Name: Jacob Izaz

Nicknames: ‘The Philly Flash’

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 210lbs

Date of Birth: 1st March 1996

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Fighting Style: Fast Paced Striker

Crowd Reaction: Cheer

Finisher Name: The Message

Finisher Description: Superkick

Signature Moves: Double underhook piledriver, Turnbuckle Run Tornado DDT, Snap T-Bone suplex, Front backbreaker, Cutter, Shining Wizard, Corner Dropkick, Leaping Knee Strike, Monkey Flip, Suicide Dive

Entrance Music: 


Career History: sVo


Hailing from the vibrant streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jacob Izaz is a charismatic and dynamic wrestler known for his lightning-fast moves and quick wit in the ring. Aptly nicknamed “The Philly Flash,” he embodies the spirit and tenacity of his city, channeling its energy into every aspect of his electrifying performances.

Growing up amidst the rich wrestling history of Philadelphia, Jacob was captivated by the sport from an early age. Inspired by legendary wrestlers who once graced the rings of the City of Brotherly Love, he set out to carve his path and leave his mark on the wrestling world.

Jacob Izaz is a master of speed and agility, earning his moniker “The Philly Flash” for his uncanny ability to outmaneuver opponents with rapid strikes, high-flying acrobatics, and lightning-quick reversals. His signature moves include dazzling springboard attacks, lightning leg sweeps, and a dazzling array of aerial assaults that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Beyond his physical prowess, Jacob’s gift for witty banter and playful charisma sets him apart on the microphone. He engages in entertaining verbal jousts, using his quick tongue to both entertain and rile up opponents and fans alike.

An unwavering dedication to his craft fuels Jacob’s ambition to become a standout in the wrestling world. Despite any obstacles he encounters, he never loses sight of his goal to become one of the most memorable high-energy performers in the industry.

When Jacob Izaz enters the arena, the atmosphere becomes electric, reflecting the passion and love he has for his hometown and the sport he embodies. With the heart of a true Philly fighter, he uses his speed and flash to overcome any challenge that stands in his way, leaving an unforgettable impression on all who witness his awe-inspiring performances.

The Philly Flash’s journey has only just begun, but with his infectious charisma and lightning-quick skills, Jacob Izaz is set to become a hometown hero, captivating wrestling fans around the world, and etching his name into the annals of Philadelphia’s storied wrestling legacy.


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