“Evil Incarnate” Drew Carrig

227 lb



Unknown (Formerly Buffalo, NY)

Theme Music
“In The Event that Everything Should Go Terribly Wrong” by Every Time I Die

Wrestling Style:
Mostly technical but there is a bit of Hardcore thrown in.

Finishing Move:
Gates of Heaven

Finishing Move Description:
A Cross-faced chicken wing that if applied long enough and doesn’t warrant a submission will be made into a cross face chicken-wing suplex

Top Five Moves:
Drew usually does moves that works on the right shoulder but also along with those moves:

1. Falcon Arrow
2. Back Suplex
3. Side Belly to Belly Suplex
4. Brainbuster
5. Perfect Plex

Character Bio:
Making his debut on March 4th 1999, Drew Carrig originally wore a mask and was known as Jeckel. Working for a few smaller promotions, he finally found his home working for the Championship Wrestling Federation. As Jeckel, he went on to win the CWF Hardcore Championship a record seven times. During this time, Drew Carrig was growing tired of the Hardcore wrestling scene. The toll on his body became great so he joined the rival promotion, the ICWA but without wearing the mask. In the ICWA he went on to win the ICWA World Heavyweight Championship three times. When it became known that Drew Carrig and Jeckel were the same person, Carrig returned back to the CWF where he went on to win their World Heavyweight Championship four times. After the ICWA and CWF closed, Drew offered his services to several independent promotions for brief times but eventually retired in 2006. His retirement came bittersweet because of his wife Stacey pressured him to give up the hard lifestyle and the times on the road to become a more home bound person and help raise their daughter Kerry. Drew Carrig is now 35 years old and because of the Hardcore matches he participated in early in his career, is now in the latter stages of his career sensing that he has only one good run left in him.

Entrance Description:
As the first guitar riffs of “In The Event that Everything Should Go Terribly Wrong” the lights dim and out from the back steps Drew Carrig. Carrig wears all black and looks up to the sky and then out into the crowd. His stare is cold, heartless, soul-less. As the drums kick into the song, Carrig slowly starts to make his walk to the ring and the crowd sways back, some in fear but also equally in disgust for the man known as “Evil Incarnate.”

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