Bryan Strickland




Atlanta, Georgia

Theme Music
Thousand Foot Krutch – Rawkfist

Wrestling Style:
Brawling/some technical

Finishing Move:

Finishing Move Description:
The move begins with the wrestlers face to face, in a grapple. Once a window opens Bryan will headbutt the person and quickly picking them up in a suplex move, holding them in the air. He then twists their body around quickly as he falls. Its a modified suplex ddt.

Top Five Moves:
Reverse suplex
Float over DDT

Character Bio:
Bryan, age 23, started his dream of fighting in the wrestling world when he was a young boy of 12. He grew up with a single parent who was almost never home, and because of this he raised himself most of his life. When he turned 16 his dad who was the only parent he knew died of cancer from years of smoking. He moved to the streets from that day on never looking back. Most looked at him as a outcast due to his strange style of clothing and his off the wall personality, but they loved him the same for it because it made him stand out.

When he turned 18 he saved up enough money to go to the WWA4 Pro Wrestling School in Atlanta where he spent most of his time training and perfecting his skills in the ring. After two years he was considered one of the best students that had ever attended the school in years. He never gave up and hardly ever stopped fighting till he couldn’t stand anymore.

He spent several years training and finally in 2007 he graduated but had to take year off due to a bad injure to his right arm from a car wreck. Now in 2008 he has decided to finally start his career off and show people who he is and what he can do. Nothing will stand in his way of obtaining his glory and the gold.

Entrance Description:
When the song starts the lights go off though out the arena. Once the first lyrics have passed (Throw up your rawkfist if your feelin it when I drop this!) and the two bass thumps hit, the arena flashes green during both then the lights cut back on and pyro lights the path way as well. He Comes out once the flashes have hit and starts to run fast towards the arena, sliding under the ropes, jumping quickly to his feet after words. He then runs to each turnbuckle quickly one after another and pumps the crowd up by beating on his chest and tossing his fists into the air. All with a smile on his face.

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