Name: Adam García

Nicknames: Mad Bull, Spanish Ace

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 217lbs

Date of Birth: 23rd November 2002

Hometown: Málaga, Andalucía, Spain

Personality: Cocky, but Intelligent. A calculated prick who analyzes his opponents strengths and weaknesses prior to a match, short tempered bastard who will do whatever is necessary to win a match.


Fighting Style: Strong style wrestler mixed with a past of MMA experience (Panther inside Fire Pro Wrestling)

Crowd Reaction: Boo

Finisher Name: Destino Final

Finisher Description: Blade Runner

Signature Moves: El Cid(Running Angle Liger Bomb), Destino Final (Vertical Blade Runner from a back grapple), Gloria Iberica (Liontamer), Media Luna(21 Plex)



Career History:  Competed: RAZOR Wrestling, Carnage Pro Wrestling, Ichiban Pro Wrestling, HyperFight Pro Wrestling, XHW, ICHIBAN Wrestling Accolades: UWK Champion (Still), Campeon Pesado de Ichiban (426 days), Winner of the 2021 Spanish Wrestling tournament.

Biography: García started as a Judoka in his home town, managing to win some national and international tournaments along the way. He realized the wrestling culture was slowly forming in Spain as different companies began to open all across the country, he decided to join Ichiban Pro Wrestling, a small company in southern Spain under the name of Oryol, starting his wrestling career as a masked face wrestler.

The crowd loved him for a while, but after an elbow injury he had to momentarily get away of the spotlight, the moment he came back he was no longer loved by the crowd, as they had found newer guys to cheer for. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to get the crowd back, he decided he wouldn’t appease to them anymore, he attacked the Ichiban champion, ripped his own mask, and began wrestling under the name of Adam García. Shortly after he became the Campeón Pesado de Ichiban (Ichiban Heavyweight Champion).

After a year run as the undefeated champion he caught the attention of some overseas companies, Carnage Pro Wrestling being one of them, a Japanese pro wrestling company, a couple months later the company disbanded and he was later recruited to the Razor Wrestling roster where his career skyrocketed , winning the attention of several companies.


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