Name: Jakucho Akechi

Nicknames: Queen of Queer Style, Dangerous Nadeshiko, Jak

Height: 167 cm (5’6″)

Weight: 61 kg (135 lbs)

Date of Birth: 1st September 1998

Hometown: Kyoto, Japan

Personality:  She’s s pretty, vicious (and pretty vicious) and charismatic. Jakucho is hell bent on upending the world of pro wrestling, and isn’t above doing whatever it takes to start that revolution. She sees herself as the star the sport needs to evolve, for better and worse; in the pursuit of her goals she’ll do whatever it takes, be it promoting her photo books (which she insists are for women only) out of nowhere or going after ‘dinosaurs’ who she sees as holding back the future of the sport.


Fighting Style: Mix of Joshi Puroresu, high speed and technician.

Crowd Reaction: Neutral

Finisher Name: Nadeshicoaster

Finisher Description: Phoenix Splash

Signature Moves: Compliment (spinning backhand strike), Bishojou Driver (michinoku driver II), Royal Revolution (Code Red), Punishment for Ugliness (Stretch Muffler), Sappho Cutter (RKO), Kuukiyomu (running bicycle knee strike)

Entrance Music: “Subconscious” – Julia Claris


Career History: Jakucho debuted in 2015 and toiled away for several years as a talented youngster who had middling success at best in the ring. In 2020 she left her promotion after causing scandal when evidence surfaced that she’s been dating one of her coworkers. Rather than throw herself upon the mercy of her aging seniors, she struck out on her own and doubled down on her new reputation. Since then she’s become quite successful on the Japanese indie scene and developed a strong following online. Now she’s bringing her revolution to the global stage by coming to the west.

Biography: Jakucho Akechi – previously known under her rookie ring name of Yuri Akiyama – entered the world of Puroresu as a teenager debuting for a mid sized promotion. Playing things by the books was constraining though, and she often found herself in hot water with management and the promotion’s old school stars. Realizing she had a small but dedicated following of female fans who came to see their favorite Nadeshiko fight, she leaned into it hard. Against the wishes of the boss she had highlights dyed into her hair and independently sought out opportunities to grow her brand. When photos of her kissing a teammate surfaced, she was given the choice to straighten up or leave.

After winning her final match there she kissed that teammate in the middle of the ring and left without a word. Now on her own, she adopted a new name and worked freelance for a while. Three years later she’s a completely different, more focused and dangerous wrestler complete with her own manager/personal ring announcer for special occasions. With SVO preparing to expand into Japan, she saw a golden opportunity to sell more goods and make more of an impact.


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