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DW Events

Jean Louis Duval defends his DW Championship in the main event.

PPV Events

Night defends the sVo Championship against Anthony Moretti, whilst 30 superstars battle it out in the Jackpot Rumble match!


Uprising 53 is now live from the Goodfellas Casino Arena, and the Legends Club are out in full force after reforming last week! In...


The third episode of DW Clash is live, as Kral takes on Harry Black in the main event! There is also stiff competition between...

DW Events

Kral steps into the ring with Harry Black in the main event.

Latest Rumours


After the signing of Bronson Martinez was confirmed on Showdown 156, there are reports from Las Vegas today that sVo boss Amy Page is...


It is reported today that the sVo has agreed a deal with the All Star Academy, run by former sVo Champion and current Blood...


Reports coming out of Las Vegas today suggest that Jon Page and the sVo are currently in negotiations with Bronson Martinez to join the...

Latest Promos


[Camera fades in with a determined Preston Jack standing in a gym, sweat glistening on his forehead] Preston Jack: Ladies and gentlemen, fight fans,...


[Bjorn Asulf’s Promo – P:V Uprising 50 – Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas] [The camera transitions to a dimly lit room, the flicker of...


[ACE MMA Fight Night Pre-Event Press Conference – Goodfellas Casino, Las Vegas] [The press conference takes place in a lavish hall at the Goodfellas...

Latest Article


Deep within the glittering cityscape of Las Vegas, Nevada, stands the infamous Goodfellas Casino, an establishment that draws inspiration from the allure of organized...

Random Quote

"Did I come back so that I could finally be able to realize my dream of being the sVo Champion? HELL YES!!! There are so many more reasons why I came back, but to make a long story short, I came back because I wanted to come back home. And boy does it feel good to be back!"

- Cody Williams (19th November 2012)

Upcoming Events

sVo Showdown 159
24th September 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada

DW Clash 3
25th September 2023
London, England

P:V Uprising 53
27th September 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada

sVo Proving Grounds 11
30th September 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada

sVo Jackpot PPV
1st October 2023
Las Vegas, Nevada


#1 – William Vorheez (sVo)
#2 – Johnny Moretti (sVo)
#3 – Bobby Dean (sVo)
#4 – Night (sVo)
#5 – Curtis Knight (P:V)

#1 – Black Brothers (sVo)
#2 – Blood Money (sVo)
#3 – Southern Boys (sVo)
#4 – Canadian Conn (sVo)
#5 – Hawaiian Hit Squad (P:V)

#1 – Sam Vintage
#2 – David Turner
#3 – Victor Holland
#4 – Dash Diaz
#5 – Leo DeLeo

#1 – Coming Soon
#2 – Coming Soon
#3 – Coming Soon
#4 – Coming Soon
#5 – Coming Soon


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