Wrestler Name: “Painsaw” Brian Lee
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 267lbs
Hometown: A Dumpster in North Carolina
Alignement: Heel

Entrance Music: “Shove It” by Deftones
Entrance Description: “Shove It” hits and Brian Lee walks out from the back with his head down and hair dripping wet in front. He kneels down on one knee with his face in his fist and smoke rises around him. When it clears he pounds the ground twice and stands up throwing his hair back. He proceeds on down the aisle towards the ring walking with a an attitude that says “I dare anyone to touch me”. Once to the ring he walks up the steel stairs and along the ring apron. He stops and faces the fans in attendance. He stares at the fans for second and then spreads his arms out to each side yelling and triggering fireworks to explode behind him. He climbs on in between the ropes and leans back on them twice to warm up for the match.

Apperance: Athletic build, light tan skin, long black hair, body covered here and there with past battle scars. He wears red lenses over his eyes to make them appear a bit demonic. He has a connected mustache/goatee. He wears black tights with a dark grey skull on each leg. Black knee pads and black wrestling boots. His fist are taped.

Wrestling Style: Hardcore Garbage Wrestling/Brawler
Finishing Move: Shock Exploitation! – Full Nelson Facebuster
Set Up Move: 3 Lefts and a Right Hook

Brief Character Overview: Brian Lee was found thrown away in a dumpster just when he was a baby. He was put into a foster home but often had trouble getting adopted because of his rebellious attitude. He was a throw fist first and ask question second type of kid. He was also known to steal when taken out for special occasions by the foster home. One day a single father who had just lost his son came to the home looking for a boy he could adopt. On that same day Brian Lee got into one of his many fights. The father was amazed at how well Brian Lee moved and handled himself and felt he had potential. Unbeknownst to any of the workers, the father owned and ran a boxing gym and his former son died in the ring. He adopted Brian and began to train him to use his rage and anger in a more positive way. After months of training and working out he put Brian Lee in his first Amateur fight. However Lee wasn’t in this for scoring points he just simply wanted to go out and knock someone’s head off. That’s exactly what he did, flooring his opponent in just 25 seconds.

Brian Lee however still just couldn’t keep out of trouble. He ran away from home and got in trouble with the law on many occassions. He was also bored with simple boxing matches and began to compete in underground unsactioned bare knuckle fights. It’s been rumored he’s been shot twice and stabbed atleast 5 times during riots over ticked off betters. Though he has scars that may prove these incidents true, many think they may be self inflicted. At age 23, whilst walking the streets one day he caught a glimpse on a televsion in a store window of a wrestling show. He knew exactly what career path he now wanted to take. Brian Lee became facinated by wrestlers Cactus Jack, Terry Funk and Sabu. He was also facinated by the Hardcore Wrestling style. He took some of the money he had earned and trained at Dory Funk Jr.’s Funkin Dojo.

He started out wrestling as your basic generic trunks wearing loser under the name “Brian Star”. It wasn’t until he introduced a masked monster character to the world by the name of “Nightmare” that he finally found his calling. As nightmare he captured titles in the World Wrestling Association, RAWF, GWA and AIWF. However the worst was yet to come. He joined the Survival Wrestling Alliance looking for more fame and gold. He got the opposite. The president wasn’t really big on the “Nightmare” character. He was often set up to lose or be humiliated. Finally fed up with the president he signed a winner takes all contract for a match with the president. The president himself no mere pencil pusher stood 7 feet tall and weighed over 300lbs. In a barbedwire cage match, Brian Lee was left in a pool of blood. His character was banned from wrestling under the contract stipulations and he himself was fired. Brian Lee became a down on his luck recluse. He began to wrestle in cheap run down feds to earn enough money for booze, a cheap apartment and a bite to eat. Because of his psychotic attitude and constantly putting his body on the line just to hurt others, he’s dubbed himself the “Painsaw”. Brian Lee hopes the sVo will be his rise from darkness.

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