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DW Clash 11

Its New Years Day, but the action doesn’t stop in Dynasty Wrestling!

DW Clash 11
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
1st January 2024

The familiar sight of the Stratford Arena welcomes the passionate fans of Dynasty Wrestling as the opening chords of the DW theme music echo through the arena. The crowd erupts with cheers, eager for another night of intense and thrilling action.

Steve Pringle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to DW Clash 11! We’re still feeling the reverberations from the explosive Collision Course PPV, but there’s more breaking news!

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! Today, Sanctioned Violence announced the creation of two new wrestling federations – the European Wrestling League and Lucha de Cinco Estrellas in Mexico!

The crowd buzzes with excitement at the mention of the new developments in the wrestling world.

Steve Pringle: It’s a groundbreaking moment, showcasing the global expansion of Sanctioned Violence. But tonight, right here in London, we’ve got an amazing show lined up for you!

The camera pans across the excited faces in the audience, capturing the anticipation in the air.

Eddie Bates: Clash 11 promises to be just as thrilling as Collision Course, with a highly anticipated DW Heavyweight Championship match between Jean Louis Duval and Alexander Hate!

Steve Pringle: That’s right, Eddie! The clash between Duval and Hate is set to headline tonight’s event. But before we dive into the action, let’s relive some of the unforgettable moments from Collision Course!

The arena screens come to life, showcasing highlights from the recent PPV. The crowd cheers as memories of battles and triumphs flash across the screen.

Eddie Bates: Get ready for an unforgettable night, folks! DW Clash 11 is about to kick off, and you won’t want to miss a single moment!

The arena lights pulse with energy as the countdown to the first match begins, signalling the start of another thrilling night of Dynasty Wrestling action.

Tonight it Ends

The camera cuts to the backstage area of the Stratford Arena, where the bustling atmosphere is palpable. Alexander Hate strides confidently towards the entrance, flanked by his British Hospitality teammates, Harry Black and Kyle McRae. The trio exudes a sense of unity and determination.

Harry Black: (clapping Alexander Hate on the shoulder) Tonight’s your night, Hate. Duval won’t know what hit him.

Alexander Hate: (smirking) Damn right, Black. I’ve been waiting for this chance, and I won’t let it slip away.

As Hate, Black, and McRae continue their march toward the locker room area, they pass a few staff members, who give them nods of acknowledgment.

Kyle McRae: (leaning in) Remember, Hate, we’ve got your back. Tonight, Duval’s reign ends.

The group reaches Hate’s locker room, where the tension in the air is thick with anticipation.

Alexander Hate: (looking at his teammates) Appreciate the support, guys. Tonight, we make history.

The trio exchanges determined nods before Hate pushes open the door to his locker room, ready to prepare mentally and physically for the biggest match of his career. The camera lingers on the closed door as the crowd awaits the DW Heavyweight Championship showdown later in the night.

Bouncing Back

The camera transitions backstage to the interview area where William Smith stands with a microphone in hand. Kandi Sparks, determined and focused, steps into frame as the crowd anticipates her thoughts after the recent PPV.

William Smith: (addressing the camera) Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Kandi Sparks following her match against Angelo Anderson at the recent Collision Course PPV. Kandi, it was a hard-fought battle, but unfortunately, it didn’t go your way. How are you feeling about the outcome?

Kandi Sparks: (nodding) Collision Course didn’t go the way I wanted it to, but I’m not dwelling on the past. Tonight, it’s a new opportunity, a chance to prove myself once again.

William Smith: Your opponent tonight is Leo Lewis. What’s your mindset going into this match?

Kandi Sparks: (smirking) Leo Lewis is a talented competitor, no doubt. But tonight, I’m not holding back. I’m here to show everyone, including Angelo Anderson, that setbacks don’t define me. I’m ready to get back on the winning track.

William Smith: Any message for your fans who continue to support you?

Kandi Sparks: (looking determined) To all my fans out there, thank you for sticking with me. Tonight, expect nothing less than a victory. Angelo may have had his moment, but I’m not done yet.

William Smith: Any words for Emily Shaw who attacked you on Collision Course?

Kandi Sparks: She doesn’t even deserve my words William…..

With that, Kandi Sparks walks away, leaving William Smith to ponder the intensity and determination displayed by the resilient wrestler. The camera fades as the crowd eagerly awaits the upcoming match.

Single Match
Kandi Sparks vs Leo Lewis

Still Watching

In the backstage area, Emily Shaw stands in front of a monitor, her eyes fixed on the screen displaying the conclusion of Kandi Sparks’ match. A sinister grin spreads across her face as Sparks suffers defeat. Shaw revels in the moment, finding joy in the misfortune of her rival.

Emily Shaw: (whispering to herself) Oh, how the mighty have fallen. It’s a delight to witness, truly.

Shaw continues to watch the monitor, her satisfaction evident. The joy in her eyes intensifies with every moment of Kandi Sparks’ post-match dismay.

Emily Shaw: (smirking) This is just the beginning. Let her wallow in defeat. It’s a taste of what’s to come.

With a triumphant demeanor, Emily Shaw turns away from the monitor, leaving the scene with an air of malevolence and a promise of further torment for Kandi Sparks.

The Force

The backstage area is bustling with activity, and in a quiet corner, Stijn De Raaf and Angelo Anderson stand, both still riding the momentum from their respective victories at the recent PPV.

Stijn De Raaf: (smirking) Well, Angelo, it looks like we did it again. Another successful night for us at the PPV.

Angelo Anderson: (nodding) Damn right, Stijn. We’re a force to be reckoned with in DW. But did you catch that news about the new promotions?

Stijn De Raaf: (raising an eyebrow) Yeah, the European Wrestling League and Lucha de Cinco Estrellas. An interesting development. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Angelo Anderson: (smirking) It sure does. Competition breeds excellence, right? But Matt Anarchy better keep his cards straight if he wants to keep talents like us around.

Stijn De Raaf: (grinning) Couldn’t agree more, Angelo. Now, speaking of competition, I’ve got a match against Geoffery Hobbs next. Think he’s ready for the De Raaf treatment?

Angelo Anderson: (chuckling) Hobbs better be prepared for a wrestling clinic. You go out there and show him what we’re made of. I’ll be watching your back.

As the two share a firm handshake and a nod of camaraderie, they part ways – each heading for their respective challenges. The tension in the air grows as the upcoming matches promise to deliver more intense moments in the world of Dynasty Wrestling.

Two Way Street

The backstage area is abuzz with activity as Kandi Sparks walks with a dejected look after another tough loss. Ben Noble approaches her, noticing her disappointment.

Ben Noble: Kandi, hey, don’t let it get you down. Wins will come, trust me.

Kandi Sparks: (forcing a smile) I appreciate the pep talk, Ben. It’s just frustrating, you know?

Ben Noble: I get it. We all go through slumps, but you’re a fighter. Keep pushing, and you’ll get that breakthrough.

As they continue walking, Ben spots the genuine disappointment in Kandi’s eyes. Wanting to lift her spirits, he changes the subject.

Ben Noble: By the way, good luck is a two-way street. I’ve got a match against Aleksandr Bortsov later tonight. I’ll make sure to give him a taste of what British wrestling is all about.

Kandi Sparks: (smirking) Take him down, Ben. Show him what we’re made of. I’ll be cheering you on.

The two share a supportive nod, and as they part ways, Kandi Sparks carries a glimmer of hope, while Ben Noble heads toward his match, determined to make a statement in the ring.

Single Match
Geoffrey Hobbs vs Stijn De Raaf

The Brute

The camera transitions to the backstage area where William Smith is standing by, microphone in hand, ready to conduct an interview. Angus Blackhart, the Scottish Brute, approaches, still basking in the glory of his recent victory.

William Smith: Angus, congratulations on your victory against Aleksandr Bortsov at the PPV. How does this win impact your goals here in Dynasty Wrestling?

Blackhart smirks, his imposing presence commanding attention.

Angus Blackhart: Thank you, William. That win right there is just a taste of what I’m bringing to Dynasty Wrestling. It’s proof – proof that I’m the powerhouse destined to be the first-ever DW UK Champion.

Smith nods, intrigued by Blackhart’s confidence.

William Smith: Speaking of the DW UK Championship, how are you preparing for the upcoming tournament?

Blackhart cracks his knuckles, a determined glint in his eyes.

Angus Blackhart: Preparation? It’s in my blood, Smith. I was born ready for this. Every opponent in that tournament will feel the force of a Scottish storm. The DW UK Championship will have a rightful home around my waist.

The Scottish Brute glares into the camera, making it clear that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

William Smith: Strong words, Angus. Any final thoughts for your potential opponents in the DW UK Championship tournament?

Blackhart grins, a hint of menace in his expression.

Angus Blackhart: To all those stepping into the ring with me – get ready for a taste of raw power. You won’t just be facing a man; you’ll be facing the next dominant force in DW.

With those ominous words, Angus Blackhart walks away, leaving William Smith to ponder the impact the Scottish Brute may have on the upcoming DW UK Championship tournament.

Ready to Represent

The office of Matt Anarchy is filled with an air of anticipation as Kral, the Czech fighter, confidently strides in. Anarchy looks up from his paperwork, a curious expression on his face.

Matt Anarchy: Kral, what brings you here?

Kral: (smirking) Anarchy, I’ve been hearing whispers about the European Wrestling League, and I’ve got my eyes set on it. But I want to make a statement. I want to represent DW with the UK Championship around my waist.

Matt Anarchy: (leaning back in his chair) That’s a bold ambition, Kral. But you know what? I won’t stand in your way. DW needs fighters with that kind of hunger.

Kral nods appreciatively.

Kral: Good, because I’m not planning on waiting around. I want that championship sooner rather than later.

Anarchy opens a drawer, revealing the newly designed DW UK Championship.

Matt Anarchy: Well, Kral, here’s a glimpse of what you’re after. The tournament to crown the first-ever DW UK Champion starts next week. Consider yourself entered.

Kral eyes the championship, a hungry determination in his gaze.

Kral: This is mine, Anarchy. You just wait and see.

With that, Kral exits Anarchy’s office, leaving the GM with a sense of excitement about the upcoming tournament and the prospect of new champions emerging in DW.

Single Match
Ben Noble vs Aleksandr Bortsov

Not Tonight, Not Any Night

In the backstage interview area, William Smith stands ready with his microphone as the DW Heavyweight Champion, Jean Louis Duval, makes his way into the frame, the championship belt slung over his shoulder. Smith clears his throat to initiate the interview.

William Smith: Jean Louis Duval, tonight you defend your DW Heavyweight Championship in the main event. What are your thoughts on the challengers you might face?

Duval smirks and responds in fluent French, his tone filled with arrogance and confidence.

Jean Louis Duval: (in French) Les challengers? Ils ne sont que des pions dans mon royaume. Aucun d’eux ne peut rivaliser avec la grandeur du championnat lourd de DW.

Smith, looking a bit puzzled, tries to follow Duval’s response.

William Smith: Uh, could you translate that for our English-speaking audience?

Duval chuckles condescendingly.

Jean Louis Duval: (in French) They are nothing but pawns in my kingdom. None of them can rival the greatness of the DW Heavyweight Championship.

With that, Duval smirks once more, turns away from Smith, and confidently strides away, leaving the interviewer to interpret the champion’s unapologetic demeanor.

No Hope Club

In the backstage area, Ben Noble is visibly frustrated, nursing his wounds after a tough loss earlier in the evening. Emily Shaw, with a sly smile on her face, approaches him, ready to deliver a message.

Emily Shaw: (sarcastically) Oh, look who’s here—Ben “No-Hope” Noble. Still sticking with Kandi Sparks, I see.

Ben Noble glares at Emily Shaw, his frustration turning into defiance.

Ben Noble: What’s it to you, Shaw? You’re not exactly the poster child for success.

Emily Shaw: (laughs) True, I may have had a setback or two, but I’m not the one dragging down others. Associating with Sparks is a one-way ticket to mediocrity.

Ben Noble: Watch your words, Shaw. Kandi and I have each other’s backs. We don’t need your opinions.

Emily Shaw: (smirking) Suit yourself. But mark my words, Noble, winners stand alone. You might want to reconsider your alliances if you ever want to taste success in DW.

Emily Shaw walks away, leaving Ben Noble to contemplate her words, a mix of frustration and determination evident on his face.

Competition Heats Up!

The camera cuts to the office of Matt Anarchy, the General Manager of Dynasty Wrestling, where William Smith stands ready for an interview. Anarchy, seated behind his desk, acknowledges Smith with a nod.

William Smith: Matt, with the recent announcements of new wrestling promotions under Sanctioned Violence, how does this change the landscape for Dynasty Wrestling?

Anarchy leans back in his chair, clasping his hands together.

Matt Anarchy: William, the wrestling world is evolving, and with it, the competition is heating up. Sanctioned Violence is expanding its reach with the European Wrestling League and Lucha de Cinco Estrellas in Mexico. It means more opportunities, but also more challenges for us in Dynasty Wrestling.

Smith nods, prompting Anarchy to continue.

Matt Anarchy: As the playing field expands, so does the competition to sign the brightest stars. It’s a fierce race to secure the best talents that will define the future of our industry.

Smith looks intrigued.

William Smith: Speaking of talents, what can you tell us about Yutuka’s contract status? There have been rumors.

Anarchy raises an eyebrow, revealing a hint of concern.

Matt Anarchy: Yutuka’s contract expired at midnight last night, and as of now, he hasn’t re-signed. We’ve been negotiating, but the landscape is shifting rapidly, and I need to act swiftly.

Smith follows up with a question about potential new signings.

William Smith: Are there any exciting talents you have your eyes on to bolster the DW roster?

Anarchy grins, revealing a sense of anticipation.

Matt Anarchy: Absolutely, William. I’ve got my eyes on some incredible talents, and discussions are underway. We’re looking to inject fresh energy into Dynasty Wrestling, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the wrestling world.

The camera fades out as Anarchy continues to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Dynasty Wrestling in this new era of competition.

Main Event
DW Heavyweight Championship Match
Jean Louis Duval (c) vs Alexander Hate

One And Only

The arena is filled with a chorus of boos as Jean Louis Duval stands tall in the center of the ring, the DW Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder. The victorious smirk on his face exudes confidence as he raises the microphone to address the displeased audience.

Jean Louis Duval: (smirking) Mesdames et messieurs, you are witnessing the undeniable truth. I am the untouchable, the insurmountable, and the indomitable DW Heavyweight Champion!

The boos intensify as Duval revels in the negative reaction, pacing around the ring with an air of arrogance.

Jean Louis Duval: (raising the title) This championship—this symbol of excellence—belongs to me, and none among you can fathom the greatness it takes to hold such a prestigious honor.

The crowd continues to voice their disdain, but Duval dismisses it with a wave of his hand.

Jean Louis Duval: (mockingly) Do you think there’s anyone out there who can dethrone me? I am a master of this craft, a living legend in the making. Week after week, I stand atop this mountain, unchallenged, unrivaled, and undefeated!

Duval basks in the boos, a self-satisfied grin never leaving his face.

Jean Louis Duval: (leaning on the ropes) So, mes amis, keep your heroes and your hopefuls. None shall rise to my level. I am the epitome of a champion, and this reign will last an eternity!

The defiant proclamation echoes through the arena as Duval drops the microphone, once again raising his championship high above his head. The boos continue, but in Duval’s mind, they are mere background noise to his triumph.

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