DW Clash 1
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
The Stratford Arena, London, England
11th September 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, wrestling fans far and wide, welcome to the next chapter in our exhilarating saga – ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash’! We’re coming to you once again from the heart of London, the iconic Stratford Arena, where the echoes of last night’s ‘Destruction’ still linger in the air.

The energy of the crowd remains electrifying, as we stand on the precipice of another unforgettable night. But before we dive headfirst into tonight’s action, let’s take a moment to reflect on the seismic events that transpired just twenty-four hours ago.

‘Destruction’ marked the triumphant return of Dynasty Wrestling, and what a return it was! We saw legends clash, new stars rise, and the crowning of a new DW Champion, Jean-Louis Duval, who left us all stunned with his audacity in snatching the coveted championship from the very hands of our owner, Jon Page.

The aftermath of ‘Destruction’ has left our roster in turmoil, friendships shattered, and rivalries ignited. The four-way elimination match that crowned Duval as champion tested the limits of endurance, while backstage brawls and explosive confrontations have left us all on the edge of our seats.

Tonight, as we dive headlong into ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash,’ the questions remain: What’s next for the DW Championship? Will Jean-Louis Duval’s reign be one of dominance, or will challengers rise to reclaim the legacy of the title? Who will step up to challenge the newly crowned champion?

We also have incredible matchups scheduled for tonight, featuring some of the most electrifying talents in the wrestling world. From high-flying daredevils to technical maestros, the action promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

So, fasten your seatbelts, wrestling enthusiasts, because the legacy continues! ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash’ is not just a show; it’s a spectacle of passion, power, and pure wrestling magic. The story unfolds tonight, and we invite you to be part of the journey, as we forge ahead into a new era of Dynasty Wrestling. Welcome back to the Stratford Arena, London – where legends are born and history is made!

Le Champion

[The opening segment of ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash’ begins with the Stratford Arena bathed in a mix of cheers and boos. The crowd’s anticipation is palpable as they eagerly await the appearance of the newly crowned DW Champion, Jean-Louis Duval.]

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the reigning DW Champion, Jean-Louis Duval!

[The arena erupts in a chorus of boos as Jean-Louis Duval makes his way to the ring, the DW Championship belt draped over his shoulder. He walks with an air of arrogance, soaking in the negative reaction from the crowd. As he steps into the ring, he raises the championship belt high, taunting the fans as he speaks in French.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [In French, with a mocking tone] Mesdames et messieurs, behold the symbol of excellence, the DW Championship! Regardez et admirez!

[The boos intensify, but Duval appears unfazed, continuing to flaunt the championship.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [In French, smirking] I am the embodiment of sophistication, the embodiment of dominance. You English, you can only dream of such distinction!

[Suddenly, the arena’s lights flicker, and the spotlight shifts to the entrance ramp. Alexander Hate and Harry Black, known collectively as ‘British Hospitality,’ make their way to the ring to a chorus of cheers from the crowd.]

Alexander Hate: [Addressing Duval] Oi, Duval! You might wear that fancy belt, but you’re disrespecting the British fans who pay their hard-earned money to watch you!

Harry Black: That’s right! We’re here to put some manners into you, you pompous git!

[Duval smirks and dismissively waves them off, continuing to taunt the crowd in French.]

Alexander Hate: [Gesturing to the ring] Well, if you won’t come to your senses, we’ll just have to teach you some hospitality the British way!

[Hate and Black make their way to the ring, ready to fight Duval. However, before they can confront him, a sudden commotion erupts in the arena. Kral, the Czech wrestler who was attacked by Kyle McRae the previous night, rushes down the ramp and charges into the ring.]

Kral: [Yelling] You want a fight, British idiots? I’ll give you one!

[A brawl ensues in the ring as Duval, Hate, Black, and Kral exchange blows. The crowd is on its feet, divided in their support for the dueling factions. Security personnel rush into the ring to separate the brawlers, struggling to maintain order.]

[The camera captures the chaos, with Duval continuing to taunt his opponents as they’re held back by security. The show heads to a commercial break as the tension in the arena remains palpable.]

Commercial Break

Single Match
Kandi Sparks vs Union Jack

The Journey

[Backstage area at ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash’. The camera focuses on William Smith, the interviewer, standing next to Ben Noble, the beloved fan favorite wrestler from London. Ben is clad in his wrestling gear, wearing a determined expression. William holds a microphone, ready to start the interview.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with a hometown hero and fan favorite, Ben Noble! Ben, last night at ‘Destruction,’ you had a chance to vie for the DW Championship, but you came up short. Can you share your thoughts on that match and your feelings about not clinching the title?

Ben Noble: [With a determined look] Well, William, you know, last night was a tough one. That DW Championship – it’s the pinnacle, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed about not winning it. But this isn’t the end of the road for me; it’s just the beginning.

William Smith: [Nodding] That’s a great attitude, Ben. Speaking of the DW Championship, the current champion, Jean-Louis Duval, has already proven to be quite a controversial figure. Do you have any plans for taking on Duval in the future?

Ben Noble: [With a steely resolve] Absolutely, William. Jean-Louis Duval might have that championship for now, but I promise you this – I’m going to be the man who takes it from him. It’s not going to be easy, but I’ve never backed down from a challenge, and I won’t start now.

William Smith: [Impressed by Ben’s determination] That’s a bold statement, Ben. Tonight, you’re facing Geoffrey Hobbs, another formidable competitor. How do you plan to approach this match, and what can we expect from you in the ring?

Ben Noble: [With a confident grin] Geoffrey Hobbs is a tough opponent, no doubt about it. But tonight, I’m not just wrestling for myself; I’m wrestling for the fans who’ve supported me all these years. You can expect nothing less than everything I’ve got – heart, determination, and the will to win. I’m starting my journey back to that DW Championship by taking one step at a time, and it begins with Hobbs tonight.

[The crowd in the arena can be heard cheering in the background as they catch wind of Ben Noble’s determination.]

William Smith: [Respectfully] Ben, you’ve always been a beloved figure in London, and the fans here are undoubtedly behind you. Any final words for your supporters as you head into your match tonight?

Ben Noble: [With gratitude] To all my fans in London and around the world, thank you for your unwavering support. I promise you, I’m going to give it my all tonight, and every night after that until I reclaim that DW Championship. So, stay with me on this journey, because the best is yet to come.

[The interview ends with Ben Noble leaving the camera frame, his determination and passion palpable as he heads towards his match against Geoffrey Hobbs.]


Single Match
Ben Noble vs Geoffrey Hobbs


Single Match
Stijn De Raaf vs Angelo Anderson

The Challenge

[The arena is buzzing with excitement following Angelo Anderson’s hard-fought victory over Stijn De Raaf. Anderson stands tall in the center of the ring, his chest heaving with exertion, but his spirit unbroken. He motions for a microphone, and as the cheers and applause of the crowd begin to die down, he raises it to his lips.]

Angelo Anderson: [With passion] London, you’ve just witnessed a battle. A battle between two warriors who came here tonight to give it their all, to leave everything they had in this ring. Stijn De Raaf, you’re one tough son of a gun, and I respect you for that.

[The crowd acknowledges the display of respect with a round of applause.]

Angelo Anderson: But tonight, tonight isn’t just about a victory. It’s about a statement. It’s about showing the world that I, Angelo Anderson, am unbreakable! I’ve been through the trenches, fought battles that would make most men crumble, but I’m still standing here, still fighting, still hungry for more.

[The crowd erupts in cheers, fully behind Angelo Anderson.]

Angelo Anderson: So, here’s the deal, folks. Next week, right here on ‘Clash,’ I’m laying down a challenge. An open challenge to anyone in that locker room who thinks they can test the limits of Unbreakable! I don’t care if you’re a rising star, a seasoned veteran, or someone I’ve never crossed paths with before. If you’ve got the guts to step into this ring with me, then step on up, because I promise you, you’re going to find out what it means to face Unbreakable Angelo Anderson!

[The crowd roars in approval, embracing the challenge laid down by Anderson.]

Angelo Anderson: So, bring your best, bring your heart, bring your soul, because when you step in here with me, there’s no turning back. The unbreakable spirit of this American wrestler is going to clash with the heart and determination of whoever accepts my challenge. And when the dust settles, one thing will be clear – Unbreakable Angelo Anderson stands tall!

[Anderson drops the microphone, his gaze unwavering as he surveys the cheering crowd, ready for the next challenge that awaits him on ‘Clash.’]


Main Event
Tag Team Match
Kral & Jean-Louis Duval vs British Hospitality

Fighting Champion?

[The main event of ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash’ has come to an exhilarating conclusion. Alexander Hate and Harry Black, the fan-favorite team known as ‘British Hospitality,’ have secured a hard-fought victory over the team of DW Champion Jean-Louis Duval and Kral. The crowd is on their feet, roaring with excitement, as Duval and Kral retreat up the ramp, visibly frustrated.]

[As Duval clutches his DW Championship belt and attempts to leave, Alexander Hate snatches a microphone from ringside, his eyes locked onto the retreating champion.]

Alexander Hate: [Addressing Duval, his voice dripping with confidence] Hold it right there, Duval! You can’t just waltz in here with that fancy belt and think you’re untouchable!

[The crowd erupts into cheers, firmly behind Alexander Hate and Harry Black.]

Alexander Hate: [Continuing] You see, last I checked, I just pinned you, the DW Champion, fair and square in the middle of that ring!

[The crowd’s cheers grow louder, acknowledging the accomplishment.]

Alexander Hate: [With a determined look] So, here’s the deal, Duval. Next week, right here on ‘Clash,’ I’m challenging you for that DW Championship!

[The crowd explodes with excitement at the prospect of such a matchup.]

Alexander Hate: [Stepping forward] I’ve earned it, and the fans here deserve to see a fighting champion, not someone who’s just gonna run away!

[Duval appears irate at being challenged, glaring back at Alexander Hate.]

Alexander Hate: [Challenging Duval] What do you say, Duval? You and me, one-on-one, for that DW Championship? Let’s see if you’re as tough as you claim to be!

[Duval reluctantly stops on the ramp, his hand clenching the DW Championship belt. The crowd watches in anticipation, eager to see if Duval will accept the challenge.]

Jean-Louis Duval: [Snatching the microphone from a ringside crew member, his voice dripping with arrogance] Very well, Alexander Hate! You want your shot at this championship? You shall have it, next week, right here on ‘Clash’!

[The crowd explodes into cheers, celebrating the forthcoming championship showdown.]

Alexander Hate: [Smirking] You made the right choice, Duval. Next week, it’s me and you, and I’m gonna show you what ‘British Hospitality’ is all about!

[As Duval and Hate exchange heated words, the crowd revels in the excitement of the challenge laid down by Alexander Hate. The camera captures the tension in the air as ‘Dynasty Wrestling Clash’ heads into its next thrilling chapter.]

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