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Orzic Mortimer

Ozric Mortimer




Cold Springs, Nevada

Theme Music
“No Me No You” by The Frost

Wrestling Style:
Technical Extremist (He knows what he’s doing in the ring, but tends to get purposely sloppy.)

Finishing Move:
Orcus Lacuna

Finishing Move Description:
A usually destructive belly to belly flop off the top rope.

Top Five Moves:
Melody and the Moon (Spinning Sidewalk Slam)
Inverted Reversed DDT
Tiger Suplex
5 Stars In Succession (Five quick head-butts while Ozric has his opponent pinned against a turnbuckle)
Stalled Powerbomb (In the same vain as Undertaker’s last ride, but not as glamorous.

Character Bio:

– An eager child, with dreams that could fill a thousand water towers, tainted by the restrictions such seclusion brings and boredom that said seclusion revealed.
– Nicholas Everett Brocken. February 22nd, 1976.
– Raised, until he was ten years old, in the deserted playground of dirt and tumbleweeds that most residents call Cold Springs.
– Became an entertainer at Chuckie Cheese’s when he was 17.
– Found an ad in a newspaper detailing a job as a birthday party clown. He takes it.
– Six and a half months into the job, Ozric kicks a screaming child in the face and spits in the eye of the kid’s father. Ozric gets the shit kicked out of him and arrested.
– Comes out of jail 45 days later and goes back to work as a clown. Takes a job for a birthday party inside a Ramada hotel room. Turns out there was no party. Just three guys looking to manipulate a guy into having violent gay sex. The sex itself never happened, but Ozric got another horrific beating and he temporarily lost the hearing in his right ear after getting a mirror shattered over his head.
– Leaves the hospital and finds out that he was evicted from his home for not paying the rent on time. He also over-drafted his bank account and the bank itself ended up taking out over two grand to cover his expenses. He was homeless for a year and a half
– Ozric loses his mind.
– And the rest is yet to come.


– He has an estranged sister who got caught up neck deep in the club scene. It only took one night, a couple rolls of ecstasy, and some convincing guy for her to turn from an aspiring, bright human being to a vegetable. The guy she met paralyzed her with one of the motel’s solid metal curtain rods because she wouldn’t consent to sex. A day and a half after Ozric got the news that his sister had been nearly beaten to death, police found the guy’s body mutilated on the side of an abandoned road no more than three miles from where the Mortimer’s lived. It’s been rumored that Oz did the duty and got away with it clean.

– He was very close to his brother, Martin, as a kid and even into his early teen years. They shared a lot of the same beliefs and interests so they never had a hard time getting along. Unfortunately, his brother died after being struck by a train. Even more unfortunate, Ozric witnessed it all.

– His parents were both reclusive dark horses. His mother did her best to teach Ozric well, but she was too twisted in her own knots for her to care about the way Ozric led his life. His father was a hunter and a dedicated fisherman. He was your average man’s man who resisted emotions and never lifted from the stern position.

He never got to know his kids because he never wanted them to begin with. He was satisfied with taking care of himself and he was satisfied with that even when all three kids were around. Deep beneath the layer of stone however, he was a very depressed man.

The fact that he wasn’t financially supporting his family the appropriate way disturbed him and haunted his days. The fact that not one of his children were interested in anything he was interested in stung him from day to night; so much that the only way he knew how to get rid of the tireless depression was to blow it all away with his shotgun. And that he did. On the hood of his dark-green Chevy pickup.

Dear mother was the first to witness the after-effects of her husband’s suicide. The windshield was completely covered in brain matter and he was laying there lifelessly, one arm dangling off the side of the truck. His eyes were wide open and the fear of wonder seemed to be steam pressed upon his face. She had gone out there to check on him because she heard the gun fire.

With coffee and sandwich in hand for him, she walked no more than twenty feet before dropping both items and screaming at the top of her lungs. She blacked out there until Ozric came home and found her. At that moment, Ozric believed that his mother had killed his father and it enraged him. He threatened to kill her and ran into his house to get a knife before coming to his senses and realizing that his father had blown himself away. Ozric didn’t cry. He showed no emotion — just like his father told him to do.

Entrance Description:
A whispered voice creeps out of the PA system:

Carpe Nocturnus… Seize the night…

The Frost’s “No Me No You” starts to heat up the PA system with reversed vocalizations, crunchy guitars, and synthesized modifications. Purple and dark blue shadows creep along the walls of the arena as an “O” and a “Z” slowly appear on the video tron. The song reaches its breakdown and the house lights begin to flicker a variety of shades of colors.

Ozric makes his arrival, briskly walking out from behind the curtain and coming to a dead stop at the edge of the stage. After closing his eyes, Ozric quickly raising both his index fingers to the rafters before continuing down the aisle. Wasting no time at all, he slides underneath the bottom rope of the ring.

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