Name: Setsuna Kojima

Nicknames: Emerald Dragon

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 135lbs

Date of Birth: 1st January 2005

Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Personality: On first glance Setsuna seems like a calm, cool tempered powerhouse. She’s also still getting used to the very different environment working overseas. Beneath the cool exterior is a passionate young woman who’s thrilled to be back in the sport she loves. She respects the history of the sport and those who made it, so she’s keen to learn what she can from her opponents while proving to the world she’s as good as she says she is


Fighting Style: Powerhouse/striker

Crowd Reaction: Cheer

Finisher Name: DRAGON Spike

Finisher Description: Spinning Jackhammer

Signature Moves: Typhoon (giant swing), Uraken (spinning backfist), Hellevator (Last Ride), Spear

Entrance Music: Riot of Flowers (old Utami Hayashishita theme)


Career History:  Setsuna began her pro wrestling journey as a trainee under a charismatic luchadora in Japan; her intensity and pressure on herself to become an ace led to many disagreements and an eventual move to a different dojo. There she honed her craft and debuted, though she struggled at the end of her stint there. After being attacked by a fellow trainee, Setsuna spent months out of the public eye recovering. She got back to work on her own and caught the eye of Jakucho Akechi, who invited her to come west to join a revolution in the making. Her passion is back, and now the Emerald Dragon is ready to return to the Ace’s path.

Biography: Setsuna’s mother was a successful tag team wrestler in Japan before she passed in an automobile accident. Raised by relatives who wanted her to stay away from the sport, Setsuna’s heart yearned for it. Though she looked up to her mom’s former tag team partner as a hero, the woman cut off all contact for years. Even so Setsuna dropped out of high school and left home to begin training at a dojo. Her life became consumed by the singular focus of becoming an ace – just like she promised her mom she would be. She finally got the attention of her personal hero in 2023 and got to train and bond with the woman after years of silence. Yet fate is a cruel thing and her mentor was murdered in the fall. After losing her, a high profile title match and then being sidelined by a sudden assault from another trainee, Setsuna wasn’t sure she’d be able to return to wrestling at all.

Jakucho Akechi offered her the opportunity to make her official return in a new environment out of nowhere. The chance to return to the ace’s road was tempting enough. The chance to be in a unit named in honor of her personal hero’s unit? That sealed the deal.


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