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Masafumi Satake


Name: Masafumi Satake

Nicknames: N/A

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 255lbs

Date of Birth: 31st January 1985

Hometown: Bellevue, Washington by way of Matsuzaka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan

Personality: Calm, dedicated professional that lives and breathes professional wrestling. Now in the twilight of his career he is more focused than ever to leave an everlasting impression on the business. Satake finally had the opportunity to tour throughout Japan for the first time in 2023, but he now finds himself making his return to America. Although excited by joining sVo, it is bittersweet to return from his homeland.


Fighting Style: Powerhouse / Strong Style

Crowd Reaction: Cheer

Finisher Name: Matsuzaka Cutter

Finisher Description: Running Fireman’s Carry spun into a reverse neckbreaker

Signature Moves: » Roaring Elbow » Lariat » Cobra Clutch Suplex » Northern Lights Suplex » Heart Attack [Off the top rope bulldog lariat] » The Bellevue Buster [Cross Armed Northern Lights Bomb, finisher only in special matches]

Entrance Music: “Down the Drain” by the Zero Boys


Career History:  Satake is nearly 20 years into his professional wrestling career as an indy circuit veteran of North America. Wrestling from coast to coast, most prominently known for his time in 21Wrestling in the early 2000’s and his Hardcore Championship run.

In the twilight of his career he finally had the opportunity to come back to the land where he was born. In January 2023 he debuted for Carnage Pro Wrestling in Tokyo. Although a short stint due to the federation closing its doors in February, Satake made an impact with the Japanese fan base. Over the last few months he has hopped from promotion to promotion amongst the Japanese indy’s, including Hyperfight Pro Wrestling.

He now finds himself returning to America, and joining the ranks of sVo. The fire still burns for Masafumi, although returning back with mixed emotions.

Biography: Satake was born into a loving family in the Mie Prefecture of Japan. At the age of five, things changed rather quickly when his father passed away. Satake’s mother then relocated the family to Washington state in the good ol’ USA. The transition to the states was not the easiest on Satake, but America’s professional wrestling obsession in the early 1990’s proved a great distraction for the young boy, and was certainly great motivation.


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