with more questions than answers. The enigmatic Emily Shaw walks away, leaving Smith to ponder the mysterious connection between her and Kandi Sparks.]

Single Match
Royce Lacroix vs. Leo Lewis

The Mirage Arrives

[In Matt Anarchy’s office, the camera captures the dimly lit room, creating an atmosphere of mystery. Matt Anarchy sits behind his desk, carefully reviewing a contract. The door creaks open, and Maxwell Blackwell enters, his presence immediately casting an enigmatic shadow across the room.]

Matt Anarchy: Maxwell, glad you could make it. Take a seat.

[Maxwell Blackwell silently nods and takes a seat across from Anarchy. The room seems to get darker as Maxwell’s aura of mystery intensifies. Anarchy slides the contract across the table, and Maxwell takes a moment to scan it, his eyes hidden beneath the brim of his hat.]

Matt Anarchy: We’ve been keeping an eye on your career, Maxwell. Your… unique approach to the wrestling world has caught our attention.

[Maxwell remains silent, seemingly unaffected by Anarchy’s words.]

Matt Anarchy: We’re offering you an opportunity here in Dynasty Wrestling. Your methods may be unconventional, but we appreciate the element of unpredictability you bring.

[Maxwell lifts his head slightly, his piercing gaze fixed on Anarchy.]

Maxwell Blackwell: Words are unnecessary. Actions speak louder.

[Anarchy smirks, understanding the message.]

Matt Anarchy: I like that attitude. Welcome to Dynasty Wrestling, Maxwell.

[Maxwell Blackwell signs the contract with a flourish, his signature barely visible in the dim light. The camera fades out as Anarchy extends a hand to seal the deal, and the enigmatic wrestler officially becomes a part of the Dynasty Wrestling roster.]

Single Match
Kyle McRae vs. Yutuka

How to Make an Arrival

[The arena is filled with the cheers of the crowd as Kyle McRae stands tall in the center of the ring, triumphant over Yutuka. The atmosphere is electric, a moment of redemption for McRae. Suddenly, the arena plunges into darkness, and a hushed anticipation falls over the audience.]

[As the lights slowly flicker back on, the once celebratory scene turns into shock as Cedric “The Raven” Thornfield stands ominously behind Kyle McRae. The crowd’s cheers turn to a mixture of gasps and boos. Thornfield wears a sinister smirk, relishing the surprise he has sprung.]

Kyle McRae: What the…?

[Before McRae can react, Thornfield strikes with ruthless precision, blindsiding him with a brutal attack. The fans express their disapproval as Thornfield revels in the chaos he has created. McRae, caught off guard, struggles to fend off Thornfield’s relentless assault.]

Cedric “The Raven” Thornfield: (mockingly) Redemption, Kyle? How quaint. Did you really think your fairy tale moment would go uninterrupted?

[Thornfield continues his assault, showcasing his cunning and devious nature. He uses the environment to his advantage, employing every underhanded tactic to dismantle McRae. The fans, once in a state of shock, now vocalize their disdain for Thornfield’s actions.]

Cedric “The Raven” Thornfield: Superiority is an art, my friend, and you’re about to witness a masterpiece.

[Thornfield stands tall over the fallen McRae, soaking in the negative reaction from the crowd. The scene fades out, leaving a lingering sense of chaos and a newfound rivalry between Kyle McRae and Cedric “The Raven” Thornfield.]

DW UK Championship Tournament Final Match
Angus Blackhart vs. Harry Black

The Champion of the UK

[The arena is buzzing with excitement as the DW UK Championship tournament final concludes. Angus Blackhart, the Scottish Brute, stands tall in the ring, having emerged victorious over Harry Black in a hard-fought battle. The crowd erupts into cheers, recognizing Blackhart’s achievement in becoming the first-ever DW UK Champion.]

[Matt Anarchy, the General Manager of Dynasty Wrestling, enters the scene, carrying the newly minted DW UK Championship belt. Anarchy, with a sense of pride, approaches Blackhart and presents him with the prestigious title.]

Matt Anarchy: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and the first-ever DW UK Champion… Angus Blackhart!

[The crowd’s cheers intensify as Blackhart accepts the championship, hoisting it high above his head. Anarchy steps back, allowing the celebration to unfold.]

[Blackhart, with the championship securely around his waist, turns to face the audience. The DW UK Championship glistens under the arena lights, a symbol of honor and achievement. Blackhart, with a fierce expression, revels in the moment, showcasing the new title to the fans.]

Angus Blackhart: (roaring) This… is for each and every one of you! The DW UK Championship belongs to the Scottish Brute!

[The fans continue to cheer, showing their appreciation for the inaugural DW UK Champion. Blackhart takes a lap around the ring, connecting with the audience and creating a memorable moment to close out the show. The camera captures the celebration as the scene fades to black, marking the historic crowning of the first DW UK Champion.]

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