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Kaito Tanaka

Charismatic and disciplined, Kaito exudes a quiet confidence and a sense of respect for his craft. He’s known for his dedication to perfecting his wrestling skills and paying homage to his Japanese heritage.


Name: Kaito Tanaka

Nicknames: “The Dynamo”

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 185lbs

Date of Birth: October 12, 1990

Hometown: Kyoto, Japan

Personality:  Charismatic and disciplined, Kaito exudes a quiet confidence and a sense of respect for his craft. He’s known for his dedication to perfecting his wrestling skills and paying homage to his Japanese heritage.


Fighting Style: Strong-style mixed with high-flying techniques. Kaito’s style showcases a blend of powerful strikes and acrobatic maneuvers, reflecting the diverse aspects of Japanese wrestling.

Crowd Reaction: The crowd reacts with admiration, often appreciating Kaito’s technical prowess and the cultural elements he incorporates into his performances. He is a beloved figure, earning cheers for his skill and humility.

Finisher Name: Sakura Impact

Finisher Description:  Kaito executes a lightning-fast roundhouse kick followed by a breathtaking shooting star press, combining precision and agility to leave his opponent stunned on the mat.

Signature Moves: 

1. Zen Garden Suplex: Kaito delivers a beautifully executed German suplex, emphasizing his technical proficiency and fluid wrestling style.

2. Fuji Flow: Kaito performs a rapid series of strikes, paying homage to the legendary Mount Fuji and infusing his moves with the spirit of Japan’s natural beauty.

Entrance Music: “Harmony of the Rising Sun” by Kyoto Crescendo


Career History:  Kaito Tanaka began his wrestling journey in the dojos of Kyoto, gradually gaining recognition in Japanese wrestling promotions. He later expanded his horizons, venturing into international circuits to showcase the beauty of Japanese wrestling to the world.

Biography: Born and raised in the cultural heartland of Kyoto, Kaito Tanaka’s rise in wrestling is a celebration of Japanese tradition and innovation. With a demeanor that reflects the discipline of a martial artist and the flair of a high-flying performer, Kaito embodies the spirit of modern Japanese wrestling. His journey has taken him from the serene dojos of Kyoto to the bustling arenas of global wrestling, where he has become an ambassador for the artistry and athleticism of Japanese wrestling.

Kaito’s wrestling style is a fusion of strong-style strikes and awe-inspiring aerial moves, capturing the essence of a dynamic and diverse wrestling scene. His legacy is one of bridging cultures through sport, showcasing the beauty of Japan’s wrestling heritage while leaving an indelible mark on the global stage. Kaito Tanaka stands not only as a wrestling sensation but as a symbol of the harmonious intersection of tradition and innovation in the world of professional wrestling.


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