Name: Hate Watson

Nicknames: “The Scumbag Superstar”

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 276lbs

Date of Birth: 15th March 1990

Hometown: Slums Unknown

Personality: Vile. Brash. Disturbing. Yet somewhat endearing. Hate Watson, at his core, is resourceful and adaptable. He is loyal to almost a fault, but if you cross him there will be hell to pay. Did we mention that he is absolutely off his rocker?


Fighting Style: Brawling / Strong Style / Death Match

Crowd Reaction: Boo

Finisher Name: Scumdriver

Finisher Description: Package Piledriver (on the apron)

Signature Moves: 1. Half and Half Suplex 2. Ground and Pound (mounted punches) 3. Ripcord Elbow – The SHT 4. Spike Piledriver

Entrance Music: “As Diehard as They Come” by Hatebreed


Career History:  Not much is known about the career of Hate Watson. He has worked the majority of it throughout the American Independent scene, finding his niche in death matches and unsanctioned brawls – many of which were in bar rooms, basements, and warehouses. In 2023, he spent the better part of it in Japan with Carnage Pro Wrestling, and smaller Indy promotions.

Biography: Hate Watson was raised on bootleg video trades and food stamps. A lifelong obsession with professional wrestling, and Japanese death match wrestling, his ambition was always to compete at the most extreme level. While training, he worked many menial jobs, bouncing at clubs or working as a bar back.


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